Mourning the loss of NLD day.

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I read somewhere that if you stop walking, you can lose walking fitness. This alarmed me. I’ve gone from 8,000 steps a day to nothing. So I went for an 8-mile walk yesterday. Not good. Who knew you could lose walking fitness? I’ve never had a painful hip? Wtf is this?

The Premier League is starting to react to pandemic issues, the latest club to fall in line is Aston Villa. Their players have taken a 25% pay cut that’ll see the club through the next 4 months.

“First-team players, first-team coaches and senior management have all agreed to defer 25 per cent of their salaries for four months to assist the club during this period of uncertainty with a further review taking place at the end of this period.

“During the two seasons since Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens rescued Aston Villa they have supported and funded the rebuilding of the Club with a huge level of personal financial investment.

“They are continuing to provide substantial funding which, combined with these significant salary deferrals, enables Aston Villa to confirm that all non-football staff – full and part time – will be retained and paid in full throughout the lockdown.

“There will be no furloughing of staff.

No drama. No individuals stepping back to assess the finances. Just a commitment to the hand that feeds them.

Chelsea players, not so much. They’ve refused a 10% pay cut, preferring to defer money to local charities. There’s been a lot of scoffing that Arsenal players have been held to a higher standard by the media. I agree, that’s because we’re a bigger club than Chelsea. It’s all in the name.

Chelsea has been built on money taken from the Russian people. The owner has artificially propped up the club for many years. All their success is down to mercenary behaviour. Are you at all surprised Frank Lampard didn’t get involved and the players weren’t interested?

I wasn’t.

It’s still scandalous that the richest are the least likely to make a contribution. There’s a great article about how the players think on The Athletic. All the thoughts and concerns are the same as normal people have when they have their salaries cut. The main difference, as I’ve said over and over again, is that normal people don’t have a choice in the matter.

I think specifically with Arsenal, the players that kicked up the most fuss are those that likely won’t be with us past this summer. Mesut Ozil still hasn’t agreed to the deal, his people are apparently assessing the numbers while his teammates; much poorer, are just handing over their bit.

The main consideration for Ozil’s team will be two-fold.

  1. What does this do for Brand Mesut? The entire world has been affected by this problem at the moment, every single country and their people will be feeling the pain, and the German is refusing to give up for his club? Football is not a business. It’s a community focal point. Right now, his charity endeavours are on the back burner, how he behaves will be top of the agenda. Does he really want to damage his brand in this moment? As a person that works in advertising, we’re painfully aware that the masses will remember what businesses did during this moment. Footballers are no different.
  2. How will a refusal reflect on potential owners? Mesut Ozil is going into the final year of his deal with very bad football numbers. He’s not the player he once was. He’s more famous for his Fortnite exploits than his assists these days. Anyone bidding on him is taking a huge chance. The world will be different, clubs will be risk-averse, will they take a mega punt on a player that is making it clear he’s the most important person when it comes to the club?

I suspect the climb-downs in round 2 were quite heavily linked to the above points.

Auba is in a particularly odd situation right now. He has a year to go on his deal, but the transfer market will have collapsed and his market value may have dropped. Does he move to Inter Milan on the same money? Does he see out his final year and risk that football gets even worse? Is his best chance at mega-money staying with Arsenal? I mean, rose-tinted glasses, I’m sure there are other clubs in the Prem that could pony up for him, but it’s untested times right now. Last thing you want to be seen as is a mercenary.

Arsenal Football Club is resuming training of sorts next week. The thinking is that we have 10 pitches, which is safer than running in the park. I’m not sure how things have been in the UK this weekend, but in New York, it certainly felt like people switched into ‘oh fuck it, let’s just see what happens’ mode. It was very busy out and about. It’s going to be very hard to keep people locked in for too much longer… unless, they put Premier League football on. Then we’ll all stay in.

Finally, this would have been North London Derby weekend. What a day out that would have been. I’d have started the morning with my fangs out.

‘This is a battle of visions. It’s a battle of fan ‘new coach’ preference. One person will survive this, the progressive fans that saw a bright future, or the miserable fuckers that thought Jose would be a nice touch at The Emirates’

Then we’d have spent all morning arguing. What a terrific day we’re NOT having.

Anyway, stay safe, see you tomorrow. x



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  1. Moray

    You’re right, Pedders. It must be odd for players approaching the end of their contracts. They could be looking at a whole lot of bugger all of things really hit the skids, never mind doubling up when they become contract-free.

    Auba’s current salary might look generous in a few months time once Football has crashed. Perhaps he should rethink?

    Actually I suspect the whole nature of football contracts will be challenged. No way clubs can continue to pay what they have been if the situation economically continues to deteriorate.

  2. Tom

    “ but in New York, it certainly felt like people switched into ‘oh fuck it, let’s just see what happens’ mode. It was very busy out and about”

    Same in Chicago.
    The sun is out, Lysol and Clorox are flying off the shelves and everyone feels less vulnerable.

  3. Tom

    “Auba’s current salary might look generous in a few months time once Football has crashed. Perhaps he should rethink?“

    Don’t you miss the goodaldays when the worse crisis facing football was …….VAR?

  4. NJ Gunner


    If Ozil would have been moved on this summer, he would have recouped the lost income. If he wanted another club, he would have worried about his branding.

    There is another Ozil option: he is taking as much cash as he can in the next year before he retires if nobody else wants him. I have no evidence at all to support this supposition. But I think that we can agree that he appears to have lost interest at times on the pitch and, perhaps, like many people in the twilight of their career, he just wants to soak up the cash because he has lost the passion that once drove him. I am guessing that describes at least some of the people that you know in advertising. Why would it not apply to a footballer who has, essentially, achieved it all? Not everybody wants to hang on in for one last game and at a certain point the same applies for one last paycheck.

    I am not into conspiracy theory. But it is an option that can’t be ignored.

  5. Spanishdave

    Green shoots appearing players kicking footballs around, sun shining all good.
    I think the populace will make their own minds up. The government are hiding behind eccentric scientist bleating out crazy numbers to get on the news.
    People cannot go to work unless the supply chains are in place. My neighbour has a bespoke kitchen company but can’t work because he can’t get timber. So it’s not easy getting back to work in phases.
    99.75% of the population haven’t been infected, and we are hiding behind the sofas.

  6. Dissenter

    Actually the players are going to be training 6 feet apart.
    When the game resumes, are they going to revise the rules of football to guarantee social distancing?

  7. Sid


    Arsene Wenger claims that free transfers will happen more often in the future as it is a way for the player to get a higher salary and for the player’s new club to save money on transfer fees.

  8. Sid

    Senegal is producing 1$ covid19 testing kits and cheap ventilators, its covid19 recovery for patients is higher than in France
    Yet France is keeping $500 billion belonging to 14 African countries each year.
    Shame🔔, shame🔔, shame🔔

  9. CG

    Excellent post.

    I am led to believe Aston Villa players are deferring wages as opposed to a cut?

    So, as it stands the only club in the English prem going for cuts over deferrals at this very early stage is……

    Arsenal Football Club.

    We will never get rid of Stan – if fans, players and coaches are so pliant to the wishes of KSE.

    Newcastle United – will soon be another team that usurps us.
    Are they going to be self sustaining?

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good post Peter

    True in central London when I went for a jog.. more people than normal..
    You know now would be good time for planet youth…
    Greenwood balogun Eddie
    Roll the dice go for it

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There is more to this than meets the eye..
    All from a by… Bollox

    Kin Jong dead.

    The slippery lil fellas are destabilising the world

  12. Spanishdave

    We are a soft touch .
    It’s madness that the players are giving up wages while the owner is giving up nothing.
    Can’t make it out.
    If the owner matched their efforts great,but it’s madness.
    Stan is an arsehole.

  13. Marc

    Nice piece Pedro and a very good summation of what Chelsea are.

    Your comments about how businesses are aware on how they’ll be viewed coming out of this is spot on – Dyson has spent £20 million developing a ventilator and had an order from the UK government for 10,000 units only to now be told they’re not needed – Dyson’s public response is that’s actually good news and we won’t take money from the public purse. Can you imagine a company taking a hit like that under normal circumstances?

    The reaction of the public to the lockdown is a strange one – Sky News reported on a survey earlier where irrelevant of age or political leanings the public at large support keeping the lockdown in place favouring caution and yet you see people out ignoring the rules.

  14. CG


    “””””It’s madness that the players are giving up wages while the owner is giving up nothing.
    Can’t make it out.”””””

    I can.
    The club has too many ‘yes men’ and incompetent pushovers running amok. (ironically- good on Ozil for not being one of them)

    Go for the cuts after 6 months not 6 weeks.

    Stan will be down to his last $9 000 000 000 by then, give or take.

  15. Marc

    If chubby Kim is dead it’ll make North Korea an interesting place for while – no heir to take over, it could turn into a free for all.

  16. Frank C

    Just to clarify, Villa is deferring wage payments not reducing them.

    There won’t be a market for Auba. He can’t go back to Germany. Rumours of Barcelona and Madrid are fake news. Italy? Very limited options and only if he agrees to a wage reduction. In the PL I really don’t see anyone taking a chance except perhaps if there are new owners at Newcastle. Chelsea are a project much like Arsenal at the moment. If he wants to stay in London, perhaps a two year extension with lower wages with a reasonable future release clause payment might work.

  17. Marc

    I can’t see cuts to players wages holding to be honest, at least for the time being anyway. If they’re talking about restarting the PL behind closed doors in a few weeks with all matches televised clubs will lose match day revenue but for the remainder of the season that’s circa £12 million (and that’s not even an immediate loss as they’ve had about two thirds of that in pre paid ST’s), there’s a reasonable chance we’d make that up through more matches being shown on TV as well.

    Next season is the question and fuck knows how that will work out.

  18. MD-Gunner

    Here was a chance to get rid of Stan & KSE but no it may have been blown. How would I feel when the owner of a business where I am employed is worth $8 billion and now asks me to take a pay cut to keep his business afloat? SCREWED

    How despicable to use your manager to pressure the players to take a pay cut, your acceptance or not will have no effect on whether you will picked on game day, RIGHT.

    Stan has many worries with his sporting enterprise, a stadium that has outstanding billions of dollars in loans. His “soccer team” will face massive problems if MLS decides to scrap the season, their TV money is pitiful, they require gate receipts. MLS scrapping the season or having a similar schedule as the European teams is very real. Similar with his NBA and NHL team.

    So here was a golden opportunity to put pressure on Stan to sell the club and the players said NO we like Stan & Josh we want to help them save their billions and support their love in sports the LA Rams.
    /off soapbox

  19. James wood

    If Kim is dead and not self isolating on his Orient express train 5 star
    whilst the population starves.
    Then I believe his sister takes over.
    Swiss educated.
    But evidently ruthless.

  20. NEEG


    You continually beat the drum about silent Stan but instead you should be berating PHW and his fellow cronies (you know the ones that always wear suits, white shirts and tie). They, after all sold out to SS. Fizman can be excused as he knew his life would not be around for much longer and he needed to ‘cash in’ his investment for his family. The others seized the opportunity to line their pockets. They had voted to rid the club of Dein and as they did not possess his vision the easy route was most welcoming.
    Stan operates as he always has done and he is very successful at it. His real estate will likely take a hit due to Covid 19 but not by much (early estimates are in the region of 13 – 15%). His wife being a member of the Walton dynasty receives her part of an annual dividend of over 3billion USD. Her loose change ensures their life-style is not damaged. We can only hope that he tires of running AFC but he seldom ‘quits’ so that is unlikely.

    Believe it or not he was probably Wengers greatest supporter towards the end of his tenure as manager. For three years he denied the CEO of AFC the right to end Wengers contract. Think – the man you love being saved by the man you loath.

  21. Marc


    You do know that it was Dein that introduced Kroenke to Arsenal and he was fired for “arranging” to sell other people’s shares in a buyout.

    As for not possessing Dein’s vision – Dein didn’t think we could afford the stadium and argued against building it.

  22. NEEG


    Too true – he wanted to take over Wembley. He first introduced SK as a solution to funding – he realised AFC could not keep up with the changing face of football. He soon realised SK was a mistake but by then PHW(who had famously said ‘we do not want his sort here’ ) had caught sight of a huge wedge of money that could be coming his way.

  23. CG


    “””””Stan operates as he always has done and he is very successful at it. His real estate will likely take a hit due to Covid 19 but not by much (early estimates are in the region of 13 – 15%). “””””””

    So he can pay the bloody wages then!

    I have never said Wenger, PHW or DD are perfect. They all made their mistakes.
    But they all had one thing in common.
    Genuine affection for the club

    Stan, Raul, Luiz and Edu don’t!
    All in it for themselves.

    And thats why the club is broken beyond repair and increasingly irrelevant.

  24. HillWood

    Long May the lock down continue
    The weather has been fantastic
    Garden is the best it’s been in years
    Getting through all the jobs on the house
    Dreading going back to 12hr shifts at work

  25. Marc


    Robin Williams used to do a joke about 30 years ago about Reagan being Walt Disney’s last words – “Make me a President”.

    Fuck knows what he’d have made of Trump!

  26. James wood

    Marc 20.16
    I saw what he done to those people who lived around the
    Golf course in Scotland that he purchased before he became President.
    One horrible “Bastard”.
    The man is dangerous to the extreme.
    I really cannot believe that someone has not tried to dispatch him.

  27. Terraloon


    As CG says Arsenal are the only club that have taken a cut in their wages. We haven’t had it confirmed that the amended contracts have been signed off . If indeed new contracts are put in place then irrespective of when or if the league campaign starts up thenArsenal players have committed to the reductions so it’s not a question of the pay cuts holding the reduced wages are what has been agreed to in writing.

    Although a noble notion as to ArsenalSquad having some sort of higher moral standing players other than the odd one or two the majority of players at all clubs sing from the same hymn sheet .So the question I can’t answer is why did the Arsenal players( ok not all of them) agree to an actual pay cut?

    The PFAs stance to a degree was fair comment in that reduce the players wages and that in turn leads to a drop in the sums the players pay in taxes and that is why I suspect that clubs fully paying all employees 100% of their normal wages who in turn will continue to pay their dues to HMRC will probably be given a free ride.
    There’s no doubt that some clubs have egg on the owners faces from trying to put employees on furlough but I suspect that clubs PR machines will be in overdrive spinning players personal contributions to charities and of course what the clubs and owners have funded.

    So back to the question why are Arsenal the only club to date where the players have been taken an actual pay cut?

    Is Bellerin some sort of supper messiah? Doubt it.

    Do the players indeed aspire to some sort of higher moral standard? Just can’t see it.

    So why ?

  28. Marc


    Well I can only give my opinion (which of course is right). We’re losing money because our wage bill is too high so with a potential drop in revenue the club have moved quickly. I don’t think anyone seriously thought we’d see matches back in mid to late May so we may have moved too soon.

    As for ” so it’s not a question of the pay cuts holding the reduced wages are what has been agreed to in writing.”

    That was then “I want my contract reinstated or even a raise or I’m off” If Ozil, Mustafi or Xhaka play that card they’ll be told please fuck off, Saka? Martinelli? Auba? Pepe? Bellerin? Whomever? How many players can you have pissed off at a club without it doing serious damage?

  29. MD-Gunner

    The age-old question of “Will Stan Kroenke put any of his own money into Arsenal?” has taken on new meaning lately, what with the current problem of no money coming into the club from any of the usual sources, while outgoings remains constant. On one hand the club does need to save money. On the other hand why should the players take a cut when the billionaire owner voluntarily gave them contracts and puts no money in himself?

    So while I believe footballers are vastly overpaid, in Arsenal’s case I don’t see that either legally or morally they should necessarily agree to a pay cut yet. The owner has put nothing in and is not suffering any hardship; why should the players have to? In the cases of some other clubs the moral position may be different. If a club does not have a billionaire owner and is largely or wholly owned by supporters, and continuing to pay the players in full some adjustment in expenses is needed.

    The Kroenkes do seem to be much more concerned about their public image in the US than in England. Here’s a quote from the Denver Nuggets’ website:

    “One of the many consequences of the pandemic is its effect on area businesses of all sizes,” [Josh] Kroenke said. “Many companies – in particular the service industry – are temporarily laying off hard-working employees due to the cancellation of events amid an uncertain future. Our hourly KSE event staff plays an integral role in ensuring our fan experience is first class in every way, and it is with these thoughts in mind that KSE will continue to pay its part-time and hourly employees for the next 30 days. We also have asked our vendors and partners to do the same.”

    In the UK, however, Arsenal have been less bothered about any public commitment to those employed by their vendors and partners. Stan wants everyone else to make sacrifices first.

  30. Valentin


    “Dyson has spent £20 million developing a ventilator and had an order from the UK government for 10,000 units only to now be told they’re not needed.”

    Dyson did not spend £20 millions, it had an pre-order of £20 millions (10,000 units at £2,000 each) that got rescinded. Not the same thing at all. There is a lot of company that spend money on unsuccessful bid.

    Because of the lockdown, Dyson engineering office were shut down. It just reassigned a small group of engineers to work on that special project. Those engineers would still had to be paid anyway, so no extra cost.

    Regarding the cancelled orders, from the reports there seems that there is two reasons for the cancellation. Both linked to incompetence/rush. One by the government and one by Dyson itself.
    The reason due to the government is that its specifications were incorrect. The minimum capability of the machine as stated in the document were below the minimum demanded by ICU doctors rendering them not fit for the intended purpose. Basically they were CPAP machine rather than proper ventilators.

    The second reason due to Dyson is that the quality of the machine delivered was sub-standard. When Dyson outsourced its manufacturing capability to Singapore, it also lost a lot of local knowledge in how to manufacture quickly and at scale a product. There is a difference between being able to design something and being able to design that it can be manufactured quickly and efficiently. Elon Musk and Tesla are proof of that. Great design, absolutely appalling manufacturing process.

  31. Guns of SF

    North Korea won’t announce anything for awhile. Need to prepare in case there is an insurrection. Also successor already in place etc

  32. Tom

    “JamesI’ve just had a disturbing thought. If he is dead and his sister takes over will Trump try to grab her by the pussy!“

    What’s more disturbing is that a woman has a better chance ( apparently) to become a leader of a North Korea than the “greatest democracy “ the world has ever seen.

  33. Bojangles

    Life is gradually returning to normal here in VN. There have been no new Covid cases in the past 10 days. The kids, after being off school more than three months are returning on third of May. Coffee shops have reopened as well as a number of non essential shops and stores.

    The government here have done an exceptional job of containing the virus. They were on top of things from day one through identifying, tracking and isolating cases immediately they appeared. With a population of 95.5 million, to come out of this with just 270 infected cases and no reported deaths us some achievement.

  34. Moray

    Don’t trust any of the shit coming out of Dyson: it was all a big PR exercise and yet again mismanagement by the government. Dyson wouldn’t piss on someone unless there was something in it for him.

    Treatment is quickly moving from reliance on ventilators, and early use for Covd-19 patients seemingly does more harm than good. There is still urgent need for ICU spaces, but apparently not such urgency over ventilators. Makes it so ridiculous that Trump is banging on about North America’s production drive of them: even when he gets something down he’s behind the curve.

    There’s still a lot to work out with the Premiership but I suspect now they will try to close it out. It’s the only way to avoid big lawsuits. If Arsenal players agree a pay cut to support the club I think that’s great. In my company we are doing the same. It will make it hard to spend any transfer fee this summer though, unless they make it up in other ways.

    I thought to watch the 1982 World Cup while I’m locked down but could find the full games anywhere. Anyone have a suggestion?

  35. Aussie Gooner

    I only hope Dyson’s ventilators are more relaible that their shit vacuum cleaners! I have one that cost over $700 A and it hasn’t worked properly since day one! Needs more care and maintenace than a new born baby and has a significant design fault!

    I know that ventilators are killing more people who have the virus than those without ventilators -shocking!

  36. Valentin


    A witness at my marriage is a pneumology surgeon in France. She now heads her department after her boss fell ill. Her take is the issue with the ventilator is not the ventilator itself, it is its use.

    First it should be used as a last resort rather than than first call as soon as a patient presents breathing difficulties. Secondly, because it is so invasive and violent, it should be constantly monitored and ADJUSTED. In the frenzy induced by the virus, most people put on ventilator are monitored but not necessarily constantly adjusted. When set to high, it does more harm than good. That harm is irreversible.

    Drafting doctors from other department, giving them a crash course on the ventilator without giving them time to properly learn about the constant adjustment procedures was always a recipe for disaster.

    Countries that had a shortage of ventilators fared better for that reason.

    And yes, I agree despite all the PR and advertising, Dyson vacuum cleaners tend now to be overpriced defective garbage.

  37. Aussie Gooner


    Couldn’t agree more! My wife has been a nurse for 35 years but would noy know one end of a ventilator from another – not her specialty.

    On the subject of players does anyone know of Axel Disasi of Riems? I have heard we are linked to him – a centre back with a crunching tackle. His highlight reel looks impressive, but I know you can not judge by that.

  38. Frank C


    Man U?

    Don’t see that happening. Age wise Auba doesn’t fit. Grealish & Sancho is who they should focus on. With those players Rashford, Greenwood and Ighalo will be fine as CF’s.

    Let’s see if they can close on these rumors.

  39. Valentin

    Axel Disasi is not what Arsenal needs right now.
    He is a pretty robust, no non-sense type of CB, but mostly importantly he is right footed. We already have a higher quality Right footed CB in Saliba.
    Whatever need is a left footed CB who can compliment Saliba. A big physical unit, good in the air who has a good distribution and that’s definitely not Disasi forte. That can be taught and maybe in a different environment he would thrive, but I would rather go for a tall left footed CB, with already a good distribution.

  40. Marc


    Haven’t we just signed one of those on loan in Jan in Mari? I assume the loan was “test drive” to see if he was right for the PL?

  41. Marc

    Frank C

    Normally I’d agree with you 100% but Woodward has come out and said the Corona episode will affect their ability to spend – apparently that’s put moves for Kane and / or Sancho on the backburner. If Auba won’t sign and we want to sell it might be a stop gap for ManU.

    I don’t want it to happen but that’s different to it being a possibility.

  42. Sid

    Axel Disasi would be a big flop in the EPL, sliding in the way he does he would just be left on his arse, he is also not strong enough.

  43. Uwot?

    Axel Disasi is EXACTLY what we need right now.A no nonsense unit alongside Saliba.v.good in the air,pace to burn & strong in the tackle.Too much is made is made of needing a left footed centre half? Why?have been plenty of two right. Footed centre back partnerships over the years.ex Sol Campbell & kolo.Two name two.He would be ideal.Be cause we can forget about upemencano with the big boys sniffing about.Rumour is already off to Bayern.

  44. Pierre

    “.Axel Disasi is EXACTLY what we need right now.
    Too much is made of needing a left footed centre half?”

    “Think I’ll pass!”

    Tony Adams partnered with either Bould, Keown, Campbell , O’Leary….all right footed, they seemed to cope pretty well didn’t they.

    Terry , cavalaho
    Vidic, ferdinand
    Bruce, Palister

    There are and have been very few decent left footed centre backs over the years, I’m not sure why.

    Marc, your judgement on players ( and managers) is well known for being suspect.

    I owned you completely a couple of days ago , which is not unusual is it.

    I’m still waiting for the apology.

  45. Jamie

    “I owned you completely a couple of days ago”

    Embarrassing. This is why no one with half a brain should believe Pierre when he constantly fibs about being a 70 year old man.

  46. Pierre

    I see the government are going to pay £60,000.00 to the families of front line workers who have died whilst treating covid patients. …good.

    They should go a step further and give a bonus of £10,000 to all front line workers who have put their life on the line during this difficult time.

    I’m talking about NHS workers , Carers and shop assistants who are unable to keep to the social distancing rule so consequently are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis for a minimum wage.

    This is the least the government should do as appreciation for the selfless work they put in.

  47. Sid

    Any pro-poor interventions by the state are considered ‘commie’ and workers’ rights need no protection
    the propping up of the interests of the super-rich and corporations is not considered as messing with freedom.

    Im telling you for free!

  48. MidwestGun

    Not sure how credible this is.. but it looks like the plan is still to finish the season depending on some factors like govt approval but had not seen a definitive start date before this.

    Also looks like they might allow 5 subs pending approval..

    Anyhow, glimmer of hope maybe we can talk about something other then CG’s troll topics in the near future. Not that the rantings of a mad man aren’t entertaining but one can only take so many days in a row.

  49. Dissenter

    ‘Also, big props for keeping it rolling Pedro. Your the man. Vote for Pedro.”

    I won’t vote for him. However, He will get a gallon of high quality bleach from to add to his peroni.

  50. MidwestGun

    Peds is all about the Oat milk now.. I’m afraid we have lost him to his obsession to pretend to be fit. Remember when he said he was going t break the 4 minute mile?.. and now he is worried about walking across his apartment without a sore hip.

  51. Pierre

    “I read somewhere that if you stop walking, you can lose walking fitness. This alarmed me. I’ve gone from 8,000 steps a day to nothing. So I went for an 8-mile walk yesterday. Not good. Who knew you could lose walking fitness? I’ve never had a painful hip? Wtf is this?”

    You could make a good 2 Ronnies type sketch out of that paragraph if you swap the L for an N.

    “”I read somewhere that if you stop wanking, you can lose wanking fitness. This alarmed me. I’ve gone from 8,000 steps a day to nothing. So I went for an 8-mile wank yesterday. Not good. Who knew you could lose wanking fitness? “

  52. CG


    Tony Adams partnered with either Bould, Keown, Campbell , O’Leary….all right footed, they seemed to cope pretty well didn’t they.”””””””

    Well said.

    And Liverpool don’t have a left footed center back on their books too.
    I doubt even Klopp mentions the need for one. Ever!

    If Arsenal and Arteta only want Mary because he has a left foot and not because he can actually defend in the prem – then it confirms my view that Arteta has been ‘brainwashed ‘ by his City experience.

    Moneybags, City can get bespoke center backs- we just need fast ones that can actually defend.

    As for William – IF he comes and MA accepts this signing – what a weak man he would appear to be .

    “Ruthless” he said on Day 1.

    William And Mary ain’t ruthless!
    Its a comedy double act.

  53. Marc


    You are a strange one – either that or just senile. My earlier comment started with “I haven’t seen this guy play but from what people are saying”.

    I started a comment admitting I was going on hearsay – if you want to tell me you’ve watched the player extensively and what others are saying is wrong I’ll keep an open mind until I’ve seen him and had an opportunity to make my own judgement.

    Unless on course you’re telling me that Mustafi is an outstanding CB and we should have 2 players like him in the team – is that what you’re saying?

  54. CG

    “””””Are you saying Mari can’t defend?”””

    He might be able to defend in the backwaters of Brazil.

    But not in the fast and furious environs of the prem.

    As night follows day- he will be exposed because of his lack of pace.


  55. Marc


    He’s played one match and you’ve written him off – if I did that with a player Wenger signed you’d go on about it forever.

    There’s a reason that everyone but Pierre thinks you’re a clown – because you are one.

  56. CG


    “””There’s a reason that everyone but Pierre thinks you’re a clown – because you are one.””””

    People can think what they like.

    I think he is useless.

  57. Valentin

    The fact that according to various rumours/reports Arsenal is still looking for a left footed CB seems to give credence that Pablo Mari has not really impressed Arteta. He may still be a beast for us in the future, but the initial sign from Arteta are more doubt than enthusiasm.
    Also some may find consider that playing a left footed CB on the left is irrelevant, but for the type of play that Arteta is looking to implement having a left footed CB who can distribute the ball is crucial.

  58. Snaparse

    I’m not sure we need a leftfood cb per saye just need some one who can actually play on the left side tbh the seem few nowadays. Doesn’t upemeco play on the left side? Is godin still available.

  59. Snaparse

    pedro i noticed something about mari and I’m not judging here. He seem laid back a bit. Aggression is key especially in winning duels in the pl we can’t have a cb that is not ready physiologically to get involves in duels almost anytime in the premier league but i should it’s one of his qualities also. He’s a very calm cultured player but david luiz is that and more

  60. CG

    The G

    “””Arteta is looking to implement having a left footed CB who can distribute the ball is crucial.”””

    Well , if Arteta is such a super coach.
    Here is an idea.

    How about , improve on Rob Holdings left foot?Holding has proved he can actually defend in the Prem ( before ACL).

    Holding and Saliba as a partnership looks pretty promising ‘on paper’, at least.

    (Dont keep adding to the wage bill with mediocrity.)
    And while he is at…..I hope he has been instructing Pepe in this lockdown to practice his right foot every day.

    No excuses really these days for players not to be two footed.

    That’s why they are called professionals!