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Listen, I’ll take the win. Away from home, Arteta’s first European away game, a victory, a clean sheet, and a very valuable away goal.

That’s all we need at this stage.

We’re in our worst season in 400 years, we’re shite on the road, I’m struggling to believe that anyone is out there at the moment bitching about the performance.

The first half wasn’t exactly sexy. From a defensive perspective, we were a bit loose and we gifted chances to a team that were well off the mark in the final third. It does have to be noted, most smart clubs in Europe don’t blow their load in the first thirty, staying in contention is the name of the game, so by that barometer, we did a good job.

The second half was incredibly bland, but the Greeks couldn’t keep up the same intensity. Bernd Leno was called upon to make some good saves, but I have to break to it people, most keepers at top clubs have to make saves. We also had some good chances that we spurned, our game in the final third is still pretty bland, but we’re at least venturing into the opposition half and players are still suffering from a lack of confidence.

It wasn’t a great day at the office for Martinelli. His decision making was poor and he had a weird moment with Xhaka. I think he was pulled early to save him from himself. A great talent, but we have to remember he’s young, and inconsistency is just part of the game.

We nicked it in the end though. Mustafi played a stunning long ball to Auba on the right, he showed tight control and rolled it Saka, he hit a low cross to Lacazette and the finish was perfect.

You can’t argue that sort of performance in Europe. We have suffered it over and over again. At this level, it’s about making the least mistakes and waiting for your moment. We did that and took our chance.

We still have a lot to do in the home leg, but we own the away goal and they’ll have to come at us… dangerous game with the attacking players we have on call.

So what do we have? 3 wins in 4. 3 clean sheets in a row. 2020 unbeaten. The squad looking like they are beginning to believe.

… and what of that squad? Xhaka, Mustafi and Luiz are looking superb. Even Sokratis had a solid game last night. Players people had in the bin… including me… are playing far beyond our expectations.

So why are people moaning?

There’s a dog shit website peddling deeply thought out 9 game analysis designed as Spurs fan catnip that’s pushing numbers to make it seem like we’re not moving forward, but that shouldn’t worry people, it’s a piss poor analysis. If you are comparing Emery’s last X amount of game with Arteta’s first X amount of games, you shouldn’t be allowed near the internet. Arteta picked up a sinking ship and a group of players those exact same people said were uncoachable. We’re now 2 months in and we’re seeing the folly of that narrative. Things are steadily improving and the vampires are struggling because they don’t know where to pivot – shit data formulated by clickbait merchants isn’t a counter to what’s going on. Fact is, we have the right coach, the players are on board and things are steadily moving forwards.

We have a huge game on Sunday with a massive point to prove. Hopefully, the squad can make another statement about the new regime.

Onwards and upwards.

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  1. Un na naai

    MarcFebruary 21, 2020 21:42:00
    UnToo many for me to even bother trying to describe. If you don’t see them then fine.

    Just a general overlay
    Not an in depth breakdown

  2. Marc


    What Pedro doesn’t get is in the film the “Godfather” might make the final decision but he takes input from a group of highly qualified close advisers.

    I would say “leave the gun take the cannoli” but it’d probably go straight over Pedro’s head.

  3. Marc


    Those who still carry a torch for Wenger.

    Those who are senile sorry I meant worship Ozil.

    Those who had set their stall against Emery from day one.

    Those who are just on a windup.

  4. Pedro

    Marc, I’m telling you that you’d much rather a Sven than a Raul and one day you’ll reflect on my Raul stance and realise why.

  5. Marc


    I’m happy to have a Sven but you’re to mixed up in an anti Sanllehi agenda to realise he didn’t leave because Sanllehi wouldn’t sign his amazing players.

    Ask yourself why wouldn’t Sanllehi go and close the deal on amazing players identified by Sven? It just makes him look better in his job. If Sanllehi is deliberately ignoring top players for low prices the only credible answer is that he’s on a back hander from agents – do you believe that?

  6. Pierre

    What about those who continually slag off Mustafi and xhaka .

    And Ozil

    And AMN

    And Guendouzi

    And Lacazette

    All agendas.

  7. Marc


    Well you’d have to ask those who continuingly slagged off AMN, Guendozi and Laca for their agenda’s.

    My personally agenda is Xhaka and Mustafi are sub standard and a fuck up waiting to happen – those talking them up are saying Arteta’s only playing them to increase their value so we get more money when we sell them – that in itself tells you that those defending them don’t think they’re good enough.

    Ozil – he’s been better but I still think he’s a huge cost for what is a pretty poor return.

    The difference between me, my agenda and many on here is I’m open and honest about it.

  8. Marc

    “Arsenal are experiencing an impressive turnaround in form since November”

    Peter Crouch is a cunt of epic proportions. We’ve won 3 PL games from the end of November, 1 under Ljungberg and 2 under Arteta- that’s in 13 PL matches.

    We are seeing improvement’s under Arteta but to claim it’s a huge turn around in form is moronic and anyone promoting that is just trolling.

  9. PieAFC

    My criticism of Arteta has been we are slow to start and sometimes we don’t pass the ball fast enough.

    But defensively as a team, tactics are in place (we’ve been crying out for years) we look like we have an idea. Press as a unit, attack as a unit.

    If people haven’t seen glimpse of progression, then I’m sorry it’s the negative side of it taking over.

    During the game we all do it, I’ve done it a few times, wondering why we look so poor. Against Newcastle we looked poor for the first 25 mins.

    I’m happy with what Arteta is doing.

    As I said earlier. I’d take another 4 or 5 1nil wins and won’t give a shit.

    This side of the season it’s results business, don’t care how we claim the table just do.

    Transfer window and pre season, ins and outs next season we all can pipe up with what football we’d like to see. But again, if we’re winning does it matter – to an extent. I couldn’t care.

  10. Marc

    PL matches played up to the end of November 13 – points taken 18.

    PL matches played from the 1st of December 13 – points taken 16.

    Our form has actually gotten worse.

    Peter Crouch is a CUNT.

  11. Thomas

    Again the idea that Arteta has tuned around the team is hilarious. The players might run more but there haven’t been more points won. So more effort for less.

  12. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s been proven on here before CC can’t count – this is just another example of him being innumerate.“

    Yes, I can’t count Marc… got me.

  13. Marc


    Remind me what percentage of his goals did Henry get in the first half of his first season?

    Almost 50%
    Well it was over a third.
    It was almost a third.

    Fucking clown – posts shit and then hides from the facts.

  14. Just Another Customer

    heh funny how some have goldfish memories now I remember the chaotic defense the disjointed build ups the endless backpasses to Leno

    ask yourself this would you rather be with 2018 Wenger, Emery or Arteta right now?

    nuff said lads

    I can’t believe I’m saying this like it’s 2008 but we’re a couple more signings from truly competing again ahahah

  15. Champagne Charlie


    Want to throw up a quote? Don’t even remember the last time Henry was a discussion on here, certainly in that nature.

    Makes your little outburst all the more comical.

  16. Just Another Customer

    and could we even get that type of Özil goal at Newcastle if we didn’t cut our losses with the previous manager who’s just there to slum it with no proper future planning or philosophy?

    I must admit I’m keen on that side of football too if not we all end up as miserable as mgooner who only talk pessimistic clueless bullshit because he has nothing else to offer here just another customer like me but also more of a bandwagoner

  17. Just Another Customer

    sorry to say just because we watch the same fixture in the stadium or the telly doesn’t mean we watch or gaining/extracting the same kind of entertainment/enjoyment/information from it

    just ask our resident sage Pierre with his layers upon layers of depth in interpreting the GAME which can only be achieved when you have ascended from this plane of existence

    this applies to anything in real life too btw

  18. Marc


    Please explain why you link a piece that’s first bullet point is quickly proven to be bollocks.

    I mentioned the other items because you have a history or bullshit and lies. Want to repeat how you have a season ticket but won’t say which stand you sit in?

  19. Marc


    I should mention that other “plane of existence” Pierre exists on is called senility.

    All of his relations are praying for the introduction of euthanasia, they keep trying to take him on “holiday” to Switzerland but he won’t go.

  20. RodneyKing

    February 21, 2020 13:25:28

    “If Arteta was in charge at the start of the season, we’d be nailing top 4.”

    Leicester and Chelsea (after losing to Man Utd) started the season really well. With the former looking good for 3rd (at this point, anyway) the battle for 4th would have been between us, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs.

    Throw Sheffield Utd and Wolves into the mix and it’s only logical to think that we wouldn’t be “nailing” top 4, what with an inexperienced manager trying to distill his vision and playing style.

    One minute we’re cautioned that these things take time (as any reasonable person knows) and the next, we hear it would have been glorious from the off.

  21. Just Another Customer

    Marc I understand how Pierre feels as I too am in that stage already where the normies label me with senseless insanity when truly they are ones who are insane for still accepting the bullshit they’ve been fed with by the powers that be or by peer pressure because everyone wants to belong in something (including me because I would not be here if I don’t)

    so who would draw the line?
    why compare ourselves with other teams like Liverpool?
    we have different set of players, different squad, different gameplan, different objectives…
    sure their comeback is something we should take as inspiration
    but not wholesale copy paste everything
    then what are we then?
    we are the Arsenal

    but who am I?
    I’m just another customer as long as Kroenke at the helm
    in footy and in life we just improvise on whatever we have right now in the situation we find ourselves in
    but the most important thing is
    we don’t see that in both Wenger and Emery
    that’s why we get rid of them
    but for me at least I can see the improvement right now
    and that’s all I want right now for this club

  22. Just Another Customer

    sorry lads for schizoposting

    feels like not to get something off my chest and I’m trying to articulate whatever come to my ((lunatic)) mind

  23. Just Another Customer

    during Emery we always talk about lack of identity

    the feeling of dread the existential crisis of Arsenal

    do we still have that feeling with Arteta?

    for me not anymore

  24. Just Another Customer

    and that’s what it’s all about right?

    in this era of globalism where your supporters are from everywhere around the globe

    you need to have a solid identity more than ever

    if not you will become a faceless corporation a faceless business scheme

    Arsenal PLC like we used to joke around back then

    nothing different from McD or Apple

    they need to have a reason to believe
    the pride to display the badge
    and all the sponsors plastering the kit

  25. Just Another Customer

    shame for ESR been on loan right now he could’ve been the perfect piece for the jigsaw puzzle that Arteta trying to complete

    not to overhype him but he has everything that we need in the midfield linking Xhaka/Torreira with Özil if we want to promote another prospect from the academy and who doesn’t like another local lad coming in and take on the show amirite bois?

    all the thing Wenger has been wanking off forever to to give it to them doped up souped up clubs

  26. Ernest Reed

    “Agenda? What about those who continually slag off Mustafi and xhaka .And Ozil And AMNAnd Guendouzi And Lacazette All agendas.”

    Ballistically insane attitude!

    Every single one of those that you support are perennial underachievers and worse, marginal footballers who once put in a shift until, guess what, they got their payday and chose to slag off permanently. Only a flipping moron would continue to support such ridiculousness. Do everyone a serious favour Pierre, stop playing the whoah is me victim and do a proper dive from a short pier.

    Astounding that you are capable of being alive at your age, you are too flipping stupid to even know how to breathe at that age, let alone formulate a salient thought. Do one already, you stupid old goat…FFS!

  27. Pedro

    Marc, you’ll have to accept Mustafi as a good soon… but worse for you, you must accept that Pierre has put you in your place for 2 years now.

    Calling him senile for being right isn’t fair, the guy has bossed you with great insights.

  28. Un na naai

    MarcFebruary 21, 2020 23:18:25
    “Arsenal are experiencing an impressive turnaround in form since November”Peter Crouch is a cunt of epic proportions. We’ve won 3 PL games from the end of November, 1 under Ljungberg and 2 under Arteta- that’s in 13 PL matches.

    Mark with a C

    Wooooah there mate!!! What’s all this? Ery bitchy. Most unbecoming. What’s
    Happened to you? You clearly love arsenal unlike receding and Bamford so why this almost Sado masochistic approach to our team and the more positive section of fans?

  29. Un na naai

    “Agenda? What about those who continually slag off Mustafi and xhaka .And Ozil And AMNAnd Guendouzi And Lacazette All agendas.”Ballistically insane attitude! Every single one of those that you support are perennial underachievers and worse, marginal footballers who once put in a shift until, guess what, they got their payday and chose to slag off permanently. Only a flipping moron would continue to support such ridiculousness. Do everyone a serious favour Pierre, stop playing the whoah is me victim and do a proper dive from a short pier.

    Very basic assessment of high quality footballing talent
    Thank goodness it’s Arteta at the helm and not yourself assessing sways talent and suitability.

    Put it this way, when a coach takes your view we ended up with an emery scenario, when an elite talent takes a view Mustafi, Luiz, xakha, Lacazette and torriera become part of an unbeaten and defensively formidable team.

    Haven’t you got flats to be selling at 9?

  30. Useroz

    ” …at least venturing into the opposition half and players are still suffering from a lack of confidence.

    While I wouldn’t mind an outcome based approach it has to be said that the remark was a bit condescending especially with the confidence bit. Arteta has been here for a while now…

    Martinelli didn’t wow but hadn’t a poor game! The way he set up Laca who fucked up from 5 yards was no less brilliant than Saka’ cross. The difference is, even Laca can’t miss from 1 yard? God forbids. An accidental deflection of Xhara’ fk was nothing. Could hit anybody tbh

    What I saw though was Xhara got v sluggish, compared to his recent improvement. Guendouzi same So many opportunities to make quite safe forward passes (say to the wings ) ended up backpasses. Arteta said pretty much the same in the post match interview. Is this a lack of calibre, vision, skills, or confidence? Not a coach so not sure but I’d guess a bit of all of the above.

    Sok looked a touch rusty in the 1H and got better. Mustafi played better than Luiz I thunk. Luiz has a few unsure moments …

    But seriously the MF sucked Slow, or labouring to be exact. Ceballos did better but we need better options next season. Someone w pace and /or physique is a must. Oly played a bit thuggish and we had no recourse especially in the 1H. For once guendouzi was acting up. He got kicked, stamped, stabbed quite a bit.

    1 away goal should see us through. At least that’s what RVP think if that means something still

    Time to splash the Everton with our special sauce!!

  31. Just Another Customer

    I can’t stand Guen you just know he’s the Ben Arfa/Nasri/Benzema mould where he will cause problems off the pitch sooner or later

    he’s not worth the trouble for us to grow him just do a post-natal abortion of this problem child while his value at the peak right now

  32. Emiratesstroller

    I am staggered by the ongoing negativity published constantly on Le Grove.

    The club was in a total mess when Arteta was appointed with the defence leaking like a sieve and the team going in one direction, which was in a downward spiral.

    More significantly morale within the squad was at a very low point with several players rumoured to want to leave.

    Since Arteta’s arrival the game management has improved, the defence is now
    more concentrated and disciplined and there is a more settled team.

    I accept that the midfield is still lacking the quality to control games and create chances that most of us wish to see. We do not have on our books an
    Ozil or Cazorla in their prime. Frankly players like Guendouzi, Ceballos and
    Willock are not good enough to dominate games.

    That is an area of the team, which needs investment, which hopefully we will
    see next season.

    The good news is that Arsenal does not have a huge “injury crisis” that normally manifests itself at this time of year. Chambers is the only long term
    injury with Tierney due to be match fit in next couple of weeks.

    Let’s judge Arteta’s record at the end of this season and not as far too many seem to be doing after less than three months.

  33. reality check

    Amazing. This schizoposter said all that then capped it off with “if the board back him with some signings..” listen mate. Why do you think they popped up at Artetas house in the middle of the night? Why force ljungberg to manage games with no plan of succession, no coaching team, no timeline? Sheesh why do you think they got rid of Mislintat? The man who got Auba. Why do you think Auba hasn’t signed a new contract with less than 2 years left? I mean damn why do you think they hired Emery in the first place?
    Because they want to spend money?

    You’re lost on what Arsenal have become.

    And for all of you who think Arteta is “getting the best” out of all the dross, but will bin them off and sell them this summer. You’re having a laugh. Not only do they have contracts. Not only do they have ridiculous wages. Now on top of all that they can say they’ve played well since Artetas arrival So they will stay, continue the good work with Arteta and try to build something new.

    We’re screwed.

  34. Just Another Customer

    apparently you aren’t what your namesake seems to imply
    only the illusion of it
    where did I say that?

    we know with Kroenke we need to be [self-sustainable] thus no matter what we need to achieve maximum value from this dross in this case Raul with his contacts are advantageous to us

    we will get better players

  35. Emiratesstroller

    reality check

    We do not need “wholesale changes ” to our squad, but we do need a couple of
    “focussed changes” specifically in defence and midfield where we are lacking
    genuine quality.

    Arsenal have had a relatively underwhelming season, but there is hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel.

  36. Champagne Charlie

    “Please explain why you link a piece that’s first bullet point is quickly proven to be bollocks.“

    No explanation required, I shared the article because of what Crouch has to say about us as he views it from a neutral followers perspective who has played the game at that level. He’s suitably impressed with the change in tide, the intangibles, and the foundations being placed.

    Meanwhile here you are getting offended by a broad stroke bulletpoint, and even more laughably attributing that to me and making some pathetic harp back to a presumed conversation about Thierry Henry god knows when.

    And I’m the “fucking clown” he says, pull the other one.

  37. þorkell einarsson

    May I suggest we need a player in the mould of Valbuena ?? he puts in a shift
    and always looks forward .. great passer of the ball a bit like Santi mabey
    whom we miss and cherish..

  38. Habesha Gooner

    I seriously hope we are fattening Mustafi , Ozil and Xhaka for the transfer market. We shouldn’t consider ourselves to be a serious club if we continue to play Unreliable, Error prone, Inconsistent players. Mustafi for example will have suitors now because he has been consistent enough for 5 games. Ozil we might have no choice if arteta wants him but It’s time to move him on too. But Xhaka might seriously stay and that is depressing for me. We need a better CM. Arteta says he loves the way xhaka trains and behaves but attitude can only get you so far. He is Error prone, Slow, Can’t dribble or tackle. those are huge red flags for A Modern CM. There needs to be a major overhaul how ever the season ends. Sell, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Elneny, Miki, Auba ( if he doesn’t sign). Target a CB,LB,DM, CM, CAM, LW.

  39. TheLegendaryDB10



    Thanks for that post.

    Every Gooner must read this.

    This is no Tabloid bollocks.

    This is Crouchy giving a real assessment of where we are at the moment.

    I’ll repeat: We are a work in progress. We are heading back to where we should be one step at a time. But some must understand that this won’t happen overnight.

    It will take some time. This is where patience is required.

  40. Champagne Charlie


    Thought the very same reading it. Here’s a pretty cognisant footballer with no allegiances to us observing what many of us believe we’re witnessing from Arteta. A steady change of culture and output from the team/club.

  41. Graham62


    You’re right, it is “staggering”. Then again,when so many posters on here have little or no concept of where Arsenal are at this moment in time, why should we be surprised.

    It beggars belief that they can’t see improvements. The thing is, this is the modern way. People expect results immediately and have zero tolerance/patience of change.

    Arteta is improving things, if you don’t see that then you’re either blind( no disrespect intended to anyone who may be blind) or don’t understand the game.

    Everton will be tough. Maybe they’ll be rusty rather than refreshed. Whatever, I still think we can nick this.

    2-1 to the Arsenal.

  42. Tee

    I think it’s high time something are put into perspective here.

    Emery had 2 full preseasons with the team and tanked.

    He was in charge between August and say mid November which can be approximated to like 3 to 4 months in which we played like 13 matches.

    Compare this period with that of arteta who took charge like 2 months ago and had to play like 12 matches within this short period compared to that of Emery who had a full preseason.

    Anyone who doesn’t see an improvement bearing in mind the circumstances surrounding the arrival of arteta needs to be ignored full time.

    The whole team was in disarray when he came in and he has been able to do something positively significant – brought back the belief, organised the team to check the excessive shots against, and there is now a visible pattern of play.

    Like Pedro had been hammering on it from the beginning that it’s not going to be a jolly ride till we get there, expect to see you and down in performance till the end of the season.

    I am also of the belief that if Arteta had started this season with us then we would be challenging for the top 4.

  43. Pedro

    Dissenter, you shit on the website, shit on me, then said goodbye forever (‘I’m done with this hell hole’)… and here we are, chatting together about the good old times.