Oof, is this us now?

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Yah babes, I’m feeling you. Firstly, I wish my husband bought me a Peloton because I am telling you right now, forced enclosure is not good for this washboard sixpack I’ve been cultivating in 2020. Secondly, watching the news well dry up is quite alarming. It’s the absolute fear that I might… you know, have to work to write my daily blogs?

Oof, I feel queezy.

Today, we’ve landed at the point where the best news stories are… ‘YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT THESE FANS ON TWITTER FOUND MILDLY INTERESTING’… and you know what? I clicked. It was shite, but it warmed up the news-cold-turkey.

We’re so desperate for news that John Barnes opinion on how the Premier League should end is making headlines.

A topic that is interesting is players transfers. If the season isn’t closed out by June 30th, players will enter the last year of their deal, which could be a monstrous pain in the fucking backside. We could lose Auba for nothing next summer by accident and we’ll end up devaluing a whole bunch of players who ‘might’ have moved but could change their minds as the view of a Bosman transfer becomes a little more focused.

UEFA will have to shift the transfer window.

I’m also interested to see how training carries on. Is it business as usual next week like some of the papers are saying? Training isn’t exactly social distancing.

The good news for Arsenal and most of the Premier League clubs is we’re all landing a midseason preseason with our coaches. Injured players come back into the mixer, the club can do the conditioning that wasn’t there in the summer, and new ideas can be bedded into minds of players that may have been struggling.

I appreciate that advantage is for everyone, but it’s at least an advantage for those of you who think Arteta has good ideas.

The comeback I’m looking forward to the most is Kieran Tierney. He’s a chance creation machine and an absolute beast. Where do we end up playing Bukayo Saka? Is he a left-back? Or does he move further up the pitch? Whatever happens, the left side of Arsenal is wrapped up nicely for the next few years. Especially when you factor in Gabriel. Woah. I’m excited.

SEAN BLOODY DYCHE. Manager of the month? Outrageous.

There are some rumblings about Auba and Barca, not sure I’m buying into them, but while his contract is up in the air, you never damn well know.

Right, short post today, back in the morning.

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  1. Spanishdave

    Just an example of the press
    Daily Mail headline
    Deaths Soar
    Fact four elderly people died yesterday.
    Facts now
    2453 cases
    2433 cases are mild condition
    173 cases closed
    108 deaths in four weeks.
    And we are in meltdown over this.
    Bring back footy

  2. andy1886

    Dave, unfortunately there will always be a few who sensationalise and distort what is said. But the press should also be free to question the government line on this when it seems illogical. For example Raab has said today that closing borders will not impact the spread of the disease but logically allowing anyone in who may be either infected or a non-symptomatic carrier can only do that. I’m not saying they should shut the borders but statements like that have to be challenged.

  3. Marc

    Apparently they’ve said the season will be extended indefinitely.

    Basically they’re going to keep kicking the can down the road until this either clears up or they are forced to.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    In layman terms

    Play enough games till pool are mathematically impossible to catch.

    Then it will finish, whoever in champs places after equal number of games played… is it.

    The thing they don’t want is to fuck up next season.

  5. Marc


    I think they want to avoid making a decision because of the ramifications – TV money, title, euro places, relegation etc.

    We’ll just have to sit tight on this one.

  6. Nelson

    Initially, I was hoping that a hot Summer will eliminate the virus. Seeing that Australia also has 565 confirmed cases, probably the virus can survive in door away from the hot sun. It looks like we’ll have to wait until a vaccine can be developed to fight the virus. Hard to believe that the human knowledge in medical research can be defeated by a virus.

  7. Spanishdave

    They can install heat tunnels that all passengers have to pass through going to an airport, football event concerts etc that can detect body heat temps. So anybody with a temperature can be stopped before going in.
    The technology exists with heat map cameras.
    Do it.

  8. Bob N16

    Spanishdave, as I understand it carriers do not show symptoms for up to 5 days(?) so the idea that one can just check for a temperature sounds a little wishful!

  9. InsideRight

    @ underrated Coq
    “InsideRight, with such bravery and mental fortitude, you should be in the army mate instead of fronting on the Internet.”

    Piss taking aside, I did my time and came out in 1992 after Northern Ireland tours, winding up Russians on the German border, eating chips in Tidworth, teaching officers field tactics at Sandhurst and Operation Granby.

    @ Pierre
    That was my point. I don’t know how a phone diagnosis of someone who had seen a GP just days earlier can be that reliable. Fact remains this thing is going to run its course and Un is a nob.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What is your current fav beer…
    Mine is Holstein,..

    I know that mob associated with it… bit a good beer, seldom on tap know.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The shot going down recently what worry’s me is ther3 is a leaning to the far right in a lot of things…
    Like anti Asian orential because they blame them,
    Vids only showing corner shop Asians Indian over charging..

    Someone is squeezing an a right wing sway.