Arsenal do their part with CLASS gesture

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On the last Arsenal Opinion Podcast, Alex and I pondered whether the club would keep it classy and pay the casual workers through this crisis. As you know, lots of people in hospitality and entertainment have had the financial rug well and truly pulled through no fault of their own. Arsenal has a lot of casual workers, so while our professional footballers continue to rake in the big pound notes, concern was directed at the fate of the not-so-well-off folk that keep the club going on the shop floor.

Well, Vinai dropped the news we all wanted to hear, Arsenal is going to support our people.

“We are truly grateful for the outstanding efforts of all our staff across the club every day. We rely on their tireless service to provide a first-class experience for our fans, on matchdays and non-matchdays.

“These are challenging times for everyone, but in particular our casual workers. This gesture is intended to ease their financial uncertainty while football is currently suspended to April 30.

“We look forward to welcoming football back to Emirates Stadium as soon as possible.”

Absolute class. That’s the sort of thing that makes me proud to be an Arsenal fan. The club has only put the April 30th date down because the league hasn’t decided what the deal is moving forward. I hope that the club will continue to support the staff beyond that date; if they can’t, it’d be nice if the players could weigh-in to help.

I cannot tell you how happy this news makes me!

Shows you that football is more than a business. They really, really don’t need to do that.

The club also cancelled the first team return to training tomorrow. Sensible. The UK was very badly behaved this weekend, people channelling their WWII spirit don’t seem to understand that their ‘carry-on’ attitude is deeply damaging to taming the dreaded curve. Behave. Stay in. This isn’t about you. It’s about the hospitals and the vulnerable that people who take the hardest hit.

Mikel Arteta is back to fitness. He had this to say to La Sexta, a Spanish TV Channel, not a sexy number you call when you’re all alone on a Friday night.

“I’m very well now, I feel that I have recovered,”

“It took me three or four days to start feeling much better and with more energy, to leave the symptoms behind and now, the truth is that I feel very well.”

“Everything happened very fast. On Tuesday afternoon I was feeling so-so and I went to see the doctor but he wasn’t there.

“I got a call from the board of directors after training while I was in my car and they told me that the president of Olympiakos had tested positive and everyone that had been in contact was at risk.

“I went on to tell them that I wasn’t feeling well and that we had a situation because we had lots of players that had been in contact with them [Olympiakos].

“We had a game against Manchester City the next day and obviously we couldn’t put lots of people at risk without saying anything.

“I had the test done last Wednesday and I was diagnosed on Friday, when we had to communicate it to the Premier League that I had tested positive.

“Obviously all those that had been in contact with me had to go into quarantine, and consequently, games had to be suspended.”

Glad he’s back in business. I am quite interested to see what a preseason with these players is going to do to their form. They’ll certainly be able to push their fitness to new limits. We’ll learn whether the reduction in pressing was related to tactics, fitness, or the types of players we have.

It’ll also be interesting to see what a month to 6 weeks of elite coaching does to the squad selection. Does it make certain younger players more appealing for starting roles? How far can he push Reiss Nelson? You’d imagine younger players that are fitter, hungrier and more malleable will probably grow the most. Anyway, could be a massive positive for our season… or, it could just show as that the type of football we’re playing now is where it has to be until we bring in new players.

Finally, our thoughts are with the Grovers from around the world wrestling with this nightmare. Ernest in the comments, our thoughts are with you and your wife. Big love to everyone, stay safe and keep your distance if you can.

ALSO, a massive thanks to anyone on the frontline. The people volunteering, coming out of retirement, delivering, making sure the power stays on, working the frontlines in the hospitals, manning the phones to help people who are struggling mentally.


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  1. Major_Jeneral

    A very good gesture from the club.
    The situation in Munich is escalating, a lockdown has been enacted. About 274 new cases were already confirmed today.

    I hope the UK become more assertive with their strategies.

  2. NJ Gunner

    Could anyone please explain why, despite the fact that we have no money, we are being linked with big money purchases. Its is

    1. Reporters are cynical and will make any claim to keep printing?
    2. We can really sell these players for a reasonable sum, so the claims have some grounding in reality?
    3. There’s a magic pot of cash we don’t know about?
    4. Another explanation involving Stan selling (I read today in a BBC piece by the way that at some point he bought a vineyard in Burgundy) or extraterrestrials taking a share?
    5. Something that none of us have thought of?

    All the same, I am very glad that my team – the longest running relationship of my life – is supporting the staff when it’s most important. Wonder what other teams are doing.

  3. Valentin

    Reposting from previous post.

    On the football front, I was surprised how the removal of the Charlton chairman was just casually dismissed by SkySports as a one off spat.
    To me this should have been a big event. This is one of few times where the new owner is publicly removing an existing chairman for gross profligacy and personal enrichment. That seldom happen publicly.
    What that showed is that such behaviour is a lot more common than football people are comfortable acknowledging.
    Everybody has heard unsubstantiated rumours about such behaviour but it never really reach the public eyes. Or when it reaches it is also to blame the demise of a club on greedy players but never on greedy managers, CEOs…

    Instead of having a toothless code of conduct for owner, the FA should really have a proper robust code and rules.
    Why not have a thorough questionnaire that every auditor should populate and sign. Any infractions of such questionnaire subsequently detected breaches would then result in huge penalty fee applicable to the CEO, the club secretary, the CFO, and all the auditors and bans from any football activities.List of all perks attributed to the Mgmt team
    List of all non financial advantage given to the Mgmt team
    Limit on external consultancy fees as % of Turn-over
    Limit on agents fee paid as % of transfer activity
    …Suddenly the conmen and other matchstick men would find decamp and find another playing field.
    The only reason football attracts so many of that type is because it is easy to take advantage. Nobody really police the financial aspect of the games.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Really sorry to hear about your family Batistuta and I hope you and your wife make a full recovery Ernest.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    In other news Roma is allegedly offering 14m for Mikhi but we want 22m, if we can meet somewhere in the middle it’s a great deal for us and more than I expected.
    If we get 18m for him and the 12m for Elneny that’s been reported before it’s a pretty decent bonus before we even start looking at the existing squad.

    That buys us N’dicka or Jonathan David + Pape Gueye with change left over. Not bad.

    Even if transfer fees goes down because of the virus it’ll do it across the board so we can get roughly the same business done anyway.

  6. Dream10

    The US surgeon general saying things will get worse, but Trump wants to open things back up. He is reckless and awful.

  7. Dream10

    Donald Trump: “If it were up to the doctors, they may say, ‘Let’s keep it shut down. Let’s shut down the entire world,’ because, again, you’re up to almost 150 countries. We’re the number one economy in the world. We can do two things simultaneously.”

  8. Dream10


    Yep it ain’t a surprise. Profits over people for him and the senators who chose to sell their stocks instead of going to work and managing the crisis. Heartless cunts.

  9. Valentin

    If Barcelona really wants Aubameyang but lack cash, I am all for them to send Ter Stegen, Jean Clair Todibo in exchange. If Schalke 04 exercise their option to buy Todibo, we could demand Ansu Fati instead.

  10. Nelson

    Trump thinks that a lockdown of the country will result in many suicides. It will cause more deaths than the virus. Trump is talking out of his ass. His relief package will probably benefit mostly his own business.

  11. Tom

    One of the provisions in the Republican stimulus proposal says 500billion will go to corporations at the discretion of Steven Mnuchin, the US treasury secretary, and there will be a six month freeze on transparency where the money and how much of it went.
    Imagine the balls on these fucking grifters.
    When this is all over Trump will be worth the ten billion he’s been proclaiming and not the 3.5 billion Forbes had him at.

  12. Tom

    Trump thinks that a lockdown of the country will result in many suicides. It will cause more deaths than the virus.
    Nelson, he might be right about that.
    Here in Chicago all non essential business has been on lockdown since Saturday evening , and my wife, who is a very outgoing person and an owner of a beauty salon and spa, has already been getting on my fucking nerves by being a bit of a cunt.
    This is only day two and I’m already thinking about putting a bullet in my head 🙂

  13. Tony

    Not sure if you saw am answer to your question regarding Yasmin Levy, so I’ll repost it while most are sleeping.

    I worked in Greece for a year back in the late 80s and got to know much about their music and history. Also spent time in Israel in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem, on business.

    No idea if below is correct but it’s certainly in the right area and seems to fit Yasmin’s early influences. By that I mean if you think music scholars say that Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin was influenced by Bach or similar, one can see some of Yasmin’s influences go centuries back possibly to the 1500s.

    Been researching Locura by Yasmin Levy this morning and so far can’t find any reference to the instrument you’re looking to name:-Seems her songs are influenced from the middle 1500s including instruments: Darbuka, Oud, violin, cello and piano but so far no sign of any form of pipes have been named.

    As pipes were associated with early Greek music, which Yasmin also incorporates I’d hazard a guess that the instrument is either the following or a derivative:

    The ”diaulos” (double-aulos)“It was the most popular ancient Greek wind instrument. It consisted of two diverging pipes, suspended at their base.

    Each pipe had a separate mouthpiece and reed (single or double). In the unequal in length “auloi”, one played the melody while the other “supported” it. In the equal in length “auloi”, playing in the same register, a richer sound was achieved.

    The “aulete” with great virtuosity, using circular breathing and blowing hard, achieved the harmonisation and the marvellous assonance of the two “auloi”. Often, he wore a kind of leather strap, the “phorbeia”, that went across his mouth (with two holes for the pipes), the cheeks and to the back of his head. Sometimes it was tied to an additional strap going over the top of his head for secure suspension.

    The “diaulos” with its rich, intensely sentimental, rhythmical and penetrating sound was capable of accompanying choruses consisting of tens of men all on its own.

    SOURCES: “M.L. West, Ancient Greek Music”, “Curt Sachs, The History of Musical Instruments”, “Julius Pollux, Onomasticon”, “Athenaeus of Naucratis, Deipnosophistai”, “Aristotle, (Musical) Problems”.”I believe the answer you’re seeking is linked to the above. Would help if I could see a video of the solo instrument, but alas only a picture of Yasmin is shown.

    If you find a link to the song Locura with Yasmin and the musicians, it would make solving the puzzle easier.

    I’m curious, too now so I’ll look for a Hi Res version (maybe on Qubuz) when my cinema is completed that is also doubling up as a music room. I will be able to dissect it better then, which might provide more info.

    Best I can do for now, China, but maybe it’s a starting point for you to research further.

  14. Tony

    Very sorry to hear of your family’s loss.

    Hope today is a good positive step forward in your wife’s and your recovery.

    General post to all
    Seems to me that the UK lock down is a partial one. Still too many gaps in it to allow the virus to spread.

    Will be interesting to see how it’s enforced.

  15. Tony

    How does Boris/government let people like Ashley get away with such BS claims to make money?

    “Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct will STAY OPEN as boss suggests they are key workers because no one else can supply home fitness equipment to the whole nation
    Ashley’s Frasers Group wrote to employees as the PM announced UK lockdown
    Finance chief said that with restrictions on movement home fitness is vital”

  16. China1

    Tony many thanks for the research and interesting insight!!

    You might we’ll be right and even if you’re not it’s an interesting read

    I can’t really link anything of much value as YouTube is blocked here and my vpn is down at the moment sadly

    Not sure if it even has any decent video recordings of performances of that song!

    It certainly seems to be a rare instrument as I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything else quite like it. Obviously in no small part due to the mastery of the player, it sounds as delicate and light as the wind and very expressive

    Another instrument you’ll likely be very familiar with but is a personal favorite is the Chinese are er hu. Some gorgeous stuff and I actually bought one in England funnily enough over a decade ago. But in those days there was absolutely nothing on YouTube for beginner tutorials and I found it horribly difficult to pick up. I couldn’t tell if it was entirely my fault or crap hardware as well since I had no reference point for my instrument outside of the fact I sounded fucking horrific Like a cat having its legs ripped off

    I know it takes time to get competent but is it that hard to even get a note? I don’t know haha

  17. Tony

    I can understand just how frustrating that must be not having You Tube. I know some Beijing MC guys who complain all the time. Was the same trying to send large files of Thai ride videos they’d been guest riders on I put together with a crew.

    Regarding the illusive pipes I would imagine you’re not far off looking for diaulos variations. Possibly Peru would have a close comparison, but I would imagine Greek/Middle Eastern and Turkey would be the more likely regions.

    Fascinating reading, though.

    Haven’t heard of the Chinese instrument you mentioned. If I’m honest I prefer the areas I mentioned including Morocco for music and such influences.

    Once the main amplifier (there are 14 others) arrives for my cinema/music room arrives I’ll be able to take many immersive music journeys where I’ve added your suggestions to my list.

    I started researching this project 2 years ago talking to all kinds of experts from around the world. The amp should be here in the next 10 days and will complete the 11,000 watts system in the control room. The main amp weighs 75kg and drives pure sound effortlessly.

    The room is actually 3 rooms like a babushka doll where the inner room is kind of floating wood with computer generated placements of a lot of acoustic panels.

    As you can imagine I’m champing on the bit to get in there. Hope you don’t think I’m bragging; some no doubt will, but that is 100% not my intention, but from reading your posts you seem a detailed, inquisitive and methodical person who I can identify with, so I thought you might appreciate the main back ground info.

    Can you get a family member or friend to find tutorials and send them by thumb drive?

    Often in the past I’ve used Qubuz to find music I want often in Hi Res file downloads; Being French it has a vast range of music to choose from including north Africa etc.

  18. Bojangles

    Ernest, hope your next post contains much better news for you and your wife.

    Batistuta, very sorry to hear the sad news regarding your family. This really puts things in perspective making anything else irrelevant.

  19. Bojangles

    Most recent report from Ha Noi is showing 26 infected with zero deaths.

    I know I will be reminded that this is a Communist governed country so I’ll suggest to those who feel the need to mention it, just add your own figures and that will keep you happy.

    Maybe I am fortunate to be in an unaffected part of the country but where I am situated life goes on as it has for the past 12 months.

  20. China1

    All the best bojangles

    I noticed the numbers there are surprisingly low yesterday. I’m not in a position to accuse the gov of playing down the numbers because I’ve no evidence they’re doing so, but in the least it’s interesting . If they’re not playing down the numbers the question is what is helping them to not get overrun like most countries and how can lessons learnt there be applied elsewhere

  21. China1

    Lots of people are to blame for different aspects of the problem. This country will get blamed for the handling of the first few weeks, and other countries will be blamed for how they’ve handled it in the weeks and months since

    It was only a couple of weeks ago trump called the virus a democrat hoax. Minimal preparation was undertaken in spite of the wealth of evidence from all of Asia and the WHO about how dangerous this is. Sure enough America is now beginning to get battered by it. It’s not trumps fault that this started but it is trumps fault that there was an absolute void of leadership on this for months until the situation got out of control. This much surely cannot be denied

    It’s like when you’re driving a car, you can’t help it if someone else beers out of their lane and into you because they’re drunk driving. Not your fault. But it is your fault that you didn’t bother to check if your passengers were wearing seatbelts or if they weren’t already, tell them to when you saw the car swerving dangerously behind you in your rear view mirror

  22. Dark Hei


    You stay safe too. Number of infections in Thailand soaring.

    I think the government will announce a state of emergency soon.

  23. Freddie Ljungberg

    Dark Hei

    Actually the number of cases reported has gone down the last 2 days. They have still announced a state of emergency starting on Thursday. Not too many details about it yet though.

  24. China1

    Tony sounds like an awesome setup

    I get how you think because I’m the kind of person who when I find something I care about, I’m 100% interested.

    In my college and uni days I was thoroughly down the rabbit hole of music, bass playing, recording etc. I had two custom built bass guitars from an awesome under the radar bass luthier called Tom clement. He still has photos of my two on his website (amongst hundreds of others) from back in the day.

    I spent endless hours planning which types of wood, pickups, body shape etc. It’s actually my n1 plan after I retire in 35 odd years, to have my own workshop and built custom basses from scratch as a hobby which I’ll sell. A real dream of mine

  25. Guns of Hackney

    There won’t be any training allowed. No gatherings of more than two people at a time. This rule applies to clubs.

    What happens after April 30th? Sacksville. This shit could go on for 12 months or so. Arsenal will do what they have to and that will be to rid themselves of unnecessary expenses, namely the plebs working at the club.

    How many players are taking wage cuts? Ozil alone, could save all arsenal staff jobs for a year. Will he? 100% not.

    Stay indoors. Save the planet. Don’t eat meat.

  26. Ishola70

    “Lots of people are to blame for different aspects of the problem. This country will get blamed for the handling of the first few weeks”

    Seven weeks reported my friend.

    That is negligence of the highest order I’m afraid.

  27. Tony

    Thanks China I sincerely hope you realise your dream. Just heard the amp has been released from customs and being installed tomorrow.

    Dark Hei
    Thanks for your kind words.

    There are no reported cases in the city where I live yet, and as a Freddie says, by Thursday, sanctions will be enforced to contain the virus.

    After the people come tomorrow to finish my cinema our home will be fully isolated from the virus with no outside visitors both family and friends until the threat is over.

    Face time or similar will be our means of contact.

  28. Dark Hei


    I think negligence is a trait in our common humanity.

    The whole world seems to be an expert in it. From Churches in South Korea, Muslim evangelistic events in Malaysia, Sterophonics concert in Scotland, Chinese government officials and Trump’s twitter feeds.

  29. Ishola70

    Dark Hei

    “I think negligence is a trait in our common humanity.”

    Yes common being the key word.

    We are all in this together. As one.

  30. Tom

    If you want to talk blame game let’s start with the wet markets in China.
    Considering this isn’t the first outbreak of this sort ,allowing those markets to operate was total negligence.
    Then there was the negligent, again, and even criminal suppression of information about the outbreak, with the doctor , who later contracted the virus and died, being reprimanded by the Wuhan police.

    I’m not gonna speak for other countries and their leaders but here in the States the Trump administration has been a total disaster on this front from the moment they disbanded the national security council of pandemic preparedness in 2018.
    Cutting CDC’s budget each fiscal year didn’t help either mind you, especially when you consider the national defense budget has increased each year.
    $650b -defense budget
    $11b -CDC budget
    I don’t care about your politics nor do I wish to voice my opinion about your governments response to this crisis but if you believe Trump is doing a good job here than you are either uninformed, a Fox News viewer, or a moron.
    The governor of my state is also a Republican and a billionaire , and his handling of this crisis so far has been on point, so this isn’t an ideological argument on my part.

  31. Valentin

    The idea of disbanding the national security council of pandemic preparedness was stupid. Especially as everybody knew it was done our of spite rather than budgetary concerns. Their budget was small, but their role was crucial.

    This is the classic example of stupid management who think that by cutting corner on long term planning team it saves money. It very rarely does.

    Rule 101 of management, don’t disband the team that handles issues when the shit hit the fan, because we all know that at one point the shit will hit the fan.

    A former colleague of mine works for a company that made most of their infrastructure IT team redundant at Christmas, slashed the IT budget, postponed the purchase of up to date laptops to next year budget. They were very proud of those decisions in January/February. Now they are crying because they can’t setup remote working.
    Web servers Certificate are out of date.
    They don’t have enough Secure token for everybody.
    They can’t order and configure laptops quickly enough.
    Like the say Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
    If you have no contingency plan for crisis, then a crisis becomes a drama.

  32. China1

    I’ve never defended how China handled it in the early days or the wet markets. Those parts lie with China and I hope dearly the enormous magnitude of shit this has brought to the whole world including China will be enough to force more meaningful change through in this country. I live here and stand to benefit directly from it. There’s nothing I’d like more right now

    But likewise shortcomings here will not be a legitimate excuse for shortcomings elsewhere. Several weeks ago you could see me spamming up this place in frustration that western countries were not taking it seriously and telling of the torrent of shit to come if they don’t. Not one thing I said or predicted hadn’t come to pass and most of Asia was saying similar things because it was always going to end up this way unless meaningful action was taken sooner than it was. Sadly that blame does lie with the governments of the world.

    But I don’t harbor any more anger towards the British government because they’ve turned a corner in taking this seriously which is the most important thing.

    But it is the responsibility of each and every government to protect its citizens to the extent realistically possible. The writing was on the wall for several weeks, warnings clear case studies and widely available science were all available but it fell 90% on deaf ears within the worlds governments. That is a terrible shame

  33. Nelson


    Now the reported dead is 593 and counting. You really think that there will be so many suicides with a country wide lockdown.

  34. China1

    Re suicides because of the lockdown, if there wasn’t a lockdown you’d have an uncontrolled spread and up to 70% of the UK population likely getting infected according to UK gov estimates. Assuming a death rate of 2% you’d be looking at almost a million dead. Close to 5 million hospitalized and that’s just the direct impact. The indirect impact would be hard to even comprehend.

    I lost my eldest brother to suicide and even I can say protecting people from suicide is a drop in the ocean compared to the impact of not locking down

  35. Mulerise14

    I followed your convo with avid interest.Am an electrical engineer with artistic kink.In my quiet,i write poems and compose songs.Although i don’t really play any instrument,but i have long wandered why the comteporary music does not tap into the unique properties of old musical instrument like oud,guqin,banjo etc.
    One of these days-after COVID-19 must have died its natural death of course-i may like the previlege to record one of my songs in your studio Tony.
    My thoughts n prayers with everybody,be safe.

  36. Nelson

    I read that this coronavirus can stay airborne for up to 12 hours. Therefore, they are not transmitted through droplets only. Our city just received 5 cm of snow. Hope that’ll clean up all the virus in the air.

  37. S Asoa

    To those longing to have some linkage to old Arsenal Know-all Supremo Jack of all Trades Wenger, listen to Fabregas Former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed that Xabi Alonso was ‘begging’ to join the club back in 2009 but, despite his own best efforts, the Gunners’ hierarchy did not complete the deal. Alonso had been told by then Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez that he would be allowed to leave Anfield – with the Reds boss eager to replace him with Gareth Barry – and the Spaniard’s preference was to join Arsenal.

    Read more:
    Twitter: | Facebook:

  38. NEEG

    S Asoa

    Perhaps Cesc’s NDA has reached maturity. According to his uncle there is a lot more behind Cesc’s departure that has never seen the light of day.

  39. Tom

    TomNow the reported dead is 593 and counting. You really think that there will be so many suicides with a country wide lockdown.
    Of course not.
    My comment was tongue in cheek because my wife is driving me crazy

  40. Valentin

    S Asoa,

    This is old news. Rafa Benitez decided to sell Alonso. Liverpool set the price initially at £15 millions. Arsenal offered the full asking price. Juventus got wind that Liverpool were trying to cash in. They made the same bid. Both clubs were acceptable to Xabi Alonso with a slight preference for Arsenal.
    Liverpool then tried to play Arsenal Vs Juventus and upped their price from £15 to £18 millions. Both clubs refused to budge from the initially agreed price.
    As Liverpool’s replacement became unavailable, Benitez changed his mind and Xabi Alonso stayed one extra year at Liverpool. However that broke the relationship between Alonso and Rafa Benitez. Alonso was furious with Rafa Benitez underhand tactic of trying to claim Alonso wanted to leave. Benitez did not want to look like the one who was forcing Alonso out in front of the Kopite. As explained in his autobiography that’s when he decided that at the first opportunity he would leave Liverpool.
    I would think that the biggest culprit in that non-transfer was Benitez and Liverpool. Remember that at the time 3 millions was for a massive amount of money. It represented a 20% increase of the original price.

  41. China1

    Un nah but it’s literally what you sign up for in all senior management roles, none more so than leader of a country

    Whilst it’s shit that trump has to handle a problem he didn’t start, it’s quite explicitly his job. Leaders need to lead whether or not circumstances outside of their control make it shit for them. It’s always been this way.

    We didn’t win ww2 by Churchill calling hitler a hoax etc, telling loads of lies, playing down the danger when the Germans marched into France etc. if trump or any other leader is unhappy with having such major responsibility for clearing up a mess he didn’t personally create then he simply shouldn’t be in power.

    Like it or not, that’s how it is unfortunately

  42. China1

    Valentin I seriously doubt we couldn’t comfortably afford the extra 3m we were just excessively cautious

    We are talking about a premier league proven, elite player in a position useful to us, reasonably young, close friends with our captain who we desperately should’ve been hoping to keep happy

    It’s was the easiest of wins wenger probably ever managed to lose in his entire career in all seriousness.

    Around those years he was always reminding us that he could spend on top kwalidee but when push came to shove he bottled it

  43. Jamie

    Wenger was insufferable when he used to look journos in the eye and say ‘we only look for super quality that will improve us’ and then he’d announce jokers like Squillaci and Santos.

  44. Valentin


    In 2009 the financial crisis was still ongoing and property prices were still on the floor. I don’t think that Arsenal financial situation was so rosy at the time.
    Even Juventus refused to pay the extra 3 millions, so there was a lot of club very wary of spending that amount of money.
    Once Liverpool could not get their replacement, negotiation ceased anyway.
    I still laugh at the fact that Benitez messed up his relationship with Alonso because he wanted to buy Gareth Barry to replace him.

  45. Dissenter

    ‘Cesc Fabregas felt he had to leave Arsenal and return to Barcelona sooner than planned because most of the players weren’t at ‘his level’. The former Chelsea midfielder felt that only Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri were operating at the same level ‘mentally and technically’ and he grew frustrated by other players who didn’t have the same commitment or quality.”

    We all know he’s right.
    Wenger actually persisted with Almunia in goal for so long.

  46. Tony

    Happy you enjoyed the theme of what was discussed.

    My sound room/cinema will only be a song writing room for my son and daughter to take a song to a professional studio should the song merit such action.

    If you feel you have something you can record now, go to your local studio to lay tracks with musicians who are on board with your musical vision.

    Either that or find musicians who’d be happy to go to rehearsal rooms and record there. The rehearsal room should have facilities to do that or know where you can hire in a desk and mics etc.

    The experience doing so will most likely lead you into composing avenues you hadn’t considered before.

  47. Dissenter

    Cesc Fabregas;”‘I was the captain, I always felt so much pressure on myself,’ Fabregas told Arseblog. ‘I had to lead this team to win something… I gave everything.
    ‘Sometimes, I used to go home after we lost and I used to cry, I used to suffer, I used to spend sleepless nights suffering.
    ‘And then you lose a game, you’re in the bus like this destroyed and then you hear some players laughing, thinking about where they will be going out later. This was going on for a few years.”

    Wenger lost that cutting edge around 2009-2010. The players were just coasting because fourth best was good enough.

  48. Dissenter

    Una na naii
    Cesc gave EVERYthing on the field for Arsenal.
    He threw pizzas at opposition managers, kicked the hell out Cashley Cole and played with a broken fibula against Barca. He was an excellent captain who led by example.
    He embodied everything we wanted in a player when he played for us and we should have brought him back- we had the first refusal…. we chose to decline.
    He left for the same reason as RVP; we stopped being competitive when the next level became the next level.

  49. Jamie

    To be fair, I don’t think Cesc will look back at his club career post-Arsenal with too many complaints:

    1 x Spanish Cup
    2 x Spanish Super Cup
    1 x UEFA Supercup
    1 x La Liga Champion
    1 x Club World Cup
    2 x EPL Champion
    1 x FA Cup
    1 x Europa League Champion


    what, a Charity Shield and an FA Cup with Arsenal? He made the right call.

  50. Jamie

    Un –

    I’m with you. Cesc could’ve stayed a club legend and had supporters chanting his name for the next 50 years.

    In saying that, if he wants to massage his ego, he can always point to his personal accolades – Golden Boy, the records he broke at Arsenal (youngest player, youngest goal-scorer), being handed the captaincy at such a young age (21?) as evidence that he went as far as he could [personally] at Arsenal and needed to move to actually win trophies. And he certainly won trophies after he left.

    I’m sure he would’ve preferred to win the EPL with us, but in the end I doubt he’ll have many regrets about the choices he made. He had an incredible international career too.

    Wenger should’ve re-signed him when the clause was active.

    As for RVP, he traded everything in for a single EPL trophy and set fire to his Arsenal legacy. Not sure it was worth it, but what do I know..

    He would’ve been adored for finishing his career captaining a sinking ship. I guess he was just desperate to win a trophy so he could look back on his efforts with at least a little validation. I don’t begrudge him that, but the way he left us was poor form.

    I bet you he gets a better reception at OT than at the Emirates.

  51. Jamie

    Un –

    Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from.

    I think Cesc just called it much earlier than RVP (who was busy on the treatment table as the seasons rolled by), and knew we would always be ‘2-3 players away’ from glory.

    Wenger never added, he only ever [at best] replaced. That was always the problem.

    And RVP really only put up serious numbers in his final season with 30 league goals. Before that season, his highest number was 18, and before that 11 league goals.

    I mean, in 08-09, he made 28 league appearances and only scored 11 goals with Cesc as captain, Hleb, Rosicky, Wally, Wishere, Nasri, Ramsey, Song, Sagna, Ade, Eduardo, … RVP wasn’t even a 20 league goal a season striker until his final season.

    He had one great season, that’s about it. He was never fit for long enough to make an impact over the season, just like so many other players we had in the squad at the time. Pity. Some of them were super-talented.

    p.s. Just noticed there’s a new post.

  52. Thomas

    I mean, in 08-09, he made 28 league appearances and only scored 11 goals with Cesc as captain, Hleb, Rosicky, Wally, Wishere, Nasri, Ramsey, Song, Sagna, Ade, Eduardo, … RVP wasn’t even a 20 league goal a season striker until his final season.


    Hleb left before the 08/09 season.

  53. Mulerise14

    Tony ,
    Thanks for the advice,i think i would find a studio around me i can use .problem has always been time for me and the culture here,always brag i could have made it big in a culture that appreciate composers of good music.
    In Nigeria,someone wants to be d composer,d songwriter and d producer…ain’t nothing bad in that when it is your creation,but am not ready to give my brainkids(music) to a’body who is not going to acknwledge me,for is not d motivation,am not rich yet,but am comfortable ,so i bid my time till am ready to do my thing by myself.
    Hope your sound room/cinema will be a music haven to the kids……sound of music is sure beautiful

  54. Mulerise14

    rvp is a skunk…the club stood by him all those seasons when he was always did he repay such gesture?by jumping d ship after his 1st full season with 30 goals.i can’ t forget his idiotic yappings about his lil’ man.
    As per Cesc,what could have been leaves a bittersweet taste on one’s tongue. he feels like an ex-girlfriend who i can’t say i hate,but can’t say i love too.we can hide from the fact that he abandoned us when we needed him the most