Pressure builds on CEOs and Chairman to speak on the record

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The Premier League is facing a player REVOLT with regards to PROJECT RESTART.

The talent on the pitch doesn’t like the idea of risking their health. Can you blame them?

This from The Mirror, quoting Dutch agent Rob Jaansen.

“I tell you what is going to be the most interesting question: can clubs force their players to play football under these circumstances?

“The pressure because of financial situations is getting bigger and bigger – and England is a major example.

“Cut-backs in wages are varying between 20 to 30 percent.

“I know one English club where they insist that the players take a cut of 70 percent.

“There is a promise that they will compensate the players at a later date.”

It’s a messy situation and I wholeheartedly agree with the fear of the players. These people depend on their health more than most. They are being asked to risk it all in a ‘never been done before’ experiment. Patients who get the virus can suffer lung scarring after, you’ve only got to look at Boris J to see the impact it’s had on him, and he’s fairly young. This is from the John Hopkins website.

“Recovery from lung damage takes time,”

“There’s the initial injury to the lungs, followed by scarring. Over time, the tissue heals, but it can take three months to a year or more for a person’s lung function to return to pre-COVID-19 levels.”

I’m sure lung damage is lesser in young people. But here’s the rub… do you want to be the one player where it hits really hard? Probably not. Why chance a career over a self-imposed deadline? Will there be compensation available if something terrible happens? Are clubs willing to go on the record and lay out the plan with all eventualities?

What’s the alternative though? Bankrupt the clubs, then the players have no living. It’s a very difficult position for the players and the clubs. The situation has been made worse with 3 staff testing positive for the disease in Cologne. How long have they been back, a week? The Premier League’s plan of isolation hotels, mega testing and secret locations for games seems naive… mainly because all it’ll take is ONE case, and the whole thing collapses in on itself.

The clubs know they are up against it as well, Gary Neville has been calling our CEOs for their lack of bottle.

“The PL are having a CV nightmare. They keep spouting health first but then brief constantly ‘We have to restart’. I’d respect them more if they said, ‘We accept the increase in health risk but it’s one we are willing to take.’ They won’t as they are frightened to death!”

“That’s why we haven’t heard one single prominent CEO/chairman/owner or executive open his mouth to back the restart! Brief, brief, brief ! Scared to death of the liability and blame.”

I personally struggle to see how they’ll bring the game back any time soon. I think you’ll need to see a drastic reduction in cases, which hopefully the summer will bring. If they do go ahead, expect players to strike and say they won’t play. Outside health, a lot of these stars live with older family. There’s just too much on the line for them to risk.

Let me know what YOU think in the comments. x

P.S. Check out O.J Pipkin’s documentary series on a young footballer trying to craft a path in the beautiful game! (more here)


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  1. Ishola70

    1968 flu pandemic killed around 80,000 Brits.

    Hardly anyone remembers it or refers to it.

    No lockdowns, no daily government briefings giving out figures like a fucking league table. Life went on as normal.

    Mass media of today and people in positions of authority have this down in comparison as “world ending”

    Be honest would you rather live back in 1968 or the mass hysteria of 2020 along with the constant virtue signalling?

    For those bored utterly shitless with this now I’d recommend the Lee Hurst twitter for a much needed slice of sarcasm on the whole subject.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    As black cabbies say… the games dead…

    They ar3 deffo true this year.

    All needs a cleansing time maybe 5 months or until no one in the country is dying form this virus.

  3. DM


    Pretty sure the families of those who died will remember it.

    “No lockdowns, no daily government briefings giving out figures like a fucking league table. Life went on as normal.”

    Yes, and it killed 80,000 people. Ever think maybe, if they HAD had a lockdown, that number might’ve been considerably smaller?

    Gosh I feel so sorry for all you guys who are so bored while thousands are dying.

  4. Graham62

    The Premier League must realise that they are fighting a losing battle.

    Football should not run until 100% assurances are given.

    That’s some time away yet.

  5. DM

    Let me put this in perspective in a personal (to me) way.
    Lots of my family live in Israel. There, they took the virus extremely seriously long before we did here. My siblings there were in lockdown weeks before it had been considered here. For a long time before that, they already had enforced 2 week quarantine for all people coming into the country (both residents or non-residents), plus anyone displaying symptoms. They are still under lockdown, and most people aren’t allowed to go more than 100 metres away from their homes unless they’re going shopping for essentials.

    230 people have died in Israel.
    More people have died just in the Jewish community in the UK than in the entire country in Israel. The Jewish community here is around 300,000 people, compared to their population of close to 9 million.

    Lockdown is important. We’re all bored, we’re all struggling. But we’re all (those of us on this blog) alive.

  6. CG


    “””That’s why we haven’t heard one single prominent CEO/chairman/owner or executive open his mouth to back the restart! Brief, brief, brief ! Scared to death of the liability and blame.””””

    You certainly wont be hearing from any our X 14 Executives and Silent Stan.

    They didn’t even turn up at Arteta’s initial press conference- so petrified of being asked ONE question.

    Gutless cowards- P45’s heading their way soon, with a bit of luck.

    Wenger was doing X 3 press conferences a week for 20 years and any journalist in the world could ask a question.
    (One of the reasons – we became a global club.)

    And every question was answered lucidly and with respect.

  7. Unai

    If it’s ok for someone to be working on the tills at the supermarket and risking Corona for 9k/year then it’s ok for 350k/w footballers.

  8. Spanishdave

    If all the players and staff hav’nt got it what’s the problem?
    As long as they test regularly and thoroughly all is well.
    99.75 % of the population havnt got it.
    I was a youth in 1968 and all that was said was there’s a nasty flu going around be careful! The world was a better place without social media and rolling news.

  9. Jamie

    “Every question answered lucidly”

    Only a halfwit like CG could praise Wenger for his ‘lucid’ answers to questions like:

    Q: What is the next level for Arsenal?
    AW: The next level is the next level is the next level.


    Q: Who the fuck is Yaya Sanogo?
    AW: Sanogo will become a £50 million player. Why you look at me?

    Thanks for the laughs, Arsenals. They came thick and fast near the end.

  10. Marc

    “Be honest would you rather live back in 1968 or the mass hysteria of 2020 along with the constant virtue signalling?”

    I would’ve liked the chance to see Hendrix live!

  11. Marc

    “If it’s ok for someone to be working on the tills at the supermarket and risking Corona for 9k/year then it’s ok for 350k/w footballers.”

    That’s without hitting on nurses etc. It’s easy to talk about not wanting to work when you’re a millionaire.

    No that I think we should restart this season but I will ask a controversial question – what would happen if a ref got it?

    Would there be any sympathy if Mike Dean was close to death?

  12. Spanishdave

    Sorry but I did see Jimi live, unforgettable guitarist he blew Clapton away.
    I saw all the rock and Blues legends in small clubs in and around a London at the time. Not a place for snowflakes then!

  13. Marc

    Obviously as medicine advances diseases that were once life threatening become manageable or curable etc. The reference to 80,000 dying in 1968 is difficult to analyse without knowing what the average number of flu deaths were around this time and what the UK’s population was in comparison.

  14. Graham62

    Blueprint for domestic game for next season( should it happen).


    Obviously no European commitments and no international games.

    Any ideas?

    Not going to be easy especially if vaccine still not finalised.

    Closed doors? Restricted entry?

    It’s a bloody minefield.

  15. Marc


    I can’t see restricted entry or reduced capacity being made to work – I sit in the middle of a row what happens if I’m late or want to use the gents you’d have people being shepherded in and out of the stadium all over the place.

    It’s really got to be either behind closed doors or full access – whether you put limits on people considered to be in high risk categories is another question. Do you make fans sign a waiver etc?

    Then you have the issue of pre match – many meet up in a pub etc how long can we keep those closed if it’s deemed OK to sit in a stadium with 50,000 others?

    As you say it’s not an easy one.

  16. Ishola70

    “Are you really that naive?”

    The extent of the lockdown in the UK is solely down to this man and others of his standing and profession do not necessarily agree with him.

    Does he make your toes curl in this video? He does don’t he.

  17. Tom

    Even the most kind hearted Arsenal fan sticking up for Mike Dean on his death bed, when presented with Arsenal’s pens for and against stats in games with Dean in charge would be like , ok, I’ve changed my mind, fuck him.

  18. Marc

    “Bubble football ”

    Well as long as you fill mine up with beer I’ll be OK. Of course my nephew would tell his kids about how he lost his amazing Uncle Marc in the corona pandemic –

    “Did he die of corona Dad?”

    “no son he drowned”

  19. Marc


    We didn’t even touch on getting to the ground – we just need to hope that a vaccine or effective treatment is developed soon.

  20. Ishola70

    Who would have thought care homes would have such an impact on the death toll.

    Another profession the government couldn’t give a toss for and treat as cattle like others.

  21. Athousandsuns

    the season is over,ffs,at least try to save next season for gods sake,im fuckn sick of reading this crap,nobody wants to play again except someone wearing a suit in a room,who never kicked a ball in his life and got bullied by the football lads in school,forget it like,its over for this season,end of

  22. Marc


    There’s an awful lot of private care homes who charge a huge amount of money (over a £1000 per week) and they’re still being hit hard.

    What we need to know is how many of the population at large have had this and how long it’s been about.

  23. Aussie Gooner

    I have just been watching a press conference with the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan. He was asked by one journalist if he had been contacted by the EPL with regard to playing the remaining matches for this season in WA!

    We have been very lucky here in WA because of our remoteness and quick acting government we have had only 5 deaths in a state of about 1.9 million people. We have about 5 stadiums capable of holding 20000 + supporters, so bring it on!

  24. Valentin

    Brighton and WestHam have now said that they will refuse to play at neutral venue! So basically unless all the other 18 teams accept the term proposed and forces all game against Brighton and WestHam to be voided the season is over.

    If clubs do not sell season ticket, then it can make sure that only a 1/4 of the stadium is filled. 1/4 filled would allow them to still respect the WHO advise of 1m social distancing. Suddenly large family gathering may get discount, because they don’t need social distancing.
    For club, the issue would be about queuing in and out, but with less people that could still be possible. However public transport may not be able cope. Assuming 15,000 people allowed to attend Arsenal home games. We may have up to 10,000 people taking the tube to and from the game. With social distancing cutting the tube train capacity to 15%, those 10,000 people may need hours to be able to go home.
    Suddenly attending a football game may not be so appealing even after discarding the risk of catching the virus!

  25. Danny M.O

    If players refuse to play then contracts should be frozen until they start playing. Players should not be allowed to run down their contracts during this covid shit.

  26. Frank C

    By Alexander Smith

    LONDON — “To hear Prime Minister Boris Johnson tell it, his government has valiantly fought and is now conquering the coronavirus pandemic in Britain.

    The country had managed to “avoid the tragedy that engulfed other parts of the world,” the prime minister said as he held a Lazarus-like briefing Thursday, his first since he left the hospital after being treated for the disease himself.

    The reality is that the United Kingdom now has the world’s third-highest death toll from COVID-19 and is on course to be the worst-hit in Europe. Its 66 million people make up less than 0.1 percent of the world’s population, but they have had more than 10 percent of recorded coronavirus deaths.

    At least 26,000 people have died with the illness in the U.K. — second only to Italy in sheer numbers and around twice as high per capita as the United States.”

    Reluctant players, many of whom are not British, players out of contract on June 30th, the growing realization that they are nothing more than a commodity and a countrywide increasing death rate and no known vaccine in sight.

    Can anyone really see football in the next month or two?

  27. Ernest Reed

    I will say it, this season is over and should be over if there remains any doubt. To even attempt to try at this point in time is beyond sensible, its downright foolishly greedy.

    From a personal perspective, it is over for al, the right reasons. You can talk about past pandemics all you want but this one, this one is very real and very deadly. Take your pick – take the chance or take the wise?

    If i only knew then what i know now, I’d have opted for the wise choice and isolated early on before anyone truly knew shat this was. I don’t blame any player for backing off, who could?

    As for Stan and Josh, yeah go F yourselves and i hope it truly hurts you where the sun should shine!

  28. Pierre

    To be honest , to those Arsenal season ticket holders who arrive ten minutes after the match has begun , then leave their seat 5 minutes before half time and arrive back in their seat 5 minutes into the 2nd half and then leave ten minutes before the end, covid-19 has actually done them a favour, as now they won’t have to bother .

    I dont suppose those particular season ticket holders give a toss about the football being cancelled due to the pandemic as it saves them a whole load of aggravation in trying to watch their measly one hour of football every couple of weeks or whenever they decide to attend.

    I can guarantee you also that it is those same probably 15/20 thousand fans who also don’t bother attending cup games or league games against lower ranked premiership sides , leaving masses of empty seats that are paid for but not used…

  29. Spanishdave

    Of course the teams at the bottom want to void the season as they stay up for another year and get the money.
    What about the teams trying to get promoted?
    Best to play it out it’s not that difficult, and by mid June things will look a lot different.

  30. Batistuta

    Easy to sit there and refer to past pandemics and how they didn’t ha e a lockdown and how that didn’t affect anything, outright ignorant too but expected from anyone who hasn’t lost family or someone close to them yet.

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why the premier league should carry on or plan to carry on, much saner countries are doing the right thing and voiding and planning ahead for the next one if and when things start to get back to normal and not trying to finish a season that was on it’s last legs anyway. There is definitely going to be groans and moans from clubs who’d feel hard done by but that’s to be expected. In France, Toulouse who couldn’t buy a win to save themselves all season are crying fowl due to the season being voided and them relegated, sane with Camburr in Holland who were top in the 2nd divison before it got voided.

    The logistical nightmare that would go into restarting with the risks involved does not merit putting people’s lives at risk. The premier league and the FA should do the right thing at this point. The German league that was due to resume has now been put back because players of a certain club had tested positive, imagine how much spread would have gone on if they had prematurely resumed.

    If freezing players salaries is an option till football returns then do it, find a way to not ask these folks, many of whom live with their parents and grandparents to get back into the pitch because a bunch of folks are bored

  31. Jamie

    Literal armchair supporters taking pops at fee-paying supporters is like watching a hobo winging about a 50% PAYE tax rate.

  32. Pete the Thirst

    Hi Pedro. How’s Geoff?

    Not much going on is there? Can’t see the season being finished, but we’ll see,

    Good point Jamie. I’m guessing this Pierre character hasn’t been within 5 miles of the Arsenal stadium on a matchday…

  33. Pierre

    Jamie seems to think that being a “fee paying supporter” gives you some kind of credibility, even if you don’t attend games on a regular basis… doesn’t.

    All that “fee paying supporter ” is doing is depriving real Arsenal supporters of watching the team they love and help to create a soulless atmosphere in the ground, along with the many thousands who leave their seat empty.

  34. Bob N16


    I think you’re being a little ‘holier than thou’ with your observations of some ticket holders.

    As someone who has an easy 15 minutes door-to-door journey, I am not going to judge those supporters who because of difficult journeys, turn up late or leave a few minutes early. I also prefer not to judge those supporters who want a pint at half time with their mates and see that as part of their match day experience and who leave a few minutes before half time to ensure they’re not queueing for 15 minutes. I’m not talking about the ‘prawn brigade’, regular guys who like a pint.Personally, I watch the whole match.

    Back in the day, when Arsenal were distinctly average, some of the attendances were pitiful, less than half full- supporters voted with their feet. But those were the days when you could just turn up and pay at the turnstiles. These days, we have 40,000 ST holders. In the last season or two, if you decide you don’t want to go you can theoretically sell your tkt on the ticket exchange but only if somebody is willing to buy it. For unattractive games I understand a lot of tickets are unsold, hence the empty seats.

    Now you may have a point about the make up of those attending games now, on the whole there is less singing than at Highbury. The price of tickets has a lot do with that demographic and it’s always a pleasure to go to the Caribao Cup games which are £10 and are not part of the ST- definitely more ‘old school’.

    I guess you just fancied a moan today Pierre.

  35. Pierre

    The point i was making still stands in that the fans who regularly miss games and spend most of the game either getting to their seat or leaving their seat ( normally the same group) wouldn’t t give a toss about missing games due to the pandemic.

  36. Graham62

    Ishola 70

    Sorry I’m confused.

    Are you for the lockdown(as it stands) or against it?

    Do you think we should have tougher regulations or do you feel we should be more lenient?

    As for the video, what’s your point exactly?

  37. Pierre

    “As someone who has an easy 15 minutes door-to-door journey, I am not going to judge those supporters who because of difficult journeys, turn up late”

    All I will say is that whenever Tottenham or Chelsea are at home, the stands are full to the rafters at kick off, and I would say white hart lane is a way more difficult ground to access than Arsenal.

    Make of that what you will.

  38. Bob N16

    Pierre, personally I don’t give a toss about those fans who you say don’t give a toss. Live and let live.

  39. Graham62

    Bob N16

    “Back in the day when Arsenal were distinctly average” most people attending games paid at the turnstiles and, I hasten to add, most were what I consider to be committed working class fans.

    Many that now have season tickets are a completely different breed of supporter. I’m with Pierre on this. The mindset of those supporters who turn up late and generally leave early will never change. They are the same people each time and are a core reason for the negativity within the Emirates.

    Turning up late for anything is bad manners, as is leaving early. It shows an apathetic and casual attitude to life. Either that or they have too much money to burn. Significantly this is a habit they have got into. It’s the way they live their lives.

    Imo, they are not truly committed to the cause.

  40. Graham62

    Excusing fans for turning up late once or twice is fine but every single frigging game…………No way!

  41. Bob N16

    Graham, you’re sounding very uptight which in the circumstances is understandable. I’m too busy watching the game to worry about what other people are doing. To suggest that at Highbury everybody always turned up on time and didn’t leave until the final whistle is complete tosh!

    One of my best mates is late for the game 9 times out of 10, that’s just his way. He would rightly tell you to f.o. and mind your own business if you suggested he was being rude. He makes up for it with vocal support throughout the game and always claps until every last Arsenal player has left the pitch. Are people rude by choosing to not clap the players off as they slowly circle the pitch applauding the fans? I wouldn’t say so.

    As far as I understand Graham, you don’t often go to games now, not sure why it bothers you so much. Other axes to grind I’d imagine.

  42. Marc

    I can only speak from personal experience but round me the ST holders all tend to be on time / in their seat before kick off. People who turn up late tend to be people not used to going so aren’t used to how long it takes to get in the stadium, get to your seat etc.

    People leaving early is a mystery to me – mid week matches is one thing if you have a long journey home but a Saturday 3pm kick off?

  43. Bob N16

    Marc, if you leave at final whistle, you’ll join a shuffling queue at Arsenal tube. Assume those people who leave a few minutes before the end want to avoid this queue. Must admit I find people who are bothered about people choosing to leave early quite baffling.

  44. Marc


    Which is why I go for a swift pint after a match – I don’t sit with the guys I go up with so it’s an easy way to meet up revenue the match slag off Mike Dean etc. By the time we’ve done that 20 – 30 minutes the queue is usually done to nothing. If it’s a weekend match we might have a couple.

    I’d like to know what the situation is like at the toilet seat because we have more transport options than they do so there shouldn’t really be an excuse.

  45. Graham62

    Bob N16

    Who’s uptight? Just an honest opinion.

    The fact that you find it “baffling”that some us question certain fans arriving late/ leaving early, says a lot about you really.

    Set in a comfort zone comes to mind.

    Anyway, more important things to worry about for all of us at present.


  46. Bob N16

    ‘Set in a comfort zone’, I would say I’m just a little more understanding about why people might exercise different choices to my own and try to avoid making snap judgements about the actions of people I don’t know. ( Very difficult when driving sometimes I’ll have to admit!)

    You and Pierre just come across as a bit ‘Victor Midrew’.

  47. Pete the First

    Pierre, are you that bloke that sits behind me moaning all game?

    I don’t recall seeing any rules about being on time on the season ticket. Some people I know who attend have a 3 hour journey home, which is the early hours after a night match.

  48. Uwot?

    A huge problem is the “ Non access to Holloway tube stn & Drayton park re so-called safety issues which 12 seasons into the the new stadium still haven’t been resolved.Another big F*** k you from Arsenal football club & Isligton council & TFL .None of which it seems are prepared to stick their hands in their pockets & sort out the mess.once & for all.i don’t know what the latest state of play is between them but I can’t understand why the various fan groups haven’t put more pressure on the club etc.instead of accepting the endless passing the buck & fob offs.Arsenal used to have the best access to & from the ground historically anywhere in Britain.

  49. Tom

    Pete the FirstMay 4, 2020 14:12:07
    Pierre, are you that bloke that sits behind me moaning all game?


    It depends what kinda moaning you are talking here.
    Complaining? Probably not his style.

    Making noises while touching himself inappropriately, like when Ozil’s on the ball? Very likely.

    Sorry Pierre , couldn’t resist.

  50. Pete the First

    @Uwot yeah that Holloway Rd tube promise never came through did it?

    To be fair I can’t think of a ground with better access than Arsneal. 3 tubes within 10 minutes (Arsenal, FP & H&I), 2 mainline and Holloway Rd & Drayton Park when they’re open. Then there are plenty of buses and more tube stations a little further.

    A little tip if you are running a few minutes late after a some pre-match entertainment around Kings Cross the tube does stop at Holloway Road.

    Missing a few minutes of the slop that’s been on display the past few seasons hasn’t altered the shape of the world. Anyway those moaning probably hardly ever make the effort to get to games…

  51. Marc


    Pierre has said before that he used to have a ST but gave it up – strangely whilst Wenger was still in charge.

    I do think it’s hypocritical to criticise fans (outside of certain ways of conduct etc) when you don’t go yourself.

  52. Pete the Thirst

    Can’t be him then. Ozil’s only the touched the ball enough to generate a mild whimper from the fanboys over the past few seasons.

    Tom May 4, 2020 15:09:13

    Making noises while touching himself inappropriately, like when Ozil’s on the ball? Very likely.

  53. Pete the First

    Can’t be him then. Ozil’s only the touched the ball enough to generate a mild whimper from the fanboys over the past few seasons.

    Tom May 4, 2020 15:09:13

    Making noises while touching himself inappropriately, like when Ozil’s on the ball? Very likely.

  54. Pete the First

    Spot on Marc. The elephant in the room. It’s all a bit 1984 ‘Do as I say, not as I do’

    As for Wenger…we were there before he came and we’re still there after he departed. Still spending stupid amounts of money to watch the Arsenal…

    Still waiting for my ST refund btw. I might send an email setting a deadline of 1st June to pay up.

    Marc May 4, 2020 15:14:45


    Pierre has said before that he used to have a ST but gave it up – strangely whilst Wenger was still in charge.

    I do think it’s hypocritical to criticise fans (outside of certain ways of conduct etc) when you don’t go yourself.

  55. Marc


    I’m guessing that the club will try to get people to take a discount off of next seasons in whatever form that turns out to be. We’re owed 6 tickets so you’re looking at what £300 on average multiplied by 40,000 ST holders that’s £12 million – if the club has cash flow issues that’d hurt.

    They might even try some sort of incentive to get people to not demand a refund.

  56. Pete the First

    @Marc it’s going to have to be a decent incentive. Considering the Club has been so inflexible with fans for the past 25 years it’s about time the shoe was back on the other foot.

    Isn’t this just the sort of thing that Arsene and Ivan built up the vast cash reserves for…or was it for something completely different.

    Back in the 80s they used to offer a free season ticket to fans if they helped paint Highbury. Although at the time a standing ST was £60. Maybe they could send squad member round to paint my house??

  57. China1

    Sky news reporting that a peer reviewed journal from university of Utrecht has found human antibodies that can not only prevent the virus from spreading but also shield against it in those who haven’t yet been infected

    The worst case scenario predictions of it taking 18 months to make a dent in this are nonsense. We will be very much coming out the other side of this in 2020, whilst the damage it has caused both socially and economically will have been stark regardless

  58. Dissenter

    I’m reading that even if the league manages to finish this season behind closed doors, that next season may start the same way – behind closed doors.
    There’a sentiment that it will take some time for game attending fans like you and “Pete the first” to return to the game.

  59. Dissenter

    “I’m guessing that the club will try to get people to take a discount off of next seasons in whatever form that turns out to be. We’re owed 6 tickets so you’re looking at what £300 on average multiplied by 40,000 ST holders that’s £12 million – if the club has cash flow issues that’d hurt.”

    That’s an easy fix. they can give fans and incentive to apply the refund to future seasons.
    Either way, the club and every other club are going to be in a bit of a mess for some time.

  60. Marc


    My view is once the lockdown is lifted you’re going to have as much chance of getting ill going to the shops, going to work etc as you are going to a match.

    As it currently stands once they open up the stadium for fans I’ll be there.

  61. Valentin

    Poor Spurs, they have a new shinning stadium in a crappy part of UK. ( No matter what people say, it’s not in London.) They were relying on home games and on holding external events there to pay for it. And now even the NFL are deserting them.

    According to the Guardian newspaper,
    “The NFL has decided to move its international games back to the US for the 2020 season as the sports world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic.”

    So the two dates in October that were going to generate extra cash for the Spurs stadium repayment have been cancelled. And knowing the NFL, I doubt that there is a large compensation fee.

    An acquaintance of mine who happen to be a Spurs Supporter was in arm last week as a troll has cheekily suggested on their forum that Arsenal was going to send Xhaka and Elneny in exchange for NDombele. Even Mourinho wants to get rid of him, he would not sanction such a bad deal.

  62. Dissenter

    Yea, Spuds are royally fu*ked with that stadium because they were supposed to make lots of money for renting it out for events in the off-season.

  63. Marc


    The timing for the Spud’s is particularly bad and I’m beginning to think that too many teams are going to refuse to play in neutral stadiums for the PL to restart so it’ll be if, when and how next season is staged.

    At least it looks like F1 will be back around July.

  64. Pierre

    Marc the 1st
    “Pierre has said before that he used to have a ST but gave it up – strangely whilst Wenger was still in charge.”

    Oh dear , Marc’s gone into jackanory mode again..

    Either I was lying or you are lying, because it didn’t happen..

  65. Marc

    Has anyone heard anymore news about European football for next season? There were all sorts of rumours about how they were going to select teams but I wonder if we’ll end up having a season with no EL or CL.

  66. Pierre

    “May the 4th be with you!”

    At least Cesc fabregas and I have something in common.

  67. Pierre

    No…my time going to The Arsenal regularly was in the mid/late 60’s , 70’s and 80’s early 90’s when you paid at the gate.

    I still go occasionally , it’s my brothers and their family that have season tickets now as they still live in the area.
    I moved out of London years ago to the coast.

    No need to apologise.

  68. Graham62


    That would have been me.

    Gave my ST up before the start of the 09/10 season.

    Oh my goodness, that’s 11 years back!

  69. Spanishdave

    Happy Birthday Pierre.
    Get those golf clubs out, I am going to be a bit rusty.
    The courses will be in good shape. In Florida they out in foam so the ball drops a bit so you can pick it out with the flag in, it works ok. No taking of bunkers so you can move the ball.
    Good golfing soon

  70. Graham62

    Does anyone actually believe that in a country with a population of over 1.4 billion and where Covid-19 originated, they’ve only had 82,880 cases and 4633 deaths?

    Of course not.

  71. Spanishdave

    A lot of countries will fudge the figures to suit their agendas.
    Spain and Italy need tourism to save their economies ther don’t have much else.
    China want to position themselves for more world domination.
    That’s why America needs to get back to work regardless.
    It’s all political

  72. Graham62

    My predictions.

    Null and void 2019-20 season. Liverpool to be awarded title(sorry folks).
    All games 20/21 behind closed doors until vaccine is discovered.
    No European games. No international matches.
    EPL /FA /PFA will join hands to sort out the domestic game.
    Mesut Ozil will still refuse 12.5% salary reduction.😩

  73. Marc


    We could be a month away from knowing whether the vaccine under development in Oxford will work – that’s going to make a massive difference to any plans etc.

    With news leaking about clubs refusing to play in neutral stadiums I have no idea how they’ll sort the promotion / relegation issues. Other than having a 22 team PL I can see any other option ending with someone taking legal action.

  74. Marc

    No European football will hurt a lot of clubs – the Spud’s could really find themselves in trouble. The whole reason of hiring Mourinho was because Levy thought he’d guarantee a top 4 finish.

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Ishola 70

    You sound like a certain David icke

    I also feel this is more than the shit they are telling us.

    It’s more than s virus.

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If they don’t compete the big cup
    It should be same teams as this season so they are safe.

  77. David Smith

    The Oxford vaccine and a number of other treatments they are looking into, was just reading they are looking into an antibody that they believe will neutralise the protein spikes it uses to latch onto cells.
    And some scientists even believe it could just burn itself out, disappear in a self limiting way.
    Of course this may well be hugely over optimistic, but we don’t know where this is going, at the moment, we just have to listen to over cautious, extremely risk averse govt scientists who seem terrified of providing any grounds for hope, perhaps they fear people will take to the streets and parks in numbers with gay abandon of people believe this will in some way be conquered, eliminated or even reduced in its effects in the relatively near future.. Ok, yes, I do understand their caution in their position , but.

  78. Marc


    The guy’s in Oxford are making some really bold claims based on their previous experience and I’m sure producing a million doses before it’s been passed as OK for human use has a pretty big cost.

    If they’re wrong it’s going to serious hurt their reputations.

    Let’s hope they’re confidence is well founded.

  79. Marc


    You do realise using the term

    “You sound like a certain David icke ”

    and then saying

    “I also feel this is more than the shit they are telling us.”

    is a bit daft. Of course there are things that will come out over time but that doesn’t mean it’s a massive conspiracy. It was on Sky News website earlier that a doctor / scientist in France has gone back and tested hospital blood samples from December and found that Covid was already present in France at least a month before the first documented case. My guess is that’ll be the case in many countries.

  80. MGooner

    @ David

    The largest vaccine manufacturer in the world is the Serum Institute of India.

    They already work with Oxford Uni on a number of vaccines and have announced they will start production in May to be ready in September if the vaccine works. But it will have to clear Phase 3 trials on humans. They will follow same procedure as for Ebola. That is give vaccine to people who have been in contact with an infected patient. There is a long way to go still. Worth mentioning they will supply this vaccine at cost. Around 10 pounds.

    But a more sophisticated vaccine will take more time. This will be based on new technology which alters the genetic code of the virus rather than forcing the body to respond through its own immune system. The Chinese are in the lead on this one. A company by the name of Sinovac is in phase 2 trials.

    the oxford vaccine could be a stop gap until we get a better vaccine next year.

  81. Dissenter

    My best guess is that 10,000,000 Chinese got the COVID-19 virus and about 200k died.
    Never trust the Chinese with those numbers they put up.
    The US numbers are a gross undercounting too.

  82. Marc


    AstraZeneca has also partnered with the guys at Oxford – once anyone has a vaccine it’ll be mass produced by labs all over the world.

  83. MGooner


    The Chinese or broadly Asian response was better as they were hit by many other episodes of virus in the past decades. Same for middle East.

    In N America and Europe this has been a new thing. So understandably people took more time to understand the implications.

    You can bet that next time we have something like this the US will be better prepared.

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Still don’t trust the lil fuckers
    They want world Domination ..
    Devalue the dollar
    All been planned for something . Don’t know what yet.

    In us we should sell who we can and have a team like this

    Smith Rowe

  85. Ishola70


    “You sound like a certain David ickeI also feel this is more than the shit they are telling us.It’s more than s virus.”

    No no conspirasist just a bit tired of all the bullshittery of it now.

    Tomorrow’s Guardian headline:

    “Anger over plans to ease lockdown that “risk putting workers in danger”

    Well I thought workers have been putting themselves at risk for at least a month now but maybe those don’t count.

    If people want assurances of complete safety at work and travelling to work then I’m afraid this lockdown will be here for a long time yet.

  86. Marc


    Is that a genuine headline? Because if it is it shows show’s the hypocrisy of the media – they’re the ones who have been calling for a lifting of the lock down for a couple of weeks now.

    Just proves that they love it every time something bad happens – the higher the death toll the happier they’ll be.

  87. Ishola70

    Yes Marc genuine headline in today’s Guardian.

    Of course we know the Guardian will be looking for blood in the not too distant future over this.

    And perhaps some blood spilt over this will be justified.

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I think your right…

    Personally I don’t think there will be football played for long time…
    then comes the question if we can’t finish we can’t start …. can we.

    Until someone has the balls to say this years is over …

    Meanwhile people die…

    So football can go fuck it self fo4 a bit…

    On another note..
    Party looks like adone deal with lack off going the other way..

    But he may be 28 till we see him play.

  89. alex cutter

    “the hypocrisy of the media – they’re the ones who have been calling for a lifting of the lock down for a couple of weeks now.

    Just proves that they love it every time something bad happens – the higher the death toll the happier they’ll be.”

    Your boyfriend Pete’s part of that “media”. Will he be happier with a higher death toll?

  90. China1

    One thing to keep in mind is they keep reporting the total number of infected to date, but most reports aren’t saying how many are active cases.

    There might be 150,000 total cases but only 10,000 known active cases left in the country as every day a large number will be recovering and a small percentage will sadly pass away.

    Anyway my point is talking about the total number of cases to date to discuss our current situation is a misnomer.