Transfer deals still bubbling

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Have you ever wondered about those adults that share videos of kids bullying other kids in the playground online… then do you wonder about the people that retweet and weigh in on the subject matter… then the politicians who respond to the weird adults expecting government intervention?

Aren’t there a lot of pathetic people out there.

… but none more pathetic than me. I destroyed a 30-minute podcast yesterday with Alex. Then risked my job by recording another one with him during the day… then conspired to accidentally push the yet to be identified only button that could delete a whole section of audio (maybe the delete button)

I am ashamed.

One thing that wasn’t destroyed yesterday were the hopes that we’d sign the Flamengo centre back, Pablo ‘great hair’ Mari. The deal is complicated because we want a loan and they don’t, quite a fundamental difference you’d have thought the club would have solved before sending him here on a 14-hour flight, but here we are.

There are also rumours that we’re still interested in signing Matviyenko from Shaktar in some kind of bargain bucket double swoop. I’m struggling with that idea considering how awful our financial situation seems to be.

One thing I have been pondering is why the club seems to be run like no one considers the future. We’ve gone from planning our finances with a view to the year 2156, to not thinking much beyond the weekend.

We exited the Europa League

Continued to spend big

Missed out on Champions League

Continued to spend big

Took our wage bill to £230m+

Now it looks like there will be no Champions League again…

… and we’re so skint, we can’t fork out £8m for a centre back.

This isn’t the future we asked for. We’re a club that generates £400m+ and we can’t muster a deal for a player where we spend £8m over 5 years.

That is pretty bad planning.

What the hell is our summer going to look like?

Our next game is at the weekend, we take on Burnley, who were resurgent until they lost to Norwich in the cup. Huge game for Mikel, he needs to keep the momentum going and we need a win to push ourselves away from the relegation zone.

After that, the team heads out to Dubai for a mini-break. Warm weather, recuperation, and some more time with the backroom team to adapt to the future.

… Giroud to Spurs, he wouldn’t, would he?

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  1. Victorious

    Steven Bergwijn is not a fatso. He’s a terrific baller bought for a very good price”

    I mean the lad could do no wrong by losing some pounds,he looked exactly that way in the shitty spuds kits
    Big difference between banging the goals in the eredivisie and getting them in the EPL

    Depay ring a bell?..He will flop badly

  2. Wasi

    You are basing your decision on just one match.
    Even Ceballos was terrific against Burnley but that does that make him a good enough player?

    Mari won the award for being the best defender in America.
    Holding is 24 and only has 27/28 starts for Arsenal in the PL. Even Mustafi has been preferred over Holding and he’s been with us for nearly 4 years.
    Thr only time I can remember Holding was preferred to Mustafi was in the Unai Honeymoon period where he started like 7-8 games in a row before getting injured.

    Don’t disagree that Marí and Martinelli were the product of scouting. It’s just that I think that as a tactic for picking up relatively cheap/“undiscovered” players who can play on the PL without a work permit, a main focus of scouting is in Brazil seeking out EU passport holders and using Edu to seal the deal.

    South American football is a hotbed of talent.
    Its just the work permit rules that stunt the growth of young players in that continent. Edu Hopefully continues to exploit his knowledge the market with bargain buys. And even if 1 out 4 turns out to be a good player , its more than good enough .

  3. Batistuta

    Why are we trying to sign Cedric Soares from Southampton? And please don’t say its so we move AMN to the midfield because he’s not one

  4. Samesong

    Why are we trying to sign Cedric Soares from Southampton? And please don’t say its so we move AMN to the midfield because he’s not one

    Ill take him prem ready. We got too many injury prone players. The more the better!

  5. Un na naai

    DissenterJanuary 29, 2020 15:13:56
    I’m pretty sure Giroud felt a sense of satisfaction when he was winning the EL final for Chelsea in Baku.
    The likes of Graham62’s silly comment s would have provided motivation for him. The same people that held Giroud in disdain also held a lesser player [Welbeck] in high esteem.


    Agree with most of what you say. You’re pretty switched on. I do think Giroud wasn’t appreciated fully because we were so spoiled as fans when it came to quality attacking players. He was never meant to be Henry or RvP but his goals to game ratio for us was higher than some premier league legends like Drogba, Owen and Ian Wright.

    I do think welbz was underrated too. Great team player, sting fast and pretty skillful
    Never stopped working. His runs made room for team mates. Just never had enough consecutive games to find consistency or have his confidence grow when presented with chances

  6. Un na naai

    BatistutaJanuary 29, 2020 15:36:00
    Why are we trying to sign Cedric Soares from Southampton? And please don’t say its so we move AMN to the midfield because he’s not one

    Boom boom booom we’re moving ainsley infield infield

  7. Luteo Guenreira

    Giroud was always going to be compared to RVP and he was never capable of filling those shoes. In retrospect probably not fair to him, but it’s not a mystery why it happened like that. He was an obvious downgrade. And this was at a time when a large portion of the fan base still had hopes that Wenger would unearth another gem like Thierry for us.

  8. Graham62


    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not going to lose any sleep over Giroud moving to Spuds, should he go.

    That was the jist of my argument based your “abomination” if he went to Spuds post earlier.

    Where did I say he wasn’t a solid servant?

  9. Un na naai


    Who isn’t? Both Lacazette and Aubameyang are an obvious downgrade on rvp
    Most strikers to ever play in any of Europe‘S top 5 are downgrades
    Certainly prem strikers

    He was top fucking drawer that man. Silky smooth or pure power
    Whatever he needed to be.

  10. KAY Boss

    Place seem quiet than usually especially when we’ve announced a new signing.

    What’s the motivation behind the Soares signing? Very underwhelming but no one knows what goes on behind the scenes.

  11. Tenerife Gooner,

    When I saw Lee Dixon make his Arsenal debut,I was thinking,is this a Joke,he will never make it.There you go.

  12. Aussie Gooner

    Spuds only going for Giroud because Llorente is not available! At least the Spuds will now have one good looking player! They have got to be the ugliest squad going – superficial I know but I ran a poll at work with all the females voting! You have to stick it to the Spuds every time the opportunity arises!

  13. Useroz

    Giroud will become the iconic, bona fide journeyman having made the trips around London , travelling to the 3 clubs!

    When he finishes at the toilet bowl he could complete a grand slam joining West Ham!!