Dutch player linked + Old manager to heal the base

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Happy Sunday, I hope you’re all safe, tucked away from that nasty hurricane that’s harassing the UK shores today.

The BIG news story is that – shock horror – Juventus want to sell Aaron Ramsey. The lovable Welshman, who picked up and ungodly wage to leave us last year, is now being touted around the UK for a cut-price summer move.

Aaron was a great for us, exactly what you needed in a world lacking instruction or vision, but I’m not sure he was ever worth those sorts of pound notes. The idea that Juve think they’ll be able to sell someone that’s been in and out of the sickbay for 10 years to anyone is quite the stretch… he has a deal until 2023, if I were him, I’d sit on my fat arse and watch the Lira roll in. No way is anyone picking up that tab.

Crazy thing with Aaron is that I’m not sure we’d even be able to offer to subsidise half his salary for a season, he’s that expensive. Juve has themselves a problem there, a really odd move in the first place, looking very silly right now.

There are a few mental reports in the press that Arsenal were looking to bring Wenger back to the club to unite the fanbase. I honestly couldn’t think of a crazier sentence to write down on paper. The man divided us like no other, what sort of healing powers do the leadership team think he has? That sort of insight comes from the school of temperature gaugers that thought a strong Twitter following would see Jezza Corbyn over the line.

My assumption is that this is just Wenger fanning his own PR flames again, the real story is it looks like Rennes are interested in giving him full control of their club, which seems like the typical sort of mistake green billionaires make when they come to Europe to make a splash. The beastly reality is Arsene damaged himself on the back 9 of his career and the only types that would invest in his idea of the game are the sort of folk that have absolutely no idea what it takes to build a competitive outfit in 2020.

I wonder what he thinks of the bust they want him to sit for? When you’re struggling to find relevance and your old club wants to immortalise you as countries do for their dead war heroes… I dunno, I’d find that weird. But hey, not a problem I am likely to face anytime soon.

… unless you want to whip together a little fund?

Sami Mokbel reckons Arsenal are going to do their biz early this summer, one of the players he mentions is Orkun Kökcü. He’s Turkish/Dutch, a midfielder, seems fairly versatile. He has a great range of passing from deep, he’s athletic, and he has deft skillz around the box. He’s very young though (19), so the Premier League would be a huge jump, but he certainly has a lot of sharp tools in his box (that doesn’t sound right).

Right, short one today… see you in the comments x


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  1. Marc

    “There are a few mental reports in the press that Arsenal were looking to bring Wenger back to the club to unite the fanbase”

    Didn’t that rumour come from John Cross?

  2. CG

    Mr. Wenger will be returning to AFC at some stage of that there is no doubt.

    It what capacity- none of us can be sure.

    But he will return.

    After all, we are doing so bloody marvellous since he left.

    And If we can get Rambo back too- then we will start looking like Arsenal again.

  3. GunnerDNA


    I agree he needs to win a trophy but there’s no doubt he’s a good manager. To answer your question about who the “survey” would include, I would say 85% of Arsenal fans.

  4. Pedro

    Marc, I don’t see Di Matteo in a job. I don’t see Ranieri at the top of the game. Does anyone care about Martinez’s FA Cup. Where is LVG?

    Pochettino is an elite manager, it’s not in question, no one that approaches him this summer will say:

    ‘Hey, let’s talk about trophies’

    … because that’d be amateur hour.

    There is so much more to hiring the right manager than their trophy haul. Particularly in leagues that are dominated by clubs with unfair resources.

  5. Chris

    I think this summer Pochettino takes the Man Utd job, with Solskjaer moving ‘upstairs’ in a similar role to Edu at Arsenal.

    While this would be bad for us in terms of United stepping up a gear, it would be fascinating to see how it unfolds as a whole.

  6. Pedro

    Chris, what would be dangerous is if United put an elite level tech director in charge with Poch.

    That’s a problem.

  7. Marc


    The Poooooooooch might not need “won a trophy” on his CV to get a new job at a top club but he’ll need to win one to keep it.

    “Does anyone care about Martinez’s FA Cup” Well it seems to have had an influence on the Belgium FA.

  8. CG


    “””Pochettino is an elite manager”””

    Not quite sure ‘elite’ is the word .

    Poch is a very good manager but he cant be elite.

    Elite managers win the trophies.


    They are the Eilte ones.

    (Poch could still yet become eilte though.)

  9. Chris


    I think should Pochettino go to United that would likely happen eventually. It is a delicate situation for that club with Solskjaer. A club doesn’t often simply dismiss its legends entirely or easily. (Perhaps Liverpool did with Dalglish in 2012). United would have to find a way to ease him into something else and likely keep another seat warm for that elite DOF. With all that’s been happening with Woodward, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the club have been thinking about it. The idea of Pochettino going there supported initially by Solskjaer is an easy scenario to imagine.

    It would indeed be dangerous for us and our other rivals, they still have the resources and worldwide pull to be absolutely huge again.

    Hopefully they get Southgate!

  10. CG


    “”Can’t see Raul and the gang wanting Wenger poking his nose into their business””:

    Undoubtedly true.

    And I doubt Wenger will have nothing to do with the club until the rasping , greedy fat spiv has been dismissed.

    Which I predict- will be sooner rather than later.

  11. Marc


    “To answer your question about who the “survey” would include, I would say 85% of Arsenal fans.”

    I really need to start being clearer with you. When I asked who the survey would include I meant how do you / what do you classify as an Arsenal fan?

  12. Tom

    There are a few mental reports in the press that Arsenal were looking to bring Wenger back to the club to unite the fanbase. I honestly couldn’t think of a crazier sentence to write down on paper.

  13. Champagne Charlie

    So Ramsey getting a bosman move to Juve wasn’t the rubber stamp to the claims of him being among the best in class? I’m shocked.

    Poch still getting dismissed on trophy count alone? Cmon people, I’m cringing reading that. He’s a brilliant manager.

    Similar levels to chat about Pep being a fraud when Poch is dismissed over his trophies at Spurs.

  14. CazOnARola

    If solskjaer is sacked, don’t see him being moved upstairs.
    So pedro, you will see a new director with Pochetino.

    United team is athletic and that is the most important thing for a coach like pochetino.

    Arteta has a bigger pbm because it’s the immobility of our midfielders especially that cannot be solved with tactics.

    Pochetino will make United competitive again.

    Even if we challenge for top 4, don’t see us finishing higher than 6th because of the squads of other teams and what they might add in the summer, with Chelsea coming out of a transfer ban.

  15. Carts

    with Solskjaer moving ‘upstairs’ in a similar role to Edu at Arsenal.”

    Ole is fucking clueless – he has no business operting at a technical level in any capacity.

    Utd will probably sneer someone from Soton or Leicetser.

  16. KAY Boss

    I cringe when I hear people debate on the best being the ones with trophies. Poch is a good coach whether with trophies or not (but at he needs one). This same argument goes to players. Some on here measure a players quality based on the club he plays for or number of appearances he’s made.

  17. CazOnARola

    Speaking about Emery’s reign, Leno said: “The mentality out on the pitch, I don’t want to say it was a mess, but it was a bit confusing.

    “Everyone was doing different things.

    “We were not a team. Not in the dressing room, not on the pitch and you could see that.

    The decision to bring in Arteta has been a positive for the players and Leno admits there is a massive difference.

    He added: “I think with Mikel it changed completely, you can see.”

    If you keep aside the hyperbole “massive”, it does highlight that players were confused about what Unai was asking them to do.

  18. Tony

    ‘Mr. Wenger will be returning to AFC at some stage of that there is no doubt.’

    I got no problem seeing Wenger’s ashes scattered on the Emirates turf

    Emery had a few trophies in his cupboard. Surprised you missed that.

  19. Pedro

    Tony, I did see that, case in point. Further analysis would have told a decent Tech Director that he was shite. Bad communicator, zero English, can’t build a defence, and overly cautious with dull tactics.

    Hire managers with trophy blinkers, you’re in trouble. Look for where the game is going, not where it’s been.

  20. GunnerDNA


    “Further analysis would have told a decent Tech Director that he was shite. Bad communicator, zero English, can’t build a defence, and overly cautious with dull tactics”

    Emery wasn’t getting the required result at the start of his second season and was rightly replaced. He’s far from whatever “shit” you’re labeling him. He managed some respectable Club in Europe and he was hired based on past accomplishment. It’s sad seeing people trying to tear a man down who works hard and actually have a coaching career, while campaigning for another because he was sitting beside X, Y, or Z and using quotes from Journalists and trash players to prove his worth. This world is crazy!

  21. Pedro

    Not sure why we are talking Emery again.

    Oh, yes, Poch is elite levels. He’ll find a great club, just hope it isn’t United.

    City would be better, I think he’d struggle there

  22. GunnerDNA


    Emery wasn’t in charge of transfers, we all knew that. It was also reported by the same Journalist that you’re using to justify MA sauciness that he wanted Zaha and Steven Nzonzi and he got LT and Pepe. It was also said that any other coach could come and get results and since Emery left, the improvements are minimal. It’s all just capping and basically trying to force people to believe like we’re Jehovah Witnesses. Emery failed but he’s far from the “shit” you’re labeling him!

  23. GunnerDNA

    It’s sad seeing you labeling a manger who wins a European Competition shit while the manager we hired can’t even get us the required points to challenge to be in the competition. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. Rich

    Pedro quote
    “There is so much more to hiring the right manager than their trophy haul. Particularly in leagues that are dominated by clubs with unfair resources.”

    I don’t remember Arsene getting this type of credit from 2005-2014

    Arsene was pulling up trees during the early years of the stadium move, as United, Chelsea and later City were splashing the cash, and many others also outspending us.

    Arsene selling off his assets year on year, but still delivering CL football, wasn’t considered good enough.

    But Poch doing the same is considered top class…..

    The Poisonous Le Grove, old rat face and Geoff the bell, spewing out their poison for years, about things they haven’t got a clue about.

    Absolute 🔔-ends

  25. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s in bundesliga 2 though, maybe that’s his level? Who knows, I had high hopes for him mostly based on the fact he has the physical attributes to be a good CB unlike everyone else we had at the time but he gets injured far too often and seems like he’s struggling at PL level.

    ESR also has 2 motm in the championship, his 2 latest games. Scored 1 and assisted 1 already for Huddersfield, already bettering Ozils output this season…

    Hope he can stay injury free and get plenty of experience now and take that step up next season to fight for the Cam spot with a new signing.

  26. jwl

    I will be quite surprised if Poch gets hired by major club and then goes onto win significant trophies.

    Pedro is just gaslighting us when he says trophies don’t matter when judging top quality managers, of course they matter. Poch was failure at Spuds, he had top quality squad and couldn’t even win league cup, never mind anything else.

    Poch did interview last season where he said he didn’t feel pressure to win trophies because Spuds don’t have tradition of winning things, that is not proper mindset for top tier coach.

  27. Graham62

    Anyone who sincerely wishes for Wenger’s return, does not have the good of Arsenal Football Club at heart.

    Just an opinion.

  28. Graham62


    A great sob story.

    So it’s Chelski’s, MC’s and MU’s fault that we failed to deliver and not the fact that we were unable to defend as a team, for well over a decade


  29. James wood

    Wenger is like all those old golfers at the Open walking down the 18th
    to rapturous applause even though they have not won anything for the past
    20 years living on past glories I find that very sad.
    They just don’t want to let go.

  30. CG


    “””There is so much more to hiring the right manager than their trophy haul. Particularly in leagues that are dominated by clubs with unfair resources.”

    I don’t remember Arsene getting this type of credit from 2005-2014″”””

    They were my exact thoughts too.

    And yet Poch is Elite but Wenger Ain’t.

    And Yet Wenger wins the trophies
    And Poch dont.

    Arsenal fans( bless them) are a strange bunch.

  31. Big Dave

    Gunner, are you Bamford?

    Emery was a good coach in his domestic league, a less good coach of a huge team on France and an indecisive and muddled coach with Arsenal. This deteriorated at the end of last season and throughout this season as pretty catastrophic.
    The stats prove this, but watching games and seeing g players and team spirit disintegrate was awful.
    Watching Arsenal was a chore and didn’t help anyone’s wellbeing, other than opposition fans who found our coach hysterical.

    All this means that Emery was shite FOR US.
    Maybe he could be reunited with Monchi, who similarly looked poor when he left a set-up and league he knew well.
    It’s horses for courses.
    What’s so difficult to understand?

  32. GunnerDNA

    Big Dave,

    “Gunner, are you Bamford”

    So if I’m no labeling a manager who works at Arsenal, PSG, Sevilla and Valencia “shit” I’m Bamford. Dude I won’t even entertain you!

  33. Bill

    CG, I agree with you to an extent. Wenger was a brilliant and innovative coach in his first 9 years or so. He was helped by the generally terrible fitness levels and awful lifestyles of footballers in England.
    When he came here he introduced modern methods alongside his management skills and encyclopaedic knowledge of footballers.
    He unearthed world class gems.
    Then he became complacent which turned inexorably towards arrogance. Worse still, he worked in a closed system so he wasn’t open to dissenting voices. This resulted I him doing the same thing and not evolving whilst others surged ahead eg Mourinho’s defensive masterclasses, Barca’s tiki taka, which Wenger tried to copy without the athleticism, and now another switch g of the pendulum with young coaches using Klopp’s blueprint of relentless attack with huge energy.
    Wenger got lost in all of this especially as the club did not / could not mat h competitors level of spending. When the wallet was opened, he spent badly.
    Its tragic. Wonderful start to bumbling end. Mourinho’s goi g down the same route to relative mediocrity except he is 1p0% toxic.
    I’m afraid that in politics and football, it doesn’t end up well at the conclusion of careers.

  34. Edu me a favour

    “”” It’s sad seeing you labeling a manger who wins a European Competition shit while the manager we hired can’t even get us the required points to challenge to be in the competition.””””

    It’s sad reading this comment when you know full well that arteta has been in charge for 7 games and you haven’t given him the chance of a preseason , a summer tfer window and a 200 mil spend before you compare him to emery who gave us our worse start in 37 years this season after 18 months in charge and after receiving all of the above

  35. Marc

    Emery didn’t spend £200 million. He was given new players with a high value, which is exactly what Arteta has been given.

    Emery had to go and I want Arteta to be a success but the double standards on here are ridiculous.

  36. Marc

    I hope the FA take the same action against Dele Alli for what he’s done as they’d take against a white player saying something similar about a black person.

  37. Champagne Charlie

    “Emery wasn’t getting the required result at the start of his second season and was rightly replaced. He’s far from whatever “shit” you’re labeling him.“

    Didn’t get the required results in the end of his first season either. So his “desired results” spanned about 3 months, cool.

    He was shit here, end of story. We’ve thankfully moved on, not sure why he’s deserving of the soft touch commentary about his tenure here, he earned 12 mil after dropping us to the lowest ebb in 50 years.

    Please stop marvelling at his Europa league success with Sevilla, totally irrelevant to us.

  38. Pedro

    Marc, Emery was chasing Banega, Nzonzi and when he finally jumped on a target post Sven he shit the bed with Suarez.

    ‘He wasn’t involved’ is a bit of a stretch as well. Plenty of on the record stuff about how they approached transfers

  39. Pedro

    To Pie’a point, crazy we are still going over how badly our disaster hire was… CG still crying over Wenger.

    Move on, Brexit means Brexit

  40. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie
    “He was shit here, end of story. We’ve thankfully moved on, not sure why he’s deserving of the soft touch commentary about his tenure here, he earned 12 mil after dropping us to the lowest ebb in 50 years.”

    106 years since we last won only 6 games in a league season…lol

  41. Habesha Gooner

    Only arsenal fans hyped Ramsey because he was part of our scarce waning resources. He is a good player but was never elite or even consistently good to warrant such attention from the media. He looked good being compared with the rest of our midfielders but I thought he was going to struggle at juve competing with Pjanic, Matuidi, Bentancur, Dybala, and Rabiot. And now there is news about juve selling him.

    Anyway I would love an investment at CB, CAM, and CM. If we are looking for low investments 8 would rather we look at buendia. Creative, Dribbler and a pest to play against. CM we can look at Ligue 1. There are lots of options there. Soumare, Camavinga, Auoar, Cyprien, Maxime López and a lot more. I don’t think we should be signing 19 year olds from Holland for anything above 15 mil If they aren’t obvious like de Jong and donny van debeek.

  42. Hmmmmm

    Ramsey !!! Really he such a wasn’t a very good footballer,, lucky to be around great players in his earlier Arsenal days, after they moved on he looked better than the rest and those who were brought in an attempt to replace those great players, another was Theo, absolutely average, at best they were the home grown players to make up squad numbers.

  43. Dissenter

    What a freaking freak show of a man.
    He would still score for fun in the premier league if he got a chance.

  44. Dissenter

    Emery “chased” players like Nzonzi and Banega however he wasn’t vested with the authority to bring them in.
    You weren’t objective about the club when Emery was around. Yoru anger got the better of you. You knew perfectly well that the manager [Emery and Arteta] outline their needs and the technical director gets the players. the manager has a say, doesn’t get their ways for the most part.

  45. Tom

    Some Arsenal fans hyped Ramsey, some hated him – 1 goal , no assists in 569 min Seria A play.

    Some Arsenal fans hyped Ozil , some hated him – no goals , 1 assist in 1,188 min PL play.

    Some Arsenal fans hyped Iwobi , some hated him- 1 goal , no assists in 1,109 min PL play.

    No one hyped Mkhitaryan though and seemingly everyone was happy to see him leave, including Mkhi – 4 goals 1 assist in 541 min of Serie A play.

    Food for thought

  46. Dream10


    Roma fans are disappointed with Mkhitaryan as he’s be injured for a significant period of the season. Was it a one yr loan? Won’t be surprised if he’s back in the summer.

  47. Pedro

    Dissenter, I was the most objective one. Hence the outcome. You can’t argue that now. What I said at the start happened. He was a bum. We move on.

    Tom, that is interesting. Hope Roma take him this summer.

  48. Pedro

    Kay, not sure why you can’t use the Google… but Marco Rose’s BM are sitting 4th, 4 points off top, with a game in hand against Koln.

  49. Pedro

    Amen RSPC. It’s like getting caught cheating and having to consistently justify yourself… except you didn’t cheat, it’s the person that cheated moaning at you for catching them.

  50. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m hoping that 5he manager is using these 5 months as a gauge for a crack next season.

    Hope he knows what he’s gonna do.

  51. Silverhawk

    Pedro is such a bully. Lol

    I’m personally looking forward to the summer before I give a verdict re Arteta and the supposed better back room. This season is a write off to me.

    Also I’d rather we finish 7-10 than do the whole Europa thing again.
    Hopefully we go on to win it this season.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    When will Sam greenwood be ready for the first team?

    Will he leap frog over Eddie, John jules for a start maybe next season .?

  53. Pedro

    Silver, worked for Klopp… no Europa would be great… but, we’re not as well run as Liverpool and that’d hit our summer for sure.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    As much as I want no Europe next season…
    Nicking the last space via winning Europa would taste good.

  55. Gentlebris

    The team at the top of the table is leading us with 42 points after 25 games(sounds more like fiction than fact)and we are 7 points above relegation places.

    Aren’t we doing so great post Wenger?

    So yeah continue with the Wenger jokes, it makes you look great.

  56. Dream10

    Habesha Gooner

    He’s got a big engine. CM who plays who plays behind the ball. The type Palace/Watford/West Ham sign to fit their 442.

    Ramsey’s injury prone. Also, he’s not a Sarri type CM. Grealish going for 60-70m?
    Likely off the list then. Wonder if someone like Buendia will be on the list.
    3-4 times the wages and deal can be done.

  57. Pedro

    Gentlebris, I think Wenger might be very much a part of that decline, hence the reason the best job offer he can get is Rennes.

  58. GunnerDNA


    “he earned 12 mil after dropping us to the lowest ebb in 50 years. Please stop marvelling at his Europa league success with Sevilla, totally irrelevant to us”

    It’s irrelevant to you and there’s a reason why your opinion was needed when Arsenal made the decision to hire him. He was hired to get us in the EL because of his experience in winning the competition. But here you’re in 2020 trying to bully grown ass men to believe in whatever sauce you see in another dude who’s doing OJT.

  59. Pedro

    GunnerDNA, we didn’t hire someone to win us the Europa League. Raul went on record and negatively pointed out that the comp was his comfort blanket. We hired someone to get us back into the top 4. He failed. Started well, then when he’s terrible ideas setttled, we were a fucking mess.

    I don’t need to argue the sauce now, Emery didn’t have it and he was bullied out by the players. Now we have Arteta, who is making a great impression.

    This is Leno today.

    “He has, in this short time made a big impact,” Leno told reporters. “You can see the intensity we play, also the structure in the team and the mentality [away] from the pitch.

    “Before I don’t want to say it was a mess it was a little bit confusing, everyone was doing different things.

    “We were not a team! Not in the dressing room, not on the pitch and you could see this. I think with Mikel its changed completely.

    “The first day he came he wasn’t talking too much about tactics, he was talking about how we behave in the dressing room, when we go to the games we have to be more professional and more like a team.

    “I think it’s not only what he’s learned from Pep Guardiola. When you talk to people who have worked with him they said he’s a very clever guy with tactics and how to improve players.

  60. Champagne Charlie


    Yes, here I am bullying you by stating Emery didn’t finish his first season with us well and thankfully he was replaced.

    What an embarrassing comment, smells a lot like Banford with that level of nonsense.

  61. GunnerDNA


    What I noticed every time someone pointed out basic facts, you copy and paste someone’s opinion to justify something. I care zero what any of these Arsenal players say, they aren’t good enough. I already pointed out MA will be given the same support I gave UE because he’s the manager of Arsenal. I have no agenda so I’m always gon be honest.


    Continue with your Bamford obsession. What I noticed is since Twitter and IG, the oldest Arsenal fans like to start beef on the internet with people they will never meet in their life time, trying to fit in, you can miss me with that bs!

  62. Pedro

    CC, I could kind of understand people like CG crying over Wenger still, there’s an affection there that he built over 22 years… but this crying over Emery is really weird. He gave us literally nothing, he wasn’t likeable and he tanked us.

  63. Pedro

    GunnerDNA, I copy and paste things that the actual players are saying… it helps reinforce the arguments I made to much derision before Arteta started.

    It doesn’t really matter what you think of their talents, they are the best we have right now and they are responding to a proper coach.

  64. Aussie Gooner

    You can only judge a coach on how he/she manages the resources at hand. Most other business is beyond their remit now (ie purchasing/selling players, contract negotiations etc.) and they can not be judged on that. Emery was unable to manage the resources he had – could not select the right players, could not communicate his ideas (if he had any), could not manage egos, did not have effective in-game strategies, was unable to motivate players etc etc. Ergo he was useless at Arsenal and needed to go. I don’t care if he had previously won the World Cup, ECL, Nobel Piece prize et al – he was crap during his tenure with Arsenal.

    Wenger however was a different beast. He had at least tasted success at Arsenal in the first half of his tenure and must be lauded for that. However that success created a solipsistic monster that systematically dismantled the club and left us on a downward trajectory. He had to go. Let’s move on!

    I hope that Arteta turns out to be better than Emery and Wenger. The jury is still out!

  65. Champagne Charlie

    It’s an obsession to quote the name of the only other poster to cry bully time and again? Makes sense. Not sure what your “oldest fans” bollocks refers to, and the very fact you consider a dismissal of a view as “beef” speaks volumes as is. Proper legend you are.

    Don’t get it at all, Wenger delivered champagne times so I can forgive good will being extended or rose tinted specs now he’s history, but Emery? Literally came in, tanked, got paid, and volleyed out of Colney. Nice guy, but why the fuck is there room for rewriting that mess? Give over.

  66. Rich

    Pedro, let me decipher Leon’s quotes for you:

    Player who wants to keep his place, says something positive about guy who picks the team.

    Player who’s part of our train-wreck season, tries to absolve him and his mates,, from their responsibilities of our current debacle, by throwing someone else under a bus.

  67. Rich

    He probably did lose parts of the dressing room.

    He told Mustafi and Ozil to do one, which was always a dangerous game, unfortunately the club weren’t robust enough in clearing the decks.

    It was the right move to get shot of him, even though I think 5th last season was an overachievement with a pretty bland set of players, and an unbalanced and weak squad.

    The worry is, what happens when the same set of players throw Arteta under a bus?

    The players have to take some of the flack here.

  68. Pedro

    Red, last time you marked down some words on a manager you told us Emery was top 3 in the world. Think we’ll pass

  69. Edu me a favour

    What exactly did emery do in his 18 months to warrant any kind of defence of his time here ?

    I’d love to read a serious answer to that

  70. Redtruth

    I said Emery had a bunch of bad players to work with and I waz proven right as no discernible improvement has materialised, in fact they’re worse than before….

  71. Rich

    Emery’s got a decent CV for someone who’s bang average.

    You’ve dug yourself a big hole now Pedro.

    Wenger delivering top4 from 2005-2014 on a budget was failure

    Wenger delivering three FA cups was failure.

    Top4 isn’t a trophy

    Emery finishing 5th and getting to the Europa final was failure, and sitting in 7th 4points off 4th should have him sacked.

    Your man Arteta has big shoes to fill, when he delivers a mid table finish next season, you’ll have a lot of egg on your face.

  72. Pedro

    Red, top 3 coach in the world should have been able to do the basics.

    1) get the right players
    2) learn the language
    3) work out a coherent system
    4) play the talent in their correct positions
    5) shape a defence
    6) organize a press

    What happened? Arteta is 7 games into his career and most people see he’s making progress with the same players

  73. Pedro

    Rich, I haven’t dug myself a hole. I have faith Arteta is the right man, early signs are strong.

    Emery has a solid streak in the Europa with Sevilla. Average in the league. 5th, 5th, 7th. You have to ask why he was always in the Europa.

  74. Rich


    Bellerin got injured last January, our options have been Niles,Lichtstiner, Chambers

    This season we’ve had Saka and Xhaka at left back.

    Emery got slated for picking Mustafi and Xhaka, Arteta does the same, Xhaka unfortunately is our best midfielder, and Mustafi is always an injury away from becoming a starter.

    Pepe, a player you were screaming for us to buy, has been dropped by three separate managers now.

    Emery was right to go to war with Ozil, who’s clearly way over the hill, his mistake was bringing him back.

    This squad you said was 100% good enough for third, is mainly mid-table dross.

  75. Rich

    Emery promotion with Lorca for first time in their history, then 3 points off back to back promotions

    Promotion with Almeria for first time in their history in first season, then an 8th place finish.

    3x 3rd place finishes with Valencia, in spite of having his squad decimated every summer.

    3x Europa leagues in 3 season with Sevilla, again having his squad decimated every summer

    7 trophies in 2 years in Paris.

    5th place finish and Euroa league final with Arsenal

    Is this really average

  76. Rich

    The point is the tip at the end….

    You’ve tried to get our last 2 managers sacked, and you’ve laid down your benchmark for what constitutes success.

    The benchmarks you’ve set are undeliverable for Arteta, and what you consider failure which is 3rd or 4th, is also unlikely in the next few years.

    You write well, but you’ve been nothing but toxic to Arsenal football club.

  77. Champagne Charlie

    “5th place finish and Euroa league final with Arsenal. Is this really average?”

    The season before was the worst atmosphere experienced in Wenger reign, there was fighting, protests, banners, planes with banners, and a constant media shitstorm about it being an end of an era and how the club was imploding.

    That season offered up 6th place and a EL semi final going out on away goals to the eventual winners – having Auba arrive in Jan for Giroud, cup tied in Europe.

    Emery’s first season had Auba drop a golden boot, see only additions made to the squad, yet delivered a spectacular face plant come the business end of the season when we couldn’t beat 1 side from 6 mid table sides to land CL (our objective). The EL final was also an embarrassing day for the club, so please let’s not rejoice at participating in the final…..because we fucking didn’t. We spectated.

    So yes, bang average, unless you paint a picture that Emery suddenly had wank players to deal with despite having a better group than Wenger the previous season? The story is so boring at this point it’s amazing it still has any traction.

  78. Pedro

    Rich, who said the benchmarks are unachievable? You? Please. You’ve spent the last 2 hours defending our worst manager in 30 years. I’ll take your gut feelings with a huge pinch of nonsense.

    You hope Arteta fails because I’m backing him. If I’m correct, it’ll mean the ‘toxic’ writing you speak of was justified, which will be a hard pill to swallow.

  79. Rich

    Pedro I thought Wenger was our worst manager in 30 years?

    That’s what you were spewing for over a decade?

    I can’t keep up?

  80. Rich

    If Arteta can keep us treading water next season by qualifying for Europa? And develop a young squad for an assault on CL qualification in 2021/22?

    Then I think he’ll have done a good job.

    But our squad really isn’t up to much, even though you were saying should be a shoe in for 3rd.

  81. Pedro

    Rich, you can claim toxic, but I think you’ll struggle to find comments attributed to me where I said Wenger was the worst manager in 30 years.

    You’re struggling to keep up because you’re not paying attention.

  82. Rich

    Pedro you and Geoff the 🔔 were spewing your bile from 2007.

    Yet you claim Poch finishing top4 , is above winning trophies.

    You weren’t saying that 10 years ago.

  83. Pedro

    Rich, it’s not bile if it’s true. Wenger stayed on 10 years too long and here we are. Klopp is at Liverpool. Fans like you, that supported the stagnation, are the truly toxic people.

  84. Pedro

    … but it’s nice that you are showing your true colors here.

    You are coming for Arteta as a revenge attack. Very amusing.

  85. Rich

    Where have I criticised Arteta?

    I think he’s up against it, and I’m happy to give him 24 months free hit, whilst he clears out the dross, and has a chance to bed in some young players

    Wenger stayed on 4 years too long, he should have gone after the FA cup in 2014.

  86. Pedro

    Rich, there isn’t a single person that doesn’t think Arteta is up against it… but you were literally crowing that he’d only managed 8 points in his 6 week tenure the other day… and shock horror, combining with some points about how much of a top-class coach Unai Emery was.

    You have to let Emery and Wenger go.

  87. Rich

    You’re missing my point.

    I’m not necessarily defending Emery or Wenger, I’m saying you’ve set the benchmark for what constitutes failure and success.

    And by your own metrics, if Arteta finishes 5th next season, 2 points off CL, then loses a Europa final?
    Then Arteta by your own metrics has failed.

    I don’t think he will have.

    In fact you told us for years Arsene finishing third and 4th was abject failure, so if Arteta finishes basically anywhere but top, he’s failed.

    But because Arteta is your guy, you’ll give him an entirely different set of metrics.

  88. GunnerDNA


    Why y’all so obsessed with Bamford? Dude got bin and y’all keep mentioning him at every given opportunity. You’re another one who’s suffering from BTS 😷

  89. Pedro


    If Emery delivers a season, with the exact same context and outcome as Emery’s first at Arsenal, he will be tarred a failure.

    To do that:

    He’d have to have zero playing identity
    He’d have made the defence worse
    He’d have to lose top 4 from a winning position
    He’d have to put on an embarrassingly meek Europa Final performance against a side with a manager all the players hated
    He’d have to regress against almost every Arsene Wenger metric (during his worse season)

  90. Pedro

    That is one dense article.

    But basically, conclusion is Emery was shite, Arteta has to fix it.

    Rich, you should probably jump on that read before you come back here defending Emery.

  91. rollen

    On field progress + one of FA or Europa cups + summer clear out otherwise its garbage for Arteta. Judge him in December 21

  92. rollen

    lol Why u guys lie? Many on here and stadium was shouting ” we got our Arsenal back” so first 3/4 of the season he clearly overachieved. Later on all went to shit therefore the sack. Easy.