Saint Arteta at it again

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I started a Fat Chart in excel this year, where I’m looking fluctuations in weight against drinking and eating out… I have found a correlation, if you drink and eat out, you get fat. Game-changer. I can’t believe how easy it goes in these days, I literally have to starve myself to get back on track. Why is life so unfair?

Well, apparently it’s not unfair if you’re a mistake-ridden footballer under Saint Arteta. The Spaniard is more forgiving than Jesus himself, this time, he’s trying to bring Mustafi under his arm and rebirth his stale career.

“Yes he made a mistake, but it’s OK. I like more the reaction and I look more at the reaction.”

“I don’t believe that at 27 you cannot improve certain aspects of the game; I really believe you can,”

“I work with players like this and I have team-mates like this and there is always a moment where there is a click.

“I can accept a mistake, no problem. What I’m not going to accept is somebody makes a mistake and after he stops playing, and he doesn’t want the ball and doesn’t want to make decisions. That player is not acceptable for our team.”

I mean, we asked for a coach and that’s exactly what he’s bringing to the table, so we really shouldn’t moan. The point that he’s making is a fair one, we all gave massive praise to Xhaka for his performance when we went a goal down, but you’d be hard pushed and cruel to deny that Mustafi had a very strong game after the error. Also worth remembering we were burning Xhaka effigies in November now he’s seen as reliable.

My worry, as ever, is that we’ve been watching this episode of Mustafi on repeat for the last however many years and it’s tiring. That said, there’s a player there, he was great against Crystal Palace. His range of passing was solid and he gave us a great outlet, so if he can be coached back to World Cup winning levels, then I’m game for it.

One thing is for sure with Arteta, he doesn’t give a rats arse what we think as fans, and he’ll do as he pleases.

Another player who has been spending time in the Miki Confessional box is Nicolas Pepe. The £72m winger from Lille has had a very up and down season. He has an unorthodox approach to the game, it’s hit or miss, but there’s certainly no doubt there’s a real talent lying in wait. Nic had this to say of the godly work he’s doing behind the scenes.

“Things have been going positively so far, we’ve got some good results and have been playing good football,” the 24-year-old said. “There has certainly been some encouraging signs and we know that we do have quality and we have what it takes to do well on the pitch.

“Mikel Arteta has explained to me what he would like me to do on the pitch and he has shown me videos that have stressed the importance of my positioning. He has told me exactly what he would like me to do to help me progress as a player.

“We want to do well as an attacking force. We want to perform well on the pitch, score goals and get assists. As a team it doesn’t matter who’s getting the goals and who’s getting assists, but the important thing is we are playing well together and getting results.

“We support one another on the pitch and as an attacking player it’s always great to have someone like Mesut Ozil feeding passes into you so it’s enjoyable.”

I’m hoping we’re going to see some sort of Raheem Sterling project with some of our wide players. We simply don’t get enough end product out of our players in the final third. That needs to change as the team builds more stability from the back. One absolute basic I’d love Pepe to work on is his right foot. How you can make it to the top in football being one-footed in 2020 is a miracle. Also, note the comment about Mesut Ozil… the players like being around him.

One player who isn’t a rehab project is Gabriel. I liked these comments from Mikel about our superstar Brazilian.

“They said you’ll be surprised how prepared he is to compete with any other player in the squad. I always thought yeah ok but he’s 18. When you see in big games how he goes about everything it’s surprising.”

Big things expected of him for the backend of the season.

The Bournemouth game this evening will be interesting for us, it’s another chance to redeem an average result we had against them in Arteta’s first encounter. It’d be wonderful to progress further in a cup that has all the big boys still involved. The one thing we have to be sure to avoid is a replay. Spurs drew against Southampton and Liverpool slipped up against Shrewsbury… Klopp insisting he’ll not even manage the replay.

It’ll be interesting to see how we line up, we went all out against Leeds, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same again. Though I would imagine there will be an eye on a tough game this Sunday against a Burnley that appears to be slightly resurgent in the league (though they were beaten by Norwich in the cup at the weekend).

It’s a shame we’re likely too early for a Pablo Mari start, but maybe by the time I wake up, he’ll be confirmed as a signing. Was also sad to see Aaron Ramsey still benched for Juve… I’m not pining for an Arteta reunion, you are.

Before I go, some more sad news for the Arsenal blogosphere… Yogis Warrior from ACLF passed 3 weeks ago. I didn’t know him well, but he helped correct my Spanish to ‘Manos fuera Cesc’ back in 2011. I’ve always had huge admiration for his brilliant writing and his dedication to regular content for his community. He seemed like a top guy, our thoughts are with his family.

P.S. RIP Kobe. His career transcended sport. What a sad moment.

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  1. Romford Pele

    RIP Kobe man. That shit is the saddest stuff ever.

    Sportsmen like him transcend any sport. The definition of GLOBAL.

    And his 13-year-old daughter died in the crash with him 🙁

  2. Romford Pele

    Honestly 41 years old is no age to die. And to think he leaves his wife of 20 years with three girls. Man my heart can’t. That sort of stuff is way too sad man.

    The BBC are idiots. Did anyone see their report last night? The image and clip was of LeBron instead. Idiots.

  3. Globalgunner

    What a tragedy for Kobe`s wife and daughters. 7 others on the flight as well. I used to work for an oil company. I hate Helicopters, necessary evil.

  4. Globalgunner

    Re Mustafi. There is no fixing the unfixable. He was a barely capable defender in the first instance. Cutting out his unforced errors will only elevate him to average. Get rid!

  5. Romford Pele

    Onto Arsenal stuff, not keen on this Pablo Mari geezer. Sure it’s already been discussed but i don’t see how he fits the profile we want going forward. if it was a loan then fine but buying him? I feel sick.

    Anyway fingers crossed for a win tonight. We need to start building confidence and momentum.

  6. Habesha Gooner

    Ugh pedro, This is childish. If arteta is really backing mustafi he deserves to be criticized. I know if it was anyone else you wanted as manager backed some of these players you would have crucified them. Everything Arteta is going to do isn’t great or rosy. Be objective please. Mustafi is a brain dead player and don’t try 5o spin it.

  7. Chika

    We all want Mustafi out of the team, but you’ve got to grudgingly acknowledge the manner he handles himself after an horrendous error. Xhaka has that sort of character(I’m trying to avoid calling it mental strength) too; most players would easily cave in to the pressure.


  8. Romford Pele

    Man i’m really keen on Arteta but Mustafi is done man. Flogging him is a dead horse at this stage. The weird thing with him is that he does a lot of good defensive actions during the game but he undoes all of that as you know he’s always liable to make one massive error that will cost us. It’s not a liability you can afford.

  9. Chika


    True talk re Mustafi. About your sentiments on Mari, worse case he takes Mustafi place on lower wages. I sincerely hope our strategy is not just scrapping the barrel under the guise of unearthing diamonds. Haha

    Arteta fully deserves to be backed as much as possible.

  10. Pierre

    We need to stay in the FA cup tonight, it is going to be a very competitive competition this year.

    The title race is over and now it’s the FA cup domestically where all the excitement will be .

    Strong teams, big crowds ,the real excitement of trying to win a trophy..none of this top 4 or top 6 rubbish.

    The competition will be fierce if we get through , there will be some massive games in the 5th round.

  11. grease

    I think Arteta is doing well with the squad. I think its obvious who is shit/not suited to the league, but lets face it, we are stuck with them until the end of the season.

    The players need to be motivated and managed properly, in this regard I think he is doing great.

  12. Romford Pele

    Chika, putting it kindly, Mari looks rubbish. Doesn’t fit the profile of what Arteta is looking to do going forward. I don’t want to fill the squad up with dross on wages when all we should be doing in the summer is buying the necessary quality to improve us, not squad filler. We already have Luiz, Sokratis, Holding, Chambers, Mavrapanos, Mustafi and now Mari. Saliba is also coming in the summer. Why on earth do we have eight CBs? Most only have four and we struggle to shift ours on anyway. The quality is very mediocre there too. I know a good system can hide a player’s weakness but if you want to get to a Liverpool level where you can leave VVD and Gomez to defend big spaces alone then we need to do better.

  13. kristoman

    From the previous post
    NOBODY is paying ramsey 400k. The wages according to juve sources reported in italian media was 166k after tax and that is total of 8.4m a year. But did not disclose the sign on fee

  14. Dream10


    Sad news about Kobe and the two kids.. Baseball coach among the dead too. Awful.
    For me,he was the perfect villain athlete. Love cheering against him. From time to time, I go back and watch his highlights in the 2001 playoffs. The equivalent would be a striker scoring 30 goals in 25 games. Ridiculous stuff.

    Looks that there are complications in the Pablo Mari deal….. let’s see what the reports are

  15. kristoman

    juve is not stupid as arsenal, ramsey is not thier first free agent signing that they will pay that kind of money. More over ronaldo only earn 420k a week after tax.

  16. Romford Pele

    Dream – it’s so sad man. he was due to be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame later this year. And just the day before he had the tweet about how LeBron needs to keep carrying the torch for the next generation. Him, MJ and LBJ are the all-time greats. Statisticallly he was off the charts. The equivalent of doing what henry used to do for us, just over a much longer period. And his career after Basketball was taking off too. To think he’s left his childhood sweetheart a widow with three daughters with no dad now is so sad.

  17. kristoman

    How times fly
    mustafi should given chance again and again after so many errors within a short period of time because our lord arteta say so. Something pedro will not entertain two months ago. Go figure

  18. Chika


    We surely do have too many centre backs especially devoid of the needed quality. Now the Daily Mail has brought a twist to the signing, let’s see how it pans out.

  19. Dream10

    Just sign Steve Bould for the rest of the season. He’s packed on extra timber, but he’s a big unit, can organise a defense and clear his line. Get it done Michael Arteta!

  20. Graham62

    Ah yes, the wonderfully competitive FA Cup.

    Full strength teams, dodgy pitches, packed out stadiums, 100% commitment and genuine, honest to god, excitement

    Winning the FA Cup, prior to the early noughties, covered all the above points and more.

    Unfortunately, not now.

  21. Habesha Gooner

    RP I also am against the permanent signing of pablo mari. Loan with an option to buy is a great deal but I don’t want to stockpile any more Centerbacks who are average. If we sign him permanently that means we have 8 centerbacks in the summer regardless of whether any one thinks we can shift them. We should know how he is going to do before permanently signing him.

    About Kobe, His widow is going to have a tough time with both her daughter and her husband gone. It is so tragic. He was just one of those players that made fans of other sports take a liking to basketball. I also heard a couple with their daughter died too. It’s just heart breaking.

  22. Romford Pele

    Habesha, agree on both counts. Most clubs have 4 CBs, 5 at a push if you’re gonna play the 3ATB system otherwise it’s just overkill.

    On Kobe, like you say, even if you’re not a basketball fan, there are certain individuals that just attract you to their sport as their influence both on and off the court transcends anything else.

  23. Pierre

    “Unfortunately, not now.”

    Oh ye of little faith …wait and see,.that’s where domestically all the excitement will be.

  24. Spanishdave

    The problem is that we’ve seen more of Mustafi than Arteta has, he’s not really up to speed
    The only logic is that he’s trying to improve him to be able to sell him at the end of the season.
    Mustafi as a knack of making big errors and goes to sleep mentally during the game.

  25. S Asoa


    Wait patiently for DM to post his 3rd and fire away the #4

    Improvement would be to work in tandem and as one sends 3 the other posts 4

    As I say Arteta times are here and there are winners besides Liverpool, City and DM

  26. Nelson

    James Rodriguez, is also a possibility. He is reportedly available for £34million, more or less same price as Lemar.

  27. Dissenter

    I think we are better off being the club that he’s the young upcoming hungry player first….not the one that gets the overpaid spent prima donna looking for a rebound.
    Why can’t we be the club that gets the 20 year old Lemar from Caen or the 21 year old Coutinho from Inter, not the one that feeding on the bloated versions.
    There are plenty of solid midfielders that don’t register with us, we should let our scouts do their jobs.
    No to Lemar or James

  28. Jim Lahey

    To people who have been watching Lemar, could he also play in that Ozil/No.10 role? If so I would would swap him out for Laca.

    Front three of;

    Lemar ———– Abua/Martinelli ———- Pepe

    There is a lot of swaping around and formation changes you could do with those 4 players.

  29. Dissenter

    All this talk of Ramsey’s struggles at Juve will bring Paulinho swing his battle axe.
    Juventus have to be on the brink of financial collapse they way they keep dishing out crazy money for midfielders.
    They were hawking out Dybala like he had rabies in the summer, now he’s indispensable. Somethings not right in the club.

  30. Habesha Gooner

    No to James Rodriguez. I don’t want players that are unmotivated and in decline for those amount of figures. He might be better than what we have but I wouldn’t touch him if he doesn’t come for free.

  31. Dissenter

    Whatever happened to us getting athletic players with physical presence
    Do people even realize that Lemar is a lightweight midget? There no physicality in his game unlike a Bernardo Silva

  32. Marc


    The talk is Eriksen’s going to sign for Inter in the next day or so. Small fee due to only 6 months left on his contract but he’s reported to be earning £320,000 per week.

    The inflationary pressures this brings to your squad is crazy – Eriksen’s a good player but he’s not worth that sort of money.

  33. Romford Pele

    I think we are better off being the club that he’s the young upcoming hungry player first….not the one that gets the overpaid spent prima donna looking for a rebound.”

    I agree 100%.

    I really don’t care for names that much. The occasional one sure but i wouldn’t make the bulk of my transfer strategy. It’s about working smart.

  34. alex cutter

    It’s almost like Kobe never r*ped anyone, or had his lawyers drag his accuser through the mud.

    Or essentially told the cops when questioned that “Shaq does stuff like this all the time.”

  35. Gentlebris

    It’s true Pedro would back Arteta if he slapped his(Pedro’s)face while kneeling to propose marriage to his beloved lady, but then I have got to say I respect how Mustafi reacted after.

    I think his problem was that once he made a mistake, he cared too much and that always went down to more mistakes and I think he’s fighting to fix that. Arteta did well backing him I think.

    Unfortunate thing about Kobe. May his and his daughter’s soul find rest.

  36. Romford Pele

    Flamengo director on Pablo Mari: “I already spoke wotj pablo mari now. We expect him at Ninho do Urubu this afternoon (to start pre-season). We had agreed to sell him for a fee, he arrived in London, Arsenal changed (the terms).”

  37. HighburyLegend

    “The Spaniard is more forgiving than Jesus himself, this time, he’s trying to bring Mustafi under his arm and rebirth his stale career.”

    And of course, because he’s Saint Mikel, all is forgiven…
    Mustardi and Granité are now world top class players.
    This is truly pathetic.

    (RIP Kobe)

  38. S Asoa

    Pablo Mari transfer has collapsed and the defender is flying back to Brazil.
    Told ya Raul out
    Not because Mari is great but because with injuries we are forced to play dangerous jokers

  39. alex cutter

    “Alex, the man is dead. And then his daughter. You find that sad don’t you?”

    A rapist piece of shit is dead. Not sad. Not tragic.

    A child is dead. Sad.

    Pull your head out of your ass, idiot.

  40. Chika

    So the Mari deal has reportedly collapsed. I thought stuff like this only happen when you have Arsene as the commander in chief.

  41. Dissenter

    The Pablo Mari deal collapse is understandable
    We wanted a loan with an option to buy while Flamengo wanted to sell to us at 700% profit.
    In the end the player will probably buy himself out. I can’t imagine he didn’t have an exit clause when signing for 1 million 8 months ago. He couldn’t have been so stupid, surely?

  42. Gentlebris

    ‘From the previous post
    NOBODY is paying ramsey 400k. The wages according to juve sources reported in italian media was 166k after tax and that is total of 8.4m a year. But did not disclose the sign on fee’

    I must also tell you that I taught Messi and CR7 how to play football and singlehandedly won that election for Trump.

    You should believe that too.

  43. Valentin

    Flamengo director on Pablo Mari: “I already spoke wotj pablo mari now. We expect him at Ninho do Urubu this afternoon (to start pre-season). We had agreed to sell him for a fee, he arrived in London, Arsenal changed (the terms).”

    Remember when a few months ago there was rumours of unrest by agents regarding the way Arsenal conducted its business.
    Seems that not a lot has changed since the day of Wenger dithering and changing his mind at the 11th hour on players.

  44. Romford Pele

    Tbh I get why Flamengo wouldn’t agree. Why would you loan out one of your best players? It makes no sense. It’s like Arsenal loaning Aubameyang to PSG/Barca. Either sell or nothing.

  45. Dissenter

    His so called rape victim isn’t as bitter as Alex cutter.
    She grabbed the first chance for a pay-off and dropped all charges. It was the classic shake down.

  46. Receding Hairline

    If you are going to send your Technical Director to escort a player from Brazil to London and get photographed at the airport at least do so in the knowledge the deal is a done deal. Hate all this amateur hour antics of changing deals at the last minute and expecting the selling club to suck it up

  47. Dissenter

    You do know there’s a fair chance that the Flamengo boss could be just as wrong.
    You don’t think the club should get credit for walking away if the deal isn’t right?

  48. Romford Pele

    “His so called rape victim isn’t as bitter as Alex cutter.
    She grabbed the first chance for a pay-off and dropped all charges. It was the classic shake down.”

    Exactly this.

    This is always such a sensitive subject so you have to be careful. But you only have to look at the Neymar situation last year when the victim through out a load of accusations. Thank God Neymar had recordings on his phone to tell us the actual truth. What then happened? She apologised and denied everything.

    Now there are obvious loads of cases where men have been scumbags and taking advantage but you have to be clear. It’s not always black and white.

  49. Dissenter

    I don’t think Edu is as amateurish as you are suggesting. He knows enough of the Brazilian football scene.
    I suspect Flamengo asked for more and Arsenal said no. The entire thing was hunted on a lot of risk that only us would bear.

  50. Marc


    Sorry but you and Pedro can’t have it both ways. Either we’re being run or at least “influenced” by agents or we’re pissing them off by being difficult to deal with.

    Pretty sure the ones who’ll be most critical about this deal collapsing will be the same ones who were criticising the management for pursuing this player in the first place.

  51. Receding Hairline

    Valentin you name drop more times than Tahani Al Jamil , if you have a contribution to the discussion just drop it like every other poster. Not every post should be written with some hints of inside knowledge or some whispering overheard along the corridors of power.

  52. Marc


    It’s such a tricky subject – no one would condone any form of sexual assault but there are just too many accusations that seem to be fabricated to assume the man is always guilty.

  53. Valentin


    166kpw after tax is the equivalent of 386kpw before tax (Italy personal income tax is progressive, rising to a top rate of 43% for income exceeding EUR 75,000.%) …

    Taking into account his signing-on fee (a lowly 5 millions) his total package compensation is likely to be 400kpw…

  54. Romford Pele

    “It’s such a tricky subject – no one would condone any form of sexual assault but there are just too many accusations that seem to be fabricated to assume the man is always guilty.”

    Marc – exactly.

    Unless you have all the facts you can’t just fingerpoint.

  55. Dissenter

    How does Edu avoid being photographed at the airport?

    Fly private jet from Brazil? …For a player that only went for 1 million 7 months ago. The lad wasn’t worth that type of service. It was a low risk punt, who cares if anyone photographed them. It’s not like any other European club is outbidding us.
    The lad didn’t even have his representative around him – no posse of agents like the modern player does. This was Flamengo trying to fleece us and we said nope.

  56. Receding Hairline

    “I don’t think Edu is as amateurish as you are suggesting. He knows enough of the Brazilian football scene.”

    Dissenter i am not even keen on the player but if the deal does fall through after all the airport sightings it is indeed amateur hour.

    Send any other member of staff to fly him in from Brazil if the deal isn’t signed and sealed.

  57. Habesha Gooner

    Ronaldo, Neymar, Kobe and so many others. I just think these women see $$ signs when they sleep with top athletes. More often than not these athletes have women throwing themselves at them so why would they ruin everything they have got for sex ( which they could get from a lot of women) . Mostly these situations are shakedowns.

  58. Marc


    If I earnt £386,000 and took home £166,000 I’d be paying over 50% tax on the whole amount.

    Now I’ll be the first to admit I have zero knowledge of the Italian tax system but your numbers do not stack up.

  59. Dream10

    Twitter account that reports Flamengo news saying that Arsenal agreed to pay 9m Euros then said they don’t have it.

    If that’s the case, it is fcuking amateur.

  60. Dissenter

    The Kobe case hinged on the accusation of the legend victim who was white. It’s a nasty thing to bring up race but it’s still America with that ugly festering wound. Famous black man accused of raping white woman gets a visceral reaction every time.
    There were daggers drawn and the OJ Simpson battle lines were being redrawn.
    She got a major pay-off, said to be with seven zeros.
    I don’t want to slime her but you lose something when you take big money.

  61. Gentlebris

    ‘If you are going to send your Technical Director to escort a player from Brazil to London and get photographed at the airport at least do so in the knowledge the deal is a done deal’


    The smart ass who bursted Edu at the airport caused this grieve.

    If Arsenal weren’t sure of the deal, Edu wouldn’t bother flying. Mari is no Mbappe.

    Flamengo got greedy after the Mari media chitchat and we threw their toy at them.

    Flamengo is the big loser, you can’t deny a guy a chance like that after what he said about Citeh/Pep and still expect him to ball for you. Flamengo just ruined Mari’s second chance.

  62. Sid

    I am more forgiving than jesus himself so i let the hyping up of xhakalson by Mikel go, so now i have to forgive him for hyping up Mustafinovs

    The Arsenalization will be televised

    Im telling you this for free!

  63. Dissenter

    How does he get from Brazil to England
    -Come by ship? You know better
    -Fly by private jet? The cost of that is astronomical all for a player that just went for 1 million.
    In this age and time, even the private jet terminal is not safe from the amateur paparazzi with a cell phone and twitter handle.

  64. China1

    Kristoman 166k after tax doesn’t mean much because we don’t know the tax rate. The club is paying the before not after tax rate regardless of what his take home is. But realistically it’s in the region of 40% so that would be in the region of 300k at a guess

  65. Ernest Reed

    Pretty obvious that Arteta is fully aware that what he has today, in terms of players, is what he will have tomorrow and for the foreseeable future – so make the best of it. A lot of poor decisions being made at the transfer table by the so-called experts that comprise the management staff.

    Pedro, you can spin the above reality anyway you want, but fucked is fucked and right now Arsenal are fucked but good! Arteta is a good man for taking on this Clusterfuck of a shitshow, he deserves better but wont get it.

  66. Eduardo

    The Mustafi stuff is pathetic. Everyone has known, until yesterday apparently, that his problems are not coachable. He’ll play well for 85 minutes and then commit an appalling brain-fart resulting in an error and a goal. It must have some kind of relationship to personality or decision-making, but either way, it’s not something that can be coached out of him.

  67. China1

    I know arteta is a good player coach but we can’t expect that he can sort out every player

    We don’t need him to try and walk on water. We need him to know when to cut his losses just as much as when to invest himself in a player

    I can only hope he’s said this because the Mari deal is apparently falling through and he knows we’re stuck with him until the summer

  68. Valentin


    You can be influenced by super- agents and still piss off the regular agents.

    I am not criticising the decision itself because it could be the right one. Maybe the player is crap or injured. What I am criticising is the method, because if the chairman is truthful in describing the situation, then that show us in a very amateurish light.
    Getting a player in and tryibg to renegotiate the deal at the 11th hour. Surely if you intend to do something like that, you either wait until the selling club has already purchased his replacement or you have another player ready to sign to bully them into better terms.
    Here it looks like we tried to bluff our way to a better deal and they have called our bluff.

  69. Guns of Brixton

    I desperately want a crazy barstad in this team.

    The kind peak Costa was to Chelc.

    No idea why, just want one.

  70. Dissenter

    Unai na
    You don’t know what you’re talking about. You read about it while I live it everyday.
    Ever served in a jury in America or walk in the US criminal justice system or have law enforcement as friends/family?
    I guess not . It’s a research project for you while it’s daily existence for me.
    People take up the most absurd irrational viewpoints when certain variables like race are brought up into a case. Black man rapes white woman in many parts of America still gets that reaction.

  71. Champagne Charlie


    You seem a bit contradictory in what you want from transfers? You say you want us to be getting the majority of deals in before the player establishes himself much and has a bloated fee, but then you dismiss this Spanish lad.

    What about him don’t you like?

    For me he’s got a lot of what we lack on paper, he’s tall, left footed, accustomed to a high line, composed in possession.

  72. Marc


    As we really don’t know what happened and I won’t take the twitter comments of another club as gospel then my point stands.

    All you do is constantly look for a stick to beat Sanllehi with – whether it’s a reasonable criticism or not.

  73. China1

    I bought a ps4 a couple of days ago and have been playing red dead redemption 2 and fucking wow what a game

    I liked the original a lot on ps3 but this blows it miles out of the water. It’s the nearest thing I’ve ever seen to being the lead star in a movie that you are directing. It’s fucking incredible

  74. Nelson

    I wonder whether other EPL teams are getting so much attentions. Imagine there were reporters outside Arteta’s home all day long so that they could caught the secret meeting between Arsenal and Arteta at his Manchester home. There were other reporters tracking Edu’s trip to Brazil. How many reporters do those newspapers employ? I guess each newspaper wants to be the first to publish any news.

  75. China1

    Does anyone have fifa 20 and know if the game still has giant magnets on the posts and bar forcing you to hit them with like 50% of your shots?

    That shit is going to literally ruin the experience for me if so

  76. Champagne Charlie

    Twitter chat is that we told Flamengo we’d pay 9 mil Euros, got the deal to within a fax-and-sign, then said ‘oh but we’ll pay that in the summer when we have the money’ probably hoping with everything so advanced that they’d relent.

    Flamengo seem to have said jog on.

  77. peanuts&monkeys

    Mari gone? What sort of a situ is that. The fellow arrives in London escorted by none other than Tech Dir of the club apparently to complete his meds etc. Then goes back unimpressed with Arsenal?


  78. China1

    I don’t understand to what extent we can afford 9m euros in the summer but can’t afford it now if we want the player

    This is money you find down the back of the fucking sofa in 2020…

  79. Gentlebris

    ‘It must have some kind of relationship to personality or decision-making, but either way, it’s not something that can be coached out of him.’

    Maybe not coaching but therapy.
    Was there ever a time a coach came out all gun blazing to back Mustafi after such a costly error?

    Finally we might have found a Spaniard with some brains in Arteta. Wasn’t keen for him but he’s gradually winning by support by always refusing to play to the gallery.

    First Ozil, then Xhaka, then Mustafi.

    He had every opportunity to shit on those to the applause of the crowd. He chose not. My kind of man.

  80. China1

    I’m convinced this is nothing to do with what we can afford and everything to do with us being crap at handling transfers, as we saw with the embarrassment of last January

  81. Champagne Charlie

    Oh dear, Edu not being spoken of well by gobshites of Twitter.

    Flamengo considered the only club in Brazil with a strong financial state and for Edu to think we could behave this way with them and prey on their ‘weak’ finances is comically poor judgement.

    Think we’re about to be embarrassed here with no deal going ahead at all even with the Arsenal PR piece of Mari ‘always planned to go home first’.

    The banter continues

  82. Gentlebris

    ‘This is money you find down the back of the fucking sofa in 2020…’

    In China? Because not in the United Kingdom.

  83. China1

    Gentlebris the ozil progress has vanished and he’s reverted to type so not sure you can call that a victory for ozil

    Xhaka is playing a bit better

    Mustafi exactly the same as he was always good for 85 mins but costs you a goal in the other 5

    So far arteta has 1/3 for his crapsters. Which is better than 0/3 to his credit but not exactly major news

  84. Globalgunner

    I always find it funny when a total stranger stats crying louder than the bereaved. If I was a woman who had been sexually assaulted I would never take a payoff. Even if I couldnt win the case I would not want his stinking money. But If I was a con artist…..ah!
    I remember when Ali died a few years ago a white poster started screaming abuses at him that he was a racist and that he once said terrible things about Joe Frazier. i then had to remind him that it was boxing and they hugged each other after the fight. Its on record that Frazier even used to give Ali money during the years when he was unfairly banned. So much hatred for a total stranger. I bet he thinks Mike Tyson raped that Desiree whatever her name is too

  85. Valentin

    China1, Marc, Kristoman,

    The personal income Italian tax rate is progressive with the top rate of 43%.
    However employers have also to pay contribution.
    In UK, it is NHS, PAYE, etc.

    So when you add you the total cost to an employer the gross top rate is around 55 to 65%. It is pretty much the same everywhere in Europe.
    So if you are paid 166kpw after tax, using the mid way percentage the total cost to your employer is about 387kpw.

    The number may look widely different, but ultimately we are talking about the same pay package. 166kpw net of tax is equivalent to 387kpw gross tax and employer contribution.

  86. China1

    9m euros is pennies for a club that bought pepe saliba martinelli etc in the summer

    We were able to make a 50m bid for upamecano on top but 5 months later 7m quid is just beyond our means?

    Let’s be serious.

  87. Champagne Charlie


    It’s Twitter mate, a murky world of truth and barefaced nonsense. Hard to know which is which a lot of the time.

    We have that money, we could certainly conjure it if we felt strongly enough, that stance (if true) seems like a lack of faith in the scouting of the player and not wanting to commit to much more than a loan just in case he’s not a match.

    But that’s fantasy transfer tactics, you don’t get to take guys on a try-before-you-buy at that level. Only applies to big talents with huge contracts/fees to consider. A bit grim from us if true.

  88. China1

    But if we’re not serious about him it’s absolutely embarrassing that we get his deep into the process have .edu meet him from the airport etc

    This is a fucking shambles. Please arsenal just stop embarrassing the fans every fucking year

  89. Champagne Charlie


    You’re a bit off with the comparison. Smaller fees are typically expected to be paid up front, whilst larger deals get staggered.

    So Mari could well be 7 mil now or Upamecano could be 10 mil in the summer. The differences aren’t as vast as overall value is concerned, we’re not suddenly finding 43 mil to land Upamecano basically – so it’s not ‘back of the sofa money’, there’s still a budget to satisfy.

  90. Samesong

    She couldn’t wait to grab the money.

    That’s even more strange then

    The accuser’s civil suit against Bryant was ultimately settled in March 2005, and terms of the settlement were undisclosed (the total amount civil juries in Colorado could award at the time was $2.5 million). And the accuser, it should be noted, came from a wealthy family.

  91. Champagne Charlie


    I’m speculating based off Twitter drivel mate, could all be roses. Just saying based on that chat that we seem to be trying to insert a get out clause at the last second and hoping it’s approved as things are so advanced (player here etc).

    The reason why we would do that is clear, the fact we would is a bit embarrassing lol

  92. CG

    Edu is a passport dodging preening- peacock ponce of a man.

    A bag carrier.

    The sooner he departs Arsenal along with his Fat Spiv mate the better off we will be.

    They should not be nowhere near any football club.

    Certainly not as one as prestigious as ours.

    If I see him at any airport sometime soon- he will be feeling the sharpness of my tongue.

    An appalling state of affairs.

  93. Gentlebris

    ‘So far arteta has 1/3 for his crapsters. Which is better than 0/3 to his credit but not exactly major news’


    I look more at the fact that Mikel is not looking for a cheap hit with the fans at the expense of these guys. He must know the fans want them gone yet he sides with them…..bold move for me.

    And no, Ozil has not really played a poor game imo under Arteta, Xhaka has been excellent. As for Mustafi, Mikel is only trying to apply a cure.

    I suspect the coach wanna do these things until summer and see how things look. I don’t think he’s planning to batter his young career on sawdust.

  94. Dissenter

    The civil suit was dropped, for your info. It was a leverage move. The athlete would have lost his endorsements while fighting it.
    It was s confidential pay off.
    There are questions about whether the charge should have been made in the first place.
    She wasn’t from no ‘wealthy’ family. She was working the night shift receptionist in the hotel. How do you define wealth?

  95. Romford Pele

    CC, I don’t think it’s contradictory and the situations aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Plainly put, in the case of Pablo Mari, I think he’s crap. He’s not a gem. He’s 26-year-old. This is supposed to be someone in the prime of his career. Yes he might be tall and left-footed but he turns like a truck. What do you think will happen when he comes up against an Adama Traore? He has no pace. That’s a recipe for disaster in the PL.

    Compare that to Ndicka/Upamecano, both over 6ft and left-footed. Difference is they’re far quicker/agile and comfortable defending,large awathes of space.

    As the PL has gotten quicker and more intense, Arsenal have gotten slower. We lack players with athleticism. That can’t continue.

  96. China1

    Charles yeah but as well if we’re offering only 10m up front for Upa then we are not even going to be anywhere near likely to sign him as this would be a joke offer. Up front fees are normally much higher than 1/5

    Outside of the pepe deal where we struck gold with a ridiculously favourable payment plan on an expensive player, I can’t think of any other hugely expensive player on such a low annual repayment plan

  97. Gentlebris

    Why don’t we wait for a statement from the club before hitting heads against a wall on the back of a story probably by a junkie on Twitter.

  98. Dissenter

    Unai na
    Like I said you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    In your blinded world, the 200 years of American history before the last 25 years never happened. It’s just people playing ‘identity politics’
    We have come a long way to become a more perfect union but the scabs get ripped off scars from time to time. I just pointed out one of them.
    I have come to understand that you’re not capable of the high order thinking required to process a grey issue. It’s an issue where there’s no right or wrong.
    Whatever floats your boat man, cheers from the other side.

  99. Champagne Charlie


    Compare Mari to Upamecano? One’s 7mil and ones 55mil..

    I’m comparing him as someone yet to prove himself and thus available for much cheaper than someone already established. I’m aware the established guys are ‘better’ on paper, but I’m happy for the club to operate in the space of getting ahead of a potential upcurve for a change.

    Doesn’t for a second mean Mari is VVD II, who incidentally got molested by Traore just in the week there btw for pace, but he’s the right approach assuming the legwork is being done on the talent side.

    I agree about us lacking athleticism on a general level, but I don’t think Mari being ‘slow’ (I can’t judge until I see him) is a great hurdle. There’s been loads and loads of fantastic Cb’s with little pace. You mitigate that with rapid fullbacks like City do anyway.

  100. China1

    Gentlebris I disagree as I am not interested in if arteta is bold, I only care if his decisions are effective

    He can be bold and try to get all these players new contracts against the wishes of the fans. Good move? Clearly not.

    Ozil has been His old self for his last few games man. He’s totally reverted to type

    Arteta got progress out of auba who is now providing more than just goals which is nice. But laca is playing some of his worst football since arriving at arsenal so he’s a fail so far.

    AMN and Saka are doing well. Pepe is showing a bit of progress tho plenty more needed to come from him before we can call him a success story

    Arteta is doing a decent job but we shouldn’t mistake him being brave enough to go against the fans with him doing the right thing when the reality is he’s not getting results out of some of those yet and it will be on his neck for backing them if he can’t after the fan base said they’re not up to it for ages

  101. KAY Boss

    So weird Arsenal fans. They believe every gospel from Twitter. Its clear some of you just don’t like the Executives. Any deal can be called off at the 11th hour if its not in ones favour. The media seem to be more interested in Arsenal, that’s why you always hear about the goings of the club.
    Funny people calling it amateur. What will you say about what happened between Willian, Tottenham and Chelsea?
    So much for being fans of Arsenal.

  102. Daniel Altos

    Why would we want Lemar….Everytime I have watched him he looks weak on the ball and looses it every second..I dont understand how this guy is worth 30/40m.

  103. Daniel Altos

    And no to James….we already have one lazy inconsistent number 10,the last thing we need is another lazy inconsistent number 10 in the building

  104. Gentlebris

    ‘Arteta is doing a decent job but we shouldn’t mistake him being brave enough to go against the fans with him doing the right thing when the reality is he’s not getting results out of some of those yet and it will be on his neck for backing them if he can’t after the fan base said they’re not up to it for ages’


    Would it make you happy if Arteta is trying to add some transfer value to these guys before summer? Because that’s another good possibility.

    I don’t like guys who live off other people’s opinions is all I’m saying and Arteta’s actions are telling me he is not that kind of guy.

  105. Romford Pele

    CC, you’re being otbuse here.

    It’s not about comparing the price, it’s about comparing the profiles. They are vastly different. I even much preferred Mykola Matviyekno to Mari.

    Also it doesn’t have to be Upamecano/Ndicka. Those are just examples. I’m sure in France/germany there are similar types who may be cheaper but we shouldn’t be comprising for someone who’s highest level of football has been the Brazilian league. If the age was different then maybe i’d be more accepting.

    I don’t agree about mitigating it. Otamendi/Stones/Laporte are all much quicker than this guy. They’re all much more comfortable on the ball too.

    I could well be wrong but from what i’ve seen it’s a poor fit.

  106. Samesong

    Dissenter just because she worked in a spa that don’t mean anything.

    I have worked with young adults that come from wealthy families that aren’t ready to take up the family business and want a little independence.

    Yes it got settled. But she only settled upon condition that he apologised for his actions.

    No one knows what went on in that room that night only those two.

  107. fell

    Cheers for the post and RIP to Stuart of ACLF. As you say his writing and balanced viewpoint will be sadly missed. It was a home for some very well tempered discussion and I imagine many of the regulars there will miss him
    My routine of many years is now sadly broken.
    Arseblog with my first cuppa at work
    Le-grove at lunch
    ACLF afternoon break
    Best wishes to his family

  108. Champagne Charlie


    Not being obtuse at all, you can’t compare the profiles of Mari and Upamecano when the transfer fees aren’t in the same realm because of their comparable experiences at the highest level. That Ukraine lad I understand more, but even he seemingly has a considerable price.

    I appreciate you like a certain profile of player, and I’m not disputing the merits of that.

    “I don’t agree about mitigating it. Otamendi/Stones/Laporte are all much quicker than this guy. They’re all much more comfortable on the ball too.“

    With respect you seem to be overreaching in just how much you know about the guy. On one hand you’re dismissing him for his lack of football at the highest level and in the next you’re acutely aware of his pace and composure by comparison to current PL defenders.

    I know very little outside of what I’ve read, let me make that clear. But that said, do me a favour and compare him to someone in the league for pace and overall ability to give me a clue about the level you consider him.

  109. Romford Pele

    CC – why not? That doesn’t make sense to me. Put it this way, I would rather both Holding and Chambers over this guy and I don’t rate them highly. We bought Holding for £3m. I don’t see any discernible difference.

    “With respect you seem to be overreaching in just how much you know about the guy. On one hand you’re dismissing him for his lack of football at the highest level and in the next you’re acutely aware of his pace and composure by comparison to current PL defenders.”

    Bro his YouTube videos reveal all. He can’t run. That much is clear. His game is based around positioning and anticipation, similar to Mertesackr in that aspect. That’s great but that would work better in a reactive set up.

  110. China1

    Gentle I would be very happy if we can get more transfer value out of them but the only way that’s happening is if they play well or we get lucky

    Don’t tell me other clubs have been looking at a player like mustafi and thinking about buying him, but because arteta said a few nice sentences about him (still acknowledging that he makes fuck ups) that now they’d like to offer more money?

    That would be one hell of a gullible club if so!

  111. Champagne Charlie


    Chambers run either so that’s a weird comparison, this dude is 6’4, dominant, and left sided, if he translates his form of the last 6 months he becomes Luiz’s partner no questions asked. That’s the sort for smarts we should be angling for imo.

    Also, Mustafi can run, Sokratis can run. You’ve got to be more compelling than ‘he’s slow’ as a deterrent, come on now. athleticism is always a help, but it’s not necessary for everyone in the 23. Saliba is a great athlete remember, he’s coming in, and I don’t think Mari would negate a push for an Upamecano when we sell our own.

  112. Romford Pele

    CC, Chambers been playing in this league for years. Played under Pochettino’s heavy pressing Southampton side. He’s defo more apt. Also Luiz is a LCB, moving him to the right doesn’t make any sense.

    Athleticism is key in the modern PL era. It’s an absolute necessity. How people ignore this is beyond me. it’s why we struggle to maintain dominance for any long period because our players aren’t natural athletic by nature. They regularly blow their load quickly. Improved fitness will help but it has its ceiling.

    Saliba is great but we need more athletes. Also we can’t overload on CBs. We already have six, that’s before we account for Saliba’s arrival. Most teams have 4. And we need to meet the HG quota as well so need to be smart.