Matteo deal to be offered in the summer

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Just a quick post today, I’m at a work offsite, we’re about to hit drinks. I’m about to give my boss a full piece of my mind.

‘Boss, I think you’re amazing’

What, too strong?

Someone who has been giving it a bit of the brown-nose-gegenpress in the media is Dani Ceballos. Look, I’ll take the praise quotes from people that have been in the trenches, but come on, he’s been here on loan 2 mins, he just tried to go home because he doesn’t like it, and had his wrists slapped.

“Mikel will be a brilliant coach. He has learned from Pep (Guardiola), he has a philosophy of play which I think I fit perfectly,”

“It’s true he arrived in a difficult situation of the club, but mentally he’s exactly the kind of coach Arsenal need right now.

“I’ve been working with him for around two weeks and now I have to show him I’m good enough to play for Arsenal. After the winter break I will be important.”

Amazing carry-on. Not as amazing as my boss’s carry-on luggage, no way.

Overall though, I don’t really care whether people are kissing up to the new regime. Point is, after 7 gruelling weeks, some very tough results, and not a huge amount of points… they’re all still happy. Sylvinho, a similar coach that came from nowhere was binned off by Lyon after 7 games. Gary Neville was fired after 14 games. Coaches new to the game can have very horrible starts, so in today’s low-barrier positivity, I’m celebrating that Arteta is not like Gary Neville (yet).

Matteo G looks like he’s in line for a bumper pay hike this summer. The Frenchman, who has had some mixed reviews from some folk I know in the canteen at Arsenal, seems to have won the new staff over with some solid performances, and clearly, some dedication in training. Football.London report that he’s currently on £40k a week, which makes me feel better about Huss FAHMY, because Guen was rumoured to have picked up £70k p/w when he signed his last deal. Which seemed kinda rich for a club pleading poverty. I find it curious that we’re leaking to the press that we’ll offer him a deal in the summer… odd.

Still, I have massive hopes for the player dubbed the 2nd most valuable teenager last May. I think he’s learning the game again, he’s picking up more tactical discipline, and he’s being held to a much higher level of accountability. He’s still very inconsistent, but people have to remember, he’s a kid and he has the ability already to boss games. He’ll only get better, if we’re keeping him, maybe he’s our first £100m sale at some point? One can dream.

Finally, we’ve been linked with Papa Gueye. The midfielder plays for Le Harve, who play Ligue 2 football, so take the talent with a pinch of salt. My interest here is more the profile of the player we’re looking at. This kid is a defensive midfielder, he’s tall, powerful, fast, has a range of passing both short, long, and creative… he also controls the ball like Patrick Vieira used to. He hooks the ball out of the air, nips in with his telescopic legs and he can juggle the ball over people to beat a press.


This post was rushed, so deal with the typos.

I’m off the hang with my boss.

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  1. Redtruth

    Another batty comment from Emiratesstroller.

    Arsenal have been spending around £120m a season and have progressively gotten worse.

    The only solution is the tried and tested £300m cash splurge on World class players…

  2. Guns of SF

    Diaby, what a player he could have been. Wenger with the mega guilt trip constantly re signing him over and over.
    Shows how much power Wenger had…. even in the face of pure logic he kept faith in Diaby.
    Good in some ways, but of course deluded long term… and it hurt us

  3. Zacharse

    So our two mf signings looking like gueye and kocku. Good players no doubt, but shouldn’t he be looking for a vet?

  4. Guns of SF

    always felt for diaby. Just looked at his youtube again… what a player he would have been aside from the horror tackle. Kudos to him for continuing to keep trying. His body just could not handle it… was like a chain reaction of other injuries for him

  5. Mysticleaves

    It may have been offensive to that poster because he is Bangledeshi. Had you written Sri-Lankan, he won’t have reacted that way.”

    I don’t fully understand the background of your chat but if you are asking if workers are being exploited in Dubai and UAE it’s a pure yes. They withhold their passports and much of their rights and just beast them. This is common among the Asian and African nationals. Europeans and Americans on the other side are treated as gods 😄😁 So yea there’s a bit of discrimination/racism on that

    If this wasn’t what your chat was about, ma bi nu.

  6. Dissenter

    They are discriminated against – fact
    That said it’s not only Dubai though. It’s every where migrants come to do jobs that locals won’t touch. In the states, most undocumented that walked across the border wont even have passports [that can be withheld] to start with.
    Immigrations makes people more vulnerable to exploitation but is also a trampoline to bigger things as well.
    That Bangladeshi that Tom referenced will still make enough money to send his kids through university in his home country. He will still send enough money to put feed his family at home.

  7. China1

    Diaby wilshere and cesc could’ve been a 10/10 midfield if diary and wilshere hasn’t been crocked, had been coached better and if wilshere had a more professional attitude

  8. China1

    Even tho none of diaby wilshere or Cesc are traditional DMs id have put them all in a midfield 3 with rotating positions based on the flow of the game

    All of them could keep the ball, all could beat players easily, all could pass (none better than cesc), all could score, all could break between the lines and all could contribute something defensively

    It would’ve been an unusual setup but it would’ve been beastly if the potential had been fulfilled

  9. Chris

    I will always remember Diaby’s first half performance in the League Cup final 07 where he was outstanding. It was like watching Vieira again.

    We had all the young ingredients with Diaby, Wilshere, AOC, Ramsey at various times between 07-13. Such a nearly era in terms of the biggest prizes but the football often spectacular.

    Let’s hopefully see a new era of exciting youth with the current crop that goes on to big things.

  10. Northbanker


    We need to focus all of our energies on signing top youth players. No vets. Many will have question marks when they arrive – we follow the Dortmund model in then making them world class and maybe selling a few along the way at inflated prices.

  11. Valentin


    I agree wholeheartedly with you on the recruitment side. We don’t need statement or panic buy, we need solid and strategic team building. As you said a CB, a CM are a must.

    Where I disagree with you is that I don’t believe that Arsenal will have £120millions to spend. I think that even if we recruit and pay by instalment, the maximum net outlet that Arsenal can afford this summer if £50millions.

    Obviously if a club offers silly money for Aubameyang or Guendouzi, then that would increase the pot of cash available. Same thing if we can sell surplus players on loan such as Mhkitaryan and Elneny. But for the last two years Arsenal has made an operational loss. Last year the net player outlet was £-45millions and therefore could not compensate for the operational loss. I do expect the same this year.

  12. Northbanker

    Marquee signings are not the way forward. We’ve seen with Guen and Martinelli it is quite possible to build a new team without a huge outlay. If we get Gueye for the reported £5m this is further support to that. As potentially is Mari also

  13. Northbanker

    Taking that theme further, if we sold both Auba and Laca and reinvested in Benrahma and Edouard of Brentford and Celtic respectively and put the balance to signing Upamecano then I’d see that as a very progressive way forward

  14. Pierre

    “We had all the young ingredients with Diaby, Wilshere, AOC, Ramsey at various times between 07-13. Such a nearly era in terms of the biggest prizes but the football often spectacular.”

    And that was the time “the entitled ones” turned on the manager..

    The football we watched back then was a totally different level to what have experienced in the last 18 months.

    I have no doubt that If that team back then were playing their brand of football now , ” the entitled ones ” wouldn’t be so quick to criticise and abuse the manager as they did back then…

    They used to say that the only way to stop The Arsenal back then was to kick us and they certainly did that.

    3 broken legs later from horrendous tackles and a total lack of protection from officials( especially in away games)and our entitled fans still blamed the manager…

    All 3 broken legs happened in away games and the long term effect those tackles had on Eduardo, Diaby and Ramsey was immense.

  15. Pierre

    Guns of SF
    “Diaby, what a player he could have been. Wenger with the mega guilt trip constantly re signing him over and over.
    Shows how much power Wenger had”

    Not really, what you should remember is that RVP was continually injured for many years but Wenger’s perseverance paid off and he became world class.

    It’s easy to say with hindsight that we should have binned wilshere and Diaby and blame Wenger for persevering with them but they may have pulled through like RVP did .

    Look at Cazorla this season….a prime example of how difficult it is to make the right decision about a player who is unlucky with injuries.

  16. Goobergooner

    Pierre, if all our crocks turned out like RVP, we’d have one good season with them then undersell them to our rivals.
    Great work from Arsenal

  17. Graham62


    I’m often left shaking my head in disbelief at many of your comments but your Walcott’s regression at Everton perceptions are champions league material.

    Walcott was 16 when he came to Arsenal as a raw talented kid. He was 28 when he left to go to Everton. He’s now 30. You’ve got all of that, right?

    That means he had 12 years of coaching/guidance at Arsenal. That’s right, he was programmed for 12 years by a manager who, in my honest opinion, failed to maximise his full potential by not seeing what most of us all saw and what I personally witnessed when I saw him play for the first time for Southampton reserves about a year before he came to Arsenal.

    I know many will agree with me here but Walcott was never a natural winger. Yes, he was quick, but he lacked the natural attributes to play out wide. He should have played more of an attacking role which, whenever he did, created far more problems for opposing defenders.

    As a father, if he were my son, I would have pulled him away from Arsenal after Wenger started to consistently play him out wide, rather than give him a free stricking role up front. That was and always has been,his natural position.

    Those that highlight Walcott’s weaknesses and he had a few, never appreciated what he could truly offer the team and, in the case of AW, never truly understood Walcott as a player. He was a wasted commodity.

    I stand 100% behind this statement.

  18. reality check

    Wow these comments from the players about “what it was like”.

    These jokers have put themselves right in it. All this talk, so if they flop. There’s no other excuse except they’re not good players. The team is together bla bla we have better tactics bla bla we communicate better ect ect. Well ok. They said this when Wenger was here smh. Hilarious and embarrassing from the players

  19. reality check

    These man have got all this verbal for emery and the results haven’t even improved! I mean at least wait until you got some wins under the belt. If you have any sense at all, you’d at least wait until you have some concrete results and a few goals and you’re flying. This to me just reconfirms these players are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

    Newcastle will tell us everything we need to know.

  20. Pierre

    My point was , since leaving Arsenal Walcott has regressed .

    He has gone from scoring or assisting at Arsenal at just over every 2 games

    At everton it is just over every 4 games , so he has halved his output .

    Will also point out that Walcott has played out wide for Southampton, Everton, England and Arsenal though I would have liked to have seen more of him as the striker ..

    why do you think Everton are not using him as a striker.?

    As I said , maybe we did get the maximum out of him, as you readily admit that he has a few weaknesses in his game and his output for Arsenal was actually very good.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s wait and see just how much is available.

    I would remind you that Arsenal sold the message last season that the cupboard was bare and most so-called experts including Pedro thought that our budget would be less than £50 million.

    My statement was that I thought that Arsenal had between £100-120 million
    available although I added that it did not mean that we would necessarily spend that amount.

    The starting point of any discussion is how many players will be leaving in the
    summer and in which positions.

    It is clear that Arteta wants specialist cover for all positions in the team as a
    starting point, which explains the logic of recruiting Soares as a right back.
    Both Maitland-Niles and Chambers are not specialist RB/WBs.

    We know also that the current crop of CBs are not top tier players and some
    will be departing in the summer whether on sale or loan. My personal view is
    that Socrates,Mustafi and Mavropanos will be offloaded and Chambers is
    unlikely to be match fit before Xmas. So I do think that there is a hole to fill

    The rumour about Gueye in DMF position is likely to be a low budget addition,
    but does not mean that either Torreira or Xhaka will be leaving. He may well
    become the promised “Messiah”, but his status when he joins will be as a
    squad player.

    Guendouzi and Willock are young CMF players who some consider are promising. They offer energy and enthusiasm, but they tire in most games
    that they play and more importantly have yet to prove that they offer creativity, assists or goals at top level in EPL. Personally I think that Smith-Rowe is a better prospect.

    However, Arsenal do need a new AMF/CMF to replace Ozil. I suspect that Ceballos was brought in for that purpose but has not until now shown any
    evidence that he is the replacement we need.

    Insofar as our forwards are concerned I expect that Arsenal will offload either
    Aubameyang or Lacazette. However, I would be very surprised if Arsenal will
    spend mega bucks on a new player. If Aubameyang stays I would expect him
    to play regularly as CF and be covered by Martinelli and Nketiah.

    There is no requirement for Wingers with Pepe, Martinelli, Saka and Nelson
    on books.

  22. Pierre

    Reality check
    “Newcastle will tell us everything we need to know.”

    So if we win convincingly it will tell us that the players and manager are top quality.

    Correct. ?

    Only saying this because if we lose or draw, I’m sure you ( and a few others) will be getting the knives out.

  23. Pierre

    I’ve always liked Ox.

    Ox and AMN were/are being used or misused by Arsenal in a very similar manner.

    They are/were being used as utility players and it’s not always best for their game.

    Ox is the better player but AMN has similar attributes.

    I think Ox has become more professional under Klopp and he is showing improvement though he had many good games at Arsenal

    It’s looking like a great move for him but I am still not convinced that he will be a nailed on starter for liverpool , plus of course he is injury prone which always affected his development at Arsenal.

  24. James wood

    Unlike Walcott I think there is a great player in the Ox who was
    misused at Arsenal.
    Only trouble with the Ox he is very injury prone.
    The times I have seen him come on the pitch at the Emirates with more strapping on his legs than Nora Batty.
    Love for things to go well for him at Anfield.

  25. Graham62


    Measured response but why do you think he decided to leave?

    Pastures new? Fed up? Attraction of Liverpool under Klopp?

    I would say probably all the above.


  26. Graham62

    Newcastle is a must win.

    Pressure will be on Arsenal after the two week break.

    Arteta’s methods and philosophies should be more evident…………..hopefully!

    As you well know I’m not too good at predictions but I’m going to put my head on the block and go for a 3-1 win.

    Fingers crossed.

  27. Danny S

    Just watched a diaby highlight reel….. man he liked to leave a foot in. No wonder he was injured so often.
    Held on to the ball a lot too, invited a lot of tackles.

  28. DigitalBob

    JamesWood – I agree. I think Theo was given ample time to become what we had hoped he would become.

    Its all well and good saying that Arsene stunted his growth as a player due to a lack of tactics but Theo’s limited game is down a lack of the basic technical ability a winger needs. If you say he was more of a striker then ok he worked on his finishing but never his skill or guile in either position.

    That to me is not Arsene’s fault. There needs to be some personal accountability as a professional. Time and time again we were told Theo was a great professional but why did he never develop any skill that would have taken his game to the next level?

    The Ox on the other hand was not given nearly enough opportunities under Arsene’s tenure. Same goes for Gnabry.

    They were better technical footballers than Theo but didn’t get anywhere near the same amount of time on the pitch.

  29. CG

    So Wenger signs Theo and Ox.

    Theo score 100 goals for AFC
    Makes hefty profit on both
    Has 15 years service of both
    They entertain and win trophies

    Graham still not happy.

    “””They were not coached properly””

    (I guarantee if Wenger was coaching Pepe – he would be 100% more productive than he has been to date )

    Indeed Wengers record is looking better and better as the weeks and months go by- especially with these current idiots we now have in charge.

    More mid table mediocrity this weekend.
    Another total snoozefest.
    (Even Bob cant be bothered to attend)

    Your Arsenal is back. As you wanted.


  30. Graham62

    Digital Bib

    “It’s all well and good saying that Wenger stunted his growth as a player”

    Wenger stunted his growth his growth as a player.

    Not too difficult to say.


  31. CG

    Thanks Pierre

    Let’s see if Pepe can score the amount of goals Theo did( we have the coaching expertise now,Wenger has departed)

    Let’s also see if we can turn a tidy profit on Pepe too.( like Wenger did with Theo and Ox)
    Somehow , I doubt it.

    But that will be our Wengers fault too, I am sure.

    The Entitled Ones are quite a spoilt bunch are they not?
    (Hate to see them all in a room together )

    The noise , the tears and the tantrums…..ouch.

  32. Goobergooner

    Yep I’m with Graham’s opinion.

    As well as the fans who sang one Arsene Wenger til the very end.

    I get the loyalty, but for a top club to see decline just to feed an old man’s ego, that’s where it went to far. The fans were a big part of that.
    CG you’re the Queen of that parade

  33. CG

    Wengers last home match was a 5 zero.

    (Only brilliant managers sign off with a 5 zero!)
    We have not played as fluently, entertainingly or expensively since.

    Watching Sundays midtable game against Newcastle United will be akin to having your teeth pulled.

    Two average teams fighting over midtable points. We are a total irrelevance

    (Other clubs dont want our players now.
    They used to- under Wenger)

    That’s the reality of our post Wenger times.

    And that will be the case for a while.

    We are in the Wilderness Years.

  34. Jamie

    Spare a thought for the grown men still pining for Wenger. They’re the same types who stalk their ex-wives. The obsession and refusal to move on is real. Hate to see it.

    Doing their best hysterical schoolgirl impersonations like when Robbie left Take That. Dry those tears, he isn’t coming back.

  35. moray

    I have a feeling we will come out all guns blazing in the second half of the season.

    We will most likely roll 4 or 5 past Newcastle.

  36. Uwot?

    A recent football finance website recently stated Arsenal were the second richest “ cash rich” club in world football just behind PSG I think.with a stash of £250 million plus sitting in the Bank? If true ( don’t know where figures came from) how can this poss be? If so # we care do you ought to be going mental.

  37. moray

    Uwot, AFC is used as security against bank loans for real estate deals by Stan.

    This is why he is so keen that we manage our finances in a measured and circumspect manner.

    Whatever cash is in the safe is not for the club to spend.

  38. Micheal

    “A recent football finance website recently stated Arsenal were the second richest “ cash rich” club in world football just behind PSG I think.with a stash of £250 million plus sitting in the Bank? If true ( don’t know where figures came from) how can this poss be? If so # we care do you ought to be going mental.”

    Having the money in the bank and spending are two entirely different things.

    Also being cash rich does not tell the whole story. The figure is the sum available at a certain date in the year when the accocunts are drawn up. It is possible that much of this money is ear-marked for spending elsewhere within the business and we don’t really have £250m at our finger tips to spend on players.

    But under the cloak and dagger Kroenke regime we will never know the full story.

  39. PieAFC

    CG, still talking about Wenger.

    Wenger wasn’t known to be a ‘tactical’ coach.

    That day away to Man City. We won 2-0. Santi masterclass. Told you all you need to know. The players took it upon themselves. Even wenger post match, said he didn’t know where that performance came from.

    Wenger was innovative, same ilk as managers like Biesla, but their stubbornness eventually becomes prudent and their downfall.

    Leeds yet again, falling away. Due to Biesla not rotating enough, small squad, not adapting certain periods of the league.

    For wengers greatness during some years, he never adapted or worked out his failures. We should have progressed and kicked on after 2006. We went downhill for years.

    What club, set up, gets to a CL final then picks apart and decimates their team….

  40. Pierre

    “What club, set up, gets to a CL final then picks apart and decimates their team….”

    You was doing quite well there until the champions league comment.

    Our champions league team consisted of

    Senderos , campbell, flamini, lundberg, ces, hleb, Henry, pires Gilbetto, Eboue.

    I would suggest it was a near miracle to be ten mins from being champions of europe with that team.

    Lehman, pires, Campbell were on their last legs and senderos, Eboue, flamini were average at best .

  41. Dissenter

    Our finances are going to nose dive when all the events of the last year are considered.
    We won’t qualify for the EL – £40 million gone
    If we finish mid table—- that’s some money out the door because some monies are allocated based on league table finish
    The saving grace is that many Arsenal games have been beamed live just for the entertainment value, at least we get some extra TV money from that.

  42. DigitalBob

    Graham – Tactically yes, he could have been better with a Klopp or Pep, but the skills to enhance his individual game(wing play) were not developed due to Theo’s own underachieving/attitude to the role. Nothing to do with Arsene.

  43. PieAFC

    Average at best? Them players I recall, coached by Keown, broke numerous records in reaching that CL final. So point being, average players can be improved.

    “I would suggest it was a near miracle to be ten mins from being champions of europe with that team”

    Are you taking the piss with that comment, we outplayed Barcelona for periods of that game. Henry missed sitter after sitter. Even at 10 men we had chances. What are you on about. Almunia fucked it being a complete an utter shit keeper at his near post.

    After that final I also remember, citing differences, Keown no longer was coaching the defence. Why be dropped?

    Pires and Campbell were aging, no reason they could not have stayed and played a bit part role for the following season (mentality etc around the club)

    So many points could be made about that team what we could have or not done.

    IMO, we went the wrong way.

  44. Graham62

    Pie AFC

    So true.

    “We should have progressed and kicked on after 2006. We went downhill for years”

    It wasn’t decimating the team that concerned me. It was the never ending bullshit and excuses that wore me down, along with the fact that Wenger decided to change the entire structure and playing style that had proven so successful prior to 2006.

    I suppose when all your leaders and winners leave the building, you’ll eventually be found out.

    He was.

  45. PieAFC


    It’s the complete and utter deniability of regression with Wenger. He was, rightly lauded and respected for years. I, like many others saw him in no failing light.

    But, sometimes you have to take the specs off and see it for what it was. For me it was around the 2009 season, then the final against Birmingham in 11. But that’s here nor there.

    Everyone on this blog needs to move forward, Ive never known a fan base like Arsenal’s who love to moan and fight amongst themselves about things that no longer matter.

    Wenger’s gone, Emery’s gone.

  46. CG

    Pie Afc

    “””””Leeds yet again, falling away. Due to Biesla not rotating enough, small squad, not adapting certain periods of the league.”””””

    Leeds are plummeting down the table because their manager is a proponent of this nonsensical ‘ headless chicken PRESSING soccer’. They have run out of steam in January ( still 4 months of the season to go)!

    I note Slaven Bilics WBA are running away from them. Thats because Bilic , like our Wenger believes in sensible soccer- and not soccer with gimmicks. (ie.pressing cobblers over a 10 month season)

    Our Wengers teams never ran out of steam in Jan,

    they were always prime to collect the trophies in May. ( or cement top 4 finishes). 18 Successives ones……………… Lucrative.!

    to all those who want MA to play a high octane PRESSING game( including our delightful PedRo)- I hope they note Leeds United sorry demise under the Pressing Guru- Bielsa.

    Even little old Brentford FC will soon be passing them by.

  47. China1

    Arsenal’s next 4 games are on Friday, Monday, Friday, Tuesday

    Whoever is designing this schedule needs a public flogging I tell you.

    Whatever happened to Saturday and Sunday games?

  48. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    CG your comment at 10:30:11 is well put but Wenger shot himself in the foot by staying past 2014 cup final imho.

    Aside from the on-field ‘regression’ as some might put it, Wenger always tried his hardest within his ability than Gazidis ever did. Case in point being the RVP sale where Ivan was happy to take any fee. Another being Vela’s sale. The new guys at the helm are not excelling so far.

    Hopefully Arteta is able to buy himself time as Head Coach to implement his ideas.

  49. Goobergooner


    How many times were Arsenal up around 1st at Christmas giving us a false hope we may actually not fuck it up this time come the 2nd half of the season.

  50. China1

    I’d have tolerated the decline of arsenal a little better if the club and manager had been honest about it

    Every year we were talking up ‘super qualidee’ just to push through season ticket sales before signing an awful lot of drab

    ‘There is money to spend if we find the right player’

    (Conveniently Never finds the right player)

    We won’t sell all our best players

    (Sells best players year on year as a serious strategy)

    I’d much rather after the emirates move the club just said look financially things are going to be different for the next 10 years. We won’t sell players cheap because we don’t have to, but our transfer strategy will be more careful and measured and we will keep looking to find gems in the market rather than investing in big names

    At least I could’ve accepted the honesty of it all and wouldn’t have been too critical of our transfer dealings. But not only was the product on the pitch going to the dogs but the club had the audacity to bare face low to the fans about what was happening

    Wenger preached for years about having money to spend if he found the right player and the moment the fans turned on him he started talking about how he’d done well considering his financial restrictions

    I have no time for that shit

  51. China1

    Gazidis didn’t do a damn day’s work in his first 7 or so years with us. Unreal that he earned 10s of millions for bringing wenger his morning coffee and a neck massage after lunch

    What a fucking cretin

    At least wenger had his early years joy – gazidis was an outright cunt

  52. China1

    Tbf if you offered me millions of pounds a year to do nothing at a random football club in a foreign country I’d do it lol

  53. CG

    Stan the Asset

    “”””CG your comment at 10:30:11 is well put but Wenger shot himself in the foot by staying past 2014 cup final imho.””””

    thanks Stanley.

    In Wengers last 10 years he had to deal with:

    1) Chelseas Oligarch arriving.
    2) David Dein leaving
    3)Competing with 2 of the the best managers ever( fergie and Jose)
    4) KSE taking over the club
    5)Man City Oil money arriving
    6) Clubs strategically targeting his players ( eg Cole, Nasri, RVP etc)
    7) A new stadium
    8) An ever ungrateful fan base- harder than ever to please.

    As Wenger once commented on- once fans have had caviar – they sure dont want to revert back to ordinary sausage,

    Well – I think we will be on a sausage diet for a while.

  54. Ernest Reed

    “Arsenal’s next 4 games are on Friday, Monday, Friday, Tuesday”

    I assume this to be relevant to your timezone, China?

    According to the schedule its Sunday (Newcastle), Thursday (Olympiacos), Sunday ( Everton), and Thursday (Olympiacos). Am i missing something?

  55. Ernest Reed

    “Everyone on this blog needs to move forward, Ive never known a fan base like Arsenal’s who love to moan and fight amongst themselves about things that no longer matter.”

    I think you will find that pretty much every supporter for every team will fit into this description, Pie.

  56. Nelson

    Arsenal’s next 4 games are on Friday, Monday, Friday, Tuesday

    You better checked whether you have coronavirus. Arsenal’s next 4 games are on Sunday, Thursday, Sunday and Thursday. You are confusing us with China time. By the way, can you still live normally in China?

  57. Ernest Reed

    “Our Wengers teams never ran out of steam in Jan,”

    “Its January and that can only mean one thing, Arsenal will be out of contention by months end.”

    You forgotten that? I know i never did, because it rang true pretty much through the last decade of Wenger’s tenure. And as for your comments on Bielsa’s squad rotation? Yeah again, thats nothing new to an Arsenal supporter as Wenger generally rotated his squads to the point of all too typical injuries through exhaustion come end of January.

    Your revisionist view of Arsenal under Wenger is beyond amusing, its outright hysterical. BTW, hows that job hunt for an elite team for Wenger been going? I hear Leeds could be looking for a new Manager soon.

  58. Ernest Reed

    “As Wenger once commented on- once fans have had caviar – they sure dont want to revert back to ordinary sausage“

    No certainly not, especially when those sausages have been grilled over the heat from Wenger’s shit from his last decade.

    Enough already, Wenger is gone and good riddance to him. He left a shit-stained rug behind thats gonna take years to properly clean.

  59. Graham62


    Your 1-8 of excuses in respect to Wenger’s final 10 years at the club are just typical of a mindset that never saw the bigger picture.

    Do you know what the bigger picture was?

    Need more time to think that one over?

    No? Still not got it?

    Never mind, keep coming up with more excuses.

    Anything for a laugh.

    I do like your “caviar” and “sausage” comparisons though, but I prefer Ernest’s take on things far more.

    Ernest, what an amusing yet truthful image.


  60. Graham62

    When certain posters on le-grove gloat over a meaningless, final home game, 5-0 demolition of Burnley, who’d already gone on holiday and a 1-0 away win against already relegated Huddersfield, you know your wasting your frigging time.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Remember, 3-1 to the Arsenal.

  61. CG


    The only true way to gauge how good or bad anyone is at their job- is once they have leave that job.

    Well Wenger has gone.

    And with 2 wins in 17
    Arsenal sitting midtable and with a negative goal difference
    And with £250 million spent on our 3rd manager.
    And Arsenal posting million losses every season.
    And now with Teck decks, contract advisors, heads of operations now in tow.

    He is nore and more looking like the best manager there has ever been.

    Wengers last home match
    5 zero.

    We have not had a performance akin to that since he left.

    Let’s hope it comes Sunday.

  62. Ernest Reed

    “He is nore and more looking like the best manager there has ever been”

    Christ Almighty, there is insanity and then there is this!

  63. PieAFC

    For how good some people think, or wenger was in his early years.

    He could never RETAIN the title. We cannot laud the players we had one minute they say not before.

    For that, he will never surpass Ferguson. For the ability to adapt, innovate and also move with the league – and then bowing out when he know the time was right.

    Klopp, fanatic football, breaking records, Pep likewise. To do it on the consistent basis over that many years that Ferguson did was unreal.