League run starts with the Cup

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Come on guys, pull yourself together. Get out from under that Invincibles duvet, wipe the tears from your face, and gear yourself up for another restart to our jittery season.

The weekend was kind to us, it metaphorically lay on the bed with us and stroked our hair. Spurs lost to Wolves. Chelsea were lucky to pick up a draw against Bournemouth. United were OUTRAGEOUSLY lucky to get away with another VAR disasterclass in their Everton draw. Liverpool let us in with a sniff and LOST against Watford.

Let’s talk about that. If you can’t enjoy that as an Arsenal fan you’re a fucking weirdo. Can’t have all these dickheads out here telling fans they’re not elite for celebrating the continuity of the greatest Premier League record of all time. Nihilist football fans are an absolute scourge, we had to put up with that lot when they were trying to tear down passion as a staple requirement, they whine about the transfer window… I won’t have them willing Liverpool on.

Watford though. What a performance from Nigel Pearson’s team. They absolutely beasted Liverpool. They were VERY unlucky not to win by more. Liverpool were fucked, they have played at an outrageously high level all season. Though I will say this, I think they have fully taken advantage of everyone dropping off this year. It’ll be very interesting to see if they can maintain this next year.

Onto today. With the league opening up again, we have to take advantage. There’s no time for moping around and crying about the situation. The players need to pick themselves up, the manager needs to come armed with a good plan for this evening. The run in the league starts with a positive performance this evening. There’s so much on the line, this summer looks very different if we creep into the top 4. Arteta had this to say.

‘I think the damage caused by the club not being in the Champions League for the third season is really big,’

‘Financially the impact is enormous because the structure of this club is built to be in the Champions League and you can sustain that for one year or two, but then after you have to start making decisions.

‘So we will have to make decisions one way or the other depending on the scenario we find ourselves, whether we are in the Champions League, Europa League or nowhere near that.

‘And we’ll have a very clear plan of what we want to do and depending where we are we have to act like this.’

One of the worst decisions we made this season was to not pull the trigger on Emery before the international break. We should have had a plan in place for a replacement this summer, we all knew where it was going. If we’d gone before the break, Arteta would have had more time with the squad and we’d have been further along with our plan right now. I also suspect we’d have more points in the bag.

If we win our game in hand, we’ll go level with Spurs on points. We’d then be 5 points off 4th and 2 from 5th. I know it’s a massive long shot, but we have to be in the game of hope. It’s basically one game a week for the rest of the season, more time, less effort than some of those around us, and an opportunity to really attack that position and show the fans what we’re made of. This moment would be Arsene Wenger catnip back in the day, just when you thought you were out, he’d put on a run for the ages.

Again, a longshot at this point, but I’m sure Arteta is gunning for it behind the scenes. Our 5 league games are West Ham, Brighton, Southampton, Norwich and Wolves. We absolutely have to win all 5 of those to be within spitting distance heading into our final 5 which are a little more difficult… but if we build momentum, who knows? Spurs are all over the place, Liverpool will be dreaming of back-to-back Champions League finals, and I always fancy us against Leicester, even when they were winning the league.

So it’s a dream big last 10 games. The players have a lot to prove. The manager has the chance to turn sad faces into smiles. The fans have the chance at a little bit of joy in an otherwise miserable season.

The run starts tonight, let’s hope we see a proper cup performance from Arsenal. Ruthless, agressive with some goals.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    The first half of yesterday’s game was turgid. The team with nine changes looked like a bunch of strangers with no fluency.

    We spent most of the first 45 minutes square and back passing with far too many passes also misplaced.The Socratis goal was badly needed to calm nerves.

    The second half was marginally better, but realistically considering the opposition was not exactly overwhelming.

    What I do know is that this team would not have done any better against Olympiacos than the so-called first eleven. So the result on Thursday would probably not have been different.

    Looking at individual performances of the six youngsters who played I thought that Nelson has a long term future in the squad. Saka needs urgently
    a break. He is playing too many games. Martinelli did not have his best game, but works hard around pitch.

    Nketiah scored a goal, but whether he is of the quality to play for a top 4 team
    in EPL is in my book debatable. Scoring against Portsmouth is not in my book a barometer of his potential. Willock had a poor game.

    Mari made his first appearance. Whilst he did not do anything wrong in the
    game there was little evidence that he is an improvement on the CBs that we
    have got already at the club. Frankly this should not be the type of player we
    should be recruiting and spending our valuable transfer budget on.

  2. Nelson


    This is only Mari’s first game. He was a bit reserved. But he was not challenged. Let’s see how he defends against a strong EPL attacker.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    I accept that it was his first game.

    The point I am making is that recruiting a 26 year old who has been rejected by Man City after several years on their books is not what we should be investing in.

    Personally I thought he lacks pace and that will be a problem in EPL.

  4. Nelson


    I find that his speed is normal. For me, the most important requirement for a CB is be able to defend dead ball and win aerial duels. Our current CB’s are weak in this regard.

  5. Nelson

    Just imagine if we draw Pool in the next round of the FA Cup, they can’t wait to change our laughter to something else…

  6. Northbanker

    Good win overall considering we had changed the team almost to a man

    Willock was poor and agree Sid he is not a 10

    Ceballos helped change the shape when he came on – I don’t like Guendouzi and Torreira playing together – it gives no creativity from the back

  7. Northbanker

    Torreira will be sold this summer injury permitting

    He doesn’t add enough – we need a beast in that role

  8. Northbanker

    ES – are you seriously judging Mari on his first proper game in English football? Give the guy a break. Just watch and consider before passing snap judgements. He didn’t do that badly last night even though he looked to me a bit off the pace and a decent start therefore imo.

  9. CazOnARola

    Willock is not a 10 at the highest level but he wants to play like a 10. A poor man s ramsey who just wants to run into the box and stays very close to the opposition CBs rather than in the half space.

    So basically he is neither a good 10 nor a good CM.

    He can be a good CM, DM if he drops his ambition off playing further forward like Coquelin did. Coquelin started as s B2B and wanted to be more involved in the final third, but just never had the quality and accepted his fate when he was sent to Charlton.

    The moment Elneny was signed and elneny could play a bit of crossfield passes and scored against barca, Coquelin for insecure and started trying similar passes instead of keeping it simple and finding cazorla and the others. Consequently got sold as he became a liability in possession.

    Willock is pretty much the same but with better dribble and shoot abilities, but again woeful at passing at this level.

  10. Sid

    Dozi got longstuff the size that makes furrows into the earth that Ozil fanboys can plant rose flower seeds

  11. Dark Hei

    “He doesn’t add enough – we need a beast in that role”

    That’s an ode to the M’Villas and the Capoues of the world.

  12. Dark Hei

    Coquelin is better as front footed defender than someone who hangs back and read the game.

    He was sold because he isn’t effective without Cazorla alongside him.

  13. DivineSherlock

    Last night win means this is our longest unbeaten away run since December 2016. We have not lost an away game since Emery was sacked. Let that sink in.

  14. Un na naai

    Ah red’s gone!!

    Irritating little arse hole
    Never actually makes a point. It’s just constant undermining of anything positive about arsenal
    Surprised he lasted this long with Pedro

  15. Emiratesstroller


    No I am not judging his performance as I posted.

    What concerns me is the circumstances in which we are recruiting him.

    Arsenal have on their books EIGHT centre backs and frankly none of them is
    the real deal. We keep on bringing in average to poor players who are coming
    from bargain basement department.

    The club’s track record in recruitment of CBs has been awful for a very long time.

  16. Un na naai


    Don’t be ridiculous
    Look how much United Chelsea and city have spent on “top” centre halves with most being duds. A great defence isn’t bought, it’s forged
    You should know that

  17. Pierre

    “ES still rates Ozil after all these years. Has rated him the whole time. Nothing more to add really.”

    I would say the above comment says more about you than stroller.

    Pointless springs to mind .

  18. Un na naai

    raptoraMarch 3, 2020 08:21:37
    ES still rates Ozil after all these years. Has rated him the whole time. Nothing more to add really.

    You don’t seem quite as buoyant today rap? What’s up? Arsenal win got you down?

  19. Pierre

    Last night we looked better defending from dead ball situations.
    If we can get this part of our game right then clean sheets will be the norm.

    We have not conceded a goal from open play in 6 matches so we are obviously doing something right.

  20. raptora

    I think Mari played really well it’s all. Some got excited by Reiss dribbles vs a League 1 team but bitch about Pablo Mari’s price tag in his first ever Arsenal game where we kept a clean sheet and he played well.

  21. PieAFC

    If all reports of Saliba are correct, great in the air, strong, has brilliant feet and quick.

    Then Arteta will be able to play an even higher line. Hes probably already looking who to keep an offload.

    Luiz will stay I reckon.

    Amn (unless he pulls his finger out)
    Chambers (been unlucky, was performing well for us)

    Holding, only 24. They say it takes 6-9 recovery from an ACL then a further period to even get confidence and mobility back. He’ll stay, he has shown real quality. He will get back.

    Defence and midfield. Whatever pittance of money we have depending on our end of season fate. We have to sort out the back and the midfield.

    Even if auba and/laca go. If has to he the spine of the team. Will just have to take our chances with the youth in an attacking sense.

  22. CazOnARola

    We looked very comfortable in the second half even though guendouzi takes ages to make the right decision and then many times is close down.

    We kept firing into Eddie’s feet with nobody even near him to pay a one two or play though. One should not just randomly play the ball inside the lines if someone is heavily marked with no passing angle left for them. Willock guilty of doing this a few times.

    Inspite of all that, we will managed to keep possession .
    The front 3 had excellent movement all night.. Don’t see how Lacazette can get s hand through the middle with Eddie’s movement offering so much.

    Would love to see him get a run of 3/4 games. I hope he starts in the next game.

  23. PieAFC


    Very good point.

    From open play we used to look awful.

    In fairness to Emery wasnt we very good on set pieces in terms of GA?

    Either way. Not everything will be completed over night.

    Arteta isnt stupid, you do not come from winning machine like City, to Arsenal and see the difference in structure and ability to play the way you wish to.

    It’s going to be an interesting few months.

  24. Ben D

    Mari has played one game, admittedly ‘did nothing wrong’ but EmiratesStroller wants him written off because he was previously rejected by Man City. I guess Serge Gnabry shouldn’t have been given a chance then give. He had been rejected by 2 premier league teams before ending up at Bayern?

    Some logic. Give players a chance!!