Arsenal sell youth prospect

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Hey, did you hear? Roy Keane has had a thought.

‘When I was watching it I thought they were 10 points clear in the league the way they were celebrating. ‘No, forget Arsenal. Way over the top celebration for beating Newcastle 4-0. Ridiculous.’

Well I’ll be damned, if there’s ever a person in the world of sport ready with a hot take about joy, it’s gotta be the Irishman. That this sort of commentary still interests people is staggering. It’s so boring.

For me, the best part about the celebration was seeing the players happy again. Lacazette is obviously very highly thought after by the players and it was great to see them all launch at him after 7900 minutes without a goal. Good for them, enjoy life, fuck Roy.

In ‘two drunk uncles fighting’ news, Unai Emery and Arsene Wenger are at it in the press. It’s like two reimagination titans duking it out to see who can fool those lying eyes harder.

This was Emery: “Arsenal was a club on a downward slope for two years before I arrived.

This was Arsene: “In 2017 we made 75 points and won the FA Cup so you cannot say that [Arsenal were in decline] and the year before [2016] we finished second in the league,”

“2018 was my last year but it is very difficult to come out on that.

“Arsenal is a club that is in a very strong position financially. It has good players, after that when you are a manager you have to stand up for what you do and your result and not look around you.

Oof… Arsene, just stop.

I liked that Arteta just pretended he’d not read Emery’s comments. Classy.

Pablo Mari played his first 45 in an Arsenal shirt for the U23 team, dropping a very solid performance according to the nerds that watch those games. It’ll be interesting to see whether he actually starts on Thursday, quite the risk this early, even if it is light opposition.

Robbie Burton, hot prospect from last season, has been shipped off to Dinamo. I cant see what the fee is, but one would assume he must have been told he was surplus to requirements to move to a fairly obscure league. Good luck to him, I love to see British kids moving abroad to land the game time they need in their formative years. Interesting to see that Marcus Mcguane was being touted with a move back to Forest after failing to break into the Barca B team on a consistent basis.

Manchester United kept the race for top four nice and alive, OGS putting Frank Lampard’s team to the sword 2-0 in a VAR controversy fest for the ages. I think the win was ideal for us, the pack is now very tight, just 7 points separate 10th and 4th. I still think it’s a huge ask for Arsenal, but it’s not beyond the pale to suggest a team that dropped a 22 game unbeaten run 18 months ago could do the same again… still feels unlikely though, but we’ll see.

I also think glorious failure of both clubs works for us. United won’t fire OGS if he finishes a close 5th, Chelsea won’t fire Frank if he’s there or thereabouts. Last thing we need is Poch at either of our rivals.

The game on Sunday will be a major test, the ‘SHOULD HAVE BEEN CARLO’ fanboys will be waiting with bated breath to see if he can turn us over. It’ll be a tough home game, no doubt, but it’s one we simply have to win if we want to stand a chance in the league this season.

Right, short post today, I’m off to Virginia… my first time.  Make sure you listen to the podcast though, the sound is so spot on it brought a tear to my eye.

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  1. Distant legrover


    Ozil gets on my nerves too and I think he’s inconsistent. But megastar, he is.

    He should be happy that a club like Arsenal is giving him a start. But i guess the agents run things nowadays

  2. Jim Lahey

    @Un na –

    Yeah you’re right Gilberto would walk into that team too. Maybe Mane over Ljungberg?

    I would nearly take 2004 Wenger over Klopp…

  3. GunnerDNA


    “Ozil gets on my nerves too and I think he’s inconsistent. But megastar, he is”

    Megastar in Turkey? Bro, Ozil ain’t no megastar. There’s no megastar at Arsenal.

  4. GunnerDNA



    “No current Liverpool player would make the invincible team”___

    Lol at this”

    I was referring to the starting 11, my bad for saying team.

  5. Jim Lahey

    I was referring to the starting 11, my bad for saying team.

    van Dijk

    All in the starting 11 for me.

  6. Jim Lahey


    GK: Alisson

    RB: Alexander-Arnold
    CB: Campbell
    CB: van Dijk
    LB: Cole

    RM: Mané
    CM: Vieira
    CM: Gilberto
    LM: Pires

    CF: Bergkamp
    CF: Henry

  7. Valentin

    The Barcelona legal kidnapping of Leganes best striker will lead to further inflation to the already ridiculous Spanish release clause.
    Here is a player who had a realistic £16millions clause has been taken mid season by Barcelona because he was cheap. And now Barcelona has put a £250 millions clause on him.
    I bet that next time Leganes has a striker on their book, it will give him either a huge release clause or an extortionate release clause for out of transfer window transfer.

  8. China1

    These 250m release clauses are so silly

    You’d think la liga clubs were being run by 8 year olds if you didn’t know better

  9. TR7

    PSG president now accused of bribing former FIFA secretary. Football has lost its charm and soul ever since Sheikhs and corrupt oil barons have made foray in to club ownership. Inflated transfer market, players moving to arch rivals just for money, blatant corruption in footballing organizations, cooked up club financials, bribing etc. make me feel sick.

  10. Graham62


    UEFA and FIFA should be stripped of all governance of world Football.

    Hand it over to The Dog and Duck.

    They’d sort it out.

  11. Un na naai

    Graham62February 20, 2020 16:57:14
    One things for sure, Jens Lehmann wouldn’t get in the team ahead of Alisson.I would say 50:50 between the teams

    You don’t half make some odd comments sometimes

    Who from this Liverpool team gets into our invincibles?