Redcurrant kit?

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Well, well, well… look what you went and did, Britain. Boris Johnson delivering a wrist slap to all your hip kids that just couldn’t resist nipping out at the weekend for taste of that market fresh gluten-free-uncaged-organic-pure-bred-breast-fed-totally-ironic cheese toasties.

You are a fucking disgrace.

Now everyone is lockdown facing down the harsh reality that getting caught on your second run of the day could get you sent to jail for a high crime.

Imagine that though, going on a second run, what sort of pervert goes on two runs a day? You’re just showing off at that point, you deserve a criminal record. Join the rest of the nation, stay logged into your Microsoft Teams because they monitor activity, crack open a 10 am beer, and lose yourself in a good mid-afternoon nap.

Footyheadlines is keeping us occupied with good gossip on the next kit.

They say the shirt will be a much darker red, similar to this ball.

Looks very dark, almost redcurrant, are Arsenal going to re-up a Nike kit? That’d be odd considering it’s a copy? Up to them, they have the freedom of my amateur designer heart on this one. I’m confident it’ll look great.

Gabriel Martinelli has spoken about the first time he met Auba.

“I sat next to him, a bit shy, but as Auba speaks Spanish, he struck up a conversation and asked where I was from.

“We had a nice chat. He had met a random guy from another country, but was so kind and wished me luck.”

Damn, Auba speaks Spanish… not that language was going to stop him moving to Spain, it just makes it a little easier.

Today, let’s talk about your fave Arsenal performance of the last decade.

Mine is Per Mertesacker in THAT FA Cup final against Antonio Conte’s BEASTLY Chelsea side. I flew back last minute to catch that game. I thought we had absolutely no chance, especially as Per Mertesacker had been in and out of the game all season. I was so wrong, the Big Fucking German put in one of the most majestic defensive performances I’ve ever seen. He led like a war hero, his timing and positioning were nothing short of spectacular, he was an absolute star. Plaudits went to Sanchez, but my oh my, what a great day that was for one of my favourite Arsenal defenders.

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  1. Uwot? question the BFG did us proud that day Long with Holding.The chavs thought they’d only have to turn up.Great too watching costa getting a kicking!

  2. Uwot?

    In regards to Bojos lockdown.It was inevitable.The lowlife & scum of our society only understand the HARDWAY..They have no respect or decency for anything else.So hell slap it into em!

  3. Chris

    I’d like a colour of home kit somewhere between our traditional red and the 05/06 shirt. Forgot another white away kit though, please. Spurs we are not. I quite liked the blue pin stripe polo neck kit we had 09/10 I think. A rehash of that would be nice.

    I recall Vieira dragging us through a tough home game against Everton in 02/03 when we were starting to wobble in our title defence, he scored the winner in that game too but it was a true captains performance.

  4. NJ Gunner

    Last ten years? Any game that Santi played in. How come beating any press was so much easier when he was in the team?

    If football had specialist positions like the US version, then surely Santi would make everybody’s’ team.

    The BFG was great in that Chelsea final. But my iconic image from that game was Holding telling Diego Costa to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  5. Redtruth

    “In regards to Bojos lockdown.It was inevitable.The lowlife & scum of our society only understand the HARDWAY..They have no respect or decency for anything else.So hell slap it into em!”

    You shouldn’t speak ill of your fellow brexiteers.

  6. Northbanker

    G – for some reason had it in my mind Henry only scored v Leeds on his return and had forgotten that goal.

  7. Thomas

    “I recall Vieira dragging us through a tough home game against Everton in 02/03 when we were starting to wobble in our title defence, he scored the winner in that game too but it was a true captains performance.”


    How is that in the ‘last decade”?

  8. Markymark

    Redtruth – it may be more ICU beds, it might be a statistic oddity that their case load is of younger people. But you can also reclassify ( lie if you like ) so as an example a gentleman has hypertension, kidney issues , diabetes and gets Corona. You’ve got 3 options for the certificate. It’s why pneumonia is still one of the largest causes of death in the UK. Pneumonia sets in to kill you off when the body is weak . Looks like Corona does the same.
    Germany as a nation has lied on a mass scale before ( VW diesel ) so saving the worlds largest car manufacturer. The let’s keep Germans and Germany happy model may well be in place again .

  9. G

    Northbanker.. Its funny how some games just stick in your mind.. Remember everyone going on about Henry whilst Rvp scored a hatrick

  10. Chris


    When Bergkamp got his goal in that Everton game it was magical, not many games where a player deserved a goal as that one.

  11. Upstate Gooner

    RvP’s goal against Pool from Alex Song’s peach of an assist. RvP then kisses Song’s boot. Priceless stuff.

  12. Fredo

    It was my son’s birthday, he turned 7 and had started really getting into the game. We’re playing spurs at the Emirates and it was a hell of a rollercoaster. we take the lead, with an Auba pen, they peg us back and then take the lead with a Kane pen. I see his face drop as I struggled not to show my own disappointment as it appeared he had picked the wrong way to celebrate his birthday….losing the derby at home live??
    Who else but his favourite player Auba steps in and belts in a curler 1st time from outside the box. The joy that erupted in both of us and the rest of the stadium for that matter in that moment was something extra special as we all lost it in celebration. We went on to win 4 2 . A birthday and a moment to remember for me and my young gooner

  13. Un na naai

    Fave performance?


    No1) Wilshere Barcelona 2011
    Come on. Who else? My fave result although it led to nothing
    My fave team performance
    My fave personal performance

    No2/3 combined
    RvP and Theo vs Chelsea 5-3
    RvP stole the plaudits but Theo. My fucking god Theo. Yet again you ripped Ashely Cole asunder. The ONLY player who terrified cash
    Messi, Ronaldo? Fuck off. But Theo? He destroyed the best left back in the game on the regs. 60% of the time, it worked, every time.

  14. Un na naai

    Upstate GoonerMarch 24, 2020 18:56:24
    RvP’s goal against Pool from Alex Song’s peach of an assist. RvP then kisses Song’s boot. Priceless stuff.

    Right footed too if I remember correctly?
    Robbie Keane scores a beauty of a volley too that day- if I remember correctly

    I’m surprised you didn’t ban be over my Chinese government views. I agree that would be harsh but thanks all the same
    I felt it was gonna happen and you didn’t do it

  15. WengerEagle

    Agree UN you beat me to the punch, my top three would be in no particular order RVP vs Chavs hat-rick, Wilshere at home vs Barca 2011.

    And one that tends to get forgotten in there is Santi Cazorla’s 4 assist performance in an end of season crunch match at home to Wigan in a 4-1 win [was 1-1 at HT] moving us into the CL places.

  16. alex cutter

    In the UK, the only areas of coronavirus planning that match the government in terms of idiocy are that of the football authorities and the bookmaking sector.

    The holistic was shocking – the Premier League displayed a robust yet irrational determination that games should proceed with fans present despite every other entity (UEFA accepted at that time) deciding to terminate games or to play behind closed doors, and despite all of the medical evidence and advice to the contrary.

    Dick Masters and his puppeteers knew best.


    A birdie tells us.

    █████ █████ █████ placed heavy pressure on █████ █████ of the Department of Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) to ensure that the Cheltenham Festival went ahead. The bookmakers yield a decent percentage of their annual profits at the meeting and the thousands of people who will have contracted Covid-19 and stand to be deceased will be worth the effort for the layers.

    On March 9th, Oliver Dowden of the DCMS slithered onto our screens telling us that sport will continue as no reason to cancel.

    It is worth mentioning that the DCMS has form with bookmakers – current committee member Philip Davies MP (Chair of the Betting & Gaming All-Party Parliamentary Group) received over five grand from bookmakers in 2016 and 2017. For nothing of course.

    Similarly with the decision to go ahead with Liverpool versus Atletico Madrid in the Champions League 1/16 2nd Leg – playing this match at all, never mind with a full stadium when the region around Madrid was known as the main European locus of Covid-19 outside of Italy is simply unbelievable. Once again, Liverpudlians will die as a result of this game being played.

    The determination to continue with the Premier League, Championship and the EFL, and the Cheltenham Festival, was pure bloody-minded psychopathy and greed.

    And the media were enrolled in the fake.

    On March 9th, Jason Burt (the chief football correspondent at the Telegraph) was persuaded to write that “football has an obligation to continue… it is a glorious distraction in troubling times”, and there followed an array of headlines in both the Telegraph and the Guardian drawing new battle-lines of fake hyperreality as the real reality of the pandemic took hold. David Conn’s piece on the state of play was trumped within the hour by the WHO announcement of the upgrade to pandemic so a swiftly prepared and ghost-written Eni Aluko column appeared desperate to achieve a closed door solution to the eventually cancelled Round 30 of the Premier League 2019/20 season – the season that never took place – The 2019/20 Premier League Season Did Not Take Place.

    On March 12th, the Premier League announced at 21:30 GMT that Round 30 would go ahead with fans present. At that point every major and second tier league on the planet had been postponed for a month, and all other global sports – cricket, tennis, golf, rugby union, rugby league, motor racing, cycling etc – had been terminated but Dick Masters and the EPL strode boldly on.

    Of course, we now recognise that this was just a part of our prime minister’s attempt at eugenic genocide.

    But still.

    One hour after Masters baiting the fans with murderous intent, Mikel Arteta announced that he had the virus and on the morning of March 13th the EPL was finally dragged into the real world and all football was cancelled until April 3rd (apart from Non-League football as █████ █████ and the bookmakers persuaded the National League to continue on. A decision that will create health issues as even at the lower levels of the BetVictor leagues, South Shields versus FC United of Manchester saw 3247 fans for their game yesterday).

    Like airlines, travel firms and just-in-time supply line businesses, bookmakers will be heavily impacted by this global pandemic. The pressure put on the DCMS not to postpone Cheltenham allowed the bookmakers to clear up at the meeting.

    Of 16 favourites that had a starting price of 3/1 or shorter, only two won.
    Willie Mullins had 7 winners with an average SP of 5/1; his 7 losing favourites average price was 17/10.

    And there was a wonderful psychological flow to Mullins’ runners – on day 1, all three favourites lost while he began day four with four straight winners.
    Conspicuous money was lost at Cheltenham this year while the bookmakers stuffed their satchels and bitcoin accounts via a redistribution that looks illegitimate and absent of integrity.

    Football too.

    There were a number of key reasonings behind the stupid obsession with the EPL in continuing blindly ahead into the coronavirus spittle storm, not least of which was the state of the league table on termination of the tournament. Dick Masters and his cohorts understood that once the Premier League was cancelled, it wouldn’t be restarting – all projections of the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic make league completion an impossibility.

    And EPL Rules don’t allow for the league positions (including title, UEFA places and relegation) to be determined if a season fails to complete.

    The situation is the same we understand in the SPFL.

    Consequently, Liverpool cannot be presented with the EPL title and neither can Celtic receive the SPFL trophy.

    Both seasons should be voided.

    Furthermore, if Masters and those who pull his strings try to override this reality, Manchester City will confront the EPL legally.

    And there is a lot of stuff still to come out on the Liverpool hacking scandal, the control of certain referees and other clubs by Liverpool, the doping, the insider trading and matchfixing, the illicit associations with UEFA, bookmakers and ‘Football Leaks’, that sort of thing.

    If Round 30 had taken place, Liverpool’s victory over Everton (no doubt courtesy of Jordan Pickford) and Manchester City’s loss to a doped up Burnley (with Ederson bound to be at fault) would make Liverpool champions; meanwhile a doping Manchester United with control of the entire refereeing team for their game at Tottenham and their very own in-house referee Tony Taylor on the Chelsea game would have been guaranteed 4th place (allowing Champions League football even if their neighbours overturn the pseudo-UEFA ban) – assuming that the EPL can develop a loophole for league positions equating with Champions League qualification despite the season not being completed.

    Round 30 was the title-winning round.

    Completion of the league at Round 29 means that the league is void.
    Even the Guardian’s David Conn now recognises this.


    The matter is bound to end up in court.

    As fans, we deserve to know why the Premier League put the safety of fans, players and staff at risk just so insider trading positions, ante-post bets and PR revenue streams could be monetised to maximum effect.

    The EPL isn’t a private league for mafia and matchfixing and the creation of spectacles to the benefit of select agents.

    It is supposed to be a sport.

    British football is extensively rancid.

    Perversion being a core competency – the dropping of the manslaughter charges against an unnamed man from North Yorksire was leaked to the media two days ahead of the result of the investigation into the death of Emiliano Sala.

    When the public were made aware on Friday 13th that the pilot wasn’t qualified to be flying the plane, the story was buried under the coronavirus noise.

    The Death of Emiliano Sala Did Not Take Place.

    It is a story that cannot be told.

    Leading anti-corruption activist Roberto Saviano sees the UK as the most corrupt nation on the planet which, although possibly a slight exaggeration, is certainly true in the arms trade, the associations between sport and betting, in areas of the City of London, and in the linkage of each of these sectors with Britain’s global web of Offshore Financial Centres.

    And when one starts exploring Cambridge Analytica and CSL or Full Fact and Facebook or Premier League football and underground markets or Cheltenham and British bookies, the same marginal gains psychopathy matrices of corruption appear.

    There is a template of corruption that replicates.

    There are a lot of rotten things that are rotten to the core.


    Good news.

    Covid-19 will both undermine corruption and allow a 6 month or 12 month period of economic contraction as opposed to growth allowing climate scientists to monitor the impact of a temporary end of capitalism on climate catastrophe.

    The battle over reality has been temporarily halted.


    How long before Covid-19 becomes hyperreal?

    Ecclesiastes: “The simulacrum is never what hides the truth – it is the truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true.”

  17. Caligooner

    Best is the last second welbeck header vs Leicester when it looked like we might actually do something resembling anything in the league.

    Worst is every game after that.

  18. Un na naai


    For the life of me I can’t remember stand out Santi performances

    City away

    Santi ran the show from the middle with coq

    A false dawn but what a day. What a game. What a performance form the little big man.
    I loved cazorla

    I felt like tinting my back on arsenal when emery let him and jack walk for free
    The only joy I felt we had left and he ripped it from me

    Only Saka pepe and martinelli have begun to reintroduce that since emery took over

  19. WengerEagle

    Wally did have a tendency to rip Chelsea a new one to be fair, remember he terrorised them in the 3-1 win at the Emirates late 2010 when Carlo was their gaffer, Djourou kept Drogba largely in his pocket if memory serves correct in what was his performance of the ages [still couldn’t keep a bloody clean sheet mind].

    He always went off on the Spuds too. As annoying as he was I’d take that version of him over any of our current wide forward options.

  20. Un na naai

    GOV.UK CORONAVIRUS ALERT New rules in force now: you must stay at home. More info & Exemptions at Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

    Anyone else get this text? Behave!! I’m front line

  21. WengerEagle

    ‘Right footed too if I remember correctly?
    Robbie Keane scores a beauty of a volley too that day- if I remember correctly’

    No was a few seasons earlier one you’re thinking of, was 1-1 and yeah Keane scored a beaut after RVP turned Carragher into a scarecrow and pelted in a pinger of a right foot hit from 30 odd yards.

    Song assist was at Anfield in a win where we were losing and he sealed it late on. But THE Song-RVP goal of the decade was the one at home to Everton.

  22. Un na naai


    He also stepped up against Barca sometimes too and untied
    Remember the 3-0?

    Sanchez scores the goals and Theo didn’t but as the lone front man he was excellent
    He also starred in the 3-1 win vs Chavs in that 3-4 game run up front and was excellent and then for some god forsaken unknown reason, while on a winning run and playing SCINTILLATING football, Wenger drops him.
    Man I’ll just never know what he was up to in those years
    Found a winning formula and then fucked it up. He wasn’t himself anymore

  23. WengerEagle


    To be honest up until his knee injury in the FA Cup at home to the Spuds in 2014 season [Gnabry’s coming out party and Rosicky giving us one of the feel-good moments of the decade with that goal] Wally while not a world beater was a very useful forward option depending on the matches we played.

    He actually tended to play better and step up vs better opposition like United, Barca, Chelsea, Spurs, Citeh funnily enough. Mainly because he had acres of space to operate in and that was one thing that you couldn’t leave him in because man could finish and fuck me was he fast in his heyday, never seen anything like it.

  24. Un na naai

    No was a few seasons earlier one you’re thinking of, was 1-1 and yeah Keane scored a beaut after RVP turned Carragher into a scarecrow and pelted in a pinger of a right foot hit from 30 odd yards.

    No he took it on his chest and as he was so one footed uo til that point carra expected him to push onto his left

    He didn’t
    It was one of the most technically beautiful goals I’ve seen outside of bergkamp, Marco Van Basten and Messi

    Jesus I loved RvP
    Everything about him was just pure excellence, skill, technique, vision and power. Subtle and sleek when needed or pure force. He had it all.

  25. Markymark

    Redtruth – But Prof Ricciardi added that Italy’s death rate may also appear high because of how doctors record fatalities.

    “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus

    Italy is classing everything by Corona. UK probably is to. Germany you probably can only have one symptom ( Corona ) to have that classed as your reason of death hence 0.04 and Germany are happy at how efficient they are

  26. Un na naai


    Always spoke up for Walcott
    Not just for being english, had a lot of love for vela and Eduardo too. But yeah, Walcott was never world class but able to frighten world class players and teams.
    Certainly had the potential to be a top striker in a 442 and his goal and assists to starts record for us is phenomenal

    Scored or assisted 2/3 of every start in his arsenal career

  27. WengerEagle

    RVP being bad with his right foot was one of the biggest myths and misconceptions out there.

    Scored some of his greatest goals with that right peg of his, Liverpool one and the Inter Milan pre-season friendly ones especially.

  28. CG

    Fave Performance.

    Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1 FA Cup final.

    Wenger written off, harangued by the media,abused from every corner. (mostly from alleged AFC fans)…..not progressive enough or running the club correctly for some of these whippersnappers and ‘Jonny come latelies.’……who ironically probably only became AFC fans because of the great man.

    He has seen off Peps’ City in the semi final. Now Conte’s Chelsea Champions lie in await….. the Double is on a plate for Chelsea. Or is it?

    There is no defence. Only Big Per to fall back on.

    Yet still Arsenal play sublimely. Attack throughout. And Rambo does what he does best.

    Ultimately Wenger wins his 7th F A Cup.( Arsenal have only won 6 previously) He posts another record that probably wont be broken- to go with his Invincible season

    And still the fans vilify our greatest ever manager. Even to this day.

    Wenger continues to show his class, dignity and wit throughout these times.

    Whilst the hoardes who wanted him out are left to enjoy the shite we now watch on a weekly basis and we pontificate what type of color red we might be wearing next season.

    Thats progression- I guess!

  29. Un na naai


    The ox vs Blackburn In a (I think) 6-1 win too was a standout
    He played left wing and was out of this world as an 18 year old and similar in a 2-2 draw vs untied at home shortly after in which he was subbed and RvP went nuts as he had Man U terrified that day

    Back to Blackburn
    No both actually
    He promised so much initially. I really thought we had this world class superstar on our hands
    Wenger has done it again
    Who is this kid?
    Fuck me he’s next level
    Then his showing in the middle vs milan
    RvP has a sitter but tries to be cute and chip from two fucking yards

    Either way the ox was next level that day too
    So much talent but lax attitude
    If someone like fergie got hold of him he could have been elite

  30. WengerEagle


    He was the last world class player that we had.

    Sanchez certainly put up the numbers and had his moments but for me he never came close to Van Persie’s quality. Used to bewilder Bergkamp and Henry in training with his skills as a youngster, imagine how good you have to be to manage that.

    The fact that RVP was our last heavily sought after player from rivals tells you all you need to know.

  31. Un na naai


    Yeah I agree but defenders expected him to work onto his left which is why he was so good at selling them a dummy. He could hit a left footed shot from almost any angle but when needed he’d use the right
    I’m left footed
    How you it’s an advantage. For me I fell it’s easier to sell a dummy and go onto my right side with enough room to still work onto my left if i can

    Pepe needs to learn this
    But we need to help him

  32. Un na naai

    Sanchez was world class while at arsenal
    No doubt for me
    But RvP was up there with dennis Henry and paddy in that elite bracket
    In his prime I can’t think of anyone bar Messi Ronaldo Henry and Ronaldinho that were better at changing games on a 6 pence
    I was so lucky to see him play

    That volley v Charlton too

  33. Un na naai

    CGLest we forget, Sanchez handballed it when he scored plus Ramsey was offside.

    Rt isn’t even worth it man. Whatever you do rt don’t attend games or frequent pubs with majority arsenal fans
    You’ll get hospitalised

  34. WengerEagle


    Most lefties even at world class level are pretty mediocre-poor on their right peg, pretty astonishing really and odd but it’s a real thing.

    Robben was the most infamous but even Messi is far weaker on his right and guys like Adriano, Recoba, David Silva, Di Maria, Ozil just a few examples of players that were largely useless off their weaker peg [Messi is an exception because of the sheer amount of goals that he’s put up even on his right].

    My broscience likely BS theory is it’s because there as so fewer lefties playing so it’s generally an advantage to be left dominant as defenders are used to turning to their opposite direction, would explain why they are dynamite with that left peg too as they never really bother to train the right and put all of the practice time into the left.

  35. WengerEagle

    Van Persie’s top 10 goal list would look spectacular. Would genuinely be a difficult one to construct as he has 30+ serious contenders at least.

    Only Henry’s looks better because he had solo goals which were the one shortfall in RVP’s list, man wasn’t a dribbler.

  36. Un na naai


    For sure
    I’m 95% left
    Use my right when needed but when they suss you’re left footed they expect it and it’s easier to sell it left and come inside on your right
    Been doing it for years
    Not that I’m great but I’m good and I enjoy the advantage
    Once they know you can go both ways you can turn a whatever way you want. I’m 35 now and play in an over 30 5 aside league and am loving it. We are top by a country mile and it’s the highlight of my week unless mrs un is feeling generous.

    Looking to get into 11 a side again now
    If corona would ever fuck off

  37. Un na naai

    He’s the one man that came out of the invincibles era that deserves so much ti he held in that esteem
    More than Cesc and rosicky and sanchez

    Elite levels

  38. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Mine is the 4-2 defeat of THFC in December 2018 at The Emirates, my first NLD and for my 14 year old nephew his only ever NLD, we used to catch a few games a season together but less than 4 months later he was taken from us in a freak accident. I have been to one game since his passing and it is just not the same without him by my side.

  39. Habesha Gooner

    Santi Cazorla dancing in Manchester was one of my favourite performances. He was one of my favourite players of the last. decade. What a magician he was. Lots of times I wondered ho we got a player of that calibre with out competing with the money bag European teams.

  40. CG

    Q) What a magician he was. Lots of times I wondered how we got a player of that calibre with out competing with the money bag European teams.?

    A) Arsene Wenger is my answer…….whats yours HG?

    (you seem a very bright boy: it should not be too difficult)

  41. Un na naai


    You seem to remember a lot of old goals
    Yet you behave like a millennial corbynista
    Are you one of them old rat weasel types with whispy beards
    Like Robin Cooke?

  42. Habesha Gooner

    Wenger had an eye for talent but in his latter years he over thought things to the point where he bought Xhaka, Mustafi and Lucas Perez for around 85 mil pound. We could have had Kante for the price of xhaka. Anyway I also give him full credit for signing Cazorla too. He had eyes for talent but he also saw talent where there was none too. Sanogo comes to mind.

  43. Un na naai


    Yes!! Wenger was the man who saw the talent in Santi
    He also brought Sanchez to the club and made him one of the best players in the world despite his limitations (I personally loved his all action style)
    He also had Theo terrifying top defenders and super super jack dominating the best midfield that ever lived

    He made his mistakes and he gets his flack but he also made some of the most delightful teams/players/goals/football and the people who crostini’s him most reside here and claim to “support” arsenal

  44. Marc

    It’s amazing that there are some who seem to think the Wenger of 2018 was the same manager as the Wenger of 1998.

    When talking about anyone else everyone would take it as given that people change over 20 years.

  45. jwl

    My fav performance was GP5 against Chavs when he went after Costa for pushing Kos around. Gabriel was proper defender, don’t know why we got rid of him.

  46. Un na naai

    But he also had a lot more to admire than we’ve seen at any time since he was sacked
    Nothing that’s happened since has proved to be an improvement

  47. CG


    “”””Nothing that’s happened since has proved to be an improvement””””

    We have not improved. Not 0.01 % of any improvement in any part of the club since he departed.

    From recruitment, PR, quality of play and class,league table position, attendances or any other factor you care to remember.

    Now that can only mean 2 things.

    1. Wenger was over achieving or at least doing a very acceptable job in his last 2 seasons.


    2. The current Dopes in charge are bloody useless.

  48. Redtruth

    Typical Arsensl turn on the champagne football.after losing the title.
    The same against Southampton when Pennant and Pires both score hattricks.

  49. Kenyangunner

    Not surprised that Aubemayang speaks Spanish because his mother is from Spain.
    I bet he has Gabonese,French and Spanish passports.

  50. Valentin

    Kenya gunner,

    He has.
    He represented France at the U21, but was deemed not good enough so he switched to Gabon.

  51. Dissenter

    Un nai
    Wenger didn’t discover Santi Cazorla. I mean it’s like saying a foreign explorer discovered the biggest river in Africa/North America when the natives had been using that river for generations.
    Santi was a Spanish international and was lighting up Laliga for Villarreal before moving to Malaga in a big money move.

  52. bennydevito

    Gillespie Road,

    That’s really sad man, awful. That game is also one of my favourites of the last decade.

    My favourite was Wenger’s last game in charge. Every Arsenal fan had hope again and finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel knowing there’d be no more groundhog seasons and being the butt of everyone’s jokes.

  53. China1

    Comparing cesc with RVP is very easy

    Cesc put the team on his back for years and after a long time with us went to his boyhood club to win trophies

    RVP spent 80% of his time with us injured, finally got fit for a season and a half then joined our direct biggest rivals of the time, handing them the league title. The only reason he didn’t return was because wenger didn’t want him and couldn’t even be areas to return his text

    I loved rvp as a player, but cesc contributed 10x more to the cause than RVP ever managed to. Watching RVP finally find some fitness then put UTD on his back to hand them the title made me feel sick to my stomach

    It’s a no brainer which of the two should be remembered more fondly

  54. OCGooner

    Agree, FA Cup over Chelsea was the best of the last decade for me. Chelsea thought they could just show up. The BFG and Holding were warriors, especially the part where Holding told Diego Costa to go do one. Was hoping at the time for a carryover from that to the next season, but alas……better times ahead tho no doubt with Arteta. Just watched the documentary they showed here in the US called the Klopp Promise – their last 5 yrs since his 2015 appt. We look to be right where they were then, they finished 8th in 15/16. Let’s hope we follow the same trajectory.

  55. RockyRoe

    In another Wenger special, cesc recalls in a recent interview, that Xabi Alonso was literally begging to come to arsenal ….. And we didn’t make it happen over 3 fucking million. Incredible !!

  56. Upstate Gooner

    That RvP goal I talked about earlier is still fresh in my memory. As for the collective team performance that stands out to me I can’t believe no one has mentioned 7-5 victory against Reading in the league cup (in extra time). What a game that was. 4-0 down at one point. 4-1 at the half. Theo was just ridiculous. Hands down the best game in my memory in the last decade. I never watch recorded matches. It’s Live or nothing for me. As I was at work and missed parts of the game, when I got back home, I downloaded it and watched it in its all entirety.

  57. China1

    The RVP charlton volley is one of the best volleys ever

    I know giroud rightly got a tone of credit for that godlike scorpion kick but there’s a big difference between a once in a lifetime spontaneous hit that happens to be incredible (giroud’s) and someone who has it measured to a T scoring a worldie. With RVP no one was even surprised, just impressed. His goals compilation was out of this world pretty. Only a handful of strikers in the last 20 years were in the same category as RVP for ridiculously technical finishes on a weekly basis. Guy was absolutely magic

  58. Dark Hei


    It’s been less than 2 years since Wenger departed.

    Emery manage to tank the ship harder than Wenger ever did.

  59. Dark Hei


    He also played Cazorla in his most iconic role, as the shortest deep lying mid in the world.

    Very sure you were one of the Capoue cheerleaders.

  60. Tony

    I read today that New York now has the highest daily mortality rates for Covid.

    Hope you can stay unaffected there.

  61. Un na naai


    Come on mate. Cesc run the show. Conducted the orchestra. No doubt. He was excellent. But he had ballers to bounce off
    He had diaby, Arteta, rosicky hleb, nasri, RvP, arshavin, Wilshere, adebayor and Eduardo

    RvP while injured frequently literally carried the team in his final season alone.
    All our best players had left
    Ramsey and jack were both out
    Nasri arshavin and Cesc had left.

    RvP was on his own. Cesc always has a stellar supporting cast

  62. China1

    Cesc did have a better supporting cast but he didn’t need them. He gave 110% every game, bled for the cause and his quality was so elite that the best club team perhaps of all time spent years tapping him up before eventually buying him.

    You could’ve put cesc at stoke city or Nottingham Forest and he’d still have had the pundits purring because he was world class and absolutely unplayable.

    Get near him he turns you on your ass runs in behind and plays a killer through ball. Stand off him and he looks up and plays a killer through ball anyway. There was no solution to stop cesc reliably at any level of the game. He also worked incredibly hard as a team player and some of his best performances came when he was asked to play deeper to support the defense despite not really being his primary game. The guy was dripping with elite un na and he did it for so many years with us, Barca, Spain and Chelsea.

    As for RVP yeah he was the last man standing as the team went down the toilet but the club had stood by him for his entire career to date. Loads of injuries, bouts of ill discipline, rape accusations (whilst he was equitted in the end or whatever). RVP only stayed fully fit for a couple of seasons, then joined our biggest rivals of those times and carried them to the title.

    I don’t resent rvp and I understand why he did it, but it left a very bad taste in my mouth and still does. Cesc earned his move to his boyhood club by dominating PL and European teams week in week out for most of a decade. RVP contributed far less to the club in his time with us despite being a similarly incredible player when we were able to have him fit

  63. Wasi

    “I sat next to him, a bit shy, but as Auba speaks Spanish, he struck up a conversation and asked where I was from.

    “We had a nice chat. He had met a random guy from another country, but was so kind and wished me luck.”

    Isn’t this quote like months old?

    Also It was Per’s first start that season and only his second appearance if im right. His first was a substitute cameo for a goodbye to the PL I think.
    One of my favourite performances of the last decade definitely. We literally had 3 first choice defenders out and the odds were heavily against us. But Per, Ozil, Rob, Sanchez , even Xhaka I think played extremely well that day.

    Other than that Id say maybe Cazorla against City, Jack against Barca,Ozil against Leicester ,Rambo’s second half heroics against Spurs last season some standouts.

  64. Dark Hei

    Arsenal running plenty of old clips on YouTube .

    Good time to just look at the past and cherry pick highlights as balm for the soul.

  65. Habesha Gooner

    I never really warmed up to RVP. Cesc was a different story. I still love him. He was insanely talented and he performed consistently for years. RVP on top form was unplayable but It wasn’t a significant amount of time for us. He always had niggles and I always thought he would move on to any next big club that came in for him. I never felt loyalty from him and that’s why I didn’t warm up to him as a captain too. On the other hand with Cesc I always felt if it wasn’t for Barcelona he wouldn’t have left. Even after he left arsenal I always wanted him to do good. With RVP I hoped manure were getting a crock eventhough it didn’t happen later.

  66. Un na naai


    I think both players were equally talented. Not ran the show while at their peak for arsenal. Both have everything they had to give on the field while in arsenal colours

    But that’s not my point. My point is that Cesc left at 24 with lots and lots of years in him to achieve. He left a team that was close to stepping up and with him nasri and RvP we should have been on titles in the next year or year after. We were close but he wanted out and we crumbled not long after.

    RvP left the team that was bereft of elite talent at 30 years of age for one last shot at glory when it became clear it wasn’t going to be with arsenal.

    Cesc could have given it a couple more years
    RvP had no time left

  67. Un na naai


    My tip 3 personal performances

    Wilshere- Barcelona 2-1
    RvP- chelsea-5-3
    Theo- chelsea- 5-3 and 3-1 (or whenever he came up agaisnt cashely and ripped him to pieces. He was Cole’s kryptonite that lad. Could have been so much better had wenger used him properly. His finishing and movement were really underrated too.

  68. Morgs

    It didn’t end up meaning much but the joint performance of Cazorla and coquelin in Man City Away 2015. Still haven’t won away at a big side since then. Chances got even slimmer when santi left obviously

  69. China1

    Un na tbf the narrative we’ve both discussed here of RVP choosing to leave isn’t quite accurate iirc. There was an interview with robin about a year ago where he said he’d wanted to sign a new contract and wenger blanked him or something along those lines

    I hope it’s true for robins case though it would’ve also been madness from Arsene

  70. Guns of Hackney

    Best performance of the last decade:

    Arsene keeping us competitive.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was not his biggest fan during that period but he kept us in that top four spot for longer than perhaps we should have been.

    Looking at how hard it will be to return to the CL, it makes that performance even more impressive.

  71. Dark Hei


    It is entirely BS. Remember the “you guys” letter? And that little red kid waiting to burst out.

    RVP is full of it. Great player, but full of nonsense.

    Wenger did the right thing by selling him. Just look at his mistake of holding on to Sanchez and Ozil for big money and RVP was on really big $$ at United. After that they couldn’t sell him.

  72. Guns of Hackney

    RVP is one of the best players Arsenal have ever had. Fact.

    Considering his injury record, that he managed to score that many goals is testament to his ability. I don’t doubt that if he was fit, he would now be our club’s top scorer.

    An excellent player.

  73. Valentin

    RvP is trying to rewrite history. Because of his history with injuries, Gazidis tried to add some pay as you play clause in his contract. RvP refused and tried to directly appeal to Wenger who told him to put himself in the club position.

    For once it was a smart move by Gazidis, unfortunately that backfired because RvP went ballistic and left the following summer.

  74. Valentin

    I also read an article that RvP did not really follow the fitness/physio regime had put in place for him very religiously. That only after Gazidis made that pay as you play offer, did he start to take it more seriously.
    That would explain why suddenly he is not injured for the next two years. But that once Red Nose left, he was so upset he went back to his old ways. And you guessed it, he went back to being injured quite often under Moyes.

  75. Un na naai


    2/1 goals record
    The majority of which were semi injured from left wing or no10

    Even more impressive
    He scored great goals at the very highest level for a decade turning games on their head.

    He’s in my top 5 with Dennis, paddy, Henry and Jackie boy

  76. Pierre

    RVP was class , loved watching him play, but I believe that if he had stayed at Arsenal his goalscoring feats would have gone through the roof .

    In his last season at Arsenal he scored 30 league goals .
    He took his Arsenal form ( DNA) into the united team and scored 27 league goals in his first season.
    His 2nd season at united yielded a mere 12 league goals .
    His 3rd season at united a poor return of 10 league goals.

    There is a misconception that RVP was a better player at united, but the fact is that after his initial burst of goals in the first 4/5 months of his first season at United , his goal return and performances were sub standard for a player of his quality.

    He was at United 3 seasons and in his last 2 and a half seasons he managed just 30 league goals in 64 league games

    In his last 2 seasons at Arsenal he scored 48 league goals in 63 league games in what would be regarded as a weaker side than United as all our top players had departed.

    After his initial burst at United his performances dipped and he looked just an average player , whereas at Arsenal and in the first few months at united he looked world class.

  77. CG

    Dark Hei

    “”””Wenger did the right thing by selling him. Just look at his mistake of holding on to Sanchez and Ozil “”””

    Well noted.

    If Wenger sells a cracking player for good money to a rival he gets slammed( eg RVP)

    If Wenger declines to sell a cracking player to a rival he gets slammed.( eg Sanchez)

    Thing is now- post Wenger: we dont have any players out rivals want.

    For 20 years every top club wanted our Wengers players and nearly all the top players ( like Alonso ,Sanchez and Ozil ) wanted to play for Wengers Arsenal.

    We don’t have those concerns now.
    Because we are now totally irrelevant.

  78. Habesha Gooner

    Petit being a cunt because he wasn’t part of the INVINCIBLES. ofcourse he is more impressed by liverpool, He was playing for Chelsea then. You won’t ever admit any rival playing in your era the beat ever when there is another team in another era.

  79. Marc

    There is a massive difference between the RVP and Sanchez situations.

    If you can’t see that take off your Wenger tinted glasses.

  80. Marc

    RVP’s career history:

    First 7 years at Arseanl = injured.
    Season 8 decides he wants to leave Arsenal, stays fit scores lots of goals.
    First season at ManU stays fit scores lots of goals.
    Fergie retires.
    Second season at ManU = injured.

    Seems a massive coincidence that he can stay fit when it suits him.

  81. CG


    “”””””RVP’s career history:

    First 7 years at Arseanl = injured.
    Season 8 decides he wants to leave Arsenal, stays fit scores lots of goals.
    First season at ManU stays fit scores lots of goals.
    Fergie retires.
    Second season at ManU = injured

    Seems a massive coincidence that he can stay fit when it suits him.””””

    Shows you how astute our Wenger was to sell him for £ 30 million then.

    He then bought Giroud ,Podolski and Santi with the proceeds.

    (3 crackerjack players right there)

    Its called team renewal. No manager better at it- than our Greatest One.

    #Genius management#

  82. alexanderhenry

    Listening to Cesc speak about the stadium move and the subsequent financial restrictions – who can deny they existed now- is paradoxical.

    Surely the whole point of moving to a bigger stadium is to create more resources, not less.
    However, right now and yet again, arsenal fc has ‘no money’.
    Arteta and co. have to launch yet another ‘project youth’ drive- I make it project youth 3.0.

    I’m not going to write us off but really, we’ve been here before.

  83. Mulerise14

    rvp is a skunk…the club stood by him all those seasons when he was always did he repay such gesture?by jumping d ship after his 1st full season with 30 goals.i can’ t forget his idiotic yappings about his lil’ man.
    As per Cesc,what could have been leaves a bittersweet taste on one’s tongue. he feels like an ex-girlfriend who i can’t say i hate,but can’t say i love too.we can’t hide from the fact that he abandoned us when we needed him the most

  84. Valentin


    The big argument used at the time was that the Arsenal medical team was not very good and that’s why RvP was always injured.
    However except his last year at Arsenal (when he was trying to impress to get a new contract) and his first 6 months at ManUtd (when he initially continue the same conditioning regime), his number of appearance seem to indicate that the issue layed with him.
    Like I wrote earlier, according to an article that I read a while ago, RvP was less than fully professional with regard to his fitness and physio regime at Arsenal.
    Looking back on his career, I am now inclined to believe that. When he was not fully motivated, he was not in full physical form.

  85. Jamie

    RVP was so injury-prone he resorted to injecting his ankle with horse stem cells.

    Amazing how many broken players Wenger collected during the 2nd half of his tenure.

  86. CG


    “””””Amazing how many broken players Wenger collected during the 2nd half of his tenure.””””””

    (looks like we still are…..)

    What would be the reaction if Arsene Wenger paid £30 million on Tierney then?

    Or Cedric?

  87. Marc


    You’re spot on re RVP – wasn’t he sold by Feyeboord because of his bad attitude to the coaches etc?

    Great talent but serious attitude issues.

  88. Un na naai


    He didn’t collect them, they became broke at arsenal through a combination of criminal “tackles” and poor medical and conditioning approach.
    The new training pitches were too hard and increased the likelihood of ligament damage, according to some expert I read about a few years back.

  89. Marc


    Anyone who bothered to be aware or wanted to be aware knew the stadium move was going to cause short term financial pain to the club.

    You only have to look at what went on with David Dein to know that. It’s exactly the same for Spud supporters who now don’t think they’ll feel the pinch for a few years.

  90. Marc


    You’re right about the training pitches – Wenger had the training ground set up so there were several full sized pitches made of the same artificial / grass hybrid combination as we had at the stadium.

    On the staff issue – who was in charge of was hired and fired at the club?

  91. Uwot?

    Yep habesha.petit being a c** t.The prob was because he’d f** d off to Barca thinking the grass was greener.He missed out on being an invincible a couple of years later & he realises that team is lauded for all time as opposed to the ‘98 double side.This is what’s killing him & therefore try’s to deflect it away by acknowledging the scousers.Its obvious.But I’d back the invincibles any day of the week over kloppys side.Trust me.

  92. Jamie

    So since Wenger built the Emirates and the training facilities, he was directly responsible for our chronic injury problems? Nice one, Arsene.

  93. Marc


    Petit was sold by the club – he wasn’t looking to leave but was causing issues in the dressing room etc.

    Barca came in for Overmars with a £25 million bid – we said you can have him but you’ve got to take Petit as well. Why do you think we sold a player of his quality for £5 million? Why do you think the club announced it as a combined £30 million bid?

  94. Marc


    It’s strange how Italy and Spain have been affected so badly. Once this is all over and some in depth analysis can be done it’ll be interesting to see what were the underlying causes that meant some countries were affected worse than others.

  95. James wood

    Marc I think all clubs are going to feel the pinch? @marc11.49.

    Difference between us and Spurs is they have this
    sliding pitch and all the revenue that will go with it
    I believe their first American football game they run out of beer.?
    Their taking’s for pre booked concerts.
    2Guns Roses concerts.
    Capital summertime ball.
    Joshua fight.
    Lady Gaga concert.
    England vs Australia rugby.
    Ok some of these will not go ahead obviously.?😷
    If Arsenals management had done their job properly
    we could have been in the same position a constant source of revenue.????

  96. Emiratesstroller

    James Wood

    Arsenal made a decision when constructing the stadium to make it “football”
    specific as is the case with the club itself.

    London is not short of other facilities, which can and do offer a wide range of
    sports and other activities.

  97. TR7


    Right now Spain and Italy look like exceptions to the norm but my sense is we will see rapid increase in causality in other countries too such as the USA, Britain, France etc. Corona becomes more and more lethal once it reaches phase 3 and 4. Italy and Spain are already in phase 4 of the outbreak and hence the high number of casualty. Germany must have exceptional health infrastructure to have a very low mortality rate.

  98. TR7

    21 days lockdown in India. The biggest lockdown ever both in terms of number of days and the number of people under a lockdown. Very important for India and the world that the country sees off Corona without much damage to its economy and loss of lives.

  99. alex cutter

    Kroenke is a lightning rod for Arsenal fan frustrations because as ever, they refuse to see the real problem: that as fans, their spineless cowardice allowed a fraud like Wenger, to accumulate too much power, and be accountable to nobody. This saw him screw the wage bill, blow crazy money and give the club an intrinsic Loser mentality. One that the fans also embraced, in the deification of their Lord and savior Arsene.

    Arsenal fans need to look at themselves and the role they played in screwing this club for the foreseeable future. We are seeing trace elements of this same bullshit now: Arteta is clearly not improving the attack. Arsenal cannot defend set pieces and have actually regressed. They have been knocked out of Europe, to an appalling team in Olympiakos. How? SET PIECES. Arsenal have conceded 14 shots on goal at home to Everton, and relegation-threatened West Ham looked like Barca at the Emirates and should have scored 3 or 4. Xhaka and Ozil are starting every fucking match. STILL. Despite us all knowing you can never start with even ONE. To make things worse, Mustafi has joined them!

    And what are Arsenal matchday fans saying?

    “I really like what Arteta is doing”
    “We look more solid” (LOL do they watch the games?!)
    “We are going somewhere”

    It is horse-shit. This club is going nowhere and has been going nowhere since 2005. And the fans are a BIG reason for that. Still. Let them deluded themselves that Arteta is the next Pep.

    After all, these same fans spent years telling us Wenger was a top-class manager that all the clubs would fight over. So, imagine how surprising it is to me, that 3 years after being SACKED from Arsenal, Wenger is still lazing around like a useless rent-a-quote on Arab Spirts tv. Desperately pitching for a managerial job week after week…STILL unemployed! Not one phone call from Madrid, Inter, Juve, Barca, Milan, Chelski etc….in fact it is so pathetic, Wenger himself approached Bayern over their vacant post and they preferred to give it to a caretaker with zero managerial experience.

    But hey…remember, Arsenal fans told us Wenger was “world class” for years! (just as Koscielny, Coquelin, Almunia, Alex Song, Chamakh and Senderos all were – right? LOL)

    – From AT

  100. alex cutter

    “21 days lockdown in India.”

    That should at least slow down the number of young women being gang-r*ped by those pigs for a while.

  101. Nelson

    Shit! The NHL players were supposed to resume training by March 27. Now they have extended the shutdown by 10 more days. Life is now bored to death!

    Those snowbirds returning from Florida are polluting our province. The confirmed cases in our province has jumped to over 1000.