FOOTBALLING GODS LISTEN IN (but can we make cancellation work)

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Here we go everyone, top 4 destiny is in our hands, all we need to do is go to the current Champions and beat them 4-0 in an away game.

Simple, right?

Not really. This will be a beast of a game. Or will it? No, it will be, because we’re Arsenal and we are the best friend of ANY manager under a little pressure.

Pep G is going to go all out to make sure Arteta gets what’s coming to him. Mikel left the nest, he must be punished. He’s basically the European Union right now… my dad was all like, ‘free me from these crazy rules that don’t affect me’, then the EU was like, ‘How do you like queues at airports, bitch.’

Pep is basically queues at airports.

OR, there is a counter-narrative. The season is done. There is only one thing left for Pep to achieve, that’s a raised middle finger to the bastards at UEFA for kicking him out of the Champions League. Sane and KDB are coming back to fitness, will he risk them? Probably. But how hard will they go knowing they have a HUGE game against Madrid on TUESDAY. They also have an easy game against Burnley on Saturday.

City either rest players, which might work for us. Or, the players rest themselves, putting in a half shift.

Or, they absolutely fucking batter us.

Arteta has made us tougher to beat. He hasn’t been beaten on the road since he joined… he’s also not played a City like club.

I’m hoping that he packs the midfield with players that can put in a shift and move about. I’d love him to spring an counter attacking game, I’m just not sure we’re equipped to change the way we play so early on in the Arteta story. We can barely play the one way he’s trying to implement at the moment (personnel issues).


Ok, so the game has been postponed because the Olympiacos top dog has coronavirus and the Premier League don’t want to risk anything.

That’s the sort of elite strategising I was hoping for when we signed Arteta. He saw the sniffles, sensed the moment, and jumped on it. Stone-cold killer. I love it.

We were not in good shape for that game. Now we have the chance to bring some injured players back into the mixer. The opportunity to find a bit of form… and the big one… pray City are further along in the race for Champions League glory. Imagine if they reschedule in between a semi or a quarter-finals? WOULD BE SO GOLD.

Anyway, short post. I trust after 2 weeks, the chances of Arsenal players being struck down with anything are slim. Let’s wait it out and rack up 3 points against Brighton this weekend (if we play). That’s an absolute MUST.

On the virus thing… I really hope they don’t cancel the Premier League. Just play it behind closed doors. Let’s not lose our minds, there’s a way to play games without mass gatherings.


‘I think Jose has changed, he has new backroom staff, he’s over his marriage issues, he has a new outlook’

Totally spanked by a young progressive young coach that basically said dissecting Spurs from a tactical perspective was a piece of piss.

‘Look at the injuries’

Grow up, those players gave nothing, there was no plan, they are stuck in 2011. You HATE to see it.

Cannot believe anyone would watch his smirking prezzer after and still pine for him… that after a week where he cunted off his record signing in the press. He’s poison and finished. He literally thinks he can call someone a fat bitch in the press and they’ll be motivated to impress him. He does not understand the kids of today, and I am so, so glad about that.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Marc


    Fuck you – I’ve said be cautious but people are falling into mass hysteria. If people have symptoms self isolate for the advised period.

    People like you are dangerous in a bad situation – just glad you only exist online to me.

  2. Marc


    A lot of people are going to get this – they will also be ill for a short period but the vast majority will completely recover, some won’t even know they’ve had it.

    I’ll bet you a cold beer on a warm day that Coq is a millennial!

  3. China1

    The way to see the UK’s action is this

    If they can keep it business as usual (or close) without crippling impacts from the virus over an extended period of time it would be an incredible win for the country

    I pray for everyone it can be done. But case studies around the world suggest it’s a lot harder than simply washing your hands and having a stiff upper lip. The Chinese, Koreans, Italians and Iranians also wash their hands. It wasn’t enough to stop the virus from causing havoc.

    I want to go home and see my parents and grandma so I just hope Boris’ inaction will actually turn out to be miraculously effective. I seriously doubt it will, though and don’t know anyone out here or my British friends in Singapore who think the UK has any hope of handling this well

  4. Marc


    There is some method in the madness that our government is following. The NHS is under crazy pressure during the winter months with cold and flu season – if this can be pushed out it will allow the NHS to cope better as the virus hit’s in harder.

  5. China1

    The other way I would put it is what do we think will happen if there is an uncontrolled explosion of cases in the UK?

    If there are 50,000 or 100,000 cases etc?

    The hospitals won’t be able to handle this, everyone will be missing work anyway either through sickness or to avoid catching it. Sooner or later the country goes into lockdown anyway

    So the question is is it better to take strong measures now for 5 or 6 weeks and hurt the economy, piss people off, have a frustrating and difficult situation, but throttle the number of cases down to manageable levels, or is it better to wait until we have countless thousands of cases including the suffering and deaths for those worst affected and an inevitable lockdown anyway?

    It’s going to end up the same actions one way or the other. I’d prefer the UK did it with 600 cases than 50,000 cases…

    Re the questions of how will people manage to work/ look after kids etc, my son’s kindergarten has been shut for 8 weeks and so has my office.

    If you want to know what the situation is like, just ask. I’ve already lived it for months lol. And yes it’s a pain in the ass at best and a massive cube at worst depending on your employment situation/finances etc

  6. Marc


    100,000 cases with a 3% mortality rate is 3,000 dead. Almost 12,000 die every year from prostate cancer.

    I’m not saying it’s nothing I’m saying panic is not helpful.

  7. Zacharse

    I think the corona flu is picking off low iq folks, theyre called the elder generations, not JUST boomers, but all those who’ve supported 50 odd years of needless austerity and are perfectly ok to support
    useless drug wars and save on taxes at the cost of handing their children and grandchildren a smoldering pile of ash to live on. But hey, every asshole has an opinion on LG lol

  8. alex cutter

    “Almost 12,000 die every year from prostate cancer.”

    Not that your retarded blatherings are worthy of a response, but how contagious is prostate cancer?

  9. underrated Coq

    Who is panicking? Its the World Governments that are placing bans and a variety of other drastic measures. I guess the chuckle brothers here would rather have humanity bury its head in the sand and live their lives as normal.

  10. Marc


    As more and more cancer’s are becoming linked with certain types of infections – we don’t know.

    My point is about keeping things in proportion. Clearly all those arguing against me have no concept of what this is let alone being able to do it.

  11. Just Another Customer

    take it from China the virus we should be wary of but the panic buying of toilet paper won’t help anyone at all instead it lets some people guard down due to the hysterics

  12. alex cutter

    These were the days. You couldn’t make a movie like this today with all of the PC snowflakes out there! Marc knows what I’m talking about!

  13. China1

    Marc panic is not what I’m calling for.

    There’s a difference between strong action and panic.

    99% people here have been pretty calm and orderly from start to finish and it’s only be the odd moron freaking out and doing stupid shit because of the virus/lockdown situation

    It’s actually because people (outside hubei province) have felt relatively safe from having so many strong preventative measures that have kept people calm in general. Knowing that everyone is wearing masks, your kid isn’t going to pick it up at school and give it to your elderly relatives, knowing that anyone in your neighborhood with symptoms will be noticed and tested almost immediately, knowing that if a case pops up, the government can easily trace and track who is likely to have been at risk etc etc etc

    All of this doesn’t make people panic, it makes them calm.

    Frustrated at the situation. Bored out of their minds. Worried about when things can return to normal. Uncomfortable about lifestyle changes that don’t come easily (like working from home). And many more challenges > yes, totally.

    But panic, not much at all.

    There’s a big difference.

    Panic is what you will see when the numbers are spiraling out of control, the hospitals can’t handle the influx, police operations are scaled back, NHS doesn’t prioritize any low level health issues anymore, and you are standing next to someone in a super market queue who is not wearing a mask, and coughs without properly covering his mouth. And you’re about to go home to your elderly parents/grand parents.

    That is when you will see people panicking and freaking out because of the stress/fear etc that this brings a lot of people

  14. Paulinho

    The UK government know the people too well. Timing of the draconian measures vital because most of the people clamouring for shutting down everything now will show their ADHD colours soon and get bored of it all, leading to undermining isolation at a time when it can really make a difference.

  15. China1

    I can tel you as well from first hand experience you DO NOT need to buy mountains of toilet roll bahaha

    Corona virus outbreaks in the UK are not going to lead you to need to perform 40 shits a day.

    You can put the ASDAs own brand 32 pack of toilet roll down with confidence on this front. I’m yet to shit my pants thus far 🙂

  16. Marc


    I was in my local Waitrose earlier – loo roll nearly completely sold out – all of the larger packs were and tissue’s were completely sold out all they had left were packs of travel tissues.

    This is the panic I’m talking about – it’s daft hysteria.

  17. China1

    Another thing I’m not sure people have fully considered is how well can you actually self isolate?

    If you live with anyone else at all, the chances of you giving it to at least one of them before even being tested is very high. So you get tested and come back positive. How do you self isolate? Do you send your wife and kids to live with the grandparents or something?

    1) what if you don’t have anywhere to send them?

    2) there’s a solid chance you’ve already given it to at least one of them and now you’re sending them to someone else’s place to spread it further.

    This is why this whole ‘wash your hands and self isolate’ is a gross oversimplification of the situation. Just look at the UK health minister who got it and she’s like yeah don’t worry I’m self isolating I’ll be fine. But I live with my 85 year old mum who just started coughing btw’

    This was literally on sky news this morning.

    So her ‘self isolating’ actually has a 10% chance of killing her mum because it’s too little too late

    That shit ain’t to be taken lightly…

  18. China1

    Yeah I don’t condone hoarding mountains of stuff.

    Out here the government mandated that shops must remain open and deliveries must be as normal wherever possible to stop people from needing to go mad

    People will buy more non perishables and hand wash than before but the supermarket shelves are getting restocked daily so nobody needs to take an entire basket of 200 face masks or whatever

    The government should be able to stop that kinda BS like in China by making some emergency laws to help restrict how much of particular items people can buy etc

    It’s a challenge but it shouldn’t be that big an issue

  19. Marc


    The “wash your hands” message is basic hygiene that helps to reduce the spread of any virus. The reason they keep repeating it is because of the number of people who don’t wash their hands very often.

  20. alex cutter

    “The “wash your hands” message is basic hygiene that helps to reduce the spread of any virus. The reason they keep repeating it is because of the number of people who don’t wash their hands very often.”

    You have to have seen those videos of Chinese tourists shitting and pissing in public to see how this isn’t a surprise. they’re fucking animals. the only surprise is that this hasn’t happened sooner.

    College athletes refusing to play.

  21. China1

    Most people I know myself included found the first few days of staying in ok, then it became depressing and really frustrating, then by about the third week you kinda just get into a routine and stop being too bothered by it

    The teens and uni student age group will find it the hardest

    I also found my productivity working from home was awful for the entire first week but now I’m so used to working from home I’m not looking forward to going back in

  22. Jamie

    If Liverpool don’t wrap up the title soon, they might have to fight for it during a play-off. Incredible scenes. It would be the funniest shit in the world if they lost it to City. Scousers/pundits would be crying about it for years.

    I wonder if City would consider just giving it up to Liverpool? Not the best PR for City if they won it in a play-off given the dominance of Liverpool this season, and that City have already been branded FFP cheaters.

    There would also have to be play-offs for the European places, relegation, promotion.. what a mess.

  23. alex cutter

    “I wonder if City would consider just giving it up to Liverpool? Not the best PR for City if they won it in a play-off given the dominance of Liverpool this season:”

    Nah. Take the title with an asterisk.

  24. Just Another Customer

    for once the commies got it right in terms of administration of damage control

    but not on other things though


  25. Marc


    I was specifically referring to the situation in the UK – can’t and wouldn’t comment on the hygiene habits of 1.4 billion Chinese!

  26. China1

    Even washing your hands is less simple than you expect unless you’re ‘clever’ about it

    Take the case of Boris Johnson the other day shaking hands with a doctor then shown washing his hands to prove the point that this should be enough

    The reason why you need to wash your hands is because the person whose hand you shook could’ve spread the virus via the handshake right?

    Ok so how do you wash your hands? Unless it’s automatic, you turn on the tap first, putting said virus and germs on the two handle.

    Then you wash them clean.

    Then you turn off the tap by turning the very same tap handle you just put the virus onto.

    Genius. But at least he sang happy birthday twice!

    Btw I’m not saying don’t wash your hands etc, I’m saying this absolutely typifies how the UK advice is not going to be enough to stop widespread infections going out of control

    Only much bigger measures will achieve that

  27. alex cutter

    ‘for once the commies got it right in terms of administration of damage control but not on other things though

  28. Champagne Charlie


    Nothing to do with Xhaka, I just pointed out that Torreira has started 15 of 28 league games versus Leno who has started all 28.

    So don’t pretend changing Leno and changing Torreira are the same thing because one is an ever present whilst the other has played half the available games. Really very simple.

    So whilst we could sell Leno, there’d be considerable pressure on recruitment to get his replacement right and integrated immediately to avoid taking a step back. Again, not the same if we were to replace Torreira whose replacement wouldn’t have the same pressures or immediacy to produce significant performance levels.

    But you miss all this with your pining for Torreira.

  29. China1

    The actual image of Boris Johnson trying to prove a point whilst inadvertently getting infected by complete carelessness after spending a solid 20 seconds singing happy fucking birthday to himself is literally hilarious mind

    Not that I wish the virus on him, but that is probably the absolute funniest way it could possibly happen

  30. Just Another Customer

    this is pretty much China’s Chernobyl in terms of covering things up until the dam breaks

  31. Valentin

    This week two women colleague got a nervous meltdown because of the virus. One member of my team was sick on Tuesday so took the day off. I got him on the phone and it was unrelated to the Corona virus, but they refuse to believe him. They demanded that he calls NHS111 who confirm that his symptoms were unrelated to the virus. Despite those reassurance they made such a fuss that he has been told by compliance and HR to work from home for the rest of the week.
    Then on Wednesday the head of another department was off because his wife and kid were sick. He called NHS111. They came in Hazmat suit, did the test and it was negative just a case of pneumonia. Same thing again, those two drove everybody crazy so He has also been told to work from home.
    Today I realised that those two ate in the kitchen but did not even to bother to wash their hands before and after their lunch. They screamed bloody murder but do not do the basic instructions.

  32. CG

    Igalo & Fernadez combo.

    Superb January recruitment from Manchester United.

    (We bought Cedric and Mary.)

    OGS may not be progressive enough for some- but he sure seems to be a quick learner at this management game.

    9 wins in 11?
    8 clean sheets.

    The best manager in English soccer at the moment?

  33. Edu me a favour


    Arteta has 8 wins in 13 and 7 clean sheets , and the novice has already beaten OGS – think you need some perspective here mate

  34. Freddie Ljungberg

    Man U spent 66m in the January window, we spent about 5-6m…

    Thank your boy Wenger and his bloated wage bill for that. Long over inflated contracts given out en masse to weak aging players with little attraction for other clubs isn’t an issue that gets fixed quickly. Worst case scenario it’s going to be until next summer until we can offload some of them since they seem happy to coast along earn more than they deserve and have no professional pride.

    To think we could greatly improve the team while easily cutting another 20-30m off the wage bill this summer but we have players either refusing to leave or being paid too much for any team that are interested to be able to afford their salary. Just depressing.

  35. CG


    Fair point.
    MA is doing a fair job , especially on the clean sheet front.
    (But we are bloody drap in comparison to United.)

    OGS has Manchester United juggernaut purring again.

    Huge credit goes to him for getting their 2 January signings up to speed so quickly.

    And posters were only saying last week, they were struggling against the weaker sides, well:

    5 v Bruges
    3 v Derby County
    5 v These Jokers tonight…. suggest otherwise.

    They look prime for trophies this season and serious contenders for the title next season too.

  36. Marc

    I vaguely remember Bamford saying similar things about OGS last season then he got the job permanently and it went pear shaped.

    We’ve just got to hope someone gives him a contract extension sharpish.

  37. Champagne Charlie

    Banford has a raging hard on for OGS who he claims “excellent”. So CG endorsing him joe is just about par for the course.

    In Ole we trust, hope he signs an extension

  38. Goonies

    We were fucked by the ref v Olympiakos.

    Exactly the same red card situation in the wolves game but wider in the box, how we didn’t get the decision go our way is a joke.

  39. Nelson

    I wouldn’t want to travel to any part of Europe. The wife of our Prime Minister has just come back from Europe and is tested positive of the virus. Our Prime Minister is also quarantined for 14 days. Currently, we are not allowed to have any event more than 250 participants.

  40. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””So CG endorsing him joe is just about par for the course.””””

    I am endorsing Ollie because has can get his free transfer( Igalo ) playing up front on his own in 2 Loosers Cup matches and have Manchester United scoring 10 goals in the process….

    Meanwhile at AFC – we played Pepe, PEA and Laca ( £170 million) and MA can only muster 2 goals in 2 games against Olympiakos and had extra time too?

    No doubt about it , Man Utd are back in business and its all thanks to ‘regressive’ Ollie.
    Let’s hope MA can duplicate his methods.

  41. Freddie Ljungberg


    Just admit that you pulled a Gazidis on CG last season when you called his drivel “elite analysis” just because he was against Emery. Turns out he’s just a Wenger fan boy who constantly shits on the club and everyone involved like a scorned lover, shocker.

  42. CG


    “”””CG propping up any club that’s not Arsenal. Shocker”””””

    Not all at.

    If Arsenal do well, I will say so.

    But they aint.- (certainly in comparison to the Wenger Years) so I wont be a cheerleader for no one. (Plenty of posters can do that, if thats what they want to.)

    The fact is – OGS has done well.
    Written off by many- he has surprised in equal measures.
    Lets hope we can follow their path of improvement – and then I will congratulate Arsenal too.

  43. Champagne Charlie


    Ole sold Lukaku and waited until Jan for Ighalo, please spare me the chat about him being savvy. They’re also 30+ points behind Liverpool and a handful ahead of the most laughable Arsenal season in 40 years.

    On a side note….

    Nuno’s brilliant Wolves have just equalised after being 1-0 down against 10-man Olympiakos.

  44. Freddie Ljungberg

    Man U bought players for 214m in the last 2 windows compared to our 138m, they also had a more balanced squad, that they had spent a lot more on before that too, to start out with and more stability than we have had this season and still they’re barely ahead of us.

    Done well indeed.

  45. Champagne Charlie

    Moussa Diaby looks a player for Leverkusen, 20 year old french winger.

    Anyone know about him? Val?

  46. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””Ole sold Lukaku and waited until Jan for Ighalo, please spare me the chat about him being savvy.””””

    I never said he was savvy,

    Just complimenting him – that he has got his January signings firing immediately and getting on with his job without no fuss.

    They may be 30 plus points behind Liverpool this season.
    I suspect it wont be that next season.

    They have a lot of attributes in their team we patently lack.
    Their days in the doldrums are over.

    And that as always is The Truth.

  47. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Moussa Diaby looks a player for Leverkusen, 20 year old french winger.Anyone know about him? Val?”

    Apparently he’s a better goal keeper than Leno.

  48. Champagne Charlie


    You suspect it won’t be based on what exactly?

    They’ve been dogshit this season, so Ighalo and Fernandes are going to take them up to title challengers or something are they?

    They’re on a brilliant run of 10 games and look where they are, not 3rd or pushing 2nd…..5th with sides around them struggling to win back to back games.

    Hope Ole gets a lifetime contract and Poch/Allegri is overlooked again.

  49. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””CG You suspect it won’t be based on what exactly?””””

    My eyes.

    And I am rarely wrong on these matters.

    I predicted the Season From Hell.
    I predicted The Clown would be gone in Nov
    I predicted Luiz to get red v Chelsea
    I predicted Watford would come to our rescue versus Liverpool with their forward firepower…. and so much more

    And I predict the Title will be returning to Old Trafford next season under regressive Ollie.

    (I think my 87.2% accuracy levels are still intact.)

  50. Pedro

    CG, you’re praising OGS for turning it around, when his United side have played 1 game more than us and they’re 5 points away from us. You don’t have a single good thing to say about the club, ever. You’re just here to wind people up. Why is that?

  51. Champagne Charlie

    “And I predict the Title will be returning to Old Trafford next season under regressive Ollie.“


  52. Marc


    China has had 3,000 odd deaths from Corona virus out of a population of 1,400,000,000. If it was man made and designed to “cull” their population it’s doing a pretty terrible job.

    I don’t know if you’re some conspiracy nut or just being stupid but for fucks sake think about it.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I was not for art at the start,
    But now I can see the possibilities ,
    Still think it’s best to give art just a domestic full season .

    Want him to be strong with the broom this summer., and I think he wil,

    I’ve brought in to the art painting of arsenal.

  54. Marc


    Go watch the X Files you’ll feel better.

    How’s your cousin by the way – has he seen any emails about Aliens or the Kennedy assassination recently?

  55. CG


    “””””You don’t have a single good thing to say about the club, ever. You’re just here to wind people up. Why is that?””””””

    Far from it.
    Off course- from time to time, Ill say the odd thought provoking comment ( all factually accurate- I add).

    I have supported the club for a very long time. Decades.

    Ill be honest.There is currently very little I like about it.

    And I am entitled to state that.

    And I genuinely think Manchester United will win the league next season.

    (Especially if Salah goes to Real Madrid and Mane goes to Barcelona.)

    Klopps Dortmund team , ran out of steam and I think his Liverpool will do likewise.

  56. Guns of Brixton

    I just heard Arteta got Coronavirus.

    No idea if Im late or thats the latest news … god damn olympicoas ! Wasn’t enough to beat us. Had to disease us too

  57. Marc


    Our match against Brighton is still scheduled to go ahead – how the hell has the match not been cancelled? The same applies to the other PL fixtures.

  58. Marc

    OK now we can panic – if special sauce is no defence against Corona virus how the hell is modern medicine supposed to do anything.

  59. Mr Serge

    Shit that’s not good the whole team and coaches have to self isolate now
    There is no way the game is going ahead

  60. CG

    Sad news about MA and him getting Coronavirus.

    Lets hope the club finally comes to its senses and re-engage Arsene Wenger as temporary manager to oversee things until he recovers.

  61. Marc


    Yeah now we only get to listen to people whinge about players we would / wouldn’t sign if we still played and football hadn’t been cancelled forever.

  62. Marc


    Be careful what you wish for – if Wenger came back he’d catch it and as someone in the high risk category would certainly die.

    How would you feel then? Personally I prefer to see him in retirement.

  63. Arteta’s Hair

    CG you having a laugh, we have no first team squad for maybe 2 weeks.

    Perhaps bring Merlin in and he can magic us up a squad 😝

  64. Ishola70

    If Mikel comes out in a cape and mask and addresses the first person he comes across as Robin then we will know he has advanced strong Corona virus.

  65. Marc


    You know Spanish Gazpacho has never killed anyone – in fact it’s strange that Spain seems to be avoiding a major breakout.

  66. Ishola70

    Ah so you have hit on the cure Marc.

    Your fav gazpacho.

    And to think it has been so overlooked by all and gentry.

    You might get the mild shits though but worth it to avoid the risk of you growing bats ears.

  67. Pierre

    Season will be cancelled..Arsenal wont be able to play for weeks if the players have contracted it or are in isolation.

    Will take.weeks to regain full fitness so I cant see how the season’s fixtures can be completed if one team cant fulfil their fixtures .

  68. Paulinho

    Dont know how long he has had it but I thought Arteta looked and sounded a bit drowsy and subdued recently. Almost struggling to get his words out.

  69. Arteta’s Hair

    PL having emergency meeting in the am UK time, my bet will be all this weekends games will be cancelled.

    Fifa also talking about postponing Euro’s for a year!!

  70. Spanishdave

    China today
    Coronavirus cases 80,000
    Recovered to date 65,000
    Deaths 3,100
    Percentage 3% deaths mostly over 65 years old.
    Get a grip snowflakes