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Nothing like a BLISTERING win in the FA Cup to kick a cold Tuesday morning off in style.

Arteta headed back to Bournemouth for the second time as Arsenal manager and put on a more impressive show than the first outing a little over 5 weeks ago.

The first half showed us exactly where the football is heading if we give the manager time (and the right players). We moved the ball around at speed, the players were aggressive, you could see the vision. Pretty much everything the football hasn’t been for the last 5 years. Joe Willock immediately repaid his starting berth with a brilliant turn in midfield, he powered forward at the Bournemouth goal, gave the ball to Gabriel who found Saka on the overlap… the young winger/fullback didn’t make the same mistakes he made in the last game, rifling a shot at the inside post in off the bar. The build-up had 22 passes that went through 10 players, shades of the good old days? Don’t…

The second was well worked. Mustafi to Eddie, back to Willock, out wide to Saka, Saka with the low drive into the box, Martinelli dummies… Eddie into the back of the net. Wonderful.

Arsenal going forward at times was a thing of beauty, we looked scary on the counter-attack, and finally, we looked pretty good when building up play in and around the box. Not perfect, but the players finally seemed to be finding a bit of confidence that’s been lacking over the last month. Arteta certainly felt like his players executed his plan well.

“In the first half we were really, really good. They executed everything we planned in a really good way and showed the courage to make big decisions.

“We played with that accountability, making decisions and I really liked it. They were terrific with their work-rate, showed courage to make those big decisions and not to play safe.

“That is the difference.”

The second half wasn’t quite as impressive. It looked liked we were more than comfortable to sit on a two-goal cushion and to be fair, Bournemouth really didn’t give us too much to worry about. They tried to rough us up, but again, it didn’t seem to bother us.

Matteo Guendouzi was back to typical shithousing form, he sucks opposition into battling him, but he never lets the win. He was man of the match, he played with much more discipline than we’ve seen from him over the past 5 months. He timed his runs, kept things solid in the middle, and was just a bit of a nuisance all game. He has stamina for days and he has a good knack for knowing where to stand to nick balls and counter-press.

Saka, Eddie and Gabriel are a joy to watch. So much energy and enthusiasm. They don’t give a fuck where they play as long as they play. Those are the types of characters you want to get behind. I just hope they maintain that spark and continue to grow, it’d be great to have three young players like that grow into superstars… and it’d be great to have two homegrown talents pushing for roles with the national team.

The only blight on the match outside the late goal they scored and the borefest that is VAR, was seeing Mustafi go down with what looked like and achilles problem. I’m sad for him because he’s just been given a rebirth, but more sad for Arsenal, because we’ve lost another defender and the club apparently botched the move for Pablo Mari. Say what you will about the risk of signing him, the man was indeed a human body we could do with. We’re in trouble in defence… Xhaka might have to take up that centre back role more permanently.

Oh… I also thought Ceballos played well when he came on. He certainly doesn’t look disengaged.

Big shout out to Joe Willock for the second time in this post. He had a great game and added some much-needed end product to his game. He’s strong, he’s great at running through the lines, and he’ll add goals to his game as he matures. He needs to keep taking those chances he’s given, a bright future ahead if he does.

One thing before I go, I do like watching the press conferences these days. Arteta really seems to love the fact he’s managing Arsenal. He talks with such great energy, he’s passionate about the game, the league, and the players he’s working with to improve. Great to see.

6 games unbeaten now. Good times.

Pompey in the next round… very exciting.

P.S. I recorded a podcast last night, but the sound corrupted. New one later today. Sorry Alex, I really am. x

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  1. China1

    Agreed Chris

    Top quality players will rarely settle for the bench unless they’re at a Madrid Barca type setup on silly wages and getting trophies for minimal output

    At arsenal if we expect to only keep players who are top class then you can see how quickly those on the bench become disillusioned and want out. Those who were brought through our academy are not only cheaper but have an emotional tie to arsenal that is more likely to make them patient for chances rather than get fed up after 5 mins on the bench

  2. Wasi

    Just read that Eriksen is making £130k-per-week. In any case, Inter will be very difficult to beat.

    130k p/week at Inter?
    That is absolutely criminal .

  3. PieAFC

    I’m all for giving the kids more games and runs under a coach, who will let them express them self, but also set them up tactically to succeed rather than fail.

    It’s work ethic and talent that makes you a top player. In equal abundance or some good measure.

    It’s looking bright for us at the moment. And as squad players n many games they will shine, will take time to see against the better teams how they fair, but at the ages they’re at. Time is on their side.

    Out of the collective, Nelson should be worried. But somehow Arteta has taken a massive shine to him and sees something in him. Hopefully when he returns he can have a few big games and a role to play for the remainder of the season.

  4. HighburyLegend

    ” In any case, Inter will be very difficult to beat.”

    They are in the CL, we’re not. End of the debate lol

  5. Dissenter

    The wages for Erikssen are in the 300k weekly range. He’s supposed to be the highest paid player at Inter.
    The club was so desperate to get him they paid about 17 million rather than wait to get him on the free in 5 months time.

  6. Pedro

    I think they have a special tax law in Italy for footballers, they keep more of their money.

    Any news on Mustafi or the Nelson injuries?

  7. Dissenter

    This Matviyenko lad is only 5′ 11″
    He’s not the physically imposing defender that will dominate the league. I haven’t seen him so I don’t know how fast he is since the that’s what tickles people on le-grove.

  8. Romford Pele

    Dissenter – height is the big issue with Matviyenko although next to a Saliba it’s not as big an issue. He’s very fast across the ground, good in duels and plays out from the back well which I guess are requirements for Arteta.

  9. Dissenter

    Is it possible possible that we botched the Pablo Mari deal because we made a breakthrough with signing Matviyenko?
    I do expect that we will sign a CB in the next few days.

  10. Dissenter

    I didn’t realize it but we still have PapSok on contract till June 20121, same as Mustafi. The club has to find a way to move those two out in the summer.
    Luiz can be the senior player in the defense,

  11. Romford Pele

    Dissenter – who knows. Like you I do agree we’ll end up with a CB before the window closes. Which one it is I don’t know. If it was my choice it’d definitely be Matviyenko over Mari though.

  12. Northbanker

    I don’t even think we botched it – this was a deliberate ploy to get Matviyenko possibly on a loan deal. Mari was the stooge.

  13. Northbanker

    Once you are within 12 months of a contract, shifting them becomes easier as the players then have t start looking beyond for their next pay check. Sok and Mustafi will both go in the Summer

  14. Northbanker

    Matviyenko signing also probably underlines club’s view that getting Upamecano is unlikely given that Bayern and possibly Barca are in the running.

  15. Dissenter

    “Once you are within 12 months of a contract, shifting them becomes easier as the players then have t start looking beyond for their next pay check. Sok and Mustafi will both go in the Summer”

    I’m not so sure about that.
    The burden is on the club, not the players. There’s a big market for mature central defenders everywhere. Clubs like to have them to nurture younger players. It is Arsenal FC that has to make sure that we get something from the exit. They players can just sit out their contract.
    We have to find way to make their exits mutually beneficial- the player may have to be paid something too.

  16. Globalgunner

    Why do we always go for short CBs and then lament how we get shithoused by opposition players in the box. Sometimes its as if Wenger was still in charge of transfers.
    The dynamics of defending are simple. Opposition players run and jump while your own defenders are disadvantaged by making a standing jump. Why handicap yourself further by buying diminutive CB`s?

  17. Jim Lahey

    “I didn’t realize it but we still have PapSok on contract till June 20121”

    WHAT! He is contacted with us for another 18,101 years?! You know what… I’m not suprised when it comes to Arsenal!

  18. Pierre

    “His( martinlli’s) emergence has pretty much left a lot to be desired about Nketiah.”

    Will just point out that Nketiah has scored at more goals per 90 minutes than Martinelli this season, so obviously he hasn’t left that much to be desired about.

    Martinelli has made the biggest impact though, an exceptional start to his Arsenal career …

  19. Globalgunner

    Northbanker. You give the dummies at Arsenal far too much credit. The chapos running Arsenal couldnt strategise a way to get a Big Mac at a McDonalds

  20. Romford Pele

    “Will just point out that Nketiah has scored at more goals per 90 minutes than Martinelli this season, so obviously he hasn’t left that much to be desired about.”

    Fair enough but really and truthfully what they’re actually doing currently is in two different stratosphere’s considering Martinelli is two years younger and from the fourth division in Brazil.

  21. Jim Lahey

    “Fair enough but really and truthfully what they’re actually doing currently is in two different stratosphere’s considering Martinelli is two years younger and from the fourth division in Brazil.”

    And he didn’t spend six months in the Championship..

  22. Pedro

    Marc, I think they have a Beckham Law.

    If you are from overseas, you can write off a bunch of tax against your image rights. Eriksen will do well out there.

  23. Globalgunner

    Zaco…same. At Arsenal instead of fixing a glaring problem….lack of a commanding CB. We prefer to go with more of the same. Holding is the tallest of the CBs we have…asides from Mavropanos who exists in name only

  24. Northbanker

    Global – well if I’m wrong then all i can say is that the Mari story seems really perplexing especially as it appears that Shaktar are now discussing a loan too which they weren’t before. Mari was Plan B and as soon as Plan A was back on the table Plan B dropped.

  25. raptora

    I remember when Pierre gave his first impression of Martinelli:

    “Nketiah would have had a field day out there today but Martinelli did ok , a bit of a head down merchant, but scored a couple of flukey goals , one off his shoulder.. (I think), the other deflected that was going wide(i think) , but good luck to him”

  26. Vintage Gun

    Either that or we found the extra couple mil Shaktar wanted to agree to a loan fist deal.

    If so expect the tea lady and kit man to be made unemployed

  27. Dream10

    Ffs Kurzawa-De Sciligio swap deal on the verge of collapse. Won’t be surprised if we go back in for him.

    Information from London: Arsenal have not give up on Pablo Marí. However, the English club still does not propose a deal that includes ab obligation to buy. That way, the deal should not happen, Flamengo will hardly accept such conditions.

    ‘Mustafi was injured, Arsenal urgently needs a defender, but he fears that Pablo Marí will not adapt, so he is reluctant to make a purchase commitment after an eventual loan. So, Flamengo should not give up their defender to the Gunners.’

  28. Gentlebris

    ‘I don’t even think we botched it – this was a deliberate ploy to get Matviyenko possibly on a loan deal. Mari was the stooge.’

    So Edu personally went to usher in a smokescreen?

  29. Rambo

    If I were to make a rough comparison

    Nkietiah is an Walcott-lite whereas Martinelli is a Sanchez-lite.

    That is all.

  30. Words on a Blog


    Is it possible that Matviyenko is being envisioned as cover for Torreira in the DM role, rather than as another CB?

  31. Rambo

    Spunked 30 odd million (?) on a perpetually crocked fullback and now sniffing around in the bargain bin market for a CB.

    Nothing changes at this club.

  32. Thomas

    HighburyLegendJanuary 28, 2020 12:08:22
    @Thomas : don’t waste your time, they all been Artetized.


    The term AKB just got a new meaning.

  33. Zacharse

    Rewatched about an hour of the club world championships yesterday. Mari was less
    Impressive than i thought he’d be defensively tho playing against l’pool does not lend sauce to defenders usually. He does look calm, he likes a line breaking forward pass and he isnt afraid to have the ball at his feet even w that lpool front line coming at him. Isnt clear to me how he’ll fare w the epl physicality but he is a big boy. He looks to play safe balls into the stands rather than doing wAcky shit a la luiz/john stones.
    We really need another defender also

  34. Valentin

    Like others have said before Arsenal needs 5 CBs. 4 seniors and 1 U23 understudy who can be called upon if necessary and for domestic Cup.
    3 with the ability and quality to be starter. 1 decent back up.
    The tricky thing is that out if those 4, 2 needs to either be left footed or be able to play on the left side without a massive drop of quality.
    Next year, Saliba will take the right side first starter place. So we will need 2 players who can play on the left side and a right sided backup.

    Unfortunately there is nobody in the U23 academy remotely ready to step in as understudy at the CB position.
    Chambers injury will keep him until next year, but we should not rely on him for the rest of the season.
    David Luiz being left footed and on massive wage is the most likely to stay.

    If as some have suggested we get rid of Sokratis, Mavrapanos and Mustafi we will then need to purchase 2 players assuming that Holding is the right sided backup. To me that sound unlikely that we will purchase 2 players just for the CB positions.
    More realistically, I can see Arsenal selling Mustafi, extending Sokratis by 1 year and purchasing an expensive left side CB.
    The new let CB and Saliba the first team starters and Luiz and Holding the backup. With Mavrapanos the understudy. Once Chambers recovers one of Chambers, Holding, Mavrapanos being sold.

  35. TheBayingMob

    “ Spunked 30 odd million (?) on a perpetually crocked fullback and now sniffing around in the bargain bin market for a CB”

    The Tierney deal was always a risk, but popping your shoulder is out of left field a bit. I cannot readily think of another club that is constantly at the top of the injury list like Arsenal. It’s been that way for at least 10-12 years. Constant.

  36. Guns of SF

    anyone know what exactly Tierney did to his shoulder? I heard a dislocation but it seems that there was much more damage done? Seems a long time to be out for a dislocation…. could be wrong… but damn

  37. salparadisenyc

    Sounds like Arteta had interest in Matviyenko at City. On paper sounds promising, left footed, 20+ caps for Ukraine’s at 23, primary position left sided CB with ability to fill in at LB.

    As others have stated under 6ft not ideal but not massive concern for me w/ likes of Puyol, Cannavaro and Keano all around 5’10 and did nothing but boss…. if the mentality is there.

    On another note interesting to see Gabriel finding his way at Valencia, now looking to of found his way into the Spanish National side after jumping ship from Brazil.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    Matviyenko would make sense as a signing in January, because he is able to play in all positions along the line in defence.

    The fact is that we need defensive cover in both right and left back positions as
    I am unconvinced about AMN and it seems Kolasinac may also be on way out of club. Both Bellerin and Tierney have had serious injuries so bringing in an
    option makes sense.

    His arrival would not necessarily preclude buying a Centre Back such as Upacemano in Summer.

    Frankly I am much more comfortable with this deal.

  39. Wasi

    ,Is it possible that Matviyenko is being envisioned as cover for Torreira in the DM role, rather than as another CB?


    No, not possible imo.
    Has he even played there in his career? IDK
    He is a bit like Chambers. CB who can cover at FB.
    But does he have all the necessary qualities to be a DM, Idk, probably not. + He is played his whole career as a CB and LB if im right. So I dont think any manager would buy a player who’s played at CB and LB to play as a cover DM when the team needs immediate improvements in other areas.

  40. Dissenter

    “I didn’t realize it but we still have PapSok on contract till June 20121”WHAT! He is contacted with us for another 18,101 years?! You know what… I’m not suprised when it comes to Arsenal!

    You weren’t supposed to take it so literal, come on man

  41. Valentin


    “I didn’t realize it but we still have PapSok on contract till June 20121”

    Funny typo. Don’t get fluster by comments!
    I would be extremely surprised if Sokratis were to draw a paycheck up to that date!

  42. Aussie Gooner

    You couldn’t make it up! Arsenal, all class!

    “After undergoing a medical with Arsenal at the weekend, a ‘disappointed’ Mari made his way back to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – and an unnamed Flamengo director expects the Spaniard to join up with the rest of his team-mates for pre-season training.‘We had agreed to sell him for a fee, he arrived in London and Arsenal changed the terms. ‘Flamengo is a serious club.’

    And now lets find some quality closer to home –

    “Arsenal are now looking at Southampton defender Cedric Soares in an attempt to ease their mounting injury crisis.

    The 28-year-old, who has spent the majority of his career playing at right-back, has just six months remaining on his current contract and, according to the Telegraph, Southampton will listen to offers in the region of £6million.”

    Read more:

  43. Valentin


    Did you really? 😉

    Of course, I did!

    I don’t think that anybody genuinely thought that you really meant 20121!

  44. Words on a Blog


    Sokratis under contract at Arsenal until 20121?

    I guess Greek defenders, like Greek philosophers, are immortal.

    (I prefer Plato, at least he can play left-sided CB….)

  45. Batistuta

    Incompetence can’t begun to describe whatever it is those in charge have tried to do this January, it’s been bad.

    God help us they treat the summer like this what with all the international competitions and players being away. Our recruitment policy or the way we go about it remains an absolute shambles, 2020 and it’s still the same thing

  46. þorkell einarsson

    Great game for the youngsters, Willock did well, saka and Gabi connect well,
    hopefully Pepe and Bellerin will also combine as well on the rigth !!

  47. Aussie Gooner

    Looking at the highlights reel, Matviyenko appears more of a DM/AM (Torreira) than a traditional CB – he plays more in the final third of the pitch!. He has a good eye for the long ball but it shows few tackles going in. I would have prefered Mari as he appears stronger in the tackle and is a good bit taller. Matviyenko has not played outside Ukraine and will cost substantially more. Perhaps we need both. But where is the money coming from?

    Lets be honest we know very little about either player. It is a bit of a crap shoot but at 7m Mari would appear to be the more viable option.

  48. Habesha Gooner

    Regarding the CB situation, I would rather we sign nobody than a stop gap permanently. We have signed enough stop gaps in Sokratis and Luiz. Now is the time to look to the future. One dominant Powerful Major Center Back is needed. And I am not sure either Matviyenko or Mari are the solutions. We need Soyuncu or Upamecano. Or at least Someone with the same level of potential in a big 5 European leagues. We shouldn’t sign any Centerbacks that are squad players. One major player is enough.

  49. Graham62

    Habesha Gooner

    Remember, the main aim of TalkSport( as a commercial radio station) is to sensationalise so thet people phone in and money is made.

    Macheda was basically a one game wonder. Did he score ten goals in such a short period of time and show the same talent and commitment as Martinelli? No he frigging didn’t.

    Durham is programmed to cause disagreement amongst the listeners and he is very good at it. Sometimes he takes the right side of the argument but in this particular instance, he is way off track.

  50. Freddie Ljungberg

    Just a sprained ankle for Mustafi, that’s good.

    Don’t know how I feel about signing a CB that’s not top class on a permanent this window, on the one hand we need bodies but on the other if we sign the Ukrainian chap for 27m it pretty much rules out a statement CB in the summer, don’t think he’s worth that, I want another beast in there next to Saliba. Tired of our defence getting bullied by physical opposition.

    Still say we should make a move for Gabriel, we already know Lille is ok with long term paying options and we should still have their number laying around after last summer. That would sort out that position for years to come, without any compromise on ability or physicality.

  51. Habesha Gooner

    I get that. But I don’t know how money is made out of stupidity. Even a blind person can see Martinelli is all talent with application. Macheda? please. There are so many other topics to cause controversy with. Even our rivals are watching in jealousy FFS.

  52. Dissenter

    How many kids has Durham scouted or managed in any capacity.
    The people that know all know that Martinelli is good, ask Klopp to start with.
    To think Talk sport had the audacity to attack ASTV.

  53. Valentin

    AFTV and TalkSports are different side of the same media coin. They are gobshite media whore who makes money by screaming insane opinions with conviction to clickbait idiots and offense the rest.
    The only difference is that TalkSports is part of the old media circle when AFTV is part of the user generated media. However both share the same business model that relies on misery and people getting worked up.

  54. azed

    “I would be extremely surprised if Sokratis were to draw a paycheck up to that date!”

    Wait until PapaSoks Jnr shows up with a bunch of lawyers claiming he now owns the club based on accumulated earnings and interest due to his Great great great Gran father.

  55. azed

    Does anyone here know how many non home grown slots we have left?

    In defence, Soks, Luiz, Kolasinac and may be Mustafi are not home grown.

    So where would this new guy fit in?

  56. Ishola70

    Burnley away next match up is the one.

    Get a win there and Arteta’s early tenure can start really cooking.

    Fail and it will be the same old story of Arsenal falling to some up and at ’em Northern outfit.

    And Burnley are one of the most mucky Northern clubs in the league from the team down to their manager.

    Got to take them out.

  57. Chris

    Durham also suggested Bergkamp was never all that.

    Knowing full well it is only click bait and designed to get angry listeners to phone in, it was still an audacious thing to do. Aside from his job the bloke clearly has a personal dislike of Arsenal.

  58. Graham62

    Burnley have had an upturn in form in the EPL these past few weeks. Winning at home to Leicester and away at MU, it won’t be easy.

    A tight game but fancy our chances.

  59. Ishola70

    “Burnley have had an upturn in form in the EPL these past few weeks. Winning at home to Leicester and away at MU, it won’t be easy”

    “It won’t be easy”

    This is exactly why a win there will be notable and Arteta’s first run of games as Arsenal manager will begin to look good.

    Burnley and their sort the effort Northern clubs have been the sort of matches Arsenal have slipped up in far too much away from home.

  60. Graham62



    Their prep for each show is to take two diverse sides to any subject and wait for the listeners to respond.

    Always a good listen.

    My favourites on TalkSport are Hawksbee and Jacobs.

    Brilliant double act.

  61. Major_Jeneral

    Arsenal will be up for the game at Burnley.
    I expect Aubameyang to be fired up for this match.
    Arsenal will miss Luiz in defence. I just hope there will be no new injuries from that game.

    Burnley will be physical. A bit like the game they played against Sheffield.
    Both barnes and Wood will start upfront to bully Arsenal’s defence.

  62. Major_Jeneral


    A straight red card against Chelsea. I thought it is the 2match ban for denying a goal scoring opportunity. What does the law say?

  63. Pierre

    “Burnley will be physical.”

    In my opinion, something needs to be done about players going in indiscriminately with their heads and elbows.

    Last night ,Bournemouth were allowed to go in with their heads a number of times without any concern for the Arsenal player heading the ball clear and I have no doubt Burnley will be encouraged to do something similar ( elbows and heads) .

    Some may say that it’s as dangerous for both players , bit that is not the case.

    The player heading the ball clear is watching the ball , whereas the attacker can see the defender and the ball and the player who is in the most danger of a serious head injury is the player who can only see the ball.

    Don’t expect any protection from the ref at the weekend…Holding and Sokratis are both good headers of the ball and won’t be intimidated , not sure about the rest though.
    Leno needs to show a bit of balls and good decision making in coming for those long balls .


  64. G8

    Whatever happened to Pierre!
    Solid posts today I have to say

    As for Burnley, if Arteta choose to start Ozil, and I think he will, then it’s all on him if we don’t get a result

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Also Pierre
    Good posting recently sir.


    Still got yer wit init.

    Too many cheap purchases we are looking at.
    Ok maybe one of them may come good but it’s like we are punting on the crack machines in corals with two jibs in our pocket…

  66. Freddie Ljungberg

    Saliba returns against Monaco and St Etienne keeps a clean sheet for the first time since November.

    They’re unbeaten in all the games he’s played for them this season and has been pretty bad without him. He’s already a beast and is only going to get better, can’t wait for him to join up.

  67. Aussie Gooner

    This is what reknowned South American football oracle Vickery had to say about Mari.“I’ve been droning on about him to anyone who will listen for the past few months, because I think Manchester City missed a beat with this one.

    “Pablo Mari, 26-year-old, big, left-footed Spanish centre-back who City had for three years. They loaned him to Girona, Breda in Holland and Deportivo La Coruna in the Spanish second division, and then, with new European coach Portuguese Jorge Jesus wanting to play with a high line, they sold him to Flamengo.

    “No one in Brazil plays with a high line – it just doesn’t happen – so he needed a centre-back who could do it for him and they brought in Mari. He was unknown, he came in very cold and was thrown in at the deep end, but he sorted it out for them absolutely magnificently. “For me, in that Flamingo side that coasted its way to the Brazilian championship, won the South American title and gave Liverpool a game in the Club World Cup final, I think he was the most important player.

    “He’s by no way the most glamorous, but that front four with all the goals being scored by Gabriel Barbosa and Bruno Henrique, it wouldn’t have worked had the team not been able to defend with a high line – and Pablo Mari was the man behind all of that, he was superb.

    “Now, this is the chance of a lifetime for him at Arsenal. He won’t have the same advantage that he had in Brazil where he was the only centre-back who knew who the play a high line and he organised that and passed out of defence very well. He hasn’t got express pace, but his positioning is good enough to get him out of jail.”

    I think we need to re-visit this transfer and just pay up the 7m.

  68. Brooklyn

    Matvieko plays all across back 4…his pace and passing ability allows him to play as a DM too..

    Source: 10 mins of YouTube scouting

  69. Brooklyn

    Was never smitten with Soyuncu. We got better defender in Sokratis for atleast 3 years….long term financially maybe Soyuncu would have been beneficial….

    Unlike others I am not that stuck in long term youth players. 80% players with 4-5 yrs on tank is long term enough for me….other 4-5 U23 players who already are first term quality or show glimpse of their future quality is enough to generate that excitement and romanticism generally associated with having youth players.

    Couple of experienced vet in 1-2 yr contract are also needed from time to time, provided they are of required quality.

  70. Sid

    If matvi is being signed for midfield he is obviously an upgrade to Xhakalson, same range of passing but faster.

    Im telling you for free!

  71. Habesha Gooner

    Fabrizio Romano @ FabrizioRomano 7h
    Tottenham have made an inquiry for Olivier Giroud. He’s a possibility as Krzysztof Piatek (still no agreement with AC Milan) – Chelsea are not convinced yet to sell him to Spurs. Bergwijn will sign his contract as new Tottenham player on next hours. Here we go! ⚪️ #THFC #CFC

    I might have to start hating on Giroud. What is he going to say now? I am a spud for life?

  72. Batistuta


    Total amateur hour the deal for this Pari lad, almost as bad as United’s attempt at signing Bruno Fernandez

  73. Sid

    January 29, 2020 07:27:18
    Total amateur hour the deal for this Pari lad, almost as bad as United’s attempt at signing Bruno Fernandez

    Arsenalization is real,
    You heard it here 1st!

  74. shaun

    yep agreed , just stick Laca in as a number 10 and see what happens .I mean it’s no as if you are going to lose anything .we are not seeing anything from OZIL at all , not defensively or offensively so we may as well play LACA there and keep martinelli out left and Auba through the middle

  75. Sid

    Option1 Auba in the middle Dozi as no10, laca on the bench
    Option2 laca in the middle ozil as no10, any winger not Auba.
    Option3 352 laca and auba as 2 strikers