Matteo deal to be offered in the summer

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Just a quick post today, I’m at a work offsite, we’re about to hit drinks. I’m about to give my boss a full piece of my mind.

‘Boss, I think you’re amazing’

What, too strong?

Someone who has been giving it a bit of the brown-nose-gegenpress in the media is Dani Ceballos. Look, I’ll take the praise quotes from people that have been in the trenches, but come on, he’s been here on loan 2 mins, he just tried to go home because he doesn’t like it, and had his wrists slapped.

“Mikel will be a brilliant coach. He has learned from Pep (Guardiola), he has a philosophy of play which I think I fit perfectly,”

“It’s true he arrived in a difficult situation of the club, but mentally he’s exactly the kind of coach Arsenal need right now.

“I’ve been working with him for around two weeks and now I have to show him I’m good enough to play for Arsenal. After the winter break I will be important.”

Amazing carry-on. Not as amazing as my boss’s carry-on luggage, no way.

Overall though, I don’t really care whether people are kissing up to the new regime. Point is, after 7 gruelling weeks, some very tough results, and not a huge amount of points… they’re all still happy. Sylvinho, a similar coach that came from nowhere was binned off by Lyon after 7 games. Gary Neville was fired after 14 games. Coaches new to the game can have very horrible starts, so in today’s low-barrier positivity, I’m celebrating that Arteta is not like Gary Neville (yet).

Matteo G looks like he’s in line for a bumper pay hike this summer. The Frenchman, who has had some mixed reviews from some folk I know in the canteen at Arsenal, seems to have won the new staff over with some solid performances, and clearly, some dedication in training. Football.London report that he’s currently on £40k a week, which makes me feel better about Huss FAHMY, because Guen was rumoured to have picked up £70k p/w when he signed his last deal. Which seemed kinda rich for a club pleading poverty. I find it curious that we’re leaking to the press that we’ll offer him a deal in the summer… odd.

Still, I have massive hopes for the player dubbed the 2nd most valuable teenager last May. I think he’s learning the game again, he’s picking up more tactical discipline, and he’s being held to a much higher level of accountability. He’s still very inconsistent, but people have to remember, he’s a kid and he has the ability already to boss games. He’ll only get better, if we’re keeping him, maybe he’s our first £100m sale at some point? One can dream.

Finally, we’ve been linked with Papa Gueye. The midfielder plays for Le Harve, who play Ligue 2 football, so take the talent with a pinch of salt. My interest here is more the profile of the player we’re looking at. This kid is a defensive midfielder, he’s tall, powerful, fast, has a range of passing both short, long, and creative… he also controls the ball like Patrick Vieira used to. He hooks the ball out of the air, nips in with his telescopic legs and he can juggle the ball over people to beat a press.


This post was rushed, so deal with the typos.

I’m off the hang with my boss.

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  1. Eddie

    Rumours are that Soumare wants to go to Liverpool or Utd.
    News about Upamecano has slowed to a trickle, with the last leads pointing to Bayern Munich.

    Any gossip on either of these, Pedro?

    Or Sangare, Partey or ………… Joey Barton?

  2. Nelson

    Ceballos gained some of my respect. Ceballos:” the fact of returning from an injury and helping the team to achieve its objectives will leave a better feeling than if I had made the cowardly decision to leave.” Good Luck to him!

  3. Words on a Blog

    “I really think my new boss Micheal Arty perfectly reflects and embodies the philosophy and ethos of the firm, unlike my old boss Andy Amery, who didn’t have a clue and just had a long but very flukey run of successful ad campaigns. Andy was really floundering at the end and the firm was in total disarray. Nobody understood a word he said most f the time and his ideas were crap. Michael has a clear vision, not to mention perfect hair…he’s even got the old duffers like Grant Huckster and Mehmet Aziz working hard and buying into the new way of doing things.” Pedro, Feb 12 2020.

  4. reality check

    When did Emery get fired?
    What date was Arteta hired?
    During that period. How many of you were championing Arteta?
    If Arteta was who the club wanted why did it take so long to appointment him?
    Why did the men in charge have to sneak over his house at night to have secret meetings?
    If everybody is so sure about him now, why wasn’t you sure before?

    Lose against Newcastle and this whole thing falls apart.

  5. Gooner Sam

    @realitycheck, more like misery check. I dont think anyone expects him to be the new messiah but in a short term he has gone a long way to sorting this Shithouse out. There is a plan and we have some fight, I am much happier giving him a team than Emery

  6. Dissenter

    “Lose against Newcastle and this whole thing falls apart.”

    Are you for real?

    The job at hand is not a quick turn-over, it’s a 15-round slug-fest

  7. Mysticleaves

    ThomasFebruary 12, 2020 13:45:49
    A place like Dubai can never ever be ‘cool’ or ‘amazing’. Funny how few people actually see through the facade.


  8. China1

    Dubai can never be cool or amazing?

    Half the world was built off the back of slavery and abuses throughout history. It’s patently wrong but doesn’t make the place itself any less cool, in much the same way it’s surely wrong to think practically any place in the world is cool.

    The great british cities were developed off the blood of the empire. America land of the free was built off the systematic removal and abuse of the natives. China’s issues today are well known. The ancient Egyptians used slaves, the romans had slaves.

    It’s never been right but all of those places are awesome too, so we should be self aware when talking of places like Dubai.

    My lovely hometown (Bristol) was builtnoff the blood of slaves picked up by merchant ships in our docks and sent to America. It’s the darkest part of beistol’s History. Bristol is still cool

  9. China1

    The colosseum is time isn’t cool either because it was probably built by slaves and where slaves and wild animals were sent to their brutal deaths for the entertainment of the masses?

    It was wrong as hell, but if you’re in Rome go check out the colosseum… it’s awesome…

  10. Habesha Gooner

    Weren’t you saying Matteo should be sold for 50 mil+ come summer? What changed? He was never going to be sold considering he is 20 and the balls he has shown. I think he can be like Rabiot or the latter stages of toni kroos type of midfielder. Matteo’s best work comes when he is deep in our half. Arteta needs to get him to do what he does high up the pitch. He should be Impacting games Up the pitch like a modern CM. Sometimes he gets confused about what to do in advanced positions and he loses the ball. If arteta can adjust these flaws he will be a starting Midfielder for us the season after the next.

  11. Graham62


    Lived near Bristol, in a town called Thornbury, as a kid from 1970-1980. Great city.

    Bristol Rovers and Bristol City are always scores I look for each week.

    You right though, Bristol is a “cool” place.

  12. Valentin


    I don’t think that Pedro said that Matteo should be sold. My recollection is that if we are skint and we need to sell to redevelop the team, then we have a saleable asset worth £50millions.

  13. Graham62

    If Ceballos is as good as his word, we should all rejoice.

    When he came on the other week against Bournmouth in the Cup, he looked focused.

    Fingers crossed.

  14. Graham62

    Saka is ONLY on £3,000 a week!

    That’s only £156k a year!

    At 18 years of age what were you all on.

    I’d just started college after doing my ‘A’ levels and was driving around in a clapped out VW Beetle.

    I had a PT job selling security systems that no one wanted.

    I was on a retainer of £50 a week!

  15. Valentin

    At least the scouting department seems to have woken up that the best deals to be made are to buy cheap young talented hungry players. They may be unproven at the highest level but if they have the talent then the risk is limited. Most of those will play in second tier of the French and German leagues or in the top for unfashionable club.
    For those kind of players the agent contact approach will not work, because most of the time their agents is a relative or family friend. You just need a good scouting network and a good data analysis. I hope that they also make their work on the psychological profile of the players. Just one lazy, greedy, arrogant bastard can destroy a team, no matter how talented he is.

  16. Valentin


    At 18 years, I was at university. During that summer, after a row with my stepdad, I travelled all over Europe using the £150 monthly interrail pass. Got some work as waiter and cook.
    As there was no mobile phone, a week after I left I send a postcard from Amsterdam. I thought that the picture was funny, it was How tough it was to be in Amsterdam. Unfortunately my mom took it as a suicide note. So when I came back, she had been worried sick for two months. My stepdad never been so happy to see me.

  17. Pierre

    I’ve had a little look at smith rowe on loan at Huddersfield, and I have to say he’s looking good .

    He’s playing the no.10 role and playing it very well.
    He has all the right ingredients to make an excellent CAM ,
    He finds the pockets of space and has very good awareness of his team mates.
    Technically good, has pace and at times looks explosive on the ball when he receives the ball in the right areas .

    Huddersfield have a 22 year old lad who plays in midfield called Jorginho Bacuna who is very good but quite selfish.

    Bacuna looks like he wants to be the main man in the side, he is very skilful but tends to overdo it which I’m sure will make Smith Rowe a little frustrated as he will wait in vain for a pass.

    Smith Rowe on the other hand , has a better football brain and is happy to bring others into play and he looks like he has goals in him , which is always a bonus .

    Looks like the Huddersfield manager likes and trusts Smith Rowe which is vital for a creative footballer to produce their best.

  18. Majesticgooner

    Why oh why did we not go for ziyech? And for the money it is a no brainer. As much as I want Reiss Nelson to succeed, it would take a monumental level of improvement in his game to become a top level player, which ziyech is already,ozil past it and to think overmars had recommended him to us .Raul and co had better know what they’re doing.

  19. Guns of Hackney

    I’m all for Guedenzi getting a deal but only if it means we can then sell him immediately and cash in. My conclusion after seeing him for two seasons is: he’s a fit but not as good, Diaby.

    Sell him for £30m and fund a better prospect.

  20. Pierre

    A little surprising that Saka hasn’t already been tied down to a long term contract.

    Apparently his current contract is up in a little over a year.

    It was obvious 1/2 years ago that he has the necessary quality to succeed at the club so why risk losing him.

    I can only think that a verbal agreement must be in place and it will be a formality.

  21. CG

    Genduzi dont score goals, he dont make any goals and he sure dont stop them.

    He duped me,- I thought he was good initially. He ain’t
    (That rugby tackle on Zaha was when it changed)

    Too slow , turgid and dozy.
    A liability with the shirt pulling etc.

    Sell him for £50 million.
    Are you bonkers?
    What club will do that?

  22. Pierre

    You’re right , Guendouzi is not up to the level of Diaby.
    He is a decent player but it’s difficult to see a part of his game where he excels.

    Tackling, heading, shooting, dribbling, explosive pace, protecting the ball, final ball are all parts of his game that could improve. ..

    He may ultimately end up being a defensive midfielder unless he matures into a creative force ( which I doubt).

    If a big enough offer comes in then we may sell though personally I would rather keep him..

  23. Guns of Hackney


    It’s a sell from me. He’s just not improving at all. In fact, he peaked in his very early days and I think a pay raise will make him worse.

    If we can get £30m for him. We need to take it

  24. TitsMcGee

    I have never been to Dubai and I imagine it’s quite different to Abu Dhabi but I wasn’t impressed with the latter when I visited there a couple of years ago. Nice buildings yes but the whole place just felt soul-less . Like a giant honey-pot in the middle of nowhere. The beaches weren’t even that nice either.

    (I feel the same way about Vegas at least you can drive to Los Angeles which is quite a nice drive).

  25. Paulinho

    Said it ages ago , Guendouzi is dopey Labrador who runs around chasing his own tail half the time. He took a half-decent shot against Bournemouth that went over the bar and he looked at the bench almost giggling, as if he did something beyond his ability level or something.

    Worryingly low bar set for him. Same for all our midfielders, which led to so many overrating our midfield options at the start of the season.

  26. James wood

    Phillips Coutinho rules out a return to Liverpool.?
    And states he is on another journey.
    With our Brazilian connection let’s hope he is on his
    way here.
    He could be the key to unlock things that’s been missing.

  27. Graham62

    Joey Barton in trouble yet again.

    Charged with misconduct for foul language directed towards official.

    Such a decent bloke.

  28. Marc

    “I find it curious that we’re leaking to the press that we’ll offer him a deal in the summer… odd.”

    Not really it means another or other clubs are sniffing round him and we either want to drive his price up or scare them off as we want to keep him.

  29. Globalgunner

    Those of you from Bristol. How come ladies mammaries are named after your town?. Please explain.

    Guendouzi is only a smidgen above average. Certainly not someone we should be building our midfield in the future around. If we get anything over 30m. I say sell.

  30. PieAFC

    With our struggling form, why would you want to leave Arsenal – if you were one of our youth academy prospects.

    There is an almost light at the end of the tunnel that, if they’re good enough they’ll get a chance to play games at a big club.

    We’re at a point we’re it suits the club for investment and potential sell for profit without buying, shall they improve loads or albeit slightly.

    Saka will be a big player for us. 18 years of age and out of position, getting on with his job. IMO, we haven’t gone in for a left back – due to his performances there. When KT comes back, Saka will be the understudy at left back and left wing.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s priorities this summer are review of contracts of Martinelli, Saka and Guendouzi. They need to reflect their value to club, but more importantly prevent vultures of Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea getting their hands on them.

    The rumour on Saka published in Star smells like an attempt by Agents to negotiate a new contract. This agency represents 4 Arsenal players plus hot
    property Sancho who is also looking for move in Summer.

    My view on transfer business for summer is more modest than many other posters on Le Grove. The two priorities for me which will cost serious money
    in transfer market would be UPAMECANO at Centre Back. We need to find a
    long term CB Combination, which complements each other in starting X1

    The other position is AMF to replace Ozil. We need a player who can provide
    assists and score goals. This has been lacking in midfield all season. Ozil does have of course good positional sense and passing accuracy, but that is no longer enough.

    Any other additions including possible contracts with Mari and Soares at end of season are bosman or low budget transfers to strengthen squad.

    If there is one lesson to be learned from Liverpool it is that you don’t need to
    go out and make wholesale changes to your squad just for the sake of it.

  32. Moray

    Stroller, you make a good point.

    We don’t have City resources available and have had a lopsided squad for years now. We have to go to market with our priorities and not be distracted by agents flaunting their tainted stars.

    This squad is not going to be world beaters overnight.

    The only caveat is that some of our biggest value players are coming to the end of contracts or have one foot out of the door, so we may have to pivot as required.

  33. Nelson


    The 4 2 3 1 formation is outdated. I prefer to sign two box to box CM’s franking Torr, who will be the lone DM.
    The formation will be 4 3 3. It will be more balanced. In this way, we’ll say good bye to Xhaka and Ozil.

  34. jwl

    I think Guen is Arsenal’s third most valuable teenager at the moment, so no way is he second most valuable across europe.

  35. Dissenter

    Micheal Jackson was a mega star and Mark Zuckerburg was on his way to starting Facebook at the age of 19 years old. Mbappe was leading France to a World Cup win at the time too
    Neither you nor myself had anywhere near the talent of Saka. Stop the moaning.

  36. Dissenter

    I wouldn’t even put Guen in the top-20 of best teen players. It’s not like he’s playing for some hotshot team in the CL. He’s stinking out a mid table club at the moment.
    He did look like he was destined for the very top, now I’m not so sure. Maybe Arteta can help him.

  37. Pierre

    I have a feeling that a lot of the answers may be coming from within.

    Positions that we may need to strengthen from outside sources are CB, DM and I have my doubts about the keeper as he doesnt command his area.

    Saka, Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Nelson,Nketiah , Guendouzi , willock are all ready to play first team football .
    Balogun, Azeez, john jules are getting closer.
    Add AMN, Tierney, saliba , holding , chambers and Bellerin and you have a team of mainly academy graduates.

    Some will make it , some won’t, but at the very least we will be able to sell them for very decent money.

    Hopefully they will grow together as a team under the guidance of Arteta and be successful. …time will tell.

    If we dont get Saka tied down to long contract it will send out a very bad signal to the the rest of the kids coming through.

    Likewise, if he does sign then it sends out positive signals.

  38. Graham62

    So much negativity directed at Guendouzi on here today.

    Where the hell have you lot been the past two seasons?

    This lad has been one of the few positives in our team during this period, trying his utmost to push us forward, whilst so called senior and experienced players have been shying away from taking responsibility.

    He is still, imo, very much a rough diamond and given the right coaching/mentoring, I’m convinced he still has a great deal to offer.

    Over to you Mr Arteta.

  39. Pierre

    “He’s stinking out a mid table club at the moment”

    A couple of months in mid table, after 20 years in and around the top, does not make us a mid table club.

    Similar to a club sitting at the top of the league for a short period , after spending 20 years in mid table , does not make them a title winning club.

  40. Globalgunner

    G62. Most of us agree that Guen is a prospect. He just isnt supposed to be a 1st teamer on a really good Arsenal team. He is not a patch on a 19 year old Vieira or even Diaby. All it shows is the level to which this current team has dropped with Guendouzi and Xhaka as its mainstays in the midfield.

    I hold little hope that a formerly lacklustre midfielder like Arteta can show him how to play the position. Stranger things have happened , so lets be optimistic.

  41. Words on a Blog


    “Thomas/Steve will be chuffed.”

    Nothing will ever make Thomas happy. Not world peace, not dating a supermodel, not winning £20m in the lottery, nothing.

    He is congenitally miserable.

  42. China1

    Ah graham I used to play football games out there every few months as a kid

    Bristol is cool imo. It’s very quirky and presumably the only place in the UK which has cider boats lol.

    Stokes Croft is really good as well. I like Bristol’s counter culture. Banksy, massive attack, you know the sort. Very Bristol

  43. China1

    Tits I found Abu Dhabi did seem very soulless when I took a day trip there I totally agree. Dubai was vastly cooler imo

  44. Valentin


    I believe that we need at a minimum 3 players: a left sided CB, a defensive midfielder and a goalkeeper.

    I like Upamecano, I am just not convinced that he would be a good combination with Saliba. To me we need a CB for the left side who can both play a high line and be aggressive but also who can pass. Saliba can pass and step into midfield, the other CB just need to be able to make those long vertical pass. Unfortunately that’s not Upamecano’s game. In my view he may be too similar to Saliba.

    At least the club recognise that we need a specialist defensive midfielder.

    Leno is a good shot stopper, but nowadays a great goalkeeper is more than a good shot stopper. It needs to be a good distributor both with feet and hands. Unfortunately Leno is neither. He tends to slow every restart. I can’t remember the last time, we saw him execute a quick ball to our striker to launch a counter-attack.

  45. Dissenter

    That’s just utter bollocks, comparing Reiss Nelson with Jadon Sancho

    Seems Reiss Nelson’s agent has been busy handing out brown envelopes to journos.

  46. Tom

    “The colosseum is time isn’t cool either because it was probably built by slaves and where slaves and wild animals were sent to their brutal deaths for the entertainment of the masses?“


    The main difference being of course that half the world’s architectural landmarks you might be speaking of weren’t built in the last two decades.
    One would hope that the human consciousness has evolved since the age pyramids or the colosseum.
    Next time you are staying in one of those cool Dubai hotels, ask the Bangladeshi who brought you your breakfast if he keeps his passport.
    There’s a 80% chance he does not.

  47. Dissenter

    I hope Arteta does not share that excessive-loyalty trait that bedeviled Wenger.
    He wants to coach everyone into world class and may persists with players who aren’t good enough to the detriment of the team.
    Telling Reiss Nelson that he is going to make him into a top player is commendable but how long will he persist with that project [or others like him] before he calls it in?

  48. DigitalBob

    So some of us have already put Reiss Nelson in the not good enough for Arsenal 2020 bracket?

    I think he’s shown more technical ability than Theo and the Ox at the same age, he just needs to get a bit more professional off the pitch and pay attention to Arteta on it and we’ll have a real asset on our hands.

  49. Sid

    The speed of theo beats any technical advantage nelson might have, ox beats nelson in speed, power, technical ability.
    Nelson slightly above Iwobi

  50. DigitalBob

    Happy for Dozi and Saka to get nice new deals.

    I’d spend 50 million on Upamecano today. Rather meet the clause than go into the summer bidding against Barca and Bayern or whoever is more “prestige” at the moment. I watched him against Bayern over the weekend and hes just what we need, still a bit rough around the edges but he’s got all the tools to be a difference maker.

  51. DigitalBob

    Wow Sid, slightly above Iwobi, that’s a little harsh for me.

    Theo and Ox yes for sure better athletes as you’ve said but Nelson is the better footballer at this stage of his career and we’ve got the right coach for a young technical winger to improve on this.

  52. GunnerDNA


    “Nelson slightly above Iwobi”

    Can’t be the Iwobi that Arsenal sold to Everton. Nelson is not yet on Iwobi level. I don’t get all the hype with some of these youngsters at Arsenal. What is Nelson good at? Nelson at the moment is just a D grade Jermaine Pennant. The only youngsters at Arsenal who should be making the bench on match days are Saka, GM and MG. The others shouldn’t be anywhere near the match day squad.

  53. DigitalBob

    Gunner – Nelson’s Arsenal career is a few months of Emery and now a few months of Arteta, granted during his time on loan in germany he kinda fizzled out but that was more to do with a lack of professionalism/time keeping than his technical ability being limited.

    Lets let him have a couple seasons under Arteta before we throw him away yeah? Its far too soon for anyone to make a comprehensive decision on his ability as a footballer.

    We persevered with Iwobi far longer than we should have, and that’s not me saying Iwobi’s shit just that you reach a certain point when its best for all parties to move on. We are no where near that point with Reiss just yet.

    Same goes for Dozi , for those that actually want to sell him.

  54. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Arsenal’s long term strategy is “home grown” talent + sourcing players from elsewhere to fill in holes in team/squad.

    We know already that Arsenal have failed to develop in recent years defenders particularly CBs. So on current evidence those are players that the club needs to source from elsewhere and not necessarily from fashionable clubs.

    I don’t agree with those who suggest that we don’t need an AMF preferring high energy box to box players. At the end of the day we need players in midfield with a bit of craft who can unlock both midfield and defence and
    create and score goals.

    Give me any day a De Bruyne over a Pogba in midfield. IF Ozil could still produce the level of performance that he did before arriving at Arsenal there
    would not be a discussion about keeping him. Sadly that performance is not
    in his locker.

    When you analyse the current team it is clear to me that the three weaknesses are creativity in midfield, defensive solidity and perhaps too many
    young inexperienced players selected at the same time.

    The youngsters if retained will of course mature and hopefully improve. My
    guess is that if we recruit two or three strategic players this summer we will
    be a different proposition next season.

    Realistically we will have a budget of £100-120 Million to spend similar to what
    we had last season. Part of that budget will come from sales with the balance from our sponsors.

  55. Micheal

    I feel that a budget of £100 – £120 million is very optimistic. Obviously the gross spend will depend on how many we raise through player sales, but I suspect the net outlay will be half that sum.

    I also suspect our future lies in developing youngsters, espeically home-grown talent. This will be particularly noticeable after Brexit because the quota of home grown players in the first team squad will inevitably rise and were are obliged to sell foreign-born players.

  56. Mysticleaves

    After catching the time to watch thus clip Pedro linked in, my mouth is still open as I type. If he’s anything close to that video. Sign him up ASAP

  57. Mysticleaves

    If guendozi is already on 40K per week (as per Pedro), it means he’s already signed another deal after he arrived here. what’s the point of giving him a new one with a raise? He certainly doesn’t deserve 2 raises in 2 season. My guess is he will sign a deal in the summer that will take him to 40k. Generous if you ask me.

  58. Tom

    AhmeducrazyFebruary 13, 2020 16:59:30
    ask the Bangladeshi who brought you your breakfast if he keeps his passport.As a “bangladeshi” I find this a tad bit racist

    Care to explain why ?
    Genuinely curious.

  59. useroz

    not too concerned with guendouzi’s deal…

    but if raul /edu let liverpool or manure stink let alone steal saka they might as well commit suicide

    how the hell could saka in last 18 mo of his contract as media leaks¿¿??

    hopefully just bs

    whats really wrong with this club?? …a rich legacy/ habit of losing gems and donating bosman, yet stuffed with writeoffs without buyers!

    the untold arsenal values

  60. Zacharse

    Why shouldnt we sign ziyech? Absurd, guy can play through the middle and on the wing, like ozil is supposed to be able to do

  61. Graham62

    Theo Walcott, between the ages of 16-20, was head and shoulders a better player than Nelson.

    Nelson may possess more skill but his general dynamism and directness falls well short.

    We all know why Walcott never fully developed. If Arteta is as good as some say he is, Nelson may develop into a more complete player.

    Fingers crossed.

  62. Dissenter

    Thre assumption is that the Bangladeshi migrant worker working the restaurant is being exploited which not true.
    Economic migrants typically start at the bottom of the social ladder. That migrant worker may actually want to be there serving drinks to make money to send back him to his family.

  63. Habesha Gooner

    So much crap being thrown at our young players. Guendouzi is not shit. He has attitude and balls. Things you can’t teach at this early age. I really have High Hopes for him Saka and Martinelli. Nelson is a weird one. He has so much talent but he second guesses himself. He has to have more confidence in his own abilities. Anyone writing off our young players is shortsighted for me. Every one of them have shown flashes of brilliance at some point and they are all under 20. It’s insane to right them off this early. Get your anger directed at the likes of Mustafi.

  64. Graham62

    I know many Arsenal fans were not Walcott fans but seeing him play, specifically in these early years, was still exhilarating.

  65. Champagne Charlie


    Certain people love nothing more than to make definitive remarks about young players in the vague hope that they are considered a sage on the topic if he inevitably falls short of the mark.

  66. Danny S

    Had Walcott had proper coaching from an early age, he would have been much better.
    He also played best on the right wing as he wasn’t really a striker.

  67. Tom

    I still don’t see it as a racist comment, especially not from a point of view of a person that hails from Bangladesh.

    Working a hotel restaurant or room service is an honest occupation no matter the ethnicity or country one hails from( India, Pakistan and Bangladesh constitute a large portion of Dubai migrant workforce). And if all the report’s of employers withholding wages, passports and infringement on basic workers rights aren’t true ( the evidence seems to show otherwise), then the only accusation of racism should probably be coming from the Dubai corner, right?

    It’s only logical.

  68. Zacharse

    Walcott wasnt even a footballer from a young age. Never liked him, not a competitor, no spirit, only ever shiwed up against spuds. Glad
    To see the back of him

  69. Graham62

    If Nelson had 10% of what Martinelli has, he’d be a far better player.

    Belief, hunger/desire, a positive attitude and an incredible work ethic.

  70. Dissenter

    It may have been offensive to that poster because he is Bangledeshi. Had you written Sri-Lankan, he won’t have reacted that way.
    You were just reflecting your Dubai experience.
    In the states, most undocumented workers don’ have a passport unless they overstayed a visa, i.e. came by flight.

  71. Graham62


    Whatever you and a few others may think, Walcott was a talented individual.

    Unfortunately he was mismanaged and misused. From his side, he should have left far sooner. That was his mistake.

    To say “Walcott wasn’t even a footballer from a young age” is poppycock. As soon as Wenger and Erickson cocked his career up by sending him to the 2006 WC, he was screwed.

    He should have been used more as a striker, rather than being stuck out on the right wing. Sorry Danny.

    A waste of a great talent imo.

  72. Chris

    That has to be one of the.most bizarre decisions in football (taking Walcott to the 2006 WC). Outrageous when you think about it, he hasn’t played a minute of top flight football at that stage.

    And Owen got injured during the tournament leaving England with one more striking option.

  73. Habesha Gooner

    I am hoping arteta turns Nelson around. when sterling started at Liverpool he also looked like a headless chicken at times. If all our young attackers succeed It will save us from spending a fortune. And they aren’t automatic starters so why write them of this early? that’s what annoys me.

  74. Chris


    I can’t believe Sven actually went ahead with the selection, I thought Wenger only suggested Walcott went along for the experience, not part of the final squad. For him to have taken up a space in the squad itself was madness if he was never going to play.

    Ronaldo went with Brazil in the 94 WC but he had played a high number of senior games by then as far as I know.

  75. Terraloon


    Players under the age of 18 are not allowed to sign contracts that extend past two years.

    Saka is now in the driving seat and not renewing the contract he signed in 2018 smacks of negligence.
    Come 1 June he will be a free agent . If he signs for a non English/ Welsh club the compensation will be a few hundred grand. If he goes to an English club you may see compensation of around £10-£15 million.
    He will have seen how some of the other top English talent has been courted at European clubs and it would not surprise me in the slightest if he ended up in Spain, Germany or Italy.

  76. Dissenter

    Maybe Nelson may have chance of becoming a decent player but mentioning him with Sancho or Raheem Sterling is just plain wrong. He’s not in that category.
    Persisting with that comparison is dooming him with unreal expectations.
    Whilst it may be insane to rule him out all together but it’s definitely bordering on delusional to be comparing him with players who insanely talented.

  77. Graham62


    Whatever way you look at things, it was a monumental mistake to send a lad,who had no first team experience for Arsenal, to a WC.

  78. Marc


    But why wouldn’t Saka sign a new contract? He’s being exposed to the sauce of Arteta and any player would recognise that given a summer TW and pre season Arteta will have us back in the CL for 21-22 and competing for the PL and CL within a couple of years. His coaching acumen and ability to improve young players means that moving now would be career suicide.

  79. Zacharse

    Pep and barca were scared of counter attacks/speed. We had rvp at the time who could make goals out of anything. A bit simpleton to say that theybwere scared of walcott, one of the least scary speedsters ever once he was found out

  80. Marc

    A mate of mine used to sum up Walcott perfectly. You’re winning a match comfortably at 3 nil, Walcott will get you goals 4 and 5. You’re away, it’s pissing down with rain, freezing cold and you’re losing 2 nil – Walcott will be completely anonymous.

  81. Dissenter

    “Whatever way you look at things, it was a monumental mistake to send a lad,who had no first team experience for Arsenal, to a WC.”

    Hindsight if 20-20 like they say.
    I think it was a testimony to Wenger’s brilliance at the time. Wenger’s say-so was a good as Theo playing 50 games for Arsenal.
    Besides, Theo went on to have a good England career and should have been on of the first players on the team list for the 2010 WC, had it not be for Fabio Capello’s big mistake. He dropped Theo for Aaron Lennon because Theo didn’t train well. He admitted publicly after the WC that he should have taken Theo.

  82. Northbanker

    Great article on BBC yesterday on Borussia Dortmund and their model of finding talent and then aelijg for huge sums – they don’t buy superstars but they make them

    In particular all of their players have to pass the playing at speed test

    This I believe is the role model for AFC

  83. Graham62

    The gist of it all for me is based on two simple facts.

    Theo Walcott underachieved at Arsenal because (1) we had a manager that was not capable of maximising his full potential and (2) because of his own failing at not leaving the club far sooner.

    It’s all very simple.

  84. TheLegendaryDB10


    I personally think the same applies to AOC. A player who needed coaching to get the best out of him.

    The biggest mistake AW commited was to apply his philosophy to play with freedom with players who still neede to be coached to learn their art before they could play with freedom.

    The other big mistake was to not have club legends there to mentor the players. AW massive ego could not tolerate having someone coach better than him (cf. Keown when he coached the defendres for a brief spell and was removed because he was doing well and throwing a shadow on AW).

  85. Valentin

    Soccerex, the same “experts” who were claiming that Arsenal was going to announce bumper profit result just before it published a massive loss.
    Same people who can’t make the difference between being rich but cash poor and being poor but cash rich.
    Arsenal may sit on £150 millions in February but if it has expenditures totalling £200 in June, then it is cash rich but ultimately poor and in debt.
    It is clickbait and lies that confuse people and led them to believe that Arsenal could spend £300 millions in a single transfer window. No wonder some fans are then disappointed and angry when Arsenal does not spend massive fortune.

  86. Valentin

    I agree that Walcott with better coaching could have reached greater playing height than he did.
    However I am not so sure with AOC. Even at Liverpool he does not look muchbetter than at Arsenal. He has the same flashes of brilliance but often fluff his lines when he has to deliver a final ball.
    Same thing than Ross Barkley, despite all the coaching in the world he does not seem to have progressed. He has all the attributes to be a world beater, but keep making the same mistakes. Their decision making is just wrong.

    I believe that it is a mental characteristics, they can’t think quickly on their feet when they encounter an unplanned situation. They freeze, dither, make the wrong choices and frustrate fans, teammates and coaches. Coaching can help by preparing them for specific situation, but can’t help for off script movement.

  87. Pierre

    “The gist of it all for me is based on two simple facts.Theo Walcott underachieved at Arsenal because (1) we had a manager that was not capable of maximising his full potential and (2) because of his own failing at not leaving the club far sooner.It’s all very simple.”

    The list goes on and on .

    They all seemed to do pretty well under Wenger’s guidance from a very young age.

    And forgive me if I’m wrong ( which I’m not) but I’m sure Walcott played better football at Arsenal and scored and assisted way more goals than he is doing at his present club

    So maybe wenger did maximise his ability whilst he was at the club otherwise how else can you explain his regression at Everton.

  88. TheLegendaryDB10


    Re The Ox/Feo

    I understand what you are saying.. but the whole point of coaching in ones early stages of their career is to help erase the mistakes that they have in them.

    We’ll never know ofc whether they could have achieved their potential. This is due to the insane amount of time they spent being injured. A trademark and a ready built excuse for AW as to why we could not push beyond top 4.

    As you should know, having so many frequent stoppages in ones career development can only lead to underdevelopment and a lack of footballing experience to learn from.

    The same applies to Wheelchair. Another player who had his potential cut down due to the lack of proper coaching and personalised training sessions that could have taken into account his brittleness.

  89. Bojangles

    Champagne CharlieFebruary 13, 2020 18:14:02

    “HabeshaCertain people love nothing more than to make definitive remarks about young players in the vague hope that they are considered a sage on the topic if he inevitably falls short of the mark.”

    Was mulling over how to put it then come across this which encapsulated it perfectly.

  90. TheLegendaryDB10


    You are not wrong in your assessment. I just believe that they could have done so much more had they been in a situation where they were not continously being injured season after season.

    In football you can only learn through actual game time experience. One will never learn by being crocked and spending their time playing ProEvo/Fifa for half of the season.

  91. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal can realistically spend in transfer market between £100-120 million in
    line with what we spent in summer 2019.

    That factors in the £110 million sponsorship packages which we receive from
    Emirates, Adidas and Rwanda plus the relatively small amount of sales.

    As I posted earlier my expectation is that some of money could/will be available again in the summer, although it does not follow that the club will necessarily spend it.

    I pointed out that Liverpool spent hardly anything in the last two transfer windows and yet are likely to win EPL. Spurs also spent virtually nothing the
    season before and yet managed to reach Champions League Final.

    So spending a fortune in transfer market is not a guarantee of success a topic
    which has been frequently discussed.

    My personal view is that we do not need to make wholesale changes to our
    squad this summer. However, there are specific weaknesses, which cannot
    be resolved internally.

    The most obvious is recruiting quality defenders specifically in CB position and also recruiting players in midfield who provide not only creativity, but
    also assists and goalscoring potential. The fact that our midfield has managed
    to score just one goal in EPL this season is of serious concern.

    At the end of day Arsenal will have most probably a squad of 25 players. I will
    be surprised if Arsenal recruit this summer more than 5 players including possibly Mari and Soares. You have to factor in that Saliba and Smith-Rowe will be returning.

  92. China1

    Tom half of the food we eat in the West comes from animals kept in pretty shit conditions, half the clothes we buy were made for pennies by Bangladeshi or Vietnamese children and half the electronics and toys we buy were built by people in squalid conditions in Asia

    If you had an iPhone circa 2012, your damn straight you were putting money into the pockets of factory owners with child workers in China.

    All of these things are patently wrong. We think we live in a civilized society that has evolved beyond all such nastiness in 2020 but the reality is we’ve simply exported most of the worst practices we benefit from to other countries or carefully hidden them out of sight

    We blame places like China for having terrible pollution and the impact on its people, yet we went through the same process and even now we’re buying rare earth materials from them for our smart phones because it’s cheaper and we don’t want the pollution created on our own doorstep

    In the west things are slowly getting better but the notion of a woke society that is civilized and doesn’t fuck over others and the planet is patently does not exist