Sh*thousing West Ham at home. What a time to be alive.

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Wooooooah, the less said about that performance, the better.

Arsenal took 3 very undeserved points at home against West Ham, the game was won with a VAR decision that overturned an incorrectly flagged offside, but the 1-0 victory didn’t disguise a ‘revert to type’ performance from a group of players that didn’t show up.

It’s easy to criticise every single line-up Arteta puts out because there’s not really an ideal starting 11. We’re a mess whatever we do and you can argue every player and their role. The one that seems to irk people the most is Auba out wide, especially when we have options on the left like Martinelli. I also think we debate the midfield over and over, but the reality is, we just don’t have a lot of good choices.

We were awful today, that was the most important thing to note. The midfield struggled to keep to West Ham at bay, the spacing between midfield and defence was off, and there were a lot of very poor lapses in defence. We are not a creative team, there’s no spark, no magic, no nothing. It’s painful to watch. It’s also interesting that the heavy pressing has gone, with the penny dropping for another manager that the squad aren’t fit enough to deliver on that without dramatically poor second-half performances (or injuries).

It is telling that we’re back to Bernd Leno being the MOTM again. He made some crucial saves, commanded his area well and took high-risk chances in tough situations. He was very quick off his line. It’s simply not good enough that we’re battered at home by West Ham.

More worrying is that moving forward, we just weren’t at the races. No one seemed to find their range when it mattered. We took too many touches, made the wrong choice, or just fucked up the momentum in attack.

Dani Ceballos had a great game from a numbers perspective. He made the most successful tackles, he had the most interceptions, his passing was fairly accurate, but to my earlier point, we didn’t make it count for anything. Our front three managed 2 shots on target. That’s miserable, especially when you look at the players we have at our disposal.

Still, when it comes down to it, the thing that matters most at the moment is the 3 points. We took them. Auba fired a speculative ball into legs, the ball looped up, Mesut Ozil was sharpest, he nodded a header to Lacazette who swept home a clinical shot. The players thought it was offside, the lino did too, but after 37.5 minutes of painfully nerdish deliberation, VAR called it a goal.

It was a bit embarrassing to win that game, but we kept up the pressure in the league and now we find ourselves right in the hunt for top 4. At the time of writing, there are 5 points between Arsenal in 9th and 4th (6 points if you go to 10th). Win our game in hand and there will be two points. It is staggering that this season has been so terrible to us, yet we’re a fluke win at City from being deeply in the top 4 hunt.

On the players, bar a bit of an iffy attempt at a clearance in the first half, Pablo Mari looked pretty solid. The worry in the league is always that you’ll be beasted by hulking thug forwards. He dealt with West Ham’s aerial threat pretty well today, he also won 3 out of his 5 aerial duels. He’s a good passer, he has a bit more pace than we thought, and he’s very composed. A solid Premier League start and his second clean sheet in 2 games. Let’s see how he copes on Wednesday.

Mesut Ozil was the decisive factor in the game, his quick thinking and cushioned header turned the game. He worked really hard, watching him lead the press in the final 20 was a sight to behold. He’s lost a lot of edge with his game-changing passing. He just hasn’t looked very confident of late… it seems odd that a player can lose the sparkle, with him, you do wonder if he’ll ever return to what he was.

Overall, our midfield was poor. We lack power and a tempo setter. Ceballos had good moments, but it didn’t feel synced to the wider team. We created next to nothing, Arteta has to find a way of addressing that in the coming games if we’re to stand a chance of making the most of this top 4 race.

Reality is that we’re still shit and I have little hope that we’ll surprise anyone on Wednesday, but it’s nice to hope, and it’s nice to know that everyone else around us is just as capable of failing as us. The mighty Nuno dropped points, United will have a tough game against City tomorrow and Spurs just went a goal down at Burnley.

Who knows what will happen… but it’d be very funny if we shithoused to top 5.


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  1. Pedro

    Keep on thinking about how Igor Stepanovs was pretty good, then we played an in form United.

    Pablo Mari against City… dreading it.

  2. Dissenter

    Fred looks so composed now, just goes ton show that it can take ages for foreign players to settle in England.

  3. Marc


    I’m actually resigned to losing it to be honest – what we need to do is keep the score low.

    City beat ManU today and then the Spud’s and ManU draw next Sunday whilst we beat Brighton then we’re 1 point ahead of the Spud’s and level with ManU.

  4. Dissenter

    Diid anyone see Mike Dean stinking out the place
    He made the right call … then brought it back

    …now its led to a goal

  5. Champagne Charlie


    Don’t blame you at all, shouldn’t need to parent the content and he was warned.

    Ederson with a shocker there, he’s top shelf which shows it’s part of the game.

  6. Dissenter

    Mike Dean needs to retire. He’s missing way too much these days.
    That was not a dive and the YC was unnecessary.

  7. Bob N16

    De Bruyne missing weakens City considerably. Utd looking half decent, not sure they’ll keep this pace up in the second half mind you.

  8. Dissenter

    He hardly runs these days.
    He missed way too much and I fear the other refs don’t want to reverse his decision on VAR.
    if he saw that kick on Fred, then the YC shouldn’t have been given.

  9. Ishola70

    Bob N16
    “De Bruyne missing weakens City considerably”

    De Bruyne missing?

    Oh well why bother tuning in to see Man City turn over United.

    He’s their main boy.

  10. Dream10

    Always thought we’d be in for Willian. Looks like he wants either more than a two yr deal or a nice little last contract. It’s either Arsenal or Spurs. Interesting to see what happens with Pepe. Just my opinion, but if it’s up to Arteta, he would want him moved on. However, if it’s up to Raul and it likely is, especially since it’s an 80m euro deal, he’ll stay.

  11. Marc


    You talk as if Mike Dean was once a good ref who’s age is affecting his performance. He’s always been a useless cunt – I’d pay money to watch someone kick the shit out of him.

  12. Champagne Charlie

    Foden is so talented, he just doesn’t have the reps on the main stage. Playing Villa in a cup final is fake pressure, they’re not nearly as talented as a buzzing United side so he gets smothered in these games.

  13. Dream10

    De Brunye is a top player. But, City were amazing and got 98pts without him last season. Missing Sané, Bernardo not being one of the top players this yr and David Silva on a decline has hurt them.

  14. Tom

    Mike Dean doing his usual professional referee impersonation.
    Two major decisions of the half and he got them both wrong.

    I see posters getting a bit giddy Everton got hammered by Chelsea.
    Everton are s perennial mid table club with a mid table talent level.
    Not a single Everton player gets in this Arsenal squad and we are pretty bland.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    “Not a single Everton player gets in this Arsenal squad and we are pretty bland.“

    Well that’s not true, cmon now.

  16. Tom

    Fine, name one player who’s an upgrade on what we have in their respective positions.
    Auba> Richarlison , and he’s the only player I would be interested in long term, but Im talking for right now.

  17. Champagne Charlie


    Holgate looks a player, Sidibe, Gomes and Richarlison would arguably make the XI. They’d certainly make our squad, as would Bernard.

  18. Tom

    City can pass the ball around anyone but you neutralize their speed and all you have left is pretty toothless game of rondos.
    WanBissaka has taken Sterling completely out of the game.
    Silva, Aguerro, Gundogan haven’t got the legs to trouble United.
    Not to mention the likes of Zinchenko.

  19. Tom

    Everton have conceded 10 more goals but you would consider half of their back line?
    Please tell me your joking.

  20. Sid

    If OGS beats Pep twice theres no excuse for the Saucy one to loose the man c game.

    You heard it here 1st!

  21. Champagne Charlie


    Is Holgate a poor player?
    Is Sidibe worse than our current RB options?

    Their midfield isn’t solid and their GK is toilet but they’ve conceded more than us so they’re not good players is your logic? Palace have conceded less than us, they got better defenders?

  22. Tom

    Andre Gomez hasn’t registered a single goal or assist in two years.
    I’m not sure he’d be someone to upgrade our pretty goal shy midfield.

  23. Marc

    You get the feeling looking at City that they’ve decided to focus on the CL – of course they’ll be up for us on Wednesday having lost to ManU.

  24. Champagne Charlie


    100% they have, there mailing it in with the PL and I don’t see them coming back when behind because they don’t care enough.

  25. Tom

    Look , if I was gonna go around the league looking for upgrades then sure as shit I wouldn’t be knocking on Everton’s doors.
    That’s all I’m saying.

    To each it’s own.

  26. Champagne Charlie


    That’s good for you, but it wasn’t what you stated initially was it? You said no Everton player would make our squad which is a load of bollocks.

  27. Champagne Charlie


    Not since the title has gone, used to be their thing to be relentless. It’s possession without a purpose here.

  28. raptora

    Richarlison is really close to a top class player. Better than any other attacker in our squad. He could 100% play with Auba. So he’d make the squad for easily.

    Sidibe is much better than any of our RBs. Reminds me of Sagna but with dribble.

    Holding probably makes our starting 11 next to Luiz.

    Calvert-Lewin is a better option than Lacazette and Nketiah if Arteta wants a big boy at CF as it seems.

  29. Tom

    TomThat’s good for you, but it wasn’t what you stated initially was it? You said no Everton player would make our squad which is a load of bollocks.
    I stand by it.
    You gave four names.
    Two are defenders who can’t keep teams from scoring.
    One is a midfielder who can’t assist or score, and one is a petulant striker you would replace a golden boot winner with but Im the one who’s talking bollocks.

  30. Champagne Charlie


    Nketiah is through the middle for us currently, Richarlison would play left hand side and Auba central. But of course you’re going to spin and spin.

    You’ll do well to find anyone else on here that thinks literally no Everton player makes our squad. It’s such a daft comment.

  31. Vladdy P

    Sterling should concentrate more on his game instead of saying ‘das wayciss’ about anything and everything.

  32. TheBayingMob

    That’s a shit set of results for us. I fucking hate OGS. He’s a fucking ugly cunt. I hate everything about United.

  33. Tom

    TomNketiah is through the middle for us currently, Richarlison would play left hand side and Auba central. But of course you’re going to spin and spin.

    Richarlison or our Auba regardless how you choose to reshape the line up to yours, or anyone else’s liking hence my original like for like comment.
    You really shouldn’t be talking about spin.
    You do quite a lot of it yourself.

  34. Champagne Charlie

    If City play like that against us we’ll do ok, but that’ll need a response from them.

    Wank results, but hopefully OGS gets a contract extension.

  35. raptora

    Pep’s style is such a bore to watch when the players are not entirely up for it.
    754 passes to 292 passes in City’s favor. And not that many situations to score from.
    It happened in the last year of his Bayern stay.

  36. raptora

    OGS’s Manure only looks well vs teams that open up spaces in the back. Strong teams allow you to counter-attack them. Not the same when playing vs the weaker teams.

  37. Sid

    Teams have learnt how to neutralize man c, without money to burn Pep is the new Mourinho

    You heard it here 1st!

  38. CG

    Three Manchester derbies.
    Three times in a row OGS beats Progressive Pep.

    Home and Away- it dont matter to Ollie.
    He has Pep in his pocket.

    Manchester United are without a shadow of doubt serious contenders for the league title next season.

    And OGS deserves huge credit in getting Fernandez up to speed immediately mid season.

    Meanwhile we are still waiting for Pepe Tierney ,Mary and Cedric to adjust to the speed of the Prem.

    Let’s hope MA can copy OGS and conjure up a plan to beat Manchester City.

    Because they are definitely beatable.

  39. CG


    “””Not the same when playing( Man Utd) vs the weaker teams.”””””

    I thought they smashed Tranmere Rovers for 5 before half time in the FA Cup fixture.

    Cant get weaker than Tranny.

  40. London gunner

    I really cant see us getting top 5 now.

    Man Uniteds run in is so easy compared to ours.

    They only have lecister and Tottenham as a big teams left.

    We have man city, liverpool, Leicester, Tottenham and then even wolves.

    Man united would have to implode against the all the lower table teams they have and we would have to go on an unbeaten run against basically the best teams in the league.

  41. Pedro

    OGS in season two, a whopping 5 points ahead of us having played a game more, deserves serious credit and he’s building a title winning side… but Arsenal are a problem?

    CG, looks like you’re on an anti arsenal wind-up again?

  42. Ishola70

    Man United can fail against lower ranked sides.

    The real doubt is Arsenal’s capabilites of winning enough games before the seasons end.

    Draws are no good at this stage.

    May have to be satisfied with finishing above Spurs.

  43. Champagne Charlie

    “Manchester United are without a shadow of doubt serious contenders for the league title next season.“

    Err, pardon? Lol

  44. Guns of SF

    what the hell are city playing for now in the league.. they have CL that’s it.
    They will finish top 4 certainly.
    I can see Pep experimenting even more with his line ups…. playing youth etc… get them bled in…

    I hope on Wed, we come out guns blazing. The first game we were buried in no time.

    Lets see Arteta

  45. Jamie

    Utd currently 37 points behind league leaders Liverpool with 10 games to go, but sure, they look like serious contenders for the title next season. 87% chance of that happening, right?

  46. Habesha Gooner

    OGS has done well against top sides before too. The real improvement has been B.Fernandez. If he turns up they will break down low block teams now. And that makes top 4 theirs to lose. Just hope we turn up against a demoralized city.

  47. CG


    “”””CG, looks like you’re on an anti arsenal wind-up again?”””

    No. I never do that.

    I just state The Truth in my inimitable way.( and I know that grates some on here)…but then again The Truth always Hurts.

    Man Utds squad is full of physical, powerful athletic players. Adding Fernandes has increased their technical ability too.

    (Compare to our plodders anyway )

    OGS wins at Chelsea, wins at Manchester City. They are hugely improved team.

    Where we cant beat Olympiakos.
    OGS and Man Utd annihilate Bruges on the same evening.( 5-0)

    They played Thursday, thrashed and inform Derby County and looked very energised today.

    He is doing a very competent job as ManUtd manager- despite what the naysayers say.

    And I repeat- I think next seasons title will between Manchester United and Liverpool.

    We certainly wont be featuring at the summit for some time, that we can all agree on.

  48. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”“Manchester United are without a shadow of doubt serious contenders for the league title next season.“””

    100 % Yes.

    Rashford to come back.
    Get De Gea concentrated
    Money to spend.

    They look pretty good to me.

    (Beating Manchester City 3 times in a row- will increase the self belief to.)

  49. Ishola70

    “133 people died today in Italy due to Corona.”

    It’s killing off the old uns and weak isn’t it.

    They need to get this vaccine against it up and running.

    Heard it could take a year to get it ready for purchase by the public and that’s working quickly on it.

    How many deaths in a year before the vaccine is available.

  50. London gunner

    Corona virus isnt more serious than the flu inless you are over 70.

    The media are hyping this up to get clicks.

  51. RodneyKing

    Ederson’s gaffes came a few days too soon. He should have saved at least one of those for us.

    Three errors, with two of them leading to goals, is a lot in one game for a keeper of his stature. If that had been Leno…