Youtube poised to strike for live games?

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It is very difficult to motivate yourself to write something semi-regularly when nothing is moving. It’s like fishing in a puddle. My powers of pulling something out of my arse every damn day are waning. Still, the show goes on… less whining, more content.

Alex Lacazette, a player most Arsenal fans seem to think will be off this summer has told his agency to tell a rogue Twitter account to STFU about Atleti links. Score Agency took offence to a French Atleti fan account of 22k followers.

This is the offending tweet:

Alexandre Lacazette is said to have called Antoine Griezmann to request information on Atlético de Madrid. Indeed, the FC Barcelona player remains intimate with the colchoneros locker room and is always in contact with his close friend, Koke.

Kind of amusing that only yesterday I was railing against all these incel guys that manage fake ITK Twitter accounts, the very next day Lacazette is actually paying attention to a small one. The response was a bit odd.

‘Twitter is magic. It’s not nice to lie to the fans of Atletico’ + some lying face emoji’s.

Well, that’s that. I can’t really work out why an important player like Alex Lacazette would lower himself to responding to a bottom of the barrel Twitter account. Maybe it’s a statement to Arsenal encouraging them not to think about trying to push him out in a swap deal this summer. Or maybe it’s to protect the players called out in the tweet. Who knows, very odd regardless. He’s clearly been searching his own name during the lockdown.

The Thomas Partey rumours won’t stop. This time, one of his mates has leaked that he’d really like to move to Arsenal. Again, another odd leak. Is it the player agitating for offers? Is it newspapers trying to drive clicks to websites that are under massive pressure at the moment? Not that clicks are worth anything right now, ad-media is on its backside. Maybe it’s just journo’s trying to keep their personal numbers up? Whatever it is, I find it very weird that a player as good as Thomas Partey is so keen to keep himself in the headlines.

Still, it’d be nice if this was one of those rumours that amounted to something. He really is a great player.

The Premier League doesn’t seem to have moved things much further along on PROJECT RESTART. Though there is talk that Youtube is being invited to air over half of the games free to air on the Google platform. Not sure how this is supposed to work. Are the clubs selling the rights? Is it just to keep interest in the clubs up? Is it an experiment to see how many foreign fans tune into the average games? Surely clubs would just go to Bezos who already forked out for games this year?

It’s looking like they edging closer to a restart in Germany. No fucking about. They are testing regularly and there’s a chance we might see behind closed doors games before May is out. That’d be huge. If the Germans are doing it, it’s permission for everyone to move towards a restart.

Italy and Spain are a lot further behind, but they haven’t thrown the towel in yet. I suspect the 4 most important leagues will finish their seasons. It’s important for fans to have closure, and it’ll also be a very interesting dry run for the authorities. Running game at the height (fingers crossed) of a pandemic, over a short space of time, will lead the way for what next season looks like.

Logistics, neutral venues, isolation hotels, squad infections, players playing in masks… hopefully, there won’t be a nasty PR disaster in that mixer.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Spanishdave

    Bundesliga going ahead confirmed today.
    Meanwhile the Prem are still arguing.
    Bottom teams want to cancel the league so they can stay put for another year.
    There will be legal punch ups over this.

  2. CG

    Bloody marvels these Germans.

    Shops and Soccer back on agenda in Deutschland ASAP!

    Per Mertesacker
    Lucas Podolski
    Jens Lehmann
    Dortmund Eye

    You cant go wrong with these Germans.
    More Germans and less Spaniards at The Arsenal please.

    Resourceful people.

    (ps. even our Wenger was 1/4 German.)

  3. Spanishdave

    My son in Munich is back to work full time. He said there is no social distancing just common sense washing hands etc.
    We have to make a meal out of everything we do.
    I don’t expect us to finish the league, to many differing opinions, and the money is key to everything.
    Mark Clattenburg said today that the atmosphere is bad and the game is slower with no response from the crowds.
    Let’s see

  4. Emiratesstroller

    On a more positive not there is an interview between Cazorla and a Spanish

    Cazorla has indicated that he wants to return to Arsenal and work as a coach
    alongside Arteta.

    He has indicated that the postponment of the European Championship means
    that his international career is likely to be over at 35.

    If there is one footballer in last 10 years who I would choose to come in as a
    coach factoring his personality, professionalism and football talent it would be
    Cazorla. I think that a partnership between Arteta and Cazorla would be a
    major plus for the club.

  5. Bob N16

    Sure Marc but the bacteria tests aren’t available yet. When they are it will provide an invaluable picture going forward and with tracking and tracing we’ll be able to get much closer to a more normal life until a vaccine comes out.

    Until we know how many people have been infected it’s dangerous/ foolhardy to
    open up society too much, otherwise we could be back under serious lockdown for another chunk of time if we get another spike.

    Let’s not forget that the NHS workers must be running on fumes about now and to allow another jump in hospital cases would be appalling for them and for those who are infected.

  6. Marc


    I never said it’s an easy situation and my point has been too many unknowns.

    Do you think Pedro would ban me for doing the Rumsfeld Known unkowns quote?

  7. Marc


    Agree 100% on Santi – one of the things I liked about him most – he played with a smile on his face, as much as it’s about winning and professionalism it should never be forgotten that football should be enjoyed as well.

    Did you ever see his kid play in the kick about after the last home match of the season? Ball was waist high on him first time and he was still amazing on the ball!

  8. Marc


    A living God at the club – could go with that as long as none of the idiots start calling for him to be manager.

  9. CG

    Have not got the foggiest why MA chose Round as his assistant.

    Dennis, Santi, Kolo. He had a blank canvas.

    But Steve Round?
    Round. A total looser.
    just look at that CV and weep.

    “ruthless” my Arse!

  10. Bob N16

    Marc, just looked up the Rumsfeld quote. Clear as mud!

    Erring on the side of caution is not that surprising . The sword of Damocles is above Johnson’s head!

  11. jwl

    “As we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

    Marc – Rumsfeld quote is Rorschach test, some people think statement is important, don’t get too cocky, but others think it gibberish.

    I long believe it is terrific idea to keep in mind, don’t convince yourselves that you know everything because there is good chance that you don’t.

  12. Valentin

    I disagree about a lot of things with Rumsfeld, but not this quote.
    A lot people think he was trying to be clever when in fact he was trying to explain knowledge in generic term.
    In every walk of walk life that quote is useful. Basically it tell us that whatever you are planning, (scientific experiment, business planning, medical testing, etc), things coming from left field can happen and you should be aware of it.
    Keeping an open mind to be able to handle the unexpected and be able to react on your feet is a prerequisite of any good leader.
    Mike Tyson said something similar more succinctly: Everybody got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.