‘Coefficient’ is my new fave word

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Lots of back and forth on the great Mesut Ozil debate. At the core of it for me is the exceptionalism that folks think he’s entitled to. The best way to frame these sorts of arguments is to imagine how you’d react to them in your own life.

Firstly, imagine on your team there was an underperforming superstar that earned double what the second-best player on your team earned. Probably a bit of a kicker, but you get past that because you are a mature adult minding your own business. Now imagine that everyone agreed to a pay decrease to save the company that has made your entire team incredibly wealthy.

Is there any scenario where you and the 22 that took the pay decrease could reconcile that sort of behaviour? Probably not. The German’s pay cut, if he were to take it, amounts to 6x what Bukayo Saka earns at the moment. The 19-year-old has made 12 goal contributions this season, Mesut has made 4.

I’ve seen people talking up his charitable contributions that amount to roughly 10% of his salary. A tremendous effort, I’d never critique that sort of generosity. However, people fail to understand that charitable donations and taking a voluntary pay cut are not mutually exclusive. Take this mentality into your own life. Is there any business in the world at the moment that has charitable contributions in the mixer when they’re dishing out mandatory pay decreases? No. It’s exceptionalism wrapped in children’s hospital beds.

The future of the club is hanging in the balance. 12.5% shouldn’t be an ordeal. Roma players agreed to 40% cuts for 4 months. Juventus players gave up £81m. Aleti, Sevilla, and Barca players gave up 70%. How can any player in the Premier League muster an argument about reducing their pay? How can any player, with a straight face, ask to see what the business implications are of the entire game freezing overnight?

The good news coming from ESPN is that he’s apparently doing a deep dive into how the money is going to be spent and that his team has verbally agreed to the deal. We’ll see how that pans out. Hopefully, he does the right thing. If he doesn’t, it’ll be fascinating to see if there’s a reaction from the coach. You can’t build a strong culture if there is exceptionalism when it comes to sacrifice like this.

Mikel Arteta did a fun AMA on the Twitter.com. His favourite midfielders were Santi, Rosicky and Aaron Ramsey. That bodes well for taste levels when he dives into the transfer market this summer.

He also confirmed suspicions of this site about David Luiz. The Brazilian is taking his coaching badges. It looks like his impeccable attitude to the new coach is tightly linked to the hope that he lands a job with the club when he retires. A smart move, he probably sees Mikel as a role model for his career path. David Luiz has it all to be a good coach, he’s smart, articulate, has won everything, and he has gravitas. Would be great to keep him around when he hangs up the boots.

What he refused to talk about was Thomas Partey’s dad who has gone on the radio to explicitly tell the world his son is in talks with Arsenal about a move to North London.

‘I called my son after hearing the rumours and he told me that the rumours are true,’

‘He told me they are holding talks between him and Arsenal. ‘It all depends on the offer Atletico are demanding. If he goes to Arsenal fine, they have a lot supporters in Ghana.’

This move would make sense for Arsenal. He’d be absolutely perfect for the league. He’s the player we’ve been crying out since Paddy left. My concern with these sorts of leaks is they seem a bit too obvious. His dad isn’t a fan of Arsenal, he’s a fan of his son making a shit tonne of cash. This feels like a negotiation tactic with Atleti who badly underpay him.

That said, I’d LOVE to be wrong. £43m for a signing that’d completely change our midfield would be an absolute steal. I just don’t know where we’re finding the money? We’d have to be making some serious sales to make that happen. Auba? Lacazette? Which mega clubs are coming with big dollars this summer?

I think most transfer rumours at the moment are going to be players trying to land bigger deals. No one can be banking on a big money move at this time. But we’ll see…

Finally, some DELICIOUS theorising going on… if the season is voided and CL places are decided on UEFA coefficients, Arsenal are making Champions League baby.

Couldn’t think of a fairer approach.

See you in the comments you wonderful people. x

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  1. Spanishdave

    It embarrassing how poor we are with the testing for the virus, even a Turkey is ahead of us.
    Hancock should go back to comedy he’s a useless dick.
    The NHS front liners do a great job its the dicks in middle management who hav’nt got a clue how to procure the urgent equipment needed.
    Really it’s a shambles.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All these links on players we are signing..
    All tripe

    Nothing will happen until it’s all resolved
    Contracts are up in the air, so don’t get sucked in by click baiting.

  3. Aussie Gooner


    I have always wondered why England’s national day passes with barely a mention. Here Australia Day is a public holiday (27 January this year) with much celebration, national pride and consumption of huge amounts of alcohol! We even have individual public holidays for each State’s annual day! Western Australia has it’s day on 1st June – although it will be muted this year no doubt.

    With St Georges Day I think it is the religious connotations that ensures it is not celebrated.

  4. Bojangles

    “Arsenal playmaker could leave for free after pay cut row”

    Lol, as if Özil is going to walk away from 350 grand a week. He will milk it for the next 12 months then walk; to the US where he’ll pick up a huge signing on fee and spend the next three years convalescing with the unfortunate team that signs him.

  5. alex cutter

    “to the US where he’ll pick up a huge signing on fee and spend the next three years convalescing with the unfortunate team that signs him.”

    He has no marketable value in the US.

  6. Sid

    “So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous – whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light,” the president said, turning to Dr Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response co-ordinator, “and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it.

    “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside of the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting,” the president continued.

    “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?

    “So it’d be interesting to check that.”

    MAGA! You heard it here 1st!

  7. Bojangles


    Think you’ll find he has already lined up a move to the US when his contract runs out with Arsenal.

  8. CG


    “”””””He has no marketable value in the US.””””””””””

    But he does have nearly 25 million twitter followers.
    (10 million more than Arsenal.)

    And won the World Cup.
    Played 90 times for Germany
    And Real Madrid.

    Even the American equivalent of Vinny- could do something with this CV.

  9. alex cutter

    “Think you’ll find he has already lined up a move to the US when his contract runs out with Arsenal.”

    Nah. American sports fans will have little interest in a bug-eyed, muslim, ass-dragging foreigner, nor will ownership offer big $ to someone that can’t be marketed. At least not for the kind money other “elite” players get when musing to the US. That assumes president rapey allows immigrants/muslims in the country at all.

  10. alex cutter

    “But he does have nearly 25 million twitter followers.”

    What percentage of those are American?

    And how many of those are from countries that are European, have large Muslim populations, AND ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SOCCER.

    You could ask 10 thousand Americans on the street if they knew who Ozil even was, and maybe one person would recognize the name.

    Pete, why don’t use put your marketing “education” to practical use and explain how to Europeans how marketing works in the US?

  11. Valentin


    You may hate and despise Özil, but pretending that most US soccer fans would have no idea who he is is frankly laughable.
    In the population at large, he may be unknown, but how many MLS star have name recognition in the US public at large?
    How many Americans had heard of Zlatan or Rooney before they moved there?
    I can’t stand that culture of narcissism that social creates, but from a marketing point of view having a large number of real followers make him an real influencer and a marketing dream.
    Plus he is married to a gorgeous woman, who has her own followers as well. He can be the perfect power couple. If he plays it smart, he may be able to market himself there well enough to be able to get a franchise when the MLS next expand. That’s what Beckham did. Less money upfront, but much higher longer term prospect.

  12. Valentin


    I am in favour of that treatment that Trump is proposing.

    “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?”

    Inject all MAGA supporters with desinfectant and stand back to admire the effectiveness of the treatment. That may not cure COVID-19, but that would cure Stupidity. Put Trump first in line and you have the best Darwin award possible.

  13. Sid

    Ozil’s retiring to Quatar or Turkey,
    MLS prefers Rooney, Beckham, Bastian maybe zlatan blue eyed boys
    or the latino/spanish connection
    with peacemeal Thierry, Drogba

    Im telling you this for free!

  14. Pierre

    As Le Grove is continuing the Ozil bashing, this article from untold is spot on.
    why would any player want to join Arsenal.
    The negative headlines just keep on coming , you have an undesirable like Piers Morgan, who is supposed to be a fan and should be defending the club.
    Instead , for years he has fed the negativity into the British public that has stained the name of Arsenal football club.

    Let’s hope that any new player thinking of joining the club do not read the comments section of Le Grove, they would run a mile.

    There are hundreds of” Piers Morgan’s” posting on Le Grove who hate anything positive written about the club.

    Here is the article

    “To begin, what do we know about Mesut Ozil?

    We do know, because there is a lot of evidence for it, that he has paid for 1,0000 vital operations for children across the world.
    We also know that he is paying to fee 100,000 homeless people at 16 refugee camps in Turkey and Syria.

    We know he is additionally paying around a quarter of a million pounds to fund operations for sick children in Brazil.

    Oh yes and we know he works for the children’s charity Rays of Sunshine

    Plus he donated his earnings from the World Cup to the Big Shoe project for sick kidsCredit: Big Shoe 11.

    But this morning the media has gone on the attack and in this attack none of these issues has been mentioned. Instead, below are 35 headlines that attacked Mesut in the space of about four hours. What is interesting is not just that they are all hammering Mesut, but that some “outlets” have published the story several times in this period.

    This repeating approach is undoubtedly in order to hammer home the negative story and identify the publication with the anti-Arsenal approach. There are thus three separate Football.London attacks on Mesut, four from the Metro, five from TalkSport, two from the Standard, two from the Express… it goes on and on. So in some cases we are getting a once an hour attack on Mesut from the same source.

    And then maybe let us consider the facts.

    First, the PFA has told players not to sign up to pay cuts until there is an across the board agreement with clubs. Second, we know that Mesut is a man who has gone out of his way to give substantial parts of his salary to causes he works with. Third we know that many of the people who have written the stories below (Piers Morgan springs to mind) while not earning as much as Mesut, earn very high salaries.

    But most importantly, the notion that Mesut has completely rejected the Arsenal deal is not confirmed. We don’t know if he has held back at all, and if he has if that is because he is asking what will happen to the money.

    For example, if there is no guarantee that the money is going to secure the jobs of low paid staff at Arsenal, then what is the point of taking a pay cut? To fund the Kroenkes?

    Quite honestly if I was a footballer and I didn’t have the absolute lock solid guarantee of where my pay cut was going, I’d refuse to sign.

    Now many of the headlines don’t criticise Mesut but they refer to what the Morgan entity has said. But they do that without raising any doubts about the validity of the underlying story. Or indeed whether the story is true.

    So there is no clear indication of what is going on, but there is a clear indication of what sort of person Mesut is judging by his past deeds, and what sort of people Morgan (and also Carragher, and Neville) are again judging by his past. In these circumstances would you personally write any of these headlines below?
    ‘Shame on you’: Piers Morgan rips into Mesut Ozil after star ‘refuses’ pay-cut during coronavirus crisis RT

    Does Ozil leak prove disloyalty at Arsenal FC? Just Arsenal News

    ‘This has been a massive PR own goal’ – Jamie Carragher isn’t happy with Mesut Ozil over wage… CaughtOffside

    ‘Ozil’s wage cut refusal a huge PR own goal’ – Carragher slams Arsenal star as agent speaks out Goal.com

    The Warm-Up: Ozil predictably singled out as Arsenal players agree to wage cut Football Addict
    Ozil one of three Arsenal players stalling on pay-cut Evening Standard

    Gary Neville slams Arsenal players for ‘outing’ Mesut Ozil over wage cut refusal Football.London

    I wouldn’t like to be one of the three people that haven’t agreed with the group. I think it will isolate and alienate them in everything moving forward.” Metro.co.uk

    Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher rip into Mesut Ozil as he resists Arsenal wage cut Daily Mail

    Jamie Carragher slams Mesut Ozil and explains why Arsenal midfielder should accept wage cut Football.London

    Ozil and two others stall on agreeing Arsenal pay cuts, say reports Inside World Football

    Ozil’s agent criticises Arsenal for using Arteta to secure pay cuts The Independent
    Jamie Carragher hits out at Mesut Ozil for scoring ‘massive own goal’ and criticises Arsenal star’s agent Metro.co.uk

    Carragher slams Ozil agent over ‘massive PR own goal’ Football365

    Gary Neville accuses Arsenal players of ‘outing’ Mesut Ozil and questions future Metro.co.uk

    Mesut Ozil ‘thrown overboard’ by Arsenal but one element of pay cut refusal ‘indefensible’ Daily and Sunday Express

    Piers Morgan rips into Arsenal ‘disgrace’ Ozil over pay-cut refusal Evening Standard

    Piers Morgan slams Arsenal star over stance on wage cut CaughtOffside

    Mesut Ozil identfied as one of three Arsenal stars to turn down pay cut TEAMtalk

    ‘Somebody in the Arsenal dressing room has tried to damage Ozil, it’s out of order’ talkSPORT

    Mesut Ozil deliberately damaged by Arsenal snitch, claims Ally McCoist Metro.co.uk

    Piers Morgan launches astonishing attack on Mesut Ozil after Arsenal wage cut decision Football.London

    Arsenal confirm wage deal but Mesut Ozil refuses 12.5% cut The Week

    Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal pay cut refusal isn’t all it seems Daily Cannon
    Piers Morgan slams Mesut Ozil live on air for refusing to take 12.5% pay cut Give Me Sport

    Ozil among trio to reject pay cuts, Man United won’t go for Kane, NFL legend rapped talkSPORT

    Piers Morgan ‘sickened’ by Mesut Ozil refusing to take a pay cut and slams Arsenal star Metro.co.uk

    Arsenal star Mesut Ozil slammed by Piers Morgan for pay cut refusal – ‘Shame on you!’ Daily and Sunday Express

    Arsenal confirm wage cuts among players, but Ozil ‘rejects proposal’ talkSPORT

    Ozil among three Arsenal players to reject pay cut The Independent

    Sports news live: Ozil among Arsenal trio to reject pay cuts, Sancho set for Man United move,… talkSPORT

    Mesut Ozil One Of Three Arsenal Players To Reject The Club’s 12.5 Per Cent Pay Cut SPORTbible

    Mesut Ozil is one of three Arsenal players to reject pay cut & agent Erkut Sogut hints at why 101 Great Goals

    Mesut Ozil has decided NOT to join Arsenal players in taking 12.5% pay cut Give Me Sport

    Mesut Ozil rejects pay cut to £350,000-a-week deal at Arsenal Just Arsenal News

    And the headlines without any blame or criticism from the same period…

    Ozil’s decision to reject pay cut is fair enough, his prerogative and his right Mirror.co.uk
    Ozil is made out to be the villain yet again – what about Kroenke? Just Arsenal News
    Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal pay cut refusal isn’t all it seems Daily Cannon
    This constant attack through the headlines in black bold above is the sort of attack that is thrown on Arsenal and Arsenal players daily by these publications.

    If you ever wonder why Arsenal is not signing more top players it is because of this sort of attack. Players look at what Talk Sport and the rest say about Arsenal and its players and ask themselves “Do I want some of that?”

    And the answer is no.”

  15. Sid

    The negativity is coming from within not from without, before 2008 there wasnt much to complain about,
    then we did the trolly dash,
    then it got worse ozil then worst mustafinovs, xhakalson the rest is history

    Im telling you for free!

  16. CG

    The G

    “”””……….but from a marketing point of view having a large number of real followers make him an real influence and a marketing dream.
    Plus he is married to a gorgeous woman,””””

    Well noted.
    How Arsenal have not cottoned on to this fact – the mind boggles.

    If Arsenal indirectly or directly managed to extract £1 from every one of his 25 million twitter followers- the club would be putting in £25 000 000 per annum into their coffers. ( that would cover his wages and some)

    But as you superbly explained yesterday- our Dopes could not get an internal TV channel up and running with our making a complete horlicks of it.

    Maybe they should have asked Robbie of AFTV to have run it.
    He seems to know what he is doing.

    Without question we have the most inept executive team out there.

  17. Jamie

    Pierre absolutely triggered and resorting to parroting Untold talking points on le-grove. Called it yesterday, utterly predictable, and was not disappointed.

  18. Marc

    Pierre’s finally lost it – hysterical.

    Just to answer your question “why would any player want to join Arsenal.”

    How about £120,000k per week and we pay some players more.

    Fucking cretin.

  19. Dissenter

    Pierre just wrote a 3,000 worded defense of Mesut Ozil.

    What will he do when the said player leaves Arsenal in at the end of next season?

  20. Dissenter

    Why does Ozil engender such division amongst gooners?

    What metaphysical powers does he have to be able to get an impassioned sexagenarian to devolve into a 3,000 worded meltdown

    Good news though, I recommend Trump’s internal disinfectant treatment to deal with Ozil infestation.

  21. Marc

    Ozil’s contract expires next summer so as it stands he’s got just under £20 million coming to him over the next 13 odd months. (I’m not including any proposed wage cut)

    If anyone thinks he’d walk away this summer unless he’s going to earn the same or more you are delusional. Even if a Turkish club would pay him £200k per week on a 3 years deal he could still pick that up next summer.

    With the current situation Ozil’s refusal to take the cut is purely down to the fact that there’s no consequences – it’s looking more and more like this season won’t be completed and highly likely that if next season starts even around September time it’ll be behind closed doors. Ozil’s not going to have fans booing him or getting on his back and if the second half of next season manages to get fans back in the stadium and he gets grief he’ll just switch off – he’s gone in a handful of matches anyway.

  22. Bob N16

    Pierre ” I’m not an obsessive”.

    I reserve some sympathy for Ozil as I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt until we hear his side of the story but Pierre’s defence strangely makes me less on his side.

  23. Jamie

    DoubleDouble April 24, 2020 00:10:45

    Should just furlough Ozil, nobody is going to buy him and it would save a ton of wages

    Honestly, this is the way AFC should play it. Furlough Ozil and release a statement saying he’s the only player refusing a pay cut.

    He’d be finished in the UK. Let him fuck off to wherever with his 25 million TwitFace friends.

    p.s. Juventus has less than half Ozil’s social media following. They’d totally trade in all their league titles and domestic cups over the last decade for a few extra ‘likes’ on Facebook.

  24. Pierre

    I see the Piers Morgan clones are out in force again, slandering the club and players they are supposed to support on a daily basis.

    Why anyone would want anything in common with Morgan is beyond me.

    Each to there own I suppose.

  25. Pierre

    “‘Their’ own, donkey”

    Jamie doing his best bamford impression, says it all really …

    Should bamford be a capital B?

  26. Jamie

    Maybe stop suggesting others are morons until you learn how to spell, yeah?

    You’re right at home when you head over to Untold like I knew you did. Copy and paste another one of their pieces here and tell us again how you and Pedro sing from the same hymn sheet. That really was funny. It’s almost as if you haven’t actually read anything he’s published over the last 5 years. Or 5 days for that matter.

  27. Pierre

    Ufraud ( another Piers Morgan clone)
    I’m surprised you show your face on here.

    It hasn’t worked out too well for you has it.

    Supposedly having 2 season tickets(doubtful) and refusing to attend matches and celebrate winning trophies due to your Wenger obsession….oh dear

    You must have felt slightly stupid attending Emery’s Arsenal as we slowly deteriorated into a side heading for relegation.

    Be careful what you wish for they said, and it certainly applies to you .

  28. Pierre

    “Pierre absolutely triggered and resorting to parroting Untold talking points on le-grove. Called it yesterday, utterly predictable, and was not disappointed.”

    You took the bait again Jamie ..

    You called it so I delivered….

  29. Jamie

    “Took the bait.” Cringe.

    You just dropped over a thousand words in defense of Ozil, further scraping the barrel by using Untold content. It would be somewhat touching if it wasn’t so embarrassing, which it was.

    Did you cry this hard when Robbie left Take That? Tell Jamie the truth.

  30. Marc


    Taking the moral high ground against others as if you’re the only fan who knows what he’s talking about is a bit rich when you listed 4 “horrific” results ManU had under Fergie asking if ManU fans went on about them.

    All 4 of those results happened in seasons when ManU went on to win the league – don’t you find that embarrassing?

    Because you should.

  31. Dissenter

    Honestly, the entire Ozil wage issue is boring the hell out of me now.
    Let him keep his entire wage for the next one year and then f*ck of to wherever.
    China is out of the question, maybe a gulf state club will give him a big contract.

    He has one foot out of the club in any case.

  32. Bob N16

    The world is suffering a pandemic but Pierre is still ‘fighting the good fight’. Why?

    It’s one thing to have an opposing opinion to the majority ( nothing wrong with that at all, obviously) but to repeat this message again and again to an audience that is for the most part, in full disagreement to his point of view, mystifies me.

    It’s some sort of misplaced martyrdom. The idea that Pierre, by quoting Untold after being accused of regurgitating from that site, somehow is a wind up where he comes out as the winner is baffling to the say the least.

    The mental health of our country, together with Covid, is really suffering.

  33. Pierre

    “All 4 of those results happened in seasons when ManU went on to win the league – don’t you find that embarrassing…because you should?”

    Oh dear Marc….

    United 1-6 city

    2011/12 league champions


    Don’t you find that embarrassing…

    because you should.

  34. Pierre

    “The world is suffering a pandemic but Pierre is still ‘fighting the good fight’. Why?”

    A hundred different posts slating Ozil whilst the world is suffering a pandemic.

    I highlight the good and positive things that Ozil is doing in his life for the sick and deprived children in the world and you question my motives ….why.

  35. Marc

    Oh dear Pierre

    You’re clearly going senile because that wasn’t one of the results you quoted the other day.

    So no I’m not embarrassed but you’ve just embarrassed yourself again.

  36. Marc


    Just for reference the results you quoted the other day:

    Southampton 6 – 3
    Newcastle 5 – 0
    Chelsea 5 – 0
    Liverpool 4 – 1

  37. Bob N16

    Pierre, I already have said that I am not judging Ozil on his reported rejection of the 12.5% until his side of the story is known. I feel Ozil does do a lot for worthwhile charitable causes.

    The fact is you are Legrove’s self-appointed Ozil apologist (on all matters, footballing or non footballing)and you are willing, for some unknown reason, to continue your crusade against all the opposition you continually experience.

    Genuinely interested to know what you are hoping to achieve or is it simply part of your daily workout to satisfy some sort of Quixotic ambition? Or are you financed by Ozil’s PR department?

  38. UTarse

    Hasn’t worked out too well for me ?

    Dear oh dear little,p going into turbo meltdown…..

    Keep swallowing you unintelligent troll.

  39. Pierre

    There you go Marc , apologies from you and Jamie will gratefully be accepted .

    “PierreApril 16, 2020 12:29:37
    “.But what I’d really like an explanation is his reasoning behind some of those infamous choke results & “tactics “behind those humiliations”

    Do you think United fans dwell on the 6-3 defeat to Southampton or the 5-0 drubbing from Newcastle.
    How about the 6-1 defeat AT HOME to city or how about the 5-0 defeat to Chelsea, 4-1 defeat AT HOME to liverpool, 4-0 defeat to Barcelona.What were Ferguson’s “tactics” behind those “humiliations.”The fact is , in 20+ years at a club , bad results and performances happen even to the best managers in the world but it’s only the Wenger obsessives who prefer to talk about the small percentage of poor results rather than the many superb exhibitions of football we witnessed during his time at the club.”

  40. Pierre

    “JamieI’m guessing Pierre will disappear now for a couple of hours and then come back if nothing has happened.”


    Adios amigos ( what’s mugs in Spanish)

  41. WengerEagle

    So you’ve found one humiliating result where United didn’t go on to win the PL title…

    2011/12 where they finished 2nd on GD due to a freak stoppage time 2 goal swing for City to sneak the title at the literal death.

    Very comparable to AW’s long litany of ass beatdowns, yes.

  42. Jamie

    Pierre frothing at the mouth now. He’s literally spent hours today going through Untold and his old posts, but still he can’t get any respect.

    “See, this one humiliating defeat for Fergie after which Utd did not go on to win the league that season proves my point about all of Wenger’s acceptable humiliations after which he won zero league titles! Adios!”

  43. Marc

    I don’t think Pierre’s handling the lockdown very well – is he’s this bad after a few weeks what’s he going to be like after months.

  44. CG

    Well said Pierre

    Indeed- you don’t hear Spurs supporters go on about their 2-7 drubbing against Bayern Munich despite Poch not winning any trophies.

    They revere their nearly man.
    Yet the Entitled ones and perpetual moaners on here constantly denigrate our Greatest.

    Came across a truly astonishing stat this morning:

    Arsène Wenger has more Premier League wins to his name (476) than Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (457), despite the fact that Spurs have played an extra 239 games.

    If that don’t make you immortal in the eyes of the Arsenal supporters nothing ever will.

    Throw in Doubles, an Invincible season, FA cup triumphs and truly mesmeric soccer for two decades…..

    What is wrong with our supporters?

  45. andy1886

    Don’t worry about Pierre, I’m sure once Ozil saunters off to pocket a nice fat signing on fee he’s find another crush to salivate over. How about Xhaka? Bit of a twat, nobody quite knows what he brings to the team which is perfect for someone who ‘understands’ football better than everyone else and can allude to some mysterious quality that is just too subtle for the rest of us neanderthals to grasp.

  46. Habesha Gooner

    Auba contract talks now shelved. honestly What would keep me up is losing our young talent. Auba is lethal but not irreplaceable. I think we should sell move Martinelli to C.F, sell Kolasinac and get a backup to Kurzawa. Have Saka and a new winger ( Auba’s different replacement) to compete for that LW spot. Lacazette needs to be kept for atleast one more year now. That would give us more options for a dynamic front line. I say rebuild and stop relying on one player so much.

  47. andy1886

    “What is wrong with our supporters?”

    Why not take a look in the mirror and come back to us on that one?

  48. Marc

    “What is wrong with our supporters?”

    Asks the guy who has repeatedly wanted us to lose matches and questioned why anyone would buy tickets or travel on the tube to a match.

    He can’t even troll consistently.

  49. ken1945

    Pierre, don’t worry about your views my friend, every one of them makes complete sense – just waiting for those who know better than the most successful manager at The Arsenal, to pass their exams and enter the race to become a premier league manager.
    Once the well deserved statue goes up, his legacy will be honoured forever and we can watch these budding know alls taking selfies next to Le Prof.

    As for Ozil, it seems they are also mind readers, as they know the exact reason Mesut, supposedly, turned down a 12.5% cut – but could it be the moneys going straight into kronkies pocket and that’s why he is now suddenly “investing” money in to our club?

  50. Santan

    I think Mr. Arseblog got it right

    “Let’s be honest, it doesn’t look good for the highest paid player in the squad to not be a part of this. When almost everyone else is doing their bit, the man who earns more than anyone else appears not to be. What I would say is that before the pitchforks come out, let’s wait and see what he has to say about it. Ozil’s contributions to charities are well known, he might feel that good causes are more important than propping up KSE, or there might be some other issue which is delaying his agreement. Of course maybe too he just doesn’t care to give up any of his salary.

    However, he can’t be blind to how poorly it would reflect on him if he were to hold out, so I suspect there may some aspect of this we’re not yet aware of. As someone who has an entire team of people tasked with ensuring his public image is nigh on perfect, it would be strange to obliterate goodwill like this at a time when so many people are suffering financially. This isn’t to defend him, per se, but as ever with situations like this it’s important to have all the information before passing definitive judgement.”

  51. ken1945

    andy1886, see what I mean, Pierre?

    Can’t debate sensibly, so true to form, tries to bluster and ridicule, while having no idea how to counteract the points given.

    Just for your information andy1886, been a season ticket holder for over forty years and followed The Arsenal for over sixty-five years – and your qualifications are???

  52. Tom

    I see posters making fun of Trump’s brain storming how to fix this coronavirus mess.
    I think it’s extremely unfair to criticize him for his latest “miracle solution” to inject disinfectants into peoples lungs. At least the man is trying, ok? Which is more than I can say for the Democrats who are completely lacking in clever ideas.
    The US economy has lost 25m workers to unemployment during this crisis so we are open to any ideas and remedies that might help.
    Apparently the next idea Trump is contemplating pitching is a mandatory, daily glass of high octane rocket fuel to all remaining workers – at a price set by The Office of Anti- Renewable Energy White House Counsel – to boost their productivity , lift the sagging GDP, and throw a lifeline to the reeling oil industry.
    Expect the prickly doctors and scientists protest that one as well, the useless wankers that the are.

  53. ken1945

    Jamie, just do a little maths and you will find that Andy would be 134, so your “checkmate” quote does make you thought on his “qualification” seem as far fetched as his views quite frankly!

  54. andy1886

    Ken, , you do understand the concept of ‘jokes’ I take it? Of course Jamie was pulling your leg, surely you’re bright enough to get that aren’t you? If your ‘qualifications’ are based on longevity are we going to see who can dig up the oldest Gooner (not literally I should add) and declare his view the correct one? No logic in that I’m afraid.

    Ridicule is entirely appropriate when the argument in itself is ridiculous. I must take it that you are a fully qualified manager as you seem to believe that’s what gives someone’s views credibility? Or are the criteria merely which ever ones just happen to suit your argument?

    Funny how you refer to ‘know alls’ while at the same time making the suggestion that the money could be going into Stan’s pocket – something that you clearly couldn’t possibly know! Why not wait for the ‘facts’ on that one – one rule for you and another for everyone who has a different perspective?

    Now let’s consider Ozil’s motivation. So Mesut is wise in abstaining until he ‘knows’ more (he’s an employee by the way, I doubt Stan is going to waste much time bringing him in to his confidence). Well, regardless of how ‘wise’ Mesut is (and again neither you nor Pierre really know how clever he is, could be as thick as a turnip for all we know (that word again)). So I guess that would make the vast majority of the squad plus our manager who ‘know’ exactly the same amount as Ozil does (he really isn’t getting secret briefings is he?) stupid for taking the cut then?

    Personally I’m more interested in the well being of the club and ensuring that it will be here long after you, I or Mesut Ozil are gone. Players taking a wage cut to help ensure that and not agreeing to do so can in no way be said to benefit anyone but the player himself.

    Just an FYI I’ve been going to matches since the winter 1970 – not that it makes my opinion any more valid than anyone else’s, something that you seem to struggle to understand.

  55. ken1945

    Let’s take each of your points one at a time.

    1. Longevity doesn’t guarantee a wise man, that’s for sure and “checkmate” in the context it was written, most certainly proved that – enjoyed the humour, but not the assumption that he had proved something…see the subtle difference?

    2. As most on here seems to think they are better than AW, it is quite logical to believe that any true Gooner, would know that for twenty straight years, this manager gave us the following:

    3 No. 1 positions.
    6 No. 2 positions
    5 No.3 positionss
    6 No 4 positions

    One doesn’t have to be a qualified manager to know these facts, but when it seems they are ignored, one has to wonder what qualifies one to deride such a record.

    3. Well, if kronkie (ie the club) isn’t going to take him into his confidence when asking him to take a pay cut, are you expecting him to just roll over and not question it? I am sure you would be as quizical with your employer if the same scenario was put to you? Or if an employer, wouldn’t you expect the employee to query why and where the money is going?
    I didn’t say Ozil was wise or clever, you are bringing those thoughts into the conversation, but I suggest that from what is being reported, our younger players were forced into accepting pay cuts – something that, if it’s true, Ozil and two other players were sensible enough to question and refuse.
    They were, in fact, following the directions from the PFA – something that, to date, every other premier league club has adhered to.
    The PFA are recommending wage deferrals as the “sensible” way to go and, I assume, that is why Ozil has questioned / queried why The Arsenal seem to have gone down another road.
    All he has done, is asked for clarification as to where the money is going, so tell me this, if it turns out that this salary cut is going straight to kronkie and has nothing to do with helping the NHS or the club, would you be happy about that?

    4. So by the players taking a reported 12.5%% wage cut ensures the club will be here long after whenever? With an owner who is worth in excess of $8.7 billion, have you asked why he isn’t putting some of his cash directly in to the club? OH just a minute, he has says he will be doing that for the first time ever, just before it was announced the players have taken a pay cut?
    Smell fishy to you? It does to me!

    5. I congratulate you on following our great club for so long, that’s why I asked the question…so you have seen the good and bad times as well.
    That doesn’t mean our opinions are more valid than anyone who has supported our club for six months, but it was you who suggested that I thought this – why do that?
    In my experience, for what it is, anyone who tries to gain the upper hand by playing the blame game, are not really sure about their own position – as for me, I believe every Gooner has a right to a view, challenging that view is debating is it not?

    Tell me, during the 22 years of Arsene Wenger, did we ever talk about relegation issues?
    Have you considered the possibility that kronkie’s sport based fortune could become very fragile and this just might lead him to sell our club?
    To someone like Aliko Dangote perhaps? If, and itis only a if, the 12.5% salary cut helps kronkie to keep our club, what an own goal that would be – if one believes that is where the money is going…prudence by Ozil is something I congratulate.
    To have the balls to do this, knowing exactly what the reactions will be, shows he is nobody’s fool – the fools are the those who gave him this obscene and grotesque salary…more fools them I say.
    He is not greedy, he’s protecting his salary as agreed by the club and it is reported that once he knows where this salary cut is going, he is prepared to give more than the 12.5% the club are asking for.