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Spurs lose in the FA Cup at home to Norwich, then Eric Dier, determined to upstage Granit and Armand for North London THUG points, runs into the crowd to start a ‘confrontation’ WITH THE HOME FANS!

Boy is he in trouble, immediate season ticket ban. You hate to see it.

What is incredible about this is it would NEVER have happened under Poch. A modern progressive coach that knew how to manage a squad. It’s a bitch to blame Jose, but this is on his watch, so that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Spurs are close to a crisis. They made the CL final 9 months ago, now they’re running the risk of losing top 4 supremacy and a chunk of their squad to transfers. Harry Kane of all people is said to be mulling an exit, because let’s be honest, they have ZERO chance of winning things under Jose. ALSO, I love that the press are reporting that Mourinho is threatening the board that they can choose the league or the Champions League next week, they CANNOT have both. I actually find tweets like that arousing. Is that wrong? Of course it’s not, stop being a prude.

United, Leicester, and City all won games by low scores against inferior oppo. It was a bit of a worry because the draw looked TOUGH. We pulled Sheffield United, no easy game, but certainly a lot more winnable than some of the other sides left in the comp… especially at home. If we make the semi-final, we’re two games from Europa League football, which is a bit like saying you are one doctors appointment away from a latex glove where the sun doesn’t shine, but look, we are where we are so we’ll have to adapt tastes for a temporary moment. Or maybe not adapt. Be you my friend, be you.

Robbie from AFTV has a reality TV show airing on ITV about… his reality TV channel. Good for him. So meta. He gets a lot of shit from the fans, but you all watch it, so shut up and support him with good ratings.

David Luiz has refused a request from the coaching staff to stop bantering the other players.

I was worried this would happen when he joined, this is starting to look like a pattern, last week it was nose pinching, this week it’s fake photos… next week it’ll be Eboue tiger outfits. It has gone too far.

I tell you one person that is experiencing no friendly banter, the enigmatic Ivan G. He is having a nightmare in Milan, the Italian club is sitting in 7th in a puddle of their own doing whilst STRIFE ensues from an internal politics perspective. This is Vieiri.

“Boban has done well. Gazidis went to speak with [Rangnick] when he has nothing to do with it.

“But who is Gazidis? What does he do? Boban and Maldini are in that role. Should Boban have shutted up?

“In life, you have to be men and have balls, and Boban has them.

“Maldini called Boban to work together, they are very close friends. Boban hasn’t been sacked: what happened was that one was a coward and the other isn’t a puppet. He’s got a personality and says stuff to your face. Why doesn’t Gazidis return to Arsenal?”

Yes Christian, he should have shutted his mouth, no doubt. I think the inside line is that lots of people are staggered Ivan would have two legends of the club as directors in the first place, now he has to sack Maldini, and that is never a good look to fans who cheered him from the stands. That’s why I love Frank and OGS at their respective clubs, no one wants to put the family puppy down, even if it’s chewing your Church’s.

It’s such a shock to me that Milan is in a similar mess to Arsenal, I can’t quite put my finger on what the commonality thread is, maybe they could draw straws on Emery and try that approach? Also amusing that Ivan is looking to Rangnick to save his bacon, the sort of decision he should have made when thinking about a football director at Arsenal say… 10 years ago.

Anyway, that’s me done for today. Take a listen to our pod and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. CazOnARola

    Interesting stats from Orbinho, this is not a dig at Leno btw.

    Penalty conversion against Arsenal goalkeepers

    1 Almunia 57%
    2 Seaman 62%
    3 Szczesny 76%
    4 Lehmann 83%
    5 Leno 92%
    6 Cech 94%

    The rest 82%
    PL average 77%

    Minimum five Premier League penalties faced

  2. Dark Hei


    I wouldn’t dare to go UK right now even on a free ticket. If folks see me, they will punch while screaming Covid-19.

    If I go, I will hire RT to be my bodyguard. Nobody messes with RT.

  3. Tony

    Just finished watching Skins’ 7 seasons.


    Found it interesting and at time funny and well worthy of the awards it picked up from 2007 to 2013.

    One of the few older series worth a watch. Not for all tastes, however, if you have enforced time at home, it would definitely kill time in an enjoyable way.

  4. Tony

    Dark Hei
    I saw that in the press. Just typical of what is wrong with the UK today.

    Hope RT has a bigger knife that the ones in the UK ala Crocodile Dundee 2 I think it was.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    You are absolutely right.

    I am not going to matches for the time being. That is in part due because my wife has just had an operation, but also because I am aware that the virus is highly contagious and more dangerous for older people like myself.

    I spoke last night to a friend who works as a senior scientist at the School of
    Tropical Medicine and is also the Manager of a British Team in an Olympic Sport. She has just returned from the European Junior Championships.

    She advised me that travel in Europe is becoming a nightmare. The travel time
    from UK was hugely extended, because several airports around Europe are
    either closed or are refusing to accept flights from several countries.

    She will be going shortly for World Champs to Salt Lake City. It remains to be
    seen whether they will be cancelled with what is now beginning to happen in

    What I do know from my discussion yesterday is that despite all the media
    negativity and criticism of the Government this country is probably the best
    equipped to handle a major pandemic crisis.

  6. Tony

    Thanks for your response and I hope your wife recovers quickly.

    Makes sense what you’re saying and I’m sure the UK has the right people to cope with a pandemic, but these people are only as good if the populous adheres to the guidelines set.

    In the UK as well as other countries it seems far more deaths and infected people will be needed before the Covid-19 is going to be taken seriously.

    People will be the problem not the capable medical experts.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that lock down is necessarily a solution to the problem from what
    was discussed with me.

    Italy has taken more precautions than most but sickness and mortality rates are higher there.

    I am not going into purdah. There has to be a level of common sense in the
    matter, but I am not going to attend football matches or travel on public transport for time being.

    There has been the first mortality in UK yesterday and that was a lady who had
    serious medical problems. Otherwise the problem has been well managed in
    this country.

  8. PhD2020

    “What is incredible about this is it would NEVER have happened under Poch.”

    You state this as fact?Are you a fortune teller?
    If not,how would you know?

  9. Dark Hei


    I always imagine RT as this really thick redneck that nobody in his right mind will assault physically.

  10. PhD2020


    Harry Kane of all people is said to be mulling an exit, because let’s be honest, they have ZERO chance of winning things under Jose.
    Harry Kane won zero trophies under Poch.And Poch as a manager has won zero trophies during his tenure,with Kane under his tutelage.

    Whilst Jose during his managerial career has won 25+ trophies, including 2 CL’s,1 UEFA,1 Europa,3 EPL’s, 2 Serie A’s,1 La Liga-to name but a few of his 25+ cup winning trophies..

    Just comparing statistics between ex-Poch(zilch trophies) and Jose(25+ trophies), who is Kane betting on?
    Who does Kane have more of a chance of winning trophies with-Ex Poch vs current Mourinho?

    But I see,what you did there-you lumped Kane in with the team,given your statement of :-“They have zero chance of winning things under Jose,”

    You talk in this breath about the club,not the individual(Kane),in the grand scheme of things.How subtle,cute and misleading..

  11. Emiratesstroller


    Mourinho has an excellent CV but the evidence is that he is in decline rather
    like Wenger was. I don’t see him remaining at Spurs for more than 2 years.

    Spurs are facing a similar situation to what has arisen at Arsenal. They have
    built a new stadium at a billion pound cost and will struggle to compete in the
    transfer market for a number of years.

    I think that Kane recognises the problem and will leave in the foreseeable future. It remains to be seen whether he moves to another club in EPL or abroad. He will have no shortage of interest

  12. Tony

    Dark Hei
    “I always imagine RT as this really thick redneck that nobody in his right mind will assault physically.”

    er that would be Don/un/alita etc because he is so hard rocks crumble just at his icy stare. Redneck is right for him, too.

  13. Habesha Gooner


    Way too early to discard Guendouzi. He mustn’t be allowed to leave. If he doesn’t rate him a loan is the best option. still think there is a really good player in there. Infact the only player that should have questions about being sold over our ridiculous first string senior players is AMN. But I still think he is a useful utility player at minimum. But by all means sell both ozil and Sokratis.

  14. Chris

    Great shout on Skins, Tony. One of my favourite programmes in my early 20s, reminded me of college years etc. Cook was a riot of a character. The 2nd group was my favourite even though the first group was also excellent. I didn’t really like the 3rd group too much. The specials were excellent television also.

  15. Chris

    I am wondering how long it is before the government steps in to force all games being played behind closed doors in any case, perhaps before the end of the month at this rate?

  16. Valentin


    As other have said before AFTV revels in negativity and misery. That is their raison d’être. Robbie makes his money on people complaining very loudly. He could have chosen a different path.

    Michael Cox is now a journalist after taking the path of analysing game tactically. His blog zonal marking achieved cult status without insulting or disrespecting anybody.

    Contrarily to what you wrote, most true fans don’t like AFTV. They view them as embarrassing. People who regularly attend away match don’t seem to like AFTV either. Twice for his own safety Robbie had to be escorted by the police away from game.

    Anyway, even Being a true fan should not absolve people from criticism. In the week where a Spur “fan” abused the family of a player where Pedro ban somebody who was wishing an Arsenal player to die of coronavirus, maybe we should have higher standard.

  17. Sid

    TonyMarch 6, 2020 05:25:44
    Dark Hei
    “I always imagine RT as this really thick redneck that nobody in his right mind will assault physically.”
    er that would be Don/un/alita etc because he is so hard rocks crumble just at his icy stare. Redneck is right for him, too.

    I suspect RT is a girl, most likely Lesbian or Bi, handsomish

  18. Tony

    “I hate London I really do.”

    Maybe time for pastures new for you and your family.

    From what you’ve posted you sound enterprising enough to start again assuming your current success wasn’t a fluke – the stars al aligning or something.

    You should do it better next time learning from your earlier business challenges.

    You couldn’t pay me to live in London; I’ll just keep my music days’ Westbourne Grove (living) memories from the mid 70s for 10 years.

    Brilliant time to be around Camden Town .

    Great area for gigs small and medium: Dingwalls to The Electric Ballroom.

    Knowing you, Don, being larger than life and all, you’ll be the only person in town not to get the Covid -19 hope that extends to your family.

    In your position I’d be hatching an escape plan.

  19. Valentin

    Because of the long incubation period and the fact that people can be infected without having symptom, Corona virus will spread into heavy populated area.
    I believe that if you take public transport, at one point you are bound to be in contact with somebody who has it. In my opinion it is now inevitable that a large proportion of the population will catch it.

  20. Bob N16

    Tony, going to football on Saturday, don’t think I’m being complacent.

    I like London, I’m not alone. Load of tourists fancy a visit too.

    Your kids will at some stage have the desire to know better the country where their Dad is from. Their are issues but so does everywhere. The chances of a tourist getting stabbed is statistically tiny.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    You should not be so pessimistic 80% of population contracting illness is the
    worst scenario.

    Personally I have seen worse crisis. In late 1950s there was a serious outbreak of polio. My parents had bought a plot of land in Highgate and employed an architect to build house.

    The architect contracted and died of polio and my parents were quarantined for 8 weeks as they were in contact with him.They did not get the illness.

    I was isolated from my parents in that period.

  22. Tony

    Enjoy the game, Bob.

    I just curious about the STs’ thinking regarding going to games. It’ll be interesting to see Saturday.

    As for London if you’re a generational Londoner and comfortable in your area and life, then London probably still has a lot to offer: it’s not just London with the violent crimes to be fair.

    My daughter (23) wants to see the UK at some stage, but she feels she’ll maybe work there some day in the aerospace engineering field.

    She’s a language sponge and learnt a lot from travelling and living in another country with her Rotary club year exchange ending up with a lovely family with the husband being the city DA and his wife a behavioural science professor.

    Couldn’t have worked out better for her and us.

    As for my son, he’s only 11 and equally linguistic, but we’ll see how he develops before he’s let loose on unsuspecting people.

    He’s Don with brains.

    (sorry Don but I’m using your full on character you portray here at times)

    If my son wants to see the UK and go to a game, which the latter I know he does, if it’s before he goes to Uni and or his foreign exchange year, I would take him.

  23. Tony

    You mean the type of benefits you’re working hard for to pass on to your daughters, right?

    There’s never been a silver spoon in my mouth either. My life was equally tough growing up in a working class family after being adopted at 5 by them.

    Orphanages weren’t a bundle of fun, Don.

    What I have now is from studying, hard work and equal amounts of luck and misfortune – we all make mistakes that harden the ensuing challenges.

    Try to remember you’re 30 years behind me, Don.

    My business life race has run it’s course, and I’m happily retired being able to give my son & daughter the things most of us never had that will give them a head start in life.

    They know the bank of mum & dad closes after they finish uni.

  24. InsideRight

    In defence of AFTV.

    It’s not really my thing. I watch it on and off. But we should remember how it has gained this profile more recently. Fans lost their voice in the club. The appalling management of the club and lack of effort of some players wasn’t acceptable. So where else were fans going to get their complaints about this heard by a bigger audience? The club weren’t listening to complaints in the stadium.

    Some people forget that AFTV were covering games when things were going pretty well, and there were no complaints then. Also at a time when I was 100% demanding Wenger to go, some of Robbie’s contributors were backing Wenger, so AFTV is not all negativity.

    What I really detest was the recent media pile on attacking AFTV and fans for wanting Emery out when it was clear he was clueless. I’ve been on phone ins explaining why Emery was never the man for the club, that no one tipped him for the role for bloody good reasons, and that under him the players were completely lost and playing poorly. Common views among Gooners. Yet the presenters acted like I was nuts because Emery had won three EL titles. But they saved their most savage criticism for AFTV because they don’t like upstart non-professionals getting any prominence and by-passing the “expert pundits”.

    Let’s face it, I’d lap up watching Spuds fans in meltdown on a platform when things are going bad for them. It’s obvious that fans of other clubs tuned in to laugh at our upset. That obviously meant more earnings for Robbie, but he didn’t do anything to steer his contributors in any direction. He wants Arsenal to win every game and was happy for his contributors to sound off when we played shite. He doesn’t deserve the criticism. If you don’t like what you see, then do what I do and avoid the platform until things are better.

    The criticism I would make is that Robbie doesn’t mix up the contributors to get wider opinion. If he spoke to random fans more often to get a plurality of views it would freshen the platform up. Talking to the same people game in-game out can get stale and end up with circular conversations.

  25. Valentin


    “That obviously meant more earnings for Robbie, but he didn’t do anything to steer his contributors in any direction. ”

    “The criticism I would make is that Robbie doesn’t mix up the contributors to get wider opinion. If he spoke to random fans more often to get a plurality of views it would freshen the platform up. Talking to the same people game in-game out can get stale and end up with circular conversations.”

    You answered your own question.
    Robbie deliberately chose to concentrate on a small number of contributors because they were raising AFTV profile.
    Same thing about the question and editing to cause maximum controversy.

    Let’s not pretend that Robbie is a white knight in shining armour giving a voice to the unrepresented fans.

  26. Pierre

    “Could all be a load of bollocks again but the news being reported is hard not to concern yourself with.”

    The best advice I can give you , is don’t watch or read the news .

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the safest place is on the golf course .

  27. James wood

    I grew up in London my family had Fruit and veg shop in
    Camden High near the lock and Digwalls.
    The business rates put them out of business in the 80s after
    80 odd years in the trade.
    I frequented the Flamingo club in Wardour st for a couple of years before closure in 1969 and Ronnie Scott’s.
    The Maltese gangs where rife at the time and yes they had Stilletto knives then
    nasty people.
    London then was great then I was fit and could look after myself.
    My Father still lives near the ground aged 93 and often talks about the club and London then.
    Would I move back there after 25 years away is a big NO NO .
    I will keep to my little village outside Folkestone.
    Folkestone FC and the Downs.

  28. Words on a Blog


    Robbie is doing what many, many media people do: focus very heavily (almost exclusively) on the most extreme people with the most extreme passionate views, even if they make no sense. Generate controversy to maximise ratings.

    Need someone from the white working class? Find a tattooed shaven-headed basement-dwelling racist who hates all foreigners, especially if they’re “coloured”. Need to talk someone Muslim after a terrorist attack? Find a swivel-eyed loon with a massive beard who talks about sharia and jihad, or a ninja woman dressed head-to-toe in black.

    Robbie is no different.

  29. Valentin


    That is exactly my point.
    But there are other way to make money and generate business.
    Maybe I show my age, but I have higher standard than trying to ape TalkSports for Arsenal Fan.

    I gave the example of Michael Cox who had a cult following with Zonal Marking. He could have monetize his skills and fame, but decided to focus on becoming a journalist.

    Same thing with the Atlantic who are trying to create an alternative voice. Good content with decent story and info rather than tabloid sensational negative BS.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    I am not sure what part of my posting you regard as “shit”

    In normal circumstances I would be going to the match on Saturday like Bob.
    Frankly I am not concerned about my “survival” and not someone who is obsessed with health as far too many in our society are.

    On the other hand I consider it prudent for the time being not to take unecessary risk with my wife recovering from an operation.

    For the record my generation are far more resilient than many of those born
    in last 50 years or so.

    Regarding polio outbreak this was a far more serious situation than what we see now. It took a long time for Salk to come up with the correct preventative

    People should not forget also how lethal HIV was when it first was diagnosed.
    That was a major crisis in many parts of the world.

    Let’s be clear Coronavirus is no more serious for most people in the population than Flu epidemics. The only difference is that it is a new virus with no known inoculation.

  31. Samesong

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the safest place is on the golf course .

    What with all those midges bites?

    You go abroad and play isn’t there like crocs around?

    I went to Alanya couple weeks ago and bought an apartment. Nice little holiday home.

  32. Dissenter

    Nothing wrong with folks who have been attending away games for years starting a YouTube channel and managing it as they deem for to get 1 million subscribers.
    There’s nothing stopping you from staring your own brand of what a fan channel should be like. Most rational people can weight AFTV for their strengths and weaknesses but you just come across as the type who i s envious of other people’s success.
    When you start your own channel, fill it with boring and insipid content, lets see how it flies. The growth of AFTV is the same way any media grows, it has to be laced with just the right dose of controversy.
    It’s not supposed to be TED TV or something, it’s just fans rambling and moaning….like we all do here.

  33. Samesong

    The Spanish flu is stil the most dangerous flu throughout history – The corona will not touch that.

  34. Dissenter

    The Spanish foe hit when western society was already devastated by the First World War …and also before the advent of antibiotics.

  35. PieAFC

    Tony, shared sentiments on moving away.

    I’ve done all the usual living in New Zealand, Australia and Canada on the working visa platforms that we get when we are young.

    Cannot wait to get my skills certified to return to Canada.

    Mountain life was the one.

    South london will always be home, but once you see what else is out there. It’s always a draw.

  36. Pierre

    Ha, It would wipe out 80% of the members.

    Keep out of the club house for a while is the answer.

    They keep going on about the old and vulnerable at risk ( over 60) but I feel offended to be put into that category.

    I was going to use the old Groucho Marx quote ” you’re only as old as the woman you feel” ..but that sounds a bit creepy these days.

  37. Samesong

    The Spanish foe hit when western society was already devastated by the First World War …and also before the advent of antibiotics

    That’s the same type of excuse I would hear from a liverpool fan about the invicibles season lol

  38. Pierre

    Dingwalls was one of my favourite haunts back in the early 70’s .
    Sundays at the roundhouse in Camden was also a great place to see bands

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s get back to football matters.

    The West Ham game this weekend is I believe pivotal in our season. Hopefully
    we will get a good result and be on track to move up the table.

    It is a shame that Torreira has suffered what seems to be a serious injury. Frankly
    Dean’s handling of what in my view was a clear foul was shocking.

  40. Tony

    It seems we could have been at the same places at the same time: bizarre coincidence.

    The Hope and Anchor in Islington was also a great place for the bands in the periphery of a label signing.

    Like you many a happy time back in the 70s and 80s.

    Funny time with Stiff Records owner Dave Robertson (Ex guitar roady for Hendrix) sold the famed t-shirt “If it ain’t Stiff, it ain’t worth a fuck” .

    Dave paid for any legal costs to owners of said shirt. A very smart Irishman and a great guy to know and work for. Quite a few people went on to senior positions in the majors from Stiff.

    Had great acts, too with Ian Dury, Elvis Costello, Madness is many more indie fringe artists.

  41. Samesong

    The West Ham game this weekend is I believe pivotal in our season. Hopefully

    I think this game is a must win. In terms of keeping up the pressure.

  42. Samesong

    Im from a different era then alot of guys here. Roundhouse used to be a place for Drum and bass raves for me in the 90s

  43. Marc

    Emirates / Samesong

    Tomorrow is an absolutely must win game for us with Tottenham at Burnley and ManU v City on Sunday sees a good chance of those in front of us dropping points. We win and we’re level on points with the Spud’s and 2 behind ManU.

    We then have City which is a really tough match but after that it’s Brighton away whilst the Spud’s play ManU on Sunday so a chance to keep the pressure up.

  44. Marc

    You have to wonder what is really going on behind the scenes at the Spud’s as well. Players being wheeled out to give interviews about how there aren’t any problem behind the scenes a few weeks ago, Dier having a mental breakdown, rumours Kane wants out and going out of the Cup all whilst Mourinho is at the helm.

  45. Edu me a favour

    Prem form guide last 6 games

    Liverpool 15
    Burnley 14
    Man City 13
    Wolves 11
    Sheff u 11
    Arsenal 10

    Can’t argue with that – Just need to keep it up and push for the CL

    CL wasn’t even in my thoughts as an arsenal fan after the way the season started – I can honestly say (irrationally or not ) I just wanted us to stay up

    no , we didn’t get the conventional new manager bounce – Slowly but surely we’re picking up steam in the league and the timing couldn’t be better from a European qualification stand point.

    He’s gotten a lot of criticism from fans recently , myself included , but in my humble opinion I think long term he can make us relevant again

    Olympiacos wasn’t a great night but we’re still in with a shot at least

  46. Marc


    You missed off the Spud’s who are on the same points as us over the last 6 but where we are on an upturn they are on a downward curve and ManU are on 8 points.

    Wolves have a pretty decent run in although are still in the EL and we play them, they also have Chelsea last game of the season. Sheffield Utd have to play Wolves, Chelsea, the Spud’s and Leicester.

  47. Samesong


    You just Maureen has upset the applecart already. He is to much of a control freak imo. As a poster said the other was a great success but the premier league has changed and that stint at United really affected him also. IMHO.

  48. Marc


    I think the period a manager is “relevant” in the PL is getting shorter and shorter unless they can modify their behaviour / style in quite a dramatic way.

    Mourinho is stuck as exactly the same guy he was not far short of 20 years ago – I’m amazed he didn’t buy Matic in Jan!

    He’s also at a club that won’t give him £200 million to spend. He was a terrible choice.

  49. Edu me a favour

    I think going forward , the Young managers will wise up To fact that to stay in the game , you have to keep evolving nowadays – I think the only guy who ever did that was Ferguson but he was an anomaly , being from the past but acting like some of these guys like jose should be acting now

  50. Samesong

    At least Wenger looks like a nice person in real life.
    Unlike the Portuguese clown.

    I remember Don saying Mourinho was a nice guy in the flesh Rap.

    It’s all ego when its comes to football.

  51. Thomas

    raptoraMarch 6, 2020 11:36:34
    At least Wenger looks like a nice person in real life.
    Unlike the Portuguese clown.


    Cheating on his wife. Yeah real nice lol.

  52. raptora

    I mean, I wouldn’t take Don’s word for it.
    Mou has fought with players and management everywhere he’s been. I know most people don’t like being honest and maybe it’s part of the reason why he’s not the most loved dude. But he looks like a meanie. Like the guys that would go through corpses to get what they want.

  53. Emiratesstroller

    Balague has indicated that he does not believe that Barcelona are interested in
    buying Aubameyang, which sounds logic in view of his age.

    To buy him would be a very short term move and would be reflected in price they are willing to play plus his wages.

    So the only alternative is likely to be Inter Milan and somehow I don’t see that
    as a better option than Arsenal.

    My view is that no club is going to offer a significant transfer fee which will
    provide us with the budget to bring in a comparable alternative.

    I believe that Arsenal should focus on trying to qualify on Champions League
    next season and as Balague suggests that means holding onto Aubameyang.

  54. raptora

    Launtaro Martinez should be Barcelona’s choice given he’s 22 yo and Argentinian so probably a + for Messi. Big money transfer though. Probably in the area of 80m.

  55. raptora

    Martinez would make much more sense for Barcelona compared to a 31 yo Aubameyang. Unless they are idiots. And they kinda have been in the last 5+ years so who knows.

  56. Guns of Brixton

    Martinez would make a lot more sense.

    Or even Dybala.

    Find it really odd they want Auba. Surely the other options are far more pragmatic choices for them

  57. Spanishdave

    I am in the States anda report out yesterday says the Coronavirus is no different than the flu and in fact more people have died with the flue since this outbreak. The symptoms are identical.
    The twitter world most people live in causes mass hysteria and this is what you see now.
    The government need to put out a statement of fact but most off then live with phones in front of their faces.
    Flu kills over half a million people per year mostly older people with existing medical conditions.
    Get a grip

  58. Valentin


    I never said that it was wrong to create a YouTube channel about Arsenal. Quite the contrary.
    But you seem to think that because something is successful, then it is OK, everything can do and anybody who don’t like it is just envious. I don’t. I just have different values and higher standard.

    Higher standard is exactly the same reason why Pedro removed the moron who wished an Arsenal player to die. Same thing about the moron who abused Eric Dier’s brother. It was out of order, but then some people will use the freedom of expression to justify it and their own bigoted views. Some things are just unpleasant.

    To me Making money by exploiting others people misery is something I find quite distasteful. Loan sharks make a living out of PayDay Loan out of extortionate rates and can sleep at night. That does not stop me from finding it repugnant.

    If you don’t like my opinion on the subject, feel free to follow your own advice and ignore it.

  59. Aussie Gooner


    Thanks for the memories! Can I add the Marquee, the 100 club (saw the Sex Pistols and the Jam there!), The Music Machine (Camden), the Rock Garden, Two Brewers, The Greyhound etc etc…those were the days! Played most of them myself!

  60. Aussie Gooner


    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Simple! Robbie has started a whole new genre of fan channel that fills a void between the traditional media and the fan on the street, utilising the free to user, open access social media platforms. Many of the fans represented on AFTV are ardent Arsenal fans who have followed the club through thick and thin. They pay good money for tickets/travel and are entitled to have their say, even if it can be at times ‘off colour’.

    So what if Robbie makes a living from it? Most viewers of AFTV often comment and joke about the relative wealth of Robbie, particularly when we are going through hard times.

    I don’t know Robbie personally but he strikes me as a decent and honest sort of bloke who had a good idea and ran with it. If only I had the courage to follow up some of my good ideas!

  61. PS

    The flu kills more people because more people get the flue. The death rate from the flu is approx. 0.1%

    100.000 people have been reported having infected by the corona virus. 3300 have died so do your own math.

    People need to stop listening to the republican propaganda and Trump’s bullshit.

    Its real. Its here and its far more deadly than your regular flu.

  62. Marc


    “I just have different values and higher standard.”

    I have different values and higher standards to half of the newspapers out there – can we ban them as well?

  63. Valentin

    Looks like next season at least in the European competition VAR is changing for the benefit of attacking side.


    I am not surprised that the move stems from controversies in the EPL. PGMOL have adapted the rules (VAR, …) to suit their own agenda. The premiership demanded that a different referee watches the incident and take the decision because they thought that no English referee would accept to admit that he was wrong. It was a fool and corruption proof plan.

    They did not anticipated Mike Riley cunning plan. PGMOL just hired even more incompetent and or corrupt referees to monitor the game. Harry “extend my leg”, Spurs “should have been sent off” incidents are just proof of that.

  64. Valentin


    I never said to ban them!
    Where did you get that idea? I said that I find them distasteful and I don’t subscribe to the view that AFTV is empowering Arsenal fans.

  65. Marc


    Firstly banning half the newspapers is a great idea – As long as I get to chose which ones obviously!

    You’ve just got to ignore AFTV – I’ve never seen it beyond the odd thing linked on here.

    No point getting wound up by something that is irrelevant.

  66. Samesong

    SamesongHe is a nice bloke in real laugh.
    Don’t listen to Raptora. He wouldn’t have a scooby

    I can believe that for real!

  67. Olumide

    Re AFTV
    Robbie might make money from Arsenal’s misery, but that’s not his fault. He’s not responsible for Arsenal miseries. And I don’t see AFTV moaning when we win a game (or a trophy).
    AFTV meets a need that no other platform meets for Arsenal fans. The news media or Arsenal official accounts don’t meet these needs.
    For people who say AFTV’s views usually don’t align with Arsenal fans, I disagree.
    For instance, comments on Le Grove after a game is usually no different to what you’ll hear on AFTV.
    You can try it on Saturday. You’ll find that the points discussed on Twitter, Le Grove, Arseblog, etc. will align with what you see on AFTV.
    Win or lose, I never see football fans talk about football the way pundits on Sky sports or BT sports do. But I see fans everywhere talk the ways fans on AFTV do.
    Of course, anybody who hates AFTV can ignore them.
    I know some fans would have attacked Pedro during the Wenger reign if he was shooting videos outside the Emirates. But he was speaking for some of us and we loved it.

  68. salparadisenyc

    West Ham on deck what we thinking for lineup?

    Would say has to be caution to wind, best XI he believes we have with nothing to recover for until next weekend. Then the City fixture dropped in there.

  69. Tony

    Aussi Gooner
    Great Venues as was The Venue.

    What did you play?

    From 77 onwards you’d find me behind a desk out front: that was my instrument.

    Started doing European and US tours from 78 with various bands.

    Never really settled in the UK after that.

    As you say happy memories back then in a vibrant music scene that kick off in the 60s.

  70. Markymark

    AFTV – is part of the massive social media traffic around Arsenal. Proof of the size of the club. The Spuds and Chavs couldn’t equal it and they’d descend into violence the if either attempted it. Both have Neanderthal supporters.
    It’s a USP for Arsenal , only UTD really could pull it off and I’m pretty sure they’d sanitise it with Chevrolet adds.
    Arsenal as a club need to be clever and harness it as part of the family

  71. alexanderhenry


    Interesting that Gazidis is proving to be a waste of space at Milan.

    I flagged him as a liability for arsenal about 8 years ago.
    Remember those Gazidis press statements, followed by more statements that would contradict the original statement?

  72. Marc

    Apparently the PL is considering a ban on over 70’s at matches – they’ve already dealt with how to establish whether someone is over 70 by asking them to complete a short sprint.

    It’s not looking good for Xhaka.

  73. Freddie

    A lot of cool stories about the past in London. I have a couple cool ones told by my father and grandfather who grew up in North London.

    When Charlie George was a youth player or reserves (foggy on the details) they were set to play an away match. It was on the same day as Arsenal (I think. He would have missed it anyway) were playing an important FA cup game. Charlie said he was sick or injured so he wouldn`t have to travel to the away game. The next day on the front page was a picture of some Arsenal fans celebrating the win, and guess who was among them? The club found out and I have no idea what the punishment was. Legend.

    The second story is about Pat Rice. Albeit a shorter story. His parents owned a small fruit & veg shop very close to Highbury. So after not long after he had played a game for Arsenal at home, you could sometimes see him sweeping outside his parents shop. Legend.

  74. Aussie Gooner


    I played bass guitar with various proto-punk type groups in and around London from about 1976 – 1984. I was rough and ready but great fun! I learnt a lot and met some good people. I too then slipped behind the desk and ended up with my own 8 track recording mobile studio (a Tascam A38 and Seck desk – still got it! – talk about old tech!) Of course this was all just a hobby – I was never going to be good enough to make a living from music unfortunately!

    What type of bands were you involved with Tony?