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Honestly, if there are any therapists out there, drop your number in the comments section, I have about 50 potential clients that have serious Emery detachment issues.

Therapist: ‘Would anyone like to open?’

Patient 1: ‘Listen, I don’t want to say he was like a father to me, more of a fleeting uncle, but whatever, THE FANS SLANDERED HIM and that’s wrong. The world is a terrible place.’

Therapist: Circle of trust people, who else has something to say?

Patient 2: ‘I haven’t had a hit of Unai for, ummm, about 6 weeks now’

< applause from the group >

‘But god damn it I miss him. I loved the way he said ‘evening’, it was like brutalist linguistics. I miss Kola on the overlap. The 4 captains. Leaving games after 62 minutes.’

Geeeeeez guys, let’s take our foot off the Emery nostalgia gas. It’s getting boring. What are you even defending? The football was so miserable people started picking up season tickets to the ruggers. Time to move on. Far too much Stockholm Syndrome out there and it’s depressing.

Let’s get back to the signings. David Ornstein said that Southampton were shocked that we picked up a Kia player from them that they deemed so average, they thought he’d take the free and go to a lower level team. Quite the statement. Kike Marin, LEGEND of Twitter, thinks both singings are NOT Arsenal level and wonders what prompted us to do the deals.

I mean… all I can do is shrug. If these players don’t deliver, we are back to asking serious questions again, because the worry is the mighty Edu will be proven to have black nails under that white knight costume. The only hope I have is that, firstly, Mari brings some of that sexy Brazil form to the starting 11, and secondly, Kia has a very, very, very tasty player heading our way in exchange for the particularly weird signing fans hope will be good because he had nice things to say in his prezzer.

Still not great is it? The subtext is not good. If we’re skint, I’d rather keep the agent fees so we can buy bigger players this summer.

Maybe Kia is helping us sell players? That’d be a nice exchange. Right?

Who knows. I just don’t like it, but what can I do? Nothing. Maybe I need some therapy? I apparently can through my insurance… but substandard. What does that mean? That they make your problems worse? Or give you bad solutions? How do you know if a therapist is shit?

My dad might… I’ll be accusing him of fake crimes in no time, then I’ll have my answer.

Or were they fake?

Gabriel has nationality issues.

“I have Italian citizenship from my father. So I have the option of playing for Brazil or Italy,”

“But that’s just the future; I have to keep working here at Arsenal, and only then we will see what lies ahead.

I think I would take the Italian job, great food, lots of culture, and easier to get to on a boat (we hear you, Greta). I also think players that pick a country allegiance just because it’s a bit more convenient are pretty cool. Senna took Spain. Vieri was an Aussie and he took Italy. Giggs was English. Elite stuff.

Mesut Ozil has more attackers (like, violent criminals) in court. This time, two Turkish guys who threatened to kill him. No news on why. Can’t imagine that’ll go down well with Erdogan, those poor guys don’t know who they fucked with. Bigger thing here… what the hell is wrong with people? This feels quite new. United fans with Woodward embarrassing themselves as well. Pathetic and cowardly.

I think that’s it? I don’t have much more to say today. More tomorrow. A podcast for sure. See you in the comments my darlings, but let’s mostly keep it to forward-facing conversations and can we please, please, please, stop asking inane questions like: Why are you not judging Arteta the same way you judged Emery after his 18 months, 2 full preseasons, and £200m in expenditure. I shan’t be answering today, I’m having therapy.



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  1. Mr Serge

    The signings do not feel me with joy either but I would like to see what happens in the summer.a lot of fans are on here are being very silly wanting change after 8 games I blame FIFA and playstation for these issues

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Reports that we only went for Mari because we failed with a bid for Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille. Makes sense since we needed a CB and Mari is a slower less athletic version of Gabriel.

    Talks we’re going to go back in in the summer for 30m. Nice if true.

    Nice troll post btw Pedro.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s amazing how the club has fallen into the couldn’t care less category with fans.

    Mediocre signings, world class journey players drawing the club of money.

    lol for what ?

    Not the dream that was promised in 2000.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    What’s happened to medely…
    He was going to burst theough this year. Now we are linked with another 30; French youngster.

  5. TheLegendaryDB10


    The Kia player from Soton is Cedric Soares.

    It’s making me wonder whether Raul is realy trying to help us or whether he is more interested in helping his contacts get richer.

    These comments from Soton that Soares is an average player doesn’t inspire confidence that the suits are doing the right thing for the team.

    We’ll have to find out this summer.

  6. Luisjo

    No one mentioning that Arteta is a shocking manager and needs to be sacked ASAP. Raul was a disaster at Barcelona then because Arsenal are mugs his agent palmed him off on Arsenal where he’s doing the exact same thing

  7. Freddie Ljungberg

    The Southampton was shocked comments have been twisted.

    He got injured late in the window and they didn’t think anyone would pick him up because of that and they thought they would lose him on a free.

    If the loan fee was the reported 1m it’s pretty cheap for a 5 month trial period to see if he’s worth signing on a long term contract.

  8. Dick Emery

    Soares has played in 16 out of 25 PL games this season for Southampton so they can’t have thought he was that bad

  9. Dick Emery

    Oh and you can reduce 25 down to 23 as two of those games were when he was injured and then loaned to us (admitedly still injured)

  10. Sid

    Theres no upside to soares, just average or below average, with Mari theres a possibility

    Im telling you this for free!

  11. GunnerDNA

    Are we sure Cédric signing wasn’t recommended to Edu by Arteta?

    MA had this to say in some press conference last week:

    “I followed him a few seasons ago, I started to follow him and I really like what he can bring. They were the right conditions for us as well to try to improve the squad.

  12. Words on a Blog


    …..don’t think that many people would pay good money to go behind Sid’s paywall.

    I’m telling you this for free!

  13. Champagne Charlie

    Big agent’s influences is a real smelly one for Arsenal (a club with finite resources and the need to scale back up), but in this case, and the Luiz case, I think their involvement is nothing more than SOP.

    Kos, a big PL experienced ball-playing CB, chucked it in the summer and we got Luiz in to fill that gap late in the day. I’ve little issue. Come Jan, we have no FB by trade playing for the club proper with Bellerin arriving back from injury and we bring in cover. Cheap cover no less, and a guy who said himself we were in for signing a few years back.

    I’ll have an issue when a Kia or Mendes drops off a player to the club that has absolutely no business joining because of our needs. In the summer we needed a CB last min, in Jan we needed a fullback for a score.

    Moving forward….

    Murmurs that Arsenal are monitoring Coutinho with a view to a summer snag, Kia being his agent here too. Club will see the back of Ceballos and his new top knot this summer, with Ozil told to go elsewhere with his final year approaching. Coutinho IN for those two, Arsenal becoming Brazilian is a go from me.

  14. Nelson

    “Kike Marin, LEGEND of Twitter, thinks both signings are NOT Arsenal level”

    Kike is still living in the past. That is Arsenal level in 2020. We are skint.

  15. Habesha Gooner

    Hahaha Arteta signed both players. He has a right to veto these moves right? He basically told the press if he didn’t want somebody they won’t be playing here. Anyway anyone that has seen soares can see he is more than good enough as a backup for us. I don’t know mari so it’s more hope than anything. Anyway Pedro is just throwing shit to see what sticks. I see arteta has improved performances and results have been poor. Any sane fan will back him at least until the end of the season. that’s when his clock really starts. What’s hypocritical about pedro is he claimed the squad was good enough and all it needed was coaching and we could have got top four. No the squad isn’t good enough. There are great pieces to start but there is also some absolute crap in some important positions. Now pedro has changed his tune by saying the players have been decimated. they haven’t been decimated, some of them were absolute crap and Arteta is getting something from some of them. This is the best Xhaka, Mustafi and Ozil are going to do. And it isn’t good enough for the Epl right now. May be it never was.

  16. Nelson

    “Are we sure Cédric signing wasn’t recommended to Edu by Arteta? ”

    If the club is telling you, that’s all we can afford. What would you do? It is better than nothing.

  17. Goobergooner

    (sorry for the repeats from last post, I never get my posts in on time from AUS unless I’m up at 2am for a game haha)

    All I can say is I really hoped Wenger leaving would reunite the fans.

    I wasn’t in favour of either the Emery or Arteta signings, but arsenal was (whether we have the right people in charge of those decisions is up for debate) and even if they aren’t who I want, I wish them the very best. I want them to succeed regardless of their past.
    A new team and a new environment (and a new job in artetas case) can work wonders for a coach (or not in Emery’s case) and only time can reveal the outcome of that.

    The fact that the same people who wouldn’t give Emery a fair go are now looking down their noses at people who are questioning Arteta are the real hypocrites here.

    Whether or not Arteta was the right hire is irrelevant now. He is our manager. He is also one of us. He has also learnt and grown under pep. He is showing improvements on Emery.

    Also the fact we are drawing a lot is not down to Arteta solely. This piss poor team (in top 4 standards) had many draws this season under Emery, and also more losses.

    Give the man a god damn break and ride this season out how we all know it is. A complete write off.
    Give arteta a real transfer window, a pre season and also the respect that he has taken over at one of Arsenal’s lowest moments in quite some time.
    Our team really isn’t the quality some on here think it is (aka the right manager will take us to the top).

    We need a whole new midfield and proper cbs before we move up the table in a serious manner. In reality we also need a new forward line within a season or two as well.Arteta has quite the hole to climb out of. I wish him all the best.

  18. Goobergooner

    Also I don’t think Arteta has got his in game management or line-ups correct yet. But this is probably a better time than any to throw him in the deep end. When we were already fucked for the season.
    This will also be Improved when he has a squad of his own rather than Wenger and Emery dross.

  19. Goobergooner


    What I meant by that is this; imagine if while still in top 4, before Wenger spent millions, we got in a top draw coach and actually pushed on, rather than continue down the table until we reach this point in time.

    You don’t think we wouldn’t have assembled a better squad with CL football and a new exciting chapter in AFC history? Rather than a downward trajectory, no money and shit all going for us?

    Not guaranteed I’ll give you that. But definitely a better platform to build from than what Emery got, and now Arteta.

    Also the fact that Xhaka and Ozil have been decent since Arteta and we still haven’t won just shows how shit our squad really is.

  20. Nelson

    “The fact that the same people who wouldn’t give Emery a fair go”

    Most of the posters in Le Grove were supporting Emery in the first year. Something happened to him at season end. He was destroyed and couldn’t come out of it. He has disappointed us.

  21. DivineSherlock

    I dont think most Arsenal fans would give a shit if Soares or Mari performed well enough. Both are on loan , both can fuck off if they are not upto the level , which Arteta will be the judge of. Signing Soares allows Arteta to play Maitland Niles on the rightwing . A plan B involving Maitland Niles in the midfield to if possible. We are gonna play in Europa , FA cup and PL. Lot of fixtures to come.

  22. Champagne Charlie

    “Our elite scouting network scours the world for top talent and came up with…
    Cedric Soares.“

    Not sure the point of this type of comment.

    Is a player from Southampton not good enough for us? Not next level enough? Liverpool have spent years farming talent from Southampton at great expense and they’re doing ok.

    Just comes off as a desperate attempt to land a blow somewhere.

  23. Dream10


    You hearing about Coutinho from credible sources?
    I just assumed he’d be offered to us the moment Edu and Kia joined Arsenal.

  24. Left testicle

    What is the point of a scouting network if we are going to buy run of the mill players who are no better than we already have. Why have scouts on the payroll when I can tell you all you need to know about Soares. He’s not the next level player that we crave.

  25. Words on a Blog


    Would love Coutinho.

    A Brazilian/Portuguese influx of players in the summer transfer window would be welcome from my perspective. Generally very technical but also hardworking and (especially the Portuguese) tactically astute players.

  26. Champagne Charlie


    Not every single player needs to be next level, this is the kind of thinking I don’t understand. Pick your fave squad in Europe and there’s a hierarchy of abilities and talents. From surreal to standard.

    Clubs need pros that accept relatively modest wages, cause no fuss if benched for long stretches, and provide reliable performances if not spectacular ones. We’ve had Kolasinac, Saka, Tierney all play left back this season, are you going to tell me we wouldn’t have been better off with a 28 year old Monreal giving us 7/10 every week there?

    Who do we have that fits that billing might I ask?

    Nothing I’d perk up to just yet mate, merely chit chat at this stage but it’s the second time hearing it now. Coutinho is going to be whored about this summer it seems, Ceballos is walking, and we’re aiming to cut Ozil from the books now he’s final year territory.

    It would be the most obvious move I could see right off the bat, Brazilian, great age (turning 28 in June), PL ready, and a very clear and obvious need for the club (final third penetration and end product from midfield). Finances of the move the stumbling block, lad has a tag and a half.

  27. Pierre

    I suppose the obvious move would be to swap Aubameyang for coutinho then everyone would be happy .

    Appears that barca are making noises about Aubameyang so why not.

  28. GunnerDNA


    “Are we sure Cédric signing wasn’t recommended to Edu by Arteta? ”

    “If the club is telling you, that’s all we can afford. What would you do? It is better than nothing”

    Let AMN continue to deputize until the end of the season!

  29. Dream10


    Not sure Coutinho works with Lacazette though. Have a feeling that Arteta will keep him unless he wants to leave

  30. RGG

    The best therapy would be getting a few wins. Staying ‘unbeaten’ doesnt really do it.

    Hopefully that’ll start with Newcastle at home.

  31. Nelson


    Arteta probably wants to have more options. Cédric can play both LB and RB. Last game we had no LB after Saka was injuried. There are still a lot of games. I would take it if the club offers it to me. It is a loan till Summer anyway.

  32. GunnerDNA


    “Arteta probably wants to have more options. Cédric can play both LB and RB. Last game we had no LB after Saka was injuried. There are still a lot of games. I would take it if the club offers it to me. It is a loan till Summer anyway”

    Want more options is not a problem if its a priority. Arsenal focused in the last transfer window should’ve been a CM who is good on the ball/athletic. Xhaka moving to LB vacating the CM and Ozil hiding at LW leaving a big gap that Lacazette has to filled resulting in him getting tired when inside the box isn’t helping either. Two average defenders wasn’t a priority.

  33. Nelson


    The plan made during our last Summer window didn’t worked out. We have spent £72m on Pepe. Our attack with Auba, Laca and Pepe couldn’t help us get into Top4. We got Ceballos to strengthen the midfield. He was then injuried and Emery had to recall Ozil. The rest is history.

    I think Arteta is now planning for the future. He is playing the kids as much as possible. A big decision will be made this Summer. Hopefully, Ozil moves to Qatar. Ceballos returns to Madrid. Arteta can start his rebuild.

  34. Major_Jeneral

    Pedro funny post today. The therapy most arsenal fans want now is a win.

    What are the chances Arsenal beat Newcastle. Newcastle looked good yesterday in the FA cup. I understand it is against Oxford United but with our current form in getting results what are arsenal’s real chances.
    The midfield is finding it hard to create chances.
    Özil feels out of depth what are the other Arsenal options have?

  35. Major_Jeneral


    My preferred List for the summer in midfield. – one of…

    In that order.

  36. China1

    Auba direct trade for coutinho would be sweet

    I’d guess coutinho can manage 3-4 more years at top end PL standard

    Plenty enough for us to write off the AM role and focus our attention elsewhere for the years to come

  37. GunnerDNA


    “The plan made during our last Summer window didn’t worked out. We have spent £72m on Pepe. Our attack with Auba, Laca and Pepe couldn’t help us get into Top4. We got Ceballos to strengthen the midfield. He was then injuried and Emery had to recall Ozil. The rest is history”

    “I think Arteta is now planning for the future. He is playing the kids as much as possible. A big decision will be made this Summer. Hopefully, Ozil moves to Qatar. Ceballos returns to Madrid. Arteta can start his rebuild”

    I thought Emery was the problem because this was a top 4 squad. Arteta is now the manager so “its a process and let him rebuild” but I need to see more before I trust anymore “process”. Mikel need time but the early signs are worrying

  38. Jamie

    Barca just dropped over £25m on Trincão. Doubt they’ll be in for Auba with any serious offer this summer. I think that ship has sailed. Any other top European clubs looking for an elite poacher who can afford his wages and a £35m fee?

    No reason we still can’t just go in for Coutinho though. No need for a swap, just a sensible cash offer with staggered payments and a few sweetener clauses.

    The worry is his wages. No player at Arsenal deserves to be on more than £150k a week (apart from, perhaps, Auba simply because of his goal return). I think he’s on about £210k a week currently..

    None of it looks good.

  39. Nelson


    “I thought Emery was the problem because this was a top 4 squad. ”

    The current Arsenal team is a top4 squad on paper only. We have spent most of our funding on Auba, Laca and Pepe. Their current productivity doesn’t match their values on paper.

  40. Marc

    “No reason we still can’t just go in for Coutinho though. No need for a swap, just a sensible cash offer with staggered payments and a few sweetener clauses.”

    Arsenal’s transfer budget this summer is 2 bags jellybeans, a tube of fruit pastels and unlimited chances to hear me call Mike Dean a cunt.

    Now if any of the players anyone would like us to buy exceed this please do not bother.

  41. Champagne Charlie

    Barca have been making noises today about how they need to add talent like Auba that’s established. He’s in the last year of his deal beyond this summer, we’re not getting more than 40 mil for him imo. If we can turn that into a Coutinho swap that’d be a superb deal for all.

    Grealish is said to have a release clause in his contract for circa 45 mil. Idk the reasons for which, maybe relegation? CL club? Idk. But I don’t think he’s stupid money like Leicester will want for Maddison 60 mil etc

  42. Dissenter

    Now it’s become abundantly clear why Pochettino declined the Barca job.
    The next manager after Valverde was always going to be the fall guy.

    Messi has a clause in his contract that will allow him to leave for free. I wont be surprised if he takes it.

  43. KAY Boss

    Not all signings will be spectacular. You need a blend of grit and finesse to make a team work. Liverpool have that perfect blend. I don’t know why some are obsessed with us only signing WC players.

    About Soares, guy is good enough to be cover for Bellerin. In matches I’ve watched him, he has been better than what some make him out to be.
    Don’t know why people take internet warlords (Ornstein/Kike Marin) words as gospel. Soton are shocked not bcoz they think he’s average but becoz of his injury and they thought no one will come from him. Most of their worst performance has been in his absence.
    How many teams were after Wijnaldum before he joined Liverpool? Both Ornstein and Marin are clueless in arsenal dealings now.

    Is contacts still an issue? How many of Liverpool’s team are from their academy or better scouting? Aside maybe Robertson and TAA.
    If scouting will give me this fraction on success, I’m grabbing it wholeheartedly. Imagining we criticizing Wenger for not dealing with super agents but when we do now we chastise every move made by Raul and Co. Cheerio!!!

  44. Guns of Brixton

    Couthino would be expensive as hell loool.

    And would he wanna even come here? Not even because of our league position or anything like that.

    The L he ll have to take from Liverpool fans. His idea to move on from them would be seen as a career dive.

  45. PieAFC

    We haven’t lost since Chelsea and people in and around Arsenal still seem so negative and in a lull.

    It cannot be said that some players are good enough and some are. It’s tactics, it’s not tactics.

    Only puzzling thing so far Arteta has done is some selections with players getting favouritism even with abject performances.

    Him and Steve Round, they’re not stupid. They’ll learn from mistake and address them. Understand you need more than a plan A at this level to succeed. Or at the very least a brilliant plan A, you neither need a B or C (ie when Saka went off)

    Ozil is getting subbed off around 60min mark most games now, when Arteta came in and he showed glimpses of the old Ozil, he lasted the full games, now be isn’t.

    Good times will return.

  46. Marc


    Come on be more positive We can offer Coutinho CL football, oops sorry I meant EL football, oops not that either what about the sauciest manager there’s ever been and a PL record for the number of draws in a season.

  47. Dissenter

    The Coutinho talk is just peurile fantasy
    It’s not going to happen, why come to a club that will finish 10-13th on the league table?
    We pay extraordinarily crazy wages? ——NO
    Special connection because he grew up in North London?—-NO
    To play for a name brand established world class manager? —-NO
    To play with world class players and establish great results? —-NO
    Even if we are committed to spending part of our 2020-2021 transfer budget to pay his transfer fee, the player would have better options than the modern day Arsenal. He would decline the move. That’s how far we’ve fallen.

    People need to realize that not qualifying for Europa league means LESS money to spend

  48. Aussie Gooner

    I would like to know where everyone thinks this war chest is comming from for transfers this summer. Talk of Coutiho, Grealish, Maddison et al is just pie in the sky. Unless there are significant departures I think you will find the cupboard will once more be bare. And lets be honest we don’t have a lot to offer from the departure lounge!

  49. Marc


    I agree and I keep hearing how we can sell a list of players – who? Auba, Laca, Xhaka, Kolas and Mustafi – you’d get £40 odd million for the last three. Auba and Laca will attract more money but Auba would need to be replaced and would most likely cost best part of the combined fees of both of them.

  50. Words on a Blog


    Maybe all those nefarious “contacts approach” links we have with super agents will result in a few sales??

  51. Words on a Blog


    If I said that there is an 87% probability that Xhaka is gonna be sold for £40m to Everton, in a deal co-brokered by Kia Joorabchian and Pedro Mendes, would you accuse me of being CG?

  52. Marc


    Auba get’s goals. Laca is a mess and also down to 2 years on his contract, Martinelli look’s like a potential superstar but isn’t ready to take on the responsibility of 20 plus PL goals a season and Eddie will be sold.

    If Auba goes we’ll need a replacement which will cost a lot of money.

  53. Left testicle

    “As our financial capability develops, as economic rationality enters the world of football, our ability to compete at salary levels for the very best talent will be enhanced,” Gazidis said.

    Fast forward to January 2020 and we’re rummaging around in the loan deals bargain bin. Where did it all go wrong?

  54. Zacharse

    good luck w shutting up the emery contingent

    Cedric Soares has 33 caps for portugal
    Mari, I’ve said enough about, hopefully he adapts fast.
    We’ve got a run of 6 games ahead of us that looks like it could be the beginning of a good run of form. hopefully arteta gets the job done in dubai, word behind the scenes is that EVERYONE LOVES AND ADMIRES ARTETA. The word behind the scenes was never that way w emery

  55. Marc


    Well signing Xhaka & Mustafi, turning down £60 million for Sanchez and then swapping him for Mikki, not selling Ramsey 2 summers ago and giving Ozil £350k per week is probably a reasonable place to start.

  56. Words on a Blog


    Ok so now I’m lying in a dark room…..surrounded by footballers with remarkably muscular calves…..

  57. rollen

    I tought letting players enter last year of contracts is ideal. lol. Wenger and Gazidis killed Arsenal financially in last few years.

  58. G

    So we are skint and it’s down to Wenger and Gazidis.. So paying higher wages has made Arsenal skint.. Lol
    Surely 20 years of champions league made us a bit
    We”re not skint we just don’t want to spend

  59. RodneyKing

    At this point, the only thing Arteta and Klopp have in common is that they both manage in the English Premier League. Other than that, they’re in entirely different leagues.

    Liverpool knew exactly who and what they were getting when they hired Klopp.

    As a manager, he had won a league and cup double in Germany and reached the finals of the CL with a distinct style of playing the game to boot.

    The man Klopp is a complete nutter and obsessive who pays very little attention to his appearance (at least compared to most other managers). He doesn’t even use social media!

    There’s definitely more to managing a team than being able to coach the basics. And Klopp has proven that he ticks all the boxes.

    As fans we can only hope that with Arteta, Arsenal’s future will mirror Liverpool’s situation post- Rogers rather than pre-Klopp.

  60. Arsnil

    Grealish. First he was Irish then he was English then he was Irish again before he decided he really was English. Schizo. If we ever sign him well be getting two players.

  61. Zacharse


    Daft is in the arsenal dna at this point. Ramsey, cesc, rvp. I have a feeling he’s going to barca and hopefully we get min 40m for a guy w one year left

  62. Graham62

    Klopp has a unique and distinctive look.

    Unshaven, glasses, big smile( yes, he got his teeth done through Firminho’s dentist), slightly dishevelled look.

    Watch him on YouTube playing bowls with the locals in a Cheshire village. Didn’t follow the dress code there.

  63. RodneyKing

    As for Grealish, I can say that it’s been a long time since I saw a player dictate play for Arsenal like he does for Villa.

    He may not be as good as Cesc or Carzola but he can dribble, pass and shoot. He’s got goals too.

    He would definitely walk into our first eleven right now. All the better if he can bring his buddy Mings along.

  64. Zacharse


    With our negotiators and contacts…
    I have no idea hahah
    Can’t even think of a suitable replacement. Good thing it isnt my job…

  65. Graham62

    Grealish would improve Arsenal immeasurably.

    If he had been in the team since Arteta arrived, we’d have won the majority of all those drawn games.


  66. Zacharse

    Come the summer w still have mikhi and elneny to sell. Theres gotta be 20m there, one of our CBs will surely move on, sok or mustafi. Hopefully a few more kids will join the first team as squad options… ozil may move to DC, thats 350k/week we get back… if the loan signings work out we sell kola…
    Hopefully we’re looking at some decent free signings/last year of contract signings. I think out options are looking up to be honest. Arteta alone should be able to attract some talent depending on where we finish in the table, hopefully he’s got his eye on some midfielders

  67. Marc


    Do you mean how much did a guy we had to wait to turn 18 before we could sign him, who whilst being an amazing prospect can’t be expected to come in and score over 20 PL goals in a season.

    Do you mean how much did that guy cost?

  68. Bob N16

    My point is that if you’re scouting is top class you can pick up relative bargains, players who are on the up. We can’t afford to buy Aubemayang types but we can look for unpolished diamonds. I know all clubs are trying to do that but if you can’t sign a 20 goal a season striker you buy one who will develop into one, like Martinelli.

    A patient build up is what’s needed and realistically our only, self- sustainable, option.

  69. Pedro

    ‘Dream,then believe you can do it. Study. Understand there will be some good and difficult moments’

    ‘We have a way to go. This way is hard, yes. It’s going to be difficult to activate, yes. But it’s possible, yes.’

  70. Guns of Brixton

    I would be stoked if we got Grealish.

    Definitely would have to duke it out with Man U and probs another team.

  71. James wood

    No one said anything about adding more money to Auba’s
    sale value.
    As I said he is 31 next season he’s goal scoring will start to wane.
    Economics rule get as much as possible for him come summer.

  72. Bob N16

    Why the negativity Marc?

    Martinelli type signings are the way we are going to develop. Some might cost more e.g. Saliba but progression will happen if we can buy and sell well. Buy young and full of potential, that coupled with players coming through , this model will enable our net spend to be enhanced with selling at a beneficial time and price. Obviously we want to keep top players but the occasional Coutinho type sale will see us well.

    What’s with ‘the good luck with that’?

  73. Marc


    Because they’re dozens of clubs all looking for rough diamonds, it also takes a season or two for them to show they’re the real deal.

    What are you going to do when Martinelli want’s out summer 2021 because we finished 7th?

  74. Marc


    No you misunderstood me. I’m saying we’ll need the £40 million we get for Auba plus money from our limited budget leaving us in a worse position.

  75. Marc


    Are you a compete retard? If Auba’s contract is up in the summer of 2020 he’s leaving on a free transfer this summer? We won’t be getting a penny for him and can’t influence where he goes.

    And you tell me to keep up – fuck me.

  76. Marc


    Ah so I’m supposed to keep up with your typo’s?

    Yes his contract is up in 2021 but would it be worth keeping him and losing him on a free if he can get us into the CL for 21/22? We might lose £40 million on a transfer but we’d earn a lot more in CL cash and it’d be easier to sign other players. Could we get him to sign a year extension without going Ozil crazy on the money?

  77. Marc

    Can I point out that Auba is joint 3rd highest scorer in the PL this season at the moment even though he’s playing in a team that’s been worse than useless.

  78. Mr Serge

    Auba needs to go if he won’t sign a new contract we need 5 really good players to replace

    Let’s say we have one in already in saliba we still need four selling the above for 75m and put in 50 M from the club gets you those players

  79. Champagne Charlie

    Hold on, educate me a bit here…

    We’ve spent 200 mil the last two seasons and folk suddenly think come the summer we’ll have a 20 pound note and a few coins?

    Auba and Ozil are I to their last year, they’re extending or being sold. What’s the likelihood?

    Personally I see both leaving the place, which means we’re talking 50 mil IN plus 550k wages per week off the books.

    That’s the start of things.

  80. Marc


    I don’t think we’ll get shitloads – we’ll get £40 million ish, a replacement will cost more. It’ll be 3 steps back for maybe 1 forward in a couple of seasons.

    The solution to getting our finances back on track is to get back into the CL.

  81. Marc


    I don’t think we’ll have much to spend at all – yes sell Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Miki, Laca, Kolas etc to increase funds nbut I don’t think selling Auba is necessarily the quick fix everyone thinks it is.

  82. Marc


    I’d be impressed by whoever pulls off that deal – I suppose someone in the Middle East might throw some money about but I think his wages will be a major stumbling block.

  83. Marc

    “Exactly Charlie we won’t be spending buttons that’s for sure”

    We can’t afford Buttons – we can’t even afford the Ugly Stepsisters.

  84. Zacharse


    Re: the athletic pod, just was saying how nobody in the organization had a bad word to say a out arteta and that david luiz had stepped up to become a real
    Force behind the scenes