Dismal Arsenal drop out of Europa

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The less we say about that game the better. Arsenal put on their worst performance under Arteta. The team was fatigued, the energy was pedestrian, and we were god awful in the final third.

To make matters worse, we conceded a goal early in the second half from a set-piece. Just standard Arsenal, a total mess.

We absolutely controlled possession, but somehow, Olympiacos still looked like they were dictating the terms of the game. In the final third, we were a real mess. Bad decisions, heavy touches, and a real lack of a final ball. I didn’t ever feel like we knew how to win that game.

When the game rolled into extra time, you started to fear the deep block was going to win out. However, Arteta had a trump card, and it was Gabriel for the second 15 of extra time. He made the difference immediately. Olympiacos struggled with fitness and the live wire Brazilian made it difficult with his drive and energy.

The sub paid off. Mesut Ozil found Gabriel with a good cross from the right, his flicked header in the box sat up for Auba who scissor-kicked home. What an outrageous goal. We thought we had a winner.

We did not.

Leno gave away a stupid corner. We cleared at the front post, they picked up the ball, slipped a teasing high ball into the box, Luiz let it go to the back post, Sokratis was beaten to the ball and Leno was late off his line. They equalized.

It wasn’t over for chances though, 2 minutes into the added-on time and Auba was found in the box from 6 yards and somehow he fired wide. Absolutely horrendous.

Arsenal drop from the Europa League. Embarrassing, upsetting, but absolutely deserved. We didn’t show up, we lacked quality in all areas of the pitch, and we didn’t know how to make possession count. These days are hard to stomach, but they were always going to happen as we build to a brighter future. The key thing is that we learn from our mistakes.

Now it’s all about the league. Let’s hope the team has it in them to brush this off and pursue the Champions League the proper way, but winning the 5th place trophy.

I recorded a bonus podcast with Matt last night, we don’t talk about Europa and we do a nice section on Ian Wright.

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  1. Words on a Blog

    Two players that very definitely HAVEN’T improved under Arteta are Bellerin and Lacazette.

    Bellerin looked very slow last night; Laca looked disinterested, failing to show for the ball or challenge/make tackles. There were numerous occasions when he had obvious runs to make but just stood there, static.

    I’m an admirer of Arteta and how he’s improved the team’s shape and performances, but he’s failed to make an
    Impact on these two players. He also remains very very passive when it comes to in-game changes of shape, formation and players. Yesterday at the Emirates I really couldn’t why Laca was on the pitch after half-time. The fact that he was still well into injury time was really puzzling.

  2. Bamford10


    “We do have some areas where we desperately need to strengthen”

    Excluding Saliba, how many new first XI players do you think we need in order to be competitive with United, Chelsea, City and Pool next season? I am curious.

    Secondly, who should NOT be in the XI next season, IYO, if we want to compete with the above?

  3. Marc


    Soares was due back from injury around the end of the month (I haven’t seen any updates if this has changed) bearing in mind we had a two week break in Feb bring him in as cover wasn’t the worse deal in the world. You’re comment about we’re stuck with him until June? He’ll be an Arsenal player for 3 and a half months if he doesn’t work out so what? I also don’t believe the figures quoted about his arrival.

  4. jwl

    I think Bellerin is never going to be same player as he was, he relied on his quickness, but they had to replace ligaments in his knee and new legs are never as good as original one.

  5. Dissenter

    I reset my expectations for Arteta last night.
    We have gone from perennial CL qualifications under Emery to a EL final under Emery …and now we can’t even emerge from the last 32 with a Greek team with one advantage.

    This has nothing to do with a lack of a preseason. We are one of the few teams with £200 million squads in this competition. We shouldn’t be dropping out so early. It was a disaster of epic proportions, no need to mince words or even choose them carefully.

    Whatever progress the team showed has been reversed in one swoop. It’s like the. Emery [of this season] never left or Freddie was still in charge.

    He should have shushed all the smoke certain players were blowing up his ass. Now we have to wait and see if he’s capable of making the tough choices about them in the summer.

  6. Marc


    It’s hard to talk about next season because firstly we don’t know what the other clubs will be doing, secondly we have issues on contracts with Laca and Auba, thirdly we will have very limited funds before sales so it’s not what we want to do it’s what we can afford to do.

    My personal opinion that the primary area is CM – Torreira does not seem to be in favour, Xhaka is fucking useless and Ceballos (who’s looked OK the last couple of matches) loan will finish. If we can get a new midfield that is suitable for the PL both giving the defence some cover and help in attack we’ll be looking at a much better team.

  7. Receding Hairline

    Yes Pierre, let’s all look at Leno.

    Let’s forget the fact Ozil stood watching while the Olympiakos defender strolled past him to stoop and head in their opener, you say the entire defense were jittery and Leno should have stepped up. The excuses you guys keep making for these players amuses me

  8. Graham62

    In a way, I’ve become immune to what happened last night and, if we’re all totally honest with one another here, we all have.

    “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” should be our club motto. How many times over the years have we had to witness such events unfold infront of us? I’ve lost count. It feels like hundreds.

    Champions League exits to Chelski in 04, PSV in 07, Liverpool in 08, Monaco in 2015. There is more I know.

    Carling Cup final defeats to Chelski in 07 and Birmingham in 2011.

    Just when it was in the bag, we managed to throw it away.

    I know, losing is part and parcel of the game but with Arsenal it’s always the way we lose that concerns me.

    If Arteta can sort this out, I’ll be very happy.

    Oh Well, time to take out my frustrations on those cyclists again.


  9. Bamford10


    “The Soares deal is probably worse than …”

    Soares may not be world class, but if he comes in and gives us better right-back play than Bellerin is doing — which is definitely possible — then I fail to see how his deal was a terrible one. If he’s crocked or dross, OK, but we don’t have that data yet.

  10. DigitalBob

    Marc – Agreed, its vital he adapts his game to cope without what was an electrifying weapon for him and for us. He has shown that in spells this season he can still cut it. The Chelsea game for example, I felt he was immense.

    He doesn’t necessarily need to be a pace merchant to be a good serviceable RB but he must learn more positionally where to be if he’s to stay at top level.

  11. Nelson

    For me, it is clear that the team suffered a mental fatigue. Under this condition, the player had a tunnel vision. They can’t see an open player. They went for a simple pass so as not to make a mistake. So often they passed the ball to someone who was already under covered.
    I find it ironic that some supporters complained that Kroenke doesn’t care much about the team. Yesterday was a critical playoff game. I saw the stadium was half empty during the extra time. For those supporters, they deserve to have an owner like Kroenke.

  12. Marc


    “+ Our play on the pitch has been better.
    + He is getting more out of players that prior to his arrival were playing very poor.

    – Team selections are all over the place.
    – Subs: On way too late, bringing the wrong players on.. Joe Willock.”

    I agree in principle with the above comment although it’s not that team selections are all over the place it’s certain players seem un-droppable when either their form or ability don’t justify their inclusion.

  13. Dissenter

    When people say that Bellerin won’t be the player he used to be, are they suggesting that the pre-injury Bellerin was all that.
    He couldn’t cross a ball to save his life, can’t dribble past a player and was a mediocre defender. He wasn’t that fast too, I recall him being dusted by Salah in 2017 like he was stationary.
    That he was allowed to exist without competition for so long should have led to someone being fired.

  14. TR7

    Very disappointed with our exit from Europa League. For me it was the most important tournament of the season. Our season is well and truly over. I don’t see us winning enough games to finish 5th in the league. Last year we made good money from Europa and yet booked net loss. Expect significant drop in our topline and higher losses this season.

  15. Jim Lahey

    @Marc –

    I am just perplexed with some of his choices so far. Saka and Martinelli looked fantastic together on the left. Then he moves Martinelli out to the right and then has dropped him altogether?

    You’re dead right about players seeming un-droppable.

  16. Graham62

    Ridiculing Ozil is part and parcel of life on le grove.

    I should know.

    The thing is with Leno, is that some of you see him as this excellent keeper who “saves” us a lot in games.

    I see him slightly differently. Weak, tentative, indecisive, poor communication and command of his backline, substandard distribution and and unwillingness to take command when needed.

    Allison is an A grade keeper. Leno is a C grade.

    I expect far more from someone in such a pivotal position.

  17. Dissenter

    Soares was never a standout player for Southampton to begin with. We’ve played them lost of times over the years and you wouldn’t have had him as one player you will like in your team. He’s as average as they come.
    What’s the point of paying that much money for a crocked player who can’t pass a medical for a five month loan. The league ends on May 9th so he better get match ready quickly.
    He’s a player we could have had for free in June, now he’s here to rehab until them on our dime.

  18. S Asoa

    Problem with Arteta is he has taken a leaf off Wenger’s book and plays favourites. Laca has been downright crap and wasteful as a striker for quite some time. There seems to be a mental block. For his own good Laca needs a 1-2 months total break. Plus, just starting him to see takes away 1 substitution. That place was for Auba or Martinelli. Ozil should have been substituted early when seen he was ineffective.

  19. Graham62

    Leno cost us the game.

    Not Auba, not Ozil, not GX, not even Mikel Arteta.

    It was Leno.

    That’s it folks, catch you later.

  20. Jim Lahey

    @Graham –

    “Allison is an A grade keeper. Leno is a C grade.”

    One of those has an A grade defence in front of them the other has a C grade! (Even if that…)

    Leno is definetly poor coming out of his goal though.

  21. jwl

    Bamford10 – as Marc wrote, hard to know what changes will happen next year, but I think ozil and xhaka have to be replaced with two athletic, premier league ready players who will give us at least 7/10 performances week in, week out.

    I have no idea who two players are but ozil and xhaka are waste of space in vital positions and they need to go, hopefully Edu is thinking about what kind of team he wants to build.

  22. Dissenter

    Stop all this needless bashing of Leno.
    Your Liverpool example is inappropriate; Liverpool fives the central defense and full backs before they brought Allison.
    Leno has a group of clowns in front of him, still yet you keep sliming him at every turn.

  23. TR7

    Our poor defending against set pieces including corners is a major area of concern. Last week Everton too looked very threatening on crosses and set pieces. We seem to have improved on our defense when it comes to dealing with ground passes but Arteta must now focus on defending set pieces.

  24. Champagne Charlie


    Totally agree mate, was the thread of hope for this season imo and gutted we’ve been hit with that body blow.

  25. G8

    Auba, a part from his spectacular goal was really poor all game , but he was played on the left and was asked to go up and down

    Pepe was exciting and infuriating at the same time…has to be coached to use his right foot, it will make alot of difference to his game,.
    mahrez ,bale,robben all learned that sometime you just have to shoot or cross with the right foot
    Laca and ozil were stinking the place out
    Arteta did not change that front line combination until it was too late..
    We ‘re mentally and physically weak
    We certainly haven’t turned any corner
    We haven’t even turned the page!
    O well we move on

  26. Receding Hairline

    Yes Graham62

    It was Leno

    He was the reason we didn’t have a shot in target till minute 70

    He was responsible for the marking on their first goal and the pathetic attempts to stop a cross coming in 3 minutes from time

    He also made all the sub’s and picked the eleven
    It was all Leno

    If only we had Allison for 80+ million to beat olympiakos at home or at least draw

  27. Marc

    Leno can be improved on but if Leno’s a grade C then we have other players who are worse than an F.

    It’s about priorities when you have a limited budget – it took Klopp what 3 years to replace the keeper at Liverpool.

  28. Micheal

    The reality is that Arsenal are stuck in mediocre, mid-table land. We are neither good , nor terrible. Last night’s performance and result is a manifestation of our current plight.

    We are owned by an absentee scum-bag with no interest in football. Arsenal are the only major English club where the ownrs have never invested a single penny in the team. And we all recognise that major investment is needed but is unlikley to be made under the dead hand of Kroenke. Mediocre ownership equals mediocre teams.

    Arteta has inherited a team which is riddled with mediocrity and liabilities. It is unrealistic to make make a silk purse out of pig’s ear.

    The liabilities are obvious – notably, Xkaha and Ozil, who would not get into any decent team and let the side side down on a regular basis. Last night was the latest in a long line of putrid failures. Also, a large slice of the 25-man first team squad are just plain mediocre – e.g. Luiz, Mustafi, Lacazette, etc.

    Pesonally I feel that Arteta has worked minor miracles since his appointment, bearing what is available to work with. I agree that he got his seleciton wrong last night but when the side is screaming out for more creativity Arteta’s only reaslitic midfield option is to bring on Willock !

    Last night merely emphasised the scale of the problems ranging from Kroenke’s shameful disinterested ownership to the resources available to Arteta.

  29. Bamford10


    If we’re only four points off of 5th now, why are you so pessimistic about our ability to move up the table and compete for that spot? There are 11 games left, and until last night, many people here were super optimistic about what we could accomplish in the PL, a PL that many of these same people regard as “weak”.

    Has something changed for you, or were you always pessimistic about us closing that four point gap with United?

  30. Bamford10

    Last night literally has nothing to do with ownership. Jesus Christ. Pepe alone is probably worth more than Olympiakos’s entire squad.

  31. Dissenter

    I hope all those arguments for keeping Auba even if he doesn’t extend his deals have been dutifully dispelled by the events of last night.
    Auba is not the all action striker that will carry a team on his back to CL qualification. He’s no RVP
    He gets a lot of goals but doesn’t enhance the team overall…and he does miss those game changing chances too.
    He and Laca have to be sold off. We have to find a better way to do this.

  32. Dissenter

    Last night had NOTHING to do with Kroenke
    We put out a 200 million plus wages team against a Greek team with a one away-goal advantage.
    There more behind this Kroenke hatred from our UK friends, embarrassed you don’t control the world anymore?

  33. Dissenter

    No one is bashing him
    My point is that he has to be sold if he doesn’t sign an extension, which we all know he won’t. There’s no merit keeping him till his transfer value is zero because all the Auba goals haven’t saved us from mediocrity, have they?
    I have a silk handkerchief for you, if you decide to cry.

  34. DigitalBob

    Dissenter, Auba not being of the required quality is way down the list on issues with this current squad. The guy can carry a good balanced team with 30 goals every season to success its the creativity and defensive awareness behind him that needs an upgrade.

  35. PieAFC

    Players have to be dropped.

    Arteta has to be ruthless.

    It’s all hot air after what he says if he continues to pick the same players.

    If he does, then our squad must be even worse than we thought knowing that he trusts no one else.

  36. Grouvillegooner

    This sort of result had to happen at some point some of the personnel involved in the team are just not good enough and no matter how good your coaching is there comes a point where you just need to have better players. Just surprised that it should have happened after a good performance in Greece. Winning the first leg away and then losing the tie is a rare event.
    On a completely different matter looks like both of the loan signings are classic Arsenal loans. They are something like one third through their loans and so far one U23 appearance . Money well spent!

  37. Marc

    Achieving CL through the league was always a big ask however it’s not impossible. What we need to see now is how Arteta can use last nights disappointment to get a reaction out of the team and get a run of wins going.

  38. Bamford10


    While I agree it’s no time for “Aubameyang bashing,” I do think it’s worth thinking about selling him. We are going to need funds, we have a lot of needs, we could play a front three of Saka, Martinelli and Pepe, and I think it’s time for us to take a longer view and to invest in youth.

    That we should sell Lacazette is obvious.

    You’ve written some great stuff over the past 24 hours, btw. Kudos.

  39. Micheal

    “Last night had NOTHING to do with Kroenke
    We put out a 200 million plus wages team against a Greek team with a one away-goal advantage. There more behind this Kroenke hatred from our UK friends, embarrassed you don’t control the world anymore?”

    Don’t be so fucking stupid. Cricticising Kroenke’s dead-hand ownership of our football club has nothing to do with British (or American) imperialism. It might suit your twisted vision of world afairs but Arsenal have been in decline since Kroenke took control of the club. It is not about one single match – get real.

  40. GunnerDNA

    Why are the players who only needs good coaching getting so much blame? Some probably owe Emery an apology. Did he overachieve with this lot? Asking for a friend.

  41. PieAFC

    Makes you wonder who sanctioned the loans having no game time at all so far in a competitive game.

    We need players to what Arteta requires. So far we have such an unbalanced team is beyond belief.

    It does need gutting. I’d be content with the season ending now and being done with it. Crack on for next year.

  42. Bamford10


    “I never had high hopes from the league.”

    Why, though? Why would you be so pessimistic about us catching United, or Spurs, or Wolves, or Sheffield? After all, it was only a short while ago that you laughed at the idea of United being better than us.

    What has changed?

  43. TR7

    It’s clear the club wants to keep Auba and rightly so. While I am not a fan of Auba you got to admit he is a prolific goalscorer. Goalscorers win you games and prolific ones are priced at a heavy premium in the current market. You can be rest assured you would have to pay much more for a replacement than what you would get from selling Auba.

  44. Alex James

    There is no doubt some players are uncoachable defensibly. Unfortunately, . we have congregated a number of them at The Arsenal. This defeat ranks with the worst I have seen over 60 years of watching the club. And our novice manager says he is proud of the performance! Utterly imbecilic,

  45. Bamford10


    I like your stuff, but please do not say things like the above. You will only annoy certain people, and that will only result in more headaches for all of us. Cheers.

  46. Dissenter

    Digital bob
    ‘ Dissenter, Auba not being of the required quality is way down the list on issues with this current squad. The guy can carry a good balanced team with 30 goals every season to success its the creativity and defensive awareness behind him that needs an upgrade’

    Auba is the only world class player we have right now which is why we shouldn’t let him run down his contract
    Next season we won’t even have the benefit of EL to generate some income so it is imperative that we don’t let ANYONE sellable run down their contracts.
    My point about Auba is about the need to sell him while we can.

  47. RGG

    Arteta cost us the game with his team selection and in game management. He’s got away with it a couple of times, incl most recently against Everton but last night his luck ran out….

    Still say the balance is wrong. Why doesn’t Klopp start Shaquiri when fit or even Origi and his front 3? There would be no room for Ozil in the Lpool team. We are trying to play like Lpool, front 3, attacking full backs but there is room for him in ours……

    Looks to me like Arteta’s team selections and hence the balance of the team are primarily based on keeping senior players happy.

  48. Clive Hill

    So after the positive vibes about Arsenal and having enjoyed a couple of good CL games on previous evenings I thought I’d enjoy a beer and see what the Arteta revival was all about. More fool me!

    I’m sorry but what has changed? I know it’s one game but it was an important one. It was the sos. Ozil wandering around doing nothing very much; players that have supposedly come to life under Arteta passing the ball to the opposition or completely out of play; just plain bad defending; vulnerability when put under no apparent pressure; a general lack of understanding between players; and that all too familiar not appearing to give a fuck really. As for Arteta, he failed to make adjustments when clearly needed, made substitutions woefully late and frankly, looked out of his depth. Which is clearly what this once great club clearly are. The table doesn’t lie.

    As for hoping for a CL spot. It’s hard to justify what for. Yes finances and better players coming to the club but having watched proper football teams on Tuesday and Wednesday night, it must be apparent to all that you could drive the team bus through the difference in quality.

    I’m a bit miffed because I found myself starting to give a fuck again. The malaise runs deep. It seems to be like a cancer that has got in the bones. Frankly, I don’t see how we ever recover from late Wenger and an owner who really couldn’t give a shit.

  49. raptora

    It’s going to be an easy decision cause no way that Auba would stay anyways. It’s exactly what happens to every world class player we’ve had in the last around 10 years.
    Happened to Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Alexis, even Chambo and Gnabry in a way.
    The few world class players that wanted to keep playing for us in Ramsey and Cazorla we managed to let go for free.

    Auba has done wonders for us. He should hold his head high.

    Interesting to see if Arteta is going to waste Martinelli and Guendouzi, both of whom he literally refused to use. No idea when does he see them play if he decided against starting them last night. They could start thinking of finding a better place to develop.

  50. Dissenter

    You’re missing the point ….again
    So the club wants to keep Auba, nothing wrong with that
    What if Auba refuses to sign an extension because he wants to test himself at a CL co letting club
    Do we keep him for the last season and let him leave in. Bosman in 2021 or do we cut our losses and get something for him. That was the argument at hand, not whether the club wants to keep him.

    What would you do is he doesn’t want to sign an extension?
    I recall you were one of those that argued for keeping Sanchez in the same manner. Hope you learned from that error.

  51. DigitalBob

    Dissenter – Yep we are in agreement then for sure as from a financial aspect and due to our previous messy contract management logically selling Auba for the highest price this summer makes a lot of sense, especially if he doesn’t want to sign a new deal.

    The other course of action is, much like TR7 has said, keeping him so his goals fire us up the table next season and then he leaves on a free having helped restore us to a somewhat competitive level.

    For me its a tough one as he’s a very likeable player and not nearly as frustrating as Laca or Pepe.

  52. Bamford10


    Fans like yourself would have benefitted from a more sober, critical and realistic assessment of what this group was capable of post-Emery. A number of writers and bloggers got a little carried away with an Emery-was-the-problem-This-is-a-quality-squad narrative, and this gave many people false hopes, in my opinion.

  53. TR7


    It’s not just United though, is it ? Wolves, Spurs, United and Sheffield are all above us. United really were not as good as you made them out to be but now they have signed a very good midfielder who may play a big role in upcoming games. For me since Arteta took over, it was always about the process. I knew results would be up and down given Emery left us in a very bad shape.

  54. TheBayingMob

    “ I want my Arsenal back! That’s all.”

    This is so Spurtz.

    What Arsenal do you want back?

    The near relegation fodder of the 80s? The arsenal that one nothing for decades? We gets 2007-2018 vintage that got progressively worse with a horribly weak megalith? GG vintage of horrible turgid football but was a decent cup team?

    Or do you want the short blasts of decent Arsenal that are more the exception than the rule.

  55. Bamford10


    I didn’t say it was only United above us, and all I ever said of United back then is that they are better than we are. So, I feel like that response is a little … off.

    If you previously thought we were much better than United — enough to wager three months’ time on Le Grove on our finishing above them — why do you now not believe we can finish above Wolves? Or above Sheffield? Or above a Son-less, Kane-less Spurs? Or above United? That doesn’t seem consistent to me.

  56. Danish Gooner

    And i get sick and tired of hearing the same tired excuse,they are running on empty if they suffer from fatique after having spent 14 days in sunny Dubai there must be something wrong with them physically mentally we know they are bottlejobs but missing physically too they should be put down.

  57. Bamford10


    “I knew results would be up and down given Emery left us in a very bad shape.”

    This gets repeated a lot, but how exactly is last night on Emery? Could you please explain that? What did he do that was so horrible, so terrible that three months later, an Arsenal squad (that you and many others rated) can’t beat Olympiakos at home? Please explain that. That’s one of several things I don’t get.

  58. TR7


    United are 4 points above us after 27 games in a season we have had 3 different managers at the helm. That’s not the definition of ‘better’. They just happen to sitting above us in the table.

  59. Bamford10


    Yeah, that wasn’t my point, and this isn’t about United. This is about your pessimism about our moving up the table or finishing above them. And again, if you don’t think they are better than we are, then why are you so pessimistic about our making up four points on them?

    Again, your views don’t strike me as consistent.

  60. TR7

    ‘This gets repeated a lot, but how exactly is last night on Emery? ‘

    Nah, we should have beaten Olympiakos, no excuses. This is why I am very disappointed with the result. Reference to Emery was more to where we find us in the league table.

  61. raptora

    Daniel Altos: “You know they will be up for it and if we turn up like yesterday they will skin us.”

    If Arteta plays give or take the same squad in a 5th game straight in 15 days time then we are in for another big cup night.

  62. Marc

    We can’t put out the same team or one made up of 7 or 8 of the same outfield players on Monday and then complain about fatigue or tiredness, mental or otherwise in the West Ham match.

  63. Tom

    I see posters predictably blame the individual players they never rated while trying to absolve their favorites.
    Fact is Arsenal as a whole just aren’t good enough and haven’t been for years.
    Pedro and a few others can claim this is a top four quality side that’s been ruined by the inept Emery, but if you can see past your own agenda( I know it’s hard) you will realize Arsenal have no backbone and are as soft physically and mentally as they come.

    Players choked under Emery last season when it mattered and they’ve just done the same under Arteta.
    The tired legs argument is just an excuse. You don’t start the game of this importance slow because you’re tired. Sure , you may run out of steam later in the game but the weak mentality can slow you down just as much , if not more, than a busy schedule.
    There’s been a lot of pressure on the players to deliver the CL for the club, fans and themselves.
    Last season the had two avenues of achieving this goal. They kept progressing through the EL stages while still in very good position in the PL.
    Once the PL option was out the window they laid a big goose egg against a decent but not great Chelsea in the EL final.
    This season every stage of EL would’ve been like the last seasons final pressure-wise and it showed against the 80 m Championship quality Greek side.

  64. raptora

    TR7 is probably worried in Arteta’s current quality and capability. I’m not saying he won’t become a great manager in the future. But he’s been making schoolboy errors. Which, for our sake, I hope he swiftly learns from.

    Some of his visible problems like selecting the same team until they basically drop dead like it happened to Mustafi, not rotating, having his favorites (who are not our best players) and playing them regardless of form or fitness, the inability to influence games and help his team when in need, the actual fear to make a substitution when things are visibly falling apart in front of him, then giving an interview how he is proud of us (not having a shot on goal for 75 mins vs a third grade team using so many senior players) or how the grass was too long. I’m not sure he’ll be able to fix most of this fast enough if ever.

  65. TR7


    There’s no inconsistency in my stand. Arteta has done a decent job post Emery but we are still a work in progress. None of the teams in the chasing pack is in any rich vein of form and thus, it is likely that the ones ahead of us may eventually finish above us come end of the season. For us to climb up the table we will have to go on a mini run which although not impossible is still unlikely.

  66. Marko

    I hope all those arguments for keeping Auba even if he doesn’t extend his deals have been dutifully dispelled by the events of last night.

    Oh yeah absolutely that miss really puts everything into perspective now forget the 60+ goals in 90 odd appearences since he’s joined us the possible two golden boot awards for top scorer it’s that one miss that we should really get rid of him for. Excellent point from the lad who forgets the previous 3 and a half seasons of poor Xhaka performances to focus on the recent few games and half decent performances.

  67. Pierre

    It doesn’t add up .

    We had Wenger out brigade who for a number of years were in the belief that Wenger leaving would propel us back to the top .

    Finishing in the top 4 for 18 years on the bounce , winning numerous trophies and numerous runners up playing effortless attacking football with little money wasn’t good enough they said .

    The Wenger out Brigade supported Emery to the bitter end , he was involved in the process of spending over 200 million net and taking the club to the lowest point in 40 years.

    What I don’t quite get is why the Wenger out brigade are positively rejoicing in the fact that we may find it difficult to return to the level of Wenger’s worse season in 20 years.
    Even in that year we reached a cup final and a semi final.

    The Wenger out brigade should be holding their heads in shame instead of thinking they are clever with snide remarks at Arteta who is trying to clear up the mess that Emery, Raul etc have left .

    Do these people have no shame,I have said previously that Wenger’s last 5 years will go down as one of the most successful periods in the clubs history , in fact it could well go down as the clubs most successful in the next 20 years.

    The Wenger out brigade will go down as the most entitled bunch of clowns in history and now they have the front to question Arteta and his methods.

    You (WOBS)need to look in the mirror because THE Arsenal fan base used to be one of the very best, not any more I’m afraid ..

    You have got what you deserve so I’m not sure why you’re being so smug.

  68. Champagne Charlie


    You’re wasting your breath mate, this result has done nothing but fuel the bellies of those that want to absolve Emery, or throw shit at Pedro because he’s talked up Arteta.

    Arteta took over a complete shambles, we’re where we are in the league thanks to Emery, the imbalances in the squad are with his input, and the options at Xmas were to go with a manager like Benitez to perform a mid-season salvation, or go with a young manager for the long haul.

    We’ve went the latter and here is every cretin that held a candle for Emery emerging to fire shots about their previous backed horse after we stutter.

    The improvement under Arteta has been clear, as have his initial shortcomings. What’s plainly obvious to most is how we’re at the start of a build to something of substance, which cannot be said of the previous manager in any way, shape, or form.

    That’s why many had hope for something this season, and not expectation. The expectation starts next season after a summer carving a squad in HIS image, and a preseason to embed his ideas.

  69. Danish Gooner

    I have never witnessed a more rubbish bunch of high paid players that are so inept as a unit.How come a player of the calibre of ozil can resemble a players that has just returned from hackney marshes is beyond me the guy is on 350 grand a week and is not a better player then David Hillier was in his prime,outrageous.In the early days a standing joke was “He is not as bad as Gus Ceasar” it was underlining he was bad but not as bad,today last night David Luiz could rewrite that sentence completely,so bad and error prone it beggars belief for a player on 150 grand a week,Gus Ceasar would be proud.Time and time again so many of these players cant find any shape or form on the field there is simply no absolving excuse for this other then they are all massively over paid.

  70. Receding Hairline

    What a silly rant Pierre

    Very silly from an adult

    The front to question Arteta? He has been a head coach for four months, more questions than answers when it comes to him.

    Three FA cups isn’t success , FA cups is a trophy big teams win to go with their league and European triumph.

    Snide remarks at Arteta, we have just been eliminated at home by Olympiakos, who do you want the questions directed at if not the head coach?

  71. Marko

    Reference to Emery was more to where we find us in the league table.

    I mean he left us in 8th 7 points off 4th. I don’t know why he gets referenced so much given not only arguments about how bad he was this season and how good the squad is but how good Arteta is. With all that in mind you’d think it’d be a little easier but no bad results and performances still get linked to the previous manager. You also had Pedro going off on Emery cucks last night despite the really obvious mistakes and poor decisions Arteta’s made and continues to make. For me it boils down to not trusting this group of players to do anything other than let us down. It’s why I never got too carried away with conceding less chances, getting a couple of clean sheets or the 3 wins on the spin and certainly didn’t buy into the Deadwood redemption stuff. But anyway

  72. Redtruth

    Arsenal had the best record in the Premier league at defending set pieces under the stewardship of Emery.
    Now look at us, back to the bad old days of Wenger…

  73. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Arteta who is trying to clear up the mess that Emery, Raul etc have left .”

    Yes, they signed Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka for a combined 112m and on deals way above their ability.

    Apart from the obvious stop gap signings made since Wenger left there has not been one dud signed on a long term deal. Except some of the extensions to Xhaka and Elneny, presumably to protect any perceived value they have.

    It’s still the leftovers from Wengers last inept years that are holding us back. Things won’t change to any meaningful degree until they’re all gone.
    Auba the only one worth keeping but looks like that won’t be possible anyway.

  74. Receding Hairline

    How is it plain and obvious we are at the start of a build to something of substance. Not that your definition of substance is hard to achieve. We beat Everton,Newcastle and a few mid table teams,that’s substance?

    xG and xGA have told their own story in this unbeaten run. You say the sample of games is too small to draw criticism from yet you are predicting we are at the start of a greatness from the very same sample.

    Have a word

    There is still lots to do and Arteta hasn’t shown much to inspire this blind confidence some of you have in him. Let him earn his stripes, don’t declare him what he is not just to belong

  75. raptora

    “Snide remarks at Arteta, we have just been eliminated at home by Olympiakos, who do you want the questions directed at if not the head coach?”

    The “grass was too long” and “we did a lot of positive things” with 0 shots on goal for 75 mins playing full senior team vs a Championship side.

  76. Valentin


    The case to keep Aubameyang is different from Sanchez. Sanchez wanted to leave and sulk his way out of Arsenal.
    Would Aubameyang sulk during his last season or would he play to his full potential trying to help us reach the top 5 position?
    That is the real question.
    Personally I don’t think that he will.
    So the second question is how much are clubs offering for him? My view is therefore If they offer less than 35 millions then keeping him makes more sense. Between 35 and 50 millions and if we can get the proper replacement why not. More than 60, let me sign on the dotted line.

  77. China1

    What you always fail to notice Pierre is that the goal posts of football are constantly moving, every single year

    As we have been getting steadily worse over the last ten years, the barometer of what success means relative to where the club is is constantly changing

    Liverpool didn’t win the league for decades and only competed a couple of times. Even being within 8 points of first would’ve been a great success for most of the last 25 years – and yet next season if they get 85 points and come second, it will have been a bad season for them relative to where they are at the moment

    Wenger getting top 4 with a squad that was consistently top 4 level and in an era when every single year at least two of the big 6 would tank didn’t constitute achievement. It was the absolute bare minimum asked of him

    It didn’t even become a ‘big 6’ until a few years ago because spurs were nothing more than a glorified Everton level team until a handful of years ago. Half of those top 4 trophies took place before city were even a thing and it was literally called the ‘big 4’

    As for FA cups, I actually love the cup and I’m glad we’ve basically made that competition our own, but the reality is it’s a totally second rate competition where even lower premiership and championship teams regularly field squad players because it’s such a low priority.

    So you can call it 3 FA cups in 4 years or whatever it was, or you can call it 3 completely second rate trophies in 13 odd years or whatever our shocking record was

    Now here we are and the steady decline has finally caught up with us to such an extent that right now winning an FA cup or coming FIFTH to get cl football is actually becoming an achievement – because the rot that was allowed to set in has finally come to fruition. The goal posts have moved.

  78. Receding Hairline

    He sulked at Dortmund

    Are we going to simply ignore he went on strike to move here?

    And what exactly do we gain from keeping him for his last year and letting him go on a free Valentin? And this top 5 thing is dependent on City losing their appeal. Arsenal fans do love a lowered bar

  79. salparadisenyc

    I’m not as pessimistic about league as some, next run of games up to Wolves are all very winnable. Were 7 points off 4th, 4 points off the new 4th in 5th.

    If we can find some form it will go down to last game or two.

    Read on the beast that is twitter our win percentage is 26% when Laca starts and 50% when he does not. Thats a pretty rocking indictment of his season thus far.

  80. Micheal

    Interesting piece in the Telegraph suggests the entire season – Premier League, FA Cup, etc – will be written off as “null and void” if there are wholesale cancellations of matches and the season is not completed because of Coronavirus.

  81. Champagne Charlie


    “You say the sample of games is too small to draw criticism from yet you are predicting we are at the start of a greatness from the very same sample.”

    Mentioned nothing of greatness, I said were at the start of a build toward substance. Learn to read. Also, it may not be obvious to you, but you were valiantly defending Emery until the death so maybe your observational skills can be swerved altogether.

    Does Arteta have the same profile as a Rafa? No, and the 3-year deal is clear indication of a long term commitment and growth project. He’s come in and started at the root of the clubs defensive issues that have been the core of the clubs ills for best part of a decade.

    He’s done so taking over Emery’s hot mess mid season with a team he’s had no input in at all. So you continue turning your nose up at context and professing old claims that were wrong then as they are now.

    When we inevitably make the improvements that come with time and resources spent you’ll fulfil your exit clause in that convo and pretend you’ve seen it coming all along.

  82. TR7


    Yes, Arteta has not had even a transfer window to bring in the players he want and offload those he thinks are not of Arsenal standard. Even those who are not convinced by him should hold off their judgement until he has a summer to bring in changes in personnel.

  83. Marko

    Kinda speaks volumes of where Ozil and his camp’s head is at. Right after an embarrassing defeat he just wants it to be known that he has no intention of leaving. This summer is going to be a real test for those convictions that Arteta has got. We’ll see what his word is worth

  84. Marko

    Yes, Arteta has not had even a transfer window to bring in the players he want and offload those he thinks are not of Arsenal standard.

    Have to point out that that isn’t accurate. He had January to buy and sell players and in that January he convinced Xhaka (who had intentions to leave) to stay not to mention that he brought Mustafi back into the starting 11 a player we tried all summer to sell. He did that by himself.

  85. Dissenter

    Absolutely right
    Keep Auba for his last season even if he doesn’t extend his contract.
    I never mentioned anything about a miss so your post season was just another silly rant
    My reference to last night is that Auba can score one goal a game and we lose 1-2. All of his goals don’t cover up the squad imbalances we have. It was purely about selling him if he doesn’t extend his contract

  86. Champagne Charlie


    I will never agree that keeping Auba without an extension is wise. He’s been a brilliant goal scorer, but it’s so painfully reductive to claim we’d be nowhere without his goals.

    1. He’d be replaced in some capacity either directly/indirectly
    2. The goal scoring burden would no longer be levelled at him and it would force others to step up

    I’d bin him if he’s not extending and aim for a best case scenario exit. I see that coming via a swap vs looking for the most amount of cash we can muster.

  87. Receding Hairline

    I don’t want a manager with Rafa’s profile Charles, the Rafa thing is yours alone.

    Started at the root of the clubs defensive issues? Have you even been watching? We just exited the Europa league because we conceded two goals at home to Olympiakos. Our xGA and quality of opposition chances has increased as the games came thick and fast

    Emery’s hot mess Mid season.. Lol. Keep consoling yourself with that.

    Improvement that comes with time and resources, yea sure. We also need our head coach to improve. You are taking that for granted he will turn out to be a great coach because he says the right things. What he does matters more than what he says and so far his actions haven’t convinced. Come the summer what he does will really tell us what he is about

  88. Marko

    It was purely about selling him if he doesn’t extend his contract

    It wasn’t really. You were trying to downplay the importance of such an obvious important player to I dunno make some sort of intelligent point and it failed. He’s a massive player for us his goals have carried this club for the last two seasons and if he goes he’ll need replacing.

  89. Aussie Gooner

    It is pretty obvious that all players make mistakes. Yes even prime Adams, Henry, Viera, Bergkamp et al. But the Arsenal players of today are making too many mistakes too often. Why is this? Are they not fit for purpose? Do they panic under pressure? Do they not have the right mental attributes to play high level sports? I thought that we had sports psychologists to deal with these matters?

    Take Leno for example – a good shot stopper, instantaneous reactions. However when he gets time think, nerves take over, like on corners, crosses and playing out from the back. This can be addressed by suitable goalkeeping coaching and a sports psychologist.

    Unfortunately Bellerin is no longer fit for purpose. He was never the best defender or crosser of the ball but his speed bailed him out. Now that has gone due to his failure to recover fully from the serious ACL injury. He needs replacing now. I hope Cedric is up to the challenge!

    Ozil has probably played his quota of good games for the season so he is just a dead weight from here on in. Just hanging around for the money.

    No more to be said about the CBs. I hope Mari can head the ball!

    Laca is too small to play CF. He gets brushed off the ball too easily and his close control/hold up play is lacking.

    Abu is all but gone! He won’t hang about for next season.

    Midfield has gone AWOL. Just a vast open space inviting the opposition to attack.

    And silent Stan will not give a shit!

    Next season we will have to make do with Leno, Martinelli, Saka, Willock, Tierney, AMN, Guen, Torreira, Nelson, Holding, Saliba, Chambers, Pepe with perhaps Nketiha, Medley, Balogan, Osei-Tutu, Lopez, Smith-Rowe, Soares, Mari and of course the three stooges Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka.

    And Wolves will show us how to dispose of Olympiacos!

  90. PieAFC

    I’m happy with Arteta.

    But I can’t hide that I share the inkling he has his favourites. He’s given players clean slates, some have let him down continuously.

    If not dropped, then thats on him and him alone. Xhaka improved, but was off the pace last night. Ozil has been awful, no running stats or anything can tell me otherwise. 1 assist and goal is terrible return for someone of apparent quality. Finding pockets and sideways passing, do me a favour.

    Just really hope Arteta and Arsenal find the right balance moving forward in recruitment.

    Would be great to see Arteta implement great football again at Arsenal.

  91. Dissenter

    “ The case to keep Aubameyang is different from Sanchez. Sanchez wanted to leave and sulk his way out of Arsenal.”

    That’s false
    The people that argued for us to keep Sanchez used his keenness and enthusiasm as reasons to make him run down his contract. It was only when it dawned on them that he wasn’t happy that the club panicked and moved him out in Jan.

    We are t gonna have Europe’s football revenue and our lower placement on the table mems less league revenue.
    I can’t see a reason why Auba should be kept without contract. He can score 40 goals a season and we will still be drawing games 3-3 or losing then 2-3.
    We aren’t good enough for an elite striker to take us over the top.

  92. DivineSherlock

    What an overreaction to what is simply a manager who was inexperienced got out thought by another one who was more . They employed a deep deep block , with ten men always behind the ball. We had no answers to that simple. Arteta didnt have the tools to counter it , heck even Liverpool didnt against Atletico and they had 70% possession. What you can criticize is our lack of composure in AET when we were in the lead , minutes away from qualifying . That is what this side needs . Only one side played football yesterday. Arteta’s pressing tactics didnt work because there was nothing to press.

  93. bennydevito

    All this criticism of Arteta is a bit OTT in my opinion.

    Arteta isn’t the problem, it’s some of the players. I stand by my view that we have the 6th or 7th best squad in the league and as long as we keep playing Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi together over the course of the season their weaknesses will always outweigh their positives.

    These players let Wenger down, Emery down and they will let Arteta down.

    We need a big clearout and start from scratch.

    I would let go the following because of a lack of quality, age and transfer funds:

    Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette and unfortunately Aubameyang.

    Bring in:

    Upamecano, Aarons, Grealish, Partey and Zaha.

    Pepe also needs to seriously practice using his right foot because he’s so left footed it’s painful to watch.

    I won’t start judging Arteta until at least Christmas time. Saying Arteta out now is just stupid.

  94. Champagne Charlie


    I have belief in Arteta because of how he views the game, the priorities he has, the demands he makes of the side, and for where his ideals lie.

    I don’t much care that you want to reserve any excitement or anticipation until the fruits of the labour are so abundant the blind can see it. I can recognise the changes already and need not your permission to comment on them or be encouraged by them.

    And yes I’ve been watching plenty thanks, we’ve been a much, much better defensive unit since his arrival. We’ve conceded 4 goals in our last two games from set pieces which is a major concern to address, but the approach to defending, the shape, the compactness, appreciation of defensive duties has been a massive plus in such a short time. If you can’t see that then it’s you that’s not been watching anything of Arsenal for years.

    As for consoling myself that Emery left a hot mess…. that’s you in a nutshell. Wanting folk to refrain from any judgement or view of Arteta until he’s delivered something transformative meanwhile the man you backed literally fucks us this season worse than we’ve seen in half a century and you’re casually lol’ing as if people have made it up.

    You’re without a clue and telling others how they should go about it all, pull the other one.

  95. Nelson

    What is depressing is seeing Manure becomes a much better team with Bruno Fernandes and our January loan signings are still not ready. I predict Manure will get Top 4.

  96. PieAFC

    The ones calling for Arteta out now don’t realize the mess and how big it was before he took over.

    This rebuild is going to take years, even longer without certain competition finances and commercial revenue if we fall away etc, not including adidas.

    The culture, from top to bottom, more ruthlessness needs to come into it. Certain way we are run needs an overhaul. The academy is slowly seeing changes, we need that at the top level now.

    Champagne wages for players with sparkling water quality.

  97. Habesha Gooner

    Argh Freddie that is an anchor on us. I still believe we could do business by selling players. we just have to target the right ones. Sell Auba( want him to stay but if he doesn’t sign we could easily get 50 mil), Lacazette ( having a horrible year, still will go for 30-40 mil), Kolasinac (rated by Italians 12-15 mil), Mustafi (10 mil), Sokratis ( 5-10) mil, Mkhitaryan (10 mil), Elneny (10 mil), Ozil free ( someone will pay 350k contract for a year), Xhaka( 20-25 mil).

    That gives us around 150 at least. And Given the wages of these players is Insane it wouldn’t be a problem.
    Strikers around 30- 40 mil, Jovic, Oshimen, Dembele, Odsonne Édouard
    Get a winger and move Martinelli to CF,
    LW around 30-40 mil, Everton Soares, Deolefu, Diogo jota, Marco Asensio
    CAM (40-50 mil) Grealish, Luis Alberto, Donny Van de beek, cheaper options are Nabil fekir, Buendia
    CM (40-50) mil, Soumare, Auoar, Fabian Ruiz, Piotr Zeleniski, Corenitn Tolisso
    DM pape gueye ( should be main target for 5 mil) , Kalvin Phillips( expensive around 20 mil, Tonali also Expensive at 30 mil, Erick puglar (15mil)
    LB Kurzawa (free), Jordan Amavi ( 10 mil), Konstantinos
    Tsimikas (8mil) , Sergio Reguillon( loan),
    CB , Mari ( 3mil), Gabriel(lille) 30 mil, Upamecano ( 50 mil), Soyuncu (50mil)

    The most expensive spending would be 270, but that would be assembling a galactic team. The least we could spend that would improve us is around a 190 mil. That would come to 40 kill net. It would be all about whether arteta wants to be ruthless.

  98. Thank you and goodnight.

    The only assholes who’ve damaged this club are kroenke and the board. They allowed Wenger to go on 5 years too late when we could if had either klopp or pep. They’re buying policy has been a fucking joke for years. We signed kallstrom who was injured at the time. Lukas Perez, denis Suarez etc etc. Look at Luiz, not good enough for a poor back line at Chelsea, do we buy him. Same with sokratis, not good enough at Dortmund yet we buy him. Same with mustafi. Look at Tierney, he was removed for being made of glass and injury prone at Celtic, yet we buy him. Soares couldn’t even get into a Southampton team that leaked 9 goals against Leicester at home, yet somehow they think he’s good enough for Arsenal. Look at Mari, he can’t be that good if he can’t get in ahead of the shit we have at the moment. Seriously doesn’t matter who manages us, whilst the same people remain running and owning our club, we will be the Everton of the south for many years to come. They should be kissing Auba’s arse because without his goals this season and last, we’d have ended up relegated. we are fucking fucked as a club.

  99. Marko

    the demands he makes of the side

    Which are? Genuinely curious of these demands considering that he plays people who are in rotten form, keeps players on the pitch who are playing poorly and plays players out of position to shoehorn in poorer options.

  100. rollen

    Diss, without Auba this team will get in relegation fight. This just goals talk is stupid. Its all about goals, a specially for team like us without midfield.

  101. Receding Hairline

    Never said you needed my permission to be excited so whatever

    How does he see the game? This is a phrase you have been using on and on when it comes to Arteta, it means nothing

    As for where Emery left us, well 7 points off fourth and still in the Europa league, what’s your point? Lol

    You can wank yourself silly over perceived improvements, seems Arsenal players completing a pass as seen as great footballing vision these days. Anything to support the notion the good times are just around the corner.

    What happened to those two loan signings you defended as vital to see us through the Europa league campaign? Were you referring to next seasons campaign?

    That’s me done with you for today, you are boring and too far up your own ass. You were Wenger’s number one defender up to the very end so excuse me if I don’t take your persistent emery jibes seriously. He had a two year deal and a mandate he missed by slim margins, that you desperately try to paint his tenure as three giant steps backwards shows u up for the clown you are

  102. Marko

    Failure to progress beyond the last-32 means that Arsenal will only bank around £15m from this season’s European campaign.

    That is less than half of the £40m they received for reaching last year’s Europa League final.

    That dream summer overhaul isn’t likely.

  103. Thank you and goodnight.

    @Un na

    So you’re claiming the board isn’t to blame for any of this? Emery was never the man to take us forward. It was obvious to most people even before we made him our manager. That was the boards fault, allowing Wenger to go on 5 years to late, again the boards fault. Aside from Auba, most of the shit we’ve signed has been the boards fault.

  104. TR7


    You forget that Freddie managed a few games too after Emery’s departure during which we lost further ground on the teams ahead of us. Arteta took over when we were in absolute pits.

    I agree with you on being more ruthless with players who put in a few odd good performances here and there but eventually flatter to deceive. I recognize that Ozil,Xhaka and Mustafi have a few good qualities but we got to cull them if we want to move forward.

  105. raptora

    benny: “All this criticism of Arteta is a bit OTT in my opinion.
    Arteta isn’t the problem, it’s some of the players. I stand by my view that we have the 6th or 7th best squad in the league and as long as we keep playing Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi together over the course of the season their weaknesses will always outweigh their positives.”

    Who begged Xhaka and Mustafi to stay? Who basically made them the first names in the starting lineup for how many games in a row?

    Blaming the obvious 3 players (which I 100% agree with especially the notion that their weaknesses will always outweigh their positives) but not the one who laid all of his trust in them after he saw them cost the job of 3 other managers before him.

  106. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    Best case now is we get good deals on some of the chumps we need to move out and invest it wisely into players in the £15-20m bracket. We have some very decent youngsters in the sqaud would should be starters next season.

    If Leicester City can do it, so can we.

  107. China1

    Michael if the season did get written off as void (I don’t believe this can or would happen mind) the whole of England would laugh so hard at Liverpool’s expense

    The corona virus will have in some way been an act of Divine intervention by god himself (bergkamp) to stop Liverpool doing the unthinkable

  108. azed

    Fella’s look on the bright side. Not having Europe next season means we can attack the league ferociously and make top 4. I know our finances will take a big hit but we will survive.

    I have said it a number of times here, our squad is full of names that are good on paper but past it or not fit for purpose.


    How’s the just play Ozil in the hole behind PEA, Lacazette and Pepe working out?

  109. Champagne Charlie


    That’s it, waddle away because you’ve nothing outside empty criticisms and baseless claims. I was critical of Wenger years before he left, but don’t let fact get in the way of you waffling bollocks.

    Speaking of, back you go to Emery’s paella palace lad go on, back up the trouser leg and tell your master he did a bang up job. Deluded melt

  110. Nelson

    – One thing I noticed when Martinelli was playing the CF position, he moved around and invited teammate to pass him the ball. Laca and Auba were too static inside the box.
    – Both Saka and Pepe would function better with FB’s opening up space for them.
    – Luiz had a bad game. I can’t see Mari doing worse than PapaSok.
    – Laca is slow and static. Play Martinelli instead. Even Eddie looks better.

  111. Thank you and goodnight.

    @Un na

    What chance has Arteta actually got when the club throw money on shite. We are 6 to 7 players off fighting for top 4, you genuinely believe Arteta will be given the funds for these purchases? Or even that he has any actual say on the signings? Emery made it clear Pepe wasn’t his signing. So what idiot authorized his purchase when the club was calling out for DM and a virtually complete new back 4 .

  112. Marko

    You forget that Freddie managed a few games too after Emery’s departure during which we lost further ground on the teams ahead of us. Arteta took over when we were in absolute pits.

    Yeah but it’s more in reference to what Emery left us in it’s always what Emery left us in how bad the mess he left was.

  113. Champagne Charlie

    “You forget that Freddie managed a few games too after Emery’s departure during which we lost further ground on the teams ahead of us. Arteta took over when we were in absolute pits.“

    No we didn’t actually, Freddie stopped the bleeding.

    Emery cost us an 8 point deficit to Chelsea
    Freddie kept us at an 8 point deficit to Chelsea
    Arteta has us at a 7 point deficit to Chelsea

    We’re behind 4th by the margin Emery left us, plain and simple.

  114. Jamie

    We’re going to register a massive financial loss again this year.

    Ozil is staying. Looking forward to his numbers next season after a full pre-season with Arteta. If we keep the squad intact, top 4 is guaranteed next season.

  115. Jim Lahey

    Wenger/Emery/Arteta aside.

    We need to talk about the strange culture around Arsenal. For the past decade there as been this loser mentality throughout the entire club. It has permeated through the club to all sectors. We have become okay with losing, its actually almost expected at this point. We have not had a solid defence since 2005… madness 15 years of being “a soft touch”. What other club has been plauged with the amount of individual errors leading to goals?

    No matter who is in charge there is something truly rotten within the club.

  116. Marko

    If Leicester City can do it, so can we.

    I mean our wage bill is such that we can’t really do it a leicester way either. We’re in such a mire these days that the only way to get out is to spend money but unfortunately we can’t because we don’t make enough. Some tough decisions to be made in the summer but it’s been the same way for the last 3/4 and yet we keep seeing the same disappointing players start the season with us. And given Ozil’s recent comments, Arteta bringing Mustafi back into the team and convincing Xhaka to stay in January I’ve got no faith whatsoever in the club finally doing the right thing and ridding itself of problematic players. Expect certain types still here next season and another struggle for Europa League football

  117. G8

    Exactly what’s the point of our January purchases!?
    Why Bellerin is still our first choice right back?
    And what happened to Toreira?

  118. Freddie Ljungberg

    Perry Groves knows what’s up.

    Notice the 6 Wenger signings in there, and only a loan player and our 2 stop gap CBs in there from after he left.

    “(Arteta) needs to get rid of players,” said a man who won the First Division title with Arsenal in 1989 and 1991. “I thought it would be about five or six, but I think you’re looking up to about nine players.

    “This is not about talent. Sokratis, David Luiz, Mustafi, Ceballos is going to go anyway because he is on loan.

    “Ozil, Xhaka, Chambers, Elneny and Mkhitaryan. Elneny and Mkhitaryan are out on loan anyway. He needs them now, because he has to use them now. Short-term future, they do [have one] – but no long-term future.”

    Don’t think Chambers is going anywhere since he’s injured but the rest absolutely have to. Maybe we’ll keep one of Luiz or Papa for experience but not sure we should.

    Unfortunately Auba likely to take that number up to 9 again.

  119. Marko

    Looking forward to his numbers next season after a full pre-season with Arteta. If we keep the squad intact, top 4 is guaranteed next season.

    You’re thinking of the following summer pal with the Euros this summer there’s no full preseason. Excuses already lined up for next season

  120. Micheal

    Michael if the season did get written off as void (I don’t believe this can or would happen mind) the whole of England would laugh so hard at Liverpool’s expense
    The corona virus will have in some way been an act of Divine intervention by god himself (bergkamp) to stop Liverpool doing the unthinkable.

    China: I don’t think it will happen, but it is sensible forh the authrities to consider all options. Lots of other sporting fixtures are being cancelled and any serious spread of the virus will force the government’s hand. If there are whoelsale cancellations, the football authorities will be left with incomplete fixture lists – regardless of who is top or bottom or who does not does not qualify for Europe.

    The virus is seirous and I am not wishing this to happen. Liverpool may find their grasp on the trophy is slipping if things deteriorate.

  121. Davey

    Fair comment Jim, we have a very sad losers mentality and hate to say it by probably the worst fans in Europe, blimey Highbury was the library was is the Emirates? And by the way drop jump around by House of Pain although the name is quite apt even the song is so dated and annoying!

  122. raptora

    Arteta has probably heard a million times how Guardiola stuck to his idea of playing football through thin and thick, no matter what.

    I wonder if his big idea was to pick his favorites/senior players and play them in every minute of every game. Was this going to repeat if we were to go through in the next round as well? Same 11-12 players starting every single game. What was he thinking? Then again, he didn’t even pick the strongest players in that favorite 11.

  123. Marko

    No matter who is in charge there is something truly rotten within the club.

    Yeah I totally agree with this. Been like that for the longest time but what do you expect we make poor signings and keep them around until it’s too late. Been that way for years no accountability no ambitions or expectations. You fuck up you’re still in the team next week you’re in poor form you stay for 90 mins. Was that way under latter Wenger is that way under Mikel. Bless Unai he tried to buck the trend in a really clueless dumbass way but there was just too many certain types at the club. Anyway all in the past?

  124. Aussie Gooner


    “Really? Hasn’t done Aguerro any harm. Owen and fowler were two of the greatest strikers in premier league history and both were short. Neither of the 3 were the best at hold up, Fowler probably the best of the 3 though.

    Jamie Vardy is short
    Kevin Phillips was little”

    They wre completly different types of CF to Laca. They had speed and attacked the ball, run at defenders and had a lethal shot on the run. Laca can’t do those things. Hence his CF role is more like a Giroud but without the physical attributes, heading ability or hold up play. That was my point.

  125. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    I remember when Sol came back for his loan spell he commented on the culture change, he said something along the lines of when he left Arsenal he left a team of winners and when he came back he found a team of players that thought they were winners.

    “no accountability no ambitions or expectations”

    I think this nicely sums up what we have experienced for the past decade.

  126. Habesha Gooner

    No matter what we news a make over in Midfield. The only ones I would keep are Torriera, Guendouzi, Willock and Smith-Rowe. One of Willock and Smith-Rowe needs to ho out on loan though. We need a Starting CM, CAM, and a DM to at least compete with torriera.

  127. CG


    “””CG ,How can a Hardcore Wenger fanboy fathom the thought of Sean Dyche managing Arsenal who is the literal opposite of Arsene.””

    But are they that opposite?

    I would say they are remarkably similar in so many ways :

    Very loyal to their players
    442 men at heart.
    Never shirk from anything or anyone.
    Defend their players through thick and thin.
    Can build and improve their clubs incrementally,

    Burnley played Man United off the park the other night at Old Trafford ( 2-0 win)
    They beat Soton at their place with some Old Wenger style counter attacking.
    They were the better side than when they played us.

    I don’t care what the phoney progressives,soccer snobs or indeed anyone says.

    Dyche might not be a better coach than Arteta
    but Dyche will always be a better manager than him.

    And I believe proper clubs have managers in charge and not head coaches.
    and always have done.

    Arsenal tried this route with Don Howe in the 80’s.
    They eventually reverted to a manager in George Graham.

    With the mess Arsenal are in they need a proven manager.
    End of argument.

  128. bennydevito

    raptoraFebruary 28, 2020    15:07:21

    Who begged Xhaka and Mustafi to stay? Who basically made them the first names in the starting lineup for how many games in a row?

    Blaming the obvious 3 players (which I 100% agree with especially the notion that their weaknesses will always outweigh their positives) but not the one who laid all of his trust in them after he saw them cost the job of 3 other managers before him.



    I get your point but maybe because Arteta was new he wanted to keep the squad together to evaluate everything for himself. Perhaps he felt he could coach Mustafi and Xhaka better and rekindle Ozil. Perhaps because of injuries and being halfway through the season he felt letting too much experience go in January would have more of a negative effect on our top 4 chances.

    I personally feel Arteta absolutely knows what’s what and will make the changes needed in the summer. Also by getting Mustafi, Xhaka and Ozil playing better and regularly, that will increase their attractiveness and transfer value.

  129. Marko

    I remember when Sol came back for his loan spell he commented on the culture change

    I mean it’s there for all to see some are a little slower to catch up but it’s been pretty obvious in hindsight. It’s more than we used to fight for titles now we fight for top 6 as well there’s just not enough fight and ambition at the club for a long time. I feel like there’s people who are now at the club who do want to address that but it’s really fucking slow to fix it and a bad signing and let’s be honest a bad hire makes it that little bit slower. I think though that that season we make it back to the Champions League we’ll be set on the right path and fine again.

  130. raptora

    “There is no point debating you now. Because black is white to you and the sky is red. You can’t debate someone suffering from that level of denial.”

    Arteta on Xhaka: “I wanted him to hear from me my opinion on him, and that I was ready to support him and that I was ready to push the club to be supportive of him too, because I thought he could be a really, really good player for us and he could enjoy playing under me in this football club. I tried to convince him that way. He thought about it, he had a very positive response afterwards, and I think he changed his mind.”

    Arteta asked if Mustafi could have a long-term future at Arsenal: “When he is my player and when he is training with me the way he does every day, of course. The plans maybe in the summer were different with him,” Arteta said. “I came here, he is here and his attitude is always right. I don’t believe that at 27 you cannot improve certain aspects of the game, I really believe you can. I work with players like this and I have team-mates like this and there is always a moment where there is a click.”

    Mustafi has started in each of our last 8 games in all competitions.
    Xhaka has started in each of our last 11 games in all competitions.
    Ozil has started in each of the last 10 games but two – FAC vs Bournemouth and Olympiacos first leg.

    Tell me how what I’ve said is the opposite of what it really is? I’ll wait a bit.

  131. raptora

    Don: “All the championship managers are out in force. Gleaned all of their footballing knowledge from computer screens. Now they think they have their gold badge. Jokers”

    You want me to dig for diamonds posted by you in the comment section from when Emery was in charge? I guess it was okay to criticize then, but now it’s not. I could look for some if you want me to.

  132. Marko

    Yeah some alarm bells ringing out for sure rap. But I’ll give him the same benefit of the doubt I gave Emery replace in the summer these players and I can get behind you don’t and you’ve only yourself to blame for the likely let down and disappointment.

  133. Left testicle

    I know this is an Arsenal blog where you can have an opinion but don’t you think, sometimes, just sometimes, what’s the point?

    We’re never going to agree with each other, we’re not going to make a difference to team selections or when substitutions are made.

    I’m seriously thinking about giving up on Le-Grove and maybe even watching Arsenal. I just end up feeling angry and frustrated and, to be honest, I could be doing better things with my life than reading the comments of people I don’t care about and, in turn, don’t care for my opinion.

  134. Daniel Altos

    Some of his visible problems like selecting the same team until they basically drop dead like it happened to Mustafi, not rotating, having his favorites (who are not our best players) and playing them regardless of form or fitness, the inability to influence games and help his team when in need, the actual fear to make a substitution when things are visibly falling apart in front of him, then giving an interview how he is proud of us (not having a shot on goal for 75 mins vs a third grade team using so many senior players) or how the grass was too long. I’m not sure he’ll be freeable to fix most of this fast enough if ever.

    I wonder who he learnt this from?I will give you a hint-not Pep

  135. Jim Lahey

    @Marko –

    ” I think though that that season we make it back to the Champions League we’ll be set on the right path and fine again.”

    i truly hope so.