Sick burn.

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There aren’t many things that make me LOL when I’m scouring the news for Arsenal related goodness… but today… I’m about to show how an Arsenal player threw enough shade to cool the world in line with the Paris Accord.

When I saw it, I was like…

Imagine… getting sub-Tweeted by Mustafi.

Messaging aside, it does show how dedicated to the ‘clean slate’ the manager is. In this case, he has little choice, but overall, he’s making it very clear that the past doesn’t influence the future, only your character and effort will.

Bernd Leno, a man who has not yet mastered the internet, also went into detail about the communications misses of the past.

“He has, in this short time made a big impact,”

“You can see the intensity we play, also the structure in the team and the mentality [away] from the pitch.

“Before I don’t want to say it was a mess it was a little bit confusing, everyone was doing different things.

“We were not a team! Not in the dressing room, not on the pitch and you could see this. I think with Mikel its changed completely.

“The first day he came he wasn’t talking too much about tactics, he was talking about how we behave in the dressing room, when we go to the games we have to be more professional and more like a team.

“I think it’s not only what he’s learned from Pep Guardiola. When you talk to people who have worked with him they said he’s a very clever guy with tactics and how to improve players.

People will keep saying that these comments are basically the players kissing the ring, which is totally acceptable, my question is, which parts read untrue?

The overall picture that’s being painted from where I’m sitting is one in which the squad is enjoying the new regime, they see where the club is going, and they look like they’re having a good time.

That has to translate onto the pitch, but generally, if players of their level are enjoying the process, the results will come.

Anyone see those pictures of the new and improved JACKED Manuel Almunia?

Looks like he reacted badly to the ribbings he took from the Daily Mail for that tiny Paris Hilton dog he had, spent the last 5 years getting ripped, now he’s in Dubai looking for the journo. Scary stuff.

Some interesting stories doing the rounds about PremFlix coming to a streaming platform at some point in the near future. The new EPL CEO says the league has been ready to sell streaming season tickets for 3 years. They’ll trial an all-access pass in some countries in the not too distant future. Surely, long-term, that has to be the model. In Singapore, they sell the rights for £75m and the TV channel makes £175m back through monthly subs. Quite staggering the amount of growth they could generate if they did it themselves.

Very little to go on tonight, I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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  1. jwl

    “As a black player who’s spoken about racism issues faced by black players when playing for England he should at least have the self awareness to not do this.”

    Marc – as my grandfather, and many others, use to say “common sense ain’t so common”.

  2. Dissenter

    The FA threw the book at Bernado Silva even though his clumsy comets were directed at a team mate who was not in the least offended.
    Dele Ali turned his camera on the nearest Asian looking dude to demean.

    He needs to be banned from games…and then tarred with ice cream.

  3. Ernest Reed

    Tarred with ice cream, Dissenter? That would be considered a perfectly good waste of ice cream for those who love it! Can we replace Ice Cream with Mayonnaise?

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Arsenal are weighing up a bid in the summer for Le Havre’s Pape Gueye. His contract expires in 18 months

    He described as combination of Pogba & Kante

    1,87m tall, left-footed box-to-box midfielder

    Despite a tender age, Gueye has been handed the captain’s armband by the manager”

    Anyone been watching him? Fits the profile we need, the 5m fee is a bargain. Always a question of adapting with players coming from weaker leagues but for that kind of money it would be silly to not take a punt.

  5. alex cutter

    “It appears we want to kick out racism – but only if it comes from white people.”

    Maybe you should learn the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality before you spout off about topics more advanced than “special sauce”.

  6. Marc


    I’m always wary of the “new X player” tag but if the guy genuinely has the attributes of Pogba and Kante or at least the potential to reach them for £5 million is a no brainer.

    Worse case scenario is he doesn’t work out and is sold for what we paid for him in a couple of seasons.

  7. Northbanker

    The standard of debate has dropped to the farcical – the Arteta dissenters seem to be out in force At the minute whilst no further matches are being played. Do those of you not realise how ridiculous you sound? – calling for the sack of someone who has been in charge for only 9 matches – of which only one btw has actually been lost.

    Some of you seriously need to get a grip – you have lost all sense of reality.

  8. Marc

    “He needs to be banned from games…and then tarred with ice cream.”

    I was hoping for a hanging – pre match entertainment for Sunday. It’d be a great way to get people into the stadium early on!

  9. Marc


    Unfortunately we’re heading back to the Wenger days on here – it’s an absolute, you either back the manager or you don’t.

    There’s no middle ground or room for comment. I’m behind Arteta and happy to give him a real run of matches, at the same time it’s not sacrilege to say we need to start winning some matches or Arteta’s in game management could be better.

    It’s the point I was trying to make to DNA yesterday when he said in a survey 75%of fans would back sacking Arteta for the Pooooooooooooch.

    I kept asking what fans and he never got it. Do you include the screaming hysterics and nut jobs on the internet?

  10. Words on a Blog

    Dele, a footballer so lacking in self-awareness that when he “apologises” for a racist “joke”, declares “I’d like apologise on my behalf….”

  11. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, can’t say I know anything about him but the comments from people who has seen him are very promising.

    We’re likely to struggle to get someone like Soumare or Ndidi with the competition and pricetags they’ll carry in the summer, especially with us unlikely to be in Europe. A guy like this could well fill an important gap for us. its not like we couldn’t use the funds to plug another hole instead.

    Speaking of we’ve also been linked with Edouard from Celtic, wouldn’t be a bad option if we lose both Laca and Auba. Not that Laca needs replacing anyway.

    Could all be paper talk of course but this is the direction we should be taking, young players with high ceilings at smaller clubs, mixed in with some proven quality like a Ziyech or a Fekir maybe.

    Gabriel 30m
    Edouard 30m
    Gueye 5m
    Said benrahma 15m

    All players we’ve been linked with this week, all very doable if Auba and Laca gets sold. 3 of them in positions we absolutely need to strengthen in depending on how Mari does until the end of the season. Left winger is more debatable but it all depends on what happens with our strikers and where Martinelli ends up. If he’s getting played as first/second choice striker we’re left with only Saka out there.

    Going to be an interesting summer for sure. A lot of the remaining deadwood down to a year on their contracts so hopefully easier to move them on and do a proper refresh.
    Then we would just need a Cam.

  12. Habesha Gooner

    Arghh, Emery’s becoming a bore now. I hate behavior of people that make excuses after they move on from a job. I thought he had a classy leaving quotes but now he is saying all he has bottled up before. It didn’t workout so move on. Bad mouthing people that you have previously worked with doesn’t paint you in a great light. Same goes for our players. Luiz, Ozil, Mustafi, Leno and to a lesser extent Auba and Bellerin have criticized Emery. It might be true or It probably is but saying it again and again isn’t great. I would rather they didn’t compare everything to Emery’s reign and compared themselves to the standard of the new regime expectations. No more talking, they should speak with performances (not to bad recently) and results ( haven’t improved enough to brag about it).

  13. Habesha Gooner

    It is just tiring debating again and again about the past. It’s just not Emery too. Our players have been sticking it to him for a while. I want them to focus on what’s going on here and stop talking all the time.

  14. GunnerDNA


    “It’s the point I was trying to make to DNA yesterday when he said in a survey 75%of fans would back sacking Arteta for the Pooooooooooooch.I kept asking what fans and he never got it. Do you include the screaming hysterics and nut jobs on the internet”

    My apologies for not getting back to you sir. I’m in no shape or form qualified enough to determine who’s a fan. That’s why I said “Arsenal fan”. Thanks!

  15. raptora

    Arteta is making all the underperforming players feel important.

    Ozil, Lacazette, Xhaka, Mustafi.

    The first 4 players I’d kick out of Arsenal if I had the chance.

    Why the hell is he doing it?

    1. Just so he could finish the season with no dramas and maybe raise their price for an eventual BIG SALE summer incoming?
    2. Cause he rates them and thinks they all have place in our starting lineup game in, game out and will be relying on them beyond the end of this season?

    Fuck me, we’ll be in deep shit if it’s option #2. And I mean DEEP SHIT!

  16. GunnerDNA

    “We needed time to succeed with our transition to a new Arsenal which is what I wanted. For example, Nicolas Pépé, who was the club’s choice, clearly needed time to adapt,” he told France Football, as per Get Football News France.

    “But I accept the rule of thumb and that I am poorly placed to criticise because I also benefited from such judgement in the past”

  17. Marc


    My point was just who do you allow to qualify? Some of the lunatics who appear on here? Some of the lunatics that Pedro’s banned form here. Pedro?

    Fan is a loose term.

  18. raptora

    “I obviously am partly responsible, but you see that the team has not exactly done better since I left.”
    “Arsenal was a club on a downward slope for two years before I arrived,”
    “We stopped this fall and even began to rebuild the club with the Europa League final and 5th place in the league”

    How petty of Emery. Even if it’s true, just don’t fkin say it. He clearly has no idea about psychology and how talking shit towards your previous club is a horrible idea.

    “For example, Nicolas Pépé, who was the club’s choice, clearly needed time to adapt,”

    Who was “the club’s choice”! What a surprise…

  19. Words on a Blog


    Emery’s statement when he left the club was classy and dignified, as was his subsequent silence.

    His GFFN interview marks him out to be petty, and a bit of a Dele Alli.

  20. Aussie Gooner


    “… calling for the sack of someone who has been in charge for only 9 matches – of which only one btw has actually been lost…..”.

    Sorry I can’t agree. I don’t see many on here calling for Arteta’s head just yet! There is of course a vigorous, mature discourse about his coaching abilities, team selection, game management plans etc which is quite understandable considering Arsenal are currently in 10th place in the EPL. Most on here appreciate that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and would consider it only fair to give him time to progress his ideas whilst at the same time remaining concerned for our present predicament.

    There are many definitions of racism out there. I think this from the Human Rights Commission in Victoria pertains to the Alli situation – “ Racism may take the form of stereotyping, name calling or insults, negative commentary in the media, speeches at public assemblies, racist graffiti, property damage or abuse on the internet.” And yes he should be punished for his puerile tweet not just because he is a spud but because he is a twat. But no doubt as he is an England darling it will just be a slap on the wrist. I like the bit where he said he removed the tweet immediately when he recognised how insensitive it was! Wrong! It was removed only when his advisors spotted it and told him not to be such a bell end!

  21. Words on a Blog

    Aussie G,

    I disagree profoundly with you: Dele’s punishment should be made especially long and severe, because, in addition to being a humourless and insensitive racist/xenophobe, he’s a Spud AND a bellend.

  22. Words on a Blog


    Going by the track record of RT’s previous predictions (second to only Mr, 87% right CG, the revolution will come before Raul and Edu will even consider sacking Arteta.

  23. Arsenal

    You know what’s funny. If there’s one thing i know it’s Arsenal fans. If Arteta doesn’t beat Newcastle next game. The fanbase will go ape shit and all this give him time bollocks will be out the window. The next game after that will see ppl calling him out especially if Everton and Sheffield United keep winning. This guy has got about 2 games before the shit hits the fan. Irrational stupid illogical. Yep that’s us ha!

  24. Emiratesstroller

    I keep on reading the same nonsense calling for the sacking of Arteta who
    some posters believe is not management/head coach material.

    Arteta arrived in the post just before Christmas and took over responsibility for team/squad and its coaching and selections for the Bournemouth game.

    Since then we have played 9 games winning three , drawing five and losing one.

    Significantly of the seven games we have played in EPL four have been played
    away and three at home. The home games have all been against teams above
    us in the League.

    The Chelsea result was hardly the fault of Arteta. It was down to two onfield
    mistakes including a goalkeeping howler by Leno.

    Similarly we should have been awarded a penalty when leading 1-0 against
    Sheffield United.

    In reality the two results, which were disappointing were against Crystal Palace and Burnley, which were drawn.

    What has been clear to those like myself who has been to games is that since
    Arteta’s arrival there has been a game plan and a positive approach by the

    We know that there are weaknesses in the squad, but you can hardly blame
    Arteta for the squad he has inherited. What is clear is that several of the players who were poor under Emery have improved under Arteta.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m behind the manage for 5he long haul…
    The club has been fucked more than the this morning runner… money is scarce, so if we want sparkliest players cheap them big name# roll.

    Are deffo off to get schkles in
    Will also leave but for no5 much monies…

    Needs to be done…

  26. Redtruth

    “What is clear is that several of the players who were poor under Emery have improved under Arteta.”

    Xhaka keeps crashing into players and getting booked so no improvement…..
    The Forwards goals have dried up so no improvement …

    “If you compare Emery’s last 9 games to Arteta’s first 9, Arsenal have given up 6% possession and had 26% less shots on target. This has been traded for a reduction of 9 shots on target (1 per game) from the opposition.”

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Give it a break. You do talk trivial.

    I acknowledged that we played poorly against Burnley, but so have other teams who have played against them. I made no excuse about the length of grass or that it was not watered.

    Some of the players you refer to have actually played better under Arteta. That
    does not mean that they are good enough to play for us, but Arteta has to use
    the players who are currently available in his squad and not a wish list of those
    somewhere else.

    Stop telling everyone that Emery is a better coach than Arteta. Anyone who was at games like me and unlike you would have recognised that the football
    played in the first three months of this season was utter garbage and the players themselves have acknowledged this.

  28. Thomas


    In reality the two results, which were disappointing were against Crystal Palace and Burnley, which were drawn.


    Yep dropping points against the mighty Bournemouth wasn’t disappointing at all… You just magically forgot about that game huh?

  29. China1

    Arteta has improved us in some ways and hasn’t in others. He’s still new in the club and finding his feet as a first time manager.
    He’s doing some things well and some things he can be doing better than we’ve seen. Given more time and a bit of money he’ll probably have us on an upward trajectory but how high is still very much unclear

    This is a reasonable assessment of where we’re at. I really don’t get why people have to lump themselves either into the he can do no wrong or he can do no right camp so early.

    When he does well, he deserves credit, when he makes mistakes he deserves criticism. That’s just a normal way in every job. He’s done a bit of both. That’s all there is to it

  30. Graham62

    Let’s try and be positive for Sunday’s game against Newcastle. An early goal is needed to settle the nerves and to bring us out of our shell.

    Thereafter, it’ll be plain sailing.

    4-1 to the Arsenal.

  31. CazOnARola

    We need results these days. There is no patience in the world anymore.. Everyone is looking at the break and expecting it to help Arteta drill some more of his ideas and to see us start winning at least some home games.

    It doesn’t matter if it is fair /unfair. Because of the amount money involved in football, its a competitive results based industry.
    Arteta needs to show visible improvements as well as a few victories to inspire confidence throughout the club and the fan base.
    Easier said than done but that is the job if you want to manage arsenal football club.

  32. Graham62


    You are right.

    The thing is, Arsenal Football Club’s entire image has been tarnished so much over the past decade, it will take more than just MA waving his magic wand around to place to get us firing again.

    Some people compare what is happening to us to that of MU. Since Sir Alex left, not only have they lost their way, they have also lost their identity. With us though it’s been slightly different.

    Our “identity” started to dissolve as soon as we started to accept second best( or should I say 4th best?). It disappeared altogether when the structure and physicality of our team changed. From technically gifted, physically intimidating players, we went along the smaller, mentally fragile, less intimidating route.

    As fans we have been accepting this loss of identity for far too long. Arteta’s job therefore is to try and create a new identity, not necessarily the same as pre-2006 but something that helps to rekindle the magic in our great club.

    Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination but something we all genuinely hope he achieves.

    Over to Mikel.

  33. Habesha Gooner

    I think We are going to beat Newcastle. We have had our break and I think arteta has had time bedding in his Ideas. Man United at home and Bournemouth away in the FA CUP both first halves showed me where he is going with this team. We just need to sustain these performances for long stretches. We need wins for heads not to go down though. Have some Faith people.

  34. China1

    Emery was absolutely wank this season and he’s completely oblivious to how poor he was if he thinks the players are heavily to blame.

  35. kristoman

    I agree with emery on this, the players are heavily to be blamed for it. Of course by saying this i am emery lover, so be it. But i am going sit here and a make a mockery of my self just because i am arsenal fan. I watch the games too. All i have seen since regime change is tactical changes trying to compensate for positional changes thereby affecting changes all through the pitch. If not the football its self still remain the same i.e sideway boring passes and the anaemic attempt of trying to play from the back. I have not even witness a bit of wengerball talkless of this so called ‘arteta ball’. The result are the same, the play is the same. Players the same, some area improved making other area to suffer as a result of those tactical changes.

  36. kristoman

    What people dont realise is that under Emery last season the attack was firing but the defence was shit. The season the attack became shit while defence even worse. Now he tried to amend by tryin last year plan, attack attack by adding more body to attack i.e pushing torreira futher forward. It failed. Then he try using 3 defensive minded midfielder to reduce the ammount of goals conceded. That did not work, he became confused he didnt know what to do balance the defence and attack because that midfield is bad. So he constant personel change whether he stumble on something that ressemble stability. At that point he became lost to even to his own ideas. So yes firing him what the wright decision

  37. Nelson

    Emery” you see that the team has not exactly done better since I left.”

    For me, both the players and Emery talked too much. The players should focus on the job at hand. Emery made himself looks bad by attacking the current team.

  38. kristoman

    What arteta is yet to do is balance the defence and attack using the same midfielders Emery used. He couldnt or he cant because that midfield is uncoachable

  39. Pierre

    You said
    ” I agree with emery on this, the players are heavily to be blamed for it”

    Then you said
    ” That did not work, he became confused he didnt know what to do balance the defence and attack because that midfield is bad. So he constant personel change whether he stumble on something that ressemble stability. At that point he became lost to even to his own ideas. So yes firing him what the right decision”

    Oh , so it was his fault …make up your mind.

  40. Nelson

    You can see the different in class between Wenger and Emery. Wenger never says a bad word against the team and the fans. He said that he is an Arsenal fan and wish es the team success. Emery blamed the fans for pushing him out and the current team is not doing better. He sounds like a bitter divorced wife and wants the team to lose.

  41. kristoman

    there is no mind to make here. All am saying is that there is no balance in this team. It cost emery and it will cost arteta too if we dont recognise the fact that this team is too unbalanced for any coach to work with. So until there is personel changes marjorly in the midfield expect more of the result we are getting now.

  42. Moray

    Plus in Singapore we can watch all games live, Pedders. Though it doesn’t help for the evening games of course.

    What the fuck is going on with Bellerin in that linked photo? He seems to have a tranny’s wig and of a female athlete’s crop top. Looks like an absolute cunt.

  43. Graham62

    Left testicle.

    Ah yes, but what do you expect?

    Are your expectations based on the fact that we have players who are quite clearly not fit for purpose and a structure that has been malfunctioning for so many years, or, is it based on your own beliefs that Arteta should be disrupting things even further by doing things that we feel, from afar, would solve everything in an instance?

    Give Arteta a chance and look at the greater picture and, importantly,don’t expect immediate results.

    “10th” is the reality but imo, if Emery had stayed on, it would be far worse.

    Just an opinion.

  44. Moray

    The danger with going down the subscription route is that we will probably end up just watching our own team’s games, which I don’t think is healthy for the game.

    Oh for the days when it was free to watch on tv.

  45. kristoman

    Forget Emery
    he is history, but he is right when says the result the same.
    you know he is right, i know too he is right, no matter how hard you tried to deny it.

  46. kristoman

    The result the same not because of arteta but because of the players. Go ahead deny it. It will not change fact.
    all this ‘he is working on the defence then after that work on the attack’ is silly talks. Nothing is improving unless we work on that midfield by bringing in midfielders that are of arsenal quality

  47. Champagne Charlie

    Still there’s Emery banner men, what a sight. He’s completely undoing his classy departure with the ridiculous inability to assume fault.

    Then of course you have fans that expect all wrongs to be corrected in 6 weeks, quite something.

  48. Dissenter

    10th place in the league is not acceptable
    No ifs, ands, buts or Emery can explain away 10th position.we have to start climbing up the table and at least compete for a EL spot.

    Emery has a right to call out players like Mesut Ozil, Freddie Ljungberg called him out too. He’s like a millstone around the neck of the club.

  49. Nelson

    When Klopp started with the Pool, the result was not there, but the fans saw the improvement in performance. The current team is not given up a lot of shots (32 against Watford). We kept saying that we should give Emery a year to do his job. A true fan will have patience and will give Atreta a year and two TW’s to rebuild the team.

  50. Pierre

    You’re not thinking logically…

    we have not lost away from home for 3 months .

    Our home form is sure to get back to where we were before Emery arrived.

    We will remain unbeaten in All competitions this year up until Easter .

    We will be in a position to qualify for europe , possibly also champions league.

    We will be in the semi final of the fa cup

    We will be in the quarter final of the Europa cup.

    And we will do all of this with a midfield that you say is ” uncoachable “

  51. Dissenter

    Lacazette is stuck in a vastly confidence crises. He should be fine once he gets that awkward goal from a rebound or scuffed shot
    Arteta has a dilemma; play him or drop him. I think he’s right to keep playing him till he finds his way back. Our chances in the EL improve exponentially if Lacazette is back to form.

  52. Graham62


    Of course 10th is not acceptable BUT, try to accept that for progression to occur, we may have to settle for mid table for some time longer.

  53. CG


    “”””Emery would do well to keep his mouth shut and remain humble.””””””

    Compare the class and dignity of Wenger than the classless and undignified teeth picking Clown.

    Not all folk might like our Wenger( they do secretly – even Graham)- but he would NEVER NEVER blame the players.

    The Clown is do dense, so inept – wherever he will turn up next
    with his 9 goons and 99 clipboards – he will fail.

    Because all his new players know what he is all about.

    Its an utter utter disgrace this pipsqueak weasel of a man was allowed to take over from the great Arsene Wenger.

    He needs a Firing Squad. ( as does Fatty Raul)

  54. Marc


    It’s in everyone’s best interest to get Laca playing with confidence again. I actually think Arteta would be better off dropping him. This would give the team better balance and hopefully help us start getting some of the wins we desperately need. We could then bring Laca on against tired legs which both helps us close out matches and gives him a better chance of scoring.

  55. Marc

    I don’t know why people keeping saying we have players who are un-coachable.

    We just have some players who aren’t very good and the sooner we can be rid of them and replace with players who are better and more suited to the PL the better.

  56. Dissenter

    I think the minimum improvement should be like Ancelloti is getting at Everton; Improved performances that’s tied with results. He has them to within 5 points of 4th place albeit with one more played game.
    We ought to have had more points from the very brief Arteta era because the games we’ve played aren’t even a tough stretch by any definition.
    I don’t agree that we have to accept mid table for any reason. We lose the mentality of a big club the day that happens.

  57. Marc

    Our next 2 PL matches really are must win. During the next 2 rounds of fixtures Chelsea play ManU and the Spud’s.

    It’s a real opportunity to at least get some pride back and close the gap to the teams we expect to be competing with next season.

  58. Moray

    CG, wait for Wenger’s book. He’s waiting to cash out…

    In fact, Wenger always had class. And he is an Arsenal man.

  59. Dissenter

    Laca’s confidence is shot, nothing of going right for him right now. He was the fan’s favorite until recently so he had to have been doing many things right.

    I personally would keep playing him till something goes right for him, Give him a penalty kick to take just to break the duck or something.
    It’s a quagmire of sorts, play him or drop him. I support Arteta’s decision [against the grain of le-grove popular opinion] to keep playing him.
    He fights for the team. I recall we came apart against Sheffield as soon as Arteta unwisely subbed him out for Nkettiah who proceeded to play like a genteel school boy that didn’t trouble anyone.

  60. Marc


    100% spot on and Pedro needs to stop making stupid allowances for Arteta that he’d never give to another manager.

    No one expects Arteta to win every match, no one is saying there won’t be issues and every knows it will take some time. Ultimately he also needs a summer transfer window to upgrade some of the squad members but that doesn’t detract from the fact that football is a results business.

  61. Sid

    Arsenal to beat Newcastle if ozil & xhakalson dont play,
    To draw if no ozil but xhakalson plays,
    To lose if both ozil & xhakalson play for 90 mins

    You can take this to the bank

    Im telling you this for free!

  62. Marc


    I agree on Laca being a good and popular player for us, I just don’t agree on how to get him back to form.

    I also think it’s crazy player Auba on the wing when we’re struggling for results so badly.

  63. Sid

    Laca is not scoring because he is busy running around covering the vacant space left by ozil and xhakalson left sided CB

    Im telling you this for free!

  64. Dissenter

    The Laca stuff is a dilemma, no clearly wrong or right answer
    I just think getting him back to form is worth the drudgery of seeing him struggle so much.
    I would play this version of Laca every game ahead of Nkettiah. I would also play the aggressive but ineffective Laca away because he gives central defenders a hard time.

  65. Marc

    Those who defend Xhaka are putting out how he hasn’t made a calamitous mistake under Arteta and how Arteta is setting up to negate his glaring faults.

    There are two things that need to be taken into account on this.

    1) The longer he goes with out a major cock up the more damaging it will be when it finally happens.

    2) Setting up to cover for his lack of mobility and athleticism is not a good thing – it just means we’re taking away positive attributes from other players.

  66. Marc


    It’s not an either / or choice with Nkettiah. We should be setting up with Martinelli, Auba and Pepe, we then have Laca as a first choice option off the bench.

    Personally I don’t think Nkettiah will make it at Arsenal and will be moved on either this summer or next. It’s possible another loan deal will be done in order to try and increase his value.

  67. Dissenter

    If we have to sell Laca then surely we get more for him if he rediscovers his form before the end of the season.
    I get the feeling something fell apart in his private life. It may be that he got caught ploughing a field that’s not his partner’s.

  68. Rob

    100% Sid is someone who stays up late every night watching wrestling with a championship belt wrapped over his shoulder dressed as his favourite superstar.

  69. Marc


    That’s the rumour.

    I don’t think you get my point. Bring him on against tired legs when we’re winning a) means the other team is chasing a goal giving him more opportunity b) there’s less pressure on him to score.

    I agree he needs a goal and I think once he gets one he’ll quickly revert to form.

  70. Sid

    We can only set up with pepe and Auba as 2 strikers in a 352, playing auba centrally with ozil behind him and xhakalso behind bug eyes and pepe on the wings will be defensively suicide

  71. S Asoa

    Firing Emery when we did was the wrong decision.
    The Fraud should have been fired after Europa League debacle or latest 2 months before when it became glaringly apparent he had lost his marbles as well. At that stage 4th could have been achieved with Ancelotti , although long term Arteta is a better option.
    Hold Raul fully responsible.
    Kroenke ,of course, has made it all possible since the time he got majority holding. We are now scrapping for players with the bottom of the table ,and doing that badly. All down to Kroenke ,his hands off persistence with Les Miserables

  72. Rob

    Arteta has improved the team for sure. The guys a worker and it’ll take time but this is the best possible appointment for our team as it currently stands.
    Personally speaking we need to be pushing for a move for Ozil and one of Aubamayeng or Lacazette and using the money to balance this squad out, Aubamayeng as a wide man for all his goals he’s added should not be a long term thing.
    I’d say if we go big in the summer 1st point should be a first name on the team sheet central midfielder who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck and control games, as an ex central midfielder Arteta will know that that’s for sure, that’s our big must.

  73. G8

    Auba on left and Laca central, is it not the same formation that Emery the clueless manager used!?
    Only difference is that Laca was delivering back then..
    6 games now and our attacking play has been abysmal..ozil and Laca on current form have no right to be starters
    In the words of Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

  74. Dissenter

    I get your point
    Starting with Auba with Pepe and Martinelli is a viable plan. I just wonder what being dropped would do to Laca’s frail confidence?.
    Hopefully He’s a professional so he should understand that he hasn’t been performing so can’t keep his starting place.

  75. Marc


    You sell it to him, it’s being done to help him as the team desperately needs him back in form.

    You actually build up his confidence.

  76. Champagne Charlie


    Negating players lesser attributes is what coaching and tactics is all about, there’s few (if any) exceptionally rounded footballers.

    Your other point about awaiting Xhaka’s next mistake is sensationalist nonsense, mistakes are mistakes. You’re visibly willing the next blunder from Xhaka and in the time since his last one there’s been several others by various players that’ve been swept aside. Get over the pettiness.

  77. GunnerDNA

    MA needs time before he can be judged properly but he needs to win games.

    Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi and Lacazette are squad players and shouldn’t be starting games for Arsenal. Hopefully, MA realizes this soon.

  78. Nelson

    The club has probably told Arteta that there is no money to sign players in January. He had to do the best with who is available. Forget about Ceballos. He is only on loan. To link up play between defense and attack, Ozil is still better than Willock and Guen for 60 minutes. He should be subbed out after that. Xhaka and Torr is the best DM pair available.
    This Summer, we have to sign two box to box CM’s flanking Torr. They should be fast and can score. We’ll play a 4 3 3 formation.

  79. Marc


    No – Xhaka is a sub standard player. Of course all players have strengths and weaknesses but usually you allow for a players weaknesses because their strengths more than compensate for them. What strengths does Xhaka bring to the team? Yes if given time he can spray a nice pass but they’re nothing special.

    Please tell me the last individual thing that Xhaka did in the team that was a major positive?

  80. Dissenter

    ‘We would have had over £20 million to spend if we’d accepted the bid for Xhaka.’
    Spend on what ….in January?
    If we found a suitable replacement for that sum, what’s the guarantee that the replacement will hit the ground running?

    If Xhaka was worth the 20 odd million in January because he was desperate to leave then the post-Arteta Xhaka is easily worth at least 10-15% more. We can sell him for more in the summer, if need be.

  81. Marc


    So you’re saying Arteta’s going to add £2 – £3 million to Xhaka’s value.

    Wow that’s some fucking coaching. Personally I’m amazed someone would be willing to play £3 million for him let alone £20 odd.

  82. raptora

    I don’t think it’s the correct decision to keep relying on Ozil, Lacazette, Xhaka and Mustafi as much as Arteta has been starting them every game basically.

    Ozil, Lacazette and Xhaka have started together in 7 of Arteta’s 9 games. One was FAC game and the other one was when Xhaka wasn’t even in the reserves when we all thought he’s going to leave. Ozil and Lacazette started in that game vs Chavs.

    This is the main axis of the team. The CF, the CAM and the CM/DM. Now add to them Mustafi who has recently been prefered to Sokratis and you got the whole center of the team with players who have been underwhelming for a long time.

    Ozil – 1 assist in 1200 minutes.
    Lacazette – 0 goals, 1 assist in 700 minutes.
    Xhaka – Arteta begged him to stay.
    Mustafi – Arteta begged him to stay. In the limited time he’s been a starter, he was the reason Luiz was sent off vs Chavs.

    He’s neglected Ceballos so that Ozil could play. He’s neglected Pepe so that Lacazette can be in the middle and Auba on the flanks. He’s been playing Auba off position. He’s been playing Willock, Nelson and Nketiah ahead of Pepe and Ceballos.

    My question is –
    Is Arteta making the correct choices?

    What is the thought process behind leaving Pepe an unused sub in our last game, when we were so shit in attack? Losing vs Chelsea and you use Nelson ahead of your most expensive player until the 86th min? Vs Bournemouth at 1-1, Nelson plays for 82 mins ahead of Pepe?

    Why is he picking a retiree with 1 assist in 1200 minutes ahead of a Spanish international?

    Why is he picking Lacazette as a CF ahead of Aubameyang and why is he refusing to try a front three of Martinelli, Auba, Pepe? And instead we are watching a Martinelli, Laca, Auba.

  83. jwl

    “We lose the mentality of a big club the day that happens.”

    Dissenter – we lost mentality of big club years ago with Wenger and his youth projects and talking about how creating values were more important than winning. Hiring Arteta confirms we still small minded club because no big club hires manager with zero experience managing, it is mentality of small club taking punt on novice to see what happens.

  84. Marc


    I agree with you. Arteta seems to be doing a good job on the coaching ground but his decision making is questionable so far, especially his in game management.

    I will say Mustafi has been thrust on him due to injuries to a degree but once Mari has had a few weeks and proving we don’t suffer any more long term injuries then Mustafi should not be seen anywhere near the first team.

    If Arteta somehow connives to keep Xhaka in the summer as far as I’m concerned then it becomes Arteta out!

  85. raptora

    Pierre used to claim how a good manager should make the most out of his star players and make sure they get play to their standards. How, a year ago, Emery should have found a way to extract the maximum out of players like Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Torreira.

    Why is Arteta not doing his hardest to establish Pepe as a English football star? We bought him. He’s his responsibility now. And he prefers to bench him for Reiss in some of the times, and in the other times, he is desperate to play Laca so Auba and Martinelli play on the flanks and there is no place for Pepe again.

    Is this how he envisions the future for our most expensive signing ever?

  86. jwl

    Graham62 – Arsenal and manure are comparable because they both lost long term, influential managers and it is expected the clubs will be unmoored for a while when that happens.

    I am not Emery supporter, never heard of fella before we hired him, but he did improve results year on year, which was minor miracle as far I concerned. I believe it was players inadequacies that cost us finishing top four or winning europa last season more than anything Emery did.

    Emery was hired to be sacrificial lamb, he needed to get rid of senior players, bring in new ones and work with youngsters for a couple of seasons and then get fired because no one is going to create order out of mess we in within a season or two.

  87. raptora

    thoroughly agreed.

    Arteta has improved the team a bit as a whole. The passing game is nowhere near as painful and boring as it was under Emery. The players look upbeat about what’s coming. The atmosphere improved and you can see what he’s trying to achieve. He has a style and way that he wants Arsenal to embody. And it looks like he’ll be able to forge it how he wants in time.

    But fuck me, his in game decisions, like you said, have been terrible. The moment the team loses the momentum and we start to feel shaky, he has no answer, he is 1st person seeing his team dropping the ball and has literally no clue what to do to change that.

    And #2. His starting lineups and deciding his favorite players right now, bothers me to oblivion. Making your team spine consist of Ozil, Lacazette, Xhaka and Mustafi is absurd.

    I would be worried if he vouches for us to keep any of these 4 beyond this Summer as well. I hope he comes to his senses.

  88. Rob

    As fans we like to scapegoat too many players. Mustafi has more to his game than the vast majority of our defenders, I’d prefer him starting alongside Luiz than Sokratis,Holding and Mavropounos that’s for sure, Chambers debatable.
    Xhaka seems to be the biggest talking point but he’s been so much better under Arteta, the problem was he was being left isolated game after game under Emery and what do you expect when he’s not that quick, give him the ball and let him dictate, with the ball at his feet he’s the best we have and needs a dynamic 2 alongside him.
    Imagine having Ozil pottering about in front of you pulling out of any challenge that could affect his hairstyle

  89. GunnerDNA


    “My question is –
    Is Arteta making the correct choices”

    No he’s not, but we also need to remember he’s a rookie and he will make mistakes. The unfair commentary since he’s hired will make you forget that he’s still doing OJT but its best to ignore them. What I like with MA is that he’s a humble dude with good work ethics and that’s the reason I want him to be a success. The “I told you so crowd” will always be in Arsenal fan base. On Twitter and Instagram they’re even more unbearable.

  90. jwl

    I don’t think Arsenal start to really improve until we get rid of any player signed during Wenger years because anyone who agreed to be managed by Arsene in his last five years has questionable talents and personality.

    As raptors says, the spine of our team is made up of Wenger signings, their negatives outweigh positives and they all need replacing before we start to see proper Arsenal again.

  91. CG


    “””and they all need replacing before we start to see proper Arsenal again.””””

    before Wenger arrived we fiddling around midtable

    after Wenger leaves we are fiddling around midtable.


    Thats proper Arsenal. Back to midtable. ( except for the 1930’s and the’71 Double years and the GG spell)

    If any manager in the next couple of seasons can achieve what Wenger achieved in his last worst season – they will now labelled a coaching genius.

    A Wembley Cup Final
    A loosers semi cup final
    Thumping home wins against: Palace/Everton/Burnley etc,
    Brilliant soccer.

    We have played these 3 teams recently and scored 2 bloody goals,

    Wenger might well have been useless at the end – but he was still better than what we are now,

  92. Champagne Charlie

    “If Arteta somehow connives to keep Xhaka in the summer as far as I’m concerned then it becomes Arteta out!”

    “Personally I’m amazed someone would be willing to play £3 million for him let alone £20 odd.“

    And you want me to indulge your questions on Xhaka? Haha yea ok mate. Imagine being a middle aged guy with this sort of an axe to grind against a nobody footballer 😂

  93. Marc


    He’s not a nobody footballer – he’s a permanent fixture in our midfield and was up to recently our Captain.

    I’ve watched Xhaka for almost 4 years now so this isn’t a knee jerk reaction. The guy is not only not good enough he’s a walking insult to the fans.

    The very fact that you’re willing to continue indulging him say’s a lot more about you than it does about me.

  94. Dissenter

    “What I like with MA is that he’s a humble dude with good work ethics and that’s the reason I want him to be a success.”

    Agreed 100%
    What’s vexatious here is the constant need to dumb down expectations and reduce the hurdle to nothing just to burnish the young manager. It’s the constant waving of the Emery-card every time Arteta is rightly criticized by posters who still fancy him.
    You had posters here happy to stay mid-table so long as “performances” are improving, never mind that the league table is the best metric for measuring improvement. Anchelotti took over Everton and now has them within 5 points of 4th place– with improved performances and RESULTS. It’s not unreasonable to use a similar yardstick for Arteta.
    We need EL for that 40 million it brings to the budget. We need to start winning games.

  95. Marc


    Anchelotti has Everton 2nd in the form table since he took over only behind Liverpool. He was also dismissed as not being right for the Arsenal job, now Arteta might be the better long term appointee but as you say it’s not unfair to have some level of expectation for him.

    Can you imagine Pedro’s posts on here if we’d appointed Anchelotti and he’d got the same results as Arteta whilst making Xhaka and Ozil fixtures in the squad, playing Auba on the wing whilst Laca goes through a goal scoring drought and leaving our record signing on the bench for many games?

    He’d be going apoplectic.

  96. Tom

    I can’t believe there’s even a debate that Arsenal players might’ve been guilty of having poor attitude.
    Emery being a weak ,or perhaps even a cowardly “leader “ was a separate issue from some Arsenal players being totally unprofessional.
    Xhaka, Guen , or Ozil walking off slowly while subbed with Arsenal needing a goal to eke out a result.
    Xhaka telling fans to fuck off, Ozil kicking his gloves right in front of Freddie after subbed out.
    Players making fun of Emery’s accent almost to his face.
    I haven’t seen more unprofessional behavior from a top tier outfit in a long time.
    Even when Chelsea players stopped playing for Mourinho in Dec 2015 there was none of the theatrics before the cameras and the mutiny took place behind the close doors.

  97. Graham62


    Everton were showing clear signs of improvement under Duncan Ferguson.

    No disrespect to Everton, but their expectations at this stage are far less, hence far less pressure. Our players were completely shot. Confused, demotivated and lacking in belief. Remember, most of Arsenal’s players have gone through 4/5 years of abject regression and to compare the two processes is, imo, rather naive of you.

    Yes, it is a shock to be where we are but just because Everton have improved so quickly over the same period, has absolutely no bearing on Arsenal’s abilities to do likewise.

    Psychology plays a key role in how quickly you can move forward. As far as we’re concerned, many of our players were running on empty for far too long and because of this adapting to new methods and philosophies set up by Arteta, is not as straightforward as you think.

  98. raptora

    “Can you imagine Pedro’s posts on here if we’d appointed Anchelotti and he’d got the same results as Arteta whilst making Xhaka and Ozil fixtures in the squad, playing Auba on the wing whilst Laca goes through a goal scoring drought and leaving our record signing on the bench for many games?”

    Oh boy! Evil genius Sanllehi would have been crucified for bringing in the odd 32-trophy winner through his network of evil agents. World War 3 would have been this close to start.

  99. Dissenter

    There’s going to be a major rub of salt into our collective wounds regarding Aaron Ramsey.
    As predicted by many here, he is on the chopping block at Juventus and is almost certain to be sold in the summer to an English club, possibly United. The Juve thing always looked like a quick profit turn-over for Juventus.
    Get ready to see Aaron Ramsey at United next season.

  100. jwl

    CG – I agree with some of what you write but Wenger did have to go at end, he was spending colossal sums on inadequate players and he didn’t have passion for competition anymore.

  101. Dissenter

    “No disrespect to Everton, but their expectations at this stage are far less, hence far less pressure”

    Not so fast
    YOUR expectation of Arsenal under Arteta for this season is far worse than Everton’s expectations. You seem to e perfectly comfortable with 10th place on the table. [ 7 points ahead of 18th place and 10-points behind 4th place]

  102. Pierre

    Dissenter/ Marc


    Let’s see where Ancelotti is after that little run in his next 6 games.(3 at home , 3 away)


    Let’s see where Arteta is after this little run of games ( 4 at home , 2 away)

    Obviously, if Ancelotti has such a difficult run of games coming up then the recent run of games would have been not so difficult.

    Obviously, if Arteta has an easier run of games now then it is plausible to think that his recent games were not so easy.

  103. Spanishdave

    So we have to be patient whilst Arteta learns the trade, learns how to manage games properly and then when he gets better he will go back and manage a club with more money.
    We are not his experiment , we pay the highest season tickets and expect results. Our club now is a plaything for Stan to pay off his debts, and for players and coaches to pretending to love our club.

  104. Dissenter

    “Everton were showing clear signs of improvement under Duncan Ferguson.”

    Why did this happen/
    Ferguson was no better a manager than Freddie
    The difference is that we have a lot of rotten players in the squad who didn’t give
    a toss. Emery deserved his sack but if if he were so bad then why wasn’t there a push from the players to prove the point and give the interim manager even an adrenaline boost.

    They way the players reacted under Freddie just goes to prove whatever point Emery was trying toi make. I don’t even blame Emery for speaking out, I blame the club for not tying his pay-off to a time-limited confidentiality clause. It should have been enshrined in his contract that he can’t speak about the club [after being sacked] till the end of the season, at the very least.

  105. Marc


    You have completely missed the point both Dissenter and I were making. It’s about Arteta getting a free ride compared to what anyone else would have gotten under the same circumstances.

    I would also add that we play all of those more difficult teams bar Chelsea although we do have City away instead in the last 7 matches.

    Taking any small sample of matches isn’t enough to judge a manager on however there should be expectation levels about what we should achieve.