Oof, is this us now?

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Yah babes, I’m feeling you. Firstly, I wish my husband bought me a Peloton because I am telling you right now, forced enclosure is not good for this washboard sixpack I’ve been cultivating in 2020. Secondly, watching the news well dry up is quite alarming. It’s the absolute fear that I might… you know, have to work to write my daily blogs?

Oof, I feel queezy.

Today, we’ve landed at the point where the best news stories are… ‘YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT THESE FANS ON TWITTER FOUND MILDLY INTERESTING’… and you know what? I clicked. It was shite, but it warmed up the news-cold-turkey.

We’re so desperate for news that John Barnes opinion on how the Premier League should end is making headlines.

A topic that is interesting is players transfers. If the season isn’t closed out by June 30th, players will enter the last year of their deal, which could be a monstrous pain in the fucking backside. We could lose Auba for nothing next summer by accident and we’ll end up devaluing a whole bunch of players who ‘might’ have moved but could change their minds as the view of a Bosman transfer becomes a little more focused.

UEFA will have to shift the transfer window.

I’m also interested to see how training carries on. Is it business as usual next week like some of the papers are saying? Training isn’t exactly social distancing.

The good news for Arsenal and most of the Premier League clubs is we’re all landing a midseason preseason with our coaches. Injured players come back into the mixer, the club can do the conditioning that wasn’t there in the summer, and new ideas can be bedded into minds of players that may have been struggling.

I appreciate that advantage is for everyone, but it’s at least an advantage for those of you who think Arteta has good ideas.

The comeback I’m looking forward to the most is Kieran Tierney. He’s a chance creation machine and an absolute beast. Where do we end up playing Bukayo Saka? Is he a left-back? Or does he move further up the pitch? Whatever happens, the left side of Arsenal is wrapped up nicely for the next few years. Especially when you factor in Gabriel. Woah. I’m excited.

SEAN BLOODY DYCHE. Manager of the month? Outrageous.

There are some rumblings about Auba and Barca, not sure I’m buying into them, but while his contract is up in the air, you never damn well know.

Right, short post today, back in the morning.

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  1. Marc


    I don’t get the “hysterical news for little girls channel ” on my subscription, apparently I don’t meet the requirements.

  2. Dissenter

    ““we’re all doomed”

    I see your are now engaging in satirical hyperbole to get your point across.
    Actually…it’s because we don’t want all out grandparents and elderly parents to die off, which is a laudable goal for every decent society.
    Would you be as calmly unperturbed if this epidermic was selectively killing off balding men in their forties?

  3. Marc


    Firstly I’m not balding – yes being vain is a sin but trust me on the list of sins that I’m guilty of it won’t be that one that fucks me. On a serious note I am asthmatic so that does put me in a higher risk than normal group – strangely I’m coping.

    Secondly – My Mum is in her 70’s and of course I’m concerned that she falls into a higher risk group. However she is following the advice and being sensible, luckily she is in good health. Me losing it will not help her in any way chances are it’d just makes things worse.

    I don’t understand the hostility to people who can keep their shit together – jealousy I suppose.

  4. Dissenter

    I’m as calm as a cow walking the streets of Kolkata, what will be will be.
    It’s just that you were justifying any slowed motion move that Boris was making when in fact he’s just lethargic in making decisions. He ends up doing what everyone else did last week this week.

  5. Marc


    Mate it’s called fortitude, the closet you’ll ever get to it is in a bowl of cereal.

    I’m listening to the news, taking on government advice and not losing my shit.

    It’s amazing we now live in a society where that’s seen as a negative.

  6. Marc


    Don’t get the Kolkata reference – I was under the impression that Cow’s were seen as sacred in most of India.

    Personally I see a cow and I’m thinking about which part of it I want to eat first.

  7. Marc


    It’s not justifying slow actions it’s appreciating that sometimes the rights actions at the wrong time can be as bad as the wrong actions at the right time.

    Time will tell – of course the UK and US results could be hugely different.

  8. Dissenter

    Cows are calm in India because no one is going to butcher them.
    The prevalence of bovine anxiety in India is Zero. The cows have no worries.

  9. David Smith

    Marc, don’t know about Phil the Greek but think you are right on troop movements, and who knows, possible lockdown , or at least from what I have heard from a few friends around the country who have seen large convoys

  10. Marc


    We’re going to see some troops around supermarkets and stuff to supplement the police. I think the idea will be presence equals intimidation – behave or we’ll make you sit in a room with Un for 20 minutes.

    When people are having fights over loo rolls you have to wonder.

  11. Gentlebris

    ‘All the solutions to the world’s problems can be found right here on le-grove. Experts everywhere. Astonishing. Does the WHO even know this website exists?’

    Take covid away and bring another alien issue, same suspects would still claim authority; dishing it out with assuring fervency . The ‘know nothings’, Pierre would say.

    Pedro, sit on your ass and this place would be a confused ghost town if covid persists beyond 8 weeks, should you want to continue running the best football blog in the world, you have to grab some creativity and unleash it pronto.

  12. alex cutter

    “Cows piss.Some Hindu sect were gurgling it down in India as protection against Covid.:

    Some nigerians tried to sneak a bunch of live chickens in a world cup match. according to the bbc they would have been part of some voodoo ritual.

    Crazy times indeed!

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Went to supermarket today…
    Only beer cases they had were corona….

    Just shows these spastics panic buying are really dumb cunts….

    No calpol in shops for those with kids while families have half a dozen in the cupboard ,,, just in case.

  14. Marc

    20,000 British Army troops out on the streets with orders to shoot on sight anyone who isn’t having a complete meltdown.

    Oh hang on sorry that’s 20,000 troops on stand by to help with the out break.

  15. Marc


    “Some nigerians tried to sneak a bunch of live chickens in a world cup match. according to the bbc they would have been part of some voodoo ritual.”

    The Nigerians or the Chickens?

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t think they can do it fast enough…
    One distraught father who couldn’t get calpol for his kid, said he was going to drive round every small shop…

    Really felt for him….

  17. Marc


    The good news is stock markets will recover over the next couple of years.

    Bad news is if you’re very close to retirement of living off of investments you’re fucked for now.

  18. Marc


    The really hypocritical thing is all those who have stock piled would take the view of Un, Dissenter and a few others on here that “we’re” not taking this seriously enough and how they are such good people because they care so much.

    In truth they’re fucking over the very people most at risk.

  19. Mr Serge

    I am waiting for them to restock the idiots can’t keep stock piling Any more now I have plenty of food for a couple of weeks

  20. Mr Serge

    RSPCA I feel for you but your pension should recover over the next couple of years

    I invested in bricks and mortar as well as a decent pension but I have almost 20 years before I can retire

  21. China1

    Marc 200,000 cases is the total number of confirmed cases that have been reported in the world to date.

    I’ve not seen any UK prediction if 200,000 so far – based on previous comments from chief science advisor more like 20,000 (still unknown due to lack of testing)

  22. China1

    Marc you’re taking on your governments advice – the UK government keeps changing its tune and has often mysteriously given advice at odds with what many other countries’ scientists and governments have found.

    Right or wrong I’m not sure how anyone can listen to British advice and be like ‘yep, no concerns here’

    The British government said washing your hands whilst singing the happy birthday song is the key thing to protect the country whilst a few days later saying 60% could get infected and hundreds of thousands could die. They said face masks don’t help whilst they put their health workers in hazmat suits and masks. They said social distancing and closing schools was just populist measures and not founded in science and days later pushes for both

    You keep talking about how calm you are as if people in countries that have taken stronger action have all been panicking. In China we had less panic buying than in the UK and the slight run we had lasted all of one day before returning to normal

    If you want to know one thing that makes people do stupid shit like extended panic buying, over reacting and freaking out, it’s wheb people can see countries around the world taking measures a, b and c whilst your own country is saying those are all pointless, and we should just do A. Then two days later saying we should do B and C as well.

    The constant flip flopping undermines confidence in people because what’s bad today is good tomorrow. Of course people in the UK don’t know what to expect and are overreacting. This hasn’t been communicated well at all. Days ago people were hearing that hundreds of thousands may die and there’s very little we can do about it. I’m afraid much of this unnecessary panic has been sowed by the government itself with its inability to present a clear or consistent message and constant major policy flip flopping

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Mr serge , Marc

    Many thank .

    I’m in the final furlongs bout 8 years…

    So I’ve got to gamble they will improve.

    Short term should I stop pumping the same amount in or reduce…

    Me unit trusts will be fucked as well get that statement…

    Been doing that for 35 years n all …

    Ah well

    Maybe take i5 out n lump on a fav when racing is ever back.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Who do we think will be the big casualty of this virus non human?

    I think it could be 5he death of newspapers…

    In shops today they were still piled high,

    I think people realise that they propaganda panic and fear, plus they are so far behind with the news now…

    Years ago it didn’t matter but now I fear it’s time for them.

    The sun is running at a loss..

    Now used as a vehicle to promote sky for papa Rupert.

    With free papers being given out morning n night think they are doomed.

  25. Tony

    Aussi Gooner
    I presume your occupation means you are an essential worker.

    If so, have prisoner visits been suspended?

    Hope you’re able to stay clear of the virus along with your family.

    Ditto to others with essential occupations at this time.

  26. Tony

    You being Irish and all did your mummy dress you in a Celtic kilt when you were young? Conditioning can be brutal and confusing at such a tender age.

    Just trying to work out why you can be like a hysterical little girl at times, and yet turn rocks into dust with just one icy stare?

    You are a paradox in many ways.

    That said I have utmost respect for you and your wife helping the elderly where you can.

    The elderly in S E Asian countries are revered, especially Thailand. Teachers also are regarded with respect.

  27. Tony

    Just read that the Premier League are conducting an emergency meeting today, which should answer the many questions left open since Covid-19 forced games to be postponed.

  28. Moray

    RSPC I think it’s a few things:

    1. Newspapers have a possibly infectious surface
    2. They are popular with the elderly more than the young, who access their information in a different way
    3. The information therein is already half a day old when it hits the shops

    Newspapers have been in the way out for a while but, yes this could be the nail in The Coffin for quotidian print media. Good riddance, if you ask me.

  29. Moray

    This is the Latest on imported #COVID19 cases in the Chinese mainland:
    Iran: 47
    Italy: 41
    Spain: 28
    UK: 25
    France: 6
    Philippines: 6
    Thailand: 5
    Saudi Arabia: 4

    What is worrying here is that it gives a good guide to countries currently in crisis management: Iran, Italy and Spain. UK just sits behind. The data suggests that the UK is already quite heavily infected, despite what the prevailing opinion seems to be. With the 1-2 week lag of the virus we can expect cases and fatalities in the UK to shoot up, particularly since the uk is not under the same quarantine restrictions as the countries just above it on the list. Worrying data.

  30. Moray

    Marc, the stock markets have proved completely unhelpful in the current predicament. I think we will see a big shift after the virus clears in how our global economic system is set up. I doubt it will be BAU. Machines playing casino games with other machines is not the way to run a sensible planet.

  31. Sid

    Stage 1: Nothing is going to happen.
    Stage2: something maybe is going to happen but we should do nothing about it.
    Stage3: maybe we should do something about it because nothing we can do
    Stage4: Maybe theres something we could have done but its too late

  32. Aussie Gooner


    As yet visits have not been suspended – but we do have a new bottle of hand sanitiser at the gatehouse for all visitors to use and some advisory posters! No one can accuse us of being behind the 8 ball!!!!! Realistically I am sure visits will be cancelled soon as will inter-prison transfers (con-air), court restrictions on new arrivals and consideration given to early release of suitable candidates. If it gets in our prison chaos will prevail and there will be lock downs and probably another riot!

    Shame I can’t work from home! I am working tonight!

  33. China1

    Unless people plan on behaving badly there’s no reason to fear the army in this case, they will be used differently uniformed police in all likelihood

    It doesn’t feel nice seeing the army or even police all over the shop but these are extraordinary times so I wouldn’t mind. It will save lives by stopping people who can’t manage one night without going to the pub from continuing to spread it around.

    The sooner it’s done the sooner everyone can move on and the world can mend. I just want to go home and see my family and friends and have a normal fucking 10 days in the UK. Let’s get this shit over and done with

  34. Mr Serge

    Agreed un we could have dealt with it better I also have not changed my shopping habits for my family

    I have not gone mad for the essentials what’s with the pasta madness anyway ?

    You can make a lot of fresh pasta with not a lot of eggs and flour
    I am glad the supermarkets have stopped the nuttters buying everything up

  35. Mr Serge

    I also heard there will be a lockdown tonight
    I was in Amsterdam on Sunday when they locked it down it was a gentle transition and half the population of the city did not even know it was happening.

    There was no mass hysteria no panic buying, no trolleys allowed just baskets and everyone took what they needed,

    All cafes bars restaurants shops and clubs shut dead on 6 only the supermarkets stayed open.
    The biggest queues where for cannabis with some coffee shops allowed to stay open until midnight for takeaways only
    The Dutch are funny.
    Next day there was a police and security forces presence but they kept their distances unless you were in large groups then they made them split

  36. Sid

    Back to football,
    Tierney at lb, saka at left wing, means no xcuses for Xhakalson, we will be able to see his glaring limitations.

  37. Barney75

    Don’t get me started on the media!

    Did anyone see C4 last night? I have nothing against the media holding politicians and officials to account in a constructive manner, but Cathy Newman was an embarrassment last night desperately trying to get an NHS member of staff to provide a soundbite re supplies of PPE to frontline NHS staff. The guy explained, very calmly what they doing to ease logistical issues, but she kept on hounding, almost goading him.

    The BBC were at it again this morning trying to get a headmaster to criticise the government, which he wouldn’t do – he said he was working through issues surrounding yesterday’s announcement and didn’t think it appropriate to criticise given the unprecedented nature of current events. The BBC looked crestfallen he hadn’t slagged off the govt.

    Then you have the now standard “many people have taken to wearing masks”…when I was down in London last week I reckon I saw half-a-dozen people with masks.

    The problem is no-one ever holds the media to account; the Cathy Newmans, Jon Snows and Laura Kuennsbergs of this world have this permanent smugness about them as if they know best all the time – I doubt any of them have ever had to make decisions that affect 10 people let alone 70 million.

  38. Guns of Hackney

    Good. Lockdown the shithole that is London ASAP. Block the bridges like Dark Knight Rises.

    Why wait? It was obvious that London would have been the epicentre of this virus. Transient population, thousands of travellers coming in from Europe/worldwide and a dense population. Tubes, busses etc are essentially a breeding ground.

    Close everything now.

    Also, who in their right mind gives a shit about football now? Seriously. There won’t be footballers to play football if we don’t get a grip on this, potential global killer.

  39. Jim furnell

    I have laughed, moaned and cringed at the point, counterpoint and blatant bollocks the usual suspects post on Le Grove, we all know who you/they are. I love you all, why else would I come back for more day after day. I know we are down to scraps in the AFC world, I understand the frustration at not being able to gloat at Mustafi’s partial resurgence, Baka’s glory or Maureens demise, but really guys, leave the looting and shooting, international pandemic strategies, moronic shopping habits, absolute cuntish selfishness on display etc etc to your local facebook community support page. Give em’ a try, there’s some total fucking idiots on the one I laugh at. Suppose I’m going to have to change my name to Jack Kelsey now, after all he was a better keeper than big Jim?

  40. Emiratesstroller


    You are absolutely correct. The media have demonstrated consistently during Brexit debate, election and now during Coronavirus outbreak a political bias.

    The Government by necessity has to make appearance on BBC, but they no longer do so on Channel 4 News which is well known to be ultra left wing.

    ITV Morning Programme when Piers Morgan appears has also suffered from
    Government Ministers refusing to appear, because of his behaviour. Interestingly Mr Williamson the Education Minister did appear on ITV in
    absence of Piers.

    The reality is that no Government knows what is the best outcome in the current situation. You can plan as best you can to assist the Health Service, but
    when it comes to economy and school system you are very much in the hands
    of fate.

    My son works for a major American owned IT company who have already made clear to staff that their employment is secure and they will be paid during crisis. He is in any event able to work from home.That is at least
    peace of mind for him.

  41. Dissenter

    So government ministers only appear on friendly tv stations, that’s not how to run a national crises. The media are just channeling the concerns of the people who follow them.
    The so called ultra-liberal channels represent part of the tax paying public so stop making excuses for your government acting like chickens. There’s leadership and then there’s what you have.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be clear the Government are more than happy to be interviewed by politicians, journalists and broadcasters and answer questions. What do you think they are doing?

    However, there are certain stations and broadcasters who have a political agenda rather than serving as they should be doing now “the national interest”

    As UN has suggested there are some who are creating panic rather applying
    common sense.

  43. Marc

    You’ve only got to watch the daily press conferences the Prime Minister is holding to see the idiotic behaviour of some journalists.

    They are asking leading questions looking for sound bite answers that can be used in sensualist headlines.

  44. andy1886

    ES – Ultra left-wing?? Are you serious? Maybe not doffing caps to your ‘betters’ and not thanking them for the scraps they throw you counts as ‘ultra left-wing’ to you but in case you hadn’t noticed we’re not living in Rees-Mogg’s beloved Victorian utopia any more.

    You condemned people previously form their ‘political agendas’ whilst repeatedly demonstrating exactly the same yourself. There’s a word for that and we all know what it is.

    Sorry to be so harsh but this is exactly when governments will show just how competent they really are and I’m not going to give anyone a free pass just because they ‘got Brexit done’.

  45. CG

    You can bash Boris, Donald even the media until the cows home.

    But they don’t eat bats. Or skin dogs alive. They started this with their deprivation and inhumanity.

    Its the Chinese that deserve our wrath.

    The Chinese started this.
    And they will do it all over again……and again…… even when we solve this current Corona riddle.

    They won’t learn. They can’t learn.

    History tell us that.

    Ultimately it will end up in war. Maybe not a conventional war. But a war of sorts has commenced.

    The World V The Chinese Communists.

    Some on here, will have to choose a side…….

  46. Moray

    The World V The Chinese Communists.Some on here, will have to choose a side…….

    Ha. Quote of the week for me. Not least because China is about as communist as my right nut (which has always leant somewhat to the right)

  47. Tom

    It’s absolutely amazing people still insist on comparing casualties from previous disasters to the pandemic that’s barely just begun with a virus that has been mutating quickly enough to scare the shit out of experts.

    Considering the fact most national security experts tasked with predicting the next “biggest threat”all cited a global pandemic as the most dangerous event, worldwide governments responses have been underwhelming at best, and tragically inadequate at worst.
    From China’s initial attempts to conceal the outbreak and punish the whistleblowers, to Trump’s months worth of total inaction.

    Btw, if Trump were faced with a task of preparing a nation for an incoming
    tsunami he probably would’ve told people to make a run on surf and boogie board retailers and rush to the beaches.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m on a no carbs health kick have been for two weeks, feel much better…

    Moray agree it’s over for papers, esp when they are full of ads, onl6 get a paper on Saturday to help with races, can easily do with out…

    Wonder what the prem will say today…

  49. Marc


    No one sensible is not taking this seriously however there needs to be a sense of perspective. People dying and losing loved ones is terrible but the “end of the world” pandemic outbreak levels are talking about disease with mortality rates of 30% or higher- things like Small Pox or Ebola.

    The same applies to interpretation of advice – the WHO came out and said Governments should TEST TEST TEST – certainly the UK is ramping up the level of testing but people her this and think everyone should be tested – it’s just not feasible.

    Governments need to be careful what information is put out there and how it’s put out there, as said above by several people the media needs to be a lot more responsible as well.

  50. Ishola70

    Tom’s post was good and measured.

    All this finger pointing and who is dealing with this the best talk is a bit daft at this point.

    All have failed ultimately.

  51. Tom

    It’s times like these when the value of smart leadership comes to the fore.
    Having know-nothing dipshits in position of power is a recipe for disaster.
    Here in the US , despite of covid19 having been diagnosed in all states of the union , seven states still haven’t introduced any preemptive measures to protect the public.
    These seven states have three things in common with one another: one- below average network of hospitals and healthcare facilities , two- higher than national average obesity rate, and three- a Republican governor.

  52. Marc

    “Ultimately it will end up in war. Maybe not a conventional war. But a war of sorts has commenced.”

    Careful using the term “not conventional” when talking about wars. Of course it can apply to a “cold” war scenario, cyber wars or even trade wars but the traditional term about non conventional war is when it goes Nuclear.

    What was the Einstein quote? Something along the lines of “I don’t know what weapons WW3 will be fought with but the war after that will be fought with sticks and stones”

  53. andy1886

    Marc, the idea that the PL could complete the season without any legal challenges from clubs who might be impacted by whatever scheme they come up with is ludicrous. This thing isn’t going to go away by the end of June when fixtures have to be completed. Say for example Arsenal play Norwich and one of those sides have key players out. If we missed out on a CL place or Norwich were relegated as a result of that fixture the club would go straight to the courts. Same applies to any other club in that position.

    The only reason they want to complete fixtures is to avoid a wrangle with the TV companies although why there wouldn’t be a force majeure clause in the contract is beyond me.

  54. Marc


    Agree – the whole situation is just fucked up.

    Personally the only solution I see to the PL is declare this season null and void – how you then sort promotion, relegation and European places I have no idea.

  55. Marc

    On a really serious note has there been any scientific advice on whether “masks” and I don’t mean those used by the NHS but the stuff people are buying online / in B&Q etc actually protect people?

  56. Marc


    A government spokesman has just given a statement.

    Yes they are readying 20,000 troops but not to put London under a complete lockdown.

    Look at the article you posted right at the beginning it says troops will be stationed at supermarkets – why do troops need to be stationed at supermarkets if the shop is closed and everyone is at home?

  57. Marc


    The troops are also being readied to help support deliveries of vital medical equipment, the army also has a large number of medically trained staff who will supplement and support the NHS.

    Get a hold of yourself.

  58. Marc


    I’m currently listening to the live press conference being held by Professor Chris Whitty – excuse me if I take what he says as credible and advice to follow and ignore you when you’ve been shown to constantly lie or post conspiracy theories.

  59. Marc


    I didn’t deny they were being used – you said they were being deployed in Clapham Junction high street as a lockdown was imminent.

    The link you posted showed fucking Army Cadets.

  60. andy1886

    Marc, I wouldn’t take what Chris Whitty says as gospel. Yes, he is one ‘expert’ but he’s also a political appointment and has to support government policy even if he may not agree with it. So far he has been wrong on ‘herd immunity’, wrong on isolation, on testing and more recently he even quoted the wrong figure on annual flu deaths (Whitty suggested 8,000 as an average figure but experts in the field corrected that to 17,000 and said his figures were out of date based on the most recent studies).

    Also to suggest that our ‘experts’ are somehow superior to experts across the rest of the world and at the WHO doesn’t bear scrutiny.

    All of this impacts confidence in our government which fuels the hysteria you describe. We need the to be clear, transparent and provide detailed guidance which so far hasn’t been the case. When they stop looking like they are making it up as they go along that confidence might start to take hold.

  61. underrated Coq


    You should be on your toes with your Asthma problems. Lets hope your Internet bravado doesn’t seep into your real life and make you reckless.

  62. Useroz

    ”Whatever happens, the left side of Arsenal is wrapped up nicely for the next few years. Especially when you factor in Gabriel. Woah. I’m excited.“

    Not if we don’t manage to renew Saka. No good news on that front at all !

  63. Pedro

    Guys, you’d best get this incessant argument out the way before the new post because we’re not having this for the 5th day running.

  64. Spanishdave

    My daughter with two young kids just told me that there was no meat in Tescos it’s all gone.
    Hysteria, anarchy coming along fine.
    For a flu virus
    Sheer madness or economy being wiped out before us.
    War next?
    Let’s play footy and get our sanity back

  65. Spanishdave

    Surely Boris needs to shut the media up so he can calmly introduce common sense measures
    They have to get responsible they are loving all the attention that they are getting

  66. Spanishdave

    Could footy come back with limited crowds maybe by rotating the seat numbers so that there are two seats between each spectator. And exit and enter in a controlled way.
    If something could start to get back to normal it could help

  67. andy1886

    Dave, just think about what sort of regimes have suppressed the media in the past. You don’t want to go there. If the message was clear and logical we wouldn’t have this problem.

  68. Jamie

    I can only see the season playing out if it’s behind closed doors. Euros are out the window, so there’s time over the summer to stage league games.

    Maybe clubs could be given emergency powers to extend players whose contracts expire on June 30th through to August 30th with a delayed transfer window during September.

  69. Spanishdave

    Andy trouble is the press will exaggerate and distort what is said for a headline.
    Maybe the government should put out daily press releases which the press should be made to print.

  70. Spanishdave

    Just an example of the press
    Daily Mail headline
    Deaths Soar
    Fact four elderly people died yesterday.
    Facts now
    2453 cases
    2433 cases are mild condition
    173 cases closed
    108 deaths in four weeks.
    And we are in meltdown over this.
    Bring back footy

  71. andy1886

    Dave, unfortunately there will always be a few who sensationalise and distort what is said. But the press should also be free to question the government line on this when it seems illogical. For example Raab has said today that closing borders will not impact the spread of the disease but logically allowing anyone in who may be either infected or a non-symptomatic carrier can only do that. I’m not saying they should shut the borders but statements like that have to be challenged.

  72. Marc

    Apparently they’ve said the season will be extended indefinitely.

    Basically they’re going to keep kicking the can down the road until this either clears up or they are forced to.

  73. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    In layman terms

    Play enough games till pool are mathematically impossible to catch.

    Then it will finish, whoever in champs places after equal number of games played… is it.

    The thing they don’t want is to fuck up next season.

  74. Marc


    I think they want to avoid making a decision because of the ramifications – TV money, title, euro places, relegation etc.

    We’ll just have to sit tight on this one.

  75. Nelson

    Initially, I was hoping that a hot Summer will eliminate the virus. Seeing that Australia also has 565 confirmed cases, probably the virus can survive in door away from the hot sun. It looks like we’ll have to wait until a vaccine can be developed to fight the virus. Hard to believe that the human knowledge in medical research can be defeated by a virus.

  76. Spanishdave

    They can install heat tunnels that all passengers have to pass through going to an airport, football event concerts etc that can detect body heat temps. So anybody with a temperature can be stopped before going in.
    The technology exists with heat map cameras.
    Do it.

  77. Bob N16

    Spanishdave, as I understand it carriers do not show symptoms for up to 5 days(?) so the idea that one can just check for a temperature sounds a little wishful!

  78. InsideRight

    @ underrated Coq
    “InsideRight, with such bravery and mental fortitude, you should be in the army mate instead of fronting on the Internet.”

    Piss taking aside, I did my time and came out in 1992 after Northern Ireland tours, winding up Russians on the German border, eating chips in Tidworth, teaching officers field tactics at Sandhurst and Operation Granby.

    @ Pierre
    That was my point. I don’t know how a phone diagnosis of someone who had seen a GP just days earlier can be that reliable. Fact remains this thing is going to run its course and Un is a nob.

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What is your current fav beer…
    Mine is Holstein,..

    I know that mob associated with it… bit a good beer, seldom on tap know.

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The shot going down recently what worry’s me is ther3 is a leaning to the far right in a lot of things…
    Like anti Asian orential because they blame them,
    Vids only showing corner shop Asians Indian over charging..

    Someone is squeezing an a right wing sway.