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Honestly, if there are any therapists out there, drop your number in the comments section, I have about 50 potential clients that have serious Emery detachment issues.

Therapist: ‘Would anyone like to open?’

Patient 1: ‘Listen, I don’t want to say he was like a father to me, more of a fleeting uncle, but whatever, THE FANS SLANDERED HIM and that’s wrong. The world is a terrible place.’

Therapist: Circle of trust people, who else has something to say?

Patient 2: ‘I haven’t had a hit of Unai for, ummm, about 6 weeks now’

< applause from the group >

‘But god damn it I miss him. I loved the way he said ‘evening’, it was like brutalist linguistics. I miss Kola on the overlap. The 4 captains. Leaving games after 62 minutes.’

Geeeeeez guys, let’s take our foot off the Emery nostalgia gas. It’s getting boring. What are you even defending? The football was so miserable people started picking up season tickets to the ruggers. Time to move on. Far too much Stockholm Syndrome out there and it’s depressing.

Let’s get back to the signings. David Ornstein said that Southampton were shocked that we picked up a Kia player from them that they deemed so average, they thought he’d take the free and go to a lower level team. Quite the statement. Kike Marin, LEGEND of Twitter, thinks both singings are NOT Arsenal level and wonders what prompted us to do the deals.

I mean… all I can do is shrug. If these players don’t deliver, we are back to asking serious questions again, because the worry is the mighty Edu will be proven to have black nails under that white knight costume. The only hope I have is that, firstly, Mari brings some of that sexy Brazil form to the starting 11, and secondly, Kia has a very, very, very tasty player heading our way in exchange for the particularly weird signing fans hope will be good because he had nice things to say in his prezzer.

Still not great is it? The subtext is not good. If we’re skint, I’d rather keep the agent fees so we can buy bigger players this summer.

Maybe Kia is helping us sell players? That’d be a nice exchange. Right?

Who knows. I just don’t like it, but what can I do? Nothing. Maybe I need some therapy? I apparently can through my insurance… but substandard. What does that mean? That they make your problems worse? Or give you bad solutions? How do you know if a therapist is shit?

My dad might… I’ll be accusing him of fake crimes in no time, then I’ll have my answer.

Or were they fake?

Gabriel has nationality issues.

“I have Italian citizenship from my father. So I have the option of playing for Brazil or Italy,”

“But that’s just the future; I have to keep working here at Arsenal, and only then we will see what lies ahead.

I think I would take the Italian job, great food, lots of culture, and easier to get to on a boat (we hear you, Greta). I also think players that pick a country allegiance just because it’s a bit more convenient are pretty cool. Senna took Spain. Vieri was an Aussie and he took Italy. Giggs was English. Elite stuff.

Mesut Ozil has more attackers (like, violent criminals) in court. This time, two Turkish guys who threatened to kill him. No news on why. Can’t imagine that’ll go down well with Erdogan, those poor guys don’t know who they fucked with. Bigger thing here… what the hell is wrong with people? This feels quite new. United fans with Woodward embarrassing themselves as well. Pathetic and cowardly.

I think that’s it? I don’t have much more to say today. More tomorrow. A podcast for sure. See you in the comments my darlings, but let’s mostly keep it to forward-facing conversations and can we please, please, please, stop asking inane questions like: Why are you not judging Arteta the same way you judged Emery after his 18 months, 2 full preseasons, and £200m in expenditure. I shan’t be answering today, I’m having therapy.



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  1. Champagne Charlie


    Auba is 31 end of the season and we either extend his 200k per week contract (with an inevitable bump) or we sell. I don’t think we’re at a point to be holding onto anyone at that stage – especially with noises being made about him wanting to go.

    You’re talking 40 mil for him, 55 if we do well. More likely we’ll try and use him in a deal with a potential suitor, Coutinho a good shout, and get more for the money that way.

    Ozil is likely a nominal fee, but his wages off the books is a big enough thing at nearly 20 mil per annum.

    Those two players need dealing with right from the off because they’re into their final years.

    Then you’ve got Elneny and Mkhi that will likely bring in 15-20 mil, maybe more after their respective loans.

    That’s 4 players with a question over their futures before any potential tinkering of the squad from Arteta’s pov. All in you’re talking circa 70 mil worth of money in. I think our budget for the summer will be in that region anyway NET.

  2. Chris

    Spurs can consider themselves lucky to be level at the break. Shame Ward-Prowse got injured, hope it doesn’t ruin Southampton’s attacking fluency that they have shown so far.

    Would like to see Spurs’ xG from the last 2 games, Mourinho is doing his best Emery impression for Spurs from what I have seen of them so far!

  3. Zacharse


    you’re forgetting a CB moving on, Sok/Mustafi as well as Kola if Soares works out, Soares by the way can be signed on a free in the summer if i’m not mistaken

  4. Chris

    Zacharse Aubameyang has been a goal machine since he joined us. He is still in great shape and has years left in him. Sometimes the impression I get on Le Grove is that he could be easily dispensed with and we would be no worse for it.

  5. Zacharse

    Maybe thats your inpression but the reality is he’s on 200k a week and has a year left. One more contract round to make bank before his career is over. So for us to put him on ozil wages makes a bit less sense seeing as we’re on a major rebuild and need that money for a midfield that will see us into the future, not a striker who’s got a year or two, maybe less w a nasty injury which isnt uncommon in the epl, left in him and whose wages will be prohibitively high

  6. Chris

    It’s not an impression. It is fact. He has scored 46 goals in 72 appearances for us. That is a sensational ratio. We do not have to extend him for 5 years. Who says he would be on Ozil sized wages? I am sure the club would be keen to avoid a repeat of that scenario.

    I would personally rather see the sale of Lacazette to help fund a rebuild and retain the services of our most prolific striker since van Persie, I just hope he wants to stay with us.

  7. Olumide

    Aubameyang has been a goal machine since he joined us. He is still in great shape and has years left in him. Sometimes the impression I get on Le Grove is that he could be easily dispensed with and we would be no worse for it.

    I agree with you. I’d rather we extand Aubameyang than sell for 40 million. We funny that more people clamour for us to sell Aubameyang than Lacazette.
    Selling someone who scores almost half of our goals for 40 million is bad business. We’d probably need 80 million or more to buy a player who can score similar amount of goals (wasn’t crystal Palace asking for 80 million for Zaha who doesn’t even score goals?).
    With Aubameyang’s style of play and physique, I think he’ll still be scoring goals in 2 to 3 years time. He doesn’t even get injured. Has one of the best injury records at Arsenal.

  8. Pedro

    David Luiz is a bigger Mikel fanboy than me.

    “What Mikel is trying to build is something big and I really believe in his philosophy, I really believe we can do something big this year and in the future, so I’m really, really happy because we have our way to go. This way, is it going to be a hard way? Yes. Is it going to be difficult to achieve? Yes, but it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible.

    “The first thing is to believe. If you don’t dream, and you don’t believe, then your dream is impossible. To do something, I think the first thing is you have to dream, and then you believe you can do it, then after to study how to do it, and then to understand during this process you’re going to have some good moments and some difficult moments but you can never change your mind, you can never change your mentality and you will always have to come back to the beginning and understand.”

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Pedro the arteta groupie.

    Do you agree he was wrong to sell ozil even without a replacement.?

    Or do you think he was right and ozil is important to the team.?

  10. Chris

    Olumide this is how I see it. Don’t get me wrong I like Lacazette a hell of a lot but I think we would miss him far less. He would likely also fetch a decent fee, enough to invest in other areas of the team. Like you say Aubameyang has rarely if ever been injured, he is very durable and I can’t see any reason why he can’t keep up his form for us for the next few years should he stay.

  11. Zacharse


    I agree. I’d rather see laca go. As for whether or not Auba would be on ozil wages, neither of us really knows but i’d bet thats whats he’s looking for…after playing w ozil

  12. James wood

    I believe Ramsey was looking for Ozils wages.
    So on that basis and if the club are looking to
    restructure the salary’s then Auba has no chance
    of getting £350.000 a week.

  13. Chris

    Zacharse – James Yes no doubt he will be looking for a rise, hopefully it will not be quite to the extent of what Ozil is allegedly on. The club will obviously have a decision to make if he does want that much but hopefully it won’t come to that.

  14. Samir

    Aubameyang is 30 guys. 31 in June. If we can get 50-60M for him in the Summer we should cash in.

    With our squad being so unbalanced we need all the investment we can get.

    Gabriel Jesus will surely be looking to move in the summer?

  15. Zacharse

    I think the prob w laca is who’s gonna buy him. Atleti was interested, looks like the cavani deal blew up, who knows if they are still after laca on this run… i imagine his wages arent low either. Maybe inter or everton take a chance on him, maybe even psg if they need a back up w cavani leaving…
    But either way i can’t imagine arteta doesnt have his eye on someone who can be more physical and press more effectively than auba or laca

  16. Champagne Charlie

    It’s nothing to do with a lack of credit being given to Auba, it’s the fact he has a year left on his deal past this summer, so we sell or sign him. Is Arsenal in any position to be tying 31 year olds down to 250k contracts? No, not imo.

    Should be less fear surrounding his replacement (and that’s the key word) than there is, Liverpool sold Suarez, sold Coutinho, I think it’s a bit defeatist to suggest we flounder without Auba.

  17. Aussie Gooner

    This from Abidal re Barca’s transfer plans:
    “There is a list with players like [Olivier] Giroud, [Fernando] Llorente or Aubameyang, but for one thing or another we decided not to sign [someone in January].”
    Oh dear, it looks like Abu has already been relegated to the ‘hasbeen’ category!

  18. Dissenter

    I recall being duped when Papsok were talking up Unai Emery
    Papsok on Emery: ““He’s the best coach I had in my career,” he says. “That’s because I have improved a lot under him. I play faster than one, two or three years ago. I think more and I make better decisions and his coaches do a lot of individual work with us. ”
    ———He’s been coached by Klopp before

    Give it up man. You’re coming more and more of an Arteta-fan boy at this point. Arteta doesn’t take himself as seriously as you take.

  19. James wood

    Dominic Calvin Lewis
    22 years old.
    About 20million transfer value.?
    Scored 10 goals this season .
    Mobile and Leads the line well
    I have said it before and it’s free.👌

  20. Chris

    Champagne Charlie

    I feel that in our current position the last thing we should be doing is letting go out of our main source of goals. So I don’t agree with you this time (I normally do). I don’t think age is the biggest concern with Aubameyang. He is a robust athlete who can carry on for years. Another 3-4 years at 250k per week with his current output? Sign me up. No guarantees he continues his ratio obviously but I feel he would.

    I don’t think it should be underestimated how it won’t be so easy to replace his goals should he go.

  21. Aussie Gooner

    Re: Saliba’s return from yet another injury:

    He echoed the sentiments of Debuchy, also highlighting team-mate Wesley Fofana as a player to watch from the club. Cabaye added: “He’s like a big man – he’s only 18 but he’s like a big man. The way he plays, him and Wesley Fofana are both fantastic. “The future look bright for them and I hope they continue in the same way.”He’s strong and hopefully he will adapt himself really quickly. In a club like Arsenal with French players I think he can do really well.”

    Anyone know anything about Fofana?

  22. Champagne Charlie


    I personally side with the ‘sell by a certain time and go younger’ idea. I’m not dismissing the fact he’s a major goal getter for us, but I think the team over the last 18 months has morphed into one that looks for Auba because it was the only thing working under a poor managers confused attacking approach.

    I believe we’ll be much better served come next season with Arteta weaving the attacking patterns, so when faced with a situation like Auba’s contract I think we ought to sell and reboot.

    We’ll reach a point again where it’s beneficial to to recoup guys in their early 30’s, but right now it’s not it for me. Turn them over and reinvest the coin, build that side up and back the manager to coach the lot. Liverpool have to be the blueprint for me, and they’ve not held onto anyone at that age when a decision was due to be made.

    In fact they’ve basically sold at every opportunity and backed themselves to come back bigger (and they have), so now they don’t need to sell shit. We’re them 3 years ago, so for me you sell Auba, you sell Laca, you sell Torreira, you sell Martinelli in 18 months if he sparks and sees a silly bid etc. You turnover until you’re competing top, top end.

  23. Pierre

    Aussie gooner
    “Anyone know anything about Fofana”

    Funnily enough, I was watching udinesi v milan last night and I kept seeing this man mountain of a man marauding forward from deep in his own half leaving everyone in his wake …it was Fofana.

    I was thinking to myself, why are we not looking at players like him, I would say technically he is not at the highest level but for power and strength, I can’t remember seeing a player like him.

    Dare I say Vieira….it was the first time I’ve seen him but he did stand out ,that’s for sure.

  24. Pierre

    Very confusing..

    wrong Fofana

    I’m talking about seko Fontana

    There are 2 Wesley fofana’s , one is a rugby player I do believe and the other plays for st etienne…

    Too many Fofana’s around if you ask me.

  25. Valentin

    Aubameyang is not going to extend his contract with Arsenal unless he gets Özil’s level salary offer. Which in my view would be a mistake. We can’t try to lower the wage bill and in the same time double Aubameyang’s wage.
    We got to break that circle of insanity. Definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result. Wait until the last moment to renew a star player, panick and sell him at a low price or give him inflated wage.

    As Aubameyang will be in his last year of contract, the decision will be between accepting a decent offer from him or keep him hoping that the benefit on the football pitch (I.e. getting Champion’s League football) is greater than the financial cost.
    IMHO, any offer above £60millions is worth accepting, because that would help strengthening the spine of the team: left CB and CM.

  26. Gonsterous

    Grealish would be a dream, but I don’t see raul and co looking to spend big on English players. They don’t rate English players and because they are not English would prefer to look in Spain or Brazil.
    They do not have the same connection to the English league like lower teams because they have never been part of the English league.
    Even Edu, when he was playing, had only international midfielders and strikers around him, along with one or two English players.

  27. Gonsterous

    I would actually try to extend aubas contract. You won’t get many 25+ goals a season striker costing peanuts.
    Sell laca and ozil and use those funds to get upgrades. Keep and extend aubas stay so we can find a replacement later, but we need his goals.
    Aguero is 33 but keeps finding the net, that’s what elite strikers do, and auba is one of them.

  28. Tony

    I haven’t read this post of its posts, so apologies if this is has been discussed.

    “Mikel Arteta plans to rebuild Arsenal squad BEFORE Euro 2020 by signing two midfielders and a central defender as Barcelona eye move for striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Mikel Arteta wants to get Arsenal’s summer business done before Euro 2020

    Arsenal moved in January to bring in defender Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could leave Arsenal with Barcelona interested”

  29. Tony

    The only thing that matters to me is what is going to happen this season and next season; the Wenger vs Emery vs Arteta arguments are boring at best, but keeps Pedro’s post traffic up and the infamous bin occupied.

  30. Pedro

    Dissenter, I’ve got to listen to you advising me on sports science, but you won’t listen to a player that captained Brazil, won leagues in 3 countries, 2 Europa Leagues and a Champions League?

    Your hatred of Areta shames you.

    Honestly… I just can’t.

  31. Pedro

    Tony, do you think I write to keep the traffic down? Do you know any writer in the world who goes out of their way to create content people won’t talk about?

  32. Dissenter

    The point being not to take these players too seriously when they blow smoke up the manager’s arse.
    If Arteta is as good as we all think, then he wont let all that nonsensical praise get into his head.
    Players talk up the manager to ingratiate themselves into the manager’s favor. You ought to know better than to run with it.

  33. Pedro


    David Luiz, of all players, does not need to blow smoke up a new managers arse. He’s done with his career. That meant something. Factor in the Dave Ornstein rumblings… well, you have a bit of a middle finger to the drama crowd.

  34. Tony

    I’m not knocking you, but the blog is not what it was when I first participated.

    The current managerial past and present war you’re conducting with certain posters is just boring and you’re better than that imo.

    The fact that a lot of good & knowledgeable posters are keeping away speaks volumes.

    It’s got to the point where I skim past more than I read and rarely post these days other than to post something from the press as above or during the games.

    I appreciate it’s not easy when there is a 2-week break from games, but I believe you’re smarter than just rehashing the Emery vs Arteta debate in boringDon/ Pierre-esque non sensical fashion.

    Of course your goal is to drive traffic but ………………

    The blog is getting stilted, but I’m sure you’ll get it back to its best in the near future.

    I have nothing but respect for you, Pedro, for what you have achieved with this blog and your professional life and know you are far better than your current obsession on Arteta.

    Leave the obsessive pandering to Pierre, Bamford that’s their level and you are far above that.

  35. Pedro

    Tony, we’re 7 games into the Arteta era… it’s not an obsession, it’s backing the horse I put money on and countering critique from ‘knowledgable’ people with an axe to grind.

    David Luiz is reflecting what I’ve been writing, so has David Ornstein. So I’m pretty sure I’m on track here.

    Always happy to take feedback, but the blog is what it has always been, an honest reflection of what I believe, regardless of where the weight of opinion is.

  36. Tony

    We may be only 7 games in, but you have been Arteta’s staunch supporter since Wenger was fired.

    I have no problem with that and hope Arteta does well to the level you feel he’s capable, but I’m more concerned that Arteta doesn’t get the support he needs from the suits and owners.

    My backing of Emery slowly declined from about mid season onwards and like you I was abhorred by the total collapse in the final run in.

    I’m fully behind Arteta as he is the incumbent head coach.

    However, I’m not happy with team selections and in-game management as others aren’t, but I also have patience and said on Arteta’s hiring that I’ll give him until 10 to 15 games into next season before making comments.

    Time will tell if Arteta can navigate through the club’s hierarchy and squad and bring success back to us.

    I sincerely hope he does.

    I stand by my above impression of the current blog status, and hope that posters return who bring more interesting posts and intelligent counter arguments that are fun and interesting to read and what makes this blog stand out from the rest.

  37. Pedro

    Tony, there’s nothing wrong with being a staunch supporter of a new manager you believe in.

    Let’s see if those intelligent posters who have run away will be back if Arteta succeeds – because I know for a fact they will be if he fails.

  38. Zacharse


    keep it up. although football is the hardest sport to bet on, arteta seems to be a winning bet.
    What I can’t fathom for the life of me is why anyone is complaining about a manager who is bringing back the arsenal way after the toady emery wanted to play a new formation every other game. embarrassing

  39. Habesha Gooner

    So here is how I look at our Overhaul options. Players that need to be sold (Sokratis, Mustafi, Ozil, Miki, Elneny, Kolasinac, Xhaka ( although arteta said he likes him and he might stay long term) ) . Then there are the players who could move on because of Contract Issues (Aubameyang, Lacazette). So selling the first bunch would probably get is around 65 mil-75 mil in transfer fees and save us around 50 mil of wages per year. Now major investments will be needed in those positions so A CB and CM will be major needs, Lb backup will be needed. Pablo mari might make our burden easier if he is good. CM will depend on Xhaka leaving, Although Ornstein said #6 is going to be targeted in the summer regardless. In attack We might lose auba for 40-50 mil. That needs to be invested on a goalscoring winger. Martinelli is a center forward and I think in a good team he will get goals. I don’t believe in being dependent on a single forward. Lacazette’s form this year has made his stock value drop. He might go for 30mil-35 mil. Although I don’t think arteta will want to lose both players in the same transfer window.

    So players we could target that are reasonable options,
    Grealish 45 mil), Buendia ( 15-25 mil) , Soumare ( 45mil) ( although I think arteta is gonna go for an unknown quantity at CM), Zeleniski (40 mil) , Pablo mari 4 mil, Gabriel of lille 30 mil, Matyivenko 30 mil, Forward options are limited but there are choices, Jovic( 40 mil), (Everton Soares (35 mil), Deulofeu ( 35 mil)

    It can be done. But It comes down to whether we can handle another major overhaul summer and Whether it affects us at the beginning of next season.

  40. Freddie Ljungberg

    “With Arsenal having won just once in Arteta’s first seven league games, The Sun reports that the Spaniard has been concerned by his team’s lack of progress since his arrival at the Emirates Stadium

    According to the publication, the 37-year-old has been closely observing his existing squad during his first few weeks in charge and has come to the conclusion that significant changes are needed.”

    I know it’s the Sun, but duh, encouraging that he’s not as blind to our weaknesses as some on here at least.

  41. Pierre

    “I know it’s the Sun, but duh, encouraging that he’s not as blind to our weaknesses as some on here at least:

    Smells of anti Arsenal bullshit to disrupt the squad if you ask me.

    Would you not think it would be slightly unwise for a manager to broadcast to the world that he is going to make wholesale changes if he wants to get the best out of the players in the next few months.

    Arteta is way too intelligent for that.

    Anyone who doesn’t expect a new manager to make changes is naive, as is anyone who believes that Arteta would broadcast that “he has come to the conclusion that significant changes are needed.”

    As for Arteta’s start of 3 wins in 9 games with one defeat, I am sure he is intelligent enough to know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that things could look a whole lot different in a couple of months.

    I think his start has been encouraging but not exceptional.

  42. Graham62

    I’m for giving Arteta time and space.

    Have we improved since Emery left? Of course we have.

    Do we still have obvious defiences in the team? Of course we do.

    Am I prepared to give Arteta the benefit of the doubt at this stage, even though there are some players in the team who are quite clearly not fit for purpose? Yes, I am.

    We’ve had two periods of painful regression at the club over the past decade. The first was a long drawn out process, which ate away at the club. The second was a short term destruction of the team under a manager that really didn’t comprehend what he was doing.

    Arteta is intelligent, an excellent communicator, and as far as I can see, is clear in his own mind what he wants to do. Ok, he lacks experience……………..or does he?

    3 years assisting Pep. 5 years playing under Wenger. He knows the EPL inside out. Is that lacking experience? From the outside looking in he is most definitely driven and ambitious and doesn’t seem to be the sort of character who will lick the asses of those above( as per Wenger and Emery).

    We need a win to put the doubters to rest. A run of games where we can all see the belief coming back to the team and the club.

    Newcastle is going to be a massive game.

    Bring it on!

  43. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Anyone who doesn’t expect a new manager to make changes is naive,”

    Exactly Pierre, significant changes, we all know who’s first on the chopping block if we want to improve, dry your tears.

    Buying a whole new spine in one window is a bit more than incremental upgrades but it’s what’s needed if Auba leaves.

    CB, CM, Cam, CF, all starters, goes against the narrative that the squad is good enough or that they can be coached to a good enough level.

    I’m happy though if it happens because I actually want Arsenal to be successful.

    “things could look a whole lot different in a couple of months.”

    They won’t , not to any meaningful degree.

  44. Trap

    7-9 player clear out could fetch 90-100 mill,we might not have top level players who can command huge fees but these a starting players,thats why there was a change in structure,Iwobi left for close to 40m so quit downplaying the quality of the players with your unreal valuations
    Sok 5m
    Must 15-20
    Kola 15-20
    Xhaka 35-45
    Miki 5-10
    Laca/auba 50-60

  45. Pierre

    “Exactly Pierre, significant changes,”

    “Significant “can be as little as one or 2 , or as many as 8 or 9 as long as they are significant in benefitting the team.

    If you are expecting wholesale changes then you may be disappointed.

    It has been proven enough times that too many changes at one time just doesn’t work , unless of course a club can spend a billion like Chelsea and city.

    The changes at the club haven’t worked in the last 18 months due to the volume of players coming and going.

    It doesn’t allow the players/team to develop an understanding.

    Wenger always said that it isn’t wise to make more than 2 or 3 changes in a window as it can become too disruptive to the team

    And he was right.

  46. Northbanker

    Reality is that we have to accept Auba is going – he is going to decline anyway in physical prowess although I’m sure he will have a couple of decent seasons left but to keep him it will prob mean a 3-4 year contract with more unaffordable tail end bonuses

    But above all the guy hasn’t signed and that tells me everything- too much mgmt time will be wafts on him and before we know it an Ozil contract is offered in desperation

    Cash in now and move on – Laca too

  47. Northbanker

    Martinelli + Saka + younger top drawer replacement signing funded by those 2 leaving + wild card of maybe Eddie or maybe even Balogun will be the future

  48. Pierre

    I would expect no more than 2 or 3 significant signings in the summer with probably fringe or players out on loan being allowed to leave and at least one of our big name players being sold .

    Will be mainly about project youth and having the youngest squad in the league.

  49. Gentlebris

    ‘3 years assisting Pep. 5 years playing under Wenger. He knows the EPL inside out. Is that lacking experience? ‘

    Graham, you think sitting next to a driver for some years qualifies you to be an experienced driver?

    Bias is really a difficult sport.

  50. Gentlebris


    Thanks for trying to steer our guy right.

    He has done a really fine work here and has one leg on the fame ladder.

    To now begin to act like a common troll is really a head shaker.

  51. Graham62


    You must have led a fairly sheltered life.

    You do know that you can work in a job for many years and gain experience and knowledge but still be shite at what you do. Then along comes someone with zero experience and knowledge and ends up doing a far better job.

    Your “experienced drivers” analogy proves my point. There are many people who’ve been driving for years but never go on motorways, are hesitant/scared to drive in the rain, can’t reverse park, have no concept of how to pull out at junctions and can’t judge speed. Along then comes a seventeen year old who can suddenly excel in all these things. How can that be?

    Coaches like Allardyce/ Pardew/ Pelligrini/Hughes/ Bruce/ Moyes/ Pulis etc are all experienced managers. Who would you rather have at the helm right now though, Arteta or one of these knowledgable drivers?

    My advice to you is to try and get out a bit more.

  52. Sid

    Sok 5m
    Must 15-20
    Kola 15-20
    Xhaka 35-45
    Miki 5-10
    Laca/auba 50-60

    The reality
    Sok- 0.5
    Mustafinovs- loan, only a mongo would buy
    Kola- stays
    Ozil- no buyer, no loan
    Mikhi- 1m max
    Elneny- 1m max

  53. Nelson


    Are you living under a rock? Qatar just offered to sign Ozil. Roma wanted to sign Mikki last Summer permanently for 10m.

  54. Sid

    Ozil going to Quatar? I need your dealers number,
    Turned down 8m for Mikhi? Comedy gold

    The money from winning the EL will make arsenal more money than player sales

    You heard it here 1st!

  55. Marc

    Whilst Sid’s valuations are too low I do think the many on here think we’re going to be able to sell off our unwanted players for huge sums are in for a rude awakening.

    Everyone knows they’re at best not great and everyone knows we want to sell.

    That’s what’s known as a buyer’s market.

  56. Daniel Altos

    Unlike many, I don’t discount the possibility of relegation at all. I could still see this side relegated if only because they don’t seem to be able to get 3 points from any game and desperate teams below them will start to get the odd win. We have a run of 4 games in April where we are likely to lose all 4 on current form; Wolves (A) Leicester (H) Spurs (A) Liverpool (H). Lose those 4 and we will probably go down with just two more games after that – Villa (A) and Watford (H). We have, at best 12 points between now and the end of the season. We are up shit creek and Ozil isn’t paddling.


    Can’t see Arsenal going down Bill. Looking at their fixtures West Ham have had it and Arsenal only have to win two or three more, but it’s embarrassing to even be discussing it.

    Picked up this conversation on Arsenal Truth… seriously though,by current form that April fixture list is bad and we should win our next two games.If we don’t I am not entirely dismissing a relegation scrap fest(unlike some I don’t think we are too good to go down)we have so many weak minded players it’s unreal

  57. S Asoa

    Today’s post is a classic from more ways than one. Could be even used for English classes in some South American countries. And the irony towards dim psychos just a cut above.
    Stick to tonight’s brand of beer son. It is full head of myrtle.

  58. Marc


    Just to shit stir we’ve also got City away which has been postponed and hasn’t been rescheduled so doesn’t show on the fixture lists.

    I don’t think we’ll get relegated but if we don’t put together a winning run we’re going to have a nightmare recruiting in the summer as we won’t have any real selling point.

  59. Daniel Altos

    MarcFebruary 6, 2020 12:12:01
    DanielJust to shit stir we’ve also got City away which has been postponed and hasn’t been rescheduled so doesn’t show on the fixture lists.I don’t think we’ll get relegated but if we don’t put together a winning run we’re going to have a nightmare recruiting in the summer as we won’t have any real selling point

    Oh fuck me!Totally forgot City,so that’s 5 very difficult games.We should try to get at least 13 points against Brighton,Everton,Norwich,West ham and Newcastle

  60. Daniel Altos

    AussieGooner Wesley Fofana is really good….we should have probably bid 50n for him and Saliva…watched him like 3 times and his good both in the air and in the tackle,only problem for me is that he seems to get turned quite easily.Since we are skint and we need a lcb Malang Sarr from Nice is another good option.Can also play left back and his contract is winding up.

  61. Marc


    You do realise that to get 13 points we’d have to like how do I put it win some matches. I know it’s a radical concept in football scoring more goals than the opposition.

    Wouldn’t you be happier with 4 points?

  62. Aussie Gooner

    I will believe the value of our ‘surplus’ players when the cash is on the table. Until then it is pure speculation. I would however tend to agree with the lower valuations as most of the players concerned have been at the club for a few years and have failed to progress and in many cases have actually regressed. Sad but true story of life. As previously stated there will be no war chest come summer. You had better believe it!

  63. Aussie Gooner


    Thanks for the info. These are the players we need to target on a limited buget. Players with strength/fitness and a point to prove. Not hasbeen retirees looking for a cosy place to stay and a good pension!

  64. Marc


    I tend to agree. Everyone thinks because Xhaka has been elevated to the “hasn’t made a calamitous fuck up for a handful of matches” level we’re going to get £40 plus million for him.

    Can I ask a serious question – what actually positive influence had Xhaka had on a match since Arteta took over?

  65. S Asoa

    Uaiii Emery Paper is throwing everyone under the bus. Now he is also attributing Pepe having partly cost his job.
    Guess , he will be unemployed long time and one can expect him trying to be preoccupied with such inane talks

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m prepared to give man time if rumours are right he is kicking out a few in summer .

    You can write what you want lad.
    This has always been me go to blog since the demise of gunner blog 2010 ish.

    Keep writing your stuff…

  67. Sid

    Coutinho is another has been we should avoid like corona,no ze mental strength like ozil looking for pension package.

    Im telling you for free!

  68. Sid

    MarcFebruary 6, 2020 14:41:12
    RSPCSo what you’re actually saying is that it’s actually the best of a bad lot!

    It goes without saying he got Arsenalized.

    You heard it here 1st!

  69. Graham62

    Those that feel we are in a relegation scrap are not far wrong. The players have to sense it. If they don’t, we are going to be in big trouble.

    Get three points at home to Newcastle and the pressure will ease. Another draw or loss and questions will start being asked, if they’re not being asked already.

    My gut feeling says we will be fine, however that’s not to say it won’t be interesting and nerve-racking.


  70. Marc


    We’re not going to be relegated – you just need to look at West Ham’s run of fixtures to see we’ll be safe purely on there being 3 other teams who are worse than us.

    What seems to be discounted on here is what happens if we don’t have a run of decent results.

    We go into the summer with a very limited transfer budget and several positions to fill. We certainly have no CL football as an attraction and at the current rate no EL football to offer either – another loss of revenue. If we can put together a run of wins we can sell the “project”, the next ground breaking manager etc. On current form the “project” is a highly rated young coach who says all the right things and seems to be popular with his players but has a win rate that is shocking and has just set a record for the most draws in a season.

  71. Aussie Gooner


    Yes, people laud certain players because they manage to get through one game without stuffing up. Such a negative view – where are the positive influences the likes of Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Kola and even recently, Laca have on a succession of games? Every player is entitled to a few off games a season but with some of our players we are applauding a few ‘on’ games a season!

  72. Jonnygunner

    Giggs definitely isn’t English Pedro.
    He was born in Cardiff…and both his parents are Welsh.
    He didn’t move to Salford until he was six.