Arsenal bolster under financial constraints

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Mikel Arteta seemed relatively pleased in his press conference when talking about the two new additions to the side. With Cedric Soares, he’s hired in some needed experience and a player he hopes is desperate to take his chance at an elite club. With Pablo Mari, a player he specifically said the club have looked at for months, he has a ball playing center-back with a left foot he hopes can open up the pitch and give him more options.

Soares dropped his first press conference and to be honest, he just seems really fucking energised to be at a big club.

That’s massive for me to come here. Like I said, I came to the Premier League four-and-a-half years ago and now to achieve this move to Arsenal is massive. It’s all I wanted and it’s really important in my career as well.

He explained his game, and it reads fairly Mikel Arteta.

It’s a tough one! One hundred per cent that I will give all my best every day and every game. That’s for sure. I try to be a guy with energy, a player that goes up and down. I like to consider myself a team player and yes, what can I say? It’s difficult when you need to talk about yourself! But again, I will give my 100 per cent for the team and for the fans.

If he comes in, works hard, puts in a shift for his team and lands 9 assists, I will be happy. At this point, we have to ignore the super-agent fingerprints (Correction: Kia for Suarez) and hope that the club offered Arteta the options he needed, and they actually work for him.

Defensively, Matt Scott had some numbers on the players. A bit of a bruiser with some untapped attacking flair.

The great thing about new players is regardless of what you think about quality, they refresh the squad from an energy perspective. Players are like fans, they get excited about new transfers and fresh blood in the office. After Sunday, the squad, coronavirus issues pending, fly out to Dubai for some training. Arteta made a point that the players haven’t had more than 2 days off since he started. He wants to use the trip to develop his concepts and to ‘live’ with the players a bit.

I thought Mikel’s point about being happy about the window, more so because of the lack of exits, was pertinent. Before Emery was booted, we were looking at Auba, Torreira and Xhaka exiting. A month later, all three look revitalised on the pitch. Additionally, the big hype conversation amongst the fans is around how good AMN could be in the midfield (reminder of what he can do below).

The overriding thought seems to be that he’ll be pushed into the midfield, with right-back duties handed back to the specialists. AMN brings power, pace and a lot of mobility to a midfield that has lacked it. The player has always drawn heavy critique, unfair in my opinion, but I think it’s absolutely apparent now that if you’re not coached properly or told what to do on the pitch, you’ll probably not develop.

I watched an HBO doc about Nick Saban and Bill Belichek last night. One dominates the NFL, the other, College Football. It was quite interesting listening to them talk about sport. One of their big slogans is ‘do your job’, they both talked about that goes beyond just a nice soundbite… the gist, if you don’t tell athletes exactly what they should be doing, they won’t know. Communication and attention to detail is absolutely essential.

We’re seeing that sort of mindset being brought to The Arsenal. Everyone knows their role on the pitch. Is it perfect yet? No. But we’re on the right track. The length of passing lanes has shortened, players off the ball movement is strategic, we press in packs, and we have players operating in intelligent ways that highlight their positive attributes, and minimise their not-so-great attributes.

It’s been hard to judge talent under the latter years of Wenger and entire tenure Unai Emery because it was unclear what the job was. Now the players are being held accountable to a specific role, it’s going to be far easier to see who can live up to the new standards, and who can’t.

The impressive thing is this: Everyone is back on the table. That’s what makes the backend of the season so interesting. We’re seeing a reinvigorated set of players and now we’ll be able to make honest assessments of talent. It’s amusing that some fans think this is an about-face by me, it’s absolutely not, when the information changes, you reassess. Only dim people lock themselves into a forever view I’m afraid. If I am proved totally wrong by David Luiz and Granit Xhaka, I will eat that humble pie and wash it down with some of that MustafiCouldBeBaresi Hot Sauce. Sometimes in life, you have to accept you were wrong and hit the town dancing with the L.

A huge game this Sunday. We need to go to Burnley with energy and purpose and we need to bring home the 3 points. David Luiz returns to the side, so does Auba. It’ll be interesting to see who keeps their place. I’m hoping we see Gabriel in the starting 11. Will we see Saka? What will the defence look like? So much to look forward to.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Northbanker


    I meant his attitude at Southampton not just now he has signed

    Guvnor – know what you mean about the dead eyes of AMN and he looks like he would not bond with anyone. Still in Arteta I trust . Let him try him back in midfield and let’s see what we get.

    Arteta is in fact raising the potential resale value of all the deadbeats by making them look less bad than they were under Emery. Hopefully in the summer we should get the benefit of that in our raising of funds.

  2. Bob N16

    Completely agree Freddie. People moaning about the signings are already wearing a negative filter. I’m sure if there was a CB who we saw as a long term partner for Saliba we would have gone big to get him. In January this was fairly unlikely and we have hopefully bolstered the squad without spending much.

    It may be that neither loaned achieves much but you can be fairly sure that those who are moaning about Mari and Soares, would have moaned about a lack of transfer activity.

    Alright Tony, feel the France v England game could be a great watch. A young French side who could play with the joie de vivre of teams past but might well find England too strong in the final quarter. England’s mindset will be critical; feel there are enough players who still have much to prove although WC final hangover could be a factor. High scoring game I reckon. The other games, not too bothered if I’m honest!

  3. Bob N16

    Really harsh comments on AMN’s personality and character. ‘ Dead eyes of AMN, looking like he wouldn’t bond with anyone’. Criticise his footballing ability but these narrative driven comments are opinionated nonsense.

  4. Aussie Gooner

    All those people getting dewy eyed over AMN having to play ‘out of position’. Get over it! He is paid a lot of money to play for a TEAM. If he is required to play in a position he feels does not suit his style – so be it! That’s life in most employment situations! If he doesn’t like it move on, put in a transfer request.

    The truth is that he will never be an elite level player and must either accept that he will be a squad player for Arsenal, filling in as required or seek employment elsewhere.

    Saka is at a different level. He does what is required of him to his best ability and still manages to shine and show enthusiasm. He will probably make a decent living at EPL level. Ditto Martinelli of course!

  5. peanuts&monkeys

    Aussie Gooner, why are we even commenting about AMN? isn’t it very Arsenal cannot replace him with someone superior? If you agree on this, can we all call- off cribbing about someone who actually hasn’t gone on-record and cribbed abt playing OOP.

  6. Freddie Ljungberg

    “he was thrown in the deep end by a shite coach in failing team and out of position.”

    Stop blaming Wenger for everything Don. You know, the guy who actually started playing AMN as a fullback.

  7. Batistuta

    Un na

    Just out of curiousity, where is his AMN’s best position that the last 3 or 4 shitty managers he’s had have chosen to play him as RB?

  8. Gentlebris

    ‘Sorry this isn’t a charity. Too many lucky modern day players like AMN stealing a living.
    Sell him in the summer and use the pittance in exchange to invest in new corner flags.’

    You calling a kid living his dream a charity case is funny as fuck when you probably struggle to pay your rent in Bexley.

  9. Chika

    I thought fans would be at least pleased (not saying you should be excited) to have a player that can provide cover at 3/4 positions. AMN is not starter for us, he’s just an adequate member of the squad. He’s not holding us back in anyway.

  10. Habesha Gooner

    What happened to le-grove?
    The AMN debate is honestly boring now. He is the third choice Deep midfielder so I don’t get the outrage. I think he will do better at CM than fullback. Arteta too thinks he is a midfielder. So he will get his chance and we will see if he is capable of better.

    OT who do you think had the best business in January out of PL clubs?

  11. Graham62

    40% chance of rain tomorrow. 5 degrees( will feel like 3). Typical winters day in Burnley.

    Just know it’s going to be a toughie.

    Baton up the hatches.

  12. Dissenter

    Cedrick Soares has been in Southampton for 4.5 years and we’ve played them lots of times in that period. I’ve been asking myself why he’s never been on that list of players I want at Arsenal.
    Then it dawned on me that he’s never been outstanding. He’s just hasn’t stood out of the Southampton team. I’m not surprised they are letting him go. He has not been exceptional there so why are we paying 5 million for him when we could have had him for free in 6 months [if we really want him?

    That’s said, Hector Bellerin has needed competition for 5 seasons. It did seem that AMN was beginning to be consistently above average under Arteta.
    I hope it works out for Soares. I’m just baffled by the transfer because now we are shipping AMN into the midfield to add another not-so-good midfielder into a below average midfield,

  13. Dissenter

    People keep harping in that dead rubber game at old Trafford in 17/18 where AMN did well against Pogba. United were comfortable in 2nd and the league was already won, also players were trying to save themselves for the World Cup.

    That was the same game that Mavros was crowned the baby Maldini by many le-grovers. AMN’s midfield ability isn’t up to par for a club of Arsenal’s stature. He’s become an additional body in a horrible midfield, not good for him.

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    Most outlets report a 1-3m with clauses fee

    Pretty reasonable imo to get a good look at him for 5 months to see if he’s worth offering a long term contract.

    AMN is far from a favourite of mine but he’s a homegrown utility player on low wages, we have far bigger problems in the squad than him, that’s not an immediate concern.

  15. Champagne Charlie


    5 mil is a falsehood, Ornstein coined the figure and walked it back after a level of confusion. Also, big lol that Cedric has never been outstanding vs us therefore he’s not a player you’d want. Keep peddling lad, he’s fullback cover, league proven, and a Portuguese international. The faux outrage is unreal

  16. Marc


    Did you see the breakdown of the supposed £5 million fee according to talk shite the other day?

    It was clearly ridiculous and made up to wind up Gooner’s.

  17. Marc

    So having got the transfer ban overturned Chelsea went out and signed precisely no players.

    Can we please stop the myth that Abramovich is still throwing money at them?

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have recruited two specialist defenders on a loan basis. The worst scenario is that they are cover in an emergency for Bellerin and our Centre

    Maitland-Niles is also a utility player. Realistically he is 3rd string for right and
    left back positions and also cover behind Pepe and Nelson in right wing position. He could also conceivably act as cover in most positions in midfield.

    So Arsenal have covered squad weaknesses rather than spend valuable funds
    investing in high risk or second rate players.

    Having said that I am not a great fan in loans. Arsenal does not have a great track record with loans.

  19. Northbanker

    It does seem that Chelsea are reverting to normal financial rules which is great for all of us. I had hoped Man City would be too and at times you can see signs of that. But then only last week the reports are that City have blown us and Barca out of the water by offering a huge sum for the Brazilian youngster Yan Couto.

    So even in South America we are not goin* to get it all our own way

  20. Marc


    It’s not just FFP that caused them to reign in the spending the real reason behind it is Abramovich basically being kicked out of the UK.

    Chelsea will now have to operate in the real world, it’ll be interesting as to how long Fat Frank survives.

  21. Dissenter

    Abramovich ain’t stupid.
    Why spend another penny in a country that won’t give you residence status after you’ve spent in excess of 1 billion there. What was done to the guy was [cough[ utterly shameful. I still can’t believe a welcoming society such as yours did that to a guy who’s invested heavily.

  22. China1

    AMN was extremely suspect last season but he has been a totally adequate squad player as backup RB this season

    He’s not world class but he’s done a job quietly and without much fuss for months quite consistently now.

  23. Champagne Charlie


    “Arsenal not paying £5m, total package worth £5m to Southampton via loan fee, salary coverage & possibly other savings (don’t know if this is the case with Soares but not uncommon for bonuses to be due towards end of contract)”

  24. China1

    I’m far from convinced that AMN has the intelligence to play in a central role and I don’t think he has the required end product or explosiveness to be a winger so not sure what this means for him apart from being 3rd choice RB

    But look if he plays well in a central role I’ll be happy.

  25. China1

    AMN suffers as a result of that blank expression he always has

    I remember the first time I ever played rugby for the school team my dad shouted at me when I was tired for standing with my hands on my hips. He said if you’re tired put your hands on your knees and look actually tired otherwise you just look a bit disinterested lol.

    Whether or not he was right that stuck with me. AMN might be quietly panicking, he might be thinking in depth about how much he wants to win, he might be thinking about Brexit or he might be thinking about cement for all we know. But when you look blankly all the time that’s precisely the impression people will get and that hurts his perception

  26. China1

    Ozil also suffers from blank gorm face syndrome but he’s smart enough that when his reputation dips below a certain point after he gets dropped and accused of laziness etc he starts to pull some angry expressions to pretend to look bothered about what’s happening around him lol

    It might be fake but it looks better than the gorm expression when the team is struggling and you’re playing badly

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    How the fuck are the fuck are the club in financial restraints .

    Saying that … two shrewd purchases in the reduced to clear section.

  28. Marc


    “What was done to the guy was [cough[ utterly shameful.”

    You really think that? Ever herd the expression “if you lay down with dogs you get fleas”?

    And yes he pulled the stadium development as soon as his residence status was withdrawn.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe the plan is to move amn to a cm position


    Bel. Saliba pablo cl

    Torr amn


    Pepe laca pea

    Line up in March

  30. Marc


    Having a huge wage bill whilst losing CL income of £60 – £70 million a season might have something to do with it.

    Why have you got Saliba in a line up for March?

  31. Versus

    Abramovic has definitely stopped spending big. Jose said it when he returned the 2nd time. We cannot do as we did before now we must sell to buy. So people using money as an excuse as to why chelsea are STILL doing better than us are looking for excuses. Instead of that we as arsenal fans should look at the truth which is, wengers last 5 years into emery onto freddie have been littered with bad signing after bad signing. Money has been wasted. So why should kronke give more money? None of us would if it were our own business. Arteta should count himself lucky he’s even getting loans. All these frsud managers, its Time to prove they can actually coach.

  32. bennydevito

    GonsterousFebruary 1, 2020    06:27:18

    Seriously though, both our new signings look exactly the same, I don’t know who’s who.
    Or have we just payed 2 transfer fees for the same lad?


    Lol! I thought that too, and they both also look like Ceballos as well which makes it even weirder; 3 loan signings that sll look the same with the same hair, face & beards.

  33. Dissenter

    Caballero went for a stroll there
    He should have stayed with the ball after chasing it, just become a left back

  34. Spanishdave

    These loans are giving two players in the back end of their careers a chance to make something of themselves with a big club.
    This should motivate them to put in good performances.
    The clubs so called financial position is totally self imposed by the owner who hasn’t put a penny of his own money into the club, he wants it all.

  35. Batistuta

    China, Un na

    Why does criticism or saying AMN not being good enough for Arsenal have to be related to some weird Emery defence? He’s been on loan at Ipswich, played under Wenger, Emery, Freddie and Arteta and all have seen him play at RB even when Chambers who naturally can play RB was fit, AMN was still deployed there, says something that none of his managers have trusted him to play through the middle…

    Watch Chaudory today against Chelsea I’m the middle and that’s the kind of energetic switched on performance you’d expect from anyone wanting to play CM, AMN can’t and won’t be good enough to play there, much prefer him at RB where he’s even still a liability…. Not all youngsters from the academy will make it here, doesn’t mean they’re not going to be supported when they put on the red and white but just means saying it as it is and not wanting any manager to work wonders on a player he can very well upgrade on.

  36. Marc


    The players are 28 and 26 respectively. I’m not sure “back end” is the right term for this stage of their careers. You could make an argument that they are both in the peak of their careers.

  37. Batistuta

    Ricardo Pereira by the way is maybe the best RB in the league, goes up and down that right flank seamlessly and boy can put in a tackle

  38. Graham62

    Does anyone else on here fancy Southampton picking something up at Anfield?


  39. Dream10


    He’s been excellent this season. Better than Lacazette, but his injury history means it’s better to have him as a squad option.

  40. Freddie Ljungberg

    We only have to buy another striker if Auba leaves, we already have Martinelli.
    It’s not exactly like Laca is banging them in either, the money we get for him would help the team more than his contributions on the pitch if we invest it wisely in another position.

  41. DivineSherlock

    I didnt know he had an injury history. Whenever Ive watched him he looked good to me . Plays roughly the same role as Lacazette for Southampton. Maybe its Hassenhutl effect .

  42. Marc

    West Ham could be in serious trouble comfortably winning and have thrown it away against Brighton. Their next 7 fixtures in the PL:

    City A
    Liverpool A
    Southampton H
    Arsenal A
    Wolves H
    Spud’s A
    Chelsea H

    David Moyes wishing he’d stayed in retirement!

  43. Marc


    West Ham were already selling ST’s for £300-£400 to try and keep numbers up, go down and they’ll struggle to give them away!

  44. Chris


    At least when Sunderland went down to League one they still had decent attendance. As you say West Ham would be different, a horrible football stadium will look even more horrid a third full.

    Not sure the Dildo brothers and Brady could save face from that one.

  45. Batistuta

    Liverpool are relentless

    West ham are horrible

    Everton looking good under Ancelotti

    Watford still a bit shit defensively, ha e to be with Kabasele in there

    Palace are such a horrid team to watch

    Sheffield hopefully aren’t a one season wonder, very hard team to play against

  46. Batistuta

    In summary, the league is a bit shit, over 70 points in early February for Liverpool is insane, probably cross 100 points and move closer to 120…Such a poor poor league for all the money being spent

  47. CG

    The Excrement derby tomorrow.

    Midtable Burnley v Midtable Arsenal.

    10th place trophy up for grabs.

    And to think our Wenger left only 62 games ago.

    Who would have thought we would sink so low, so quickly.

    But we have Pablo and Cedric on board.
    Inverted Fullbacks and a trip to Dubai on the horizon.

    (Sounds like a plan to me.)

    Shambolic what we have become.

  48. Marc


    It’s strange in the last couple of years we have seen an improvement in the quality of football across the lower PL teams and where we had us and ManU both dropping off from where we expect to be the Spud’s and Liverpool have both been much better. This season Liverpool are walking it, City have been poor and the only other team looking above the fray is Leicester.

  49. China1

    AMN lacks finesse and it looks like the kind of spatial intelligence required to be a CM. He doesn’t have the X factor required to be a winger or wing forward but I do think he can do a job at RB as a backup under arteta

  50. Wenker-Wanger

    young man learning his trade. Played as a cover full back and overall played well.
    Has electrifying acceleration and can hit the bye line to get a cross in.
    I cannot see any sense in the condemnation of him.
    He has played in the poorest arsenal defense I’ve ever seen with no leaders and no strength in the middle.
    He is a good footballer, he needs more personal coaching and development by arteta.
    His focus will improve and his mistakes will reduce.
    Opinions of him should be kept sensible and not descend into absurd incorrect abuse. To get as far as arsenals first 11 takes a lot of talent. No shit players in the prem. Some average ones maybe.

  51. Wenker-Wanger

    Wenger 8-2 mentioned again….thank god wenger 6-0 has gone….I really keep my optimism going by thinking we have hope now wenger 5-1 has gone.

  52. CG


    “””CG, Simple solution for you – don’t watch it and don’t comment on it.We’ll all be much happier.””””

    (I am glad you speak for all of Le Grove. )

    You just stick to counting your pennies and being a one dimensional sycophant.

    And I’ll just gently remind you that:

    When Raul arrived – Arsenal had money in the bank and they were 5th.

    They had a very strict policy with regards to the Spivs.( an absolute cancer on the game and in life)

    1/4 billion British pounds later and 3 coaches later we are now heavily indebted and in midtable.

    Not only that – we are 6 points from the relegation zone.

    Financially be are bankrupt.
    Morally we are bankrupt.

    But you seem more concerned in what my views are.


    Ps. Wenger never had us 10th!

  53. Graham62


    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear………give it a break.

    It’s all doom and gloom with you.

    As I’ve said numerous times since your arrival on this blog, where were you hiding when things started to go pear shape all those years back?

    Clapping no doubt.

  54. Freddie Ljungberg

    CG still doesn’t get it into his walnut sized brain that this is all as a result of all the terrible decisions made by “his Wenger”.

    Replacing our stars with duds, renewing all the injury prone players, giving inflated contracts to masses of undeserving players, making them impossible to move on for any kind of money,
    Not replacing ageing players, letting players run down their contracts etc etc.

    Raul is so far doing a good job with the rebuild of the squad, it was never going to be smooth sailing when so many parts had to be replaced so quickly and for so little money, having to rely too much on youth and stop gap loans to fill in the gaps.
    We’re now in a position that if we spend roughly what we did last summer on the right players we should be right up there challenging next season or the season after (if our youths and new signings keep progressing)

    Add a Soumare, Upamecano and Ziyech to this squad and we have a team that can go for it for years to come and our need for loans will be gone. Especially if we add Soares and Mari on permanents in the summer.

    Still a lot of work to be done both in and out but we’re a lot closer to the goal of having a competitive squad then we were 18 months ago.

  55. CG


    “””””As I’ve said numerous times since your arrival on this blog, where were you hiding when things started to go pear shape all those years back?””””

    Pear shaped….?

    3 league titles 🍐🍐🍐
    7 Fa Cups 🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐
    7 Charity Shields 🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐

    You honestly think there is another manager out there that can win trophies under Silent Stan?

    We wont be eating pears for a while🍐.

    (Enjoy the sunny uplands post Wenger)

  56. Marc

    A win for us tomorrow is imperative. We need to start taking advantage of when other teams drop points – top 4 is a massive ask but we should make sure we’re in a position to take advantage if Chelsea, the Spud’s. Wolves and ManU continue to be so inconsistent.

  57. Freddie Ljungberg

    Hell, if Mari works out we might not even need Upamecano. Just spend 80-90m on Soumare and Ziyech, that’s something we can easily do.

    Sell Xhaka and Laca for the bulk of that, add Elneny and Mikhis fees to that and we’re nearly there. Sokratis and Mavro will probably be moved on and Mustafi surely can’t survive another summer.

    Tell Ozil he’s 3rd choice behind Ziyech and ESR and maybe his agents convinces him to get off the coach and find a club were his sponsors can watch him play and we save another 18m off the wage bill.

    I’m telling you this from behind a paywall

  58. Marc

    “You honestly think there is another manager out there that can win trophies under Silent Stan?”

    Then why the negativity around Sanllehi and Arteta – if it doesn’t matter who’s manager if Kroenke owns the club shouldn’t you be waging a war against Kroenke?

  59. CG


    “””CG, we need Nigel Pearson in, he’s a manager after all”””

    Nigel 🍐son is who we require.

    Great to see Theo score a late winner.

    Huge fan of Theo.

  60. Pedro

    Jamie, they guy is a beast. Going right to the top.

    Wonder where he finishes? Spain or England?

    He’s built for the Prem.

  61. Marc


    “Wonder where he finishes? Spain or England?

    He’s built for the Prem.”

    Would you still moan about Sanllehi dealing with a “super” agent if he brokered a deal for him?

  62. rollen

    Stop talking his ” arsenal are broke” shit. We might not have 1/4BN pounds cash in bank but we can easily splash this much in the summer. Decent clear out would get another 100m.

  63. Dream10


    Raiola will get him a move Real/Juve/PSG.
    He’s averaging over a goal per game. Ridiculous.

    Sancho is unbelievable. A player like him will choose his destination.

  64. Jamie

    Pete –

    The kid could go anywhere. Absolutely incredible talent. Him and Sancho picked up for less than £30m!

    I’d love to see him in the prem, the kicker is that it’ll probably be for City.

  65. Versus

    The fact that After all these years. After the tremendous decline of man utd. Arsenal still can’t batter them, and we still struggle to be ahead of them. I don’t know about you guys but im still waiting for our revenge for the 8-2. To this day not one Arsenal manager or team has been able to do it. Until we show that we’ve left them behind nothing this or any manager does will be enough.

    Utd are absolute dog shyte right now. Theres no excuse for us being behind them. No excuses. pool came from 20+ points behind in previous seasons to now being 30 points ahead. When are we going to make leaps above utd. Why can’t we put them in there place.

  66. Versus

    Many of you are praising arteta for incremental progress. I’m sorry. We are The Arsenal. 3rd most successful club in english history. Until he shows real change and real progress he’ll get no praise. Why should i clap and applaud this current regime for doing the basics. The minimum. Are we not THE Arsenal? We should demand more. Utd are shit, worse than shit, and we’re still behind them??????

  67. Victorious

    Utd are absolute dog shyte right now. Theres no excuse for us being behind them. No excuses. pool came from 20+ points behind in previous seasons to now being 30 points ahead. When are we going to make leaps above utd. Why can’t we put them in there place”

    Couldn’t agree more with this honestly,watching them against Wolves just now and I can’t just fathom how we’re 5points behind

    Emery did a number on us,no doubt but I’v got to question Arteta’s ability if he doesn’t have finish above this horrible united side

    We have no business languishing behind them really

  68. Batistuta

    Imperative we win tomorrow, maybe a must win if you will… The gaps in front of him do not seem at all uncatchable… 2/3 wins in a row and we’re right up there, important the lads know there is still a lot to play for and hope it’s not all the season is over for them too… Some absolute shite teams in front of us no excuses really why we shouldn’t shoot up the table but we need to start with a win tomorrow

  69. Marc


    Agree 100% – a win tomorrow and we’re within 2 points of Manu and Wolves and presumably / hopefully a point off the Spud’s. 8 points would a big gap to Chelsea but things aren’t right there and as I said earlier we need to be within touching distance in case the chance comes up.

    Beyond that the squad under Arteta needs to start developing a winning mentality for next season.

  70. Marc

    The City match has also been moved (no idea to when can’t find it anywhere) which means we now have a run of fixtures that are “winnable”, 5 wins would make a huge statement and then we go to Southampton but with some confidence from picking up 15 points anything is possible.

  71. Versus

    Leicester are on 49 points
    Arsenal 30

    We keep drawing, but show plenty of pashuun. Some if you will have us believe these draws are good results. This is a terrible season for Arsenal. Arteta has no idea what he’s walked in on. It’s going to take years to clean up this mess of wengers.

    Leicester fuking city are 19 points ahead of us. Leicester.

  72. Major_Jeneral

    To Fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.
    Arsenal is behind Leicester because there was no proper plan for the season. Leicester is ahead because they had a plan for the season.

    Whatever Arteta is doing now is damage control. The earlier some of you understand this reality the better.

    End of story.

  73. Danny S

    Thanks Ahmed

    I’m surprised Man U baulked at that.

    You’d surely take the gamble, hoping you did well enough to convince him to sign a new contract before then.

  74. Marc


    ManU didn’t baulk at anything, that buyout clause is to buy him from Dortmund whom he joined this window for £18 odd million.

    A whole host of clubs were all over him and he seems to have made a sound decision with a long term outlook.

  75. Guvnor

    peanuts&monkeysFebruary 1, 2020 01:30:10
    “Guvnor January 31, 2020 22:58:45AMN is a brainless…”That’s brutal! BTW, what’s your take on Calum Chambers?

    I actually see Chambers as being better suited to a defensive midfield role similar to his season on loan at Fulham. Although he has been one of our most consistent defenders recently, I still feel that he has not hit the levels needed at an elite level.

  76. Pierre

    “This is a terrible season for Arsenal. Arteta has no idea what he’s walked in on. It’s going to take years to clean up this mess of wengers.”

    If Arteta had walked in after Wenger with 200 million to spend , I can guarantee you we wouldn’t be in 12th spot, more like 3rd and fighting for 2nd place..

    He wouldn’t have marginalised Ramsey and Ozil from the squad .

    he wouldnt have moved Torreira from DM.

    He wouldn’t have destroyed the team’s confidence.

    He wouldn’t have sanctioned the signing of Pepe , in the knowledge that it would leave us unable to add quality in positions that need addressing.

    He would have addressed the defence as a priority.

    He would have addressed the DM as a priority.

    He would have recruited players in areas that needed addressing.

    He would of allowed our offensive play to flourish.

    He would probably have kept cazorla, Ramsey, Monreal and Mhkitaryan, who have proved better than the players we have brought in to replace them , and used the 100 + million saved on buying real quality.

    He would have improved the kids knowledge of the game and they would be 18 months further ahead in their development.

    Arteta has had to start from rock bottom after the disastrous appointment of Emery and he will be given time by the more knowledgeable supporters of the club who also questioned the management style of Emery.

    So yes, the club were in a slow decline under Wenger and needed surgery, but not major surgery, it just needed an intelligent, astute manager to come in and get us back on the right track.

    Over 200+ million spent in 18 months is a massive amount of money for a club like Arsenal, and to see us languishing in mid table with a group of players who had forgotten the basics of how to play the game was a sad indictment of Emery’s coaching skills and man management.

  77. Champagne Charlie

    “This is a terrible season for Arsenal. Arteta has no idea what he’s walked in on. It’s going to take years to clean up this mess of wengers.“

    Personally I blame George Graham

  78. Champagne Charlie

    “To Fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.
    Arsenal is behind Leicester because there was no proper plan for the season. Leicester is ahead because they had a plan for the season.Whatever Arteta is doing now is damage control. The earlier some of you understand this reality the better .End of story.”

    100% on the head.

  79. Thorough

    Just watched that AMN clip.
    He showed more dynamism in 1 game than Xhaka did in 3 years. I’ve always maintained that AMNs problem wasn’t talent, it’s always been attitude. If he wants it bad enough he can be a meaningful footballer.