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My life is coronavirus roulette at the moment, I am on a plane again keeping a VERY close eye on anyone sniffling. I’m also not happy about the ‘too good to share your air’ crew with their statement face masks. I have substantial doubts that a $1 mask you bought for $50 on eBay is saving you from this.

So what do we have for you today?


He responded to an AFTV tweet and said we’ve made moves already, and they are good players. For reference, his taste levels are that Cedric and Mari are not Arsenal level. So hopefully that means the names we have lined up are absolutely a-grade prime meat.

Now, I’m not one for idle speculation, but one would imagine we’ve either sealed deals for players with buyout clauses, or players that have limited months left on their contracts. Upemacano seems like it could be a thing, then I wonder if maybe we’ve signed Timo Werner. The Timo thing is just because I think he’s a good striker and I hear he has a reasonably low buyout. Total speculation on my part, but his game would suit Mikel.

One thing is for sure, the club has to move fast so we don’t get caught in the Euro 2020, ‘the player can’t talk until after they see if their value spikes to unreasonable levels of hypeflation.’

To live in a more grounded world, the positives that we can take from this is that Arteta is more than aware of what he needs to do this summer, and he’s in lockstep with Edu. I hope Arsenal is as aggressive at moving players in as they are at moving them out. I wonder whether part of the deal he had with certain players centered around the quid pro quo of: ‘You stay with me for 5 months, I’ll get you playing better and help you find a better club this summer.’

I struggle to see Auba staying on another year. Not so much because I worry about his age, more because I see him as one of the few genuine bartering chips we have this summer. We could land £50-60m for him, or we could use him as a bartering chip for someone like Coutinho.

Lacazette will still have appeal, regardless of his form. The guy has a solid track record of scoring and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a club from Spain or France come knocking for his services again. Fee is debatable, but if we can get £40m for Iwobi, at a minimum we should be recouping our outlay. I mean Spurs dropped nearly £60m on Ndombele and he still doesn’t have the right level of fitness and we’re in February. There is more than enough money flowing in the world of football to get what we need out of this summer. Then it’s about how we spend it, keep the wage bill sensible, and pray to the footballing gods Arteta can gel them in time for next season.

We should be competing for top 4 next season. Chelsea aren’t that much better than us and I don’t think Lampard is elite. City are in a bit of a mess with the very real potential of losing Pepe. United are looking at replacing Ole with Southgate, need I say more? Spurs will go the way all Jose teams do, but faster. So that creates an opening for us to scrape 4th.

All dependent on how effective our summer is… we have 14 players with question marks over their heads. Quite astonishing how we keep landing ourselves here. At least we have clear leadership in the dugout now.

Right, short post today, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Habesha Gooner

    I know people Have some issues wiyh our squad, but honestly the positions we really need to Adress as starters are CM, CAM and CB (though Mari and Saliba might have something to say about that). I know it’s the spine of the team but there are good players at decent prices if we look for them. The rest of the Positions, we could easily fund from selling our own players. Our attack Has real talent and depth to it. It would only need fixing If someone leaves. Midfield needs real Work. Defense needs addressing with a backup left back and A starter CB as targets. So It will depend on how much arteta is gonna get out of them.

  2. Marc


    Defence and midfield need attention but I think the club took a view of what can we do at the moment and where is the squad. We bought Saliba for the long term and Luiz to cover Kos leaving, a new left back to replace Monreal – this was seen as being enough to get us through. Midfield Xhaka was / is seen as being suitable (fuck knows why) and Torreira is at minimum a decent player, Ceballos was brought in on loan as well. We also had some highly rated youngster coming into the first team squad.

    What really happened is Emery went from having a meltdown at the end of last season to completely losing the plot – dropped Torreira for God knows what reason and the rest is history.

  3. China1

    I think pepe would do better with an aggressive wing back overlapping more often

    We know he much prefers to cut inside but if there’s no one outside to foil him coming inside it makes him look a bit isolated in the opposition half sometimes

  4. Marc


    Could well be but we’ve only had one real RB in the squad up till now and he’s been injured.

    Again that’s just another issue that won’t have helped him adapt.

  5. raptora

    The Cedric I remember from couple of years ago was a really good full back.
    Not a surprise rumors were he was a transfer target for Barcelona, Juventus, Chelsea, Manure and us at the time.

    That player was good.

    If he’s dropped the level is another story.

    But no way is he a Lichtsteiner or AMN. He’ll do okay for us.

  6. Luisjo

    We won’t get top 4 with a manager that can’t pick the best team. Lacazette will likely still be here next season because only Arsene Wenger bought him because he was senile, no club in world football wants a short, slow striker that doesn’t score away goals. Championship sides haven’t got the money but he is a championship quality player and he gets picked every game by Arteta

  7. Marc


    A dislocated shoulder is not something you want to do repeat damage to – it’s probably a case of getting him fully fit and up to speed with next season in mind.

    I’m not sure when Kolas is back but Saka has done a very solid job there.

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    When you look at this current arsenal squad vs the ones between ’14 and ’18, there are positives at every position.

    We have a ball-playing winger now. We have a top-class finisher like Auba. We have a gutsy DM like LT11. We do have CBs who are supposed to be better than Kos plus Per plus whoever else used to put in shifts? Leno, by no means is poorer than Cech. We also have 2 LBs, one of whom was billed as best among Europe
    best young talent. Guend and Ceballos are way way better than Wilshere & Co.

    But in spite so many positives, if the goals are all gone, is that because we do not have a creative MF anymore and a finisher like Sanchez? Is Sanchez’s absence and Ozil’s poor form root of so much shit? Arsenal’s SOTs were never great even then. But there were many many 1-0, 2-1 wins then. But there were an occasional 4-1, 3-0 wins as well. which have totally vanished now.

    Isn’t this baffling? Doesn’t this underscore how badly Arsenal needs a creative AM? Doesn’t this tell us all what we lost when Sanchez suddenly lost frm and we replaced him with a piece of cloth named Laca?

  9. Dissenter

    Dislocated shoulders don’t often require surgeries, especially in young healthy subjects
    I just wonder if this was a recurring injury that made the club opt to a definitive surgical fix.

  10. Northbanker

    I think the 2 key positions to consider are DM and CAM
    CB would only need to be addressed if we manage offload Sok and Mustafi and even then it might depend on the progress of Marí and whether Holding gets enough game time to re-prove himself or else he will also be sold

  11. Marc


    It’s less DM and more the player next to Torreira that is a priority. I can see both Sok and Mustafi (please God) being sold in the summer so with Chambers injured that would leave us with Luiz, Holding and Saliba so another CB would be required.

  12. Northbanker

    Agree that a CAM is badly needed to create the space for our forwards
    The Sanchez factor is I believe already resolved with the development of Saka and Martinelli. Once we have our LBs back (for better or worse Kola should be available next week) we can move Saka back to LW

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    “Actually technically we replaced Sanchez with Miki.:

    1) well, technically, we replaced Sanchez by Miki commercially
    2) what a cropper that decision came up to be
    3) I still think we could have put up with Miki for a while. Laca turned out to be worse. laca is just parking his time in London.

  14. Marc


    As long as Auba doesn’t throw his toys out of the pram and unless someone comes in with a mega money deal – £80 million area I would keep him even if it means he goes on a free. In a better team next season he could be the difference between top 4 and mid table. The £60 or so million it would give us would be worth losing a player who would not bring in more in a transfer fee.

    Our biggest problem is Laca – if he can’t get his act together his value will be pretty poor. Martinelli can easily come in next season and be class as cover as well as first choice LW.

  15. GunnerDNA

    Carlo Ancelotti is not doing too badly at Everton despite all the talk about not having enough sauce for Arsenal 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. Ishola70

    Just caught the last 20 minutes of the Everton game and it was quite impressive how high their work-rate was in closing down the opposition in the later stages of the match.

    A little marooned now in 10th.

  17. Dissenter

    Carlo Ancelotti has quietly moved Everton to 7th place to a position where a remote run at 4th place is not impossible.
    At least they will be gunning for that EL spot which will be a step-up for a club such as Everton.

    You can’t pare results away from performance

  18. Ishola70

    Arteta needs to start showing the sauce because really the teams currently above Arsenal from 9th place are not clearly inferior sides atm.

  19. Habesha Gooner

    Luis Alberto of Lazio has become quite the player. Looked like he was never going to make it at Liverpool but He looks a totally different player now. Another player we could target for a CAM role in the summer.

  20. Marc

    That’s the point I’ve been making for a few weeks now. The lack of wins is not only a “thing” because it means even an outside run at top 4 is a no go but come the summer how attractive will we be?

    Yes Arteta is a highly rated young coach who many think (and outside of here) has a really bright future in the game but he needs to show he’s a “winner”. In his case it’s getting a run of PL wins, the Pooooch never won a trophy why are ManU being linked with Southgate – another mediocre coach when the Poooooch is available and at least has a track record in the PL?

  21. Marc


    Why would you buy a bunch of players to help you compete in the CL when the those very players took Arsenal from top 4 to 5th to 10th?

  22. GunnerDNA


    “Yes Arteta is a highly rated young coach who many think (and outside of here) has a really bright future in the game”

    Says who?

  23. Thank you and goodnight.


    Fuck them, let utd go for Southgate. I agree he’s average. Then next season when Arteta goes we can get Poch. Lol.
    I want Arteta to succeed but I said on here months ago I think this is to big a job for a novice manager. Let’s hope Arteta proves me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, rather Arteta than Emery, but I would of preferred Carlo.

  24. Marc


    Henry Winter and the other journalists on Sunday Supplement last week and Pep Guardiola for a start.

    Doesn’t mean he does just means he’s rated by some.

  25. Thorough

    Musa Barrow of Bologna.
    Boga of Sassuolo.
    Two wingers/support strikers I’ve enjoyed every single time I’ve watched them this season.

  26. Marc


    You missed my point – if the Poooooooch is as good as everyone seems to think why are ManU looking at a manager who was pretty shit at managerial level and if you’re honest had a piss poor world cup performance wise?

    There has to be something that put’s them off of the Pooooooooooooch!

  27. Ishola70

    Arteta just needs to get those few wins on the card and then his early stint then begins to look pretty good = only one defeat and those added points on the board.

    So the Newcastle match is really a must win and then the Everton game will be an interesting one. Only thing is that Everton match comes just a few days after Olympiakos away match and I don’t think the Greeks will be an easy tie. They lost narrowly at home to Bayern and drew with Spurs both at home in the CL and were giving Spurs a game away from home until they gave up some bad goals.

  28. Nelson

    Up to now, Arteta has design a system to accommodate a slow Xhaka. The attack is tilted to the left side. As Arteta said,” being a left footed CB, Pablo Mari will balance the defense. ” Now we can sign two box to box CM’s teaming up with Torr thereby saying goodbye to Xhaka and Ozil.

  29. Ishola70

    The thing with Olympiakos is that they have goals in their side.

    They scored six goals on Spurs and Bayern in their matches against them in the CL.

    So looks like Arsenal will have to get their shooting boots on and this can be done because although Olympiakos didn’t do too badly against Spurs and Bayern they had a horrible result away to Red Star Belgrade shipping three goals there.

    So we can expect goals most probably in the EL ties against them.

  30. Ishola70


    “Now we can sign two box to box CM’s teaming up with Torr thereby saying goodbye to Xhaka and Ozil.”

    Sounds good doesn’t it.

    Whether it will happen is another story.

  31. GunnerDNA


    “Doesn’t mean he does just means he’s rated by some”


    Most of them capping though! MA hasn’t proven anything at Arsenal yet to substantiate those claims. If he doesn’t improve his team selection, game management and substitutions in games coming up, he will be gone early next season. His back room staff needs serious upgrade too!

  32. Thank you and goodnight

    If we get knocked out of the Europa League I got one think it will be a good thing. Because I really don’t think some fans realise we are already in a relegation battle. Let’s not kid ourselves we’re to good to go down. While players are playing a little better, as of yet I haven’t seen ANY special sauce from Arteta. He’s still playing the wrong players and whilst we’ve slightly tightened up at the back, creatively we are worse off than even under Emery.

  33. Marc


    Have you looked at our remaining fixtures? Our next 6 fixtures could all be classed as must wins, in fact I’d say anything other than 5 wins and a draw would be poor. Those fixtures are:

    Newcastle H
    Everton H
    West Ham H
    Brighton A
    Southampton A
    Norwich H

    After that our run in is pretty brutal:

    Wolves A
    Leicester H
    Spud’s A
    Liverpool H
    Villa A (could still be fighting relegation)
    Watford H (could still be fighting relegation)

    We also have City A which will be inserted in there somewhere.

    Out of those 7 how many points does everyone think we’ll pick up?

    If we don’t get a run going in the next 6 we could seriously be drawn into a relegation battle or be finishing 12th to 16th.

  34. Pierre

    “When you look at this current arsenal squad vs the ones between ’14 and ’18, there are positives at every position.We have a ball-playing winger now. We have a top-class finisher like Auba. We have a gutsy DM like LT11. We do have CBs who are supposed to be better than Kos plus Per plus whoever else used to put in shifts? Leno, by no means is poorer than Cech. We also have 2 LBs, one of whom was billed as best among Europe
    best young talent. Guend and Ceballos are way way better than Wilshere & Co.But in spite so many positives, if the goals are all gone, is that because we do not have a creative MF anymore and a finisher like Sanchez? Is Sanchez’s absence and Ozil’s poor form root of so much shit? Arsenal’s SOTs were never great even then. But there were many many 1-0, 2-1 wins then. But there were an occasional 4-1, 3-0 wins as well. which have totally vanished now.Isn’t this baffling? ”

    Whether you meant to or not, you have just made a very good case for the managerial skills of Arsene Wenger.

  35. Marc


    Again you missed my point. Even if Arteta is considered the 2nd coming of managers if we don’t put a run together we go into the summer with what attraction to new players? A couple of wins, a few losses and a world record number of draws?

  36. GunnerDNA


    “Whether you meant to or not, you have just made a very good case for the managerial skills of Arsene Wenger.”

    You also need to take into consideration the improvements of the opposition’s in that time frame also! No?

  37. Ishola70


    Newcastle H
    Everton H
    West Ham H
    Brighton A
    Southampton A
    Norwich H

    Well there are four games there that should be won at this stage and to help Arteta and the side along those being Newcastle, West Ham and Norwich at home and Brighton away. Not so sure about Everton at home and Southampton away.

    Four wins and two draws out of that lot and Arsenal will rise up the table and Arteta’s start at Arsenal will actually start to look good.

  38. Marc


    We’ve achieved more league wins against Everton than any other team in history.

    They’ve been our bitches since football started – if Emery was in charge or if we’d appointed another manager instead of Arteta Pedro would be demanding a win especially after a winter break and some warm weather training.

  39. Marc


    Also if we can’t beat Everton at home what will we do against City, Wolves and the Spud’s away and Liverpool and Leicester at home?

  40. Ishola70

    Yeah a win against Everton is wholly gettable of course but just a little doubt because of the game coming just a few days after the EL tie and Everton could be on a little bounce now themselves with Ancelotti.

    The other three home matches against Newcastle, West Ham and Norwich no excuses at all. No more draws in those ones. Can’t happen.

  41. China1

    I’m not sure that the league is really any stronger than it used to be 5 years ago

    I think the reality is all the big six have been wank this season outside of Liverpool (amazing) and city (ok) relatively speaking. Every other big team has ranged from wildly inconsistent to outright trash.

    Leicester are the only team in the league apart from pool and city who I’d say look like a really good outfit.

    Every year 1-3 teams over achieve a bit though, whether it’s been Leicester and Sheffield utd so far this season or whoever in years gone by. When arsenal made the CL final Middlesbrough made the Uefa cup final and were that kind of team. It’s normal.

    People have a habit of talking up the really tough games against Sheffield utd, burnley, wolves etc but all these teams after 25 games are within a stones throw of arsenal. And we can all agree that arsenal have been categorically awful this season so being anywhere near us doesn’t say much

  42. China1

    We can’t buy a win all season, have had our worst start to a season in a few million years, gone through 3 managers, played the worst football in a generation and had extremely few positives. We also want most of our squad burned down and sold off in the summer

    So if a team is within 8 points of us they too must be crap this season, regardless of what number they are in the table or if they are outperforming relative to their small club size

  43. China1

    Or another way to put it is all the teams we play so badly against but draw with are failing to beat arsenal even when we are trash

    It’s not a good look for anyone tbh

  44. Pierre

    It’s all very well having great attacking talent , which I believe we have had since Aubameyang arrived.

    The art , and it is an art , is to make them into a creative force .
    As yet , and it is early days , Arteta hasn’t found the key to unlocking the talent at his disposal , the balance isn’t right and the football doesn’t flow.( united game the exception)

    Emery actually had us looking better going forward in the early days of his management at Arsenal , the football at home to leicester and spurs and away to Fulham was quality.

    It has been said ( by me) that this was partly due to Wenger’s DNA influencing our football and when Emery’s DNA took hold , our football suffered , though it has to be said , there were a few decent results in the 2nd half of the season…

    Enough has been said about Emery’s football this season , so what’s the answer.

    Maybe it’s time to let the players play with more freedom in the final 3rd…
    Pepe and Saka could be the key , they both can create and they both can score .

    Put them on either wing with Aubameyang up top and then it’s a choice of willock , Ceballos or Ozil supporting , or even try a 4-4-2 with 2 up front from Aubameyang/Lacazette/Martinelli.

    Hopefully Kolasinac will be fit next week at left back to give us more attacking options and with Bellerin on the right ,we will have a good balance .

    Pepe could be the key to our success or failure this season,
    Arteta needs to show trust in him and allow him to take risks on the ball and he could make the difference.

    Martinelli and Lacazette on the bench would be excellent options .

    Newcastle are a very average team so there is no reason for Arsenal to go into this game with fear.

  45. jwl

    Cannabis is legal in Canada now but you have to order it through government website in my province. I’ve learned today there is grey market where you just call a number, tell dude what you want and they deliver order to your door within two hours.

    God is good.

  46. Chris

    Personally I would play Pepe on a more regular basis and give him licence to be himself. His unpredictable style of play and ability to beat a man is what we need more of. I have observed some teams doubling up on him, this obviously creates space for our other roosters. I would like to see a front 3 of Martinelli (keeping the connection with Saka), Aubameyang and Pepe.

  47. Nelson

    Once we have Luiz and Mari established as our CB pair, our attack will be more balance. Luiz can feed Bellerin on the sideline, who can then overlap with Pepe. Mari will feed Saka/Kola on the left side as before. Having a balance attack is more difficult to defend.

  48. Chris

    Cracking game on on the championship in a minute, Forest bs Leeds, should be an all action blood and thunder end to end match.

    Beats watching a likely dull as dishwater Brighton/Watford game.

  49. Graham62


    A few weeks back WBA and Leeds looked nailed on to get automatic promotion.

    Now Fulham, Brentford, Forest, Bristol City and Preston are all in with a shout.

    Most competitive league in Europe.

  50. Zacharse

    I agree, Mari is much better in the air than any of our current CBs supposedly which will make a HUGE diff at set pieces should all go according to plan

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Mask is shit

    Over here shops selling out of ibropren because of it.
    The fucking chines bringing back an illness that’s been dead for 40 years so they could test it…
    That mob if it moves they cook it…cunts

  52. Chris


    It is indeed. It is a roller coaster of a league where it truly is ‘any given Saturday’.

    I read an article some time ago given by some fans from Championship teams, who preferred the chase and thrill of promotion and winning games on a regular basis, as opposed to grinding out games in the Premier League to survive at all costs. This doesn’t apply to all teams that go up of course because some have flourished in the top flight.

    From a certain point of view I can understand that thinking, the best part about going to watch your team is seeing them win. I don’t completely agree because you have to shoot for the stars, but I can see the way some might feel like this guy

    It is certainly entertaining for a neutral most of the time!!

  53. Chris

    I’d like to see Brentford come up. Love to see teams who haven’t been in the top flight ever, or for a long time, as opposed to yo-yo teams.

  54. Marc

    You have to wonder if the Corona virus is a little bit of karma. They now reckon it’s source could be the Pangolin, one of the most endangered animals in the world.

    You push an animal to the edge of extinction because you want to eat it? Result is currently bordering on a pandemic.

  55. jwl

    Chris – you got that thing where you proofread before posting, don’t see any mistakes, post your comment then immediately see misspellings. I do it all the time, even in my work emails, makes me bonkers.

  56. jwl

    Marc – I can’t tell if it complete and utter bullshit or if governments keeping news blackout but there are strong rumours that Chinese descent scientist here in Canada, bio-lab in Winnipeg, smuggled corona virus out of Canada last summer and gave it bio-lab located in Wuhan and now it lose.

  57. Marc


    Sounds like complete and utter bullshit – someone’s been watching too many episodes of the X Files or one of those moronic Ancient Aliens / Alien Files unsealed series.

    It’s a new strain of a type of virus that has been round for ever. China is the perfect evolutionary place for these things. Massive concentrations of people and then live birds, pigs and reptiles keep together in food markets.

    Shit happens – I used to know someone who claimed HIV was man made because there was no other disease like it in nature – he wouldn’t have it that there is a disease called SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) that infects Monkeys and Apes.

  58. jwl

    Marc ordinarily I don’t believe conspiracy theories either but the scientist they accusing has been named and work colleagues interviewed. In theory, she could sue for libel if they wrong.

    The scientist who worked at the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg made at least five trips to China between 2017-18, including one to train scientists and technicians at China’s newly certified Level 4 lab, which does research with the most deadly pathogens.

    Xiangguo Qiu, who was escorted out of the Winnipeg lab in July amid an investigation into what’s being described by Public Health Agency of Canada as a possible “policy breach”, was invited to go to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences twice a year for two years, for up to two weeks each time.

    Several of Mrs Qiu’s co-workers say there have always been questions about her trips to China, and what information and technology she was sharing with researchers there.

  59. Nelson

    “Chinese descent scientist here in Canada, bio-lab in Winnipeg, smuggled corona virus out of Canada last summer”

    source please. I am interested in this rumor.

  60. The Plug

    I can’t possibly imagine that either of the two reported signings are CBs.

    We have:

    David Luiz
    Pablo Mari

    On our books come summer.. surely we need to sell before we buy?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if a striker was one as it looks likely we won’t keep Auba, Volland is more likely than Werner.

    Maybe a boxtobox central midfielder as well.

    Either way I expect a lot of traffic this summer.