Season ticket renewal cash injection on hold

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Well, looks like I read into the Arsenal news with a little more hope than really existed.

We know what the players have been asked to do, but according to those in the know, it’s a long way off. If you can’t agree 12.5%, what hope do you have?

Seems like the tactic of many of the players in the league is to go-slow the negotiations. By the time they come to an agreement, the football will be back in business.

In a normal private company, you are given a pay cut and that’s that. Footballers are slightly different because they have agreed contracts. I suspect the issue with mandatory pay cuts is that the players have to sign a new deal. If they don’t agree and the club implement lower wages, the players can exit their deals for free (amateur guess).

A tough scenario. It’s going to be difficult for Arsenal to pull the poverty card. We have the second-highest cash position in the league and as of now, the TV companies have held strong and not asked for a refund. Though DAZN have asked the Premier League to defer payments for their streaming service that holds rights in Brazil, Canada, Japan and Spain.

Rumblings from some of the supporters groups suggest that the club are in big trouble. The season would have about 3 weeks to run normally. The season ticket renewals for next season would be going on sale right about now, we’d be hearing murmurings of a major summer of transfers, and we’d be praying we make the top 4. None of that cash is forthcoming.

Even more worrying for Arsenal, there will have been next to no commitments for the fancy seats next season. Corporates would be nuts to invest money in hospitality in crowded places. That’ll be an interesting one to watch. How long until that rebounds when we come out the other end?

Even worse, Arsenal makes a shedload of cash from ticketing. £90m a season. We’re running the risk that not only might we lose £37.5m in TV money, we might have to refund the remaining games of this season to the fans and potentially come to a deal with cash strapped sponsors.


So, I retract my excitement that Arsenal players were about to do us proud. It would seem that negotiations are ongoing. I would hope that at the very least, the club ensures that the non-sport workers are looked after. That seems a priority that many clubs smaller than us have seen to.

Let’s hope this week sees some better news. Hopefully, the UK can bend the curve, continue to keep hospital beds open, and start planning a way back to normality.

Stay safe. x

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    Im afraid supporters Mortgage payment-rent-car finance,
    and supporting family and friends are going to be in forefront of peoples minds
    before supporters around the country think about Season tickets.
    “Supporters will become more selective”.

  2. Carshalton Gooner

    The players are not covering themselves in glory but how many of us would volunteer a pay cut? My pay is down 30% for the next 2 months but in reality I had no alternative. Anyone know if membership and season ticket renewals are officially deferred?

  3. Spanishdave

    The next coming months will see the true colors of the owners of Premiership clubs. Some will inject cash other through their greed will sit back and look for favours while sitting on billions .
    It’s the rainy day now, time for cash reserves to do its job.
    But they don’t like it.
    Stan will remain silent.

  4. KJS

    This could be the time when football finally eats itself. Interesting times ahead and not just at Arsenal. Especially if we end up months without football and maybe an extended period where games are played, but without spectators.

  5. Uwot?

    There’s no way Stan is touching the cash reserves.Thats collateral for his project out in LA.Thats all that matters to the yank.hopefully if we are hit hard financially this year because of the ongoing situation it might( hopefully) force him into a rethink with regards to flogging Arsenal to recoup any losses.a long shot maybe but who knows.

  6. Bob N16

    In a normal year, 1st June is the deadline for season ticket renewals. Until they have confirmed details for next season it would be ridiculous for the club to expect fans to renew particularly with the issue of pricing, given the possibility that the season may not be completed.

    On a separate point, I don’t envy Bellerin’s role as representative / coordinator for the first team squad. Trying to get all those players and agents to sing from the same hymn sheet must be a nightmare.

    I would have thought a deferral ifnwages until they know what’s going to happen with the proviso that if the season is cancelled and this results in having to pay back TV money, the players should expect a resulting cut in their wage packet. If they finish the season and all the money keeps coming in then it ought to be down to the individual players to decide how to contribute to the common good.

    I’d be keener to put the spotlight on those vastly rich people who may live off shore and have much more money to donate than a few footballers. Kroenke has more money than all the first team’s squad has collectively, for example.

  7. CG

    Arsene Wengers book out in Autumn.

    I wonder by the time I am reading it , Arsenal will be insolvent.

    I do hope Tierney ain’t refusing a 12.5% wage cut. Hardly earned a penny, yet.

    Not looking so good that £30 million ‘invested’ in him now…

    That Pepe £70 million fee looking even more incompetent now.

    Those Cedric and Mary deals now looking what they have always looked like, favors and sweeteners.

    That Luiz extension not looking so smart now.

    The indulgence of having a fancy ‘Teck Deck ‘ not looking as a necessity now.

    With Vinny , Raul , Edu and Josh at the helm.
    Arsenal will need divine intervention to survive this crisis if the season don’t resume.

    I guarantee if our Wenger was in charge.
    He would have got the cuts required to keep the club afloat.

    Because that’s what loyalty does.

  8. Uwot?

    Yep wenger would have flogged our best players for peanuts.but yes would have got SOME money in.yawn…………

  9. Marc

    “I wonder by the time I am reading it , Arsenal will be insolvent.”

    He’d actually like that to happen and he calls himself a fan.

  10. Tippitappi

    The EPL ,owners and a number of players are really showing their true colours now, not that it’s anything many fans didn’t know already. The league which are effectively the owners are not under any circumstances going to give up trying to fit this square peg into a round hole which is this season without an almighty fight spured on by their personal greed even at the risk of putting their staff ie players at risk. This season should now come to an end with it’s reputation in tact and focus on the new one whenever that starts uncompromised by leftover fixtures from this.
    Liverpool are league champions that can’t be argued so lets leave it at that and divide the prize money as it stands.. end of. IF these matches are somehow cobbled together I for one will have no interest in any match including Arsenal’s as I seriously think the whole thing will be a shambles from start to finish the only winners being the owners

  11. Uwot?

    “ Liverpool are league champions that can’t be argued”.Oh yes it can.No f** ng way pal.coulldnt give a monkeys they’re 25 points clear.STILL require 6 plus points.which yes,they prob would get.However,there is almost a quarter of the season still to play for & anything ( however unlikely) can has been proven historically on a number of occasion. & whilst that possibility exists you cannot simply hand the title over.sets a dangerous NO to the scousers being gifted the title.Tough I know.but I shed no tears.considering their antics in getting English clubs banned from Europe for 5 seasons.consider it payback!

  12. Terraloon

    I think it was pretty obvious that monies owed in respect of historical transfers was going to shape things going forward .l guess the plan would have been selling on the likes of Torreria to generate monies to complete a couple of incomings . That plan is probably very much on the back burner.

    I think Arsenals 45k ish season tickets is the highest % of capacity amongst any of the top 6. In effect Arsenal tend to get around 75% of the ticket income in advance of the season.

    Add to that refunds or reductions will be paid out due to not enough home cup games and the possibility of no European cup games in 2020/21 and even worse would be the cancellation of the FA cup next season.Another massive financial issue that needs to be addressed

    In terms of the players FIFA directives( as they stand ) mean a clubs hands are tied. Varying the terms and conditions has to be by mutual consent. Neither party can do it unilaterally.

    A club not going through an insolvency event can’t make a player redundant. If the agreed wages aren’t paid for a month or two the player becomes a free agent.

    Arsenal have a £50 million agreed overdraft funds that remain unused. The players and their agents will know about the facility and no doubt just as the powers that be won’t want to tap into these funds the players will take some convincing to vary their contracts.

  13. Danny

    Hi lads, everybody ok? Well done Pete for keeping this going.
    Yesterday I watched a live match from Belarus. I actually enjoyed it……..or maybe I was just desperate for some live footy! The away team won 3 nil by the way.

  14. Marc

    Just for reference Arsenal currently owe ST holders 2 Cup credits and we had 4 remaining PL home matches.

    Terraloon makes a very good point on European matches – we might see the lockdown loosened enough for domestic football to resume in a month or so but are countries going to put more border controls up to prevent a fresh outbreak and stop unnecessary international travel. Out of the 7 cup credits we get at least 4 of them usually go on European matches.

  15. GunnerDNA

    SK should use his personal money to pay footballers while they’re at home playing around on the internet? It would be understandable if he was taking money out of the Club, but he never once did. This is a worldwide crisis but PL players wanted to be treated differently because they think they’re special. I hope after all this no player is on Arsenal wage bill that earns more than £185,000 pw because they aren’t good enough to be earning what they currently do.

  16. CG


    “”””I think it was pretty obvious that monies owed in respect of historical transfers was going to shape things going forward””””””

    It pretty obvious to you and me- because we have a brain.

    Unfortunately and (incompetently )we spent £100 million on two players ( pepe and teirney) that are worth a quarter of that amount.

    Those 2 signings as I predicted at the time – will come back to haunt us.
    Forget future signings now- these have to be paid off first.

    Leeds United and Peter Risdale.
    Arsenal and Raul.

  17. Tom

    Unfortunately and (incompetently )we spent £100 million on two players ( pepe and teirney) that are worth a quarter of that amount.


    And what’s your Zaha valuation now , is he also worth a quarter of that £80m you were only too happy to pay for him?

  18. Marc

    A lot of clubs stagger transfer payments over time and even more aren’t run as fiscally conservative as Arsenal are.

    This is going to affect football and Arsenal might not be in the strongest position but we’re certainly not in the worst either. The only certainty in all this is that all player contracts in future will have a clause inserted allowing a suspension of pay under extraordinary circumstances.

  19. Marc


    It’s strange that CG doesn’t bring up what Mustafi and Xhaka are worth now when they cost a combined £70 million but then of course Wenger never signed a duff player.

  20. Marc


    Miki’s even worse when you consider we got him in a sway for Sanchez when we’d been offered £60 million only a couple of months before.

  21. CG


    “”””It’s strange that CG doesn’t bring up what Mustafi and Xhaka are worth now when they cost a combined £70 million but then of course Wenger never signed a duff player.”””””

    To be fair.

    Wenger overpaid for these too.
    No doubt about it.

    Especially Mustafi. I do however think Xhaka is under appreciated by the majority of the fanbase.*

    As for Zaha.
    Zaha is a PROVEN performer in the premier league.

    He is also an Arsenal fan.
    He would have been an absolute sensation at Arsenal and followed in the steps of Ian Wright- who made the same trek from Palace to Arsenal. He even has his spiky temperament and ego.

    Pepe is not proven. Pepe has never even played a CL game.It was a deal forged by agents to earn commissions not for the betterment of the club.

    The higher the fee- the higher the commissions.

    * I use this term lightly- as the majority of the time, the fans are booing their respected captain.

  22. Tippitappi

    Uwot? totally agree, I’m not in anyway suggesting they get the trophy no……..their fans should be satisfied with where they are now and accept that ,their get the prize.Besides their’ll enjoy living off the hard luck story the next 20 years

  23. Jamie

    “Zaha is a PROVEN performer in the premier league.
    He would have been an absolute sensation at Arsenal”

    Zaha, the absolute sensation and proven performer in the PL has scored roughly 1 goal per 10 appearances this season for Palace.

    “Pepe has never even played a CL game.”

    In how many CL games has Zaha been involved during his career? Asking for a useless sausage.

  24. CG


    “””””In how many CL games has Zaha been involved during his career?””””

    0 v 0

    But we know , you will go onto play more in the seasons ahead.

    And it wont be our meek one footed wonder.

  25. Pedro


    27 years old (7th year in Prem)
    2572 minutes
    3 goals
    5 assists
    Team contribution every 144 minutes

    24 years old (first year in Prem)
    2044 minutes
    6 goals
    8 assists
    Team contribution every 144 minutes

    CG picking on Arsenal again. Doing a horrendous job of it as usual.

  26. Tom

    Yes Zaha is PL proven, no one can dispute that.
    In fact his best ever season’s output was last year , when he scored or assisted every 152 minutes of play.
    That was his best ever.

    Pepe ,who you consider a failure, in his first season in a new league, on a club with three different managers has almost matched Zaha numbers with a goal/assist per every 159 minutes.

    So , to put it in terms even you might understand Zaha’s best numbers ,while playing in familiar surroundings for the same manager, were basically the same as Pepe’s in his first season under difficult circumstances you yourself called a season from hell.

  27. CG

    “””CG picking on Arsenal again. Doing a horrendous job of it as usual””””

    No one disputes Zaha has not replicated his form of last year at Palace this season. He looks demotivated and lost -he wanted to move to his boyhood side.

    But if posters are honest with themselves ( like I always am) – they can not dispute that Zaha was a better signing for the club than Pepe.

    Even The Clown and his White Witch wanted him ,they certainly did not want Pepe.

    Raul wanted Pepe, and thats why we got Pepe.

    And if they do dispute that- they are deluding themselves.

  28. Tom

    But if posters are honest with themselves ( like I always am)
    Ha ha , joke Friday arriving early.

    Here’s another thing about Zaha you conveniently ignore.
    He’s on £130k per week so it stands to reason his new Arsenal wages would’ve been a lot higher than Pepe’s.
    Such a fiscal conservative as yourself would want to pay more for a player( 10m),
    pay him more in salary per year( 2m or so) just because he likes Arsenal and has an ego?
    Great reasons lol.

  29. Pedro

    CG, Nicolas Pepe is currently proving that he is a better player and he’s only at 75% in our worst ever season.

    Zaha had one good season, he’s older, and no one regrets not buying him now. He already failed at United.

    You need to be honest with yourself. We made a good signing. Leaning into Emery now it suits you is even more embarrassing than you not embracing the numbers or critiquing Pepe for not playing in the Champions League.

  30. Pierre

    You’re losing your way a little my friend.

    Criticising Arteta , as you were yesterday, due to his lack of experience will come back to haunt you.

    He has already shown that he can be tough when he needs to be with his handling of Pepe and Guendouzi when they were not putting in the required effort in training.

    He has already shown that he can improve players who were more or less written off before he arrived with his handling of Luiz and Mustafi.

    He has already shown he will make brave selections by playing Nketiah instead of Lacazette and don’t be surprised to see Nelson push his way into the starting line up.

    He has already shown that he is prepared to make unpopular decisions with the fans by starting Xhaka, Mustafi and Ozil,though with Ozil it is only the ignorant minority who complain.

    And he will show that in the transfer market that he will make unpopular decisions to create a side that fits his style of football .

    The media and fans have been clamouring for Martinelli to start but Arteta has shown that he is his own man and will play him when he believes he is ready.

    CG, if results and performances had deteriorated under Arteta then you may have a point, the fact is that other than the olympiakos tie when we were beaten in the last minute on away goals, the team have shown a steady improvement and have remained unbeaten away from home for 3 months and the home form has improved after we lost 5 on the bounce at home , i think it was .

    Also , criticising Tierney and Pepe is premature as they arrived at the club playing under a manager who had completely lost his way , supposedly due to his girlfriend leaving him ( so he says anyway).
    Let’s wait and see how they get on playing under Arteta.
    If they don’t make it, then we won’t lose money on Tierney but will be lucky to get 30/35 million for Pepe.
    I happen to think that Pepe will prove a lot of people wrong as I believe his ability to create and score from out wide will be invaluable, especially if Saka plays on the left , he is another who has it in him to create and score at least ten goals each a season.

  31. Marc


    Agree with your comments on Pepe – I also think Pepe output will improve when we’ve got a fully fit settled RB overlapping with him.

  32. Tom

    The way I see it Zaha is a stronger dribbler and that’s about it.
    He’s more difficult to push off the ball, which is a very useful skill in a physical league like the PL.
    Pepe’s dribbling is more instinctive and when it works it can be more spectacular.
    He can leave players for dead and scratching their heads in a “what’s just happened “fashion.
    I don’t think there’s much distance between the two but to call one a failure and the other a sure success is just crazy talk.

  33. CG


    “”””Criticising Arteta , as you were yesterday, due to his lack of experience will come back to haunt you.””””

    I very much doubt it old bean.

    He has made simple fundamental mistakes in his short tenure that will ultimately cost him ( hence my harsh criticisms)

    1. Failure to appoint an experienced and successful assistant. ( Steve Round, amybody?)

    2. Aligning himself with rotten apple David Luiz. Should have been sidelined from day 1. When he now drops Luiz. Luiz will cause ructions.

    3.Trying to emulate Pep and his appearance. We are Arsenal. And Arsenal managers wear a blazer.

    4. Loosing a lucrative home Euro- tie to minnows despite winning the first leg away……..Big clubs don’t do that. Wenger never did .

    5. That unshaven and unkempt BBC interview. Boris Johnson despite suffering from severe Covid- 19 had the suit on and beard off in his BBC interview.

    6. Allowing the Cedric and Mary signings. Pushed upon high- he should have said NO to them and work with the other 8 center backs and improve AMN and Bellerin.

    he is after a visionary coach after all.

    Arteta is a good man and a talented coach- buts that’s all he will ever be cut out for.

    Is he an improvement on The Clown- yes.
    Will he take us to The Promised Land – no.

    And that as always is The Truth.

  34. Redtruth


    You are full of falsehoods.
    We had an outstanding home record under Emery.
    It is now clear that the white witch was responsible for Arsenal’s slump in form.

  35. Marc

    “1. Failure to appoint an experienced and successful assistant. ( Steve Round, amybody?)”

    Er didn’t seem a problem for Pep when he appointed Arteta as his Assistant.

  36. Marc

    Prior to the current situation being in the PL puts any club in the top 25 odd richest clubs in the world therefore trying to buy any PL clubs “star” player when they’re under contract means you’re going to have to pay way way over the odds and that’s before salary comes into play.

  37. Dissenter

    In essence, you’re saying that the cash hoard is disadvantaging Arsenal yet again.
    It won’t be the first time it’s played against us. We seem to believe that we are the Royal bank of Arsenal, not Arsenal FC.

  38. Dissenter

    Keep tearing into Arteta
    It’s nice to read you drivel here to while away this never ending interlull.

  39. Pedro

    Marc, watching the defeated hard left, who propped up an anti-semite through cover-ups, go-slows, and bullying… cry about the 2017 election being robbed for them is the height of embarrassing.

    It’s like us complaining that we were robbed in the Europa League final because we found out Sarri saw out starting line-up.

  40. Marc


    I just thought it was hysterical – according to the Labour Party it turns out they do better when they’re trying to lose an election deliberately than when they are trying to win it.

  41. Redtruth

    A group of Jewish academics and campaigners voice their concerns about the prejudices of the Conservative leader, while residents of Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency express their full confidence in their representative

    Wed 11 Dec 2019 13.20 EST

    Boris Johnson has invoked some of the oldest and most pernicious antisemitic stereotypes in a book he wrote when he was a Conservative shadow minister. He describes “Jewish oligarchs” who run the media, and fiddle the figures to fix elections in their favour.

    He portrays a Jewish character, Sammy Katz, with a “proud nose and curly hair”, and paints him as a malevolent, stingy, snake-like Jewish businessman who exploits immigrant workers for profit. There is nothing subtle about this. We know what antisemitism looks like.

    Johnson has form when it comes to anti-Jewish hatred. As editor of the Spectator he chose to publish articles in which the notorious racist Taki Theodoracopulos boasted of being “an antisemite”, argued black people “have lower IQs than whites” and praised Enoch Powell as a “great man”. Johnson defended Theodoracopulos, calling him a “distinguished columnist”. Even now Johnson continues to cosy up to Donald Trump, despite his rhetoric about Jewish disloyalty and support for neo-Nazis.

    Johnson’s contempt for minorities, women, LGBT+ and working-class people is well known, so it’s not surprising this extends to Jews. We share the pain that many feel about antisemitism on the left and we will continue to hold the Labour party to account. But we wholly reject Boris Johnson’s cynical attempts to exploit our community’s legitimate concerns to distract from his own disgraceful bigotry.

  42. Marc


    You do have to admit though that if Corbyn had of won the election in December we wouldn’t have seen the FTSE drop as much during the Corona event as it has under Johnson.

  43. Redtruth


    The report claimed to have found “no evidence” of anti-Semitism complaints being handled differently to other forms of complaint, and said that in 2019, half of all anti-Semitism complaints came from a “one individual” who the reports accuses of being “rude and abusive” to party staff

  44. Zacharse

    Financials aside, we look like we’ve got an early start on necessary restructuring. MA’s already looking to a younger niche for transfers which means lower spends & wages… it would seem, while our higher wage players seem angled out the door for the most part. Obviously we’ll take a short term hit but in the long run i am happy to have MA guiding the ship

  45. Pierre

    “You are full of falsehoods.
    We had an outstanding home record under Emery.”

    I never mentioned our home record under Emery .

  46. Billp79

    what are the bankruptcy laws in England?
    If the league or clubs file for bankruptcy are they still required to pay salaries…
    that almost always gives credit laden companies leverage in negotiations…
    take the 12.5% or we file for bankruptcy and you get in line behind all other creditors…

  47. Billp79

    there is no right or wrong when it comes to Brexit…it will all equalize out in the end…you have autonomy in your negotiating position now….but you have to negotiate with someone else in the end…

  48. Tom

    “believe you me….nobody is cozying up to Donald Trump
    and I’m an american conservative…”

    Is this some sort of finish my sentence game?

    Here’s my humble effort: ……. and Im an American conservative….. who’s been in a coma for the last three years.

  49. alex cutter

    “I’m an american conservative…”

    I suppose that explains why you can’t gather your thoughts together into a single, coherent post, and instead splatter-out posts like an infant with diarrhea?

  50. Billp79

    1. Areteta’s managerial career is in its infancy
    2. It wont be easy to get rid of the dross as each team will be cash strapped and also trying to exercise their dross.
    3. I don’t want another Sanchez Miktarian trade scenario
    4. We don’t need another Kalstrom or Silvestre
    5. Acquiring cheap and young players is both economical and sustainable…so long as the management doesn’t fall under the we got to get rid of him because…someone doesn’t like him mentality (pick your reason- smoking in the shower…whatever).
    6. As I asked yesterday….who is going to give the ‘all clear’?

  51. Tom

    No offense pal but everyone knows flattery is what gets you in the door with Trump.
    Cozying up might not be enough.
    You have to go full R Kelly the teenage girl sex tape mode on Trump – spread his cheeks and bury your face in there.
    His entire cabinet does this publicly once a month and all republican governors , especially now during the pandemic.

  52. Billp79

    The only reason why we have trump is because Obama insulted him a few years before he ran…he’s a democrat who changed party to get even with Obama…
    If Hillary wasn’t such an exploitive fraud (getting 250k per speech while in office and making millions through the Clinton foundation) we wouldn’t have issues here in this country…
    They are like that (kissing his fat bollocks) because that’s what career politicians do…they know he’s there for the short term…they’re just holding their nose…
    event he democratic governors which I reside under…his new best friend…

  53. Billp79

    were in the position now where he (Trump) wants everyone to go back to work asap…the Dems are saying everyone needs to stay home and get paid….and the republicans don’t want to assume political liability by bring everyone back too soon in case of an echo flare up…
    sound familiar?

  54. Billp79

    back to football…
    Saha’s agent is looking for one more big deal for his client.
    Saha is the sort of player who floats in and out of games depending on if he’s motivated or not…at 27 he’d be to big of a risk and would not be good for our per weekly outlay…especially when we have Martinelli, et al.

  55. Tom

    I don’t think that’s why he ran.
    He ran because every media outlet gave him free air time to spew out his ignorant garbage for years, and at the end of each of those segments they all asked him the same question “why don’t you run?”

    Agree about the Obama bit to the extent that once elected Trump seemed to have made a list of all Obama executive orders and proceeded to reverse them one by one , some out of spite.
    Those Obama Trump jokes from the White House corespondents dinner came back to bite him in the end.

  56. Billp79

    that’s exactly why he ran….he didn’t expect to win except for grassroots hatred for carpet bagger Hillary…and the medias certainty that he wouldn’t win against their darling…
    If creepy Joe whos one busted capillary away from total dementia is the opposition…you can look forward to 4 more years…

  57. Billp79

    a lot of those policy reversals we on account his need for the conservatives to support him…
    a maverick who is pragmatic…

  58. Jeff

    I cannot believe the players are acting like this, For the first team Arsenal players agreeing to a cut od 12.5% would not be terribly difficult given the average wage is about 3M+. /year. Their average weekly wage is about 64K so a cut of 12.5 % is 8K. I know some players earn way more then this and some less but to just say no to the club could end in financial disaster for Arsenal and many other clubs too if their players just follow the PFA;s leader’s nonsense. Agreeing to defer salary is not giving up anything and in my opinion either means the players are all so miserly and only thinking of themselves when they can’t give up 1/8th of their huge salaries or they are just sheep following the PFA’s advice.

    What will happen to these players if the Premier League and the EFL clubs all fold? Where will these players then go? The same may happen in the rest of Europe and even if league games are held again, will the fans have jobs again and be able to spend their wages on games at Premier League prices? Maybe someone needs to just make the players rethink what the future of the game holds for them if our Saturday afternoon entertainment is not quite the same again for a long time, or ever again!

  59. Sid

    Who the hell is Saha?

    How to tell if Arteta has balls like Pep
    1. If he gets rid of Xhakalson, Ozil and a few others like Pep did rid off Ronaldinho, Deco

    2. If he turns Saka into a false nine like Pep did with Messi since Saka has all Messi has and much more

    Im telling you this for free!

  60. Sid

    Luiz should be our Puyol and Saliba Pique, tierney is better than Abidal, attacking trio of Saka, Auba, Pepe. Leno the catskills
    We already have half the team with world class talent just a few pieces so there should be no excuses for the Saucy one, a minimum of 1 trophy and runners up positions.

    You heard it here 1st!

  61. Gonsterous

    Let’s be real now. I like arteta but he still needs to improve a lot. His in game management is novice like and he keeps sticking to his favourites.
    The last two things is what cost Wenger his job. Hope he doesn’t repeat that.

  62. Spanishdave

    That’s right he has started to show fear in not doing what’s right for the team. Instead he is keeping players on the pitch such as Ozil and Xhaka, then leaving Martinelli on the bench when he was needed.
    When we start playing again and everyone is fit it will be interesting how he sets the team up.