Arteta, Hector, and the art of persuasion

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The Arsenal players did it. The first group to agree to a pay cut in the whole of the Premier League.

Bravo guys. Bravo.

Arsenal, always a leader when it comes to doing the right thing. This case has been particularly weird, but I’m glad we’ve been bold and gone first.

We’re looking after the workers. We’re helping in the community. The players are stepping up when the club needs them the most.

Love it.

Special shoutouts to Mikel Arteta and Hector Bellerin.

If you’re still wondering whether Mikel is the real deal, I would hope this moment in time has eroded some of the doubt. These times are not normal, some managers would hide, not Mikel. He took over a very testy moment for the squad and convinced them to take the pay cut. That’s proper leadership, apparently he led with a big cut of his own. What this says is the players trust him more than leadership, which is not bad going for a 38 year old people feared was shrinking violet.

Second bucket of praise goes to Hector Bellerin. When he’s not baking vegan trousers for NYFW, he’s making BIG decisions with the players. I think we all knew he’d want to do the right thing, the guy is a modern inspiration to everyone, he’s basically who Jesus would be if he were a right back. The thing I love about his work here is that he went AGAINST PFA advice by accepting deduction in pay. Fuck Gordon Taylor and his self-serving ways. Premier League players are different, the expectations and the money involved are not the same as lower league players, the right thing to do to keep fans on side was to reduce the money.

I’m glad he showed leadership where so many other players haven’t. We’re the first, but we will not be the last. Already there is news that Liverpool players are going through the same process.

Finally, I want to say a big thanks to the players. Taking a cut would not have been easy, especially for the younger guys, so it’s noble that the did it and they did it first.

So what was the deal?

  • Qualify for the Champions League this year and you get your money back.
  • Qualify for Europa and you get some of your money back.
  • Qualify for next years Champions League and you get your money back and a £100k bonus.
  • Win the Champions League get £500k each.

Players that are sold will also be entitled to a rebate, but that cost will probably be passed on through the transfer fee.

So all in all, a good day for Arsenal football club.

On the Premier League season, the big 6 clubs have said that they will not impose a June 30th deadline on the season. It’ll end when it ends and that’s all that matters.

Good on them. I agree. Let’s get it done when the time is right. I’m hoping for an epic 90 games in 30 days summer extravaganza. There’d be no better time to be working from home. 3 games a day. Magic.

I’ll leave you with a pic of Podolski looking great in a really nice Arsenal shirt. I love that shirt. My dad did a JVC advert of Paul Merson in it. The player signed the shirt out of a shit hole pub in Hornchurch. What a ledge. I had it as a poster on my wall. Also, Lukas has nice skin for his age, I wonder what his regime is?

Let me know in the comments, yeah?

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  1. jwl

    Joke Friday –

    Steve and his buddies were hanging out and planning an upcoming fishing trip. Unfortunately, he had to tell them that he couldn’t go this time because his wife wouldn’t let him. After a lot of teasing and name calling, Steve headed home frustrated.

    The following week when Steve’s buddies arrived at the lake to set up camp, they were shocked to see Steve.
    He was already sitting at the campground with a cold beer, swag rolled out, fishing rod in hand, and a camp fire glowing.

    “How did you talk your missus into letting you go Steve?”

    “I didn’t have to,” Steve replied.

    “Yesterday, when I left work, I went home and slumped down in my chair with a beer to drown my sorrows because I couldn’t go fishing. Then the ol’ lady Snuck up behind me and covered my eyes and said, ‘Surprise’.

    When I peeled her hands back, she was standing there in a beautiful see through negligee and she said, ‘Carry me into the bedroom, tie me to the bed and you can do whatever you want’

    So, Here I am!”

  2. jwl

    A dick has a sad life. His hair’s a mess, his family is nuts, his neighbor’s an asshole, his bestfriend’s a pussy, and his owner beats him.

  3. jwl

    A young man and his date were parked on a back road some distance from town. They were about to have sex when the girl stopped.

    “I really should have mentioned this earlier, but I’m actually a hooker and I charge $20 for sex.”

    The man reluctantly paid her, and they did their thing.
    After a cigarette, the man just sat in the driver’s seat looking out the window.

    “Why aren’t we going anywhere?” asked the girl.

    “Well, I should have mentioned this before, but I’m actually a taxi driver, and the fare back to town is $25…”

  4. jwl

    The stories I read today say Arteta still in discussions about his salary reduction. If, like Pedro says that Arteta has already agreed pay cut than good leadership but if Mikel still negotiating about his salary reduction than it was dick move to get squad to do something when you’re not doing it as well.

  5. TheLegendaryDB10

    Absolutely fantastic news to read!!!

    After a bit of a break off here (Sorry Pedro but I had to), I decided to read all of Pedro’s posts that I missed and skim read through the comments section to try and “catch up”.

    And to come back and read this, reassures me. The one thing that I was not oblivious to was how all PL players have yet to take a pay cut. Something that I find completely shocking (but not surprised considering this selfish and greedy world we live in) considering that most people like me, agreed to a pay cut to ensure our job safety and keep the company going.

    I am glad that The Arsenal players have decided to take a lead in this.


    On a different note, during my comment section skim reading, I couldn’t help come across the comiserations written for Ernest.

    Ernest Reed

    I just would like to offer you my sincerest condoleances.

  6. GunnerDNA

    Why Mikel didn’t stepped in when the 30% cut was mentioned? Wouldn’t that be more beneficial to Arsenal? As usually, let’s settle for option y and z and celebrate because Spurs didn’t do anything. Elite mentality!

  7. Marc


    ” I’m hoping for an epic 90 games in 30 days summer extravaganza. There’d be no better time to be working from home. 3 games a day. Magic.”

    Do me a favour mate – you won’t be working you’ll be kicked back with a crate of beer in the fridge (fucking light weight snowflake that you are, I’ll have a couple) chilling out watching football.

    On the other hand seeing what marketing guy’s class as a days work I can see how you wouldn’t know the difference!

  8. Marc

    On a serious note I’m glad that they’ve sold the “reduction” with the option of earning the money back.

    Players can’t whinge about losing money when it’s because of poor performance.

  9. Marc


    Why would we sign a LB? We’ve only signed Tierney last summer and have Saka who’s been great cover.

    That article also contained amazing journalist pieces including “ManU to get Pogba to sign a new deal” and “Berbatov says Auba should leave Arsenal to win trophies”.

    I think you need to either read better sources or order a couple of tonnes of salt.

  10. Tom

    Wuhan China has revised their covid- 19 numbers up 50% due to international pressure.
    Shocking really.
    If you can’t trust China to be transparent who can you trust?

  11. TheLegendaryDB10


    Totally agree

    The fact that they tried to cover it up in the first place speaks for itself.

    Funny that they keep saying that new cases only come from abroad. BS.

    But you can’t absolve western governments either. They just sat on their hands until it was too late. Look at Trump flapping his arms like a total idiot as he was late to react. Macron who tried to defy it. The idiot Boris who shakes hands of infected patients…..

    For me the tell for how serious SARS-CoV-2 is, was how fast it was spreading in all of these cruise ships.

    The only worry is: will it be seasonal?

  12. Tom

    The worst part about this is that you really need China to come completely clean in order to avoid this happening again down the road….after things get back to whatever the new normal might be.
    But they won’t.
    All they worry about is that no one calls the virus anything even remotely hinting on where it originated.

  13. NJ Gunner


    I was incredulous at the prospect of signing another left back. But the report claims that he has signed a five-year contract and, in contrast, nobody was reporting the players taking a salary reduction. So, I wondered what Pedro knows that we don’t!

  14. Marc


    I think there could be a reckoning for China in this – western countries are realising that we’ve sold our manufacturing capabilities to China to feed peoples desire for cheap and now it’s hurting us. China needs to grow up or we need to realise that cost and value are too very different things.


    Many Western Countries have made mistakes in this however using cruise ships as an example is a poor one – everything spreads in cruise ships, cruise ships with mass outbreaks of what ever are a fairly regular news story. So regular in fact that you don’t even notice it when it happens, the moral of that story is don’t go on a cruise.

  15. Marc

    ” So, I wondered what Pedro knows that we don’t!”

    The use by date of oat milk! I’d be stunned if we sign another LB and the reason journo’s aren’t reporting the wage reduction story is because it broke after todays papers – they’ll all claim they had it first tomorrow.

    Journo’s = Cunts, especially football writers.

  16. Tom

    Trump’s conduct has been nothing short of criminal negligence on this.
    Thousands more have died and will continue to die because of his inaction.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Journos are finished…

    Papers are dead….

    The Ai surge been made possible by the tiddlywinks …

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The tiddlywinks have been lying through their teeth…
    George Galloway don’t even trust the. Lil fuckers ..
    Now say 4000 died in China ,, more like a million lying cunts
    This ain’t come form no bat soup ,,, slippery fuckers killling the dollar.
    What ira all been about,


  19. Marc


    You do realise that China had something like 3.4 trillion in dollar reserves at the start of this – wouldn’t it make sense to unload some of that before causing a currency collapse?

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Mar with da c
    Your off your trombone luv..

    And sadly maybe da yoot.

    Who really shouldn’t be asked.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t underestimate the communist government

    Will stop at nothing to pull the wheels off the capitalism USA truck.


  22. Marc


    Sorry mate but I firmly believe that Xhaka is the source of all evil in the world and it’s clear that to anyone with any sense that I’m right.

  23. Marc

    Correction – Xhaka and Tony Blair.

    The end is fucking nigh! All head to Megiddo, our only hope is decent right wing bastards to save the world.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Just seen mustafi donated to feed the homeless in n London
    14000 meals
    Superb touch
    Wonderful gesture .
    Well done sir.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Da c man

    Your messing your pet hates into one….
    Not focusing
    In other words you getting greedy hiding your bad news,

    Xhara will b3 sold
    Art pumped him up like a cheap Lidl chicken with praise, see water from a small to a large ,,,
    Him gone.

    Torriera. Gone
    Laca. Gone
    Auba gone
    Saka gone.
    Brings in 130m

    Pleases u.

  26. TheLegendaryDB10


    It’s been nothing short of criminal all around.

    They all just chose to bury their heads in the sand because they all think they are untouchable. This makes them incapable of making decisions for the greater good due to their inherent selfishness.


    What I am trying to say is that cruise ships are indeed perfect “laboratories” considering it is such an enclosed space.

    Whether it’s with SARS-CoV-2 or anything else, cruise ships are breeding grounds for bacteria and in this particular case, this vicious little bastard.

    So when the stories broke out at how many ppl were getting infected in these ships, everyone should have reacted much faster than they have.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Like us

    Being profligate with money

    Which make me think theses fuckers know far mor than they ar3e telling

    Big cove4 ups
    All over the world.

  28. Tom

    “I think there could be a reckoning for China in this…”

    Marc, there won’t be.
    It would take an united front and western powers have been fragmented since Trump’s election.
    People here bitch and moan against globalization but they like their $12 jeans from Costco too much.
    Besides , once Trump is out of power the Republican Party will go right back to being pro unrestricted globalization, which was their de facto position before Trump took over………the soulless weasels that they are.

    Ze Germans – the real European powerhouse ,where economy is concerned – kiss China’s ass for some of the same reasons they can’t tell Trump he’s a fucking moron to his face – billions in exports without which their bimmers and mercs would be little more than a fleet of expensive taxis.

    Nothing will change with aspects to China.
    If anything they will emerge from this stronger than ever taking advantage from smaller countries defaulting on loan payments in context of certain lease agreements.

  29. TheLegendaryDB10


    Spot on.

    Money and power is everyone’s end game as we know. China are using the excuse that all recent cases they have are from abroad so that they can restart their ecenomy. And it’s working. Chinese companies shares are sky rocketing.

  30. Sid

    The question is why blacks in Europe/America are disproportionately affected (death figures) while in Africa, the results are good?

  31. NEEG

    RSPCA 21.54
    There is a very interesting article in the Washington Post (14/4) by Josh Rogin. It identifies the virus testing back in 2015/2016 at Wuhan and the concerns of the US.

    There are obviously a lot of questions to be answered by the Chinese but they never will. In the meantime the Chinese continue to carry out an agenda that has no regard for anybody else.

  32. Sid

    Those who belittled the hijab, now everybody in the world is forced to dress like a Muslim woman…… and wash hands….and no PDA
    Lol lol lol

  33. Guns of Hackney

    I’ve always like Hector. Don’t get me wrong, as a player I think he’s lacking in some areas, but as a person I really dig him. He’s an individual. Dresses like no ones watching and goes against the grain. Kudos!

    “I live for myself and answer to nobody”
    Steve McQueen.

  34. Bob N16

    Guns, completely agree about Bellerin. Listened to a great interview with him where he, as a 16 year old , would leave his digs and check out London on his own, immersing himself in our language and culture. Reminds me of the famous quote from Ian Rush that after a his time with Juventus he said the immortal lines ‘I couldn’t settle in Italy. I didn’t realise it was a foreign country’.

    Bellerin is an intelligent, considered young man, yoga, veganism,fashion. He doesn’t give a flying f@ck what people think of him.

    If he recaptures his paces nd form, he’s the obvious candidate for captain.

  35. CG


    “”””If you’re still wondering whether Mikel is the real deal, I would hope this moment in time has eroded some of the doubt.”””””

    Absolute bunkum.( with respect)

    There will not be a club in Europe soon- that wont be soon sanctioning pay cuts – and probably more savage than AFC 12.5%.

    Are all those managers heroes and as inspirational too?

    MA is a classy guy and a very talented coach.

    But he has also a lot to prove and the jury is very still much out on him.

    A reminder in the most important match of his tenure so far because of its financial ramifications.

    His team lost against Olympiakos with it fielding just 4 players alone costing £250 million ( Pepe,PEA,Ozil and Laca).

    He had a 1-0 advantage away and he still COCKED up the home leg.

    (Something I am not sure Arsenal have ever done before in their history.?!?!)

    He knew the importance of Euro soccer next season and especially the CL.

    And he blew it at the first time of asking.

    And that is not bunkum, that is the harsh realities of elite sport and its consequences of failure.

  36. Bojangles

    Forget about Upamencano, it’s Axel Disasi for us. 6′ 3, 22 yo cb from Reims. Valued on Tranfermarkt at 7.2 Euros, we have an offer in of 15 mil, or at least that’s the rumour that’s been floating around the past couple of days.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    I forgot that. Yes, he’s another plant based hero. Definitely no bat eating going on with him.

  38. James wood

    The package the club has promised really is pants.
    Winning the Champions League I’m sure is not
    palliatable to most,some will have left.
    Chances of that happening virtually zero.

    The Kroenke money is all that will be on the 14 rebels minds.?

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Fully agree.

    Sadly when this is over everyone will just be happy it’s over,,,
    Rather than getting to the bottom of why ?

    If in 2015/6 people knew why were they no5 working on an cure.

  40. Terraloon


    On another site , a site that’s remarkably accurate when it comes to information this is what was posted re Kurzawa around two weeks ago.

    Kurzawa (LWB) a third-paty has mugged Arsenal in to looking to a constantly injured money pit – a Free Agent option who will be able to join in the summer. Inter are also keen and the player may well opt for them but he is not their first choice. It is expected that Sevilla will provide an interesting option to the player. The same third party has also offered the player to Barcelona who are looking at spending carefully on some so they can splurge on primary targets – but the injury situation bothers them. Juventus and Spurs interest has gone.}

  41. CG


    “”””Bellerin is an intelligent, considered young man, yoga, veganism,fashion. He doesn’t give a flying f@ck what people think of him

    .If he recaptures his paces nd form, he’s the obvious candidate for captain.”””””

    Yes just what we need.
    An unfocused and distracted Bellerin as Arsenal skipper.
    To follow in the famous footsteps of McClintock, Adams and Vieira.

    Bellerin can do all his activism when he retires. He should always remember he is an Arsenal player first and foremost paid an absolute fortune and his focus should be getting fit and being the best right back he can be.

    (Because only wallies like you Bob cares if he does yoga.)

  42. Bob N16

    ‘Unfocused and distracted’ – the constant contrived bs you come up with CG.

    You haven’t got a Scooby do. You have no insight into his application and his desire to return to full fitness.

    You just demonstrate your narrow-mindedness and perverse view of the world. You prefer your footballers to be thick, big calved and preferably not foreign.

  43. CG


    “”””You just demonstrate your narrow-mindedness and perverse view of the world. You prefer your footballers to be thick, big calved and preferably not foreign.””””

    Says the man who just told blatant fibs about Ian Rush not knowing Juventus was in Italy.

    Fine to be condescending to a Welshman Clearly implying he is a thick ignorant Brit travelling abroad.
    That’s fine in sanctimonious Bobs World.

    A brilliant player who won numerous medals and was one of all the all time great goalscorers.
    Lets belittle Rushie and praise trendy Hector just because he does yoga instead

    I was right. You are a class A wally!
    And a hypocrite too.

  44. Valentin

    I think that there will be some changes with regard to Western World relationship with China.
    Countries have suddenly realised that delocalising all your medical supplies lines may be financially beneficial but that for independence and security reason it is a terrible move.
    We may see sensitive/essential products manufacturing movingback to Western countries.

    During the lockdown, it was announced that there was only 4 companies in France that produced medical masks and one was on the verge of collapsing. The government has ordered that company to stay open with the promise of new orders and regular orders.
    Suddenly there are talks of hospital having to order a minimum number of medical equipments to keep local production viable. Public hospital will have to first buy X quantity or Y% of nationally produced medical equipment.
    I suspect that other government will follow suit. For example one of the reason why some countries don’t do testing is that they don’t have the capability to produce testing kits. They have to buy the kits from abroad. In Europe it is Germany and the German government preemptively bought 80% of the kits in February.
    Canada has no production of masks, ventilators, testing kits. In view of Trump behaviour, I am sure that Canadian will demand that some of the productions be brought back to Canada.

  45. Chris

    The world according to CG. An Arsenal captain shouldn’t have any interests outside of the game and be entirely focused on going home and ironing his Arsenal blazer after training.

    One of our most successful captains was an alcoholic (and also one of my favourite very Arsenal players, I may add) and yet a potential one that is obviously intelligent and takes care of his body and mind off the pitch, would be unsuitable. Okay then.

    One really ought not to indulge your nonsense, but sometimes you should really be told what a complete moron you are.

  46. Bob N16

    My life’s better than engaging with you CG, you old dinosaur!

    Try reading Rush’s ghosted book of his time in Italy, very amusing read. Sure I may be patronising towards his narrow mindedness as well as yours. A man threatened by someone who does yoga wtf!

    I’m ignoring you again so crack on and wind somebody else up!

  47. CG


    “”””” Sure I may be patronising towards his narrow mindedness as well as yours. A man threatened by someone who does yoga wtf!””””””””

    He can do as much yoga as he wants if it brings Ryan Giggs like performances.
    But have you seen Hector play recently?

    He cant even raise a gallop.

    He , you and Chris should remember the old adage- you basically can do what you like and when you like if you are winning and performing- but if your stinking the place and your team is struggling in mid table- Keep your mouth shut and keep out of the limelight.

    Hector Bellerin as captain- gawd help us!

  48. alex cutter

    “The question is why blacks in Europe/America are disproportionately affected (death figures) while in Africa, the results are good?”

    That hasn’t been a “question” for weeks: Obesity, smoking, poor nutrition.

    How many fat africans do you see?

  49. Chris

    CG your first criticism of Bellerin was that he is unfocused and implied that it is down to his veganism and activism, interest in fashion etc that is a character assassination based on you not looking him personally.

    Where is your evidence to suggest he is not focused on being fit and getting back to his best (whether he will or not is another question). He is still allowed a life outside of football, but as he is well known for things that are likely not worthy of the Proper Football Man type, ie downing ten pints of lager with Miss Ireland on his arm, you see it as him being unfocused.

    Bellerin may not be our best player, or perhaps even best choice for captain (we are desperately short of candidates anyway) but he has conducted himself with nothing less than complete integrity and respect during his time with us, and he appears a very decent, intelligent and respectful human being. If he could regain the height of his previous form his name should absolutely be in the discussion for any potential captaincy.

  50. CG


    “”””CG your first criticism of Bellerin was that he is unfocused and implied that it is down to his veganism and activism, interest in fashion etc that is a character assassination based on you not looking him personally.””””

    And I stand by it.

    I just look at someone like Jordan Henderson and think thats a captain.
    Totally focused and absorbed on being the best player he can be.

    At only at a club like modern day Arsenal- would Bellerins antics not be a cause for concern.

  51. CG


    “”””Good to see CG slagging off one of Wenger’s players.”””””

    I will call it as I see it.

    He was not acting like a pillock when AW in charge.
    He was a £ 50 million player instead.


  52. alexanderhenry


    The player pay cut agreement is a positive but forgive me for being underwhelmed.

    ‘Arsenal, always a leader when it comes to doing the right thing’.

    ..could be Arsenal, always a leader when it comes to saving money.

  53. Mulerise14

    Nothing i have seen so far of Arteta has deemed my high opinion of him……….can you imagine Emery still in charge during this crisis!he would confuse everybody to stupor.

  54. Sid

    Would rather let Auba go than increase his wages, arsenal need a reset. If he is willing to stay 2 more years on the same salary thats okay.
    The question is why ozil, xhakalson and mustafinovs are still here. Till when wil we be ” turning their fortunes”?

  55. Dissenter

    Actually Arsenal’s deal with the players is a road map for every club to follow. It’s a template for good governance, one that we should all be proud of.
    It’s the one of the truly good things we’ve done recently.
    I understand that Henderson and the other captains aren’t pleased with the Arsenal players.
    I’ve been decrying the absence of leadership in the league, now you can remove Arsenal from that list of docilely led clubs.

  56. Pedro

    Alex, I know you really struggle with confirmation bias… but Arsenal are shite with money. We turned in a huge loss in our last batch of financials, we’ve overspent in the transfer market, and we’re still rolling with a Champions League budget despite not being in the comp.

    We’re terrible with money.

    If you wanted to hit a club with that sort of critique, then it’d be Spurs.

  57. Marc


    You’re wasting your time on AlexH – anything to do with Arsenal and money or the Kroenke’s is automatically bad.

  58. Dissenter

    This deal gives me confidence in the Raul led team. They aren’t afraid of making tough choices.
    I expect other clubs will follow their leads.

  59. Marc


    I agree, it shows a sense of direction and at 12.5% it does make me think that they expect football to be back in some sort fairly soon (next three months or so).

    It also shows up all these other “big” players – Henderson – Captain of the appointed PL winners and Harry Kane Captain of England don’t seem to be doing much.

    Arsenal should come out of this with some respect – helping the local community, first club where the players agreed to take a pay cut and keeping non player staff on the payroll – the Spud’s claim so far is for the manager to be caught holding a training session in a public park.

  60. Sid

    Alex Disasi goes to ground like mustafinovs, he has to get that sliding tackle out of his style or he will be disastrous, good passing range and good on the ball

  61. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    I need football and F1.

    Ditto. That virtual stuff their doing just isn’t doing it for me.

  62. CG


    “”””Alex Disasi goes to ground like mustafinovs,””””””

    This one is bang average. We dont need more dross.
    From a two minute clip.

    (that’s all you really need to know if a player is worth pursuing further)

    He always has that look of utter panic on his face when defending. Never a good sign.

    Think Phil Jones .

    Avoid at all costs.But whose his agents ?

    Why the Dopes at the club feel another center back is a necessity- the mind boggles.?

    We already have 8 or 9 on the payroll. And we are struggling to pay that.

    I want to see our talented coach get Rob Holding back to his form pre ACL and become an Arsenal regular.

    He was exceptional until the Clown overplayed him.

  63. MuddyGooner

    The question is why blacks in Europe/America are disproportionately affected (death figures) while in Africa, the results are good?

    Sid, I read somewhere that black skin doesn’t absorb Vitamin D from the sun as good as paler skin. The worse hit places in the US and Europe has been lacking plenty of sunshine lately. As for Africa, we all know it gets plenty of sun, thankfully.

    Vitamin D, with its many advantages, also helps protect against respiratory tract infections. Hence, the lack of it makes a person more vulnerable to the Covid 19.

    Top up with High strength Vitamin D.
    That’ll definitely boost up the immune system.

    Sorry to steal your line Sid but you heard it here for free 😉

  64. Terraloon

    Very little anywhere about the supposed agreed reduction.

    What does appear to be the case is that this draft agreement needs to be signed off by all players but it’s the on going bonus, and in particular the promise of monies for winning the CL and indeed qualifying for the 2021/22 CL that is a major stumbling block.

    The problem seems to be that these bonuses would in all probability have to be paid to players that won’t be at Arsenal past the end of this season and there could be conflicts of interest if the player faces Arsenal or plays in a match that result of which could impact in Arsenal CL qualification or indeed CL progression.

  65. Nelson

    I would say that those who are let go by the club, they’ll get their money back for that 4 months. For those who requested a transfer, they won’t get any thing back.

  66. CG


    “””””What does appear to be the case is that this draft agreement needs to be signed off by all players””””””””

    Smith Rowe?

    Maybe we might even see Saliba play this season- if it does resumes past his Arsenal arrival date?

    I wish some one up at the club would make a bloody decision and choose the 4 center backs we need going forward.

    Because you only ever need 4.

    Holding, Sok, Mustafi, Saliba.
    2 young and 2 old.

    And axe the rest.
    total squad mismanagement to have 8/9!

  67. Marc


    I don’t think they can have the summer transfer window occur before the season is completed – so it’s either complete the season then have a TW or write off the season.

    As for bonuses being paid to players after they’ve moved – can’t happen. No other business pays people a bonus based on performance after they’ve left and it’d have to be the same with football.

  68. CG

    “””””Like we’ve never had two injuries and a suspension all at the same time.”””””

    Liverpool= European Champions.
    They have 4.

    1)Van Dyke
    4) Gomez

    You only need 4.
    we have 9.
    50% not fit for purpose.

  69. Marc

    I’m trying to think who the 9 CB’s we have on the books are and I can’t make 9 for love or money.

    Mustafi – not good enough and will be sold
    Holding – still struggling to recover from ACL injury

    Chambers – injured with ACL will take time to come back.

    Mari – loan into club in Jan

    Saliba – loan out for season.

    Only a cretin would look at that list and not realise that as Saliba comes in we’ll see at least one or 2 go out.

    CG every time you open you mouth you make yourself look even more stupid.

  70. CG

    You have omitted the Greek lad.

    immense at Old Trafford on his debut.

    Another player – who seems to have regressed since Wenger departed.

    its 8 then- not 9.
    My error. ( even I make them)

  71. Marc

    Completely forgot about Mavropanos but you’ll see a turnover of the squad this summer – depending on how the window works / when we have a TW.

    “Another player – who seems to have regressed since Wenger departed.”

    Er how many matches did he play under Wenger? 3 including being sent off?

  72. CG


    “””Completely forgot about Mavropanos but you’ll see a turnover of the squad this summer”””

    Off course you will.The ‘buying’ clubs will be queuing up to pounce to buy our garbage and add to their costs.

    We are so badly mismanaged these days – we will still be paying out all their wages (8 of them )for the rest of the calendar year.

    (I note Mary was begging for a job on the Arsenal web site yesterday.)

    Maybe Jan 2021- we will see some departures.

  73. Sid

    MuddyGoonerApril 19, 2020 09:29:43
    Sid, I read somewhere that black skin doesn’t absorb Vitamin D from the sun as good as paler skin.
    & also according to Mr A. Cutter they are fatter compared to the ones in Africa.

    I’ve heard all these things here 1st!

  74. Valentin


    “As for bonuses being paid to players after they’ve moved – can’t happen. No other business pays people a bonus based on performance after they’ve left and it’d have to be the same with football.”

    Incorrect. since the 2008 financial crisis, laws and financial directive have changed to specifically handle bonus to be paid in the future.
    Bonus in finance can be clawed back if decisions made by the traders/executive managers have negative consequences after they left. In some case even if the consequence is not something for which their responsibility can be directly inputted.
    Some some derivative traders or mergers and acquisitions personnel working at investment bank may have been entitled to some bonus to some P&L generated some years ago. Some of that promise bonus that was going to be paid in 3 annual instalments since they have left may now disappeared because of those exceptional circumstances.
    Football can be treated exactly the same way. Repayment of the deferred wage may be dependent on the success of the club even if the players has already left the club.

  75. Marc


    Yes but that’s not what I meant – company’s don’t pay a bonus on performance after someone has left – deferring payment to make sure performance is met is different.

    Do you think City would pay Kompany a bonus if they won the title this season?

  76. Valentin

    According to a lot of statisticians, the reason why Black and Latino in the US seems to have a higher fatality than other groups seems to be societal rather than medical.
    They are poorer and living in urban setting. A poor living in an inner city is more likely to be affected than a poor farmer in the middle of Dakota.
    Also they tend to suffer pre existing ailments that raise the risk of death. Mississippi and West Virginia have the highest adult obesity rate at 39.5% and Colorado has the lowest at 23%.
    So if you are obese, diabetic, smoke and live in a cramped environment with large number of people you are more likely to die from COVID-19.

  77. Valentin


    This is exactly the case. Players have agreed to cancel some of their salary and bonuses. They will get some money back if Arsenal qualifies for the Champion’s League. Even if they have already left Arsenal.
    So the money they will receive is contingent to Arsenal success after they have already left.

    That had already happen in the past as well.
    I am pretty sure that despite retiring in 1998, Cantona was entitled to the 1999 bonus for winning the Champion’s League as part of his loyalty package.
    Also in the past, one former Liverpool player has had bonus paid based on Liverpool success in the Champion’s League after he had already left because he had help them achieve qualification. He did not play a single game in their successful campaign, because he had already been transferred before.

    It all depends on what is written in the original contract. Imagine a player being pushed out of a club. If in his original contract he was entitled to bonus based on the club achievement, he may request to stay entitled to those payments despite not participating to the success.

    There is a difference between what is morally and ethically right and what is legally right.
    Remember Pierre van Hooijdonk who sued sued Nottingham Forrest for unpaid loyalty bonus after going on strike.

  78. Marc


    I agree it’s about what’s in the contract but I don’t see how the PL, UEFA or FIFA can allow a conflict of interest once a player has left a club – I know it’s unusual times but I can’t see how they wouldn’t step in to stop that.

  79. Terraloon


    Cantona retired in May 1997.

    Utd won the CL in May 1999 some two seasons after he had retired.

    Cantona would have played no part whatsoever in Utds qualification for the 1998/9 CL .

    I grant you it’s possible that there may had been some post Utd career payment but had Cantona not retired from football then based on FIFA rules there can’t be contractual obligations from two clubs, at the same time .

    As for the Liverpool player it’s possible that a post contract payment could have been made if the player had retired but are you able to advise who the player was?

    Finally Van Hooijdonk went on strike whilst a Forest player that’s correct but he returned to play for them and was ultimately got a transfer ( which he had requested but the request had been turned down)

    Van Hooijdonk sued Forest after he had left because he claimed he was entitled to a payment in respect of his transfer whereas Forest were adamant that no payment was outstanding. Not quite the same.

  80. Marc


    I’m with you on this – no way it could be allowed for a player to have a financial interest in Arsenal doing well when he’s on the opposing team. For example and hypothetically: Kolas joins Villa and then this seasons matches are played out – we play Villa in our 2nd to last match and if we win it we get CL qualification and Villa are already safe, it’s 0 – 0 and in the 89th minute Kolas gives away a penalty which we score.

    That result gives us 4th over ManU and the Spud’s – would they really go “no problem”?

  81. Valentin


    I agree that this raised a serious potential conflict of interest, but UEFA and FIFA refused to see it that way. Any notion of player conflict of interest raised by clubs tend to be fobbed off or quashed by FIFA and UEFA.

    When Thibault Courtois who was a Chelsea player was banned by his contract to play against them in a Champion’s League tie, UEFA intervene so he could play.
    Had we encountered St Etienne in the Europa League, Saliba could have played against us.

    A player joining the opposition club that needs to win to qualify for Champion’s League may be tempted to throw away the game.
    A player on loan at a club may not want to play against his parent player.

    The inconsistent thing is that one individual cannot part-own two clubs in the same competition, but one club can have players on loan at rival.clubs.

  82. Marc


    A loan player can’t play against their parent club in the PL to stop this exact type of situation but we’d be allowing it to happen after a player had moved.

    I’m not saying it won’t happen I’m saying it shouldn’t be allowed.

  83. Terraloon


    If I remember the situation re Courtis it was nothing to do with the players contract it was the agreement between Chelsea and Atletico. UEFA stated it would not be sporting for Chelsea to enforce that clause . Chelsea decided not to test the enforceability of the clause .

    Unlike the PL rules there is no stipulation in the rules that a loaned out player can’t feature against their parent club.

    So Chelsea’s players have agreed a straight 10% reduction, no ifs buts or the like and aren’t looking to claw any of that cut back.