Derby day awaits

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Late-breaking post today because I feel… err… a bit warm… and I… have a… k… kind of…cough.


Quick post regardless.

LT has broken his ankle. We’re really in a bit of a rut when it comes to injuries. Some unlucky, some fatigue looking, some that are just the aftermath of people feeling sad that we really gave Emery 18 months. Yes, it’s a fact that sort of shit can play HAVOC with the muscles. The manager had this to say.

We don’t know! I could not tell you with points. For sure since I joined, the amount of things that happened is enormous, but we just have to try to adapt. It’s part of football. It doesn’t only happen to us, unfortunately it also happens to many other teams. So we cannot be crying about that. It is what it is. Sometimes it’s bad luck, sometimes it’s part of the game we play and sometimes things that we can avoid and do better as well – the coaches or fitness coaches – but it is what it is.

The only silver lining with LT is that he seemed to be fairly out of favour. I think he’ll be shifted back to Italy in the summer if we can find a buyer. We need someone that’s more athletic and about 6 inches taller. Super basic, but I do think this team needs more power in midfield. I think a profile like Denis Zakaria (6’2) would fit really well for us, though I’m sure he’ll have sexier suitors than us this summer… maybe we go younger and a little more inexperienced.

Arteta wouldn’t be drawn on whether he thinks the top 4 is a possibility this season, probably a smart move, the team is very up and down and we’re a bit all over the place.

Beat West Ham on Saturday and we are closer. That’s all I am thinking because a few weeks ago it looked impossible and if we beat West Ham it will look more likely. So that’s the only aim. If game-by-game we go and start grabbing three points and three points and three points, and then we’ll have a chance in the last three or four games of the season.

He won’t say it, but I will. We should be making a very good go of the next 6 games. We need to, at the very least, be in with a shot of top 5 by the time we roll into our stick run of Wolves, Spurs and Leicester. By that time, it’s with the gods, but if our next 6 see 5 wins and a draw, I’ll be very pleased.

One thing is for sure, the remaining fixtures are going to be about the kids and blooding them.

I have to manage the resources that I have at the moment, and they are a big resource at the moment. It’s not just because they are young and they can be good because they are already very good. Some of them can be phenomenal. But they can only be phenomenal or very good if they play in a consistent way and we get them surrounded with good coaching, with good club culture and also with good players around them. We have to support them. I’m ready to support them and they responded.

If we don’t make the Champions League this season, it’s going to be all about the youth next season and we’re going to have to rebuild like Dortmund are. I’d be happy with that, expectations would lower, fans would get behind the team, and we’d probably like the team a lot more than we have during the expensive years.

… but, it would be nice to make the big trophy.

Right, that’s me done. BIG GAME, really need us to be delivering an aggressive win.

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  1. MidwestGun

    I believe Mourinho is done as a top manager.. His man management skills are gone.. Every team he manages now ends up with player dissention and acting out. And eventually they implode. Happens to all managers really.. eventually they lose their mojo. It will happen with Pep, Simeone, it happened to Wenger. Managers have a shelf life just like players. Think Emery is done too. Some fans don’t get that.. think player and managers always perform to their optimum career levels. They don’t, except maybe Messi or Ronaldo. who are consistently brilliant every season. That is one of the best things about Arteta is he is on upside of career clearly and he has the team motivated. I don’t question the effort like I did under Emery. I question the in game tactics at times but I do believe that will come with time. Hopefully, not too much time like next season would be good. 😀

  2. TR7


    You can’t talk abouy anyone’s philosophy in isolation without contrasting it with someone else’s. That’s why I pointed out how Emery used to employ a different approach, it wasn’t meant to be a dig at him. He tried what he believed in and unfortunately it didn’t work out.

  3. Guns of SF

    yes we need this win today. Man City is next… praying for an Arteta miracle there.
    Lets see if the apprentice can beat the master…

  4. Un na naai

    We beat city in 2017 with a worse team than we have now
    We best them backs when Arteta scores for
    30 yards too with a worse team

    Stranger things have happened
    We are also better away under Arteta than we are at home. We play with more freedom away

    All better attacking performances than at home

  5. Dissenter

    “Didn’t day everyone has the same opportunities
    Just that everyone has equal opportunity.”

    “Same” and “equal”, what’s the difference ?

    Everyone does not have equal opportunities.
    There are stratas in every society, in some places it’s derived from a history where people were intentionally left out by the power of the state. The US in one of such.

    You are living in a self-induced state of denial. You’re also a superficial thinker.
    Whatever you are, you are no conservative.

  6. Dissenter

    A thousand apologies
    Really, I made a random point about abuse and Unai zoomed in on “race”
    I’ll abstain from non-football issues for the next 5 minutes

  7. Un na naai


    I’m not allowed to respond but if you can’t understand what I mean then that’s fine. I don’t need you to understand the difference between everyone getting equal opportunities without getting the same opportunities

  8. MidwestGun

    Un … Yeah Sir Alex was probably the exception to the rule. Also arguably the best manager of all times.

  9. CG


    “””What it does show week on week this season is how spoilt we were as fans with the quality of football we witnessed over the past 20 years.

    We have struggled over the last 18months to even recreate the football of Wenger’s last 2 years””””

    Well said as always Pierre.
    100% agreement.

    (Wenger made this management game look so so easy)

    His teams were always so fluent, so harmonious. Memmeric at times

    Now watching Arsenal- is like pulling teeth.

    (We used to destroy teams like this at home under his watch.)

    Not now. But thats what the phoney progressives wanted. A Wenger -less AFC.
    (I hope they are happy)

    Arsenal 1 West Ham United 0

  10. MidwestGun

    The announcer keeps saying Burnley look like scoring every time they attack.. I’m like yeah I wish they would.

  11. Un na naai

    Come on
    Sir Alex built 4 teams
    3 of them premier league legends


    97-02 team

    07-10 team

    And then his final act delivering the title with his poorest team before stepping down as a very old man.

  12. CG


    “””Good ol Bobby Robson
    How the modern game could use a touch of his class”””

    Well said.

    He nearly joined Arsenal-but he had given his word to the Porto FC chairman.

    Very loyal and classy gentleman ( like our Wenger)

    Imagine if Le Grove was around then and SBR did become AFC manager

    The majority on here would have wanted him out too.

    Too old , not progressive enough etc, etc.

  13. CG


    “”””CG, we hired a young progressive coach called Arsene Wenger. Much better choice.”””

    Had SBR joined Arsenal.And he was desperate to do so.

    There would have probably been no A.Wenger.

    Funny old game.

    Either way. Both men are exactly the sort of calibre of manager I want to see at the club.

    None of this Head Coach /Teck Deck/Head of soccer nonsense.

  14. China1

    The var work yesterday was an absolute disgrace

    Who on here didn’t manage to be totally confident he was onside within the first 10-15 seconds of watching the replay?

    Then he drew the first line and it was nailed on onside, zero potential dispute. 3 mins later I don’t even know what they’re talking about, and they’ve gone back to draw the line again

    This needs to stop and the officials responsible all need sacking.

    WHAT ARE THEY ACTUALLY DOING??? It was a tight one at full speed in real time but it was VERY easy to see he was onside in the replay

    If officials getting paid actual sterling can’t be sure 3 mins into watching those replays and drawing absolutely conclusive lines then there’s nothing that can be done to help them. They don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a complete disgrace

  15. Gonsterous

    We are a point behind spuds with a game in hand. Sadly that game in hand is against city.

    Last night’s result was great but judging by the way we played, we won’t make top 4 this season. We were terrible, and west ham should have been 2-0 in the first up, if it wasn’t for dodgy finishing.

    Don’t expect city to miss those chances.