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Ahhh, good news for the Brits. You can have your freedom back!

TRANSLATED: Can sit in a beer garden

The Premier League is so close you can smell the horse manure and the fried onions in the air (or is that just how my joggers are smelling these days lololol). The sticking point is of course self-interest at the lower end of the table. The bottom six clubs kicking up a fuss. Some want the league to scrap relegation, some want the league to reconsider home advantage.

Seems a bit silly to hold up the future of the league because of such trivialities.

I’d be game for the league to scrap relegation, however, the TV companies think this is a no go because it’ll make the final group of games boring. I can see that.

It’s easy to understand why these clubs are kicking up a stink. Being in a lower division in a year where you’re unlikely to see fans in the ground is a horrible thought. However, changing the league rules to accommodate this is quite a big expectation.

I’m not sure anyone can sympathise with the home games disappearing, that’s just the nature of the force majeur. Also, the Police are going to have none of it.

The medical side of things; which is also proving to be a thorn in the restart, can be resolved. The government will approve the restart and the league can copy what Germany are doing. An oversimplification, but we’re not trying to fly a car to the moon here.

After the dust has settled, hopefully, the Premier League can take a stronger stance with clubs. The teams haven’t moved as a unit and leadership has been seriously lacking. Self-interest has been too prevalent across the board. Players and clubs have not showered themselves in glory. We need to be more German moving forward. That is my solve. You like it?

This is apparently the new Arsenal kit.

I like it. Sexy and silky. Nice and tight. My post-covid body will fill that out like a ground-up pig fills a sausage skin. Can’t wait to disgust my friends wearing this beauty.

Stan Kroenke’s wealth has gone up by £323m. Are you fucking kidding me? That is our summer transfer budget set. Stan is bringing Mbappe to The Emirates, I cannot wait!

Super Agent Mino Raiola SLAMMED fake news relating to Mikhi, but Zlatan said Mino was a liar?

What is this banter? Who cares. I just love banter.

Raul and Vinnai, the big dogs, took to Zoom for a fan forum.

Vinnai looks like he’s organising a proper naughty day out for West Ham away. I’m buying it. Raul trying to ingratiate the fans with his shelf. Lennon and a UNION JACK, what a lad.

Not sure there was too much in the way of info. Raul said all the players took the pay cut. The Kroenke family is going to support the club. The club are looking into refunds for season tickets. Click into the above thread for the gory detail.

Right, that’s me done, see you tomorrow. x

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  1. Marc


    Look at it this way – you made the sacrifice (even though you didn’t know it) that won us the title against impossible odds.


  2. G

    Remember the northbank when we next played Liverpool singing “1 minute” with reference to Steve machman

  3. Marc


    Every time I get to my seat I take a look at the Rocastle banner that’s to my left:

    Remember who you are,
    what you are and who you represent.

    A lesson that should be taught to kids every where.

  4. HillWood

    How many were from Turkey Spain France Germany Outer Mongolia Japan Brazil
    I don’t remember Arsenal being owned by a disinterested North American either

  5. Graham62

    May 8th 1971, Charlie George falls to the ground on the hallowed Wembley turf after scoring the winner in the Cup Final against Liverpool. Arsenal win the double.

    It was my 9th birthday.

    Today I’m 58 years young.🎂🍺

    Treasured memories.

  6. Marc


    No but to suggest or romanticise that loads of players all came from just down the road is just as misguided.

    We’d all love it if we had a squad of 25 amazing players who all came from within a few square miles but that’s just not what it’s like.

  7. Marc


    It is what it is and we didn’t have a squad full of “locals” in 71.

    What I’d like and how it is aren’t the same thing.

  8. alex cutter

    “Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.

    A lesson that should be taught to kids every where.”

    Jesus christ. Which kids? Where? What’s being represented?

    Do you ever have a thought that you don’t turn into a post?

  9. China1

    Guen is a prospect I would describe as interesting

    He has some nice qualities. He’s hard working, he’s willing to battle for the team and doesn’t shy away when the chips are down or we aren’t playing well. He’s also a pretty good passer and can beat a man.

    Traditionally his weaknesses have been a lack of consistency, not enough willingness to beat a man and break the lines before playing his pass (he’s very capable of doing it but under emery always played backwards), defensive positioning and a lack of ‘numbers’ as in goals or assists

    Under Arteta we can expect his positional play to improve and his willingness to move and pass forwards. As for numbers I think those would come as a direct result of the latter as if he beats his man before playing a pass he will be starting attacks by breaking between the lines he will get occasional goals and assists by continuing to link up on counter attacks after starting the break from very deep

    I don’t know if he’s going to be a top player but I think with the improvements above he could certainly be a player who will operate as a good player in a top league. Elite is another question tho. If we sign an elite CM like partey I would be using guen as 3rd choice after Partey and torreira for one of their two places

  10. China1

    ESR is a player I’ve got my eye on. We deserpately need to bin off mesut but I don’t know if ESR is capable of being a serious player at this level. He looked awesome in preseason a couple of years ago but so did sanogoals so no comment on that front lol

  11. China1

    The biggest prospect at arsenal is saka for me tho. He’s already literally one of the best crossers in the league, he’s a goal threat, he’s fast as fuck and he’s versatile. I’d be absolutely shocked if he doesn’t make it at a major club. He’s the nearest thing I’ve seen to a nailed on success since cesc came through

  12. China1

    In a normal market, if saka was playing at sporting, Benfica, Lyon or one of the other elite selling clubs he’d be having man Utd sniff around with 35m bids even at his young age. Kid is hot fiyah

  13. Terraloon


    Saka is without doubt the hottest prospect but yet again his contract position is worrying.

    The dilemma is that once you get into that last twelve months either a silly large deal has offered or he will wind down his contract .

    He and his agent will be taking note of all that’s going on and a major feature will be the fact that he will be facing a wage cut of 12.5% and even to someone who is blinked ( and you can bet your bottom dollar that the agent won’t have missed the point) it points to him not getting a deal close to what they would be expecting prior to the lockdown.

    Harsh at may be I think he will be the subject of an offer from another PL club and it may well be the finances dictate his exit

  14. Sid

    In 2 years time Dozi will be as good as Partey if not better, if we sign Partey now he will take one year to adapt to the EPL and he cannot unlock a low block thats why Buendia is a better option and EPL ready.
    Chance creation has been the bigger problem since Arteta arrived.

  15. Emiratesstroller

    There should be serious concern about negotiations with Saka.

    The agency who act for him are Elite Project Group Limited. This company
    act also for Sancho [Borussia Dortmund], Iwobi and FOUR other Arsenal players Nkietah, Nelson, Omole and Balogun.

    Looking at this Agency’s published Accounts and Records at Companies House they appear to be insolvent and have previously been struck off the
    Register for non presentation of Accounts. Also one of their shareholders
    left the company.

    So one should ask the question when you see what is going on with both Saka
    and Sancho does this agency serve the best interest of the players or are perhaps more interested in making a fast buck from their sale rather than
    negotiating a new contract.

    There has to be also concern about the future of the other 4 players on our
    books who are with same agency.

  16. Pierre

    “We deserpately need to bin off mesut but I don’t know if ESR is capable of being a serious player at this level. He looked awesome in preseason a couple of years ago but so did sanogoals so no comment on that front lol”

    I watched a few of Smith Rowe’s games while he was on loan at Huddersfield this season and he looks the part .
    He lit the game up whenever he was in possession of the ball and looks a ready made replacement at CAM.
    A good touch on the ball, good awareness of players around him, enough pace to get away from the opposition and a good team player.

    All he needs is a bit more belief and confidence in his own ability which hopefully Arteta will bring out of him and he may get to the level of the player you believe we desperately need to bin.

    As for sanogo ,he was shit from day one and I never understood what potential Wenger saw in him .

  17. China1

    Terra I don’t disagree and I think successfully renewing his contract but also on a reasonable wage for someone his age but would an enormous win for arsenal. Assuming that tierney is very good and that saka doesn’t want to play LB long term which I think he’s confirmed, I think he needs to be given the LW role as a matter of urgency.

    I think he can be trusted with the LW role now with tierney behind him.

    As well as auba has done on the wing, the fact is the guy is a poacher and if laca isn’t playing well enough to get the n9 role and we have saka and martinelli coming through on the left, I think the auba on the wing experiment needs to be put to rest.

    I’d have saka as first choice LW and Martinelli as default go to for rotation both at LW and second choice CF after auba which should ensure he too gets plenty of games between the two positions.

    Re saka’s contract position, money is really important but I think we have more up our sleeves than that. He’s an arsenal youth product and if we offer him a solid pay rise with lots of incentive clauses relating to performance + if we lean on him that he’s our youth product and we’re ensuring him a minimum of Making appearances in 70% of games that he’s fit to play, with a pretty clear run at making the first team, that should hopefully be enough to make signing on a clear choice for him

    I don’t think we necessarily need to offer him huge wages outright. If he thinks he can get 20 goals/assists a season for example his bonus can certainly reflect the massive contribution that would be accordingly

  18. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    We are discussing a young impressionable player.

    You need to ask the question whether the Agent is acting in best interest of
    Arsenal and the player or is aiming for a “fast buck”.

    We know that some agents in the football business are “cowboys”.

  19. China1

    Emirates ofc, but it’s not like arsenal can’t talk directly to saka

    Arteta should be having a private talk with him and telling him his long term plans and how he fits into that and the dangers of jumping ship so young with less guaranties of opportunities and fans that won’t be as patient or consider him as one of their own

    As much as arsenal aren’t elite I think it shouldn’t be that hard a sell. We’re not on the brink of administration or fighting a relegation battle. We can afford a decent salary increase, incentives based on performance as sweeteners and we have a lot on our side.

  20. Pierre

    Saka is potentially world class, to let him leave would incompetence of the highest order.

    If it takes offering him a huge contract to keep him , then so be it.

    For arsenal to replace someone of his quality , we have to pay at least 50 million and a huge contract to the incoming player.

    Saka and his agent know this so they are holding all the cards.

    100 grand a week would be a result for Arsenal though I feel we may have to pay up to 150 grand a week.

  21. Alexanderhenry


    ‘The Kroenke family is going to support the club.’

    Why is this the least exciting thing to come out of arsenal fc this century?
    A lot more nothing from Stan and the players get training ground pep talks from josh.

    I am not enthused.

  22. Bob N16

    Pierre, much as I also rate Saka extremely highly, I would be concerned that by offering him that amount of money, there would be a rush by agents to get an upgrade for their own clients.

    Sure Saka is top quality but we have Martinelli and Saliba who are equally young and promising. Their agents could rightly point to a new benchmark even though their contracts are significantly longer.

    Saka’s agents hold the best cards and they know it!

  23. Pierre

    We need to keep him , it’s as simple as that.
    To let him go sends out the wrong message to the fans and the other players.

    Whatever happens to Saka could determine which direction the club is going to take.

    As I said, he is potentially world class …anyone who can put the ball on the spot so regularly from wide areas is worth their weight in gold , similar to trent arnold at liverpool.

    Martinelli and Saliba are tied up under long contracts though I have no doubt that Arsenal will soon award Martinelli with an improved contract as a reward for the progress he has made.

    Saka’s contract situation is not comparable to Martinelli’s and Saliba’s.

  24. Chris

    Keep Saka and we have the left side of our team sorted for years potentially.


    I would be reluctant to offer as much as £150,000 a week but would ultimately do it.

    It is worrying how Saka’s contract has been allowed to get so close to its expiry. I thought we had moved on from these type of situations a la Ozil/Sánchez. Hope the rest of your top youth players are tied down.

    As for Smith-Rowe, I look forward to hopefully seeing more of him in an Arsenal shirt in the future. He looks to have the ability but as Pierre pointed out his confidence needs to build up, this was apparent during the game against Everton this season, he looked slightly lost and then his head dropped when it wasn’t quite clicking for him. Hopefully the loan spell does the trick for him.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    The main concern as I pointed out earlier is that we are dealing with an agent
    who represents FIVE Arsenal players.

    Whilst many supporters may have not been bothered by the departure of Iwobi it did set a precedent. The same agent is now trying to negotiate sales of both Sancho and Saka.

    My view is that they are not concerned about securing a better contract, but
    more interested in the huge commission they can earn on sale.

    Let’s be clear the player will earn an increased wage wherever he goes and the
    agent will benefit from that as well.

    If you look at the client list of this agency you can see precisely why it should
    be of concern to Arsenal.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Another point to make is that Liverpool are supposed to be interested in recruiting Saka.

    We know that they were pissed off by Arsenal attempting to buy Suarez on the
    cheap and have since then allegedly written into contracts that they will not
    sell players to Arsenal.

    Also we know from experience that they took advantage of Arsenal’s poor
    negotiating skills when Oxlade-Chamberlain decided to leave the club.

    I suspect that Arsenal are now putting their house in order regarding contract
    negotiations, but there is still a residue of incompetence from the Gazidis and
    Wenger era.

  27. Pierre

    Garden centres will be opening soon…
    A senior government source said: ‘Garden centres typically open large open-air spaces where the risk of transmission is lower”

    I will be seriously pissed off if they don’t open the golf courses as you are unlikely to get more “typically open large open-air spaces” anywhere in the country.

    Golfers are typically 250 yards away the group in front..either let the golfers play individually or groups of 2.

    2 golfers( even professionals) rarely hit the ball within 10 yards of each other and it’s easy enough to social distance on the green and when teeing off.

    No doubt the government will think poxy garden centres are more important than golf courses ……they wouldn’t want anyone enjoying themselves would they.

  28. Pierre

    What’ll happen next week is that you’ll get a queue half a mile long to enter a garden centre, similar to b&qq recently .

    Whereas a golfer can book a tee time , arrive on the dot and tee off , no queues, no crowds of people….nothing.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    In my opinion I think saka will leave.

    A lot of why he given the chance in the first team was because of Freddie

    Maybe the young guns don’t see the arsenal that us older ones do.

    Also if the pump up his contract where does that leave the other youngsters .?

  30. Spanishdave

    In the States they didn’t stop golf, they took the bunker rakes away and put foam in the holes so you could get the ball out without removing the flag.
    I don’t suppose the Islington set play golf inside the bubble.
    Fishing is the same all the swims are over 5 m apart and there is little to no social interaction.
    They have screwed up dealing with care homes and we have to destroy normal life and the economy while they sort it out.

  31. Spanishdave

    The problem is that big money early in careers can kill players maturing as it distracts them.
    Maybe a signing on sweetener and a in lime teal contract would work. Unfortunately the agent will be looking also for a nice earner.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    One interesting change that Arsenal made when negotiating contracts last season is that Messrs Pepe, Tierney, Martinelli and Saliba all signed Five Year
    Contracts .

    In the past during Gazidis and Wenger era most contracts offered were for shorter terms.

    That may make it more difficult for agents and third parties to screw the club
    in the way that has been done in recent years.

  33. Sid

    Saka should be atleast the 2nd highest paid teenage footballer in the world base on talent

    ESR needs to atleast play one relatively injury free season before placing any expectations on him

    Im telling you this for free!

  34. CG

    Heartening to hear Arsenal stalwart- Martin Keown state that our Wenger should be joining the clubs board.

    If AW was still involved with the club , it would increase the chances of getting Saka to sign his deal.

    Its time for Wenger to return to the club.
    On the board, and then as Chairman.

    After all ,why would any talented young player sign anything scruffy Vinny handed in front of you?

    (Hardly sets the tone.)

    Now If Arsene Wenger offers the same contract- it’s a different ball game.

  35. Sid

    2. Saka and Jadon sancho

    Based on talent
    You heard it here 1st!
    It would be extreme incompetence to let Saka go

  36. Graham62


    No way!

    This can all be sorted without Wenger.

    Why get a man back who was a major player in our fall from grace?

    When we have a semblance of normality (whenever that will be)🙏, getting Wenger back will not be an answer to our problems.

    In fact, it could make things far worse.

    Let’s pray for normality first. Far more important than a certain Frenchman.

  37. CG


    “”””This can all be sorted without Wenger”””

    Have you been observing our emabarassing demise since our Greatest manager left the club?

    We are midtable , potless and can’t string 5 passes together- despite buying 12-14 players and spending a 1/4 of a BILLION on players!!

    Anyway if someone like Martin Keown supports Wengers return to the club and in the boardroom in particular- we should all take note.

  38. Graham62


    Sorry mate, you know my feelings on this subject. You and no one else on this planet, could sway me otherwise.

    In any case, there are far more important things to concern ourselves with than bringing back someone who had not been fit for purpose for many a year and who, by coming back to the club( even at boardroom level) would alienate the fan base even further.

    If you don’t see that, then I’m afraid that’s your problem.

  39. Jamie

    We all witnessed the demise when Wenger was still here. 1/4 of a BILLION in wages every year largely on dross while taking us backwards. The old fool’s mental faculties began to fail a decade ago until he completely lost the plot and was sacked.

  40. Marc


    Beware the slippery slope – first Wenger comes back on the board, before you know it CG would be calling for him to take over from Arteta with Arteta stepping down to his number 2.

  41. Dissenter

    Saka is every inch as good as Hudson-Odoi so I don’t blame his agent for being pushy. He’s not your regular teenager.

    We need a system that rewards unique talent. Arteta needs to get personally involved with the lad and assure him that there’s a path for him in the team, especially in his favored position.
    We also need to pay him as much as we pay the likes of Tierney. It’s a matter of ability, not age.

  42. CG


    “””””by coming back to the club( even at boardroom level) would alienate the fan base even further.”””””

    Well it it meant the likes of you, Walt and this Jamie chap didn’t support the club any more and its classy values, I honestly feel that would be best all around.

    A clean break.

    You can hardly call yourself a genuine Arsenal fan if you think the return of our Greatest manager in the Boardroom would cause alienation?

    The problem is with you and your ilk and your self entitlement.

    In fact the problem was never Arsene Wenger or his impeccable stewardship of the club.

    The problem is just YOU!( and the other spoilt brats)

    And you never appreciated the greatest era of being an AFC fan. How sad is that?
    Enjoy whats coming down the road.

    Even a teenager with a handful of games ( Saha) is indifferent to play for the club now days.

  43. Santan

    In my eyes the way forward is

    Mkhi – 9m (+9m in wages)
    Kola – 8m (+10m in wages)
    Elneny – 1m (+4m in wages)
    Sokratis – 5m (+4m in wages)
    Another 1-2 cb (preferably mustafi)
    AMN – 15m (+3-4m in wages)
    (take the wages with a pinch of salt)

    A press resistant CM
    Use free wages to tie down Saka
    A replacement LB (probably kurzawa on a free)
    A decent AM

    Next year we can then focus on getting a ST and a long term CB for saliba

  44. Marc

    Getting the balance right with Saka will be a difficult one, losing him would be a kick in the teeth and wouldn’t be a great review of Arteta’s first half a season in charge – putting a young player who’s in his breakout season on £150k per week could see us end up with a player who has a major drop off in performance and we’re committed to £39 million in salary who we can’t shift on.

  45. Marc


    We don’t know if it would work until it’s tried but a left side of Tierney with Saka in front of him certainly looks good on paper.

  46. Jamie

    CG thinks he’s a superfan living in SA, doesn’t know the name of our hottest youth prospect, and thinks folk who actually spend money going to games should stop.

    Absolute clown.

  47. china1

    saka is literally one of the top 5 crossers in the league as a teenager. being that fast and being that good at crossing is absolutely killer when you have poachers like auba and martinelli.

    i actually think arteta has been a little restrictive with him as saka can rinse most defenders but 80% of the time keeps it simple. then the one time he tries something he savages his man and sets up auba.
    id be telling him to try that shit more often and don’t worry too much if he loses the ball sometimes. we spend all this time trying to accommodate Xhaka;s shortcomings when we could instead be putting the focus more on how to set saka free to take more risks

    this is the difference between trying to accommodate a burden to cover their weakness and how to elevate a player by setting them free

  48. Sid

    Thomas Partey made his debut fir athleti at 21 started playing regularly at 23, those are his official ages he could be 2 to 3 yrs older.
    At 21 Dozi has 55 appearances for arsenal
    At 26 Dozi will be everything Partey is and much more

    You heard it here 1st!

  49. Marc


    Agree 100% – Xhaka’s presence in the team hurts it two fold – firstly we have to cover his weaknesses, secondly we restrict other players ability because of having to cover for Xhaka.

    Get him out of the team.
    Get him out of the squad.
    Get him out of the club.

  50. Graham62



    You’re too much.

    Only an ignorant fool would bring up Wenger at this moment in time.

    I appreciated Wenger for about 13 years. The fact that I couldn’t stomach him thereafter was based on the visible facts. He was not good enough and he took us all for mugs( except you).

    This is a transitional period for the club, made far worse because of your masters stubborn refusal to act on the obvious.

    To be honest CG, based on the worlds standing at this moment in time, I will enjoy anything that “comes down the road”over these next few seasons, as long as it doesn’t include Wenger.


  51. CG


    “”” Only an ignorant fool would bring up Wenger at this moment in time””””

    Martin Keown brought it up yesterday with an interview with Ray Parlour.

    Both AFC stalwarts.
    Both in agreement with CG.

    That Wenger in the Boardroom would be a major boon to all ‘ genuine ‘ AFC supporters around the world.

    The majority of which only support Arsenal because of the charasmatic genius of one Arsene Wenger.

  52. CG

    “””Get him out of the team.
    Get him out of the squad.
    Get him out of the club.””””

    After hounding out Wenger,
    And Ozil ( given half a chance)

    He is now after the respected club captain

    And you call yourself a supporter?

    You are a bloody disgrace.

  53. Bob N16

    I can’t make up my mind about Guendouzi. As has already been said he has real strengths but also obvious weaknesses. The main questions for me are: how quickly will he develop and will he fit into a way of playing that Arteta is angling for?

    The midfield is the area which needs most improvement and the quickest way for that to happen is to bring in at least two players, one defensively strong and the other more creative. If that were to happen space in the squad would need to be found.I would sell Xhaka and Guendouzi.

    I can see the argument for keeping him but I’d rather Arteta brings in a player that really suits. This assumes that Arteta isn’t a Guendouzi fan!

  54. Chris

    Wenger has spoken of not returning to the club while someone there currently still is, don’t think it’s Raul. Perhaps it is Josh Kroenke, the decision for Wenger to leave was made shortly after Kroenke JRs audit of the club. If that’s the case you are unlikely to ever see Wenger return to the club in a full time capacity.

    Where he is at right now is for the best, he seems to be enjoying himself last time he spoke in the media and he can do a lot of good for the whole game in his role.

  55. Useroz

    Seems a bit silly to hold up the future of the league because of such trivialities”

    It’s survival to these clubs and perhaps the only chance to avoid relegation. Not trivial to the owners and management I think. That said, even with lower than expected income league 1, thought there is some sort of slush fund to assist in the first year of transition from the glory of PL to the reality of working class footy in league 1?? May have been scrapped.

    However you cut it, KSE or SS sucks. With or without the £300m+ gain for 2020 alone, would any owner have no self esteem, even as an investor, and not wanting the club to be able to win something when we aren’t that far off. Ok. A little farther now but you know a £100m would do wonder in the upcoming TWs with many top clubs struggling. Wouldn’t cunning (I mean, astute) businessman hunt for this sort of timing? But low and sell high?

    I’d be very happy if there’s football before August …

    Vinnai — How’s Saka contract by the way? We cannot afford another fuck up like this! Talking about losing tens of millions of Saka manages to basically free himself.

  56. Bob N16

    Replace ‘after the’ with ‘the former’, and omit the word ‘respected‘ and it would make sense!

  57. Sid

    MarcMay 9, 2020 13:16:35
    SidSo we’ve just got to wait five years before we have a decent midfield?

    Bringing in 2020’s Lorik Cana/Yann Mvila/felipe Melo = Partey
    Vs 2020’s Carzola = Buendia

    Im telling you this for free!

  58. Spanishdave

    Watching football from 1998 last night it was so much quicker very fast counter attacking.
    It makes you realise how slow the current tippy tippy is, it was more exciting.
    Wright said he used to have long conversations with David Seaman to find out where to shoot over and around the goalkeeper.
    Can’t see any of our current squad spending that sort of time to improve their game.
    Ray Parlour was a very underestimated player, he laid the ball off so well.
    That 89 game was so incredible, Ian Wright said it was one of the best goals he ever saw, so cool under pressure.
    Oh well maybe one day we will have a champion squad again.

  59. Bob N16

    Spanishdave, ‘Can’t see how any of the current squad…’

    You make a statement that you have no way of backing up. Do you have any way of backing this up or is it just a gut feeling?

    If you’ve got to the top of the sport, which Arsenal players clearly have, you have had to show all sorts of qualities including a willingness to learn and to work hard. Do you honestly think players like PEA, Laca and the youngsters like Martinelli and Nketiah aren’t keen to get better?

  60. Spanishdave

    The way Auba misses and scuffs shots regularly I don’t see the devotion.Most of them would rather be in car showrooms in the afternoon!
    Dennis, Piries and Henry used to go back in the afternoon to practice free kicks.
    Laca could certainly improve his strike rate, many of our players constantly shoot straight at the keeper. Dennis in an interview said he and Henry used to practice shooting between the keeper and the post.
    Wouldn’t it be good to have these guys at the club to get the commitment and love of the club back?
    Martinelli has something about him but Arteta omitted him for some games so the Ozil could play.

  61. Dissenter

    Saka should be earning as much as Tierney. That’s the benchmark.
    He’s doing at 18 years of age that merits that level of wages.
    If we are a serious club then we have to keep him no matter what.
    No one, no club will pay him 150k weekly..

  62. alex cutter

    “Dennis in an interview said he and Henry used to practice shooting between the keeper and the post.”

    As opposed to aiming where, SpainishDave?

    Are you implying that Laca’s poor finishing is due to him shooting “straight at the keeper” during training?

  63. Graham62

    There is still this misconception amongst a handful of supporters, and let’s not forget we are all Arsenal supporters, that the majority of us feel that AW is needed back at club.

    How ridiculous is that?🤪

    I would say if you calculated the ratio(percentage) of supporters ‘for’ his return in comparison to those who are ‘against’, it would probably be in the region of 90/10………………against!!

    Strange that those who say they have a genuine feel for the club are blind to this.


  64. Santan

    Instead of having Saka on a 150k/pw base contract, a 50- 70k contract with performance-based bonuses will be amazing. He gets the money if he performs, simple as that. We don’t want a 150k/pw player who isn’t peforming