League run starts with the Cup

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Come on guys, pull yourself together. Get out from under that Invincibles duvet, wipe the tears from your face, and gear yourself up for another restart to our jittery season.

The weekend was kind to us, it metaphorically lay on the bed with us and stroked our hair. Spurs lost to Wolves. Chelsea were lucky to pick up a draw against Bournemouth. United were OUTRAGEOUSLY lucky to get away with another VAR disasterclass in their Everton draw. Liverpool let us in with a sniff and LOST against Watford.

Let’s talk about that. If you can’t enjoy that as an Arsenal fan you’re a fucking weirdo. Can’t have all these dickheads out here telling fans they’re not elite for celebrating the continuity of the greatest Premier League record of all time. Nihilist football fans are an absolute scourge, we had to put up with that lot when they were trying to tear down passion as a staple requirement, they whine about the transfer window… I won’t have them willing Liverpool on.

Watford though. What a performance from Nigel Pearson’s team. They absolutely beasted Liverpool. They were VERY unlucky not to win by more. Liverpool were fucked, they have played at an outrageously high level all season. Though I will say this, I think they have fully taken advantage of everyone dropping off this year. It’ll be very interesting to see if they can maintain this next year.

Onto today. With the league opening up again, we have to take advantage. There’s no time for moping around and crying about the situation. The players need to pick themselves up, the manager needs to come armed with a good plan for this evening. The run in the league starts with a positive performance this evening. There’s so much on the line, this summer looks very different if we creep into the top 4. Arteta had this to say.

‘I think the damage caused by the club not being in the Champions League for the third season is really big,’

‘Financially the impact is enormous because the structure of this club is built to be in the Champions League and you can sustain that for one year or two, but then after you have to start making decisions.

‘So we will have to make decisions one way or the other depending on the scenario we find ourselves, whether we are in the Champions League, Europa League or nowhere near that.

‘And we’ll have a very clear plan of what we want to do and depending where we are we have to act like this.’

One of the worst decisions we made this season was to not pull the trigger on Emery before the international break. We should have had a plan in place for a replacement this summer, we all knew where it was going. If we’d gone before the break, Arteta would have had more time with the squad and we’d have been further along with our plan right now. I also suspect we’d have more points in the bag.

If we win our game in hand, we’ll go level with Spurs on points. We’d then be 5 points off 4th and 2 from 5th. I know it’s a massive long shot, but we have to be in the game of hope. It’s basically one game a week for the rest of the season, more time, less effort than some of those around us, and an opportunity to really attack that position and show the fans what we’re made of. This moment would be Arsene Wenger catnip back in the day, just when you thought you were out, he’d put on a run for the ages.

Again, a longshot at this point, but I’m sure Arteta is gunning for it behind the scenes. Our 5 league games are West Ham, Brighton, Southampton, Norwich and Wolves. We absolutely have to win all 5 of those to be within spitting distance heading into our final 5 which are a little more difficult… but if we build momentum, who knows? Spurs are all over the place, Liverpool will be dreaming of back-to-back Champions League finals, and I always fancy us against Leicester, even when they were winning the league.

So it’s a dream big last 10 games. The players have a lot to prove. The manager has the chance to turn sad faces into smiles. The fans have the chance at a little bit of joy in an otherwise miserable season.

The run starts tonight, let’s hope we see a proper cup performance from Arsenal. Ruthless, agressive with some goals.

Also, if you want some grim reading, take a look at this thread from the Swiss Ramble.

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  1. Champagne Charlie


    He’s always seemed very mobile and light on his feet. Think his biggest issues are mental reading between the lines. Has the basic ingredients of a very good wide attacker, needs to refine the important parts though or he’ll end up at a Crystal Palace. Hopefully he has a part to play the remaining dozen games.

  2. youdaman

    The thing is Pepe does not play with pace at all for a winger, always slow on the ball and checking back as opposed to the likes of Nelson who is not the answer either..

  3. Dissenter

    “Whatever Arteta said at halftime seems to have worked. Dominating things now.”

    I think the injury time goal calmed their nerves and set the tone for the second half.

  4. TheBayingMob

    I don’t know why, but I kind of feel that Martinelli will be taken out at some point. Teams in England aren’t going to allow a talent to prosper, he’ll be kicked off to Spain sooner rather than later, if he goes with or without a compound fracture of one of his legs to be determined.

  5. MidwestGun

    Could be… Diss. Think we are more fit then them as well.. they aren’t chasing down balls anymore or getting close.. We are just pinging it around.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    Agree, the hope is that a few of those sorts make the step up and provide genuine options of quality to reduce the need for investment.

  7. Marc


    If some of the current youth crop don’t go on to be first teamers for us they’ll still generate good levels of cash to be reinvested in the team.

    It really is win win.

  8. PieAFC

    As a fair analysis without Xhaka in this team. Playing this way, ceballos and Guen actually stay in the middle.

    Were playing a formation with players suitable to each position, no hybrid to allow for flaws.

    Ceballos has been great since he’s been on. I know only Portsmouth.

  9. Champagne Charlie


    True, but I think there’s even more value in having 3/4 youngsters emerge to be genuine first XI challengers like you see at Liverpool, Chelsea etc.

    But having good youngsters is a must either way, we refused 20 mil for Nelson last summer apparently so that needs to be the blueprint for the academy.

  10. PieAFC

    Nelson done his bit. 2 assists.

    Eddie, end of the day you score who’s in front of you. Proving to be a decent back up to auba t the moment.

  11. PieAFC

    Started the season spritely willock.

    Needs to up his level at the moment. He’s at risk getting left behind the rest of these youngsters if he’s not careful.

  12. PieAFC

    Nelson, also could be a slight tactic .

    Soc is a centre back. Saka needs a bit more help on the left .

    Our right is normally a little over run. Pepe barely tracks back.

  13. Champagne Charlie

    Nelson with two assists and Jermaine Jenas says no attacker has stood out and Luiz is motm.

    Finger on the pulse as ever.

  14. Champagne Charlie

    Word from Arsenal on Torreira:

    “He’s ok”

    Make of that what you will. Maybe just a bad contact and some bruising? Hopefully.

  15. Dissenter

    As limited as Xhaka is, he’s still the best central midfielder in the club. This is not an endorsement of him though, it’s more of an indictment of the midfield options.
    List every crappy part of his game and stack it up against the other options p- he comes out on top. This explains why Arteta persuaded him to stay.
    I have no desire to be the piñata for Marc, Marko, Ishola et al because of the above listed opinion. Our midfield options are really poor.

  16. PieAFC

    Eddie does work hard for the team. Always sprinting ti win the ball back; holds it up better than I thought he could.

  17. Marc

    Stupid question time.

    I seem to remember a lot of criticism when we signed Mari because he was slow.

    Now I’m not suggesting he’s Bolt but he hasn’t looked that “slow” tonight.

  18. PieAFC

    AMN must have pissed off Arteta or done something, private life. Could be anything.

    Barely getting anything these days.
    punishment or bring him down or peg?

  19. MidwestGun

    Boring professional match the second half.. but Ill take those all day against weaker teams. Hopefully LT isn’t out long .. Job done basically.

    Oh and Mike Dean is still a douche.

  20. Dissenter

    Uruguayan players typically come across as street smart dirty SOBs who will do anything to won a game. Makes sense because Uruguay is a country of just 4 million people, they have top be extra tough to compete in Comnebol.
    Torriera seems to lack that Uruguayan grit. I guessed he wasn’t that hurt when he rolled like a marooned catfish.

  21. PieAFC


    He’s been great since Arteta took over. He’s lead the team, stood where it counts.

    I meant as a flow to our game. With players to play the actual formation wouldn’t need to position Xhaka as an LCB for his limitations in the middle on the break.

    I’m not sure hell be here in the summer. Maybe he fancies going back to Germany, just had a kid. Could have been part of the talks he had with Arteta.

  22. Thomas

    “Whatever Arteta said at halftime seems to have worked. Dominating things now.”


    You would hope so against a League One team.

  23. Champagne Charlie

    Good second half performance after a slow first half.

    The good:
    Nelson: pick of the lot, enjoyed his directness and injection of tempo.
    Ceballos: tidy and composed, helped settle us.
    Mari: looked well at home and seemed very accomplished in possession.

    The bad:
    Willock: was poor throughout for me, his touch is suspect and he’s cumbersome.
    Sokratis: had a poor first half but better as the game wore on.
    Martinelli: nothing really came off for him, ran a lot but just an off night for the lad.

  24. Dissenter

    The problem is that a lack of EL next season means that the players on the periphery of the team wont have as many opportunities to play. We may have to consider loans for some of these youngsters – we can’t keep the on standby forever.

  25. Champagne Charlie

    Love David Luiz interviews, man treats each one as an opportunity to throw out philosophical quotes and shit. Interviewers dream lol

  26. Ishola70

    Willock continues to disappoint.

    Far too many non-appearances from him this season.

    We see he can hit a ball with his goal at Liverpool and we saw signs that he has an eye for goal on occasions but he has to vastly improve his overall game or else he won’t make the grade at Arsenal.

  27. Receding Hairline

    Straightforward result

    Good Torriera is OK, I am not his biggest fan but we need everyone fit since the two kids Willock and Guendouzi are doing what kids do, be inconsistent. Although Willock hasn’t really shown he belongs, should go out on loan to a prem side next season.

    Onto the next one

  28. PieAFC

    Re Wilock. I don’t actually think he enjoys playing in the 10 role. I think hes realized his limitations.

    Think he prefers making runs from deep.

    But Arteta prefers disciplined defensive midfielders.

  29. TheLegendaryDB10

    Glad with the win.

    Can’t say it really puts to bed the disappointment of the EL loss considering the very average performance we put in.

    As much as I see why Arteta is trying to drop his level of demanding football (one touch football) to match this crappy team. I really can’t see the point. May as well drill these players into the system so that when we get new players, we can play that style of football with whomever stays.

    If we are going to get top 5 (And that is a big if) we really need to pull our socks up if we want to get anywhere near.

    Not anti Arteta. It’s too obvious how shit our team is. Our midfield is needing a serious, serious rebuild this summer.

    In particular if the suits want to achieve their kpi.

  30. James wood

    Well we won but I’m sorry but the first half could have been a lot different.
    Portsmouth going through us so easily we could have been 2 down.
    A better second half yes but we really look a poor side.
    Still I will take that with very little confidence.

  31. Pierre

    “The problem is that a lack of EL next season means that the players on the periphery of the team wont have as many opportunities to play. We may have to consider loans for some of these youngsters – we can’t keep the on standby forever.”

    What are you talking about..it will be a miracle if we are not in one of the European comps next season .

  32. Pierre

    James wood
    “Portsmouth going through us so easily we could have been 2 down.
    A better second half yes but we really look a poor side.”

    What game was you watching ?

  33. Edu me a favour

    Much better in the second half – once we stepped up a gear there was really only going to be one outcome

    Very important to bounce straight back and win

    Thought Reiss done well today

  34. James wood

    Pierre perhaps if you watch it in slow motion you might get a better understanding of the first half.
    You really do struggle sometimes almost as bad as Bandy.
    That’s a point where is Bandy.?

  35. Edu me a favour

    “”” Arteta is shit. I hope he catches conovirus and dies“””””

    Is that a new virus? or are you just a thick twat who can’t spell ?

  36. James wood

    Pierre we was clueless in the first half.
    Please don’t try to say anything different
    you will only weaken your position.😂
    Surely you can see that.?

  37. Pierre

    “Willock continues to disappoint.”

    He didn’t disappoint me , his movement, his work rate and his drive to get forward was excellent, the final ball is still lacking but if fans want a Ramsey replacement then he has the same drive to get into the box.
    I dont think he is a CAM but he would work well in a 4-3-3.

  38. Pierre

    Portsmouth did not have a shot on target in the game.

    The first half was even , they put a couple of crosses into the box that caused us problems but one would expect to be under a little pressure away from home in the cup that’s normal.
    Even in the first half I could see that in the final 3rd we were causing them problems and if you read my comment at half time, I got it spot on .

  39. Pierre

    my half time comment, I will say no more on the subject and leave you to believe that we were poor tonight.

    “If anyone thinks that in having six 18-20 year olds in the side that we would come out and dominate the game , then they have a very little understanding of the English game and how difficult it is to play at grounds such as Fratton Park.I would say that even without the goal, we are doing ok .
    There is good movement up top , the 4 kids will hopefully see the benefit of that sokratis goal as the game opens up as Portsmouth have to come out a bit more.Basically, it’s important not to concede early 2nd half and the 2nd goal will come as they leave gaps at the back for Martinelli, Saka , Eddie , Willock and Nelson to finish the game off”

  40. Redtruth

    Pierre February 27, 2020 19:56:06
    “I would expect to see a confidence performance tonight ..
    The pressure will be off to a certain extent so we can pace our game and not have to go hung ho.
    Conceding the first minute goal v Everton meant we had to expand more energy than we wanted in the first half hour and we suffered for it in the latter stages.
    We should be stronger in the last third of the game tonight.”

    Arsenal 1 Olympiacos 2

  41. Marko

    Now I’m not suggesting he’s Bolt but he hasn’t looked that “slow” tonight

    Thought Mari looked very composed and comfortable could hopefully do a job in midfield if we needed him to. Wouldn’t get to carried away though he probably needs a run of games to properly judge him. Given Saliba and likely another CB are joining up in the summer it’s very questionable if he gets signed permanently. Proper clear out expected though AMN, Sokratis, likely Holding and Mustafi alongside Kolasinac and Mavropanos.

  42. Marc


    I was only commenting on some of the flak he caught as a signing. Of course we need to see him play more matches and against better opposition but there were loads of comments about him playing a high line and being too slow to recover.

    His pace tonight did not look slow.

  43. Dissenter

    If we keep Pablo Mari [looks like we’ve started the process] then there’s no way we are getting a new center back.
    That ship has sailed.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    “11 – Arsenal have gone 11 games without defeat away from home in all competitions (W4 D7), since a 0-2 loss at Leicester in Unai Emery’s final away game in charge of the club – the Gunners longest unbeaten run on the road since March-December 2016 (a run of 15). Adapting.“ – Opta

  45. Marko

    Not sure that’s accurate given the links to Upamecano and Gabriel of Lille. Looks like we’re still interested in sorting out the defence long term and that’s Saliba and someone else and not the CB’s we currently have.

  46. Champagne Charlie

    “If we keep Pablo Mari [looks like we’ve started the process] then there’s no way we are getting a new center back.
    That ship has sailed.“


    Sokratis and Luiz, and Mustafi are in their final years, Saliba is 19.

    Fully anticipate Mustafi, and probably Sokratis being sold with a younger Upamecano type being targeted.

  47. Marko

    “Ainsley needs to put his head down, work hard and show me every day in training he wants it more than anybody else and that he wants to play for this club and fight for his place.”

    So he’s dopey in training as well.

  48. Champagne Charlie

    For me Arteta’s comments on AMN speaks volumes of his commitment to delivering precisely what he stated when he took over as manager.

    He’s challenging the culture, holding people accountable, and maintaining that there’s a basic standard nobody is immune from.

    I’ve always been particular glad to hear that Arteta vehemently considers playing for Arsenal a privilege, he thinks every player ought to be self motivated in respecting the opportunity they have. No? Then your future here is a short one.

    Couldn’t agree more too, and that’s a practice that will reap benefits months and months down the line.

  49. Champagne Charlie

    “Pablo Mari vs. Portsmouth:

    90 minutes played
    5 clearances
    3 blocked shots
    0 times dribbled past
    100 touches (second most overall)
    77 accurate passes (89.5%)
    13/17 long balls“

    Good start for him.

  50. China1

    This is probably an out there opinion, but if we sold auba and laca in the summer, we could pick up sturridge on a free transfer on a short deal like 2 years or something

    Between him martinelli and Eddie we’d have 3 dedicated CF options and would’ve made not far shy of 100m net for the dealings

    If he didn’t work out due to injuries or whatever it wouldn’t be a huge concern as he’s have cost nothing, not have ridiculous wages and not be on a long term contract. He’d basically just be there to take the pressure off martinelli for a year

  51. Ernest Reed

    “This is probably an out there opinion, but if we sold auba and laca in the summer, we could pick up sturridge on a free transfer on a short deal like 2 years or something”

    Hows about we don’t, China. Haven’t we all had enough of busted up players past their prime?

  52. China1

    I’m telling you now, as much as it would suck to lose auba, sell him and laca for 80+m

    Sign sturridge on a free

    I think 43m is partey’s release clause (if he doesn’t bite we should be looking at other players in that ballpark) leaves in the region of 40m left to put towards an AM

    So we could’ve signed 3 serious players in exchange for only losing auba in terms of a good player – but we’d still have some depth up front

    Then we use player sales like mikki, mustafi el neny and chums to find 45m for upamecano and our team would be miles better for close to net zero outlay

    (Not sure)-upa-saliba-tierney
    —————new AM


    I’m not saying it would win us the league but for roughly net zero outlay it would be a long way towards reestablishing our footing as a major team again

  53. Ernest Reed

    Sturridge wouldn’t last two games before he’s out for two months, China. Why don’t we bring back Tony Adams while we are at it then?

  54. RockyRoe

    Artetas comments on amn show the fans watching the players aren’t clueless, aman was criticised multiple times for his work ethics when he broke into the team, his unwillingness to put in a shift and his nonchalant attitude.
    And to think the guys is living the dream and yet unwilling to fight for it.

  55. Pedro

    Red, you can go in the bin for a week. Can’t have your hate polluting the blog. It’s not interesting, adds nothing to the site and I find it extremely boring.

    Come back when you can muster something more in keeping with the site

  56. Gonsterous

    No way are we selling both auba and laca. We also have the midfield to change and the defence to sort out. There is no change we are making wholesale changes.

    Auba may leave. That’s leaves laca as the senior ST. Ozil needs to be replaced as well as a solution to cebalos needs to take place as he’s on a loan.
    Then we have the ins and outs of the defense with no adequate RB.
    Laca, xhaka and mustafi may well be here next season.

  57. Snaparse

    “We have pace in a few players up front. Reiss [Nelson] is a special player and can eliminate players one on one. He’s been out for a while but he’s back now and he showed what he’s capable of doing.
    Interesting arteta calling glowing praise of Nelson. I really think arteta is very excited about him.

  58. Dissenter

    It will be hard to buy another central defender until we sell Mustafi and Papsok.
    Without those two we still have Saliba, Mari [we will keep him, I think], Luiz, Holding and Chambers – that’s five already.
    We can afford to sell Mustafi and PapSok….and not even buy a dedicated CB.
    We could get a midfielder who can pay center back if push comes to shove.

  59. Dissenter

    ““We have pace in a few players up front. Reiss [Nelson] is a special player and can eliminate players one on one. He’s been out for a while but he’s back now and he showed what he’s capable of doing.
    Interesting arteta calling glowing praise of Nelson. I really think arteta is very excited about him.”

    Ther’a an article out there that details the fact that Arteta has worked with him since he was in his teens, when he was first coaching the youth teams for his coaching badge.

  60. Leedsgunner

    Hindsight is 20/20 but this is the side we should have played last Thursday… they showed more energy and hunger…

    Plus Nketiah scored again… but I know I know according to some he isn’t good enough. Yeah right.

    Eddie produces whilst Lacazette disappears and disappoints.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    The first half of yesterday’s game was turgid. The team with nine changes looked like a bunch of strangers with no fluency.

    We spent most of the first 45 minutes square and back passing with far too many passes also misplaced.The Socratis goal was badly needed to calm nerves.

    The second half was marginally better, but realistically considering the opposition was not exactly overwhelming.

    What I do know is that this team would not have done any better against Olympiacos than the so-called first eleven. So the result on Thursday would probably not have been different.

    Looking at individual performances of the six youngsters who played I thought that Nelson has a long term future in the squad. Saka needs urgently
    a break. He is playing too many games. Martinelli did not have his best game, but works hard around pitch.

    Nketiah scored a goal, but whether he is of the quality to play for a top 4 team
    in EPL is in my book debatable. Scoring against Portsmouth is not in my book a barometer of his potential. Willock had a poor game.

    Mari made his first appearance. Whilst he did not do anything wrong in the
    game there was little evidence that he is an improvement on the CBs that we
    have got already at the club. Frankly this should not be the type of player we
    should be recruiting and spending our valuable transfer budget on.

  62. Nelson


    This is only Mari’s first game. He was a bit reserved. But he was not challenged. Let’s see how he defends against a strong EPL attacker.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    I accept that it was his first game.

    The point I am making is that recruiting a 26 year old who has been rejected by Man City after several years on their books is not what we should be investing in.

    Personally I thought he lacks pace and that will be a problem in EPL.

  64. Nelson


    I find that his speed is normal. For me, the most important requirement for a CB is be able to defend dead ball and win aerial duels. Our current CB’s are weak in this regard.

  65. Nelson

    Just imagine if we draw Pool in the next round of the FA Cup, they can’t wait to change our laughter to something else…

  66. Northbanker

    Good win overall considering we had changed the team almost to a man

    Willock was poor and agree Sid he is not a 10

    Ceballos helped change the shape when he came on – I don’t like Guendouzi and Torreira playing together – it gives no creativity from the back

  67. Northbanker

    Torreira will be sold this summer injury permitting

    He doesn’t add enough – we need a beast in that role

  68. Northbanker

    ES – are you seriously judging Mari on his first proper game in English football? Give the guy a break. Just watch and consider before passing snap judgements. He didn’t do that badly last night even though he looked to me a bit off the pace and a decent start therefore imo.

  69. CazOnARola

    Willock is not a 10 at the highest level but he wants to play like a 10. A poor man s ramsey who just wants to run into the box and stays very close to the opposition CBs rather than in the half space.

    So basically he is neither a good 10 nor a good CM.

    He can be a good CM, DM if he drops his ambition off playing further forward like Coquelin did. Coquelin started as s B2B and wanted to be more involved in the final third, but just never had the quality and accepted his fate when he was sent to Charlton.

    The moment Elneny was signed and elneny could play a bit of crossfield passes and scored against barca, Coquelin for insecure and started trying similar passes instead of keeping it simple and finding cazorla and the others. Consequently got sold as he became a liability in possession.

    Willock is pretty much the same but with better dribble and shoot abilities, but again woeful at passing at this level.

  70. Sid

    Dozi got longstuff the size that makes furrows into the earth that Ozil fanboys can plant rose flower seeds

  71. Dark Hei

    “He doesn’t add enough – we need a beast in that role”

    That’s an ode to the M’Villas and the Capoues of the world.

  72. Dark Hei

    Coquelin is better as front footed defender than someone who hangs back and read the game.

    He was sold because he isn’t effective without Cazorla alongside him.

  73. DivineSherlock

    Last night win means this is our longest unbeaten away run since December 2016. We have not lost an away game since Emery was sacked. Let that sink in.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    No I am not judging his performance as I posted.

    What concerns me is the circumstances in which we are recruiting him.

    Arsenal have on their books EIGHT centre backs and frankly none of them is
    the real deal. We keep on bringing in average to poor players who are coming
    from bargain basement department.

    The club’s track record in recruitment of CBs has been awful for a very long time.

  75. Pierre

    “ES still rates Ozil after all these years. Has rated him the whole time. Nothing more to add really.”

    I would say the above comment says more about you than stroller.

    Pointless springs to mind .

  76. Pierre

    Last night we looked better defending from dead ball situations.
    If we can get this part of our game right then clean sheets will be the norm.

    We have not conceded a goal from open play in 6 matches so we are obviously doing something right.

  77. raptora

    I think Mari played really well it’s all. Some got excited by Reiss dribbles vs a League 1 team but bitch about Pablo Mari’s price tag in his first ever Arsenal game where we kept a clean sheet and he played well.

  78. PieAFC

    If all reports of Saliba are correct, great in the air, strong, has brilliant feet and quick.

    Then Arteta will be able to play an even higher line. Hes probably already looking who to keep an offload.

    Luiz will stay I reckon.

    Amn (unless he pulls his finger out)
    Chambers (been unlucky, was performing well for us)

    Holding, only 24. They say it takes 6-9 recovery from an ACL then a further period to even get confidence and mobility back. He’ll stay, he has shown real quality. He will get back.

    Defence and midfield. Whatever pittance of money we have depending on our end of season fate. We have to sort out the back and the midfield.

    Even if auba and/laca go. If has to he the spine of the team. Will just have to take our chances with the youth in an attacking sense.

  79. CazOnARola

    We looked very comfortable in the second half even though guendouzi takes ages to make the right decision and then many times is close down.

    We kept firing into Eddie’s feet with nobody even near him to pay a one two or play though. One should not just randomly play the ball inside the lines if someone is heavily marked with no passing angle left for them. Willock guilty of doing this a few times.

    Inspite of all that, we will managed to keep possession .
    The front 3 had excellent movement all night.. Don’t see how Lacazette can get s hand through the middle with Eddie’s movement offering so much.

    Would love to see him get a run of 3/4 games. I hope he starts in the next game.

  80. PieAFC


    Very good point.

    From open play we used to look awful.

    In fairness to Emery wasnt we very good on set pieces in terms of GA?

    Either way. Not everything will be completed over night.

    Arteta isnt stupid, you do not come from winning machine like City, to Arsenal and see the difference in structure and ability to play the way you wish to.

    It’s going to be an interesting few months.

  81. Ben D

    Mari has played one game, admittedly ‘did nothing wrong’ but EmiratesStroller wants him written off because he was previously rejected by Man City. I guess Serge Gnabry shouldn’t have been given a chance then give. He had been rejected by 2 premier league teams before ending up at Bayern?

    Some logic. Give players a chance!!