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Mikel definitely said we’d beat City 4-0 this Wednesday and move into 6th place in the league.

We’re going to go there trying to beat them, put all the things we can on the pitch to make it difficult for them, to create the scenarios we want to do during the game. Let’s see if we turn up on the day at our best, we can perform and win the game.

Ok, ok, he didn’t say that, but he said we’d try.

This game is going to be a really tough one, no doubt about it. They’ll be wounded after losing away at United and they’ll be desperate to make amends for all the horrendous… ‘OGS IS ACTUALLY AMAZING’ nonsense that floats into the footballing ether every time he wins more than 3 games in a row.

Arsenal win, we move to within 2 points of United. How anyone can be moist over the Mancs considering the season we’ve had compared to them is quite beyond me. They have been terrible… literally 2 points better than Arsenal during our worst season since time began, and people are purring over OGS like he’s the second coming of Christ. Someone called 28% possession ‘swagger’ yesterday… are you fucking kidding me? That’s like calling Ade Akinbiyi a Rolls Royce of a striker. Jokers.

I have no idea what the brief to the players is going to be, but we’ll basically have a full squad of players to choose from. Cedric is back in contention, which is pleasing, but also worrying as I have no idea whether he’ll be a bargain or a disaster. Shkodran Baresi should also be back in the mixer after his rather fast recovering from an injury a few weeks ago. Tierney is also in contention.

Will we shut up shop like United and hope to hit them on the break?

Will we go guns blazing like peak-Wenger and take glorious arse-spanking?

Or will we do something different?

The one thing we have on our side is intel. Arteta knows what they are up to over there. However, I remember thinking this when Petr Cech joined us and let’s be honest, it didn’t make a fucking blind bit of difference.

I’m really into the elite line of questioning one journo had when he asked if Arsenal need to be at their best to win.

I think we have to be at our best, that’s for sure. You have any chance to win a game at the Etihad against those players, we have to be at our best.

I think we are in two different processes and levels, at the moment we have to try manage those individually and collectively. We have to be at our best.

Imagine if he said,

No boss, we can cruise this bitch at 65%

My kind of answer.

Final tidbit that was interesting was how the manager answered the question of Saka vs Tierney.

They (Saka and Tierney) have to compete, they have to challenge each other and improve. Whoever is best will be in the position, which is a really good thing for the team

No doubt there, they are competing for a position… Saka is a left-back.

Finally, congrats to Ramsey on his title win. He scored and landed an assist yesterday. 11o0 minutes though. Love the player, but woah, that’s a costly £400k a week.

Right, I’m off, see you tomorrow, it’s work from home for the next 6 months. What a joy.


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    The response in China was not quick.

    A doctor who has since died advised about the problem before Christmas and
    it took the authorities in that country nearly 2 months to recognise the problem.

    We can argue ad infinitum about what should be done, but the reality is that
    until an antidote [vaccine] is found and successfully tested there i no short term solution.

  2. Moray

    @stroller. Successful containment and case tracing is the short term solution.

    Neither are being done in the Uk, which is why there are numerous cases now of unknown provenance (ie community transmission)

  3. Guns of SF

    Here in Santa Clara county we have over 30 infected and one death

    Schools and cities are in high alert
    Still it’s such a worry….

  4. China1

    Yeah moray you’re spot on

    I have many colleagues in Singapore saying the same as you

    People may think I’m pushing some kind of pro China point. I’m not. Not only am I English but all my family and friendly back there will need to live with the consequences of every example of action and inaction the UK government and companies take

    I called my mum the other day to tell her that I’m frightened for her and my dad, as well as my grandma. They’re are all in the high risk category and it’s a fucking horrible feeling to be out here knowing they are in a country which has been so openly passive about the whole thing.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    I know Singapore very well. You cannot compare it with the UK.

    It is like making a comparison with Liechtenstein or Switzerland, which are both relatively small and low population countries.

    For the record Switzerland has got almost 500 cases of the virus which is significantly more than UK.

  6. Guns of SF

    Sokratis is the one surely
    But at this point no one knew
    I’m calming down

    Sad situation tho… I still feel games need to be played in empty stadiums until this is under control…. sucks but need to do what is right

  7. Moray

    It is, China.

    I came out to Asia in 2007 and now my parents are in their mid 70s. I always feel
    a bit guilty for seeing them max twice a year. They aren’t city-dwellers any more and live down in the New Forest. But with half term coming up, unfortunately there will be flocks of visitors bringing the virus down and my sister plans to visit with her kids. I really think people are badly informed. It shouldn’t be too tough to give up a week of holiday, a Football game or a night out on the rat, for the safety of one’s family…at least until this has blown over. Maybe once Doctors or Politicians start to die, but it shouldn’t take that.

    At least things in China seem to be getting better, if Emperor Xi has deigned to step foot in Wuhan…

    We are already focusing here now on the economic cost of this crisis, though with the consumer markets in the West likely to face weeks of disruption, the impacts will be huge. It puts foreigners like us in a very precarious position when the job cuts come…I had to hold on by the skin of my teeth when the GFC happened in 2008.

  8. China1

    Emirates – that’s was local government that didn’t manage it well, not the national level.

    From the time the local authorities lost control in Wuhan the national gov stepped in and action was very swift and all these lockdowns were put in place within a couple of weeks. Don’t confuse local and national level action as they’re different.

    It would be like a state government in America not reporting on an internal issue to the federal government.

    Secondarily what is your actual point? That because mistakes were made in the first few weeks by provincial government here that the UK is entitled to be slow and careless about it months down the line?

    As with your point saying about Lufthansa and airfrance earlier, you seem to think as long as other places have made mistakes/are continuing to make them, we in the UK should as well.

    As moray said, there are countless mature case studies throughout the world where we can see effective and ineffective response measures. The UK should have its own unique approach but it should be based on lessons learnt from those global success and failures.

    We aren’t seeing anything close to that. The UK is behaving like it only just learnt about the virus a couple of weeks ago. That’s not ok.

  9. Moray

    Stroller, the point I was making is that there were lessons to learn which haven’t been. They should have adopted a Uk centric approach designed on principles of Containment and clear and transparent communication.

    Government communication about the gravity of the situation was poor.

    Stopping public gatherings before the spread was crucial. It wasn’t done. Football, rugby etc.

    Stop flights from Italy, for God sake.

    Simple stuff. But Boris Johnson was too busy writing his book and chasing skirt.

    Now it is no longer a containment issue.

    What is frustrating is that this was obviously going to roll out as it has. Ditto in the US where they have Jerry Lewis making key policy decisions and announcements completely unfounded in medical fact.

  10. Moray

    Also, Switzerland has open borders with Italy, where the returning workers to Chinese sweat shops in the north after the quarantine relaxed brought the virus in bulk. Not a fair comparison with the Island of Britain, which managed to contain rabies for years. Had the right measures been taken, UK could definitely be in double digits now and contained.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Wuhan has a population similar to London. Compare the number of cases and
    deaths in both cities.


    I agree as I posted previously that major public events should have been postponed/cancelled, but you cannot wrap up in cottonwool the population.

    I don’t understand your mentality about Johnson. Would the UK population
    have been impressed and as stoic as they were during Second World War if
    the Royal Family had run away to Canada and Churchill had not remained in
    harms way in London.

    I am in my 70s and concerned as much as you and others about the virus. I
    would be considered “high risk”,but I recognise that life goes on. You cannot
    live in a cocoon.

  12. underrated Coq

    The English must either be very brave or very stupid. Having had a few encounters with Englishmen, probably the latter is more likely. The logical thing would be to stop all football and other events.

    I remember one particular fellow here, Marc was his moniker I think, who was mouthing off a few weeks ago how Coronavirus was just fearmongering and nothing more.

    Its little wonder the Virus is spreading the World over such irresponsible and stupid folk.

  13. Moray

    Stroller, the royal family in WW2 were mixing with the people and helping with the war effort. Johnson has been at home writing his book and impregnating yet another woman. He only just convened cobra despite the possible pandemic warning coming back in early Feb from WHO. It’s not a political issue with me, just frustration. If you contain the virus early then you slow and eventually stop the spread. The worst thing to do is close the door after the horse has shat everywhere. Particularly when the NHS has been so badly run down and presumably already struggling for staff with Brexit.

    Uk is really so poorly run. They will tell you that it was inevitable but it wasn’t.

    I also see that carnaval in Brazil is planned to go ahead this year. There’s another leader who is a complete fruitcake.

  14. China1

    I was on here telling everyone how serious this is weeks back and whilst many on here I hope have been, I was also called overly dramatic by at least one person

    A week and a half later, Italy completely lost control, some parliament workers infected, prison rioting, a local mayor in north Italy infected, the north all on lockdown then a day later the whole country on lockdown, chaos for travelers/companies/tourists etc whilst the cases increase exponentially and the deaths keep rising

    No one is expecting a flawless government response because this is a whole new world of shit for any country to deal with, but in the very least, western governments must stop taking their casual approach and have a very serious, thorough plan in place that can explicitly identify how we can get from where we are to zero/close to zero cases as quickly as possible.

    Any country which can’t tell you that is bungling this and putting not only their own people at risk but the rest of the world’s people too when they re-infect other countries that have already got a grip on it

    Wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday is not going to cut it. Waiting until summer to takestrong measures is closing the barn door after the horses have bolted. Telling people masks aren’t necessary, but then contradicting that and saying they are for infected people isn’t going to cut it. Letting people fly in for any country with minimal checking is not going to cut it. Asking 70+ year olds not to come to football games when tens of thousands of others still can attend and spread it around, then bring it home to their elderly relatives is not going to cut it. Keeping entirely unnecessary public events on and places like museums and the like open is not going to cut it. Making people wait 4 days to get test results (happened to my best friends colleague in England) because testing is so ubfathomablu slow (takes only 90 mins to get results in China) is not going to cut it. Grouping even more kids into a classroom together because a teacher they’ve recently been around has the virus is not going to cut it.

    I could do this all day, because the response has been that fucking poor

  15. Guns of SF

    What about fucking Wolves?????
    They have to play Olymipacos!!!! where their owner most likely is around their players quite a bit!
    Why isnt Olympiakos being quarantined??? that should be team number 1 in self isolation!

  16. Emiratesstroller


    You are misinformed.

    Boris Johnson has been active in public visiting hospitals and flooded areas of
    country. He also attended yesterday’s Commonwealth Celebrations as well as
    Cobra and Cabinet Meetings.

    This morning he will attend Prime Minister’s Question time as well as the
    Budget announcements in Parliament.

    Just because you dislike the guy don’t assume that he does not do his duty.

  17. Moray

    Guns, my wife has always been an obsessive handwasher. I call her Dr Kildaire.

    Sad times we live in when the obsessives become the normal…

  18. China1

    Emirates with respect you literally don’t understand the situation one wuhan

    Wuhan is the epicenter of the outbreak where it was mismanaged by local authorities for weeks before a lockdown could start.

    By the time action was taken Wuhan couldn’t be saved because you already had several hundred people densely packed into apartment blocks living with extended family and a hundred neighbors in a single building.

    This is a perfect case study of what happens when you are too slow – wuhan andnits province (hubei) was too slow.

    By the time the problem was fully escalated and national authorities had to step in, it couldn’t be contained. You’d have a person catch it already, then give it to their entire family, including extended family. Hospitals were not ready for a huge wave of thousands of cases of an unfamiliar virus. Even after the lockdown the damage had been done.

    But the rest of China was effectively saved before it was too late. Look at the China numbers on a province/city level daily over the last couple of months after the government took strong action and its consistently the same. Initial challenge, then reduction in new cases. Then no new cases/minimal cases. Then reductions as people either recover or die.

    Wuhan is still in the shitter because the problem was able to fester due to that early inaction. The same inaction western governments are doing to this day and why in just a few short weeks all of Italy had fallen into chaos.

    Meanwhile in Wuhan they’re expecting it to be clear by the end of April. Thousands and thousands of cases and they think it can be done or nearly done by the end of April.

    The UK government is literally AIMING for a continued growth in infections that will peak in the SUMMER. The actual government plan is this.

    On what level does that sound good?

  19. Guns of SF

    China what do you mean by they plan this to continue into summer??
    are you saying that they are letting it run its course??

  20. China1

    Ems wasn’t Boris widely criticized for being really slow to attend the flooded areas?

    The cobra meetings came up with insufficient plans (as outlined in detail above and I’m yet to see you properly discredit a single point I’ve made)

    And yeah he went to a hospital taking a photo showing him shaking a doctors hand. He also wasn’t wearing a mask, an irresponsible message to share with the public that pointless handshaking is ok and that masks are not worth using (despite people in the government having already caught it…)

    And yeah he attended public gatherings that should’ve already probably been cancelled.

    Thanks Boris

  21. Guns of SF

    how is this going to work? some media is saying that some arsenal players are self isolating per govt guidelines for 14 day, yet are preparing for this weekends game against Brighton
    Who are the players isolating>?? that means they will not be selected this weekend.
    Could make for a very interesting team selection this weekend for Arty

  22. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    The UK Government is trying to delay the “mass outbreak” until late Spring or
    Summer, because there are less pressures on the health service from other
    illnesses and health problems at that time.

    At the moment the UK with a population of around 66 million has got 371 diagnosed cases and 6 deaths.

    That is significantly less than most provinces in China and other western

  23. underrated Coq

    “That is significantly less than most provinces in China and other western

    I bet the Italians were celebrating the same two weeks ago.

  24. China1

    They don’t plan on taking an extreme measures until it’s deaperately necessary. Their target is for the peak in cases to happen in the summer because kids will be home from school and the warmer weather will make transmission slightly harder

    But the primary plan is geberally business as usual with tweaks here and there before that

  25. China1

    Emirates how many cases did Italy have 2 or 3 weeks ago?

    The UK had 11 about a week and a half ago. Each person typically infects a few others so growth is exponential over time. As well, the UK doesn’t even have good infrastructure in place to monitor the numbers accurately so it’s incredibly unlikely that the real number is accurate

    Your complacency about this is honestly disappointing as I gather from your previous posts you are a gentleman of ‘experienced years’. If you’re over 70 there’s around a 10% mortality rate. If you’re over 60 with pre existing conditions it can be as high as that as well.

  26. Moray

    @stroller, I don’t particularly dislike Johnson. I actually think he would be a laugh to go for a drink with. I just wouldn’t even want him cleaning my shoes never mind running the country in a time of crisis and stepping into a host of unknowns.

    I am not in the Uk and don’t follow the news there too much so defer to you on that. I just had the impression he wasn’t showing proper leadership or authority.

  27. China1

    Emirates you are being willfully ignorant about the chinese numbers

    The numbers in China outside of Hubei province are dropping by the day. Ew infections are being dramatically outnumbered by recoveries and deaths.

    1/4 of the entire worlds population live in China and outside of Hubei, every single province is expected to be clear by the end of March to mid April.

    Meanwhile the UK is targeting that the peak of infections won’t even happen until months after that.

    Good luck to you sir because you quite simply are going to need it

  28. Moray

    @China, I’m sure some of stroller’s years were inexperienced 🙂 at least the first 15 maybe?

    Yes the key is “diagnosed”. The spikes in Italy, Korea (experiencing another one in Seoul currently) are what frighten and surprise. They are always due to a large gathering where the disease has spread among a cohort with speed. If rugby and football matches are allowed to go on, as well as public transport (no air con in the tube!!) then I’m sure the numbers of infected are already much higher. With a week latency and many infected showing minimal symptoms, it is somewhat disingenuous to quote number like these, @es!

  29. Guns of SF

    EPL needs to play games without fans in empty arenas
    Public Health is of utmost importance.

    Imagine fans getting corona and dying contracting it watching their team live.
    Truly would be sad….

    Yes Italy has it the worst, but the same precautions need to happen all over.

  30. Moray

    “Imagine fans getting corona and dying contracting it watching their team live.
    Truly would be sad….“

    It would be doing the world a favour to allow The Spud supporters to keep going to the games (to see their team crash and burn)

  31. Moray

    Also, Guns, this might benefit us. I don’t see us gaining any advantage from our fans this year. Our home performances are like away ones.

  32. Guns of SF

    honestly, wolves olympiakos is behind closed doors without fans.
    But like- what the fuck ??? If the owner just came out with the news, shouldnt they QT the olympiakos team now for 14 days????
    How is that match going on???

  33. China1

    The only positive I see right now is if the FA write off the entire league campaign then Liverpool might lose their first title in yonks which would be fucking hilarious

    But I’m not sure how this could be managed. Like you could call Liverpool title winners regardless because it’s almost mathematically impossible for them to lose it now

    But after them, how would you be confident of any league positions….

    Write off the whole season but give Liverpool the PL title by default? That’s probably the fairest thing to do if it reaches that point (it probably will). If Liverpool lose their title or if the other clubs have their current positions cemented as finalised then there would b endless complaining

  34. Guns of SF

    I dont think they will cancel the season.
    That is like last case resort if players are infected etc…
    I think the next step is to play without fans…
    then take it from there….

  35. Nelson

    I agree with China1. Why this UK Government let an infected person, the Olympiacos owner meeting Arsenal players? Why they hide this instance until now? This sounds like the local Government in Wuhan.

  36. Moray

    Nelson, I suspect he wasn’t symptomatic at the time. And being Greek, he probably always has something of a sweat on!

  37. Sid

    Underrated CoqMarch 11, 2020 03:42:00

    I remember one particular fellow here, Marc was his moniker I think, who was mouthing off a few weeks ago how Coronavirus was just fearmongering and nothing more.

    The same character was talking about 2%-3% figures that the media plucked from the air and alot of censoreship(in the media and right here) in the name of “not causing panic”.

  38. Un na naai


    Got into a heated debate with a dick head about it yesterday
    He got heated I should say then soon went into his shell.

    Its all bollocks he said. The reason for his losing his temper is simple
    He’s scared
    It’s the only conclusion I can draw.
    Anyway I agree
    Italy took the same view as well as China and both countries have since went on lockdown
    The rest are playing catch-up instead of doing what is necessary right now to prevent it spreading
    Shut it all down for two to three weeks and wait for it to pass

  39. Tony

    People are just playing Russian Roulette with their health, lives and the same of others if they don’t take this extremely seriously.

    Normally I’m a let’s watch closely and then make an educated decision as to a projected outcome. However when this first reared its ugly head in Wuhan and the initial amount of press from a generally secretive country, it had to be something to be very concerned about.

    My gut rarely lets me down with possible the exclusion of a south Thailand chilli curry.

    Human nature is perhaps ‘Me First’ and the UK has more than its fair share of those people when you consider their panic stock buying without a care for others; although I haven’t seen or heard of that in Thailand.

    Might be a good time to go to Whistler or the Maldives for a couple of months. I can vouch for both destinations.

    I have all I the creature comforts I need to be isolated with my family at home, so I’ll venture out again when it safe to do so.

  40. DivineSherlock

    All this talk of the virus and inaction of government and I live in India , wow. The Prime Minister has only issued an advisory to not visit the affected countries. Thats it. There is a 2 month long cricket tournament involving players from 8countries including UK. Nightmare stuff. Not to mention there is hardly any screening of people in airports.

  41. Tony

    I just added the 15 meter battle ropes to my gym and have been blown away by them and the intensity you can work 100% of the body’s musculature.

    I was impressed by the stress and HRs for all exercises one can do with them by the data I collected on my health apps.

    The ropes and a 80+kg punch bag and you’re sorted for a gym on a budget. Add TRX to that and you can have a lot of fun training.

  42. Valentin

    Lucky us.
    By the time the game is re-arranged Manchester City will have KdB, Sané, Aguero, Laporte back from injury.

    Plus if Manchester city is postponed because of the virus, the same decision criteria (14 days isolation for the players) would also applies to Brighton and Sheffield games.

  43. Un na naai


    Yeah I’m not sure we can afford the Maldives for two months or if any U.K. airport is infection free right now so we will just bunker down at home if and when it’s necessary. I’m more concerned about my parents and other elder relatives who are more at risk.

    Saying that I read 19 young and healthy medical workers in wuhan have died through infection
    The reason given is that they were on the front line so more at risk

    Which poses the question how much more at risk can you be and if you are can healthy people die then? I mean correct me if I’m wrong but once you’ve got a virus then you’ve got it. You don’t get 20 doses in one go making it more severe do you? Something doesn’t add up with that.

    Again I refer back to my cousin coming across that email meant for special branch stating that a young and healthy nurse died after infection at the royal free hospital and it not being reported for obvious reasons

    I’m just not convinced this time around

    Next time could be worse
    Sanctions have to be placed on China for next time as it ALWAYS starts there

    Swine flu
    Bird flu
    Now corona
    The next one could be the big one they keep warning about.

  44. Aussie Gooner

    OMG! Panic buying has spread to remote Western Australia! I have just got back from the Aldi in town – no toilet rolls or dog food. How are we going to cope! Good job I had a bidet installed in my new house – the builders had never seen one before, let alone installed one! Now I’ve just got to figure out what the dogs are going to eat!

  45. DivineSherlock

    Guidelines are followed , since that game 14 days will have passed until we face Brighton. If noone shows symptoms then we are clear.

  46. DivineSherlock

    Yeah but that self isolation part is to prevent it from spreading . If we havent contracted it there is nothing to fear. If even one person has it then it will be a big worry and guidelines suggest that everyone in contact should self isolate themselves for further 14 days. Lets hope for nobody has gotten it.

  47. Bojangles

    I have no idea of how other countries are handling Covid 19 all I can speak of is the situation in Viet Nam. Originally there were 16 cases, all of which were released from hospital with clean health. A couple of weeks ago some UK holiday makers were diagnosed with it and although there were a few other cases spreading from these it appears to have been contained. Now the UK tourists along with a few other Europeans are being stopped from entering through either airport or land based entry points.

    This has resulted in me having to spend an extra $390 for a visa. If I leave the country I will not be allowed back in simply because I carry UK passport.

    So if what I am reading in here is correct then Fuck Johnson and his irresponsible attitude.

  48. Batistuta

    Everyone over here is freaking out, crazy stuff really…

    Read somewhere though the measures most African countries have put in place, they seem more prepared to deal with this than the West which is highly commendable.

    Also what is the UK doing not cancelling all sporting activities? They waiting like the clueless government here did till it spiralled out of control

  49. Habesha Gooner

    The most important detail in this Corona virus outbreak has been the ignorance of people. Everyone thinks this is just a flu. It’s not. No flu has caused complications in health like this flu. It causes respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia and It has been associated with kidney failure. People need to take it more seriously. And governments have shown a reluctance in stomping city lockdowns. It looks more a politics crisis than a health one to public officials. Economies are also being heavily affected and will continue to be affected unless there are serious measures taken in control of the spreading of the virus. In the long run the world economy will rise again if the proper measures are taken. If not it will continue to affect every country through this year.

  50. InsideRight

    Although it looks like others heard before I did…

    City are developing a right fixture pile up. If our boys are still training, then that will be a big help allowing Arteta more time to prepare them.

  51. DivineSherlock


    They dealt with Ebola . They have systems in place in any kind of virus outbreak scenarios. Africa are miles ahead of UK US and other bigger countries like Brazil , India.

  52. Spanishdave

    It’s flu
    Every year in uk over 10,000 people die of it in the uk
    In the world over 500,000 die of a flu virus, and the snowflakes have just found out.
    There are 67 million people in the uk and less than 10 people have died on three weeks.
    I am in the US and more than 1000 people have been killed by gunshot wounds in the last two weeks.

  53. Un na naai

    Spanish Dave

    It’s not just flu
    Less than 1% of people die of flue
    This is over 4% now
    They don’t even understand this let alone have a vaccine for it

    Devine Sherlock
    That fb post is pretty concerning. I think it’s safe to start admiring we’ve underestimated the severity of this thing and the British and world governments have acted far too slowly.

    If it were just flu Italy and China wouldn’t have locked down would they? Now they now it’s serious and they’ve taken drastic a thing
    It’s our turn next only as usual our government was too slow and now British citizens are going to die because of their lax attitude

  54. DivineSherlock


    The flu has a vaccine . Corona Virus doesnt . It might not affect all & the mortality rate may be low but it is highly contagious and the ones immune to it can become a carrier of it, hence the self isolation. And including statistics about gunshot wounds is plain dumb because people are voicing out about it what has the US done to regulate guns ? Same as they are doing it with Corona , living in denial as usual.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    The mortality rate in UK is currently under 2%.

    The 6 people who died had all got major health problems apart from Coronavirus.

    Personally I don’t believe that anyone in Government is taking the disease lightly. They are taking the advice of “science and medical experts”.

    There is constant analysis on an hourly basis to assess trends and weighing
    those up before making changes in advice.

    Many posters have criticised the Government for what they consider is inaction, but the facts are that there are fewer cases in Britain than in many
    other countries, which have taken more drastic action.

    For example there are plenty of Brits who travel to China. I doubt that there
    are less than Italians.