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Listen, I’ll take the win. Away from home, Arteta’s first European away game, a victory, a clean sheet, and a very valuable away goal.

That’s all we need at this stage.

We’re in our worst season in 400 years, we’re shite on the road, I’m struggling to believe that anyone is out there at the moment bitching about the performance.

The first half wasn’t exactly sexy. From a defensive perspective, we were a bit loose and we gifted chances to a team that were well off the mark in the final third. It does have to be noted, most smart clubs in Europe don’t blow their load in the first thirty, staying in contention is the name of the game, so by that barometer, we did a good job.

The second half was incredibly bland, but the Greeks couldn’t keep up the same intensity. Bernd Leno was called upon to make some good saves, but I have to break to it people, most keepers at top clubs have to make saves. We also had some good chances that we spurned, our game in the final third is still pretty bland, but we’re at least venturing into the opposition half and players are still suffering from a lack of confidence.

It wasn’t a great day at the office for Martinelli. His decision making was poor and he had a weird moment with Xhaka. I think he was pulled early to save him from himself. A great talent, but we have to remember he’s young, and inconsistency is just part of the game.

We nicked it in the end though. Mustafi played a stunning long ball to Auba on the right, he showed tight control and rolled it Saka, he hit a low cross to Lacazette and the finish was perfect.

You can’t argue that sort of performance in Europe. We have suffered it over and over again. At this level, it’s about making the least mistakes and waiting for your moment. We did that and took our chance.

We still have a lot to do in the home leg, but we own the away goal and they’ll have to come at us… dangerous game with the attacking players we have on call.

So what do we have? 3 wins in 4. 3 clean sheets in a row. 2020 unbeaten. The squad looking like they are beginning to believe.

… and what of that squad? Xhaka, Mustafi and Luiz are looking superb. Even Sokratis had a solid game last night. Players people had in the bin… including me… are playing far beyond our expectations.

So why are people moaning?

There’s a dog shit website peddling deeply thought out 9 game analysis designed as Spurs fan catnip that’s pushing numbers to make it seem like we’re not moving forward, but that shouldn’t worry people, it’s a piss poor analysis. If you are comparing Emery’s last X amount of game with Arteta’s first X amount of games, you shouldn’t be allowed near the internet. Arteta picked up a sinking ship and a group of players those exact same people said were uncoachable. We’re now 2 months in and we’re seeing the folly of that narrative. Things are steadily improving and the vampires are struggling because they don’t know where to pivot – shit data formulated by clickbait merchants isn’t a counter to what’s going on. Fact is, we have the right coach, the players are on board and things are steadily moving forwards.

We have a huge game on Sunday with a massive point to prove. Hopefully, the squad can make another statement about the new regime.

Onwards and upwards.

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    reality check

    We do not need “wholesale changes ” to our squad, but we do need a couple of
    “focussed changes” specifically in defence and midfield where we are lacking
    genuine quality.

    Arsenal have had a relatively underwhelming season, but there is hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    “Please explain why you link a piece that’s first bullet point is quickly proven to be bollocks.“

    No explanation required, I shared the article because of what Crouch has to say about us as he views it from a neutral followers perspective who has played the game at that level. He’s suitably impressed with the change in tide, the intangibles, and the foundations being placed.

    Meanwhile here you are getting offended by a broad stroke bulletpoint, and even more laughably attributing that to me and making some pathetic harp back to a presumed conversation about Thierry Henry god knows when.

    And I’m the “fucking clown” he says, pull the other one.

  3. þorkell einarsson

    May I suggest we need a player in the mould of Valbuena ?? he puts in a shift
    and always looks forward .. great passer of the ball a bit like Santi mabey
    whom we miss and cherish..

  4. Habesha Gooner

    I seriously hope we are fattening Mustafi , Ozil and Xhaka for the transfer market. We shouldn’t consider ourselves to be a serious club if we continue to play Unreliable, Error prone, Inconsistent players. Mustafi for example will have suitors now because he has been consistent enough for 5 games. Ozil we might have no choice if arteta wants him but It’s time to move him on too. But Xhaka might seriously stay and that is depressing for me. We need a better CM. Arteta says he loves the way xhaka trains and behaves but attitude can only get you so far. He is Error prone, Slow, Can’t dribble or tackle. those are huge red flags for A Modern CM. There needs to be a major overhaul how ever the season ends. Sell, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Elneny, Miki, Auba ( if he doesn’t sign). Target a CB,LB,DM, CM, CAM, LW.

  5. TheLegendaryDB10



    Thanks for that post.

    Every Gooner must read this.

    This is no Tabloid bollocks.

    This is Crouchy giving a real assessment of where we are at the moment.

    I’ll repeat: We are a work in progress. We are heading back to where we should be one step at a time. But some must understand that this won’t happen overnight.

    It will take some time. This is where patience is required.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    Thought the very same reading it. Here’s a pretty cognisant footballer with no allegiances to us observing what many of us believe we’re witnessing from Arteta. A steady change of culture and output from the team/club.

  7. Graham62


    You’re right, it is “staggering”. Then again,when so many posters on here have little or no concept of where Arsenal are at this moment in time, why should we be surprised.

    It beggars belief that they can’t see improvements. The thing is, this is the modern way. People expect results immediately and have zero tolerance/patience of change.

    Arteta is improving things, if you don’t see that then you’re either blind( no disrespect intended to anyone who may be blind) or don’t understand the game.

    Everton will be tough. Maybe they’ll be rusty rather than refreshed. Whatever, I still think we can nick this.

    2-1 to the Arsenal.

  8. Tee

    I think it’s high time something are put into perspective here.

    Emery had 2 full preseasons with the team and tanked.

    He was in charge between August and say mid November which can be approximated to like 3 to 4 months in which we played like 13 matches.

    Compare this period with that of arteta who took charge like 2 months ago and had to play like 12 matches within this short period compared to that of Emery who had a full preseason.

    Anyone who doesn’t see an improvement bearing in mind the circumstances surrounding the arrival of arteta needs to be ignored full time.

    The whole team was in disarray when he came in and he has been able to do something positively significant – brought back the belief, organised the team to check the excessive shots against, and there is now a visible pattern of play.

    Like Pedro had been hammering on it from the beginning that it’s not going to be a jolly ride till we get there, expect to see you and down in performance till the end of the season.

    I am also of the belief that if Arteta had started this season with us then we would be challenging for the top 4.

  9. Pedro

    Dissenter, you shit on the website, shit on me, then said goodbye forever (‘I’m done with this hell hole’)… and here we are, chatting together about the good old times.