Arteta to go big in first Euro game

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Arsenal head to Greece for an epic battle in the mightiest of all competitions, ‘The Champions of 5th & 6th Place League.’

Mikel Arteta wants a trophy. This might present the path of least resistance when you consider we’re 10th in the league in the worst form since history began. It’ll still be hard, but we’ve had a fair amount of joy progressing in this tier of Europe over the past couple of season, so there’s no reason to think we’ll not be giving it a good go this evening.

The biggest challenge we will face is our own complacency. Even I’m complacent. It’s embarrassing. But we’ve been here before, we’ve taken losses and draws against some pretty smelly opposition we’ve not given enough respect to. I’m thinking Graham Potter’s Ostersunds a couple of seasons back as the standout.

Mikel is starting to have a fullish squad to pick from. He’ll have Mari in contention this evening. The Spaniard might find himself a place on the bench. We also have Nelson back in the mixer… and, Matteo. The bad boy with the big hair appears to have earned forgiveness and that’s great news. The manager didn’t shy away from why he was dropped.

‘I want the best players for the game and I select them in relation to what I see on a daily basis.’

It’s clear. It’s consistent. He delivers on his word if you fail him. The positive so far is he doesn’t hold grudges. Do the work and you’ll earn an opportunity again. I don’t think it’s a surprise it’s the younger chaps with the issues, they are pushing boundaries to see how far they can flex those rules. Not very far it would seem.

The Greek team are top of their league after two seasons in the relative wilderness for side that has monopolised trophies over the last decade in Greece. Sokratis has been a key source of ‘DON’T FUCK IT UP’ advice to the backroom team. This from Arteta.

‘He knows everything about Olympiacos, about the country, about the type of fans that we are going to find here. I’ve been very aware from the games that I’ve watched about them and their passion, their quality and the atmosphere that we are going to have to be playing in tomorrow. So yes, it’s a difficult trip away from home and we’re going to expect a tough game and we’ve prepared for the game knowing that it’s going to be a difficult challenge.’

I think the atmosphere is a key advantage for the Greeks. They’ll know that we’re drunks when we’re on the road, we are there to be had, easily rattled, quick to drop out heads. I’d imagine the key focus for Arsenal is going to be about solidity again. Come back to London with an easy job. Best way to ensure that is a focused defensive performance. We certainly aren’t going into a heavy rotation per the manager.

‘We’ve had a break of 15 days and we’ve played just one game. So tomorrow I’m going to put out a team that I think is the best to play. Then the rest of the games will take care of themselves. You cannot control that sometimes you are thinking about resting somebody and in training he gets a little issue or he gets sick. So tomorrow we are going to put out the team that we think is the best to play Olympiacos and the rest of the teams and games will follow.’

One eye will have to be on Sunday because Everton don’t have a game tonight and they will have had over a week to prepare against us, so super fresh legs and minds. Interestingly, the backroom team have elected to sleep the night in Greece versus making the sprint back home. I would assume that is to ensure two nights of rest don’t get ruined and the players can do some sort of warm down tomorrow.

There’s a good piece in The Athletic about Arsenal being in the top 2 for tactical fouls. I know it’s a bit grim, but I still love it. We’ve not been a team of dark arts for 20 odd years. That we’re moving into the modern era with a win at all costs mentality makes me happy, it has to work first, but at least we’re thinking about it.

Big game. See you in the comments. x

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  1. Aussie Gooner

    Let’s not try to sugar coat this win. It was a win achieved in difficult circumstances and puts Arsenal in the driving seat for the return fixture. However the general standard of play still leaves a lot to be desired. Leno had to make a couple of serious saves and their strikers bottled it when the opportunities arose. We are far from the finished article. Our squad needs attention and fast! And Arteta needs to work out a first 11 and stick to it (injuries aside). Last nights win was by the seat of our pants and should not be considered some kind of turn around. It wasn’t. I am very happy to take the win but in the return leg we must not resort to playing out from the back, playing players out position and not having a coherent plan with the midfield which was all over the place.

  2. jwl

    People who see clear signs of improvement, or believe Arteta has stopped the rot, are talking out of their arseholes as usual.

    We have a woeful midfield and Emery, and now Arteta, are treading water at best due to a decade of mismanagement before either arrived.

    Bamford10 and a few others have it right when they point to squad being totally inadequate, they are not blaming our two coaches, we are all gooners who hope for success but many of our players are clowns.

    “With Emery in charge, Arsenal picked up four wins, three defeats and six draws from their 13 league games, giving them 18 points out of a possible 39.

    That equated to an average of 1.38 points per game and a win rate of 23.5%.

    In comparison, Ljungberg picked up five points out of a possible 15, as he got one win, two draws and two defeats in his five league games as interim manager.

    That works out at an average of 1.0 points per game and a win rate slightly lower than Emery’s at 20%.

    Arteta has had one win, one defeat and five draws from his first seven league games, claiming eight points from a possible 21.

    That means the 37-year-old has an average of 1.14 points per game so far and a win rate of 14.3%, which is worse than both Emery and Ljungberg.”

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Aussie Gooner

    I think that Arteta knows his first X1, but you have to factor in the timetabling of fixtures and the need to rest players.

    I think that the defence is now settled with Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz and Saka, although Arteta has indicated that the latter is not a full-back. He may move him to left wing if Tierney recovers, although possibly not this season.

    The midfield is still a little vague, but I suspect that Xhaka is now guaranteed
    his place on current form and I think that Ozil is also the preferred choice to
    link with forwards. I suspect Ceballos, Torreira and Guendouzi will be competing for third place in midfield.

    The forward line should on paper also be settled with Aubameyang on the left,
    Pepe on the right wing and Lacazette in CF position. There was some doubt about Lacazette but he has started scoring again.

    So there is perhaps one position in team which is still unsettled.

  4. Just Another Customer

    the morale is better the usual suspects are playing better and the overall squad has good balance Arteta just needs his sauce to mix it all up

    we just sold most of our creative midfielders because previous manager just want huffer and puffers that’s the only poverty right now

    when nothing going on in the middle it forces us out wide which reduce the options and unpredictability in building up attack

    all boils down to midfield partnership but please no more Guen I think he only have 1 good performance this season

  5. Emiratesstroller


    Please do not produce ridiculous stats, but use your powers of observation.

    I attended most of Arsenal’s home fixtures this season as well as watching away games under Emery and the overwhelming and consistent feature of
    ALL games was our football was chaotic, the team could not defend to save its
    life and perhaps most significantly there was not a single game that we deserved to win. That included the victories against Newcastle and Burnley.

  6. Just Another Customer

    nice move to twist the stats like that when there’s so much variables involved and different sample size for each manaager too

    anyone can intepret the stats whichever way that suits their agenda

    one thing for sure like others said it’s another quality CM that we’re sorely lacking

    I like the idea of Grealish but his hefty pricetag might be a hindrance

  7. Gentlebris

    Can’t believe supposed adults here were actually openly working on how to effectively trade mommies insults…… Some of you here need your head forced under a tap for a couple of minutes.

    I think Laca has to continue playing, we gain nothing by leaving him out. Keep them both rocking as high as possible and flog them both in the summer. Him and Auba.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    What we have learned since Arteta has arrived at the club is that the squad is not nearly as bad and dysfunctional as they looked under Emery.

    Personally I think that our performance level will improve this season, but I
    have still concern about the future.

    We need Aubameyang to stay because his departure will leave a “goalscoring”
    hole in the team and I have serious concerns about Saka leaving as well because of the background of his agents. I hope that I am wrong but I see them
    looking for a “fast buck”.

  9. CazOnARola

    When ozil and Ceballos aren’t playing, as expected we have problems moving the ball between the lines. Also Arteta wants to play possession based football, so you can’t just expect the striker to be just be good enough and make funds in the channel. That is more favorable to a cost attacking style and typical falls against a low block line Newcastle. That is why Lacazette continues to play as you need him to create the triangles on both sides of the pitch.

    It is another matter that his link up play has also been shocking ever since he returned from injury in Oct.

    But Arteta knows that the possession based style of play he is trying to build won’t work with Auba at all. So he is counting on Lacazette improving at least his link up play and scoring to play seasons levels.

    Auba is supposed to effectively play through the middle every time Lacazette collected the ball near the center circle.

  10. jwl

    My powers of observation tell me Arteta is really not doing better than Emery, Emiratesstroller. I agree the defense is better organized but we are not scoring as often either – perhaps our next coach will get balance right between clean sheets and goals scored.

    Pedro -You wrote a lot about xG last year and how our 22 game unbeaten run was a fraud but no stats for Arteta. I thought you would appreciate some stats, presumably you busy with work and havent had chance to write about Arteta numbers yet.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    Our goalscoring performance under Arteta is more or less on par with Emery
    if not slightly better.

    We know there is a problem there because of the sterility in midfield. Ozil’s
    goal against Newcastle is only the second scored by a midfielder in EPL all season.

    However, there are despite this positives in our performance and you should
    not be as negative as you appear to be.

  12. Pedro

    JWL, you can keep bringing up Emery all you like, what I said about him was correct. Your militant view of him was wrong the whole way through, so spare us your observations.

  13. CazOnARola

    Ppl forgetting that midfield goals are screamers from outside the area, but well worked goals with runners from midfield being fed by forwards who vacate those spaces.
    How many times has pepe been ignored by both Lacazette and Aubameyang on the far post?

    Countless times throughout the season ozil, torreira, Willock, pepe etc have been ignored by Martinelli, Lacazette and auba who either prefer to shoot or pass to each other.

    Add to that, how many users actually believe auba and lacazette have shown enough guile and passing abilities to create chances for each other let alone on rising rushing midfielders?

    For god sake’s, their simple one – twos have so many pbms with the weight, direction and intelligence, how is anyone expecting them to setup midfielders.

    The biggest reason our midfield didn’t score is biggest Lacazette and auba only look for each other in the box, ignoring all other players in better position.

    They will try impossible balls to reach other even with their shitty passing skills, and when the other guy is not available, simply choose to shoot themselves.

    Auba especially is very very guilty of this, Lacazette still accidentally sets up other players.

  14. Sid

    The football is mourinho levels boring, IF arsenal are going for mourinhoball we should have got the Special one not the saucy one. Just saying.

    Everyone knows the current midfield is crap thats why even the saucy one is relying on wing play, the thing is wingbacks with Auba in the middle would be more effective.

    Im telling you this for free!

  15. Receding Hairline

    Pedro is this the quality of football you hoped to see under Arteta?

    Yes we appear hard to beat but we also came to that conclusion last year in the 22 game run until Southampton smacked us in the face. Our best performances has been mostly defensive which is bound to happen if you put so many men behind the ball.

    We haven’t been able to put together attacking moves consistently even on counters and our midfield still looks poor even though we have Xhaka playing out of his skin.

    We even have people online talking about keeping Mustafi long term and how his stats read like better than VVD.

    All in all what we are doing is basically what we did under Emery early days… Players play out of their skin to impress the new manager, the lack of quality still very much apparent, and lack of a clear playing plan to boot. Last time out you would have whipped out xG and xGA to explain why it will fall apart.

    I don’t see anything in our play that tells me we are headed for something special with this group. You can scream EKB which is silly but I want this club to become a serious football club and I don’t see it happening if most of these players stay beyond this summer for “proper coaching” as you like to put it. We are not defensively solid, we are just committing less men to attack and even at that Leno has been called upon most times.

    That is my powers of observation at work, some of you seem to see what you want to see.

  16. kristoman

    that observation by you terms you an EKB. Dont you know that by even critiquing the team play makes you an EKB? Shut up and follow. Dont ask question

  17. kristoman

    We all well some of us stated that this squad is not fit for purpose that arteta will struggle with these lots. That we need better if we want to compete for top 4 talkless of the title, but no we already have top 4 squad all we needed is a sauce manager and a couple of marque signing, we will be competing and winning title. SHM i wish i could meet them one on one and smack them to reality.

  18. CazOnARola

    I think the only argument is that we weren’t really defensively assured even in emerys early days.

    We would need to look at numbers but watford tore us apart at home and could have scored 4 goals last season at the emirates.
    We kept giving away and more and more shots the opposition even during the unbeaten run.
    And its not like we were playing great attacking football either.

    The easiest thing to observe is the formations.
    4-4-2,3-5-2, 4-3-3 ozil as false 9, planning guendouzi and the midget Torreira as a CAM, etc etc.

    Vs Arteta’s

    If everyone is in agreement, that really the players aren’t good enough to follow basic instructions and execute simple past patterns, than there is all the more reason for not playing a different formation every game that their pea brains cannot process.

    How do you build any kind of understanding and idea about one’s role in the team of it keeps changing every 2 games?

    With emery the football wasn’t all out attack and free flowing nor was it with a rigid in team structure to give us a chance to concede less shots.

    We have been crying out for less adventure and more stability for a while now, and we have seen mpre glimpses of this under Arteta than under Emery even during emery’s unbeaten run.

    We beg xG nos, but i think at the end of the season we will find that we are a lot harder to score against than we were under emery and that had been achieved through structural changes and not just s simple park the bus.

  19. DivineSherlock

    Jesus the Emery love is so strong here . Olympiakos never failed to score in home games this season. Arsenal were the first to do it. God its like people dont even wanna credit the opposition . Leno was massive , Luiz Mustafi all did well . This is the same team that couldnt manage to beat anyone away from home . Get a grip people

  20. Gentlebris


    Pedro must be allowed his fantasies. He owns this blog!

    This Arsenal side is hopeless. Rookie or no rookie, I expect Arteta to see that.

    Until we seriously use the transfer market, we will be getting one or two games to yap happily about and loads of bland performances ending in draw, loss and irritations.

    Sell Auba, Laca, Ozil, Guen, Nelson, Willock, Bellerin, Sok, Mustafi, Xhaka.

    Then use your brain when replacing them.

  21. Guns of Brixton

    Friday Jokes courtesy of twitter:

    Arsenal should sign Carlos Bacca, play Saka further forward and convince both Kaká and Steve McManaman to come out of retirement, in order to form a magnificent Kaká-Xhaka-Macca-Saka-Laca-Bacca front six

    Then buy bissaka and pull out of retirement Mertesacker. Start playing Tika Taka. Get Sharika to sing Waka Waka

    And that lads is a cracker

  22. Snaparse

    If you can’t see the process then even saucy mikel can’t help you… and to think people were ready to give emery every chance in the world to succeed but won’t acknowledge what a fine job a rookie manager is doing after 9 games? Smells agenda to me

  23. þorkell einarsson

    Lets go all in for Ramsey.. or a German midfielder in the Bundesliga to make
    something happen in the creative aspect of the game

  24. Silverhawk


    Gabriel (or/and Mari if he’s great)

    Our XI next season should be
    Bellerin Saliba Gabriel/Mari Tierney
    Partey Grealish CM
    Pepe Martinelli Saka

    We still going to have
    New RB/soares
    New Young CM with huge upside.

    This is doable imo.

  25. Dark Hei


    Not really sure how Arsenal is going to undertake a big change while in the midst of Brexit. Reality bites. Not sure you can even pull that off on a computer.

    Though if Pool is willing, I will gladly swap VWD with Mustafi. But I leave that in the good hands of our online marketing department.

  26. Tee

    What baffles me more is the expectation placed on the so called (shite team) by the Emery goons.

    It is no more news that Emery goons are of the opinions this set of players are shite and they caused Emery is job neglecting the fact that Emery was lost in his own plan, but same posters keep telling us how the performance was shite.

    My question – don’t y’all think your posts border on insanity line. Why complain about the poor performance of a team you believe is shite?

    No one is saying we are there but certain posters have been trying to paint such picture to give them a leeway to air their bias opinions.

    Maybe y’all should wait till we lose to vent your remaining Emery out revenge

  27. Batistuta

    Love the defensive solidity so far under the new manager, that’s just about the only bit of improvement I’m happy about…

    Elsewhere on the pitch, it’s the same thing with players who at some point will let you down hence the need to replace.

    I really hope there are plans to sell Mustafi in the summer and his current run is geared towards doing exactly that.

    Also really hope there’s a plan for that midfield of ours, we’re dire in that department.

    Let’s also hope Arteta improves on the late changes during games, has to be more proactive on that front..

    In summary, he’s doing a good job so far, the Europa league is the biggest opportunity for us not just for CL qualification but also for a trophy, not a lot of teams to be afraid of in there.

    Shout out to Bukayo Saka, boy is an absolute baller, brilliant stuff from the lad

  28. Batistuta

    Side note…

    Don’t know why every criticism of Arteta should be labeled as some sorta Emery Vendetta, you’d think this place is filled with 12 year olds. Every manager in World football gets criticized more so one who is a rookie, there should be room for folks to point out what they feel the manager isn’t doing right, that’s part of the game. Doesn’t always have to fall back to Emery or Wenger, that’s just borderline boring

  29. Un na naai

    Wow the mental gymnastics on here last night after an arsenal win!! What a melt down. The usual desperados doing using anything their brains can muster to try and discredit the now unbeaten coach, 6 clean sheets, our biggest league win for over a year and most importantly all of those pariah figures in the team and playing well.

    It was Mustafi ozil and xakha but they are playing well now so let’s turn our attention to Lacazette. The usual suspects create a constant online blame culture it’s not wonder the players lose confidence with “fans like this. Bending over backwards to hate a team on the up and players turning the corner just so they can feel vindicated.

    It all stems from jumping on the bandwagon and lauding emery the moment he arrived because you’ve all said for years that ANYBODY could out perform Wenger and this guy didn’t. It’s exposed how little you know about the beautiful game and ever since we’ve had player poverty, wenger’s mess, the manipulation of data to try and assign some form of credit to emery and discredit wenger and now Arteta.

    It’s not good enough that we’ve won our last 2 games and 5/9 without losing and 6 clean sheets in 2020

    It’s not good enough that we beat rivals united and outperformed Chelsea twice.
    But back then it wasn’t about performance. Football is results based
    Now it’s about perfection.

    The state of you

  30. Silverhawk

    I’ve been banging on about Saka for over 2 years now. I followed his progress through the ranks.
    Another one who will make it is Miguel Azeez if he keeps his head down and work hard.

    I still personally don’t know what Nelson brings. This might be debatable, but I prefer AMN on the wings to Nelson and that’s saying a lot. He’s too timid. Only when he breaks them shackles before he can go on to be anything.

    Even when he won PL2 POTY, I didn’t get the fuss about him. Hopefully I’m proved wrong for arsenal’s sake.

    ESR is another one who would make it. His development has been slow so far tho but he exhibits all the right ingredients to be a PL player. If that is for us rains to be seen. Ditto Willock.

    Mavropanos will be out on loan next season again and maybe Nketiah depending on arsenal’s CF plans for next season.

    All in all, this is the best set of Hale end boys we’ve had for over a decade.

  31. Un na naai

    My question – don’t y’all think your posts border on insanity line. Why complain about the poor performance of a team you believe is shite?

    Mad isn’t it? It all goes back to wenger and wanting anything they consider to be associated with him banished. If that means a guy like emery and the team failing then so be it. They can always blame 20 years of wenger. When is the cut off point?

  32. Un na naai


    Arteta has spoke glowingly of nelson
    Maybe there is more there than he is showing on match days
    Nelson looks to me a lad very much panicking in the spotlight at arsenal and that’s his biggest problem. He seems to either overthink when he gets the ball and panic rather than relaxing into his natural game
    Arteta seems to me to be incredibly adept at ridding these players of their psychological woes. Just look at xakha, mustfi and ozil. 11/10 so far for man management. This is a big reason the usual harpies screech form their arm chairs. Arteta is turning their player poverty argument on its arse and it’s embarrassing for them

  33. Silverhawk

    Nelson was a supposedly better player in the PL2 than Sancho. See how that turned out. He still has time on his side tho. Fingers crossed.

  34. Pierre

    It’s like Arteta has been given the Arsenal job just to wind up the know nothings on le Grove.

    Just about everything he is doing is going against their wishes , and it is working.

    Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka ,Luiz, Lacazette plus Aubameyang on the wing all look guaranteed starters under Arteta.

    How it must grate on the know nothings to see these players improve week on week under good coaching .

    The go to line on Le Grove was that these players were/are uncoachable yet here we are watching a defensively solid Arsenal team playing like a proper football team.

    And despite what the know nothings think, I believe our attacking play was good last night .
    Our finishing was poor but we always looked dangerous on the break from the first minute to the last.

  35. Un na naai


    We secured a vital away win in a tough stadium. Olympiacos rarely lose there and I think they are/were unbeaten there this season until last night the commentators said. Could be wrong on that one but you get my point
    It was a weakened team without our usual playmakers (in a team short of creativity after the emery free garage sale) and yet we still created 4-5 clear chances

    We won 4-0 on Sunday which could have been more. I don’t see how much more you can ask for from a guy who’s had no pre season, no money to spend, no new attacking players, injuries and suspensions after picking up an arsenal squad at its lowest ebb after nearly two years of emery and a faltering wenger before that.

  36. Silverhawk

    The only issues I have with Arteta at this moment in time is his in game management and XI selections on match day. He can still improve on that tho. Early days.
    For shoring up the defense alone, I’ll give him a 6.5/10. This can rise to a 8.5/10 if our attacking display improves and he also improves the aforementioned issues.

    Good job so far.

  37. Pierre

    “Just look at xakha, mustfi and ozil. 11/10 so far for man management. This is a big reason the usual harpies screech form their arm chairs. Arteta is turning their player poverty argument on its arse and it’s embarrassing for them”

    Exactly …they have become so desperate for Arteta and the players to fail that its embarrassing.

  38. Pierre

    Arteta’s substitutions worked perfectly yesterday.

    Bringing on Ceballos and Pepe changed the game and we could have killed the game off.

  39. Batistuta

    Un na

    He’s not perfect though and that’s my point, he’ll make mistakes and fans should be able to say he shouldn’t have done this or that, it’s football so expected…

    I think he’s doing a good job so far, it’s how he goes about rebuilding in the summer that’ll be my own barometer of judgement, hopefully he’s smarter than his predecessors and doesn’t rely on certain types and works on our midfield…

    I just think the constant Emery/ Wenger thingy is boring, you’d hardly hear or see United fans harp on about Van gaal or Moyes, except all agree they were both wrong hires which is what Emery turned out to be, he wasn’t a devil neither did he make our players forget the basics of the game, they just gave up on him and stopped playing, it’s done so why not just move on rather than calling any slight criticism some sort of support for the previous manager.

    Just my opinion anyway

  40. Bob N16

    Didn’t see the game but a 1-0 away from home can’t be anything but satisfactory.

    Taking over a team so low on confidence mid season can’t be easy for a rookie first team coach but so far Arteta has impresed all but the most jaundiced of supporters. Can’t wait to see what he’s capable of with an improved squad and a preseason.

  41. Silverhawk


    They should have started. A 2 goal advantage would mean we rest players the next leg. Now we have to start a full strength side.

  42. Silverhawk


    Me too. Can’t wait.
    People should also realize that he’s still green and as such would make mistakes.
    That I’m critical of some decisions doesn’t mean I’m saying he’s bad or I want him to fail. Far from it.

  43. Tee


    Arteta wasn’t even mentioned in my post. So, don’t know where you conjured that from.

    Try to read and comprehend well to get my drift. We just won an away match and what you read from same posters are this and that player are bad.

    Ask them what those players did wrong in that March and they keep mute.

    This isn’t the summer tw. Why keep repeating the same thing against selected players or do you think
    it will help arsenal pull out a Barca non tw transfer?

    A poster asked if based on current performance, Luiz, mustafi, Saka and bellerin are not supposed to form our defence line but non of them was able to say anything meaningful.

    Luiz this, mustafi and the rest that, won’t change anything till the next tw.

    So, Roy keaneing us on how we are suppose to enjoy and praise the players and away win.

    I will rather support the present manager and players till when the time comes to make changes in the team than keep repeating myself
    on how mustafi, xhaka, Luiz and the rest should be sold (tw is closed) with the hope it becomes a golden nugget.

  44. Graham62

    Bamford 10

    Based on your considerable footballing knowledge, where do you think Arsenal would be if Emery had still been in charge?

    Our squad is perfectly good enough to compete with teams in the EPL, bar Liverpool and Man City and is capable of moving up the league and progressing deep into the EL.

    We fell apart under Emery, you know that. Arteta still has a great deal of work to do but your perceptions that this squad of players are not good enough is based on what exactly? The gulf between Liverpool and the rest?

    If you can’t see improvements under Arteta, then I would put that down to your limited knowledge of the game in general, as well as a desire to follow your usual confrontational agenda on here.

    Why bother?

  45. Luteo Guenreira

    Sorry I’m late I had to let dna’s mother finish sucking my toes. Then I had to fill Bamford’s mum’s water bowl.

    These fans that want a peak performance every time out are so boring. They think they’re so smart to recognize that Arsenal aren’t amongst the best and most talented squads in the world right now. Then they take something so painfully obvious and shove it down other fan’s throats when they just want to enjoy a win.

    It was an important away win against an in form team. We kept a clean sheet with fucking Sokratis playing right back for 85 minutes. Could have should have scored more and likely would have conceded maybe one at least if not for Leno. So I’ll take the result any day thanks.

  46. Pierre

    I’m pretty much in agreement with your perceptions on the youth products breaking into the side.

    Azeez and Smith Rowe could be the players,alongnwith Saka who provide the creativity in this Arsenal side for years to come.

    To have a manager who will do his utmost to help them fulfil their potential is a blessing for them.

    At least we know that if they fail at Arsenal it will be because they are not quite up to standard.

  47. Batistuta

    Think everyone who’s an actual fan is behind the manager, if I’m choosing to wait till the summer to properly gauge his work, that’s my choice/opinion. Maybe read up on what i posted and also comprehend before replying too.

    Like I’ve maintained since his first 2 games, I’m very impressed with the work he’s doing on our defence, that’s the first step to getting us better, doesn’t mean i don’t hope we get better, less error prone players to come in much later as we know what we’ll get in the long run with certain types. Again, hoping for better in the future doesn’t equate not supporting the team now…. I’ve maintained since the start of the season that the Europa league is our best chance so was very happy with the result yesterday, onwards we move

  48. Pierre

    It’s Le Grove , Guendouzi is the whipping boy at the moment .
    Performance on the pitch is never taken into account when you’re the whipping boy ..

    Next week it will probably be back to ozil , mustafi or xhaka….

  49. Thierry Henry

    I’ve been following le grove since 2016 and i just know that many people on here doesn’t know about football. If you think there is no improvement under Arteta, then just watch badminton or bowling.

  50. RockyRoe

    It would be an interesting matchup this weekend – aged wine vs new age sauce.

    If Arteta does a number on Ancelotti, he will undoubtedly look like a good decision, if it’s the other way round, justifiable questions will be raised on how Carlo is doing a better job, starting the same day as Arteta, with a worse set of players, at a smaller club that was as adrift under Silva as arsenal was under emery.