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Gooooood morning cool cats and kittens. Come on, I was allowed to do that once. Take me to the final episode this Sunday. What a series. FREE JOE EXOTIC.

Today is going to be rough, the sun is shining, the weather is going to be a firm 17 degrees, and all I want to do is go out and mingle in the park with hip young people with no underlying health issues.

… but I can’t. I have to sit in the house, read a book about the British trying to quash ‘Jonathan’ dissent in the late 1700s. I don’t even think we win. It’s like tuning into a Sky Sports Gold classic and forgetting that you lose in the 91st minute.

Anyway, football news is sparse at the moment. So sparse I’ve added alerts for ‘ANIMAL CROSSING HINTS AND TIPS’ to my google.

Kia J has spoken to people in the press and said that, yes, he is a Gooner, but that doesn’t affect who he sends our way.

How can you call yourself a fan and not send us your best? This can’t be true.

Give us the prime meat. Who is on the books that fits a younger profile? I don’t want Willian filling up a space at 32 years old this summer. Go tie down Jadon Sancho or Lautaro. That’s what a proper fan should be doing. Wheeling in Cedric Soares is totally unacceptable.

Coutinho? Now I could be persuaded. He’s 27, has played in a high press system, has it all to prove after being booted out of Barcelona. Dreamworld though, unless we swapped him out for Auba at the end of the season.

Also, this is all fantasy. How can you know what the summer holds until you’ve seen how the Premier League season is going to end.

The bulk of agent chat at the moment is going to be around players taking pay cuts, which they still haven’t. I totally understand how shitty it must be to lose 30% of your salary, but when you read around about it, the complaining really does smell like that of folk who have never had a financial issue in their life.

‘We have mortgages’

‘We worry about the business spending money elsewhere’

‘It’s all so uncertain’

I agree with all of the above, the main difference in the real world, for the real workers, is that we don’t get a choice. Your boss wants to furlough you? No choice. Your boss wants to cut your pay 5%? 15%? 50%? No choice. Promotion? Raise? That fancy laptop with ‘T’ key that actually works? Fuck off. That’s your lot. Part-time? Man, just hope it’s 4 days and not 2. Footballers are going through all the same uncertainties as us mere mortals, except they have a say on it, and we don’t. Also, I can tell you one thing for absolute certain. 98% of footballers will still have a job when this all comes back online. For the rest of us, the jury is still making a decision. We’re heading into a depression. Will pay go back up? Will everyone find themselves brought back in from the cold? It’s a big fat ‘I have no idea’ that we’re all living with.

Football will return. So will the eyeballs. So will the money. They should feel blessed that they have a certainty more assured than most of us.

Other businesses that are facing uncertain times are the newspapers. I’ve seen major name journos from non-paywalled publications tweet about getting laid off and it’s very sad. Now would be a very good time to take up some subscriptions if you can afford to do so. The Athletic must feel pretty chipper at the moment, they already established their pay to play model, unique in the world of sport. Wired magazine reckons subs have gone through the roof, something I’d imagine has happened across many of the other big boys. The redtops might be struggling though. I’d also imagine mega free pubs are going to see huge cuts. Their model of ads for eyeballs in tatters at the moment. Most can’t switch to a paid model because the work isn’t elevated enough to merit premium money. Sad times. You don’t want to see anyone dumped into an uncertain market.

In better news, the UK is starting to flatten the curve, which is super exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘go back to your normal lives’ vibes. In New York, where we’ve let the virus run rampant, we’re deep into a very well respected lockdown and the numbers are coming down aggressively… but they’re still warning us about a return to work and they just locked schools down until September. I was speaking with a senior HR professional yesterday and was told they are planning for shiftwork when the green light comes on, and a ‘you don’t have to if you don’t want to’ policy for attendance. Who the fuck is going to want to get on a subway right now? Getting sneezed on was a right of passage 6 weeks ago, now it’s GBH. Would you sit in a cramped meeting room? Are you even going to high five and lick a colleagues face as a ‘GOOD MORNING’ gesture? Unlikely.

Bringing the football season back would be great for spirits, it could be a national event, but it’d have to be so well regulated. You’d need testing, you’d have to limit the amount of people in and around the stadiums, and you’d have to be sure the message to the public wasn’t ‘IT’S OK FOR PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALLERS SO IT’S OK FOR YOU’, because you don’t want a restart of the virus.

Life will have to go on at some point. You’re not going to be able to lock down the world forever, the main concern is to what length we go to ensure safety? Phone apps that record your movement and body temp? Temp wardens at your office? It’s the dystopian ideas that are the most realistic. DON’T GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOM PEOPLE.

What a weird post that was? All over the place. But fuck you, it was for free. So share it, tell your elite friends about it, and stay safe today because I love you all very much. xx


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  1. Nelson

    I doubt that football in Spain and Italy will recover completely. Many people will worry about their job much more than the win or lose of a football team. Most of the teams will have less money to spend.

  2. Sid

    Coutinho failed in a high press system and in this market is only worth buying fo 30M and a weekly salary of 60k max
    Lautaro is the new Andreas Belotti

    Im telling you this for free!

  3. Sid

    What is happening in NY is Eugenics, the deep state believes dependancy is a burden on the republic
    They do not recognise the universal right to healthcare.
    The Race wealth gap is related to the deaths

  4. Bob N16

    CG, I believe Arteta could become a great manager. I’m glad they went that way rather than an Ancelotti or , God forbid Mourinho. Ride the wave.

    Ye of little faith and a penchant for clean-shaven, blazered men of a certain vintage!

  5. Dissenter

    You’re writing a lot of crap for free because you know no one will ever pay a penny for your opinion.

  6. Northbanker

    The obsession with experience is totally misguided. Wenger was hugely experienced but most of us were glad he finally left as it was clear by the end he had run out of steam and ideas. Mourinho is hugely experienced but is yesterday’s man and i wouldn’t want him anywhere near AFC.

    Arteta is relevant today and let’s embrace the ride. His initial career at Arsenal has been impressive – the way he has got new mileage out of players we all thought useless- particularly Mustafi and Xhaka, has been incredible.

  7. CG


    “”””CG, I believe Arteta could become a great manager.””””

    But that’s my point. Could?

    Why not go out and get one that is already a proven great manager.( like on that list)
    That is what Arsenal used to do. Strive to be the best.

    When Dein was in charge.
    He would aim for George Graham, aim for Arsene Wenger, aim for Sir Bobby Robson calibre/types.

    Why should we experiment? Little clubs lost experiment.
    Liverpool finally got a great PROVEN manager and look at their progress.

    I suppose its ambition , again Bob.
    The Gabon President was right then.

  8. Northbanker

    I’m not sure about Coutinho and certainly not at the price tag he will come with. i want the club to focus on investing in players in roughly the 18 – 24 age range so we have a viable and sustainable model going forward.

    For the same reason i don’t want the club to be held to ransom over Auba’s new contract. Cash in now and look for better priced players.

  9. CG


    “”””The obsession with experience is totally misguided. “”””

    name me an inexperienced head coach in English soccer who has won anything of note?

  10. jwl

    I think our leaders crashed our economies based on dodgy models, now people are fearful of apex microbes which can kill us, and that won’t go away soon. Normal life will take long time to re-establish once politicians say it is ok to work again.

    Football wise, like I’ve guessed before, teams will trade players this summer and no major cash outlays except for maybe one or two teams. We got three players at left back, we could trade Kola for someone else in position we need for example, I reckon many trades this summer because of liquidity issues for most teams.

    Hope everyone is well, take care of yourselves.

  11. andy1886

    Coutinho? No thanks, we already have Ozil what use would another lightweight on the downward curve of their career be to us? Avoid like the plague. Realistically I can’t see us making a major signing this summer. I’d like someone who could get a grip of the midfield (goodbye Xhaka) if we can sell a few of our marginal players but again would would take them on their wages?

  12. andy1886

    NB – I would hardly describe the improvement of Xhaka and Mustafi as ‘incredible’. Both have shown marginal improvements, both always were talented but either ill suited to the PL , too frequently subject to brain fart moments or both. Where Arteta has done well is in organising us better and at least seeming to have a consistent style of play.

    Selling Auba would be a huge risk, there isn’t a single player in the team that would score even half the number of goals that he has.

  13. Bob N16

    CG, by your argument you would have preferred Mourinho?

    Nothing Arteta has done has made me think his appointment was anything but an inspired choice. We will obviously see.

    Your view, let’s appoint a proven, great manager who will be able to develop a squad on a self-sustaining budget. If it was that straightforward, they would have done it. Ancelotti, who else was available?

  14. andy1886

    Allegri was worth considering. Fact is that we’ve bought so badly over the last decade or so that we don’t have the funds that would attract any top class manager.

  15. Marc


    ” You’d need testing, you’d have to limit the amount of people in and around the stadiums”

    Is that limit the amount of playing staff or the amount of fans attending? If it’s attending how do most fans get to a match with hitting the Underground, Trains or both?

  16. CG


    “”””Nothing Arteta has done has made me think his appointment was anything but an inspired choice. We will obviously see.””””

    It would have been an inspired choice if they appointed him as no.2 alongside a proven premier league manager , like Sean Dyche for example.

    Sean Dyche and Mikel Arteta combination would have really been inspired.

    Dyche with years of experience working marvels in the tight confines of Burnley’s budget ( similar to what Arsenal now have) and natural leadership allied to MA coaching excellence- would have been really something.

    Would not need Raul and Edu too. (Because Dyche would not stand for their games.)

    Win Win.

  17. Marc


    When you say long time how long do you mean? Most people in the UK are being sensible and following the lockdown and as tragic as any death is numbers are still low. If we see the numbers slow down and see the 20,000 deaths (or there abouts) the UK has said would be a “good result” people will be in a rush to go back to normal.

  18. Tom

    Sean Dyche and Mikel Arteta combination would have really been inspired.
    Arteta leaving City to work under Dyche?
    In what universe would that have happened?

  19. Sid

    Lockdown, quarantine, herd immunity will not save arsenals midfield from Xhakalsons brain farts they are contagious,

  20. Marc


    Are you seriously telling me that you wouldn’t turn down the chance to work with Pep if it meant you could be number 2 to Dyche?

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m more hopeful under art than dick.

    Danni can go ain’t worth 40m

    Blu da yoot

    If football ever starts ..

    Miguel azerz

    Our expectations are low throw in yoot … nowt to lose.

  22. Tom

    Bob, Marc
    I could just envision that interview when Arteta is being informed Arsenal do want him but as a no 2 to Dyche.

    Arteta looking around the room with a wry smile expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out at any moment from behind the ficus with a camera in his hand and yelling “ you’ve been punked ”

  23. CG

    Arteta v Dyche

    Dyche= Proven British premier league manager,natural leader, every week gets the maximum out of his players, experienced, tough as teak. Suited. Streetwise.

    Arteta=Puts on excellent training sessions, not a natural leader,never managed, unproven.

    Lets Go with Arteta!

  24. jwl

    “When you say long time how long do you mean?”

    Marc – I’ve been like you, virus is serious but don’t panic about it.

    I’ve also a bunch of extended family, and two friends, who have really panicked about it all and nothing will be normal for them until vaccine. So I have no idea about ‘how long’ but there are many fearful people out there and nothing will ever be same for them.

  25. Bob N16

    Tom…the idea that Arteta would leave being No 2 to Guardiola and agree to being No 2 to Dyche… what a trippy parallel universe!

  26. Northbanker

    I suspect I have more patience than many here but I accept reality. To get a top class manager there are so few to choose from and those that exist often thrive on a reputation because they have had huge budgets to feed their egos. We’re not in that place, certainly not at present, and so the only way it can be achieved is to search for a superstar in the making, exactly as we will have to with our player strategies

    So for me that is exactly where we are with Arteta. I am also not expecting miracles because he still has to mould the shite he’s inherited. What i want is incremental progress and a sustainable model – not boom to bust. I don’t expect to be really vying for the EPL unti a 3-5 year period. If we head upwards slowly that will be enough. There are too many clubs with huge budgets to be able to compete in any other way. If we can get a Dortmund type model working and keep clear heads then we can (slowly) get to where we’d all love to be.

  27. jwl

    I wonder for how long this virus episode will scar people?

    All four of my grandparents lived through deprivation of great depression then rationing of world war two and all of them still had quirks from that time when I knew them thirty years later.

    Women are going to be stockpiling toilet paper and wiping down everything with clorox for long time, their grandchildren will be asking why nana has fifty bottles of bleach, and hundred rolls of tp, in her cupboards.

  28. Marc


    It will mate – people have remarkably short memories and hopefully this is all over as soon as possible, I also think we’ll see a V shaped downturn (fucking Pedro using the word depression, nice way to keep the positivity going mate) and economies will bounce back.

    The Black Death wiped out a third of Europe’s population – things went back to normal.

    Spanish Flu killed as estimated 50 million World wide and this was straight after WW1 – things went back to normal to the point of managing to squeeze in the great depression and another World War within 20 years.

    People are historically far more resistant than they realise, we’ve just got to hope the fucking useless snowflakes who make up far too much of the population can man up.

  29. Marc

    “their grandchildren will be asking why nana has fifty bottles of bleach, and hundred rolls of tp, in her cupboards.”

    And the answer will be the one that parents have been saying for decades now “because Nana needs to go into a care home”.

  30. CG


    “”””The obsession with experience is totally misguided. “””

    Name me an inexperienced head coach in English soccer who has won anything of note?

    So no takers then.

    just the one will do. One ?

    Because , I can sure name a lot of experienced coaches that have won the big prizes.

    CG 1 Le Grove Universe 0

  31. Marc

    “Because , I can sure name a lot of experienced coaches that have won the big prizes.

    CG 1 Le Grove Universe 0”

    What the fuck has Dyche won? What about the dozens of “experienced managers” who have won fuck all?

    Le Grove Universe 87 – CG get’s his medication and has a nap which is a win for the Le Grove Universe as well.

  32. Northbanker

    Marc.- lol
    Actually so sick of COVID discussions everywhere i come on here to get light relief

    BUT on the subject of Spanish flu I did do some reading up on it as the parallels in some respects were remarkable. Death toll anything from 17m to 50m with some even suggesting as high as 100m

    This is all an issue of how stats are compiled

    What was interesting was that only a year or so earlier Aspirin’s patent expired. Doctors then prescribed Aspirin to such an extent that some estimate a significant proportion of people who died from Spanish flu actually did so from toxic poisoning from overdosing on aspirin

  33. Marc


    That’s interesting I hadn’t heard that – your first reaction is don’t be daft and then you hear about the guy in the US who killed himself by taking a form of Hydroxychloroquine that was designed for treating fish tanks.

    It’s like the 5G idiots – we’ve had the same rumors for decades about electricity pylons, then we had mobile phones now 5G. I’m waiting for the anti vac idiots to start making claims about a Corona vaccine that doesn’t exist yet.

  34. Billp79

    we live in the 21st century not beginning of 20th
    nothing will make us immortal
    unless you go the entire season without losing an argument….

  35. MGooner

    Hmm, We need a therapeutic solution to backstop this mess unril a vaccine is successfully tested and available.

    Without a therapeutic, I cannot see these lock downs ending. The contagion rate is too high…

  36. Billp79

    jwl… start prepping now….leave us alone.
    we’ll be watching arsenal win the CL for the 12th time when the asteroid hits.

  37. Billp79

    Mayor DeBlasio is the one who said school was over for the year….Cuomo is the authority.
    Debalsio is covering up the fact that he didn’t shut down the city in a timely manor…left playgrounds open, etc.

  38. Tom

    There are two reasons to want Arteta to succeed now then.
    One, the obvious one….. ,and the other so we don’t have to skip past CG’s countless shoulda coulda woulda posts.

    Btw, does Dyche even have a no2?
    My recollection of him is him standing always alone on the touch line badgering the fourth official.

  39. Billp79

    bringing football (or any sport) back in a well regulated environment will never happen….impossible
    no guarantees in life
    get used to it until the next super virus comes along….don’t fear the reaper

  40. Billp79

    and don’t wander the streets of Chelsea at 3am wearing nothing but your Berkamp jersey after we thrashed the 3-0 that afternoon.

  41. Marc

    “and don’t wander the streets of Chelsea at 3am wearing nothing but your Berkamp jersey after we thrashed the 3-0 that afternoon”

    What the fuck happened to your jeans / trousers, boxers etc? Pretty sure you won’t get in the Tolly without them!

  42. Press Box Gooner


    name me an inexperienced head coach in English soccer who has won anything of note?

    Tony Barton – Aston Villa, European Cup winners 1982 – first job as manager/head coach

    Alf Ramsey – first job as a manager – Ipswich Town, Div 3 South Champions 1956/57; Div 2 Champions 1960/61; Div 1 Champions 1961/62

    Roberto di Matteo – Promotion to Premier League with WBA then Champions League/FA Cup double with Chelsea after taking over from AVB.

    Doubtless there are plenty more ……

  43. Dissenter

    The Gabon FA president wasn’t too far from the truth. We are a club adrift with little ambition.
    That said, Auba doesn’t get his professional advice from Gabonese FA. He’s repeatedly called them off as unprofessional.

  44. Pedro

    Dissenter, we’ve spent a shit tonne of money, we’ve had plenty of ambition, we’ve just done it badly.

  45. Paul Mc Daid

    We have certainly spent a shit tonne off money for sure, But the ambition went out the door with David Dein, Now we just go thru the motions.We have no Will to win.

  46. Sid

    They preparing mass graves in NY because “proper good health is not a birthright it is earned.”

    Im telling you for free!

  47. Sid

    Spending 35m on Xhakalson 40m on Ozil 46m on Laca 35 on Mustafi doesnt count as ambition thats mediocrity and comfort zone mentality.

  48. Caligooner

    When Dein was in charge.
    He would aim for George Graham, aim for Arsene Wenger, aim for Sir Bobby Robson calibre/types.

    Graham came from Milwall and Wenger came from Japan and no one had heard of him when he got the job.

    Just because they worked out didn’t make it some sure thing. If anything it’s exactly like the Arteta hiring and you are arguing against yourself.

  49. Bojangles

    Schools have been out more than 3 months here with no return date as yet. High school students are being taught via the internet. Primary school kids having an extended holiday.

  50. DivineSherlock

    Where is this all talk of Coutinho on a downward spiral coming from ? Man is playing at Bayern , played at Barca and Liverpool. Elite player , still walks in Brazil NT . If anything we should be looking at him . Ozil should be dumped , let him go to Turkish or MLS . Let go Lacazette . Coutinho Saka Martinelli Aubameyang , Pace power trickery passing . Fantasy I know but Coutinho is goood.

  51. China1

    Would Arteta also get a pay cut to be Sean Dyche’s n2?

    Stepping away from record breaking city and pep to work as n2 for Sean Dyche is the stuff of fucking nightmares hahahah

  52. China1

    I’m curious after tirney is back what this means for Saka and Martinelli

    If Aubameyang does stay (big if) and if tierney is our best lb (small if)

    Does that mean Saka should go LW? If auba stays he needs to play so should presumably be CF. Will Martinelli do a job from the right? And if he does what does it mean for Pepe?

    Selection headache incoming imo.

    I’d be open minded about us playing as follows:

    —-torreira-new DM

    In this setup we only make one signing (new DM) and the rest is just about getting auba on a new contract.

    Martinelli at AM I’ve no idea if he’s really clever enough for that role but I suspect Saka is a better winger because of his elite crossing to auba. As well with Martinelli at AM you’d get pressing and work rate in place of ozil and lightning pace on the break. He’d also have plenty of chances to pop up on the edge of the box for shots and make late runs in for chances. It would also get him and Saka on the pitch getting regular minutes which they both need. Pepe might also benefit from Martinelli since he provides all the pace and work rate alongside him that he can’t get out of ozil

  53. China1

    On a side note Leno has made the second most saves of any PL keeper this season

    Yet more evidence that whilst he might not be world class he’s far from a top priority player to replace when we have dross like xhaka Mustafi and ozil in and around the first team

  54. Sid

    Saka would be better at AM/no10 than martinelli, Martinelli should play either on the wings or a sub for Auba. Sell Laca

  55. Kenyangunner

    Our ‘winter’ is when temperature drops below 18 degrees. Which is rare.
    Amazing that in other parts of the world people consider that to be warm and sunny.

  56. Spanishdave

    No reason not to get back to trading if all those involve are clear after three weeks of quarantine.
    It would get spirits lifted and some forward momentum.
    All players fit at least maybe until Tierney tries to run!

  57. Pierre

    “Saka would be better at AM/no10 than martinelli, Martinelli should play either on the wings or a sub for Auba. Sell Laca”

    It’s all very well talking about certain players playing as No.10 or CAM , but from what I’ve seen so far is that under Arteta we very rarely play through the middle like we used to under Wenger.

    Ozil is often seen basically holding hands with Pepe on the right and is rarely seen in the hole behind the striker which is his best position.

    A large percentage of our play under Arteta is about attacking from wide positions with the 2 central midfielders recycling the ball out wide.

    Personally, in the future I hope that Arteta allows the players a little more flexibility in the attacking play and uses the No.10 (whoever he is) more centrally to give us more options as we look too predictable.

    While we are getting results with this pattern of play the fans will be happy enough but if results take a turn for the worse then questions will be asked.

    Arteta has an abundance of attacking talent to choose from in Aubameyang, Ozil, Lacazette, Martinelli, Pepe, Saka , Nelson , smith rowe and Nketiah, so he has many options and needs to find what works and also allow the players more freedom in the final third to express themselves.

    Arteta is slowly turning things around so one can understand his reluctance to move away from the rigid structure he has at the moment, he has made Arsenal difficult to beat, he has not lost a game away from home and the home form is improving, especially in the league.

    Martinelli is best when he is in or around the box and his pressing from the front is second to none ,so playing him as striker appears to be the obvious solution though as yet, u don’t think Arteta is completely sold on him.

    Saka definitely has the game to play as a No.10, I just hope that he is not left fighting for the left back position with Tierney as it will waste his greatest strengths, his final ball and decision making in the final third are up there with the best.

  58. Spanishdave

    Our biggest problem recently has been lack of shots on goal.
    The final third is a problem with the pattern of play and we seem to be unsettled here with constant changes in formation. Also the midfield is not contributing at all with goals.
    That’s why we need a midfielder who can get us ten goals per season and add to the goal threat.

  59. CG

    Paul Mcdaid

    “””””‘But the ambition went out the door with David Dein, Now we just go thru the motions.We have no Will to win.””‘””

    Absolutely Fabulous comment.
    Could not have put it better.


    The moment he left- the moment KSE came aboard- the moment is all started to unravel.

    If DD was still involved – I guarantee MA would not be Arsenals Head Coach.

    We would be aiming higher ,than that. Much higher.

    Because he wanted ( really wanted) to win.
    Now days- we just go through the motions.

    Truth Hurts.

  60. CG

    Cali Gooner

    “”””If anything it’s exactly like the Arteta hiring and you are arguing against yourself.””””


    Wenger was turning the Bayern Munich job down. (Typically showing his loyalty to Monaco) before he even turned up at Arsenal.

    Arteta has never even managed the under 12 s on any team.

    We HOPE he does well.

    After Patrick Vieiras debut in Wenger’s first home fixture.- we KNEW he was going to do well.
    That’s a huge difference.

    Arteta has already lost a luvrative euro tie at home despite carrying an away goal lead to some Greek filfth

    He knew the club needed the money from that fixture ( see UKs Telegraph online) he failed.

    Wenger didn’t fail.
    He produced season in season out.
    Like he did at Monaco before

    Where s Arteta body of work?


    Ambitious clubs do not give the job to rookies!

  61. Sid

    The reason Artetas game plan has been using the flanks could be that he doesnt trust the options he has at CM,
    i should add that Arteta seems to be more of Diego Simeon/Poch could be the reason Pep used him at man c because Pep is more of klopp/wenger type of game

  62. Marc

    “Arteta has already lost a luvrative euro tie at home ”

    I thought he EL was the Losers cup and not worth bothering with!

    It’s all just the ranting’s of a mentally unbalanced nutjob who supports Wenger not Arsenal.

  63. andy1886

    “Wenger was turning the Bayern Munich job down. (Typically showing his loyalty to Monaco) before he even turned up at Arsenal.”

    Bollocks. Wenger asked to leave but Monaco refused to release him. Another myth.

  64. Billp79

    good one marc
    I was just showing the blue the moon

    Sid- stick to football opinion
    there are not only a shortage of doctors/ nurses but funeral directors too…and most of the people being buried in mass graves are homeless and prisoners…
    and for temporary location…safe away from the population.
    get a clue

  65. Billp79

    Ozil is an outdated #10….surplus to demand…and over priced…. he rarely crashes the hole or floats through the middle except for brief moments.
    his movement is to float into open spaces to act as a conduit for moving the ball forward from his DM, AM and Backs
    he unbalances the team….until the team realizes they must be as fluid as he is
    moving out of position forward and back, left and right….but never in a manner which exposes our goal.

  66. CG


    “””Bollocks. Wenger asked to leave but Monaco refused to release him. Another myth.””””

    that may or may not be the case.

    The fact is Bayern Munich wanted Wenger before even Arsenal did.

    So he had outstanding pedigree before he even arrived at Highbury.

    What pedigree has Arteta got?

    Has he got a league title on his CV like our Wenger had before he took over the reigns?

    Its all about ambition.As eloquently espoused by the Gabonese President yesterday.

    And Arsenal have by the Arteta appointment have shown- they have very little of it.

    Posters can be like ‘nodding dogs ‘ and accept these continued weak coaching appointments post Wenger. ( emery and arteta , edu etc) but I wont.

    I want Arsenal to win- not go through the motions!

    PS. the Greek people are genuinely the nicest folk on earth. Its just their soccer teams that stink!

  67. Pedro

    CG, the most ambitious signing is the one that people like you have a viceral reaction to.

    Arteta is a visionary coach. His pedigree is Manchester City. He sat in the dugout and beat Wenger in his first season over there. No assistant coach has been talked about like he has been over the last three years.

    Now he’s here, the proof is in the pudding. He turned a group of players into a team. The same group you said would get relegated are now difficult to beat, unbeaten in the league this year, and improving across all metrics.

    The hire from Arsenal is the height of ambition, just like when we fired Bruce Rioch for a coach plying his trade in Grampus 8.

    It’s great news for everyone that you are throwing a hissy fit about it. The move makes you nervous because you recommended Nigel Pearson and Jose Mourinho.

    You’ll be desperately wrong on this one. You already are.

  68. Bob N16

    Pedro, CG was suggesting Sean Dyche would have been a more ambitious, choice than Arteta- it’ll be Sam Allardici tomorrow!

  69. Pedro

    Bob, he doesn’t mean it. CG is just an attention seeker. He’ll still be complaining about Arteta’s choice of sneaker when we win the Champions League.

  70. CG


    “”””Arteta is a visionary coach. His pedigree is Manchester City. He sat in the dugout and beat Wenger in his first season over there. “”””

    Obviously it was not the Wembley dug out in the FA Cup Semi Final.

    Wenger outsmarting Pep and his no.2 in one memorable afternoon and ultimately chalking another TROPHY.

    No one is denying Arteta is not a talented coach.

    One is stating he has no managerial experience.
    Nor recruited any to assist him.He is so visionary he selected perpetual looser Steve Round as his no.2.

    PedRo – you seem to think- the management aspect is irrelevant.

    I don’t.

    And by the way , can you name any inexperienced Head coaches that have won the big prizes in English soccer.?
    Or Arsenal and winning trophies is now thing of the past?

    This attention seeker would love to know who they are?

    Someone suggested Sir Alf Ramsey in the late 1950’s!

  71. OCGooner

    Arteta still has it all to prove, but early signs are good. Expect he’ll get it right in a big way long term if he gets the support. If he and Edu/Raul manage next couple of transfer windows properly, it’s going to be fun to be a Gooner again. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mikel uncovers his share of hidden gems from Spain (and S. America) the way Wenger did in France is his early days.

  72. Pedro

    CG, Pep G was running the game in the semi-final. Wenger beat him 3 times in 14 attempts.

    You are really struggling to land a point here.

    Arteta is not just a talented coach, he’s absolutely elite. One of the best minds in the world of football already.

    As for management, yes, he is inexperienced, but we judge based on what we see.

    He has united the squad, the fans, and the media.
    He has clearly communicated a vision, that everyone buys into
    He has set expectations, when they have not been met, he has acted
    The team is running further, making more tackles and interceptions, keeping more cleansheets, and we’re much harder to beat
    We are better off the ball than we’ve been in 10 years

    YOU were the one who said things were so bad, we might be relegated. Now we’re within spitting distance of Champions League, our squad is settled, and we’re unbeaten in the league this year. How can that not be a result of great management?

    He has been a very impressive manager so far, his ability to cope is not in question.

  73. CG

    “””””Arteta is not just a talented coach, he’s absolutely elite.””””””

    If I am on one extreme you are on the other.

    Arteta is a talented coach.
    He most certainly is not Elite.

    Arsene Wenger/Klopp/Fergie/Pep/ Jose/Ancelotti are the Elite.

    They win the trophies.
    And that is and always will be the name of the game.

    How many trophies are you hoping MA wins?

  74. alex cutter

    “CG Greek filth now that’s racist what’s wrong with you ??”

    As a 50% Greek, I have no problem with the comment.


  75. Chris


    Nobody knows how many trophies Arteta will win, because we don’t have a crystal ball or DeLorean. However the signs are good that he will be a big success, judging by all available factors. You should be glad that we have brought in a highly sought after and well respected and progressive coach, endorsed by many in the modern game. He hasn’t won anything yet because he has only just started what is likely to be a long career. I am glad he is with us. That isn’t being a ‘nodding dog’, that’s looking at what he has done so far at Arsenal (what Pedro has outlined above) and where that can ultimately take us.

    The Olympiacos result was a huge disappointment no doubt but if you were expecting him to come in and sweep all before him instantly you were going to be left scratching your head. Of course the time scale we were working on has been completely thrown out but after 2 full seasons of Arteta I think you will see a huge improvement in the clubs fortunes on the pitch, of a far higher ceiling than the names of managers you would have liked brought in based on your posts (Dyche/Pearson).

  76. jwl

    Signing Arteta as head coach shows how far Arsenal have fallen, big ambitious clubs don’t hire novice managers, only middling clubs do.

    Arteta is barely doing better than Emery, who was worst signing ever according to some, you have to squint and tilt your head slightly to see any sign of improvement.

    When do we get to see Arteta’s genius that we’ve been hearing so much about? Or should we not expect anything from Arteta right now, Arsenal have launched their third youth project and now we also have head coach project apparently, perhaps we’ll see signs of improvement in 3-5 years.

  77. Bob N16

    Jwl…’Arteta is barely doing better than Emery’. On that statement alone you should go back to copying and posting jokes, you joker!


    Reporting is extremely hysterical in the UK as despite London having a materially larger population than any other city in Europe (ex Russia) and indeed is more than twice the size of the next largest (Berlin) there seems to be no context around Corona deaths. The UK is currently 6th highest in Europe in deaths per 1m population yet the media report as if the UK is utterly useless at regulating the virus. The UK has a materially higher population density than France, Italy and Spain whilst Belgium and Netherlands are more densely populated both have greater deaths per 1m population than the UK.

  79. Dissenter

    ‘ Arteta is not just a talented coach, he’s absolutely elite. One of the best minds in the world of football already’

    Actually that’s not true
    He’s a promising young manager we took a chance on out of necessity because we are bereft of ambition and resources.
    Hopefully he comes good but let’s not go overboard with unearned praise.

  80. Pedro

    JWL, middling clubs don’t take risks. They hire people like Moyes, Allardyce, and Steve Bruce. Only someone that spent 18 months backing Emery would fail to see the improvement, which is why you write these things.

  81. Dissenter

    Actually Steve Bruce has done as well as Rafael Benitez. He shouldn’t be used to make cheap points to defend Arteta.

  82. Pedro

    CG, as a coach, Arteta has back to back Premier League titles with record points. That’s elite.

    You aren’t on an extreme, you are just trolling.

    We know he’s inexperienced, but he’s shown great aptitude managing a horrible situation.

    Who knows how many trophies he’ll win at Arsenal, one thing is for sure, he’ll be a better hire than Sean Dyche or Nigel Pearson would have been.

  83. Pedro

    Dissenter, Steve Bruce, even in his prime of management, was such a nightmare thought that Flamini preferred to sit on the bench at Arsenal. He was so disgusted by the thought of playing under him at Birmingham, he didn’t sign a new deal and moved to Milan.

    He’s a journeyman manager with journeyman ideas. Perfect for Mike Ashley who makes a habit of bland managers.

  84. CG


    “”””one thing is for sure, he’ll be a better hire than Sean Dyche or Nigel Pearson would have been.”””””

    Well if you asked the Burnley chairman

    To go with Arteta or keep Dyche.
    He would say the same as me.

    Sean Dyche.

    Burnley the club that year in year out extract the maximum out of their resources better than any club in England.

  85. Pedro

    CG, that’s because Burnley is a small club that will never be part of the elite. It’s a low-pressure job where survival is a win. Sean Dyche doesn’t have the next level in him.

  86. CG


    “””CG, that’s because Burnley is a small club that will never be part of the elite. “”””

    Well that’s what Arsenal have become.((post Wenger)

    A world of Cedrics and Marys, Luizs and Steve Rounds.

    I think he would be a perfect fit.

  87. Pedro

    CG, Arsenal keeping Wenger on 10 years past his sell by date was indeed small club mentality.

    Thankfully, we’re coming to the end of the Wenger induced nightmare and now we’re making good decisions.

    Meanwhile, Wenger can’t get a job in the game. A real shame. I know he misses it.

  88. CG

    “”””CG, Arsenal keeping Wenger on 10 years past his sell by date was indeed small club mentality.””””

    In any business or organisation, you only replace with better with what you currently have.

    You dont replace people like Wenger with Emery and Arteta types you replace them with a Klopp/Pep/Rafa B types or you dont replace them at all.

    Arsenal made the same mistake with George Graham.
    Downsized with Rioch.

    Great clubs deserve heavyweight managers . Like Liverpool have.

    Surprise surprise, they went big and bold with Klopp.

    And now they have won The Champions League and probably league title.

    You might want this ‘ progressive’ nonsense type of coach.

    I dont – I want one proven.
    Because you win trophies this way.

  89. jwl

    “… middling clubs don’t take risks ….”

    They certainly do, Pedro, because that where all managers start their career except for egotistical Arteta.

    Pep,Klopp, Zidane, Nagelsmann all started at lesser clubs while Lampard and Gerrard also started out at middling teams. A club in elite league with top four aspirations don’t hire novices, it is sad that Arsenal think Arteta is best it can do.

  90. Pedro

    CG, I’m struggling here.

    You are now saying we should hire a big hitter like Klopp, but also suggesting we hire a manager like Pearson or Dyche?

    This is why people find you irritating. You need some consistency. It’s hard to debate someone that just wants a reaction.

    JWL, Pep started at Barcelona, Mourinho at Benfica, and Zidane at Madrid.

    Spare me the ‘spoilt brat’ stuff. We had a go with experience under Emery, who you adored, and look where it ended.