Transfer deals still bubbling

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Have you ever wondered about those adults that share videos of kids bullying other kids in the playground online… then do you wonder about the people that retweet and weigh in on the subject matter… then the politicians who respond to the weird adults expecting government intervention?

Aren’t there a lot of pathetic people out there.

… but none more pathetic than me. I destroyed a 30-minute podcast yesterday with Alex. Then risked my job by recording another one with him during the day… then conspired to accidentally push the yet to be identified only button that could delete a whole section of audio (maybe the delete button)

I am ashamed.

One thing that wasn’t destroyed yesterday were the hopes that we’d sign the Flamengo centre back, Pablo ‘great hair’ Mari. The deal is complicated because we want a loan and they don’t, quite a fundamental difference you’d have thought the club would have solved before sending him here on a 14-hour flight, but here we are.

There are also rumours that we’re still interested in signing Matviyenko from Shaktar in some kind of bargain bucket double swoop. I’m struggling with that idea considering how awful our financial situation seems to be.

One thing I have been pondering is why the club seems to be run like no one considers the future. We’ve gone from planning our finances with a view to the year 2156, to not thinking much beyond the weekend.

We exited the Europa League

Continued to spend big

Missed out on Champions League

Continued to spend big

Took our wage bill to £230m+

Now it looks like there will be no Champions League again…

… and we’re so skint, we can’t fork out £8m for a centre back.

This isn’t the future we asked for. We’re a club that generates £400m+ and we can’t muster a deal for a player where we spend £8m over 5 years.

That is pretty bad planning.

What the hell is our summer going to look like?

Our next game is at the weekend, we take on Burnley, who were resurgent until they lost to Norwich in the cup. Huge game for Mikel, he needs to keep the momentum going and we need a win to push ourselves away from the relegation zone.

After that, the team heads out to Dubai for a mini-break. Warm weather, recuperation, and some more time with the backroom team to adapt to the future.

… Giroud to Spurs, he wouldn’t, would he?

Listen to my podcast. Sounds is good, but I had to do the transfer bit on my own.

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  1. Pierre

    Wouldn’t blame giroud for going to Tottenham, Lampard has shown little respect for his obvious quality.

    Jose has always liked a physical presence up top and giroud fits the bill.

  2. James wood

    Good luck to Giroud the guy gets goals.

    Really can’t agree with the attack on Woodward’s home by so
    called fans .
    There are other way’s to make a point .

  3. Habesha Gooner

    David Ornstein @ David_Ornstein
    Arsenal agree deal with Flamengo to sign 26y Spaniard Pablo Mari on loan + option to buy. Fulfils Arteta request for left-footed centre-back. #AFC could make 1 more loan signing before deadline. Indication is Mustafi has ankle sprain so not as serious as 1st feared @TheAthleticUk

    It is on sky as well. One good thing to come out of this is mustafi isn’t playing for us in a while.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Guendozi against Bournemouth

    “As per Sofascore, he won a ridiculous 14 total duels, completed all five of his attempted dribbles, and made four tackles too. The former Lorient man also helped dictate the game for the north Londoners, enjoying 88 touches, and accurately delivering seven of his nine attempted long balls.”

    Don’t understand the people that see nothing in Gwendolyn, I mean sure he’s inconsistent and needs to cut out some of the bullshit he does and needs to be a bit stronger and not count on the ref to bail him out every time he falls over but he’s still just 20 years old so all of this is expected.

    The highest level he’s showed this season is miles better than anything Xhaka has ever produced for us, he just can’t sustain that level over a long period yet. It will come in time.

  5. Matt

    Free at last!!

    Martinez was dodgy as hell against Bournemouth. Pepe was also pretty average to say the least. Other than that, the rest of the team were all 7 out of 10 or higher.

  6. Sid

    The problems started when we signed elney, Xhakalson, extended ozils contract, signed mikhi, all players that cant carry the team hence no champions league, yet some have to play so that theres no mutiny

    The players on lower wages at the club are the ones that can move the club forward, Arsenalization is real!

    Im telling you this for free!

  7. Wasi


    Wasn’t it you betting a cold beer on a sunny day that Pablo is not gonna sign for us.
    Well he surely isnt coming to pick up a forgotten backpack now , is He?

    Is the Cedric Soares interest real? Havent seen any credibile sources linking him with us.

  8. Wasi

    You are giving so much valuable stuff for free, it feels like someday you are gonna drop a bomb of a bill on this site which will be impossible for us to pay for.

  9. James wood

    Still out on Pepe.
    Not convinced he is bringing much to the team.
    Last ball in play is very Walcott..
    Takes a great dead ball but goes missing to much .
    At best average but we will see.

  10. Wasi

    Hats off to Mustafi’s natural fitness.
    Man is never injured and even after landing in a hellish posture his ankles seems to be just fine.
    Beast of a body he’s got. He couldve been such a fine defender.

  11. Nelson

    I like the way the kids are enjoying their football. It helps when there are many kids playing at the same time. Once we are safe from the drop, the priority should be shifted to the Europa competition. We could let the kids take over the EPL games.

    As for Burnley, their attack is mainly long ball into the box and goes for first and 2nd ball. It would be too soon to send Mari out to play them.

  12. HighburyLegend

    “Ed Woodward: Manchester United executive vice-chairman’s home attacked by fans”

    lol manure, the best fans in the world.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    It is clear to me that Arsenal are not going to win any trophies with our current squad and indeed are likely to finish in top 4 in EPL and qualify for Champions League.

    We have had in Wenger a manager/coach who was past his sell by date for 10
    years and we recruited Emery who had very poor communication skills and was frankly not a great coach.

    The outcome was that Arsenal’s recruitment and development of players in
    recent years was awful and reached its nadir this season.

    Last summer we offloaded a lot of players and the current squad was believe
    it or not the youngest in the EPL with average of 25. We have brought in a lot
    of young and untested players who were shifted around the pitch with no
    real game plan.

    There was no stability in our defence and too many injuries and silly mistakes.
    The midfield was equally inept with lack of balance, creativity and goalscoring
    potential and the forward line despite its potential was also underperforming.

    The transfer business done in the summer looked good on paper, but has turned out to be a disappointment. Only Martinelli has been a real success.
    Saliba was allowed to stay at St Etienne, Tierney has been out injured most of
    the season, Luiz is probably past his best, Ceballos is yet another Spanish lightweight and disappointing midfielder and Pepe on current evidence does
    not look like a £72 million+ footballer.

    Nevertheless on positive side I do think that Arteta looks like a coach who knows what he is doing and since his arrival has managed to stabilise the team
    with good player reaction in most cases.

    We have lost only one game since arrival and that was against Chelsea. Whilst
    the team is not by any figment of imagination brilliant there is a light at end of
    tunnel and we have discovered a couple of brilliant talents in Martinelli and Saka.

    My personal view was that Arsenal should not spend serious money in January on transfers for mediocre players. It would be better to keep our powder dry until summer.

    Of course injuries to Chambers, Tierney and Kolasinac has had an impact on
    our defence resources, but I understand the case for finding replacements
    and I think that the management was probably correct in not wishing to spend
    money on short term loans or average players.

    The players linked with Arsenal this January are hardly likely to set our house
    on fire. Most are at best speculative rather than rough diamonds let alone world class players.

    My view has been for a long time that we do not need to make wholesale changes to squad. Our squad needs perhaps 3-4 new players to make it
    top 4 competitive in EPL assuming that we hold onto our best players.

    The obvious gaps are CB, LB [assuming that we are not developing Saka in
    that position] and a classy CMF who can score and create goals. Otherwise we are talking about improvement of squad players outside 1st X1.

    The team’s performance under Arteta has been steady rather than spectacular, but there has been progress and the football is no longer as turgid
    as it was before Christmas. The ENTERTAINMENT VALUE is rising.

    I suspect that Arsenal’s budget in the Summer is likely to be at the same level
    as in 2019. My wish is that this is invested primarily in a couple of quality players rather than thinly and making wholesale changes.

  14. Dissenter

    The histrionics over the Pablo Mari deal is understandable
    We’ve been asking for Arsenal to take our transfer business to other geographical parts of the world, especially South America. The drama we witnessed is unfortunately not unusual with South American transfer. The Flamengo president seemed to be working in his self esteem as he trashed the deal in the media.
    I suspect they wanted to bully us and we called their bluff.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    Those cakes aren’t for eating you spanner, they go in the urinal. Back to work.

    Pablo Mari a good deal on paper, brings some traits we miss from defence and there’s no obligation. We’ve done well there to salvage that one from the ashes of embarrassment.

  16. PieAFC

    IMO, I believe Ozil will get dropped. Arteta grace period for some games will be lost.

    I’ll think he’ll be saved or utilized in home games only. Away from home he’s always found wanting.

    Burnley will isolate him, and be very physical.

    Matty G had a good game the other night. Once he bills up a bit, he’ll be a little menace in that midfield for other teams. We’ve cried out for ages someone who loves to wind up and gives it back to other teams.

  17. Batistuta

    The fact Ceballos hasn’t worked for us so far doesn’t make him a dud by the way, you’re so desperate to say “i told you so” or “I predicted it” that it’s quite sad

  18. Batistuta

    Jesus you’d think a bloke your age would have been around long enough to develop some patience? How many times down the years have we seen players come in from other leagues and take time to adapt? Countless.

    Says this and then goes on to say Ceballos who’s also new to the league is a dud

  19. PieAFC

    I know Pepe is so one footed. Surprised Arteta hasn’t thought about getting him on the left for a game or two.

    Run at defenders whip balls in without having to cut back all the time?

    Does he put Martinelli back on the bench to remind him he’s still not a senior player yet or keep giving him the freedom to perform?

  20. Bob N16

    I feel the Mari deal will happen with a solution that both clubs find acceptable. By increasing the loan fee to 4.5m it means that Flamengo have finance to replace Mari and we have the opportunity to cut our losses if we don’t want to sign him permanently. If we do decide to buy then the increased loan fee can be taken into consideration when negotiating the transfer fee.

    It’s just a shame that negotiations should be so public but not much one can do if a selling chairman appears to like the sound of his own voice and journalists are ambushing arrivals.

    Feel as though we have lucked out that at a time when we have no CL money, we have group of young players to fill out our first team squad.As a January fix, Mari looks half decent and good to read that Tim Vickery rates him as he knows Brazilian football.

    Otherwise right to wait and do business in the summer TW. Saliba will definitely feel like a new signing so that’s an excellent start!

  21. Guns of Hackney

    Still bantering as a club. Edu is a sham.

    As for Soares? Oh deary me.

    Sell Auba and spend on a CB and midfielder. Job done.

  22. Batistuta

    Yea but he’s been injured hasn’t he? Weren’t you the one wanting Patience with Holding who’s just back from injury and now somehow can’t extend same to the Spaniard, one who starts for one of the most talented national teams in the world by the way

  23. Dissenter

    Bob N16
    South American transfers can be messy. Club presidents are typically elected so they have to appeal to the public more often.
    Tim Vickery has been talking about the different way transfers are done in Brazil.

  24. Champagne Charlie

    Ceballos is a good footballer but he was a poor choice to recruit given we lost goals and penetration from midfield in Ramsey (even Iwobi).

    We brought in tapas Ozil. He won’t be staying here, and the manager absolutely tanked, so no harm done ultimately.

  25. KAY Boss

    Ceballos isn’t dud. You think adapting your game in a new environment with different tactics and language is easy? How long did it take Cristiano Ronaldo to adapt to La Liga? You forget he’s been unlucky with injuries too.

    Burnley’s really gonna be tough.

  26. Dissenter

    ‘ Willock hasn’t shown anything to prove a better option than Ceballos by the way and in my opinion too’

    Neither has Ceballos proven to be better than Willock
    I think the manager is right to err on the side of giving the academy player more playing time. You would think the Spanish connection would tip the scale in favor of ceballo

  27. Dissenter

    Pablo Mari will give us a chance to play a pressing game with a high line.
    It will be hard for him because the Brazilian season is just starting preseason so may not be anywhere near full fitness.

  28. KAY Boss

    Just like how Celtic conducted themselves on the Tierney deal is the same way the Flamengo chairman did. Just trying to save some dignity with their fans but the deal was always gonna happen.
    About Mari being slow; I know little of him but I prefer a slow but effective body at the back than a fast headless chicken. Most of the WC defender ain’t quick or tall. Being tall is an advantage but its not indicative whether one will be success at the back or not.

  29. Pierre

    Mustafi is not so quick to dive in and go to ground these days and he is a better player for it.

    As Arteta said this week, a player is never to old to learn.
    If Arteta gets the best out of players like Mustafi and xhaka, it is a no lose situation.

    We can either sell for a much higher price in the summer or if Arteta deems then good enough , then keep them.

    If Mari does come on loan , I’m not sure if he will get the game time as we will have 5 centre backs.
    Risky to put him straight in the starting 11 .

    This has to he an Arteta signing or it will be another waste of 5/10 million on a loan player, he must want a player he can use for the run in.

    I have a feeling Holding may be the one to suffer if Mari arrives.

  30. Sid

    DissenterJanuary 29, 2020 10:51:35
    The drama we witnessed is unfortunately not unusual with South American transfer

    Replace “south america” with the word Arsenal

  31. Nelson

    “You would think the Spanish connection would tip the scale in favor of ceballo”

    You are wrong. They were traditional enemy in Spain.

  32. Pierre

    “4 goals to 1 says different
    So does the performance against Liverpool and Bournemouth.
    Keep trying”

    Interesting that they were both away games that he put in good performances, maybe he feels under less pressure away from home.

    Of the 7 goals he has scored for the club , 5 have been away from home which is unusual.

  33. China1

    I get that we have a crap points tally but we need the win to get closer to top 5, not to escape relegation

    There’s as much chance of us getting relegated as us finishing top 2 this season I tell you

    Arteta is clearly doing enough that our survival in the premiership need not be part of any conversation regardless of the fact the results haven’t fully materialized yet.

    If we win 5 of our next 6 matches we’d probably be top 5. There’s that little in it

  34. Uwot?

    Ship caballos overrated crab that runs like a duck with little to offer than tippy tappy around the pitch with next to nothing in creativity.need I say anymore.

  35. Uwot?

    Burnley on Sunday by the way will be a battle.Expect plenty of on & off the ball with likes of Ashley “ elbows “Barnes etc.please,please no wimps playing ( ozil) or it could be a very frustrating afternoon.Hopefully a half decent ref.But I’m sure Riley will line up an Arsenal stitch up merchant if he can.

  36. China1

    I think willock has some very useful qualities but he’s particularly inconsistent so I’m wary of expecting much from him.

    If he fulfills his potential he will be a beast but first he needs to work on his consistency as he tends to be amazing for one game and very quiet for the next 3 or 4.

    If he can reverse those stats he’d be a really valuable asset for us. I hope arteta can help him on this

  37. Thorough

    Guess we’ll rather lose 5 million quid than get saddled with another average player for 3 to 4 years.

  38. Nelson

    I suspect that there was a misunderstanding between Edu and Raul regarding Mari’s transfer. The Suarez and Ceballos deal are good reminders that Raul is very forceful regarding a loan deal. Edu probably thought that a 7.5m fee for Mari is quite acceptable. By increasing the loan fee, the risk is now shared by both parties.

  39. KAY Boss

    Finally the deal is over the line. IMO i don’t think the loan deal is £4.5m. It might be the amount we have to pay to make the deal permanent. I don’t think we messed up the deal. We showed some balls that we ain’t pushovers anymore. Also may be the likelihood of Mari wanting to play in Europe may have helped conclude the deal. Well done to Raul and co.

  40. Dissenter

    How much do you think Mari’s wages would be?
    Even if we triple his wages, he would still be earning similar wages to Nkettiah.
    At its worst we have a squad player desperate to make his mark in Europe. It’s a good deal imo

    You may just be right about that loan fee of 4.5 million. That fee is excessive for a 6 month loan

  41. Vintage Gun

    “Re Pablo Mari; If we are paying a loan fee that high for a 6 month loan then surely it’s with a view to making it permanent in the summer.”

    I reckon the recruitment team have a no1 cb target thats unattainable until the summer window but at the same time are concerned about being caught short defensively between now and May

  42. China1

    Un nai I agree which is why I won’t get ahead of myself with him as a lot of young players have some great qualities and never make the next step

    I’m all for giving him, Nelson and Eddie minutes as and where appropriate and don’t expect too much from any of them in the short term. Flashes of brilliance will be enough for now, but cementing some form of level is the next stage of development which many will not manage. Good luck to them

    When willock is good he’s really really good

  43. Habesha Gooner

    I would rather lose 3-4 mil than signing him at 8 mil for 5 years. It is a good deal. If he turns out to be good we will purchase him If not we didn’t pay everything for him and he is not stuck with Us. Good things about him from the videos are his positioning and his passing abilities. He is also left footed which will make our play wider with Xhaka at left back when we attack. Negatives are he is a bit slow and he needs a sweeper player next to him. You can’t have two sweepers or positional players at the same time. That’s why Kos with Per worked and not with Vermaelen. The only way you could field two similar players and succeed is if both got everything. Pablo would work with Saliba but We would get exposed with him and Luiz.

  44. Dissenter

    I would never sign a £4.5 million loan fee player for my months ….if I didn’t intend to make the deal permanent . That’s a lot of money down the drain if you’re not committed to making it permanent.
    This reported high loan fee has more to do with Raul’s approach of deferred payments that not being certain if the player’s quality.
    I don’t believe we just randomly stumbled into Pablo Mari. I choose to believe that good ‘ole scouting led us to him. The same type of scouting that gave us Martinelli who United had turned down after FOUR trials.

  45. Guns of Brixton

    Not really over the moon with Mari tbh. I wanted a bit more faster CB than Mari.

    Insane the amount of CBs we got in the squad right now.

  46. China1

    Willocks biggest advantage is nobody in the squad is similar to him. He has that rare Ramsey quality for being able to drive forwards on the ball between the lines and also arrive late in the box for goals. If arteta wants an industrious midfield behind his attack then willock has the qualities to be a very useful presence in the middle to break the lines. I’d rather we were giving minutes to him than ozil for this reason even if he is still very inconsistent. By the summer we can evaluate if he’s likely to be ready for the first 11 next year and if not we can treat AM as a remaining high priority for positions for a serious signing

  47. NW9 gooner

    Tim Vickery has a high opinion of Mari – hope he is right as opposed to the pessimism of RP who has great perception of players – hope he is wrong in this case

  48. Dissenter

    ‘Not really over the moon with Mari tbh. I wanted a bit more faster CB than Mari.’
    His history doesn’t provide excitement sure but to knock him down for a lack of pace is just so le-grove
    It’s not like we are seeking talent to run the 100m for the 2020 Olympics.
    Mari was recruited by the Flamengo coach because he has enough pace to play the high line which is exactly what Arteta is looking for.
    I get the feeling that some may be reassured if there were more zeros attached to his transfer fee.

  49. Victorious

    Spuds have signed a fatso..Ha

    Hopefully this Mari chap hit the ground running ASAP I mean the signing did cause some mild fiasco for a supposedly average player,

    he has to be good enough at least to ensure we don’t see Mustafi in the first team again.

    Now get in Lemar and we might actually do something exciting yet this season

    Would be some scene really considering the mood at the club a few weeks back under Unai.

  50. Champagne Charlie


    We paid 2.25 mil for Denis Suarez.

    I really don’t think 4 mil is suddenly outlandish, it’s a bit more up front to give the club a ‘walk away’ option and save themselves an additional 6 mil plus 4 years wages at 60k a week (circa 11.5 mil).

  51. HighburyLegend

    @Victorious : “In an interview with Goal, Gil Marin, the general manager of the Colchoneros, spoke about Thomas Lemar, very demanded this winter (Arsenal or Bayern Munich). “He’s not for sale, there is no way he can go,” he said.”

  52. DUIFG

    The loan fee looks high but we will definitely buy him.

    The loan element of 4m was purely to spread the cost. Even If he’s turd you may as well pay the extra 3 and sell him to championship where you would surely get near your money back on him.

    I’m not worrying about the high loan fee.

  53. Dissenter

    That POV you mentioned is weighty but Dennis Suarez was on Barcelona wages.
    This guy just went to Flamengo 8 months ago for €1 million and was on Brazilian league wages. I don’t expect Mari to earn more than Nkettiah even if we quadruple his salary. That quoted fee is astronomical for 6 months.

    I think the question is what led us to Mari, is it just contacts from Arteta probably knowing about him from his city links or good old scouting?

  54. Freddie Ljungberg

    “We have an option to make the deal permanent in the summer.”

    I like this aporoach, not every player takes to the Premier league, it’s unique in its demands.
    Case in point Ceballos who is an excellent player but he just haven’t adapted, injuries hasn’t helped either of course but still. No harm done except seeing Ozil on the pitch too much doing nothing, just ship him back and try again.

    In the price range and type of buys we’re looking for, outside our primary targets, there’s always a risk, we’re doing everything we can to protect our interests and not being saddled with more expensive, overpaid, underperforming players.

    Way better than what we used to do.

  55. TheBayingMob

    “ Good luck to Giroud the guy gets goals.” …

    … against shit teams (ergo his goal against us most notably in the ECF). I vaguely remember a 17 game goalless steak for us. He’s shit. Told my Chelsea mates he would be shit and by and large he was. And is.

  56. CG

    So in summary:

    As one piece of small Spanish garbage with a goatee leaves on loan ( Cebollas)
    Another taller piece of Spanish garbage with a goatee arrives on loan ( Mari)

    And we don’t need either, thank you very much.
    Both will be flops.
    (And you all know it too.)

    As we witnessed the other night- we have plenty of fine array of young Arsenal players coming trough the ranks.

    Holding and Wiliock

    How refreshing we for once tried to emulate serious clubs like Liverpool and actually have a strategic transfer policy- rather than buy players just for the sake of it.

    Having said that-Liverpool FC would not have risen to their stunning heights had they had men like Edu, Raul and Vinny at their club.

    (Unlucky us,
    Lucky them)

  57. Chris


    How about giving a new player a chance before you start slating him? Bizarre concept I know.

    He has come here reportedly at Arteta’s request so he clearly has a plan for him.

    Your constant negativity is tedious and boring.

  58. Champagne Charlie


    Astronomical? Utter rubbish. How do you classify the Suarez transfer figures involved again?

    You expect a defender to be bought for the first team to be on the same wage as a youth player on the fringes of the side? Totally logical.

  59. Victorious

    Going to the chavs is one thing but joining the enemy would not just be an abomination but open betrayal as well

    Giroud was well loved here and I can’t imagine him doing something so daft,he is a top lad and appears to be a very reasonable and consumable professional as well

  60. Aussie Gooner

    It’s a bit rich to blame the Flamengo chairman for the Mari transfer debacle. A deal to purchase for 7.5m had been agreed by both parties, then Arsenal changed the goal posts and requested a loan instead.

  61. Wasi

    Same with Xakha
    Never injured. Always plays. Always starts. Got to take your hat off. Man is robust. The old Albanian blood

    True that Un

    People crying out about the loan fees.

    This is the January window. Its verg hard to do a deal on your terms when you are desperate to shore up a weak position. The selling party knows that and therefore demands a premium.
    Instead of moaning about the loan fees being too high and blaming Raul just because. Try to see and understand the deal fron another perspective. It was Raul’s contacts (as reported) that got the Athletico president to agree on a loan to buy option deal. Otherwise we would have had to pay 7-8 mil either now or in the summer regardless of how he performs.
    Now as we have an option to buy we can save 3-4 mil if he flops. And he turns out to be a good then maybe we pay 1 or 2 mil extra ( as the reported complete package is about 10). But That is chump change for us.
    If he flops we save 3-4 mil.
    If he succeeds we pay 1 or 2 mil extra.

    Its a Win-Win.
    Don Raul dis good here.

  62. China1

    At the end of the day as long as he’s not worse than mustafi and we can flog mustafi to some poor sods for a higher fee than mari’s in the summer, we’ll be in the money at no real cost to the club in terms of quality

    Ofc if he’s actually a good player then it’s a tidy piece of recruitment

  63. Globalgunner

    Giroud gets goals???. On which planet?. Went to WC didnt score a single goal. Cant get starts ahead of Tammy and cant get minutes ahead of Batshuayi. Just like us to pine for the dregs that Wenger bought us.

  64. Bob N16

    Aussie, has it been a debacle? We’ve got the player, the deal appears reasonable.

    The fact that the Flamengo President has been more vocal, doesn’t necessarily mean Arsenal were playing silly buggers and that Flamengo are the voice of reason.

  65. Wasi

    It’s a bit rich to blame the Flamengo chairman for the Mari transfer debacle. A deal to purchase for 7.5m had been agreed by both parties, then Arsenal changed the goal posts and requested a loan instead.

    Dont think its true. No reputable reported as such.
    The debacle was probably the Athletico President’s doing as he probably wanted to secure a replacement first.

  66. China1

    And if we’re realistic the only thing he needs to do to be better than mustafi is not hand the opposition a free goal in 75% of his matches

  67. Globalgunner

    Victorious Giroud a “consumable professional”. I guess you meant consumate. A consumable professional is a phrase I dont want to get my lips around.

  68. China1

    All this talk of mustafi being better under arteta I’m not so sure about. Mustafi was always a quality player for 85 minutes and an absolute nightmare for 5. All the way back to when he first signed that was his game

    But in defense, 5 mins of trash makes you a trash defender at this level and mustafi still has that

  69. Receding Hairline

    “All this talk of mustafi being better under arteta I’m not so sure about. Mustafi was always a quality player for 85 minutes and an absolute nightmare for 5. All the way back to when he first signed that was his game”

    True talk

    Some forget Mustafi went a good number of games not being on the losing side when he first joined, the brain farts was always the issue. Same thing Xhaka.

    I think i have made my stand on all this clear, i don’t care for so called perceived improvements, i am waiting for the summer to see who we shed. We can never be a serious football club with certain characters still about.

    As for the Pablo Mari signing, welcome to Arsenal, now show us what you are about.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    Un Na Naii

    Patience is a virtue seldom in a man!

    Tierney has not played well. He has been out injured most of the season!

    Saliba has been also out injured most of the season. According to stats published on Transfermarkt he has hardly had much game time at St Etienne.

    Luiz may have had some decent results since Arteta arrived, but has hardly
    set the stadium alight.

    Pepe may become a great player, but at the moment he hardly represents great value for £72 million and my concern is that he is too one footed.

    Ceballos at least we are agreed.

  71. raptora

    See if Pablo Mari is a good signing. Not a small chance that he impresses us.

    He reminds me a bit of Jose Fonte. He came to England as a 25 yo, and played over 400 games in the space of 10 years in England. I knew we needed a player with Fonte’s qualities in our team in those 10 years.

    Maybe Pablo Mari stays with us for 10 years?!
    Let’s see what the guy can offer in the next couple of months and then have a knowledgeable opinion formed re Pablo.

  72. Wasi

    Like Pablo’s attitude in the interview.

    Especially this

    “At the end of the day, they’re just people like everyone else. Obviously they’re in great form at the moment and they’re among the best players in the world, but we also have a fantastic team with top players.”

  73. Sid

    Giroud to spurs is great, like the time man u sold us mikel sylvester,
    Willock should replace xhakalson, Dozi should replace bug eyes sooner than soonest

  74. Words on a Blog

    Is Mari a scouting/data-driven or a contacts-driven loan?

    To me it looks like neither particularly. More like we’re using Edu to target footballers with EU passports playing in the Brazilian league.

  75. CG


    “”””CG How about giving a new player a chance before you start slating him? Bizarre concept I know.””””

    Totally futile signing.

    x 8 Center Backs!!!!!

    He wont ever be as good as Rob Holding.
    because Holding has proved to be a great EPL defender time and time again.
    We loose very few games when he plays.

    This player has proved he cant hack in in the EPL- hence why he is playing his peak years in Brazil.

    Holding although rusty- is the future not another Spanish Journeyman,

    Unless the club wants to remain a laughing stock and midtable.

    We know the drill:


    Fail to Prepare
    Prepare to Fail

    Arsenal 2020

  76. Nelson

    I am one of the few who likes Ceballos’s game. He is perfect when we play a 4 3 3 formation. He has the kind of calmness on the ball and can pick a pass to open up a defense. Willock and Guen are more energetic but are still not mature enough. Bournemouth wasn’t very serious with the FA cup. I am not so sure that Willock and Guen will look as good in a normal EPL game.

  77. Tenerife Gooner,

    I sprained my ankle badly about 60 years ago.It was at least 6 months before it felt right.ok we have moved on medically.

  78. Wasi

    Backs!!!!!He wont ever be as good as Rob Holding.
    because Holding has proved to be a great EPL defender time and time again.

    Do you have any facts behind this statement.
    Or him being English is good enough?

    Third time is the charm they say, so you never know.

  79. Aussie Gooner

    Well what do you know? Mustafi does have a highlights video on Youtube after all! And it has nearly 2 million views!

  80. Dissenter

    Giroud needs to go to Villas
    He will score lots of goals for them because they have players that can provide the service that he needs.

  81. CG


    “””””He wont ever be as good as Rob Holding.
    because Holding has proved to be a great EPL defender time and time again.Do you have any facts behind this statement.
    Or him being English is good enough?”””””

    Looked good enough on the big stage ( Cup Final -WHEN WE USED TO WIN TROPHIES) against League Champions Chelsea and a raging Diego Costa a few seasons ago.

    Playing with Big Per – the young man was immense.

    Thats pedigree dear boy.

    Mari is GARBAGE.

    Thats why we are buying him, thats why he plays for Flamengo FC and thats because thats what we do now.

    Maybe Thats why we are 10th?

  82. Dissenter

    I think Pablo Mari was the product of scouting, the same type that got us Martinelli.
    People forget that United had turned down Martinelli after four trials.

  83. Victorious


    Giroud won the FA Cup with Arsenal in 2014, 2015 and 2017, and totalled 105 goals in 253 games for the club. In January 2018, he transferred to Chelsea where, in his first full season, he became the first player from the club to score 10+ goals in a single European campaign,

    He was a good servant for the club, socred loads of goals in the EPL and contributed his quota on why we currently hold the record of highest FA cup winners

    Says alot about you as a ‘supporter’ of the club and less of the ability of the player that you won’t be irked if he moved to the devil.

  84. Aussie Gooner


    I am with you. Ceballos is a class act. Given the chance he will prove his worth.


    You will be in for a bit of a shock when Mari hits the ground running! He is far from garbage – wait and see.

  85. Dissenter

    Daniel Levi is a bit of a c*nt
    He is splurging out money on payers now, something he never did to support Poch. They just signed Steven Bergwijn from PSV for some 27 odd million.
    Hopefully Mourhino does a number on them and gets sacked with a hefty pay-off.

  86. Tenerife Gooner,

    Now being a TV watcher, reluctant to comment on players, knowing from experience a while back ,how things look different live .Must agree though with comments up the top.I thought Martinez,looked very average the other evening.

  87. Victorious

    Not scared of spuds at all

    They’re signing some fatso and making some shocking transfer decisions,plus the fat they have a toxic manager and I can see us putting them back to their place quickly enough

    All things been equal we could still finish above them this season and leave them in our wake by next season

    Arteta is the best signing we could possibly have made at this present time,its all set up for him to be an absolute hero for the club.

  88. Dissenter

    I’m pretty sure Giroud felt a sense of satisfaction when he was winning the EL final for Chelsea in Baku.
    The likes of Graham62’s silly comment s would have provided motivation for him. The same people that held Giroud in disdain also held a lesser player [Welbeck] in high esteem.

  89. Victorious

    The likes of Graham62’s silly comment s would have provided motivation for him. The same people that held Giroud in disdain also held a lesser player [Welbeck] in high esteem.”

    Spot on Dissenter,we really have some pompous folk following the club, no wonder the more serious clubs openly mock and deride us,shocking fan base we got

  90. Words on a Blog


    Don’t disagree that Marí and Martinelli were the product of scouting. It’s just that I think that as a tactic for picking up relatively cheap/“undiscovered” players who can play on the PL without a work permit, a main focus of scouting is in Brazil seeking out EU passport holders and using Edu to seal the deal.

  91. Victorious

    Steven Bergwijn is not a fatso. He’s a terrific baller bought for a very good price”

    I mean the lad could do no wrong by losing some pounds,he looked exactly that way in the shitty spuds kits
    Big difference between banging the goals in the eredivisie and getting them in the EPL

    Depay ring a bell?..He will flop badly

  92. Wasi

    You are basing your decision on just one match.
    Even Ceballos was terrific against Burnley but that does that make him a good enough player?

    Mari won the award for being the best defender in America.
    Holding is 24 and only has 27/28 starts for Arsenal in the PL. Even Mustafi has been preferred over Holding and he’s been with us for nearly 4 years.
    Thr only time I can remember Holding was preferred to Mustafi was in the Unai Honeymoon period where he started like 7-8 games in a row before getting injured.

    Don’t disagree that Marí and Martinelli were the product of scouting. It’s just that I think that as a tactic for picking up relatively cheap/“undiscovered” players who can play on the PL without a work permit, a main focus of scouting is in Brazil seeking out EU passport holders and using Edu to seal the deal.

    South American football is a hotbed of talent.
    Its just the work permit rules that stunt the growth of young players in that continent. Edu Hopefully continues to exploit his knowledge the market with bargain buys. And even if 1 out 4 turns out to be a good player , its more than good enough .

  93. Batistuta

    Why are we trying to sign Cedric Soares from Southampton? And please don’t say its so we move AMN to the midfield because he’s not one

  94. Samesong

    Why are we trying to sign Cedric Soares from Southampton? And please don’t say its so we move AMN to the midfield because he’s not one

    Ill take him prem ready. We got too many injury prone players. The more the better!

  95. Luteo Guenreira

    Giroud was always going to be compared to RVP and he was never capable of filling those shoes. In retrospect probably not fair to him, but it’s not a mystery why it happened like that. He was an obvious downgrade. And this was at a time when a large portion of the fan base still had hopes that Wenger would unearth another gem like Thierry for us.

  96. Graham62


    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not going to lose any sleep over Giroud moving to Spuds, should he go.

    That was the jist of my argument based your “abomination” if he went to Spuds post earlier.

    Where did I say he wasn’t a solid servant?

  97. KAY Boss

    Place seem quiet than usually especially when we’ve announced a new signing.

    What’s the motivation behind the Soares signing? Very underwhelming but no one knows what goes on behind the scenes.

  98. Tenerife Gooner,

    When I saw Lee Dixon make his Arsenal debut,I was thinking,is this a Joke,he will never make it.There you go.

  99. Aussie Gooner

    Spuds only going for Giroud because Llorente is not available! At least the Spuds will now have one good looking player! They have got to be the ugliest squad going – superficial I know but I ran a poll at work with all the females voting! You have to stick it to the Spuds every time the opportunity arises!

  100. Useroz

    Giroud will become the iconic, bona fide journeyman having made the trips around London , travelling to the 3 clubs!

    When he finishes at the toilet bowl he could complete a grand slam joining West Ham!!