The Arteta Defence: Do xGA numbers prove it’s worse? (long read)

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There are cries of hypocrisy from the comments section of Le Grove.

‘Pedro, you were spaffing xGA numbers all over the internet when you were anti-Emery, now you are SHOCKINGLY not. You sir, are a dirty muffin fancier’

It’s true, I have not performed a deep dive into any xG numbers for Arteta, but mostly because of my religious respect for data.

7 games is a tiny sample to start drawing conclusions from with xG data. The variables are so vast, no true Data Scientist would risk their rep by making appalling apples to dog biscuits comparisons between Unai and Arteta.

I’ve left the explanation to Champagne Charlie of the comments to point out why people looking to use xGA as a hangman’s noose are embarrassingly early to the party. This particular post starts because Emery’s last 7 games saw xGA of 1.42, versus Mikel’s 1.5… the argument is complemented by inane supporting commentary like, ‘both work with the same talent, so the situations are basically the same, and the data can be compared.’

Champagne Charlie: Why xGA comparisons of Emery and Arteta are very silly

The usual frontline warriors with the usual scrap gathering in yet another attempt to dismiss Arteta and instead drive a narrative they’ve long held. I’ll make a quick remark about the sample size of 7 games, it’s painfully low for any hard data to be exorcised from as it’s wide open to anomalous inputs. That should be pretty clear to all, alas.

Stats can paint several pictures, wield your brushes how you see fit:

Emery played 13 games this season in the PL, his average xGA was 1.62
– His highest xGA was Watford away at 2.83
– His lowest xGA was 0.38 against Newcastle opening day
– Number of games xGA was more than 1.5 was nine (9/13).

Arteta has played 7 games this season in the PL, his average xGA is 1.5
– His highest xGA came against Chelsea away at 3.27
– His lowest xGA is 0.31 against Palace
– Number of games xGA is more than 1.5 is three (3/7).

*The Chelsea game we played with 10-men for 70 minutes is the league-high xGA this season, without that match our xGA under Arteta stands at a 1.2 average for 6 games. So a 0.3 jump aka not a sample size to take seriously.*

+What none of the above tells you is one manager was 12 months into a job, and had two summers to nip and tuck the staff he had at his disposal. Whilst the other manager arrived a couple of days before Christmas Day and had to pick up the pieces and work on the fly.

+What the above also doesn’t account for is that Arteta took over and had 3 games in 5 days to contend with as an opener, followed by 4 games that have seen us reduced to 10-men in half of those.

But irrespective of that context we still have a manager that’s taken the basic average xGA number from 1.62 to 1.5 for the season. Yet I’m to establish there’s been no measurable improvement to support the visual evidence on display these past 6 weeks.

This comment on whether Arteta having an advantage as a native (kind of) was also very good (same poster).

Having any of the knowledge you’re talking about matters not one iota when it comes to implementing your own views on how YOUR side is going to play.

Arteta is doing this on the fly and trying to teach and cajole players between rest days and injury maintenance. The game is won and lost at the very elite by minor actions done on autopilot, yet there’s been nowhere near enough time for Arteta to ingrain his methods on any meaningful level.

I’m talking to the point each player knows his role and has a picture of the side in front/behind/to the side of him as he’s receiving the ball. This is huge, Liverpool are the example of this level of work that’s embedded now after years of constant training.

Every game we play early on inevitably throws up situations that are being met in our new approach for the very first time. A clanger at Chelsea, a red card in the early stages, a physical game of high balls, facing sides who press, those who sit deep, losing players to injury and having to rework it etc.

These things all upset the applecart until you’ve dealt with a few situations and learned what to do and what not to do in the respective moments. All the while you’re trying to establish a level of mastery over your new role in the side on a basic level all things being equal.

You simply don’t achieve that without logging hours in practice, the kind of hours we’ve not had the benefit of spending – hence the value of a preseason where it’s all about learning and perfecting. Idk what to tell you if that doesn’t register.

< End >

Context is king in all situations.

Having two full preseasons, £200m to spend, and 18 months working daily with players is a lot of time to make a measurable impact. It’s also a lot of time to do horrendous damage to an already broken culture – as well as the confidence of the players.

Arteta is fighting on many fronts. He’s trying to build a high-performance culture, he’s building the players fitness and confidence, he’s implementing radical ideas and he’s doing it all in the middle of the season.

Confidence is a precious commodity. One of the most valuable in sport (and life). When it goes for you as an individual, it’s terrible. When it goes for a whole squad, it’s very hard to reboot and it takes time. We experience it in our own boring lives, watch a junior staffer deal with being reamed out in a client meeting. We’ve all had it, doesn’t matter how brash you are to the outside world, it impacts your performance. Arsenal fans are the client and we’ve been slaughtering the players for a year. We broke Unai Emery, he went from touchline crazy guy to hiding in his jacket twitching out like a recovering meth addict. He couldn’t make a coherent decision, his English declined, and he reeked of a deadman. Confidence.

This is going to take time. No coach can click their fingers and make magic happen immediately. Jurgen Klopp had a similar set of criticisms when he took over at Liverpool. Worth noting he took over a team in distress far earlier (October 8th) and took them to 8th position in the first year. He had a better squad of players to work with. Firmino, Coutinho, Sturridge, Henderson, Can, Lallana, Milner, Origi, Gomez, Lovren. He also had the same troubles Arteta is suffering right now. Liverpool fans on Twitter rolled hard with #KloppOut after his side were beasted by newly-promoted Watford. Fans spread this below graphic to make the point that Klopp wasn’t a good coach.

The problems look quite similar to those we’re facing now. Tired players and some noisy fans making demands that will embarrass them in a years time. This is Klopp after losing to Palace.

“It is not a problem to lose a game. It happens in football but we have to learn,”

“If we learn, we decide how strong we are, how good we are, how awake we are and how tired we are. Nobody else. We played on Thursday [at Rubin Kazan in the Europa League] but I decide if I am tired, nobody else. Today we needed a few minutes to come into the game. It was not enough. If everyone thinks we gave everything, then it is wrong.

“After the goal on 82 minutes, with 12 minutes to go, I saw many people leaving the stadium. I felt pretty alone at this moment. We decide when it is over. Between 82 and 94 [minutes] you can make eight goals if you like.

It’s a huge trigger for people when you mention Klopp because Arteta is not Klopp, but again, let’s give some context… no manager of Klopp’s standing was going to come to Arsenal in December. We took a chance on the future. If a manager of Klopp’s level needs more than 7 games to shape things up, you’d think some of our fans might go a little lighter on someone with a lesser squad with deeper problems.

If a manager like Klopp can bring in Grujic and Stephen Caulker as his first signings, we can maybe forgive the odd signings we’re attracting (we’ll talk about where Ornstein is unsubtly pointing you on the Soares story tomorrow). He took Liverpool to 8th in his first season. The next season, he narrowly beat us to 4th… by 1 point. They made it happen on the last day of the season. The mighty Klopp only just pipped Wenger on the decline.

Anyway, just a bit of context for the folk that are polluting the airwaves with shoddy takes on data and overblown expectations without the nuance of MAJOR CONTEXT.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. Tom

    Did he though?
    Emery wanted Enzonzi, he got LT.
    He wanted Zaha , got Pepe.
    That’s just four players we know about.
    I couldn’t find two midfielders with two more diametrically opposing sets of skills than Nzonzi and LT if I tried , or the two aforementioned wingers.
    So claiming Emery got the players he wanted is a bit disingenuous.

  2. Jamie

    Did Emery really build the squad for himself?

    I thought the new setup devolved recruitment power from the manager and spread it between Raul, Vinai, and Sven? Wasn’t that one of the main reasons we binned Wenger, to redistribute power?

    Can’t imagine Emery had a hard-on for anyone other than possibly Suarez (because he worked with him previously). Weren’t all the rest Sven/Raul contact signings?

  3. Pierre

    “?Why do we struggle to create chances?”

    Try this one ..

    Because he is addressing our defensive weaknesses that have been with us since Wenger and actually worsened under Emery.

    He is addressing our weakness in the defensive side of midfield that has been evident since Wenger allowed Ramsey to go glory hunting whilst playing in a 2 man midfield.

    Emery often allowed both full backs to attack at the same time which in effect left gaps down the channels for the opposition to take advantage of.

    Our away form has been dire for the last few years .
    We are now unbeaten in 7 away games and yes, we haven’t won many but it’s a start.

    If you cant work out “Why do we struggle to create chances?….then you should take up another sport .

  4. Lego Hair


    Receding you still haven’t responded to that nonsense ESPN article that you were so proud of sharing.

    Where is one example of the ‘many chances’ Burnley missed apart from the Rodriguez one? You watched the game so it should be easy shouldnt it seeing as the article was so accurate and not a load of shit ?

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    “I’ll just leave this here seeing as you’ve had your pants pulled down when trying to claim Laca and Ozil offer NOTHING (your words) and countered with that bullshit above that no one had even claimed. Desperate.Have they contributed to goals whilst been in the team? Of course they have you moron, just not the final pass or the finish. You’re going on like they have offered absolutely nothing, when they have clearly been involved in the goals we’ve scored.Clueless.”

    We’ve scored goals with Leno in the team too. It’s not his job to score them though, it is however Lacas and Ozils job as Cam and CF.

    How are you even debating such a stupid viewpoint that they don’t have to score or create when that’s the only reason we pay them their salary? Mindblowing stupidity

    Our best goal scorer is being played on the wing so Laca can play, our only dangerous, actual winger is on the bench so Laca can play.

    How does anyone who has ever watched a game of football think this is ok because they contributes in other ways? You’re talking about them as if they’re our CB and Dm ffs. This is pointless.
    Bye troll,

  6. Jim Lahey

    I think our overall play has improved under Arteta, but the results are no where near good enough.

    Also, his team selection and in game management are not very inspiring.

  7. Pedro

    Tom, if Emery was too weak to get what he wanted, what does that tell you?

    1. His vision was unclear
    2. No one really thought he was very good
    3. He was not elite. Just a meek man who gets bullied by players and management.

    Get in the bin.

  8. Receding Hairline

    Lego Hair shut up and go watch the game

    Stop asking me stupid questions

    If all those crosses flying in undefended by a team known to be good in the air did not concern you then your often exaggerated knowledge of the game is all nonsense

    Besides i just shared an article that did not support this notion we are a team “hard to beat”. If 7 games is too small a sample to make any conclusions then it should also be too small a sample to declare a team hard to beat.

    Who have we played in that period that have regularly beaten us in the past?

  9. Pedro

    … but more to the point, why are so many people out here defending Emery? What is there to defend?

    You’re like the Liverpool fans who yearned for Brendan Rodgers 8 games in.

  10. Dissenter

    “Tom/Dissenter/azed/Freddie/Receding etc
    Did Pedro commit crimes of narrative overreach in (particularly) his criticisms of Emery and his support of Arteta?Absolutely.
    Get over it.”

    We are just asking for the assessment metrics to not be changed for Arteta. He shouldn’t get a pass from criticism.
    Besides, it’s good fun to keep the ribbing on.
    Pedro ddin’t think the Emery sample was too small when he started using xGA stats against him one month into last season.
    Shouldn’t have different standards; What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    where the fuc# are the goals gone? I can’t remember another season where Arsenal has scored lesser goals than this year? Who is going to take resp of this mess?

    Wy the fuck can’t our guys shoot, shoot and shoot at goal like mad?

  12. Dissenter

    When I see Soares and Pablo, I don’t see Arteta hires, just the work of Raul and the backroom team.
    Same way Emery din bring anyone in.

  13. Pedro

    Dissenter, I think I started exploring xG later in the game… and it was against the backdrop of:

    ‘we are winning, but the xG is bad, the hope is it corrects when Emery’s ideas solidify, otherwise we’re due a massive correction’

    We landed a massive correction.

    Not really the same with Arteta.

    He’s working under different circumstances, he’s had lots of bad luck, and you can actually see what he’s trying to do.

  14. Receding Hairline

    1. His vision was unclear

    He had a two year deal, his vision was qualify for the champions league

    2. No one really thought he was very good

    Yet he got the job walking in straight from PSG, many people do think he is good

    3. He was not elite. Just a meek man who gets bullied by players and management.

    Who is elite? Arteta? Just a handful of elite managers about, no elite manager would have taken a two year deal so that should have told you what his hiring was about.

    You wrote just a few weeks ago that Arteta was showing us levels we did not know existed, i wondered then and still wonder now what exactly those levels are.

  15. azed


    Nobody is against Arteta. The “dissent” on the blog is against Pedro.

    Nzonzi and Banega were seen as hacks and relic of the past even though they’ll both probably walk into our midfield.

    Cedric and Mauri(sp) are seen as necessary signings because Arteta is in charge.

  16. GunnerDNA


    Your’e now a Yankee bro, stop putting Arsenal fan in the bin because you don’t like their opinion. That so very British. Don’t tell me you’re not wearing a fitted cap and Js yet lol

  17. Champagne charlie

    Nice contextual element to todays post, particularly interesting seeing the comparative Brenda/Klopp breakdown and how it serves to give data room to breath before extracting verbose conclusions.

    Cheers for the kudos Pedro, and others. Just threw together the data, nothing more.

    In terms of sentiment it’s really quite tiresome to see some feverishly dissect every single detail to 6 weeks worth of work for a new manager at the mid-point of the season, with our own unique circumstances as a football club. We (as fans) do no favours with that kind of approach, and it cannot be washed away under pretence of ‘holding so and so accountable’ or ‘having high standards’, or whatever rehashed statement you’re looking to erroneously turn in its head.

    There’s no fair comparison between Emery and Arteta, none. It’s a tale of if’s and but’s, and nothing more. Emery oversaw a period of time that was enough to show change, and the change we saw dragged us lower. Now Arteta has an opportunity to show his influence over the next months (in some capacity), but more so from next season onward. But in a 3 year contract, the opening 6 weeks is as close to academic as it gets. Arsenal are finally playing the longer game, and the club will be better for it in due time – the thing many have suddenly disregarded from the equation in quite a spectacular fashion.

  18. Receding Hairline

    “… but more to the point, why are so many people out here defending Emery? What is there to defend?”

    The point keeps flying over your head that you went on a campaign of insults mostly personal of a man trying to do his job, pinned everything good on the players and everything bad on him.

    Now we are asking you to use those same metrics with the same tools to judge the new manager

    I for one didn’t expect anything from this season, i said earlier my assessment of Arteta will start when i see who he lets in and who comes in (not Cedric Soares). I knew Emery wasn’t serious when he left certain elements in the squad after the collapse last season.

  19. Paulinho

    “If 7 games is too small a sample to make any conclusions then it should also be too small a sample to declare a team hard to beat.”

    We had people after the Bournemouth, United games saying he had already made a huge difference to our attacking play. Now that inaccurate knee-jerk assessment has been shown up as such, it’s back to small samples and next season until we see a real difference.

    I don’t remember Guardiola or Klopp binning top players because they didn’t suit their philosophy. Lucas Leiva, Clichy, Fernando, Moreno didn’t suffer from unsuitability to philosophy. They were just a bit shit. Top players transcend system which is why they are almost always kept on regardless of a manager’s style.

  20. Zacharse

    You don’t need sample size to seethe difference between a team that presses and a team that pretends to press

  21. Zacharse

    While we’re no liverpool, i do believe we’ve become/are becoming a solid defensive unit that can press. Obv making a comparison btwn wenger/emery and arteta. I don’t think there’s any question that defensive solidity has improved. Only so much you can do w ozil and auba in the lineup tho

  22. Receding Hairline

    “Top players transcend system which is why they are almost always kept on regardless of a manager’s style.”


    This POV we bought players to fit an Emery system (while still arguing he didn’t have a system between) and now need to but players to fit Arteta’ s system is inaccurate. We need a turnover of players because most of the ones w have aren’t very good for the level we believe we should be at.

    If we take to the league next season with Lacazette, Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac and co as first eleven options then we will fail to make top four again regardless of how saucy our coach is

  23. Receding Hairline

    Zacharse we look defensively solid because we do not have players making forward runs not because we press, we do not press. Pressing teams win possession farther up the pitch and attack you.

    Our defensive solidity has come at a cost, we have fewer options when attacking now. Our fullbacks cannot join the attack because our midfield cannot cover for them.

    Everyone knows what Arteta is up against when it comes to player quality and attributes, many are avoiding that discussion because they dismissed it out of hand a few months ago and waited for the sauce

  24. Zacharse


    I gotta stop you right at

    “ Our fullbacks cannot join the attack because our midfield cannot cover for them”


  25. Major_Jeneral

    It will be interesting to see any analysis from data analysed. By looking at the data for a full season for both emery and Klopp.

    Any data analysts here?

  26. Pedro

    GunnerDNA, if you don’t add value to the conversation, you go in the bin. Inane teenage trolling isn’t for this place.

    I would never wear a cap.

  27. whitey da gooner

    Pedro, good post… very Neitzchean on context is all.. your anti- MA posters are bringing out your best.. you sway between senior manager and art school persona,.. this is Arsenal… So anything possible.

    Let’s stop the bollox at a pinch, we could well be on a slide similar to the one after Lord Emsworth managed our twenty something unbeaten run. If that happens from our present place we are in the Championship next season, no problem.Then we will lose who I consider easily our best poetntial manager.

    The fault is in the dressing for goodness sake… the patterns are too consistent to suggest otherwise. Find the root of it and take it out. Start with Ozil.. the guy is a liability for goodness, so obvious.. he talks up Arteta.. then gives a fair game… then wallop! back to doing the old doing fuck all, keeping safe and then copping his huge weekly wedge, how can this translate to anything positive in the dressing room? You watch. Next time he is subbed then we will be back to the looooong walk off..
    Hook him permanately and any of his mates in the DR. Give MA complete carte blanch. and time . he is a guy who obviously knows what he wants, has form and can deliver, despite the stat – merchants

    Want a good temporary attacking, creative mid fielder to replace Ozil? We have one right here. Manager/player captain Mikel Arteta. Bet your bollocks MA at 37 can put in plenty more sauce..grab Santi too. Bliss

  28. whitey da gooner

    Pushing the envelope

    Make Matteo have a number one crop, play him as shithousing centre forward along side Martinelli and Eddie

    Arteta replaces Ozil, Santi hired on loan

    Has to be enough to actually win a match ot two and keep us afloat.. cost.. nothing


  29. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    Freddie, The argument that PEA is being played out of position is baseless.

    PEA has played as a winger for most of his career going as way back as going on loan to Milan and even his first season at BVB. He only played as a central striker after Lewandowski left for FC Munchen

  30. Champagne charlie

    David Luiz has been giving some pre-Dubai chat on the dot com, talking all things Arteta:

    “He knows football, he knows inside the pitch,” David Luiz told Arsenal Player. “He loves football, he loves to work, so this enthusiasm is contagious for everybody.

    “What Mikel is trying to build is something big and I really believe in his philosophy, I really believe we can do something big this year and in the future, so I’m really, really happy because we have our way to go. This way, is it going to be a hard way? Yes. Is it going to be difficult to achieve? Yes, but it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible.”

    Aside from the hard work he has instilled, many of our players have spoken about Arteta bringing the fun back to the club – and David Luiz has hailed the importance of this.

    “I think the result of people when they are happy is 10 times better than when they are sad,” he said. “I believe in this smile, I believe in the fun and I believe in these kind of things – and this is part of football. This is part of the life, but not just that is the main thing.

    “I think you have to work hard and you have to understand what we represent, you have to understand the philosophy of the club, you have to understand and to know the history of the club, you have to understand how everybody is involved with the club and the people here inside the club, outside the club, the supporters everywhere in the world. I think this is the most important thing.

    “When you know why you are doing something, I think you start to understand the way and the how of walking in this way. Mikel knows that, he has tried to help us and give us the direction and how to live life, how to be inside the club and for me, this is so important to have.”

  31. izzo

    Arteta is failing. That is a fact. If we don’t start winning we’re going to be relegated. Keep talking about XG stats all you like the table doesn’t lie. It’s the year 2020 and Football is a results business and time waits for no man. Not even Pep if he under performs will be spared. Underperformers should not be rewarded with starts that should be the basic but that isn’t the case now is it? Carry on.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg


    Oh, so only for the last 6 years then, I’m convinced now.

    So you think it makes sense to play our best CF on the wing and place our best dribbler/winger on the bench to accommodate Laca? A CF who doesn’t score, especially not away from home?

    Strange people on here.

  33. Daniel Altos

    People are pissing on banega but have guys here actually watched him?He comfortably walks into our midfield and he is one of the best cms in laliga.Even Messi said he is his favorite midfielder to play with..infact the guy is a CM who can probably play the Am role better than our German maestro

  34. kristoman

    Are you for real? Badkalu
    when did you wake up from coma? Just now?
    we talking about arteta style and you are asking about emery attacking style

  35. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    I believe PEA is not played through the middle because he cant hold the ball up. He has never been able to play with his back to goal which imho is a key requirement for most strikers in the EPL.

    Not forgetting PEA scores a huge majority of his goals coming from the flanks whether he starts through the middle. The same way Martinelli being prolific in front of goal (for us) has scored most of his goals coming from the flanks.

    The point of where he starts is moot . Against Burnley he was rusty; his misses had nothing to do with where is started.

  36. Zacharse

    “ It’s the year 2020 and Football is a results business and time waits for no man.“

    Can you get this 12 year old to write a guest post. I’d be very interested in some more deep philosophical info this kid clearly
    has on offer

  37. China1

    Stan but laca is really poor at link up play as well. He just runs more than auba and makes more fuss every 5 mins so his presence is more obvious

    Laca isn’t a good passer of the ball, he’s not exceptionally robust or dominant, he’s not a super clever playmaker second striker, at the moment he’s a big fat nothing and that’s been the case for a long time now

    Auba has to go back up front and martinelli on the left

  38. badkalu

    @kristoman Mate, Arteta came just six weeks ago. If Emery wasn’t capable to implement an attacking style, Mikel simply has to start from scratch. What I said, and I think it was pretty clear, is that the Emery heritage is heavy and still being felt.

  39. kristoman

    Why is tom binned?
    let me guess
    he found pedro out just like marko GUNNER DNA. When he has no counter argument to thiers he binned them saying they are not contributing any meaning opinion.

  40. izzo


    Are you butt hurt because you don’t like the FACTS I provided. 13 games left lets see how many we win with Laca and Ozil leading our attack and the goals we keep conceding when teams decide to run at us and through that pathetic ensemble of a midfield the manager keeps serving up. Honestly if he just drafted some under 23 to replace those senior players that are damaging our results I would give Arteta a pass.

  41. jwl

    Pedro is marketing/salesman and he is trying to sell us a shit sandwich. For some reason Emery was expected to get immediate results with inadequate squad but we have to accept Arteta inadequacies when he working with same players.

    When Emery was hired, Pedro did not wait long to write about xG/xGA and how Emery was fraud but Arteta is sauciest of saucy managers apparently and all of a sudden xG doesn’t matter.

    Arteta is going to fail, just like Emery did. I don’t even understand why we fired Emery and paid him and his people off to hire new manager if there is no new manager bounce. Pearson at Watford has done better than Arteta so far.

  42. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    Agreed China1 based on current form. Traditionally, you would expect Laca to do the Tevez job better.

    I guess there are 2 school of thoughts when dealing with players out of form; the idea of play them until they get back on form vs drop them and give someone else a chance.

  43. kristoman

    So Badkalu
    arteta have not change our attacking style because he is working on only defensive style for 6 weeks now? Got you

  44. wattsy

    Hi All very spirited stuff , diverse opinions as usual, our problem now is linking a stronger defense with the talent up front. Against Burnley the problem was the appalling time it took to get the ball forward, lost count of times runs were made up front, not spotted and the opportunity missed. The biggest culprit is Matteo, he has many talents, but spotting a quick pass is certainly not one of them,always insists on ambling forward with he ball. then playing a simple short pass. By then all forward motion has come to a halt, defenders are back in position, back to square one. A football gets to its destination far quicker when passed , than when being carried by a player, there is clearly a need for both skills,, at the moment we are not using both options.. Right now Matteo is the weak link, hopefully he can learn the one skill he is currently short of.

  45. James wood

    Evidently Ozil could have moved to Qatar this window?
    A move that would have been approved by Arteta ?
    The move guaranteed him his current salary.
    It was rejected by the board because a suitable replacement
    could not be found in time.?
    Seeing how bad Ozils form can be why where Arsenal so slow in missing this
    opportunity to get him of the books.
    Was the bid that late.?
    Jack Grealish has a transfer value of around 30-35 million.
    He is on a salary of 35 k a week.
    He has the traits of Wiltshire.
    He is an English.
    He would save us several hundred thousand a week if Ozil had moved.
    He would improve us and is the type of player who would improve in
    A better side the crowd would I’m sure take to him 100%.
    Not rocket science but our Senior management are Tortoise like.
    The extent of there Pre planning is a menu in a posh restaurant.?


  46. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    Having a creative player in the mould of Santi or Gundogan who can spot a pass from deep to unleash players like PEA and Martinelli would in-turn negate the need for Laca playing through the middle.Unfortunately Ozil is not living up to his billing as one of the best no.10s ever.

  47. kristoman

    In all honesty
    arteta is not the problem, the players all. No coach in this world will achieve anything with these bunch.

  48. Zacharse


    No your facts are right on. It IS 2020. Football IS a results driven game. And it’s also true that time waits for no man. Now finish up your pudding and clean your face.

  49. Zacharse

    Hey i’ve got a great idea about how to solve arsenals problems. Rehire emery for that new manager bounce arteta didnt get. When that fails hire nigel fucking pearson.
    Smh uncontrollably

  50. Marc

    “Evidently Ozil could have moved to Qatar this window?
    A move that would have been approved by Arteta ?”

    It was reported on here that it was actually Arteta who stopped this move – something that might prove to be madness in time.

  51. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    Versus- no one knows maybe but for one, Carloti is earning £11.5m at Everton plus an addition bonus of £2.5m if he can keep the Toffees in the Premier League; Not forgetting the length of his contract. Lets not get into who ‘owns’ the club. Allegedly of course!

    At the end of the day its a huge gamble for Everton which appears to be working for now but Arsenal took a view possibly by learning from Yanited.

  52. Stan_The_Asset_Stripper

    Versus- based on Carlo’s record he shouldn’t have struggled at Napoli at all.

    You bringing up his record at RM and Milan is a bit of a stretch seeing as both teams had won European titles before his arrival.

  53. James wood

    Marc .
    It’s madness now and has been for some time.
    He’s wages alone are stopping us move on.
    Surely a Grealish would be welcome.
    Severely questions Arteta judgment on this player.

  54. Pierre

    “Arteta is failing. That is a fact.”

    Unbeaten this year , so If we remain unbeaten through February and March then I suppose it means he is a failure.

    Logical .

  55. Spanishdave

    When a manager favors players, rather than form then it will end in failure.
    The players get complacent hence the poor performances.
    We have to start winning we haven’t reached the 40 pt barrier yet ffs.
    A rookie at the helm may not work , it’s struggling at best.

  56. Graham62

    Klopp getting too much stick for FA Cup debacle.


    Ozil is stagnating the club in so many ways.

  57. Jamie

    Ousmane Dembele out for the season with a hamstring tear, hasn’t played since November.

    Incredible when you think about how much he cost Barca.

  58. Marc


    An act of genius? Come on we know you like Ozil but he’s not producing and even the increase in work rate we saw under early Arteta is fading. His wages are crippling the club and if he’d moved on a free it would have saved the club £27,000,000 odd in wages.

    Do you think we’re going to suddenly get a decent bid for him in the summer when he’s down to a year left?

    Do you think he’s going to suddenly start getting assists again and contribute half a dozen between now and the end of the season?

    We need to get the wage bill under control and we need to be able to move players on in the summer.

    Pierre – you seem to have a permanently “it’ll all work out” approach to Arsenal. I’m not sure you appreciate the position we’re in.

  59. Graham62

    Arteta is not failing.

    Who the fudge said this?

    If Emery had been in charge during this period, where would we be?


  60. Marc


    “Unbeaten this year , so If we remain unbeaten through February and March then I suppose it means he is a failure. ”

    As all of the PL fixtures we have left in Feb and March are at a minimum shouldn’t lose matches then you’re Zen like attempt at a comment looks pretty weak.

  61. Pierre

    At 17.52 you said
    “Pierre – you seem to have a permanently “it’ll all work out” approach to Arsenal. I’m not sure you appreciate the position we’re in.”

    Then at 17.56 you said
    “As all of the PL fixtures we have left in Feb and March are at a minimum shouldn’t lose matches then you’re Zen like attempt at a comment looks pretty weak.”

    So one minute it’s we are in a precarious position then 4 minutes later you as good as agree with me that we we will remain unbeaten up until the end of March.

    Your not making sense….surely, if we go unbeaten until the end of March ,our position in the league and the cups will be positive.

  62. Edu me a favour

    “”” Arsenal are finally playing the longer game, and the club will be better for it in due time – the thing many have suddenly disregarded from the equation in quite a spectacular fashion.”””

    Literally had this same thought today , very well put CC

  63. Marc


    Firstly the precarious position I was referring to was more on the financial side, we may / are going to have issues with FFP.

    I’m making perfect sense I didn’t say we’ll manage to go unbeaten I said we should be winning those matches. You’re trying to make it sound as if getting draws against teams we should beat is a positive thing. I say it isn’t.

  64. Batistuta

    So many players unsuited to the league or what the manager is trying to do it’s not even funny plus all the baggage of having a novice learn on the job, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

  65. Marc


    By the way going unbeaten through Feb and March could actually mean we’re on 36 points after 30 PL matches, have been knocked out of the EL on away goals and have narrowly beaten Portsmouth in the FA Cup and have drawn Liverpool at Anfield in the Qtr finals.

    You want to tell me you’d class that as a positive position?

  66. azed

    “Mikel has a lot of experience as a footballer and has worked next to Pep, who is a top manager. He perfectly fits Arsenal,” Unai Emery Arsenal manager told Marca.”

    Pedro has an ally in Unai.

  67. Pierre

    Put it like this , I’m not going to sit around fretting due to a draw away to Burnley on a difficult swirling wind that is always a leveller.

    If, come the end of March we are still languishing in mid table or worse and the football becomes as turgid as Emery’s , then I may have sone doubts.

    Arteta hasn’t had the best of luck so far (except the burnley miss) , red cards , dodgy ref decisions, deflected goals conceded , injuries to 3 left backs.

    Imagine the reaction on Le Grove if we did actually LOSE a game of football .

  68. Zacharse

    “The Arteta bounce brigade, are footballs flat earthers“

    What does that make emery defenders? White supremacists?

  69. Rich

    Remember Emery who won promotion with Lorca for their first time in their history, then went within a whisker of back to back promotions.

    Then got promotion with Almeria to La Ligament for the first time in their history, at the first time of trying.

    Then got 3 x 3rd place finishes with Valencia, in spite of having his squad decimated every summer

    Who then won three Europa leagues in 3 seasons at Sevilla.

    Won 7 trophies in 2 years in Paris

    Then finished 2 points off 4th, and got to another Europa final.

    Is absolute garbage.

    And Arteta is top class, because he’s taken 8/21 points.

    With a squad Pedro told us should 100% be getting 3rd.

  70. badkalu

    @kristoman Arteta is just trying to repair our defence, which is/was a priority. Mustafi still there, remember?
    I think we’ll clearly see what he wants to do in attack only after preseason, especially since only then will be clear who stays and who goes.

  71. Pierre

    Richard….(I’m tempted to call you dick for short .)

    “And Arteta is top class, because he’s taken 8/21 points.With a squad Pedro told us should 100% be getting 3rd.”

    Only Joe would say something as pointless as this..

  72. Marc


    I’m not calling for Arteta out I’m just saying he needs to start picking up some wins.

    No he’s not had much luck on referring decisions or injuries but this is Arsenal – that’s par the course.

  73. Rich


    Pedro told us last season Emery failed.

    That this season we 100% had a squad that should be finishing 3rd.

    Now he’s celebrating 8/21 points, pleading patience, and time for more squad surgery.

    Whilst also trying to claim that all our signings over the past 2 years we’re Emery’s.

    Which I suppose none of us really know, but Ornstein has said this isn’t the case.

    And calling Emery a weak man, when Arteta has just allowed us to sign Soares (A Jorge Mendez client)

    And Mari, another client of one of Raul’s mates.

    I agree Arteta needs time.

    I’m just pointing out Pedro’s hypocrisy, and lack of fairness and balance in his assessments.

  74. Pedro

    Rich, pretty dim comment.

    Firstly, you’ve used Emery as your go-to manager AFTER he took us to our worst league start in 38 years.

    Then you’ve cherry-picked my comments to make an absolute nothing point about our current situation with Arteta.

    You have to do better.

  75. Samesong

    Imagine the reaction on Le Grove if we did actually LOSE a game of football

    And rightly so. At least the fans are showing Pashun (Pedro word).

    We as Arsenal should never get used to losing.

    Yes some people go over the top with comments but that adds to the banter and plus no ones perfect.

  76. Dissenter

    Two drunk thugs threatened to kill Arsenal star Mesut Ozil and security guard who was posted outside his £9m north London home after he and fellow Gunner Sead Kolasinac were attacked by carjackers, court hears

  77. Rich

    Pedro you were long laying your groundwork of toxicity over Emery, ever since Arteta got over looked the first time.

    The calculation you got wrong was Emery didn’t underachieve last season, he massively overachieved, with a extremely poor squad of players.

    The problem he had this season, was the amount of change, people like yourself spewing their usual toxic nonsense, and a lack of patience.

    Once the atmosphere changed, his position became untenable.

    But nothing has changed, and things are more likely to get much worse, than much better.

    Kike Marin saying Mari + Soares aren’t Arsenal level, does this make Arteta a weak man?

  78. Pedro

    Rich, he added players to the squad and tanked us against almost every metric. He had huge amounts of luck as well, when that ran out, we went backwards. The end to last season was the most cowardly collapse I’ve ever seen, capped with an abysmal EL final.

    He did not over perform by any stretch.

    I said he was an average manager, he proved me right all by himself

  79. Zacharse


    You talk in conjecture, you use other people’s words without understanding them and you make up facts to suit your ‘point’
    Nobody buys it. Emery was garbage. Ranieri won the league w leicester not because he was a great coach. If you can’t understand what momentum does for you in pro sports there’s nothing left to argue. Get back to football manager

  80. Rich

    Pedro you’ve now set the bar for an average manager.

    If Arteta doesn’t get op 4 next season?

    With a squad you said was 109% good enough for third this season.

    Then by your own metric, Arteta will have failed.

    Arteta will likely be out of a job this time next season, but our issues aren’t coaching ones, so nothing will change.

    And by your own metric, Raul is already walking all over Arteta, which makes him a weak man.

  81. Champagne charlie


    You’re retelling the story of Emery about as ignorantly as I’ve seen recalled, well done. He started well, then got progressively worse with literally every performance marker making this clear.

    So no, it was nothing to do with a “lack of patience” that done him, what a weird suggestion.

  82. Pedro

    Rich, why is it so hard to understand that getting 4th with a full preseason starting from zero points is an acceptable target.

    Asking for 4th, after picking up a team in December, undergoing their worst start in 38 years, is quite the unacceptable target.

    Is it really that tough to separate the two here?

  83. Jamie

    “If Arteta doesn’t get op 4 next season?”

    Come on, man.. Give it some time to percolate before wondering what may or may not happen by the end of next season.

  84. Rich

    The metric will be, will Arteta do better than Emery?

    Will the results and performances improve?

    I don’t think they will, and that’s not a dig at Arteta.

    You’re free to believe that 5th last season was underachieving, I think we overachieved.

    I don’t think the metrics were poor because the coaching was necessarily poor, I think we largely have a very bland and unbalanced squad, and once we get a few injuries we’re in a lot of trouble.

    And you couldn’t conjure up three less dynamic players than a Torreira, Xhaka, Ozil.

    And the narrative that Emery couldn’t get the best out of Ozil has well and truly been put to bed.

    Ozil is finished, and has been for a long time.

  85. Rich

    I said if Arteta doesn’t get top 4 next season, by your metric he will have failed.

    I disagree, I think this is a much bigger project than that, and Arteta will need 30-42 months.

    But if he can’t tread water?

    He’ll be out of a job inside 14months

  86. MidwestGun

    Hmmm Interesting read Peds.. I pretty much agree with what your sayin.. Not so sure about all this XG.. XGa stuff.. Last time I checked.. you cant score a 4th of a goal or a 5th of a goal.. So shouldn’t it be in round numbers? YOu either score 1 or 2 goals or you don’t. The difference between a 10th of a point is for stats nerds. Also who decides whether it should have been a goal or not? Some geek that’s never played before? I think shots on our goal tells a bigger picture. Under Emery it was epically bad .Like shooting gallery numbers. Something like 17 shots a game. Arteta has it down to around 12. That to me is a real stat.

    Anyhow,,… I agree that people discount the fact all those big names thrown out were not coming here in the middle of a season. Arteta loves the Club and is willing to put in the hard work required to turn it around. Not only that, most of those mercenary type managers are good for a short bounce and that’s it. If Arteta can turn it around and grow with the Club we are talking about a better solution then for example Mourinho coming in here fixing things for half a season then burning it down.

    My gripe mainly with Arteta is he needs to have better in game management after things go to shit. Not really a plan b most games and I hate the 75th and 88th minute subs. Also if he relies on senior players like Ozil and Xhaka beyond this season it will not end well, imo. But he is young and will grow into it.. He does have to start winning though to take the pressure off. And I think we will. Very encouraged about the crop of youth getting valuable experience.
    I feel much more positive then I thought I would at this point after The Emery/ Freddie debacle.

  87. Valentin

    Just switched the TV on and seen the end of the Debate on Sky. Never heard so much lies by so called pundits.
    Former players who pretend that they have never heard about rotational fouling when those players played under Big Sam, the inventor of the concept.
    The fact that Zaha has been the victim to the extend that a column in the Times mentioned it. 8 fouls on the same player by 6 different players. Not a coincidence.
    Of course rotational fouling exists as a way to minimise yellow cards. Single niggling, small tactical fouls are rarely punished with a yellow card. Even when persistent fouling results in yellow card, some playera continue to foul. Everybody knows that persistent low level fouling never results in a second yellow card.
    Chelsea’s Jorginho in the game against Arsenal should have been sent off.
    Some teams don’t get punish for those constant niggling tactical foul. Referees should be much stricter on those.

  88. Graham62

    In comparison to Arteta’s limited experiences, Emery may have an impressive list of past achievements against his name, but if he had remained at Arsenal we would be in a far worse position.

    I’m convinced of that.

  89. Valentin

    People who starts using Emery’s past achievement to argue that Emery should still be in place should be ready to face exactly the same argument that Wenger should still be in place due to his achievements.
    People needs to accept that sometimes managers lose their mojo or are just a bad fit to a club irrespective of their pedigree.
    Once a winning manager does not mean forever a winning manager.
    Sometimes managers are just lucky to be at the right club at the right time. Ranieri spent his entire career never winning anything. Then the stars aligned for him and he won the EPL with Leicester! Roberto Di Matteo won the Champion’s League with Chelsea, but not a single big club is going after him.

  90. Big Dave

    Agree with all of that, Val.

    I can’t understand the bogus arguments in favour of Emery.

    He was a cancer to this club. He made following this club a chore, at best.

    How some on here try to rewrite history is beyond me. I smell a rat judging by the numbers and similar styles of writing.

    The ghost of Bamford is haunting us. I’m sure he in his many guises is spreading his idiotic message. He’s probably arguing right now with the cashier at his local cinema who won’t let him in. Shouting that he and Emery have been wronged.

    Too many puddings out there.

  91. Words on a Blog


    Well before he lost the support of the owner and the senior execs, Emery had lost: 1) the players, and 2) the home and away supporters.

    These were essentially the same group of players who’d bust a gut for him in early/mid season last year, and the same supporters who’d chanted “we’ve got our Arsenal back.”

    When that happens, past experience, past records and the rest is all irrelevant, and the team haemorrhages points. It’s happened to better managers than Emery.

  92. Ishola70

    Everybody needs to calm down.

    Arteta won’t be judged right to the hilt until he has a full season with the side and a pre-season with them.

    By the same token though we can do without some getting all hysterical at the mere thought that Arteta may be being questioned or criticised.

    It doesn’t matter if you have managed nine games with the team or nine years. Criticism can come and does. Especially now with that instant success culture that evades top level football.

  93. Aussie Gooner

    “The only area where I see weaknesses (and potential problems for the future) in Arteta is in his in-game management.”

    Dear God! Is that not the most important criteria to judge a coach? This is what has been suggested by many on Le Grove. No one will deny that Arteta has inherited a shit fest but why is he unable to see what the average fan can see on the pitch? (ie poor team selection, inappropriate substitutions, inability to adapt formations during games etc etc. For those that live on stats here’s a couple:

    (1)We are in 10th place in the EPL – if it wasn’t for goal difference we could be 13th on points.
    (2) We have the lowest points total at this stage of the season since 1912 (we were playing at Woolwich at the time – and no I was not there!).
    (3) We are only 7 points from the relegation zone
    (4) We are 10 points off 4th place
    (5) We are 20 points off 2nd place
    (6) We are 42 points off the leaders
    (7) Only Watford and Norwich have won fewer games

    If any one of these stats prevailed during the Wenger decline years there would be murders committed! However our current situation appears acceptable for some on Le Grove. Get a grip people. I have supported Arsenal for over 55 years and this is the worst I have seen. Ergo I am entitled to vent (as are others) without being accused of being alarmist or reactionary!

  94. Pedro

    Aussie, average fan didn’t see Xhaka stepping in at centre back against Chelsea and having a worldie. Average fan said we were uncoachable. Average fam said we’d never press.

  95. Dissenter

    You went over the top often in your Emery attacks last season. There was a persistent over-reaching in criticizing Emery.
    I recall that you famously blamed Emery for Holding’s injury last season. That was just as silly as anyone blaming Arteta for Chamber’s recent injury .

  96. Freddie Ljungberg


    That Xhaka did ok in a low block, backs against the wall scenario and managed to not gift away a goal doesn’t suddenly mean that he’s transformed as a layer or suited to the league as a midfielder. He’s still going to get done for pace, he still has a mistake in him, he still has the turning circle of an oil tanker and he is still a fouling machine. He also offers very little going forward and slows play down more often than not.
    So yeah, uncoachable in the sense that he’s never going to take us up a level, which is what we need from our midfield. A 10% improvement from him doesn’t change anything, it’s still rank average.

  97. Freddie Ljungberg


    It was when Holding was injured landing awkwardly, exactly like when Chambers did it.

    Was just as ridiculous to blame Emery for Holdings injury as it would be to blame Arteta for Chambers.

  98. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s been doing better, I’ll give him that.

    Still not anywhere close to the standard we need, too many flaws that we have to compensate for and for very little upside.

  99. Zacharse

    The next run of 6 games favors us. Hopefully we can get a run going.
    4 home games w the 2 away being olympiakos and portsmouth.

  100. Pedro

    Freddie, landing can be affected by fatigue. It’s part of balance. 3 games in 6 days after an injury. No doubt the club investigated that.

  101. Freddie Ljungberg


    So is Arteta responsible for the exact same thing happening to Chambers then?

    No, of course not, not everything is a big conspiracy and there’s not always someone to blame, sometimes shit just happens.

    Just as you can’t plan for a horror tackle injuring your player.

    If it was a muscle strain or a hamstring popping then sure, go ahead and blame fatigue or being in the red zone, but a freak landing, nah. Not buying it.

  102. Pedro


    Mikel Arteta picked up a squad in mid-December and believed that the fitness was too low… no doubt doing a preseason midseason is having an impact on injuries.

  103. Redtruth


    If you compare Emery’s last 9 games to Arteta’s first 9, Arsenal have given up 6% possession and had 26% less shots on target. This has been traded for a reduction of 9 shots on target (1 per game) from the opposition.

  104. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ah, so Chambers landing awkwardly was Emerys fault. Should have seen that one coming honestly. Smh.

    Hear he’s doing awful things to Ramsey down in Turin as well, when will his reign of terror end, oh the humanity…

  105. Dissenter

    “Freddie, landing can be affected by fatigue. It’s part of balance. 3 games in 6 days after an injury. No doubt the club investigated that.”

    [bad] landings can also be affected by
    -poor/improper footwear
    -slippery turf
    -collision with another player
    -foot getting stuck in the turf
    -malicious/dangerous play

    That didn’t stop you [and Valentin] from blaming Emery though. You pulled no punches min slandering Emery

  106. Pedro

    Redtruth, he’s another EKB like you, not sure anyone is paying attention to his analysis after he propped up Emery until the death.

  107. Pedro

    Freddie / Dissenter, you argue with me and you’re consistently incorrect.

    Fatigue impacts landing strategies, that’s not opinion, it’s proven sports science.

    ‘For instance, DeVita et al. (1992) reported a redistribution of joint energy absorption in the lower extremity during a soft landing with a greater peak knee flexion compared with a stiff landing. However, these altered landing strategies are negatively affected by neuromuscular fatigue associated with prolonged exercise and, such fatigue may place athletes at a higher risk of landing-related injury’

    You guys don’t have a clue, yet you argue militantly. You did the same with Aaron Ramsey, everyone scoffed, then the manager came out and owned up to it.

    Rob Holding was fresh back from injury, he played 3 games in 6 games, then landed badly. Valentin was not incorrect to point the finger, no doubt the club did internally.

  108. Pedro

    … broader picture, I didn’t slander Emery, nor do I care if you think I did.

    Move on.

    This place is like an Emery apologists therapy group.

    He was shite. I didn’t make him shite.

  109. Freddie Ljungberg

    “You did the same with Aaron Ramsey, everyone scoffed, then the manager came out and owned up to it.”

    There’s about a 30% chance of Ramsey getting injured every time he plays, he’s broken, just like Jack is, the man can’t even stay fit in Serie A.
    If it didn’t happen in that game it would have happened in the game after or 2 games after, it’s just how it is with him.

    No one is defending Emery, your claims are just ridiculous. I understand that you need content and having someone to blame is a better narrative, that doesn’t mean you’re right though or that your views aren’t going to be questioned.

    That study above seems to indicate higher chance of impact injuries because of fatigued joints or muscles, it doesn’t say anything about twisting your foot on landing though, like both Holding and Chambers did.

    Pointless exercise this anyway, I don’t blame anyone for 2 freak injuries happening under 2 different managers, you blame your nemesis for everything, go ahead, it’s your blog.

  110. Pedro

    Freddie, of course it’s a pointless exercise after you’ve just been shown scientific evidence that you were wrong.

  111. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Holding was forced off in the first half of the Gunners’ 2-2 draw with Manchester United on Wednesday after a challenge from Marcus Rashford”

    Scientific evidence that I was wrong? Where?
    That blurb you posted above that there are some links in some cases to fatigue and landing related injuries? Yeah, overwhelming evidence in this case that.

  112. Pedro

    Freddie, what are you currently arguing?

    Earlier it was that landing injury could only be a freak incident. Wrong. I have supplied you evidence that says that fatigue can cause bad landings.

    Rob Holding’s injury was a fairly innocuous challenge where he tried to turn a Rashford challenge and his knee blew. Holding said that it wasn’t even a tackle.

    Holding had played 3 games in 6 days. He would have been fatigued. You saying it was a freak to make yourself feel better is fine, but professionals will have gone deep on that and looked for reasons why.

  113. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Freddie, landing can be affected by fatigue. It’s part of balance. 3 games in 6 days after an injury. No doubt the club investigated that.”

    I’m arguing against this and the claim from you that Emery apparently caused both Holdings and Chambers injuries. Thought that was obvious.

    You claiming a win after posting an article from 1992 about some correlation between fatigue and landing injuries is cute and all but it doesn’t really prove anything in these cases.

    Like I said, there’s not always a bad guy in everything, if you want to think that that’s fine, doesn’t mean you’re right.

    Injuries happens, it’s part of the game, if we can limit the ones that are actually preventable that’s good enough for me without going on some quest to fight wind mills.

  114. Pedro

    Freddie, if you need scientific papers from the last 10 years, I have those as well.

    I didn’t say, 100%, this is on Emery. Nor did Valentin. No one can guarantee that, especially from afar… but bad luck ain’t cutting it, especially when evidence of fatigue was clear.

  115. Receding Hairline

    Calling a manager with 10 career trophies to his name, two first time ever league promotions for unknown teams who then went into obscurity after he left garbage is slander. It left the realm of criticism based on facts and descended to personal petty insults based simply on the fact you hated him and his lack of sauce and wanted a more dare I say handsome and savvy fellow on the touchline.

    You have just read a post that pointed out we have traded a lot of good aspects to our game for a negligible return in the shots conceded column and you label the writer an EKB.

    We are now waiting for another run of “easy games” to pick us some momentum, is that what sauce is about?

    The break will help, let’s hope we come back from the warm weather plan with an attacking plan as we haven’t had one for a while, we can’t keep playing games of football with the sole purpose of reducing shots on our goal.

  116. Dark Hei

    I am disappointed about the last result; really wanted the team to be better than this.

    Nevertheless, I am still convinced that Emery should leave.

    Kind of like in the Gervinho thing, where he left and did well at Roma while we brought in Podolski who ain’t THAT convincing.

    Yet, I am still convinced that it was the right move and no, I did not want Gervinho back.

  117. kristoman

    Dark Hei
    nobody wants emery back. What people finding to understand is why the metric used emery are now been shun under arteta?

  118. Dark Hei


    Ha ha.

    I don’t like Emery because his football is joyless. Once we don’t even win games, there is absolutely nothing left. And when his polite demeanour turned into sniping, that was really it.

    As for Arteta, the football is enjoyable. But the results ain’t much to shout about either.

    But hey, at least it is entertainment. (Not the last match)

    As long as Arteta keeps up with the positive football, I will hum along. But results is the meat and drink of football. And yes, I consider xG part of the results.