Luiz to sign for another year, some thoughts

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Hello Wednesday, or is it Thursday? WHERE AM I! I tell you where I am. Going to bed at 10pm and spending at least 1 hour in the app store deciding which fitness app to download. Reccos welcome. I’m looking for a fairly easy workout that boasts MAX returns. I want to have a body like Olivier Giroud, yesterday.

The hottest news off the press today is that David Luiz is going to have his extension clause activated, giving him another year, extending out his presence in an Arsenal shirt to 2022. That’s good news for a player firmly on the back 9 of his career. He had a lot to say in an interview with the Brazilian press about his exit from Chelsea.

“Every text message I was receiving, people were saying: ‘Come back, come back, come back, come back, we are here for you’.

“I give you the example of a gentleman there who is 75 years old. He was having breakfast with me at the time when he had the opportunity.

“He was texting me: ‘I am still waiting for you here to have breakfast again’.

“This kind of thing was so difficult for me, because I am someone that sees the heart as the most important thing.

“But then after that, in the professional way, I was saying: ‘It is a new moment for you. It is another big thing for you to do. Maybe if you stay in the comfort zone it is not going to be the best thing for you?’”

Geeeez Dave, stop talking about your ex all the time, it’s like, so boring.

“It was a top decision. [Arsenal] are a big club. I want to make this club improve and to shine again. The first days were difficult but after that I started to adapt.

“Now I am so happy and I want to do big, big things with Arsenal.”

That’s more like it. I was VERY apprehensive about his arrival at Arsenal. We know he’s a huge character, but he also had a rep for being divisive, so it was touch and go about his intentions. Was he here because his super-agent pushed him here for one last payday? I think the answer we’ve had to that is a resounding NO WAY.

I think he’s been an immense presence at Arsenal this season. He had a very, very average start, but he was playing for a manager that had zero understanding of all the things he’d been used to… namely, building a defensive structure. Since Unai Bummery left the building, he’s grown as a leader, a mentor and a player on the pitch. My favourite part of the United game I went to was watching David Luiz fist bump some good build-out play from the back. He was celebrating a sequence of passes like we’d scored. Other highlights include how he works with the kids. Compare his attitude to how Thierry was with Adebayor on the Project Youth kids of 2007 and it’s clear… he’s here to do something.

I suspect he’s also here for the coaching job after. There’s a lot of respect for what Arteta is doing at Arsenal, I also reckon he sees the rapid ascent from an injured DM to one of the top jobs in world football. I think Luiz has a great mastery of the English language, he seems to be thoughtful, has a high social EQ and he has that presence you look for in a manager. That might translate into nothing, but you’d be foolish to bet against a player of his stature, that has played in midfield and defence, not at least landing a job as a manager at some point.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m a huge fan of the David Luiz signing and I think an extension to his deal is well deserved.

Things that are affected by the virus I didn’t think of #1: Dani Ceballos loan deal might expire before the season is out.

Something to warm the cockles of your damn heart, Santi Caz wants a piece of the action on Mikel Arteta’s coaching staff. G. Ballague had this to say.

“Going back to Arsenal with Arteta is something that I think he’ll consider as a coach. I asked him about it, he said yes.

“I tell you what – Arteta and Cazorla together, really good friends first of all but really good special minds of football.”

I forgot that the two played together. I think this is a move that the fans would love. I don’t think we’d even care if he was any good. Put him in charge of halftime oranges if you have to. We love Santi. Not having an idea about his intelligence, ability to transmit idea, or his vision of the game… I’d say the one thing I’d have him straight on is getting Nicolas Pepe training on that right foot. Make that his job. Give him the job title of ‘Head of Ambipedal Therapy’, what a role, everyone will have one in their staff within months. Jokes aside, I like the idea of having explayers around the camp. It’s good for the vibes. We should be growing our own coaches, taking a lead from the RB franchise books. Has anyone given Bobby P a contract yet?

Rumours continue to gather pace in Spanish media that Auba is going to push for a move to Barca. This whole scenario has been greatly complicated by the virus. He’ll slink into the last year of his deal before we’ve finished the season. That lowers his market value and makes the idea of Barca a lot more appealing. I hope it doesn’t happen, but with all the financial doom and gloom around the club, it’s hard to imagine we’d let £50m slip out the door… Aaron Ramsey’s Scudetto lifting hands seared in the brain.

On that note, have a safe day, and people in the comments… no flu shit today, keep it to football, there’s plenty to talk about.

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  1. James wood

    Evidently we have a pre contract agreement with two players and their clubs.?
    So on the evidence of who needs to go I expect at least 2 more players on top of

  2. CG


    “””””CG think he’s perfect captain

    What after playing 6 games for Arsenal
    Playing 15 games in the whole of 2019
    And only ever playing in Scotland.?

    Hardly Billy Bremner or Dave Mackay is he?

    Don’ t you think – making him captain means you end up playing him more and as a consequence he would keep get injured.

    He needs nursing through a season

    (Florence Nightingale would struggle to keep this lad fit for 10 games.)

    Xhaka is durable as Cha Cha rightly states and should be the team captain.

    And ignore our self entitled supporters .

    They didn’t like Wenger
    And they dont like Xhaka.

    Its those self-entitled wallies- why we are in this mess in the first place.

    Hounding out the greatest manager we are ever going to get.

  3. Pierre

    “Hounding out the greatest manager we are ever going to get.”

    I don’t suppose there will be any apologies forthcoming from the Wenger Obsessives for their despicable behaviour.

  4. James wood

    Un he was a great manager.
    But I saw him in Waitrose near Chapel st
    just before he left.
    He put 4 things in his basket and promptly
    took the out those and put something else in.
    He was a lost soul and still is.
    All good things come to an end.??

  5. CG


    (They got what they wanted.)

    And no -one will or can reverse our slide until we get new ownership who are actually engaged in the club.

    Ie. They want to make Arsenal champions off England again and admired worldwide as before.

    Wenger did 10 years of brilliant management under Dein and Co.

    And then did 10 very solid years of management under KSE.

    With all the people in charge at the club , from Arteta,Raul,Vinny,Emery,Hussey,Edu they still cant beat Wengers last season.

    And they wont for a while yet.

    Maybe another £250 000 000 needs to be spent just to match it.

    And even then the soccer wont be as easy on the eye.

    We have gotten exactly what we deserve.

  6. Pierre

    “Wenger nutters are out in full force this morning

    It’s ufraud, the archetypal Wenger obsessive, who in his infinite wisdom decided to boycott Wenger’s last 2 seasons despite ( supposedly)having 2 season tickets.

    How stupid must he feel.

  7. Pierre

    Getting Tierney fit should be top of the list for him and then the hard part is keeping him fit.

    A 100% fit and firing Tierney will be an asset for the team offensively.

    Personally, I would rather have full backs whos first priority is to smell danger and defend for their lives, Ashley Cole and Lauren spring to mind in this respect.

    Let’s see if Arteta can structure a solid defensive unit in the coming months.
    There have been a few positive signs but I think protection from midfield is the key.

    Centre mid is the priority in the transfer window , we need possibly 2 new signings in midfield.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    Tierney has always been considered much better than Robertson, like not even close in terms of talent. Robertson has found himself a setup and manager to extract his peak, hopefully Arteta proves capable of doing that with Tierney.

    On the number of transfers front…

    I agree with the idea more than 2/3 transfers for the first XI can potentially disrupt the side, but this particular situation that’s fallen on every club diminishes that likelihood imo. This will be a significant downtime for clubs, and this can be a benefit for recruiters.

  9. andy1886

    Pierre, the problem isn’t player turnover – it’s buying badly which we’ve been doing for years (several with Wenger still at the helm).

    I’m not convinced that we will sign any of our loanees come the window, no reason to keep Soares, no reason for so many CB’s, and Ceballos will also probably return to Spain.

    What we will be doing is trying to reduce the wage bill so if Ozil can’t be shifted (more persistent than Coronavirus) some of our big names will probably have to go IF we can shift them. Given the likely financial crisis it will be difficult for players to get similar wages to the ones that they are on at AFC.

  10. CG

    Tierney v Robertson.

    Since when has Tierney ever proved himself at the top level?

    Robertson had proved himself with Hull City. AND HE AIN’T INJURY PRONE.
    99 premier league games before Liverpool thought he was a sensible
    purchase at £ 8 million.

    Now compare with Our Dopes.

    We spend nearly 4 times as much.
    And he has never played a premier league game before.

    Maybe that basic example in a nutshell- is Why Liverpool are European Champions and we are floundering midtable?

    There is much to like about Tierney (especially in his demeanour )but he will always be injury prone.

    We have seen this with Diaby, Jack, Rosicky, and as far back as Stewart Robson.

    Put Tierney in this category too.

  11. China1

    Bellerin as captain? He hasn’t been a stand out talent in the best part of two and a half years and has also been consistently injured over the last 12 months

    He’d be one of our good options to look at selling ahead of making him captain if I was in charge

    … though it seems I am not funnily enough!

  12. China1

    CG Tierney May or May not always be injury prone but there’s absolutely no evidence on which to draw that conclusion

    A year of injuries is hardly unique to Tierney. Diaby and wilshere were on the treatment table for several consecutive years for every kind of injury imaginable. Tierney has had a bad year. It’s too early to say if that means anything

  13. CG


    “”””Man CG you are so negative””””””

    Well I ignore the fact Arsenal are having the worst season in 40 years

    Ill recite fairy tales instead.

    No- in fact Ill leave that to others.

    ps. telling the truth is not negative or indeed positive. Its just the simple Truth.

  14. Champagne Charlie


    You can cite Arsenals worst season in 40 years all you like, but it doesn’t relate to Tierney’s ability given he never kicked a ball for us for any length during that time. Your argument is redundant as ever.

    Also Robertson didn’t cut it at Celtic, he went to Queens Park, Dundee United, Hull, then Liverpool. Tierney made it at Celtic, he was their captain and best player at 21.

    Doesn’t diminish Robertson for a second, but the two were bought at very different ebbs and Liverpool paid for a good player who had improved season after season, meanwhile Arsenal paid for a potential star.

  15. CG


    Do you seriously believe Tierney to be a better left back than our current one?
    And what actual evidence do you base that on?

    The Teirney fan boys are typical of the modern fan/supporter.

    Just because he is expensive and new – they automatically assume he will be better than the incumbent.

    Probably why – so many upgrade their phones annually.

    Tierney in a million years will never be a better robust and durable left back than Sead K.

    And it was total insanity to spend £ 30 million on him.

    I guess some agents did rather well out of it though…especially the ones acquainted to the Fat Spanish one thats currently Head of football Ops at Arsenal.

  16. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””meanwhile Arsenal paid for a potential star.””””””

    There we go again……more fairy tales.

  17. Marc

    “Just because he is expensive and new – they automatically assume he will be better than the incumbent.”

    But Saka isn’t the incumbent – that’s actually Kolas, Saka who’s done an amazing job has been parachuted into the position because of injuries.

    Only a few weeks ago many on here were keen to sell Auba in the Summer because Martinelli can take over up front, that leaves Saka as LW and Tierney as LB.

    Not sure I agree with that but it was something being argued – either way Auba’s not a LW anyway.

  18. Champagne Charlie


    Disagree there, I find both fullbacks wildly overrated and riding the crest of good will Liverpool have conjured as a whole unit.

    The system they play is brilliant for their respective strengths (attacking), but under scrutiny their defending has been found wanting – when the aura of invincibility is finally smashed they’ll be seen more realistically imo.

    TAA to me is a much better player, his ability with the ball is top class whereas Robertson is more industrious and a bit less refined.

  19. Redtruth

    Our greatest ever manager took the team to the dizzy heights of winning the FA Cup whilst fumbling along in the league.

    I can live without winning the second rate FA Cup.

  20. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””Disagree there, I find both fullbacks wildly overrated”””””

    So there we have it.

    Liverpools full backs are overrated- despite loosing 2 games in about 100 premier league games……
    But our perma crock one- Tierney is a potential star……just because he was Captain of Celtic at 21.

    (Tierney has played 6 games for the club.)

    As I said Fairy Tales.

  21. CG


    “””””For me he’s the best left back in the world right now. I think Tierney has a higher ceiling.””””””””””

    Evidence, evidence, evidence on what?

    6 games in his Arsenal career…..?

    Robertson has played against all the best wingers in Europe and in the prem and proved he can cut it….

    Since when did Tierney come across the same quality of wingers?
    in the SPL?

    Spanish Dave would get a game for Motherwell or Hibernian in the SPL .
    And he would be probably be a stand out performer.
    It is garbage.

  22. Valentin

    3~4 players per transfer window if you keep the same philosophy of play. When a club changes manager the stability is less a factor.
    The big questions become:

    1) Does the current group of players fit the new manager style of play?
    2) If not can the change of playing personnel be made at a reasonable cost in one TW or should it staggered?

    I think that Arsenal will go for 1 CAM, 1DCM, 1RB (if Cedric’loan is not made permanent), 1 CB (if Mori ‘s deal is not made permanent).
    The quality will depend of how many players we can sell and at what price. Because of the financial implication caused by the virus the TW could be a buyer’s market.

  23. Jim Lahey

    Here is one for you. Arsenal’s best 11 made up of players AFTER the Invisible.

    For me: 433

    —————————– Leno ——————————

    Sagna ——— koscielny — Vermaelen ——— Clichy

    ——————- Cesc ——– Cazorla ———————

    Nasri —————- Arshavin —————– Sanchez

    ———————– Van Persie ———————–

    Come get the ball off me! Would leak goals but would be the Harlem Globetrotters of attacking!

  24. CG


    “””””Because I’ve seen him play in the champions league against the best teams in the world and was the best player on the pitch in some games but in others more than hold his own.””””””

    You are not telling uncle CG fibs are you?

    Can you ( if possible) recall the opposition?
    It should not be too difficult – Celtic don’t play too many of these fixtures.

    They more at home beating Dundee 6 zero.

  25. Marc


    There are going to be people on normal salaries or even low paid who are going to really struggle through this.

    As you say pure greed – they should be offering to stay on with zero salaries until this is over.

  26. Marc

    Actually on that note I’d really like to see all of the senior players at the club offer to forego one weeks wages in order for all of the match day staff and lower paid employees to receive a one off payment from the club. It would be revenue neutral and could see all of the staff receive a fairly decent amount of money – could easily be £1000 per person.

  27. andy1886

    Jim, attractive side but in the middle of the park we would be absolutely steamrollered. To keep the ball you have to win it back first unless you kick off and play for a 0-0!

  28. Uwot?

    Jim.v.nice line up.But how could you leave out “ Little Mozart”the one & only Thomas Rosicky.But for injuries.more of a shame than toss out fat boy Nasri .slip in tommy Rosicky & we’re agreed.🤩

  29. Pierre

    Robertson has a similar game to Nigel Winterburn…which makes him a very solid, dependable full back.

    Trent Arnold is pure effortless class on the ball..

  30. Jamie

    Peak Ozil gets in ahead of Arshavin, and Rosicky was more talented than Nasri when fully fit, imo*. I also thought the Gallas Verm partnership was stronger than Kos Verm when everyone played well.

    *assuming we’re talking about players at their best.

  31. CG


    “”””Cg You have no idea how good Celtic are at park head and how they turn over suitors biggest sides or lose unjustly there
    It’s a fucking fortress”””””

    I agree- it’s a fortress.
    I am not deriding the Scottish club or its supporters. Just the standard of Scottish soccer.

    (We all know its seriously substandard, to put it politely)

    Their fans put our lot to shame.
    All ours seem to do on big European nights is either:

    Turn up late,
    Leave early,
    Take it for granted or moan about the fact we ain’t winning every match.

    Never for once do the majority sit back admire the quality of soccer on display and get behind the team and manager.

    All Celtic fans revere Jock Stein
    Yet on the other hand 50% of Arsenal fans revile Arsene Wenger.

    And that’s the difference.

  32. China1

    CG on what grounds can I be called a Tierney fanboy? Hahah

    I was one of the few on here who called him an expensive unknown on the summer specifically because I’m not sure doing well at Celtic *necessarily* tells you much and his price tag was akin to someone proven at a more established league than the Scottish pub league

    That said, I can only judge him on what I’ve seen of him which is far too little to draw any conclusions because of his injuries.

    So yeah he’s had an awful year for injuries and it’s not a good look, but comparing him to Diaby or wilshere is ridiculous because they were broken for a decade a piece. Tierney has had a bad year. It doesn’t tell us he will remain broken *yet*.

    I’d be more concerned if he had 20 tiny injuries like wilshere and diaby who could be out for 2 months based on all the most innocuous of incidents

    If Tierney continues this way for another 12 months then you’ll have a valid point and we should be looking at him seriously. As of now we have no evidence that he hasn’t just been unlucky

  33. China1

    Celtic aren’t a bad team but their stadium and fan base is always a key reason for their ground being a fortress

    The place is absolutely rocking skin to Anfield on a home game in the CL. Incredible atmosphere, one of the best in club football. They can compete with anyone at home but usually get majorly undone away in knockout phases against any decent teams because their fans are the 12th and 13th man pushing a less than brilliant team on to decent heights at home

  34. CG


    “””CG on what grounds can I be called a Tierney fanboy? Hahah””””

    I wanted to distract you from covid 19.

    (Anyway you get out of that China – and get back into a civilised country.)

    Anyway. The point I was making.

    There is no evidence apart from a few European matches for Celtic that he is actually any good.

    I mean can he actually defend?
    Sure he can go forward with the ball .

    And that’s before he we mention his chronic injury problems.

    And that we already have 2 better left backs on our books.

    Absolutely incompetence at best , skullduggery at worst to shell out £30 million on this player.

    And My mind wont be changed about it.

  35. CG

    And Big Jock could not handle English soccer with Leeds United.

    He returned tail between his legs back to the easy pickings in the SPL.

    How many trophies would our Wenger won -had he managed in Scotland for 20 years?


  36. andy1886

    True, but then again Wenger lost the final against Gala in 2000, a significantly poorer side than the Parma side that Graham’s far technically inferior team beat in ’94. Because Graham was a better tactician.

    Personally I wouldn’t go down the almost won route, even Spurs can lay claim to the ‘almost won’ trophy (and it sounds too much like the ‘almost signed’ nonsense we got from the man himself).

  37. Spanishdave

    How dare you my Scottish team is Brechin City who have up and down to SPL like yo-yo s
    I am a AM and my nice ankle leather boots have dubbin on and ready to go.
    Why they call the Scottish ‘sweaties’ is a laugh because I have never seen one break sweat yet!!

  38. Marc


    Agree on Pepe – what we need is to get a fully fit RB playing behind him so we’ve got the option of Pepe cutting in or the RB on the overlap.

    Will make him far more effective and he hasn’t been bad so far.

  39. Marc


    Political point scoring at a time like this is disgusting. I hope the voters have the memory to take note and punish some of this fuckers once this is all over.

    Did you see Emily Thornberry earlier in the week against Raab?

  40. Champagne Charlie


    I guess Liverpool have the ‘best in class’ for every position by your reckoning?

    I tend to think the sum of their parts is the key to their success more than their star power. Jordan Henderson and Wijnaldum occupy their midfield and you’d have to redefine class to suddenly drop them in the top shelf convo.

    TAA and Robertson have been very good attacking outlets, but both are questionable defenders. You’re dropping Tierney in against Robertson as a final product to make some erroneous point meanwhile I’ve said on more than one occasion that he’s more talented and a potential star – neither of which suggests anything for the here and now.

    Your ability to talk nonsense is unrivalled, and this is merely another example.

  41. CG


    “”””what we need is to get a fully fit RB playing behind him so we’ve got the option of Pepe cutting in or the RB on the overlap.”””

    And when Pepe does what he does best- concede possession, the opposition can exploit all that vacant space….because Pepe aint chasing back to retrieve it.

    Unless the whole team is built around him- like Lille – Pepe will always be a serious problem.

    Shame The Dopes who spent so much on him, could not see these obvious issues.

    Too busy , like pigs in a trough – with all the commissions going around, one suspects.

  42. andy1886

    Well we agree on one one thing Un, winning the league is the number one priority, European success is just the icing or cherry on top (take your pick).

  43. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””I’ve said on more than one occasion that he’s more talented and a potential star –”””

    Where is this evidence, that’s he is more talented?

    I am supplying hard evidence
    (You are just hoping he is more talented.)

    Tierney has played 6 games in England.

    Robbo has played over 200 games in England.

    Robbo has 2 CL finals under his belt.
    Tierney probably wears one to support his dodgy back.

    If Tierney was such a potential superstar- why did no other top club come in for him in the last summer window?

    It was an open secret Celtic wanted shot of him.

    Maybe those clubs, like me- think he is just an above average player looking decent in a filfthy league.

  44. Spanishdave

    I recon old Alex Salmond is shitting himself with the verdict coming out today.
    He’s lucky to be out of the news, but if found guilty it will hit the headlines.

    I think due to clubs loosing revenue the transfer fees will plummet which wouldn’t be a bad thing, Auba will be a lot lower.
    Player should forfeit a months pay as suggested earlier, but they are greedy so it won’t happen.

  45. Marc


    No it was the day before – he gave the House a statement where he updated on stuff, as shadow minister she then replied talking some family stuck somewhere but then went on an anti Trump rant. Raad completely bitch slapped her.

  46. Marc


    With over crowding in prisons and corona an issue I think it would be better all round to just hang him – in the car park. No appeal just rope over a lamp post and hoist him up!

  47. Champagne Charlie


    Your evidence that Robertson is more talented comes in the form of him reaching CL finals at 25 and 26 years of age? Legendary analysis.

    I already told you how I gather the view of their respective talents.

    Robertson never made it at Celtic and had to move on to Queens Park and then Dundee United before moving down south. He was capped by Scotland at 21.

    Tierney became a Celtic captain as a teenager, made his Scotland debut as a teenager, and was the standout player in Scotland by 21.

    Rebrand talent all you like, but it’s fairly obvious to anyone with a pulse who showed more as a youngster.

  48. CG

    Cha Cha

    “””Rebrand talent all you like, but it’s fairly obvious to anyone with a pulse who showed more as a youngster.”””

    Ok Tierney was more talented than Robbo as teenagers.

    Post acne and loosing their respective virginities.

    Robbo has gone on to an FA Cup final with Hull City and 2 CL finals with Liverpool.

    Meamwhile -Tierney has mustered 6 games for Arsenal.

    But you seem to think he is more talented?

    Fairy tales….

  49. Tom

    So if you are a well connected insider who donates $10k to his re-election effort you get the unvarnished assessment of the covid-19 situation from the senate intelligence committee chairman Richard Burr, so you can unload your stocks before markets take a plunge as he did himself of course. But everyone else gets the usual Trump party line “keep walking , nothing to see here “ bullshit.
    Ha , who knew?

  50. China1

    Calling china uncivilized is a bit harsh dude

    When 1/4 of the people on the planet live in a single country larger than all of Europe combined, it’s safe to assume you’ll get the best and worst mixed in.

    It’s not all bat/pangolin eating rude monsters lol. In fact I didn’t know bat was even a food until this corona virus outbreak (whilst it’s true the Chinese are famous for eating literally anything that can be digested lol)

  51. Spanishdave

    There’s a good footy series coming up about the early days of football.
    In those days the players used to keep the ball in a huddle rather than passing.
    The Scots claim they invented passing the ball.
    Perhaps they are still trying!!

  52. China1

    And CG its precisely because xenophobic morons such as yourself are uneducated enough to tarnish an entire nation of people that I doubt I’ll be moving back any time soon

    Not only am I safer here than you are there, but considering the sheer quantity of uneducated, gormy chavs and bellends such as yourself who will no doubt have a lot of vapid insights to share with my chinese wife and son, it will be easier just to stay here

    If I was visiting my uk family tomorrow there’s no way I’d bring them right now.

  53. alex cutter

    “winning the league is the number one priority, European success is just the icing or cherry on top ”

    Hot take.