Why ‘sell them all’ isn’t a strategy

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So what’s this… the Patron Saint of Positivity is… me?

It appears so. My role in the community is clear, I am here to make you feel better, to guide you toward the light, to set you on the path of righteousness.

Today, we’re talking about Arsenal.

Some of the commentary post-Burnley has been fucking hysterical. Pull yourselves together comrades. Burnley beat Brendan Rodgers Leicester and took down Manchester United at Old Trafford. Beating them away from home would have been lovely, but it was a tough game and it didn’t end in a pleasing fashion.

These games will happen. The club is being dragged into the future after years in the darkness. That isn’t going to happen in 6 weeks I’m afraid, if you thought it would, that’s on you.

Let’s just remind ourselves of what was going on.

The team stopped running.

Our captain had told the fans to fuck off

Mesut Özil was ostracized, then brought back

We had the worst start in 38 years

We couldn’t defend

We couldn’t attack

Where are we now?

We’re competing in every game. You might not have liked what you saw at Burnley, but we didn’t stop fighting. We dominated the opening 30 minutes, it swung back to Burnley, then we took back control of the last 20 minutes. That’s battling spirit, something we’ve lacked.

The team is working harder than ever. The effort is impacting our second-half performances, but we’ve seen a sustained work rate in games. We press in a structured manner and it’s paying dividends.

We are hard to beat. Yes, we’re not winning games we’d like to be, but we’re also not losing. Pep-ball wasn’t built in a day. The manager has had to make tough decisions, and he seems to have put his first batch of chips on making us more solid defensively. It’s working, we’re far more solid than we’ve been in years. If Allegri had come in, what do you think he’d have done? Arsenal fans have literally begged for someone to pay attention to defensive structure, now it’s happening.

The most pointed criticism has been that our attacking flair has taken a hit. I can’t argue that, but logic would say that strikers that had an outrageous conversion rate last season would help us nick games by a goal. It hasn’t happened. Confidence is very, very low. Mesut hasn’t been using the new space he’s been given and players like Lacazette are living in hell. We have to be realistic, you can’t fix everything at the same time, it’s a process, phase one has been to make us tougher to beat, it’s working, now the manager has to work on phase two.

I think that’ll become far easier when we get a full set of players to choose from. Our defensive options have been bleak, get some pace an power back in the side and things will start to look up.

Another criticism leveled at the manager has centered around him not selling the entire squad in January. Again, this sounds great when you’re thumping the table, but when you think about it, it’s beyond dim.

Clubs don’t do the bulk of their business in January because the only deals to be had are generally quite grim unless you have £100m kicking around. We don’t. Ripping out all of our experience, bringing in 5 players, and hoping it’d work under a new manager would have been a ridiculous ploy.

Edu and Raul, I suspect, are banking on a few things.

1. That Arteta can study the squad and make an assessment of the talent available at the club. Which senior players can be saved, which kids are good enough, and where the gaps are.

2. That Arteta can coach like he did at Manchester City. Arsenal are only as good as the money they spend this summer. If we have no one to sell, we are going to be painfully limited in who we can buy. I think the reliance on senior players is to pump the value of names we’d have struggled to move on in January. If Mustafi plays the rest of the season like he did yesterday, he’ll get a big move this summer. Xhaka is already worth more than the £24m that was offered. Mesut Ozil might show he’s worth a move. Auba will command big money, so could Lacazette and Matteo. How much more do you think Lucas Torreira is worth now? If you bump your sales from £50m to £100m, that gives you a lot more options. So, as much as you hate it, there’s clearly a rationale as to why we’re reviving careers… it’s the long game. So stop getting so irate at the lack of public executions.

3. The good coaching will act as a calling card. The best players want to improve. If there’s someone at Arsenal that can elevate players talents, that makes you a viable option for more names. I think these turnaround projects show that Mikel is more than just the backroom guy at City who put out the cones. If the backend of this season sees better results and more consistency, that will act as a calling card in the same way the Dortmund project does.

We still have to hope that Edu and his scouting machine is a little more attuned to the market than some of these drab names that are being floated our way by agents like Kia, but at the end of the day, if Raul blows another summer, his job will start to look precarious. Fans won’t tolerate another steady drip of average players with pumped fees. Nor will the Kroenke’s.

Right, that’s me done for today, I’ll be recording a podcast tomorrow when I’m back in New York. xx

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  1. RodneyKing


    “Show the same patience you were going to show Emery… 4 windows, 18 months, £200m”

    Arteta needs time surely. But you make it sound like he won’t benefit from those windows and the £200m or so Arsenal spent purchasing players.

    He’s inherited the immensely talented Guendouzi, the terrier that’s Torreira, the sublime Luiz and PapaSok the Greek Undertaker. Not forgetting the impeccable shot-stopper, Leno and the wonder boys from Brazil and Scotland.

    Plus – I almost forgot – the fleet-footed Ivorian and the Varane clone that’s joining up next season.

    That’s not a list of players to be scoffed at.

  2. Rich

    Pedro has gone from Emery finishing 5th, and losing in the Europa final is failure.

    To Emery should 100% be getting top 4 with this squad.

    To Arteta has improved our XG, even though we’ve only out shot our opponents in 2/9 games.

    Things will get easier with a full set of defenders, I don’t remember Emery getting this type of leeway….

    8/21 points in progress, because we’re hard to beat….

    Xhaka’s value has improved from £24million, to what? £24,000,001 Lol

    Mustafi has had plenty of good games, 90% of what he does is good, it’s the regularity of his f*ck ups that’s the problem.

    Giving Arteta the credit for Mustafi having 1 fu*k up free game, is clutching at straws.

  3. Pedro

    Rich, that’s not really the narrative, is it?

    I said we should sack a manager taking us nowhere in the summer. He took us nowhere. He was fired.

    Now we’re 6 weeks into a new project, one that was picked up mid-December after the worst start in 38 yeras, now I’m defending the job he’s doing against people that have a really difficult time understanding the difference in situation and that context is important.

  4. Nelson

    Ox has become the type of midfielder that we missed. He can drive the ball forwards and can scores from 25 yards out.

  5. Gonsterous

    I’m all for giving arteta time but if he continues to be this reactive manager who will only make changes when we concede then he will fail big time.

    Where was the balls to really go for Burnley this weekend?
    I’m devastated because I saw this game as a must win for a top 5 finish. Don’t get how anyone could be happy with a draw to Burnley. Look at our attack, the in game management fked it up.
    Or are we to fear and set up defensively against bottom teams if they have a run of 2 undefeated games and be happy to get a draw ??

  6. Tom

    “Show the same patience you were going to show Emery… 4 windows, 18 months, £200m”

    Well, since Arteta isn’t likely to get another £190m to spend in the next three windows, it’s safe to say he’ll be absolved from your criticism then.

  7. Tom

    I’m sorry Pedro but whatever happened to this is a top three squad talent-wise, top four at a minimum- something you were proclaiming last summer.

    Why would Arteta need to spend another £200m ,unless his remit is to win the league now…………which it isn’t.

  8. Dissenter

    “Tom, that squad spent 18 months being decimated by Emery.”

    How can you even say that with a straight face?
    You are so far gone up in the Arteta’s hype that you have lost your way objective-wise.
    You write like all of Emery’s reign was bad, which is grossly untrue. We narrowly missed out of 4th place because of an end os season collapse and reached the final of the EL. There were brief periods of emery ball that had the home crowd chanting “we have our Arsenal back” so that statement of yours is just plain wrong.
    In the end Emery lost his way and deserved his sack because the RESULTS weren’t good enough. You seem be trying too hard to separate your adulation of Arteta from being measured by the metric by which every manager is assessed with -RESULTS.
    Every time he’s rightly or wrongly criticized, you pull out the Emery-card.

  9. Pedro

    Dissenter, how you can sit there with a straight face and defend someone that oversaw the worst start in 38 years is the real spectacle.

    Weak manager, horrendous tenure, now we are paying the consequences.

    Rollen, I was… I’m a fan, sign a 72m player out the blue and I will call pretty much anyone a Don.

  10. Tom

    Tom, that squad spent 18 months being decimated by Emery.Did I clear that up?

    No not really.
    Emery took a “top four squad” according to you and massively underachieved.
    Arteta has taken over the same squad and once given time should get them to where you thought they should’ve been in the first place , right?

    Why would he need to spend any funds let alone 200m?

    Especially when Arteta is supposed to be the better coach.

    You make it sound like Arsenal players now have PTSD and might never recover from the Emery trauma and that’s why we may need new players?

  11. Pedro


    Emery tanked spent 18 months breaking the squad, culminating in the worst start in 38 years.

    The squad is being rebuilt properly, after being picked up midseason. That’s not happening in 7 games. You can’t fix that much damage in 6 weeks.

  12. Zacharse

    For anyone whose ever played sports at an elevated level, you’ll lnow how bad runs work w a weak manager, they don’t end. End of the season emery started shitting the bed and didn’t stop til he was put down, a bit too late for anyone w half a brain. Expecting arteta to turn things golden immediately is bullshit, just plain bullshit. We all know the offense is suffering while the defense is cohering, IT ISNT FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE. Lets see where artetas at after 18 months should we get that far. Then all this absolute bullshit can be put down, just like that toadying idiot emery

  13. Aussie Gooner

    Forget top 4!

    Does anyone watch other games that do not include Arsenal? If you did you would see that most of the other teams in the EPL put in. Even if they don’t have the ‘quality’ players that we have, they work hard to overcome these ‘deficiencies’. Even Norwich are trying!

    Why do Arsenal players appear to lack energy and commitment? Very few of them put their bodies on the line for the team, pulling out of challenges on the ground and in the air, turning their backs on shots, being second to the ball etc etc. This disease appears endemic in the team and apart from Martinelli and Saka I do not see anyone else giving that extra 5%.

  14. Tom

    The squad is being rebuilt properly, after being picked up midseason. That’s not happening in 7 games. You can’t fix that much damage in 6 weeks.

    Agreed , Arteta needs more than 6 weeks to turn this around.
    But for the rebuilding part – what’s there to rebuild if the top four ingredients were already in place?

  15. Pedro

    Tom, we have 5 players in the final year of their deals. 3 are on loan. We’ll have to reshape the squad for a manager that plays a different style.

  16. Tom

    Ok Pedro, I’ll let you have the last word even though we’re not that far apart.
    My contention being mainly that Arsenal always needed more physical presence through the spine of the team.
    Wenger failed addressing this, Emery and his bosses continued that failure and unless Arteta rights this oversight, he will have a hard time succeeding.

    On another note, I take it you are stateside since you up at this hour.
    If you’re ever in Chicago let me know I could take you out to some cool places for dinner or drinks.
    You sound like a good guy.

  17. Gonsterous


    Finally landing yourself a date? Good on yah.

    Jokes aside, pedders really does sound like a cool bloke.
    Haven’t seen him but I imagine he looks like a tall Spaniard with long blonde hair, who goes around in flip flops on a bicycle.

  18. Tom

    Haven’t seen him but I imagine he looks like a tall Spaniard with long blonde hair, who goes around in flip flops on a bicycle.

    Funny, that’s exactly how I imagine him.
    Why do you think I offered ?

  19. Receding Hairline

    All this rebuilding and style talk is all very grand and throwing the Emery smoke bomb will do for the rest of the season, but if Arteta …

    1. Continues to pick players based on seniority not on form

    2. Can’t change games from the touchline once the opposition start getting on top

    3. Continues to rely on players running more to impress him rather than playing to any coherent plan

    3. Can only get us passing fluently when the opposition give us all the space in the world

    4. Doesn’t do anything tactical to improve our chance creation stats

    The questions and doubts will only increase. At the end of the day he is still a novice coach. Whatever great things expected of him are still only expectations.

  20. Receding Hairline

    All this 200m worth of talent thing

    72m of the money is on Pepe, Arteta doesn’t rate him too

    27m on Saliba who hasn’t kicked a ball for us yet

    A further 23m or so on Torriera who is okay but really nothing special

    A good chunk of it on Sokratis who should never have been bought

    7m on Guendouzi, a kid ,great one game horrible the next like all kids

    Where is this 200m worth of talent we should have set the league alight with?

    Other expensive signings

    Lacazette…Emery got a tune out of him last season

    Aubameyang..won the golden boot last season

    Xhaka…he stupidly rated and made captain… Hastening his demise

    Ozil…he figured out early couldn’t caught it but allowed himself to be bullied into playing him by fans chanting his name

    Mustafi is Mustafi….a great game now and then a nightmare now and then.

    The only people who seem to be suffering from PTSD is Lacazette who many argued will blossom once we have an attacking manager and Aubameyang who doesn’t have his usual cut backs to feed from

    The rest are playing the way we know they are capable of on a good day.

  21. þorkell einarsson

    we should sell Auba and ÖZil and add some flair to the midfield.. Kolacinac
    is our biggest threat from the left ?? Mabey Laca is also losing it and needs a new
    challange. For some of the funds we should looking for a big ugly brasilian

  22. James

    I cant believe the lack of realism from our fan base. Alot of bad things have happened to our squad over the last 18 months of Emery. Its going to take longer than 6 weeks to fix.

    1. He made our defence worse than it was under wenger with arguably better players. The amount of shots we were conceding put us as a bottom of the league team. Our shape and balance was awful ability to even pass the ball was destroyed. Dont get me started on playing from the back.

    Arteta has set his stall out on better defensive shape, defending from the front (which lacazette does exceptionally well which is why he continues to start), working harder to recover the ball and the transition from turnovers in our defensive 3rd.

    2. The midfield, Emery had no clue on the who, what and where in our midfield and i would scream “WHY”. There was no clue to what players should be on the field, who should start where and what they should do when they do start. Then when they got on the ball what to do with it.

    “IDENTITY” everyone cried what and where is our identity. Under Wenger we had one a very defined one and in a bygone era a very successful one. Under Emery i dont think he knew what the word meant and/or did not know what a good identity looked like. He removed our sole and never replaced it.

    Arteta has began relaying the foundation’s of an identity needed for any future success, any success. I agree with Pedro our squad when fully fit and full of confidence and good form is a top 4 squad.

    All 3 of those attributes are key to a successful season, plus a dollop of luck which weve had very little. which brings me to point 3.

    3. These things are missing at the moment we have good or top player’s injured or just returning. Confidence comes with success and you need to be on form to succeed.

    Lacazette seems to be the burning wicker man for Arsenal fans in their quest for answers or simply to create another witch hunt. Lacazette wont be off “SCORING FORM” forever, Arteta trusts him to do the dirty work at the moment. Which he does very well, having faith that scoring touch will return.
    We have a very young squad and Pepe in his first premiership season, time and patience is key here.

    Arteta dosen’t have citehs squad, billions of pounds worth of players to work with. He needs to create those players from our youth team.

    We also need to contiue being sensible and cute in the transfer market with Raul and Edu. Leno, Saliba, Torriera, Teirney, Guendouzi, Martinelli and Luiz all cost around 100m. Hopefully Mari and Suores prove to be decent and frugal signings too which both players when/if signed will cost less than 15m.

    I had 4 seasons in my head, post Wenger to sort Gazidis’s mess out. At the end of this season we are 2 seasons from that deadline. Liverpool have taken 5 seasons since Klopp joined and 650m of signings to win their first pemiership title. Also their first top flight domestic title in a very long time. Be realistic Liverpool were lucky to win their CL under Benitez way back when. Only in the last 2 seasons their back to their best, it could be worse whe could have had to waith almost 30 years for a title

  23. DivineSherlock

    One of the most glaring fact people miss is that we thought Arsenal under Wenger was worse at the end . No fucking fire or bite , worst away record. Then Emery came , added some signings . And at the end of Emery’s tenure he made that team even worse then Wengers . Amazing to think that Arteta can turn this around midseason in a month . Get a grip guys .

  24. Emiratesstroller

    It is abundantly clear that those running Arsenal in recent years have grossly
    mismanaged the club.

    The question now is whether the new management [not talking about coaching] is any better.

    RH has highlighted some of the poor decisions made by the club in the transfer market. Obviously there is always going to be a risk when you bring
    in players. This is not an exact science.

    However, there are measures which you can take to mitigate the risk. Arsenal
    have recruited a lot of players in recent times who have turned out to be very
    poor outcomes and that is a matter which needs to be investigated.

    Personally I feel that there has been far too much emphasis when recruiting players on supposed “skill set” rather than whether the players are compatible
    with style of play in EPL and whether they are equipped to cope with the physicality and demands of game here.

    Arsenal are clearly going down the route of bringing into the squad younger
    players. When you do that on the scale we have done in last 2 years there is a
    huge risk that the team are not going to perform well in the short term.

    It is noticeable that Liverpool are the one team who recruited this season virtually no new players. They have been able to play throughout the season
    a settled team with a rotation of a limited number of experienced squad players.

    Arsenal by contrast have been chopping and changing their squad throughout
    the season with lack of stability.

    My view is that Arsenal are unlikely to improve dramatically in the short term. However, I do think that we need to give the new Head Coach mileage
    to grow in the job and that also applies to the majority of younger players.

    However, our recruitment needs to be much better than it has been in the past whether in Academy or First Team.

    Many years ago I was advised by a Director of Arsenal that they were following
    the same model as Liverpool who were at the time dominating the First Division with profiling not only of ability, but also medical, psychological and even lifestyle.

    I wonder if those matters are still being applied by the club today when recruiting players?

  25. Aussie Gooner


    Nobody is suggesting that Arteta can pull rabbits out of hats in 6 weeks. But the problems identified by many on Le Grove relate to the here and now, utilising the players at hand ie team selection, formations, fitness, substitutions, game plans etc. These are all basics that need to be addressed now!

    When planning any business venture you set immediate, short term and long term goals. Immediate goals are what can be done at the present time with the assets to hand. Short-term goals have an operational component containing action plans for the immediate future ie player purchasing, contracts management, executive/managerial structure etc. They also form the action plan for achieving each of the long-term goals ie additional capital assets, sponsorships deals, restructuring debt, share structure etc.

    At present Arteta is not managing some of the immediate issues. This needs to be addressed now – not in the 5 year plan. By that time we maybe playing at the Dell!

  26. Gentlebris


    You are nothing but a primitive roughneck with no respect for other people’s religion.

    You beastly gutter goer.

  27. Versus

    Man for man we can agree we have a better squad on paper than utd. We can agree to this, yes? Looking back When Ole comes in after Jose. The uptick or the “bounce” they received was dramatic, impactful and obvious. The player’s disdain for Jose directly converted into optimism and enthusiasm. They started running and pressing again.
    We had the same situation where the players “stopped running” for Emery. So When Arteta comes in, the same uptick in performances occurred like it does for most teams. This is a terrible situation to be in.

    They only like you (arteta, ole), because they hated him (jose,emery).

    This causes a false perception of progress. Why do i say all this? UTDs squad and their coach are not as good as ours. yet their performances after their bounce produced better results than ours. They lost their uptick advantage ages ago (and pogba) yet they are still above us.
    The table doesn’t lie. Results are the bottom line. When the novice gets his first taste of rebellion, entitlement and indifference, we’ll see who was weak. The Europa League finalist or the Agrostologist.

  28. Gentlebris

    The thing with you guys here is you love to react, you never bother to help prevent an undesirable situation but would rather sit on your fannies and watch things go in the wrong direction, but at the very first harvest of that wrong direction, you all come out gun blazing, demanding excellence. What a way!

    Mikel can’t give what he doesn’t have. He never led even a B team until he was handed a big team with big problems. The club, in my opinion, purposefully got busted at Mikel’s door to sample your reactions on social media. Most of you now breathing anger were either silent or hailed the club along.

    Hiring Arteta was against reason. When you do things against reason you also get unreasonable results most of the time.

    Mikel has the job now and all I can do is hope he does a good job eventually. He didn’t hire himself, so I wish him well.

  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    “And against Burnley on Sunday afternoon, the play-maker was once again virtually anonymous, having just one shot on goal, registering 51 touches, and losing possession 12 times as per Sofascore”

    “Mesut Ozil hasn’t assisted a Premier league away goal in 2 years. Lacazette hasn’t scored a Premier league away goal in almost a year. One plays as chief creator and the other plays as centre forward and we’re out here scratching our heads as to why we struggle to score away..”

    “Mesut Ozil’s last goal assist in the Premier League away from home came the day before he signed his new contract.”

    What’s the definition of insanity again?

    Arteta needs to sort this asap, and no, I don’t mean on the training ground, he needs to start picking a team that can actually get points on the board.

    No more negating our best attackers so to accommodate Laca. No more Ozil chances, he’s had about a million of them now and does nothing.

    If the season really is a write off then start playing players with a future at Arsenal to get them ready for next season. Can’t be any worse than we’re seeing now.

  30. Gentlebris

    ‘When the novice gets his first taste of rebellion, entitlement and indifference, we’ll see who was weak. The Europa League finalist or the Agrostologist.’

    And now you just published fact.

    I honestly can’t understand what took possession of Pedro.

    Arteta was only fit for a stable ‘problem less’ Ranger/Celtic or Derby/Man City B team to start his career, but Pedro insisted he was fit for a crisis covered Arsenal. You don’t speak the English grammar without first exercising the English alphabet.

  31. Bob N16

    Gentlebris, in your real life are you usually right? What makes you so certain that Arteta is not going to work out? You accuse Pedro as though he was the man who appointed him.

    Did you want a fire fighter appointment or someone who could radically change Arsenal in the medium to long term?

    You are representative of a group of supporters who appear as though they would rather be right and for Arsenal to do badly, than to be wrong and for Arsenal to be successful. Just because Pedro went fully behind Arteta’s appointment way back and you disagreed, it comes across that despite evidence of an improvement in performance you are desperate to be right about Arteta. You appear to ignore the context of his arrival and have ridiculous, unrealistic expectations of what a new coach is capable of.

    There’s this desperation to compare Arteta unfavourably with Arteta.

    Freddie, completely agree with your final paragraph. Willock has the potential to improve, Ozil doesn’t – pick Willock ( or Ceballos if you want to go short term)

  32. Versus

    One thing that I noticed about this farce,this debacle Arsenal are currently in. Nobody talks about Tottenham anymore. They have been better than us for at least 5 years. They were below us this season. Now they are comfortably above us. They have a dinosaur manager and have lost the most prolific striker in the prem. Yet somehow, they are better off than us. How is it that Arsenal fans are just happy to go along with this? When did it become “ok” that spurs are just better than us?

    Pos Team P W D L GD Pts
    1 Liverpool 25 24 1 0 45 73
    2 Man City 25 16 3 6 36 51
    3 Leicester 25 15 4 6 28 49
    4 Chelsea 25 12 5 8 9 41
    5 Tottenham25 10 7 8 8 37
    6 SheffUtd 25 9 9 7 3 36
    7 Man Utd 25 9 8 8 7 35
    8 Wolves 25 8 11 6 3 35
    9 Everton 25 9 6 10 -6 33
    10 Arsenal 25 6 13 6 -2 31
    11 Burnley 25 9 4 12 -10 31
    12 Newcastle 25 8 7 10 -12 31
    13 Southmtn 25 9 4 12 -15 31
    14 Palace 25 7 9 9 -7 30
    15 Brighton 25 6 8 11 -7 26
    16 Bournmth25 7 5 13 -13 26
    17 Aston Villa25 7 4 14 -15 25
    18 West Ham25 6 6 13 -13 24
    19 Watford 25 5 8 12 -16 23
    20 Norwich 25 4 6 15 -23 18

    The table doesn’t fucking lie.

  33. Aussie Gooner


    Spot on! It has become the new norm to accept mediocrity. I watched the Spuds game after ours and they are well ahead in terms of effort and commitment. This is not acceptable in my mind. They to have under gone similar trauma – new stadium, new manager, loss of key players, new recruits etc but don’t appear to be too phased by this. Why then are we? Can someone please answer this question.

  34. Pierre


    You’re right, rock bottom is where Emery left us..

    He left the team with

    No defence
    No midfield
    No offence
    No creativity.
    And no confidence.

  35. Pierre

    Let’s see where we are in the league by the end of March.

    I expect to see us in or around the top 6 with the gap narrowed on Chelsea and in the chasing group.

    I expect to see us in the quarter finals of the FA cup and still competing in Europe.

    I expect to see us still undefeated and improvement throughout the team.

    And unlike the know nothings on Le Grove, I am really looking forward to the last 4 months of the season..

  36. Danny S

    Personally I think Ozil is one of the main issues in this squad.
    Imagine young players looking up to him, sitting on his fat contract and doing virtually nothing for it. What a role model.
    I think summer will be the time. We can get rid of a few of the cancerous personalities in the team and have a freshen up. Clear out the stink of mediocracy and the players that came for a pay day more than trophies..

  37. Pierre

    Danny S
    “Clear out the stink of mediocracy and the players that came for a pay day more than trophies..”

    Will just point out that these so called players who came for the pay day have won more trophies than 90+ % of teams in the league.
    These players also reached a European final and a league cup final.

  38. Versus

    Q. How do you know Arteta won’t work?

    Good question. Counter question.

    Q. How do you know Hiddink, Ancelotii, jose, allegri or pochettino won’t work?

    See you’ve trapped yourselves backing this amateur appointment. Because theres no evidence to suggest he will be or won’t be successful. What you ‘new age’ kids don’t realize is that those same vague undefined parameters can be used for any counter view someone else may introduce.
    Basically every reason you have to back Arteta i can use the exact same reason to back any other manager. Why. Because if we convert Artetas experience into digital format. He has a 0. Which is neutral. Neither positive, nor negative. The assumed outcome has neither a higher or lower probability. Every other manager at least has a 1 because they all have at least 1 positive form of experience in football management.
    You are telling us to “wait”
    For what exactly?
    For his experience to increase?
    Into what?
    A positive.
    “Give him until next year”
    What guaranteed difference will there be from now until then?
    (Players being bought or sold is not guaranteed)

    So with all the other managers experience being on 5,6,7 for example. How can backing Arteta with 0 experience be more smart, than backing a manager with 1+… Experience?

  39. Pierre

    “Arteta needs to sort this asap, and no, I don’t mean on the training ground, he needs to start picking a team that can actually get points on the board.No more negating our best attackers so to accommodate Laca. No more Ozil chances, he’s had about a million of them now and does nothing.If the season really is a write off then start playing players with a future at Arsenal to get them ready for next season. Can’t be any worse than we’re seeing now.”

    Slightly contradictory there fred .

    You want a team that can get points on the board now and then in the same breath ask to play players for the future.

    If Arteta had come in and played youth against united and Chelsea twice and lost, what would you have said .

    I think we know.

  40. Danny S


    You are the very definition of mediocrity.

    If you class a few FA cups and charity shields, whilst we slipped further down the league as being above mediocrity then that’s very sad.

    Also we got absolutely embarrassed in the europa final, I’d rather have gone out 1-0 in the first knock out stage than have to put up with the chelsea fans after that debacle.

    Laca, auba, Ozil in my mind are all here for the money only. They are big personalities in the squad, but I don’t think they have the right mentality to be positive influences.

    You are very good at dissecting tactics and looking at stats and individual performances in individual games and packaging it up in a very direct and succinct argument. But you are not very good at assessing the mental side of the game. Peoples personalities, their attitude and drive. That is worth a lot more than skill alone.

  41. Pierre

    Aussie gooner
    “Spot on! It has become the new norm to accept mediocrity”

    It’s not about accepting mediocrity, it’s about being realistic.
    Emery left the team in a dreadful state despite having 200 mil spent on the team.

    His DNA is still all over the team I’m afraid, just like Wenger’s DNA was still all over the team when Emery took over and we went in the 22 game unbeaten run.

    As soon as Emery’s DNA took hold , performances dipped alarmingly , the longer Emery stayed the worst the football became .

  42. Lego Hair


    Freddim is a walking contradiction.

    Wants results now but will write the season off for the future.

    Complains that we concede too many chances then is unhappy when we correct that.

    Say there are too many big gaps in the team when there aren’t then says the players are too close together.

    Wants us to attack more but backs Arteta’s defensive structure.

    Thinks it’s possible to swap half the team out in January when acknowledging we have no money but doesnt know what a budget is.

    Dont get tactics tim started on tactics you’ll really lose him then…


  43. Danny S


    Let Wenger go man.

    It’s becoming sad.

    Wenger began the spiral. The club just made the wrong decision with who should replace him.

    Again comes down to your mentality. You seem like someone who likes to hold on to the past, likes comfort and a familiar face.
    Also likes to take some sort of moral high ground based around loyalty and sentiment.

    Could be an age thing maybe.