United set the tone with NHS donations

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Friday, Monday, Tuesday, it’s all the same now… worst thing is, I’m starting to enjoy it. I haven’t drunkenly stumbled into a Popeye’s Chicken in a month, I read a lot, and I’m basically a yoga pro. I even enjoy meetings these days.


The Belgian League was the first in the world to go all out for cancellation.

“The Board of Directors took note of the recommendations of Dr. Van Ranst and the government that it is highly unlikely that games with the public will be played before June 30. The current situation also makes it very unclear whether and when a resumption of collective training courses can be foreseen at all,” the league said in a statement.

“Even if games behind closed doors could theoretically be possible, the additional pressure they place on health and order services should be avoided. Moreover, decisions by local authorities threaten to make a joint course of match days impossible.

“The Board of Directors has unanimously decided that it is not desirable to continue the competition after June 30. Given the above elements, the Board of Directors has formulated a unanimous advice to the General Meeting not to resume the competitions of the season ’19 -’20 and to accept the current state of the Jupiler Pro League as final classification [subject to the decisions of the licensing committee].”


Have my doubts each of their clubs has a £750m guillotine hanging over their heads, but they’ve taken the big decision and run with it.

What’s the Premier League up to? Burying its head in the sand. The FT is speculating that the UK is now on a worse path than Italy. So whilst many people are pointing to Sweden as the best in class situation right now for releasing us from our homes (let’s see where that approach lands them), the reality is that shit is about to get very real for everyone. Which is why the Premier League seriously has the option OF PLAYING THE REST OF THE LEAGUE OUT IN CHINA. Are you fucking kidding me? What is going on with their brainstorms? I thought a crisis was supposed to sharpen the mind.

Spurs have been told by the UK that they won’t get a penny so long as football players are on full salary. Good news. The elite clubs shouldn’t be anywhere near that money. Watching all these letch billionaires come with their begging bowls is quite the scene, especially the tax exiles like Messrs Green and Branson. Also stunning the see banks whacking huge interest rates on small businesses for these loans.

Anyway, some good news, Manchester United players are donating 30% of their wages to local NHS services. Good news for clubs that can afford to do that. True leadership amongst slow mover clubs. I hope we see a little more of that at the highest level.

Not a lot of football to talk about today, but I liked these numbers, a special one for the all the ‘HAVE WE REALLY SEEN IMPROVEMENT’ merchants that were on the blog before we closed out the season.

Finally, tune into our COVID-19 podcast if you haven’t already. I speak with Nigel Phillips of the AST and we dissect the problems going on in football at the minute.

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  1. jwl

    Employee of the month is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner and a loser at the same time.

  2. Boomslang

    A cop car was chasing another car for miles and miles. When the car finally pulled over, the cop asks the man why he didn’t stop? The man replies, my wife ran off with a cop and I thought it might have been you and you were trying to return her.

  3. CG

    Great post.

    (Ill keep it to soccer.)

    We have an array of experts on here- that can dissect all of the other worlds problems later.

    Well done to Manchester United – showing what great clubs do.

    Our lot still Ostrich like- we hear nothing from them. Obviously all taking their cue from Silent Stan.

    One would have liked Arsenal to have done likewise as Manchester United and even more- especially as our Head Coach has actually used precious NHS resources.

    But alas no. Hopefully they can prove us wrong and even out donate Manchester united with their generosity sometime soon.

    the inertia continues.

  4. James wood

    You might have thought the Kroenke family might make a gesture.
    Perhaps he then might be seen in a different light.
    Certainly would not hurt him that much ,????????

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    If like in the us supermarkets are hitting and exceeding all targets

    In other Words…
    Raking it

    But he won’t.

    Rich only worry about money,

    They can’t take it with the,

    A 30year billionaire dies
    Or a 80 year old man relaxing enjoying his pension

    What would you rather be?

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    How’s 5he ad game during all 5his.

    I work for a versioning firm…
    Fucking non stop playin* out stuff

    Well see in a few weeks, but I’m guessing just re hash old campaigns,..

    Online ads gone out of control for us.

    Not sur3 other post house who primarily aim at uk market are busy, we do worldwide

  7. Pedro

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal, it’s not great. My bit is doing ok, but media and traditional is getting fucked. Great time to work in versioning or animation!

  8. James wood

    Those where the days Working at Masius Wynn -Williams in the
    print room working on the Wilkinsons razor blades advertising
    and Amtico flooring ads,
    Short time there as recession dictated last in first out but enjoyable
    at the time.

  9. Marc

    Robert Kennedy’s grand daughter and great grandson are both missing are a kayaking accident.

    I don’t know what deal Joe Kennedy made with the Devil but fuck me it can’t have been worth the curse that’s been on that family ever since.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    That’s what I’m now in versioning ..

    Very good at moment

    Have worked for big post house in London where it was all about style an showreel material,
    Oh plus releasing Xmas John Lewis clips .

    Started of working for an ad agency where they would celebrate getting on a short list for a client without evening winning ..

    All good times tho..

    Hope all goes well for you through this Peter.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Ain’t he one of your hero’s ?

    Sell yer soul

    Work hard and get rich and fuck all people in yer way ?

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All these clubs at bottom of league arevall about self preservation ..

    Have 22 clubs in prem again no one goes down
    Top 4 come up

    But then

    6 go down next season only 2 up .. ina couple of season normality restored

  13. Frank C

    Why do you believe that paying fans have a civil service to a club with,literally, several millions in their account and an owner worth several hundred millions dollars himself?

  14. Moray

    Good point, Frank. Football is rotten and has been at least ever since the Premiership began.

    It’s at times like this that the rot is exposed

  15. James wood

    RSPC 23.05.
    Yes some of the Upper management at Masius
    the country Gentry types where not very nice.
    But I believe they got taken over by Benton Bensons
    I kept in touch with one guy there who went on to work for
    TS Royds???

  16. CG


    “””Good point, Frank. Football is rotten and has been at least ever since the Premiership began.”””””

    Well said.And accurate.

    Just took in the 89 film. Pre Prem.

    That was authentic soccer. Brain Moore commentating.
    Emollient tones.

    One criticism of this excellent movie.

    The appearance of Ian Wright. He didn’t play in this game. he joined Arsenal seasons later.

    But typical of Wright, to try and get in on the act and make out he were.

    A great goalscorer Ian Wright- but not as great as his ego.

  17. Bojangles

    “I Will pay you a nubile vietnamese”


    Seeing as, if I so chose, I could have my pick of these for free, you are offering me the same amount as you offer your advice for.

  18. Pierre

    “A great goalscorer Ian Wright- but not as great as his ego.”

    All(nearly) great goalscorers have big egos, Jimmy greaves the exception, and he was the best I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    Though Ian Wright wasn’t the greatest Arsenal player I’ve seen , I do believe he was the the most natural finisher I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt.

    Thierry Henry was majestic but he had Denis Bergkamp supplying him with sublime passes for nearly the whole of his Arsenal career.

    Wright formed a good partnership with Alan Smith and Limpar when he first arrived at the club but after that he was feeding off scraps with the likes of John Jenson Hillier, Selley, mcgoldrick etc in midfield .

    Robbie Fowler in his prime was another who made goalscoring look easy.

  19. CG


    “”””All(nearly) great goalscorers have big egos, Jimmy Greaves the exception, and he was the best I’ve seen in my lifetime.”””””

    Well , not so sure about nearly all of them.

    For every Ronaldo- there is a Messi
    For every Wright- there is an Anelka.
    For every Malcom McDonald -there is a Frank Stapleton

    Chalk and cheese personalities. Introverts and extroverts.

    Arsenal were undoubtedly a better team before Ian Wright arrived and most definitely when he departed. The period in between was just the Ian Wright show.

    Ian Wright didn’t play for Arsenal FC. He played for Ian Wright FC.

    I actually thought Anelka was better than Wright and Henry.

    Inspired and courageous management from our Wenger to jettison the club favorite Wright to West Ham United and replace him with the unknown French teenager Anelka.

  20. Tom

    A tragic event for sure but I have always wondered how much of that “curse” was down to Kennedy family members reckless lifestyle and bravado vs bad luck.
    Even this latest tragedy, I mean, when you think about…………. going after a ball into the bay in a canoe with a wind advisory in effect.
    I know the $500k per year Kennedy family members trust fund ain’t what it used to be, but when you don’t have to worry about money, like ever, maybe your survival instinct ain’t what it should be.

  21. Redtruth

    Two players most definitely overrated at Arsenal were Ian Wright and Davis Seaman.

    Ian Wright for obvious reasons and David Seaman for his costly blunders, the FA Cup Semi-Final ’91 and Cup Winners Cup Final ’95 spring to mind.

  22. GunnerDNA


    “But typical of Wright, to try and get in on the act and make out he were”

    Wright is a clout chaser!

  23. Bob N16

    Ian Wright – the best goal celebrations of any player. Top quality finisher, not the highest quality as an all round player. Kevin Campbell and Alan Smith did not benefit from his selection. Legend though!

  24. Bob N16

    Seaman, ‘safe hands’ – very dependable, reassuring figure to have as our No 1. Trust Redtruth to focus on any negatives.

  25. Pierre

    “Arsenal were undoubtedly a better team before Ian Wright arrived and most definitely when he departed. The period in between was just the Ian Wright show.”

    Maybe , maybe not , but my point was that he was the most natural finisher to put on an Arsenal shirt.

    Anelka, great player that he was in his short time at Arsenal, is not what I would call a natural finisher.

    Wright had a hunger for goals that Anelka never had, plus it was not Wright’s fault that he was playing with players of the calibre of Jimmy Carter, Hartson, kiwomya, jenson, selley, Hillier, mcgoldrick .

  26. Redtruth

    Bob N16

    That’s because their are so many negatives to focus on.

    Ryan Giggs in the Cup Semi-Final in 1999

    Koeman free kick for Holland

    Hamann daisy-cutter for Germany in the last ever International gsme at the old Wembley.

    Macedonia scoring direct from a corner…………the list goes on..

  27. S Asoa

    Rakitic is available from Barca at €20million. He is 32 but should last 2-3 years being a midfielder

  28. Redtruth

    “Wright had a hunger for goals that Anelka never had, plus it was not Wright’s fault that he was playing with players of the calibre of Jimmy Carter, Hartson, kiwomya, jenson, selley, Hillier, mcgoldrick .”

    The team definitely regressed with the purchase of Ian Wright.

  29. Pierre

    Jenson, hartson, carter , selley , hiller kiwomya , mcgoldrick were 2nd division players at best and we were on the verge of relegation despite having the best back 4 in the country..

    At least we signed Bergkamp and Platt whilst Rioch was at the club.

    I’m not sure George Graham made a decent signing after Ian Wright.

  30. Pierre

    Schwarz was just a clone of every other crap midfielder we had at that time.

    Slow , methodical , one paced, no final ball and that’s their good points.

  31. CG


    “””””Jenson, hartson, carter , selley , hiller kiwomya , mcgoldrick “”””””

    Then the Wenger Revolution come. And what a revolution it was.

    I wish the self entitled deplorables and delinquents who obsess about Wengers shortcomings were around to watch these impostors on a weekly basis.

    Maybe they would be a tad more reticent with their criticisms of our greatest ever manager.

    Anyway – expect more McGoldricks and Carters coming our way- now Wenger has gone.

    In fact – come to think of it ,they are already here( Mary and Cedric)

  32. Pierre

    Schwarz was the best of a bad bunch , but nothing special.

    Dont get me started on Jenson…I was at the QPR game when he scored his one and only goal for the club, must have been a fluke …one of the poorest players to ever wear an Arsenal shirt.
    Still lost 3-1 at home to QPR.

  33. alex cutter

    ”’A tragic event for sure…”

    The crimes of the Kennedy family over the generations are thoroughly documented.

    I would use the word “karma’ instead of “tragedy.” The family is so scummy and corrupt they make the trump trash look like the girl scouts.