Massive 3 points up for grabs + Emery reimagines tenure

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Late post today, things are a touch quiet in the world of elite-level soccerball.

The theme we’re going to touch on is the chase for a higher league position.

The Premier League gods were kind to us today, after treating us very shabbily over the past month with injuries and some horrendous luck, they opened the gates of the Top 4 to us once more.

Manchester United drew against Wolves.

Chelsea drew against Leicester.

Spurs have to play a wounded City tomorrow with a side in such bad shape, they tried to loan Olivier Giroud.

This season for me is still very much a write-off, but I doubt it will be for Mikel who seems to be very aggressive with his timeline. He wants to win a cup this year and he wants us to challenge the top 4 this season.

The Burnley game presents itself as an opportunity to see what we’re made of when chances are presented to us. 3 points takes us to 9th. Assuming Spurs lose, that’d have us 1 point behind Jose Mourinho’s sinking ship. 2 behind OGS. 8 behind Chelsea.

Making top 4 is a massive stretch goal regardless of how inconsistent Chelsea have been. We’d be expecting Arsenal to turn a huge corner inside a month and have consistency of results, something this squad hasn’t managed since the 22 game unbeaten run in 2018.

Stranger things have happened though. We are defensively far better than we’ve been in years, there are sputtering signs that the team is responding to the attacking demands Arteta is placing on them, and we’ve added a bit more depth to the squad that could help reshape how we play by opening up other areas of the pitch.

Also worth noting that Chelsea plays United, Spurs, Everton and Bournemouth in their next 4 games. Only one banker there. United, amirite?

Unai Bummery has been reimagining his tenure at Arsenal.

“The process was good. When we played possession, we did it; when we had to press, we did it. And we were competitive, playing as the game required. With moments of possession game and moments of three quick touches.

“This second year, we have not played well; we have not defended well; We have not been competitive; We did not transmit. And I told the players myself. There were several problems: four captains; the Ozil-Kolasinac case; Pepe’s signing, which needs time to be that of France. We didn’t play well, that’s for sure.

“That brought us bad results, there was no improvement, the fans focused on me and they threw me out.”

The process wasn’t good. Let’s clear that up right away. Players found the video analysis dull, no one knew what they were doing, and no one could be bothered with pressing. Then let’s land on the last bit, there was no improvement in the first season, statistically we regressed everywhere on the pitch, then the fans turned in the second season when their continued to be no improvement. What a joker. We didn’t run him out of the club, his shocking tenure did that all by itself.

There’s another piece where he basically says Arteta is doing the same thing as him. True, similar setup, similar starting line-up… the difference is Arteta leads, communicates and implements strategies on a different level.

Mesut Ozil sums is up nicely.

“He’s doing a good job. He’s hungry for success. Everything about him is positive.

“Arteta’s story is a bit different because I don’t remember when he quit football, but it hasn’t been over that long. In this way, players can understand more easily.”

Connection. It’s so important. Emery didn’t have that with the players. That’s one of the ingredients in the special sauce. Still baffles me that there was an actual debate about that for so long, but here we are, half the internet still thinks Pep Guardiola is a fraud because he hasn’t won a Champions League with Preston.

Staying on Ozil, we apparently turned down a bid from Qatar for the player. Rumour has it the player and the coach were interested in the deal. I’m struggling to fathom that. We have very few players that can move that ball through the line, so the idea we’d stifle our attack at the last minute seems a bit absurd for me. Ozil is important to the manager, hopefully we see a return on that faith with some assists and goals over the next 3 months.

Read some sad news that Jack Wilshere is broken once again. He really has had the roughest of 10 years. I mean, not by normal human standards of disability, but I feel for the guy regardless. Could have been a generational talent if he’d stayed fit. That Barca game he dominated was one of the most special performances I’ve ever seen from a teenager.

Anyway, I hope everyone in the UK is having a banger of a Brexit party this evening, let’s hope the Tories make it easier for us to sign players from South America in this new era. Next Messi needs to be at The Arsenal.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Dissenter

    You think HIV was OTT in the 1980s
    It’s easy now to look back and say that given the state of science now, it’s pretty much just another manageable chronic illness
    In the 1980s it was a death sentence, a slow painful death that didn’t respect money or status.

  2. Johnno

    Arteta is doing fine in my book. He has made us hard to beat as we work as hard as the opposition now.

    Issue is the team has no quality in the spine.

    LT is a great piece but not a foundation. Xhaka needs to be protected in a deeper position to be average, Ozil is finished and Guendouzi is limited enough to have been sussed and too arrogant to recognize it. Our CBs are all average at best and our centre forward has completely forgotten how to play football somehow.

    We have ability and promise our wide but that spine needs a total overhaul if we are to win consistently in the EPL.

    The ship is stable now – not listing – but the engines are shot – we will drift but stay afloat until it is fixed

    The table doesn’t lie. Our position would feel less frustrating if chelsea and united were better and had 5-10 more points. That way 4th 5th would be so out of reach we wouldn’t feel so close but so far away

  3. Marc


    I want Arteta to be successful – I’m desperate for him to do well because if he doesn’t where the fuck are we?

    My point is actually having a dig at you for a lack of consistency.

    All I’ve ever done is want Arsenal to do well, I’ve never wanted us to lose especially just to be proven right on here unlike other posters you’ve indulged.

    Arteta’s performance today was not good on any level – at least have the balls to admit it.

  4. Dissenter

    The Chinese super wise approach to global organizations is paying off. They are slowly taking over most global; bodies, including The WHO that was rather slow in declaring the global pandemic, maybe out of fear of offending China.
    China is having it’s people in high positions in most of these organizations, good politicking for them.

  5. China1

    The Chinese get a lot of stick for how they handle stuff normally but this is perhaps the one time I’d say I think they’re doing a really good job

  6. Marc


    I’m talking about the media over reaction we had in the UK about HIV in the late 80’s – the disease was horrific but if you believed what we were being told over here everyone was going to get it.

  7. China1

    I don’t think they were slow and I’m also not sure why the WHO would be worried about offending China

    Lastly who are the chinese people controlling the WHO?

  8. RGG

    Every gooner knows our midfield is soft as shit! The only midfield we can say we’ve dominated of late is ManU? They’ve spent 50m trying to sort that out. We bought a CB and a RB…….

    Cant fucking understand keeping on going to the well with Laca! Just comes up dry every fucking time. Pepe and his pace may have done some damage 2nd half, he’s shown he can finish too. Laca away from home is fucking useless!

    Arteta also has the same major problem Emery had. Mesut fucking Ozil. Carrying this fucker every game is killing us. Unless he’s given the freedom of the park (like the first 10mins today) he’s pointless!.No creativity, cant carry the ball past players, gives no defensive cover, no goals….just fuck all!!

  9. Batistuta

    Well that was horrible…

    Arteta with quite a horrible line up and why oh why isn’t Ceballos getting more game time… Willock doesn’t look like a confidence player, Ozil is Ozil, Laca needs to be benched and stop with playing your best striker on the wings

  10. Micheal

    We are going to struggle as long as tg he team continues with the slow-paced pedestrian game. As soon as we get possession, the game comes to a standstill while players look for the safe 5-metre pass. Even some of our corners end up back in Leon’s hands !

    FFS, get the ball forward quicker, utilise the pace of Auba and Martinelli, play into space – surprise the opposition for a change. Instead, we get the ball, put our foot on it and look around while the opposition lines up their formations.

  11. Dissenter

    I’m referring to China’s long term approach to acquiring soft power.
    They see the way the west dominates the IMF and World bank so they have their own approach.
    I’m making these comments out of awe, China are playing chess while the US is playing checkers.

  12. Champagne Charlie

    Mahrez is still a magical footballer, one we sorely missed out on.

    Be interesting to see what City do with Sane in the summer after his failed move to Bayern. He still want out?

  13. Batistuta

    While I’m glad defensively we’re harder to beat, we’ll probably die of draws at this rate, doesn’t seem like it’ll be hard to find a balance, can do so without the donkey Ozil being anywhere involved in our offensive play, he offers nothing whatsoever

  14. Marc


    That’s the issue – everyone seems to be able to see the changes that should be made – have seen them for a few years now but Arteta keeps following the same failing process.

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s the chinese fucking Bout with diseases to keep people on check.
    Corona Been around before they have brought it back to find s cute for it.. fucked up country.
    Yet they have the cheek to wear face masks over here.
    Rude cunts n all. Fuck em

  16. Batistuta


    I’d be all over Sane, he’s refusing to sign a new contract at City and he’s contract is due soon.. Bin Laca at this point it’s pointless with him

  17. Dissenter

    Poor officiating from Mike Dean.
    He kept making the gesture of “made contact” when in fact he had botched the call.
    What of Spuds had gone unto score on the counter after the no-penalty call. Would that goal be reversed?

    Just have the ref got to the sideline for a video review after every contentious
    game changing call.


    Give every manager two challenges per game/one per half.

  18. Marc


    Er if that was their plan it’s not fucking working very well is it. SAR’s killed 348 in China that’s not even a drop in the ocean if you look at their population – 256,810 were killed on the roads in China in 2018.

    People need to take the numbers in perspective.

  19. Tom

    Of course it was a dive but Rooney used to make s living off these for United, especially against Almunia and Szczesny.

    Talk about bias, wonder how many insipid performances from our infield before you
    admit the obvious lol.

  20. MidwestGun

    VAR is a nightmare.. Its supposed to clear up bad decisions and make things more clear. Instead its just another layer of shit and slows the game down.

    I think Arteta is doing his best and things have been stabilized compared to Emery’s free fall. However, until we move out the 3 or 4 Senior players dragging us down.. more of the same I’m afraid. I mean could have Arteta done a better lineup..? probably.. still not sure we would have won. Could he have made better subs… most definitely. The last minute sub thing is just Wengerlike. That said if we had taken our chances in the first 30 mins.. would have been a different story. And Saka’s injury destroyed the plan.. Arteta had no plan B though.

    However, If the club got a legitimate offer for Ozil and didn’t take it… then somebody needs sacking straight away.

  21. Dissenter

    This VAR stuff
    When a penalty is called after 3 minutes of football because that’s the first time a pauce emerged.
    Should those 3 minutes be replayed as if they never happened?
    I ask because what is the other side had scored in that period. The ref should just go and check the monitor himself. Stop the game and check the VAR screen.

  22. Pierre

    Of course it was a dive but Rooney used to make s living off these for United, especially against Almunia and Szczesny.”

    We know that if it had been against Arsenaĺ it would have been given as a pen and the sterling foul was a replica of Aubameyang tackle v palace.

  23. Freddie Ljungberg

    Arteta blamed the pitch today, said the grass was too long and dry…

    Wonder where he got that excuse from…

  24. Marc


    “I think Arteta is doing his best and things have been stabilized compared to Emery’s free fall. ”

    We were picking up more points per match prior to Arteta this season than since he arrived and that included our worst run for 40 years without a win.

    Emery fucked up and had to go but Arteta needs to start putting wins on the board – fans and especially Pedro not admitting that is just plain daft.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    Losing Ozil on the final day of the window and not replacing him makes no sense at all, better to keep him until the summer. Don’t care your view of Ozil but he’s better than having no player.

    Personally think he’s off come the summer, same for Mustafi, and probably Auba – that’s 600k+ in weekly wages. Have to see how Mari and Cedric take to us, but no doubt for me the biggest area of focus this summer comes centrally, and I’m glad it’s under Arteta’s influence.

  26. Sid

    Playing Dozi as one of 2 holding midfielders and the 2nd holding midfielder as a left side CB is confusing the lad, a sign of Emeryiosis. Its obvious he cant shield the ball.
    Dozi should be playing a a 10.

    Im telling you this for free!

  27. Upstate Gooner

    “Saka’s injury destroyed the plan.. Arteta had no plan B though.”

    With Tierney and Kolasinac out injured, and Saka not being a natural left back, the Plan B should’ve been buying a cover in that position, not another RB who’s also injured already, by the way. You don’t think Arteta had a say in who should be brought in? Yet another fuck up on his part, as well as all the others involved.

  28. MidwestGun

    I understand that… but we were getting shots on our goal like a shooting gallery under Emery and had our worst run of form in 27 years. I agree we need wins to take the pressure off, though given our table position.. Arteta didnt exactly get to start from a good place is what Im saying.

    I’m just so over Ozil, to be honest.

  29. Redtruth

    Those who called for Emery’s axe should hold their heads in shame as it’s clear the players lack quality and no amount of coaching from a dud will improve them

  30. Upstate Gooner

    “Arteta blamed the pitch today, said the grass was too long and dry.”

    He didn’t, did he? If it’s true, then it’s nothing short of pathetic.

  31. Paulinho

    “Where’s the fucking sauce?”

    We need to wait until we bring in quality players who bring the sachets of sauce on arrival.

    Funnily enough, the better the player, the bigger the sachet.

  32. Pedro

    Upstate, you’re searching for angles if you think we should have signed a 4th left-back to cover for a thigh strain and an injury that hadn’t happened.

  33. MidwestGun

    I think the sauce is lost on some players. He has got them playing more organized at least. and they had clearly quit under Emery. Truth is Arteta is still finding his way. I still have no idea what will happen which is better then knowing for sure we will be shit under Emery for what that is worth.

  34. Marc

    Where was AMN today – he could have covered either FB position and as Ceballos doesn’t even get a consideration he might as well have been on the bench.

  35. Paulinho

    Marc – I agree with you, just being bit facetious. I didn’t and don’t expect any sauce from Arteta until we bring in two of three excellent players and get rid of the dross.

  36. Eddie

    This is on Emery as he has left a toxic legacy of fragile confidence and 18 months preparation on letting the opposition take pot shots. Emery took over a shitshow from Wenger. Totally unbalanced squad with huge money leaching out of the club due to ludicrous contracts.

    Arteta isn’t a magician. He ain’t no Guardiola, although please note Guardoola’s struggle in his first Premiership season with huge backing.
    Arteta ain’t no Klopp, but he’s a huge upgrade on Emery.

    Club gave Emery half a season too long. Why is anyone expecting Arteta to get everyone firing on all cylinders halfway through the season?

    Anyone want to join the Looney Tunes Express can contact its driver Capt Bamford / JM Bapple or maybe now, Susan , if rumours are correct.

  37. Marc

    Fuck me what are City doing?

    Arteta was brought to Arsenal to make them play like City but it looks like it’s made City play like Arsenal!

  38. Champagne Charlie

    “With Tierney and Kolasinac out injured, and Saka not being a natural left back, the Plan B should’ve been buying a cover in that position, not another RB who’s also injured already, by the way.“

    Cedric plays both RB and LB. Quite comical too given only a few days ago this place was full of people questioning why we brought in a fullback at all.

    I think it’s clear to lost that he’s not cornerstone material for the next iteration of Arsenal, we snookered ourselves to put him on that contract with no get out clause. But he’s final year of it this summer and you’d have to think we’re stick or twist, same with Auba.

  39. Freddie Ljungberg


    Sure did:

    At least he’s been impressed with Mustafi in training and his attitude. Ffs.
    That was never his issue, the problem is that he’s a mistake machine. He can have a good performance for 90 minutes now and then but mostly there’s performances riddled with mistakes or at least one that costs us points.

    I hope Arteta hasn’t been reading le grove and believes his own hype as saucemaster extraordinaire and thinks he can just coach this bunch into world beaters despite all evidence to the contrary.

    Get rid of the faulty cogs and start over with players that are not irredeemable. Hope this is just making do with what we have and not some vanity project that goes beyond the summer.

  40. Upstate Gooner

    Pedro, I just think that the money would’ve been spent wiser elsewhere. And where’s our new shiny CB? Why wasn’t he ready to play today?

  41. Marc

    So we have the following:

    Unprecedented swarms of Locusts over parts of Africa.

    Unprecedented forest fires in Australia.

    Viral outbreaks in China.

    Trump going to get a 2nd term in the US.

    Liverpool about to win the PL.

    The Spud’s beating City.

    It’s official it’s the END OF THE FUCKING WORLD.

  42. MidwestGun

    think it’s clear to lost that he’s not cornerstone material for the next iteration of Arsenal, we snookered ourselves to put him on that contract with no get out clause.
    Yep… well if Ozil is still our midfield linchpin next season.. I might need therapy. Well being honest.. More therapy. And by therapy . I mean Alcohol of course and most likely a liver transplant or a Keith Richards like blood transfusion.

    Damn City… totally screwing this up.

  43. azed


    Pedro and a few others refused to accept that we have a squad full of past it players.

    Pierre said just play Ozil in the hole in front of two defensive minded midfielders and things would work. Arteta has done exactly that but we are creating 25% less chances than when Ozil wasn’t playing.

  44. Kiril

    To argue about if our MF is strong enough or not is dumb… everyone can see they are all too slow both in the feet and in the decision making. But I think the problem since MA arrival is that our forward, out “clinical” forwards are letting us down. We had good 3-4-5 plays that should have scored but didnt.. in tough physicall matches that is a key I think

  45. Champagne Charlie


    Would be shocked if he is mate, club will (and should) go hard for a build toward their new managers ethos and he’s one of a few players where a decision is on the table to be made regardless.

    City are so wasteful at times, 14 shots to 1 and they’re 1-0 down. Then two. Maddening.

  46. Redtruth

    “Pierre said just play Ozil in the hole in front of two defensive minded midfielders and things would work. Arteta has done exactly that but we are creating 25% less chances than when Ozil wasn’t playing.”

    No mate, we are creating 25% less chances since Emery left….

  47. MidwestGun

    Yeah I guess Superbowl viewing for me now too.. Go Chiefs. Sorry 49er fans. Would like to see Andy Reid win one.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Help end squad poverty at Arsenal.

    Just £2 a month can help Arsenal get a semblance of a balanced an athletic squad.

    Little Gabriel has to run 12km every match because the rest of his team can’t or won’t.

    This is Aubameyang. He has to score match after match because his strike partner hasn’t scored an away goal in a year.

    This is Venkatesham. He has to fight off alcoholism every week as he realises he’s locked into paying £350 000 for a retired player.

    This is an Arsenal fan, he wants to sue under goods not matching description when he sees players labeled as ‘midfielders’ at Arsenal.

    Help end squad poverty…sorry, achieve squad evolution (is that what’s called now?).

  49. Leftside

    City naturally have switched off somewhat and been lacking any real intensity. Spurs were there for the taking before the card which swang the game in their favour.

  50. Mgooner

    What i the correllation between Pep’s yrtly spend nd his trophy wins.

    Poor chap, did not get 300 mil to spend this year. That will tech the Arabs a lesson.

  51. Up 4 grabs now

    Piss poor again today.

    Defensively we were ok, midfield created almost nothing again, and bar martinelli who didn’t stop running, and helping out the defence the attack was toothless.

    I support arsenal and, will continue to support arteta, but he is at fault for today’s lack of ideas, and substitutions, not the misses from auba and laca though.

    Lacazette has been awful for months and should never have started, arteta gave him the benefit of the doubt but at 55-60 minutes should have been pulled.

    I love Auba, but he goes missing in games, that left martinelli doing a lot of running.
    Saka was a loss as the left side was the only side where we were getting crosses into the box. Bellerin barely ventured into Burnley half.

  52. Versus

    I tell you what. Lets come to an agreement. A bar should be set. A level by which we can judge Mr Arteta.

    Here’s one, Unai Emery got us to a EUROPA LEAGUE final.

    I challenge that Arteta cannot get us to a Europa League final.

    Anybody want to put their credibility to the test. I mean if you really believe Arteta is doing better than Emery this is an easy challenge to accept?

  53. Nelson


    At least someone who sees the problem. Our two strikers let us down today. We could have scored 2 to 3 goals in the first half.

  54. Dissenter

    I hope this Ozil to Qatar rumors were just that…rumors?
    If not, I think Sanllehi should get sacked for not getting him out even with a sweetener.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    We’re going to have to suck this up and just give over £1 000 a month or something. Dig deep guys.

    Nothing wrong with the squad obviously, bang on, top 4 quality no ifs or buts, manager is sauce, no question.

  56. Upstate Gooner

    Rooting for 49ers myself. (Ex) Brother in law is a big KC fan. Can’t have him rubbing it in my face. Also, a coworker who recently lost his daughter in a tragic accident is a huge SF fan. Hopefully if they win, it’ll put a smile on his face.

  57. Vladdy P

    As annoying as Pedro’s constant rattling on about sauce was, I think Arteta deserves a full season before he can be properly judged. If into the beginning of his second season the team isn’t playing saucy football/competing for top 4 after a full pre-season, more of the players he wants etc, then it’ll be fair to judge.

    But it’d be unfair at the moment. This squad should be doing way better, but Emery really fucked it up badly and gave anyone coming in a much harder time.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Baffling selection choices today.

    Fucking up the front line with this incessant desire to squeeze both Lacazette and Aubameyang in. Even though Lacazette is statistically absolutely useless away from home and isn’t that great in general right now.

    No Torreira as well?

    Persisting with Ozil when most fans could have told you this was coming from him.

    Agree with what someone said above, why does Arteta even bring Ceballos along and use up a bench space on him? Quite clear something is going on there because I refuse to believe Ceballos is so bad he can’t get by these morons in our midfield.

  59. MidwestGun

    I don’t know about squad poverty.. but Midwest poverty is a real thing.. so cant contribute to your Go fund me page. Unless my Superbowl bets come in then Ill get back to you.

    Expect it to be lower scoring then expected. So taking the under. Plus getting good odds. 49ers will try to run and chew clock. Chiefs can score in one play though. Their offense is stupid good. That said either team can win it. 49ers have a good defense.

    I understand.. I have no loyalty to either team really but prefer the Cheifs sty;e of play and of course they are In the Midwest.

  60. Upstate Gooner

    Both teams are equally matched. KC have a superior offense but SF’s defense was one of the best this season. They are capable of putting points on the board as well. Bookies have KC as a 1.5 points favorite which basically tells the whole story. Hoping for a close, entertaining game.

  61. Champagne Charlie

    Emery’s winning streak came 3 games after he took over from Wenger. As his influence grew our performance level took a nosedive, which is why we were good at the start and bottom third come the end.

    Takes a peach to try and put distance between Emery and the tribulations of this season.

  62. Up 4 grabs now

    Considering Burnley played 442 why didn’t we switch it up and match them.
    We could have had martinelli and pepe on the wings and Eddie and auba in the middle.
    Torriera and willock as the central pairing.

    It would have been better than no creativity across the whole midfield.
    And would have given us more of a threat on both wings.

  63. MidwestGun

    Also, if you want to see a fast player.. Watch Tyreek Hill… fastest dude I’ve ever seen. As well as quick over a short amount of space.

  64. Dissenter

    I’ll be happy to contribute money so long as I’m appointed the treasurer.
    Let me know so I can forward my Swiss bank account.

  65. Pierre

    The know nothing’s are creeping out of the woodwork, just as I predicted.

    Unbeaten this year and will remain unbeaten up until the end of March so I dont expect to hear from them for a few months after the break.

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Today’s game is a repeat of what has been going on all season.

    We are drawing too many games which is only marginally better than a defeat.

    Our goalscoring record is dreadful considering the amount of money spent
    on our three key forwards Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe.

    Our midfield is weak and ineffective. They create very little and score even less. There is no dynamism in these players.

    We can of course blame the head coach, but I don’t think that there would be any material improvement with anyone else. Realistically we have a bog standard squad which is grossly overrated and very poor value for money.

  67. Dissenter

    “Unbeaten this year and will remain unbeaten up until the end of March so I dont expect to hear from them for a few months after the break.”

    I really you ridiculing Emery’s unbeaten run last season.
    Nothing sensational about hanging unto goal-less draws.

  68. MidwestGun

    Ahhhh someday I just want to grow up and be as smart as Pierre. 😀 Oh well.. 2 weeks off going to be a long 2 weeks.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    The bottom line really is that midfield stinks.

    It has to be ripped out.

    True under Emery, true under Arteta, it would be true under anyone.

    No one can make this side work with that midfield.

    It is a bigger problem than the defence.

    As much as I thought Arteta’s selections were poor today and his in game manager needs work, can’t really rag on the guy…not a whole lot he can do with this lot. Made us a it more sturdy but we’re a nothing going forward now.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    What have you gone for tonight?

    Surely it’s the Mahomes show?

    His performance against the Titans was amazing.

  71. Upstate Gooner

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that our squad is overrated and overpaid. However, I would still argue that our squad is better than the likes of Crystal Palace, Sheffield United, or Burnley. That’s where the manager comes in. Team selection, formation, substitutions, training, motivation, so on and so forth. Something is clearly not working.

  72. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m no Emery apologist, and I’m not digging out Arteta, but this is crap Wenger used to say.

    Arteta said: “The conditions were difficult – the grass was this long and they didn’t put any water on it, and that’s not a very helpful thing to play football.

    “I didn’t water the pitch yesterday at the training ground because I expected it, but that doesn’t make it any easier to play.

    I thought we had moved on from this!

  73. MidwestGun

    I got Chiefs by 3. Taking the under on the score. Mahomes is amazing.. but he is better when he moves around in the pocket..or creates yards by running. Will see what the 49ers do to limit that.

  74. Champagne Charlie

    “Yea 21 league games all won due to Wengers influence last season….solid argument“

    Of course that was your takeaway. So no comment from you on the very clear and obvious nature of our performance level during Emery’s 18 month tenure?

    Started well, went shit, got embarrassing.

    Arteta has taken over a mess, is restoring some order, grounding the side before building by having us harder to beat (everything I was personally calling for). If you want to scream fraud after 6 weeks take the floor. My guess is you’ll be seen as just as big a mug as you were post-Emery.

  75. MidwestGun

    New post.
    It’s about NFL because I don’t like football.
    Hahaha Pedro… its going to be ok.. you can always claim the Americans made you do it. 😀

  76. Cesc Appeal


    I might actually be a twat and stay up for it. Then immediately regret that decision when my alarm goes off.

    Really is thoughtless of Americans to put it on a Sunday.

    I remember as a kid wrestling was always on a Sunday as well…what do you guys have against Saturday night things where people can sleep it off the next day?

  77. Thank you and goodnight.

    I want Arteta to succeed, but today was all on him. Lacazette hasn’t done enough this season to justify a starting berth, ditto Ozil. Guendozi isn’t good enough to be starting, far too inconsistent. Martinelli has looked really effective on the left, yet switched him to the right. A draw isn’t good enough, far too many of them. Truth is I really don’t expect anything different next season either. We’re fucked as long as Kroenke remains the owner.

  78. MidwestGun

    Now you know how I feel when I have to get up at 6am to watch the Arsenal.. its all part of the deal. No good comes from not suffering miserably first.

  79. Danny S


    Just saw your reply to me on another thread re: Man U and Haaland.

    Last I read, is that Man U did not want a release fee in his new contract which he has in his Dortmund one.

    It’s basically the agent, knows that he can get a super pay day if he went Dortmund first and then to a club like Man U or Barca etc.

    Can’t let one of them pick him up for 17m.

  80. RodneyKing


    “Today was disappointing, a poor performance no doubt… but that’s going to happen as the manager gets to work on the mess he picked up from Emery.”

    Poor Arteta. It becomes even messier when you add the mess that Wenger left behind for Emery. Not many coaches with his level of experience have had the misfortune of walking into a big a mess as this one, especially at a club the size of Arsenal.

    Anyone who’s written this season off should be prepared to write off 20/21 as well. It’s going to take a couple of seasons and perhaps managers to get Arsenal back to the top.

    If Man Utd’s recent history is anything to go by, then we’re in for a bumpy (and hopefully fun) ride.