Sick burn.

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There aren’t many things that make me LOL when I’m scouring the news for Arsenal related goodness… but today… I’m about to show how an Arsenal player threw enough shade to cool the world in line with the Paris Accord.

When I saw it, I was like…

Imagine… getting sub-Tweeted by Mustafi.

Messaging aside, it does show how dedicated to the ‘clean slate’ the manager is. In this case, he has little choice, but overall, he’s making it very clear that the past doesn’t influence the future, only your character and effort will.

Bernd Leno, a man who has not yet mastered the internet, also went into detail about the communications misses of the past.

“He has, in this short time made a big impact,”

“You can see the intensity we play, also the structure in the team and the mentality [away] from the pitch.

“Before I don’t want to say it was a mess it was a little bit confusing, everyone was doing different things.

“We were not a team! Not in the dressing room, not on the pitch and you could see this. I think with Mikel its changed completely.

“The first day he came he wasn’t talking too much about tactics, he was talking about how we behave in the dressing room, when we go to the games we have to be more professional and more like a team.

“I think it’s not only what he’s learned from Pep Guardiola. When you talk to people who have worked with him they said he’s a very clever guy with tactics and how to improve players.

People will keep saying that these comments are basically the players kissing the ring, which is totally acceptable, my question is, which parts read untrue?

The overall picture that’s being painted from where I’m sitting is one in which the squad is enjoying the new regime, they see where the club is going, and they look like they’re having a good time.

That has to translate onto the pitch, but generally, if players of their level are enjoying the process, the results will come.

Anyone see those pictures of the new and improved JACKED Manuel Almunia?

Looks like he reacted badly to the ribbings he took from the Daily Mail for that tiny Paris Hilton dog he had, spent the last 5 years getting ripped, now he’s in Dubai looking for the journo. Scary stuff.

Some interesting stories doing the rounds about PremFlix coming to a streaming platform at some point in the near future. The new EPL CEO says the league has been ready to sell streaming season tickets for 3 years. They’ll trial an all-access pass in some countries in the not too distant future. Surely, long-term, that has to be the model. In Singapore, they sell the rights for £75m and the TV channel makes £175m back through monthly subs. Quite staggering the amount of growth they could generate if they did it themselves.

Very little to go on tonight, I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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  1. Dissenter

    You do have to realize that Ancelotti has bought the art of winning games to Everton, same time as he is making them hard to beat.
    Ancelotti’s extensive experience [good and bad] has him making the right in-game management decisions that’s tipping games in Everton’s favor in the 2nd half.
    Arteta’s obvious inexperience [I say this not to belittle him] has him making not-so-good decisions that’s leading to draws. An example was the game at home to Sheffield, Arteta’s subs killed the game, especially when he brought in Nkettiah for Laca.

  2. Jamie

    Juve won’t find it easy to sell Ramsey, if that’s the plan this summer.

    He’d have to accept a 50% pay cut, and as likeable a guy as he is, that would be madness a year (£21m) into his four-year (£84m) guaranteed contract.

    He’s still owed over £60m from Juve, and no other club in world football will pay him remotely close to that amount over the next 3 years given his career injury record.

    He just turned 29 and he isn’t getting any fitter. £60m in wages over the next three years plus a £30m transfer fee is a huge risk, even for a rich club like Utd.

    Worth noting that Juve couldn’t sell Emre Can, who is on 1/3 of Ramsey’s wages, and had to settle for a loan out to Dortmund.

    I’m guessing Ramsey stays another year before entertaining the thought of taking a massive pay cut to return to the PL. “I want to stay and try to help the team win trophies, that’s why I moved here, I want to finish what I started, etc etc.”

  3. Pierre

    “Taking any small sample of matches isn’t enough to judge a manager on”

    Maybe you( and a few others) should practice what you preach.

  4. Dissenter

    I suspect United will bite
    They will be getting a premier league tested midfielder. They’ll probably sell Pogba.
    Ramsey is a misfit at Ramsey, which is exactly what many predicted.
    I saw him come on late on Saturday, looked like a ghost of a player. He can’t make those luxurious runs he used to make at Arsenal – there are 5-6 players ahead of him tasked with those responsibilities.

  5. Champagne Charlie

    “The guy is not only not good enough he’s a walking insult to the fans.“

    You’re embarrassing.

    I want the best for Arsenal, you want the best but with caveats involving which players you like/dislike. Arteta rates Xhaka and he’s performing for him, only folk with an issue there are those interested in players > club itself.

    He told you to fuck off, get over it you fucking melt Jesus Christ.

  6. Marc


    I haven’t judged Arteta and I constantly say I want him to do well.

    Saying that we need to pick up some wins and Arteta needs to improve his decision making is not saying I want him sacked or he shouldn’t have gotten the job.

  7. Tom

    Any confidentiality agreement would’ve had to involve all parties.
    As soon as the players started talking any such agreement between the club and Emery , in all likelihood, would’ve been rendered worthless.
    Everyone has a right to protect their reputation.

  8. Marc


    Wanting the best for Arsenal and thinking that can go hand in hand with Xhaka being a first choice player is naïve at best.

    I don’t care personally about him telling the fans to fuck off although I don’t think it sets a good example to young fans. I care about the useless cunt sauntering off like he doesn’t have a care in the world when we’re chasing a result.

    Why can’t you accept that he’s not a good player? Why don’t you question the fact that NO team other than a team close to a relegation battle in Germany were interested in him? Why aren’t City, Madrid, PSG or Barca preparing £100 million offers for him?

    He’s a piss poor player and why you can’t accept that is beyond me.

    Name the last good thing he did in a match? Of course you won’t respond – not because you’re above such things but because you can’t.

  9. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    Yeah, they might try some sort of swap deal involving Ramsey and Pogba, assuming both are happy to go in the opposite direction. They aren’t far off in wage parity, so it’s possible.

    Not convinced Ramsey sees Utd as a step up from Juve. Pogba going from Utd back to Juve, on the other hand..

    Plus his PR people can recycle his PogBack hashtag if he rejoins. Just photoshop the new Juve strip over the old Utd strip. Over the old Juve strip.

  10. Marc

    The reason news outlets keep printing Emery’s comments is because Arsenal fans keep reading it.

    Who gives a fuck what Emery thinks? He last slightly longer than Bruce Rioch but won’t have the long term history he did.

  11. CG


    “”CG – I agree with some of what you write”””

    thanks Jwl.

    What most fans forget is- barring the 1930’s ( The Chapman Years)-we have always only had sporadic success. (A league title every decade if we are lucky,)

    We normally averaged about 8th- 10th

    With Wenger we sustained top 4 for 20 years. Unparalleled in AFC history.

    No coincidence to me-not long after Wenger leaves we revert to our normal post Chapman /pre Wenger position.


    No coincidence at all.

    And all the wonderful folk on here- as if by magic think we are going to propel ourselves back up there again.

    there is over 125 years of history- to state we wont.

  12. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    If Arteta had a pre-season we would be sitting higher up the table.

    It appears some fans have more axe to grind against certain players than looking forward…

    Plus, Wenger had to go in the end and most definitely left later than he should have but for a manager to have a net spend of circa £400m in 22 years and get slated daily as if he turned Arsenal into Portsmouth is a bit vexatious imho.

  13. Dissenter

    In fairness to Emery
    Would you keep quiet when you read perma-misfits like Mustafi and Ozil constantly ridiculing you?
    Did Emery tell Mustafi to give away back breaking goals at home to Palace?…or for Mykhi to botch 3 yard passes against Brighton that led to the goal?
    I too wish he would shut the eff up but I can understand why he feels the need to speak out.
    Arteta will be wise to ignore all the silly noise the players are making. He has to do everything to move them out in the summer.

  14. CG


    “””CG, You don’t like anything Spanish, right?”””

    No, far from it.

    I liked the late Jose Reyes
    I like Hector ( before he he became a wally)
    I like Flamenco dancing
    I like the odd Tempranillo
    I like Mikel Arteta.( even though he has not turned out as good as I thought he would be)
    And I liked El Dorado when I was in the UK.

    I just think 99.9% of the time- they are bloody useless.


  15. Champagne Charlie

    “Name the last good thing he did in a match? Of course you won’t respond – not because you’re above such things but because you can’t.“

    “He’s a piss poor player and why you can’t accept that is beyond me.”

    Because he isn’t? Quite an obvious one.

    Granit Xhaka under Mikel Arteta:
    Passes: 454 (1st)
    Long balls: 46 (2nd)
    Interceptions: 8 (4th)
    Tackles: 16 (1st)

    Name his last mistake, then name all the mistakes from other players since then. You won’t, because you’re a melt with a vendetta.

    Xhaka wasn’t subject of a bid from Barca/City et al so he’s gash, talk about iron clad reasoning.

    Like I’ve said previously, people that can not view things without their massive bias and agenda are a loss as far as credibility is concerned.