Naive Arsenal need to change narrative at Chelsea

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Alex Lacazette is dropping a different sort of criticism into the ether… he’s moved beyond liking naughty Instagram posts, he’s now saying actual words with bite.

“They [Sheffield United] were not very dangerous but this match summarises how we are this season. We are winning the match but don’t get it over the line,”

“We are quite naive at the moment. We need to be nastier and more consistent in the 90th to 93rd minutes of matches.

“Especially when we can do better than this. We have the players required. It is a shame.”

YES ALEX. I don’t normally like to see players and coaches airing dirty laundry, but when it’s this sort of thing, it kind of signifies a shift in mentality. It’s more punchy than Johann Djourou or Denilson telling the fans we should be doing better. This feels like a rallying cry. We are better than the results we’re dropping, he can feel that the squad is underperforming, he’s one of the more senior players and he has a right to say these things.

Sure, there will be criticism of him, there haven’t been a lot of goals to speak of, but as everyone keeps telling me, he’s putting in a filthy shift for the greater good.

Mikel Arteta didn’t shirk from the comments.

“Yes, I think it’s part of the game management and I think there were things we could have done better to put more pressure on the opponent, to bring the ball into certain areas where we could rest with the ball and control the game better. That will come. It’s a good process for us to learn about those situations.”

One of the more ridiculous notions being peddled is that nothing has changed, which I’m guessing is why the new manager is being asked about the players and whether they are still feeling the excitement a few games in.

“I don’t have that feeling. The feedback I’m getting from them is very positive, they know when we haven’t won the reasons why and there are many different aspects to that – some we can influence some we cannot influence – but they are there and they are very aware of that.”

Here’s where he’s seeing the improvements since the last time we played Chelsea.

“Well a lot of things have happened and it feels longer than a month to be fair. The amount of games, the (amount) we’ve trained, the amount of things that happened. Yes, a lot of things changed, a lot of positives in terms of reactions and the things they are taking on board, the way we have managed to change the energy, atmosphere, relationship and chemistry with our fans was massively important for us. So yes, in terms of results it could have been a little bit different, I think we have been very unlucky and other aspects have influenced that.”

It was very amusing to see the vampires out post-Sheffield United.




I have absolute faith that these people will be deleting their tweets and apologising for their limited world view of football coaching that led them to those opinions. Xavi refused the Barca role because he lacked the confidence to take over a sinking ship midseason (thanks Wasi).

Mikel has jumped off an Elon Musk Space X passenger ship to Arsenal’s Titanic. He is picking up the worst Arsenal moment in almost 40 years. Emery had fired his captain, alienated Ozil, pushed LT out the door after playing him as a 10, had AMN taking red cards to get out of playing full back, had Auba leaking stories about leaving the club, and had us in a death spiral. The confidence in the squad was at ground zero when he landed. Remember fans pontificating on our players being so bad they were uncoachable?

There is no quick fix for Arsenal, anywhere. Look at what is happening at Spurs under Jose Mourinho, no new manager bounce, no improvement in style or thinking, he can’t even make the defence solid. He’s working with Champions League finalists.

Also, we don’t need a quick fix, we need something that’s future-facing, and that takes time. So ignore the people creating false expectations, we’re moving in the right direction, and the form will come.

The Chelsea game is huge for Arsenal. We still have a pretty broken squad of players, but there has to come a point where the vision clicks, and hopefully a bit of luck falls our way. Chelsea are further ahead under Frank Lampard, but have still been very, very inconsistent. A win against them will show a very defined mark of improvement and it’ll be huge for the fans to go away from home against a big club and win.

It’ll be tough though. We’re still playing midfielders in defence, we don’t have an Auba to lean on, and the squad is struggling for confidence. I think fitness is still a challenge, Statsbomb had a rolling xG chart that shows we’re tanking in the second half, maybe a combination of new ideas, legginess, and panic because of second-half-history is going against us. We need to get over those things and start pulling in the three points.

The real progress that Arteta has made has been in solidifying the team. We don’t leak chances like we used to and the idea of defending being a collective endeavour is now mainstream in the squad. I really want to see us continue defending well, but coming up with some new ideas to be more positive going forward. We’re very much reliant on Ozil being in form, the rest of our players struggle to break the lines, so we need a bit more boldness tomorrow.

I’m unsure who is going to start tomorrow, but Eddie might find himself some game time.

“It would depend on the circumstances, the players we have available, his performance, the way he trains the impact he makes every time he plays. He’s a young player but I have to try and treat him exactly the same as the other ones. (If) I put him in the pitch because I think he deserves it. The way he trains, the way he shows every day how much he wants it and it will depend on him.”

Alex on the podcast below said the home fans went nuts for his appearance, here’s hoping he can deliver on the expectation. Some fans felt he didn’t quite put the shift in they were looking for, but let’s see what he can do if he’s given time in a huge game. He should be looking at Tammy Abrahams and Mason Mount and wanting a bit of what they’re getting this season. He has the talent, he’s cool in front of goal, it’s just a matter of making it count when he gets the chance… something he was struggling with before his loan move.

This is a huge game, I can’t wait, let me know what you think in the comments!

P.S. I recorded a podcast with Alex below. It’s good. Listen in and an give it 5* on iTunes.

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  1. raptora


    Both of Pool’s goals were rightly disallowed. Our penalty was obvious. So has a bunch of other decisions but the people upstairs don’t want to see it.

    Also, excuse me that we are not Pool, we are in our worst form in 25 years, we desperately need to get some momentum going, but some people are obviously against it.

    Yes, we suck. Have we been butchered by around minus ~8 points? Yes.

    Two very important things in mind when you want to win football games:
    1. Quality – where at the moment we aren’t spectacular but recently we’ve been doing a lot of things right.
    2. Form – where we cannot pick any type of form cause we get dicked back to our hole.

    I’m all for fair football. Mike Riley’s PGMOL is anything but.

    Gotta be blind to not see the clear and obvious tendency. Even with 20 replays and 2nd and 3rd opinion they still decide to fuck us in the arse and instead of making it public, we as fans in social media, Arteta as our leader etc, what we get from our fans is “Yo, look. Liverpool manage to win regardless of VAR”.

    When Pool’s goals were rightly disallowed and our situations were watched and decisions were still taken against us.

    Sad times.

  2. NJ Gunner

    Does anyone have any idea when Tierney is now expected to be available?

    He and Bellerin may not be the answer to our defensive woes. But together they will help provide structure to a back four in games (like tomorrow’s) where we have to rely on defense and need to play an extra player in midfield to counter Chelsea’s extra man.

    If the stats that Pedro cites are correct, I suspect we might line up with some fresh legs: Bellerin, Sokratis, Ceballos and even Eddie. Otherwise, we will end up with a long night of playing very deep and hoping to spring a counterattack without too much pace upfront in Auba’s absence.

  3. Nelson

    I may be too critical with Pepe because of his price tag. But I rest my hope on him because he is the one in the squad who still has much more to offer if he works harder. When I watch Martinelli, he is always sprinting whether our team is having the ball or not. Pepe is much stronger technically. If he could have half of Martinelli’s work rate, our team would be much better off.

  4. Guns of SF

    Laca needs to be sold. His mind and attitude is simply not of the high profile player he used to be. He cannot drag us out of this mess.
    seems to be nothing more than an annoyance now.

    We need to get on a run of 3-4 wins in row to build confidence. However, tomorrow does not fare well for us. I see us losing again

  5. Guns of SF

    Im still on the fence about Pepe. Ill give him this season, but so far, I see a player who is intent on dribbling and trying to beat one or 2 men. However, this rarely happens.
    Until he stops slowing us down with his highlight reel dribbles, he is hurting us in the final third.
    One touch or 2… open up the defenses instead of making this the PEPE show

  6. Zacharse

    PedroThe thing on the podcast that i disagree w is the matter of us failing to make europe next year. I think you didnt really think about the bigger picture which is that something like that will force kroenkes hand. The idea that it will discourage talent from joining us is just flat out wrong. We have arteta. We’ve had senile wenger and emery as the last decade. Surely that was more of a discouragement to young talent than sitting
    Out europe for a year. Because even if we do we’ll be back and imagine what arteta could do with the extra training. Sure the results arent going our way but you gotta agree that having him is the going to mean a lot to the young talent out there. Plus forcing kroenkes hand is more important than ever considering all his recent trials and travails. Maybe we get lucky and he sells

  7. Samesong


    I not buying into this angry rant from you. Maybe you need to speak to the conspiracy theorists on here.

    The result was 1-1 so you can moan about decisions until the cows come home!

    Did we do enough outside of the penalty decision?

  8. Pedro

    Zach, think you’re right. I have no concerns about Arteta being able to persuade talent to join… but if he had CL football, it’d make our summer sexier for sure.

  9. Danny

    but Eddie might find himself some game time.
    Against Chelsea he should start instead of Laca who’s been completely shit recently.

  10. Zacharse

    Now i’m just reposting everything i posted last night.

    From untold arsenal
    “ Meanwhile when an interesting story does emerge – such as the strange statistics concerning the ratio of fouls to yellow cards, or the fact that the top fouling clubs are primarily based in and around London – while there are no London based referees in the PL – this is not covered at all.Likewise when Europe gets excited by the announcement that Uefa declares it can no longer keep up with match fixing and needs help, the media decides as one not to cover it in the UK.”I like the idea of a brexit bias in refs. Somehow i feel like theres been a bias for a long time towards arsenal when it comes to refs. Could it be a case of an absent and once senile hierarchy that wont fight back behind the scenes for things like that rvp red card at canp nou/this season in the epl

  11. jwl

    Pedro has joined Arsenal marketing department apparently, he trying to sell us future like Wenger did while trying to convince us that today’s results don’t matter. If Arteta is sauciest of young saucy managers than we should see improvement in play right away.

    Why fire Emery and pay him large payoff to go away if we aren’t going to see improvement? Arsenal just pissing money up wall if we hire new coach but don’t expect any improvement in results.

  12. Chemmer

    Wow you’re definitely doing a good job of convincing fans to accept long and boring draws against Bournemouth and Sheffield because we’re in some sort of metamorphosis stage. Like Arsenal have been the only team in world history to switch coaches mid season.

    All I’m saying is, there should be no petty excuses for poor and clumsy displays. This was the same reason Emery was sacked. Only three points will make a difference, no fancy talk about building a the next gen of super star-studded arsenal team will cut it this time.

  13. Marko

    Xavi refused the Barca role because he lacked the confidence to take over a sinking ship midseason (thanks Wasi).

    Barcelona a sinking ship? My god almighty.

    I personally don’t mind a player coming out publicly and criticizing the team in the hopes of getting a response but I usually prefer it to be a player in form and not one who’s playing abjectly at the moment. That player I’d prefer if he just did better himself.

  14. Champagne Charlie


    Predictable input from you as ever. Not content unless there’s a massive outlay.

    Kolasinac and Kurzawa are equals for the sake of argument. Their wages same/similar, now you’re hung up on Kolasinac having 2 years left and Kurzawa getting a 5 year deal ergo a 3 year surplus.

    Did it occur to you that we’re selling Kolasinac so we don’t have to renew him for the further few years Kurzawa would get? Kicker being nothing changes at LB, but we can spin a player for an extra 10-15 mil transfer powder?

    Like I said, football economics completely lost on you.

  15. Receding Hairline

    How exactly are Barca a sinking ship?

    Joint top of the league. comfortably true to the last sixteen of the championship

    I think it’s a bit strange to read them called a sinking ship on a blog where the team is currently 32 points behind the league leaders, 7 points above relegation with calls to “write off the season”.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    I agree 100% with Pedro.

    Let’s be clear the current team/squad is poor and the club has sofar not recruited any new players in January. So the idea that Arteta is going to wave a magic wand and turn around our performance in just a month is frankly unrealistic.

    However, there are some interesting facts, which need to be acknowledged.

    1. The club has drawn far too many games this season particularly from winning positions.

    2. We have also conceded far too many goals in last 10 minutes as has been
    the case against Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Sheffield United. That says a
    lot about our mental and physical fitness as well as concentration levels.

    3. Interestingly we have only suffered a bad defeat all season against Man
    City when we lost 3-0 at home. Most of our defeats are fairly narrow often
    by the odd goal.

    4. Before Arteta arrived at the club we did not deserve to win a single game
    in EPL. Since he arrived I think that we were unlucky to draw or lose several

    What is blindingly clear is that the squad needs an overhaul particularly in
    defence and midfield for next season.

    My personal wish is that we finish outside the places for qualification for
    Europe. Our current squad is not strong enough to play more than one game
    a week.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Gilles Grimandi, who both played for Arsenal and also worked as their French scout until last March, is very much against Kurzawa signing for his former club.

    Grimandi claims it would be a mistake for Arsenal to capture a player who lacks ‘hunger’ to reach the highest level.

    “Would I have signed Kurzawa? No,” Grimandi said on Late Football Club, via Get French Football News. “I watched him at Monaco, I think that he is a boy who has quality, a boy who certainly has the potential to be one of the best in his position, but sadly he is lacking in certain areas.

    “I don’t see him improving, I don’t see him as a boy who has the hunger to attain the highest level. For Arsenal, he does not have the profile that matches the club’s project.

    “There are youngsters who are coming up, he is already a certain age. I don’t see the point in Arsenal getting Kurzawa.”

    He echoes my sentiments

    This guy has been playing second fiddle at PSG for a while now, he comes at a rumored 90k a week on a massive five year deal (still rumors and i simply refuse to believe this because it’s just plain dumb)

    Talk about economics all you like but the 15-20m pounds you get from selling Kolasinac does not really justify the risk of a five year deal to a 27 year old struggling with fitness and motivation.

    Bring him in on a 2 year deal if you must but five years will take some explaining.

  18. MidwestGun

    Good article.. I think many do dismiss the fact Arteta wants to be here, is willing to take on the challenge, and loves Arsenal. Many of those other mercenary type managers bantered about were not coming here for fear of failure, fear of no money and they couldn’t give a crap about Arsenal as a Club. Arteta has a chance to grow with the Club and if successful it will be a thing of beauty.

    That said he still has to win.. and the problem as you pointed out is he is reliant on Ozil.. He hasn’t been in form for at least 2 or 3 years. One good match here and there is not in form. He will sink Arteta if he isn’t careful.

    Also… last time I checked Barca were winning La Liga. Hardly sinking.. your analogy isn’t correct. They are more like a racecar running on 7 cylinders instead of 8.. all they needed is a tune-up. mechanic.

  19. Champagne Charlie

    “There is no quick fix for Arsenal, anywhere. Look at what is happening at Spurs under Jose Mourinho, no new manager bounce, no improvement in style or thinking, he can’t even make the defence solid. He’s working with Champions League finalists.

    Also, we don’t need a quick fix, we need something that’s future-facing, and that takes time. So ignore the people creating false expectations, we’re moving in the right direction, and the form will come.“

    Nailed it. Have been saying it since before a new gaffer was in place, we don’t need a bandaid we need someone that’s going to go deep and change the fundamentals at the club.

    We’re changing our whole defensive shape and approach and 6 games later there’s folk saying ‘but what about the attack’ as if all should be in place. Delusional. Long term progress pisses on who has the coolest new manager bounce.

  20. Marko

    Predictable input from you as ever. Not content unless there’s a massive outlay.

    Right. Delighted with a 25 million LB signed and hopeful that a 23 year old LB from Olympiakos is signed instead of Kurzawa and have suggested Jay Dasilva of Bristol City.. Massive outlay alright.

    Kolasinac and Kurzawa are equals for the sake of argument

    They’re not though one’s as bad but older and likely to be on a long term contract. Again people trying to justify it are predictably stupid it’s ridiculous it’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before. Poor defensive player with a questionable attitude signed on massive wages who we’re likely going to struggle to get rid of eventually. It’s oh so predictable as always.

    Why not that Hickey fella from Hearts? 17 highly rated has Milan, Celtic and Palace interested in him 1,500 mins on the season.

  21. Zacharse

    The kurzawa biz seems like kia using us to get his player moving on which is not to say he will be coming. I cant see it myself

  22. Batistuta


    I’m of the view first off that LB isn’t a position for concern for us at the moment but if we’re getting ready to sell Kolasinac in the summer, surely surely there’s a LB out there who’s not a crock and defensively bad that we can get for whatever it is we hope to get for Kolasinac… Surely there’s some LB in the championship ready to make the jump, the south american leagues maybe, somebody, anybody who doesn’t have the same flaws with the player he’s meant to be replacing, that’s my point

  23. Guns of SF

    No to Kurzawa if we can avoid it.
    Why are we scouting him? Free or low fee?
    I mean seriously at this point, we need to shell out a a few million for a loan versus getting stuck with the “Bargain”

    Ala Wenger all over again

  24. Marko

    Like I said, football economics completely lost on you.

    Yep clearly you’re the genius who wants a soon to be 28 year old bit part player with a questionable attitude signed on 100,000+ a week for 4/5 years and you’re coming at me with football economics. Christ you love a pointless argument

  25. Batistuta

    Yea they’re both bad defensively and struggle to stay fit, we have enough of that at the club at the moment to add another

  26. Batistuta

    I mean what’s the point of that multi million pound academy we’ve got by the way? Why are we paying our scouts if Laywin Kurzawa in 2020 is a thing, loan signing or transfer fee, it’s bad bad business if it ever happens.

  27. Guns of SF

    yea would rather get a younger FB with potential. Look at our academy first! ALWAYS

    But if we are in the market- there are better options out there.

  28. Dissenter

    Xavi didn’t join. Barca because of the internal club politics. They have a presidential election next year and he doesn’t want to be them on the wrong side of it.

    How did you manabe

  29. Champagne Charlie


    Pretty sure the argument for swapping out Kolasinac for 15 mil and Kurzawa in for free is so that we can use the 15 mil for more important parts of the squad – like CM?

    Be a bit redundant to sell Kolasinac for 15 mil and buy a ‘better’ backup LB for 15 mil.

  30. Guns of SF

    Its our midfield that will do us in this season.
    Unless we grab a difference maker now, its over.

    We create shit. We cannot score- our mids are impotent
    we are on dimensional still, in attack

    We are lacking energy, and pace across our mids.
    Its just a shit show… Ozil, Guen, Ceballos, etc are not going to make us top 4

  31. Guns of SF

    Our team is only as good as our players….
    That being said, Arteta can try as much as he can… and yes there will be some improvements but with a midfield like this, we can only hope for top 7-8 at this point. Nothing more

  32. Dissenter

    Lacazette has provided 2 assists for the last 2 league goals that we’ve scored.
    He’s in a bad patch of form at the moment but even then still works hard for the team.
    We fell apart once Arteta replaced him with Nkettiah on Saturday

  33. Marko

    Be a bit redundant to sell Kolasinac for 15 mil and buy a ‘better’ backup LB for 15 mil.

    Are you serious? Did you just downplay the idea of replacing a back up LB with a better back up LB for the same price? That’s some feat Charles thank you

  34. Marko

    Lacazette has provided 2 assists for the last 2 league goals that we’ve scored.

    Not true that was Saka for the last goal (awks). Lacazette has two assists on the season

  35. Champagne Charlie

    “Are you serious? Did you just downplay the idea of replacing a back up LB with a better back up LB for the same price? That’s some feat Charles thank you”

    Yea, deadly serious. Would sooner we had greater funds for the more important areas of the side like CM.

    Your strategy is pukka though, making sure the backup LB is marginally better instead of bringing in a better CM.

  36. The backpass

    There are left backs all over the world cheaper than £15 million, Atalanta just signed a LB for €3-4 million,we can see similar deals like that, not someone without hunger or motivation.

    Kurzawa was given a 3/10 rating yesterday against division 2 side Lorient, infact they were generous with the rating with how bad he was. Kolasinac is much much better than this turd, and for 5 years?? we can surely do better.

  37. Batistuta


    Thing is, we don’t even know how much we’re getting for Kolasinac but let’s say its the 15 million range, we could always with good scouting get a back up LB for half that price i believe. My main grouse is in bringing in again another defender who’s not actually good enough at his primary job, yes we’d love him to be back up to Tierney but as has shown this season, we might be in a situation where you have the first choice out and then the back up who’s been known to be suspect defensively has to play regularly and the cycle goes on an on…

    Ricardo Rodriguez
    Laywin Kurzawa
    Marcos Alonso

    LBs you want as high up the pitch as possible…. Who’s the Norwich LB? They’re going down so we can always go for him. Just an example really but I’m sure our highly paid scouting and transfer team can get us a LB who’d not come in a quite a wage and won’t be shire defensively because as we know with Arsenal, there’s bound to be injuries meaning the back up guy will see quite a lot of games

  38. Marko

    Your strategy is pukka though, making sure the backup LB is marginally better instead of bringing in a better CM.

    That’s not what I’m saying at all you’re the one connecting the two to justify a bad signing. Kinda like how you justified signing up Lichtsteiner. Did that go into addressing a CM or whatever? Must have missed that.

    Anyway like I said people trying to justify a bad signing citing 10-15 million are really fucking dumb when you consider Kurzawa comes in on big deal wages on a longer contract. Likely an extra 2/3 seasons on roughly 6+ million. Do the math. Pretty sure we’ll be in a scenario where the back up and worse LB will be on more than the starting LB.

    Anyway forget all that let’s talk about how bad Dennis Suarez on loan was again. My god how shit was that

  39. Batistuta

    Also, I’m sure the club has a transfer budget which should be geared towards fixing that horror midfield of ours

  40. Dissenter

    The Kurzawa deal is the textbook.opportunistic deal, assuming he’s only as good as Kolasinac.
    It’s like retail business, buy for $2, sell for $2.50
    Sell an average free transfer acquired LB for profit, replace salary space with another [assumed] average LB.
    Use the funds from that outward transfer to invest in a central midfielder.

  41. Champagne Charlie


    Think your appreciation of the modern fullback is a bit off. Who are the best in the league? Now please tell me with a straight face that those guys are superb defenders and not the beneficiaries of a good system.

    Wan Bissaka for instance has been touted as one of the ‘best’ defensive fullbacks in the league. 50 mil he was, and he’s been utterly rinsed on numerous occasions.

    If we can take a sideways step at LB that pockets us 15 mil then it’s smart imo. Trying to get cute and pour more resources into LB after 25 mil last summer is mental given the needs of the squad as a whole. It’s about where you cut the necessary corners, and that’s a prime place for it to give us the most resources available to bring in the best for the most important positions in the team.

  42. Dissenter

    The rumor mill stated that we are signing Kurzawa on €90k weekly, less than the €120k plus he’s on at PSG.
    What high wages are you referring to?

  43. Champagne Charlie

    “Kinda like how you justified signing up Lichtsteiner. Did that go into addressing a CM or whatever? Must have missed that.“

    We bought Torreira and Guendouzi that summer so obviously you did miss it you fucking spastic.

    You think we buy Torreira at near 30 mil if we spend 15 mil on some other RB instead of Licht? He was pony but the strategy/intention was perfectly admirable, the choice wasn’t.

    “people trying to justify a bad signing citing 10-15 million are really fucking dumb when you consider Kurzawa comes in on big deal wages on a longer contract. Likely an extra 2/3 seasons on roughly 6+ million. Do the math”

    Kolasinac will get extended if not sold you absolute moron, the reason he’s ready to bin is because he’s at that juncture in his contract. If we don’t sell him he’ll be extended which renders your flapping gums about Kurzawa on a 5-year deal moot. Leave maths to those with a brain cell, manage the basics first.

  44. Joe

    Let’s be clear the current team/squad is poor and the club has sofar not recruited any new players in January. So the idea that Arteta is going to wave a magic wand and turn around our performance in just a month is frankly unrealistic


    So it wasn’t emery’s fault? To expect more from
    Him is frankly unrealistic.

    3 of the players he wanted were never brought in by Raul etc.

  45. Marko

    What high wages are you referring to?

    Yeah the 115,000 he’s currently on and the likely thereabouts he’d be getting here on a long term contract. Again it’s mind boggling to me that people are trying to justify such an obvious poor signing. Like we need another one

  46. Lego Hair

    Marko I thought you were the guy that wanted a whole new team? Back up LB in on a free then use that 10-15million on what ever position YOU feel would be best served. A CM? 2 new CFs, a CB.

    Point being it contributes to solving a more pressing issue/position.

    Are you actually being serious with how obtuse you are or is this a more serious problem like you’re just simply dumb.

  47. Batistuta


    Again, I’m not advocating us going out and splashing on a LB, all I’m saying, all anyone who has seen the lad play and i have a lot is that we should do better than him. He probably has had the best system anyone can playing for PSG and yet he’s been basically playing 2nd/3rd fiddle, got benched by Bernat who was let go by Bayern and Bernat isn’t exactly prime Roberto Carlos himself, PSG have even played Meunier at LB with Kurzawa fit and on the bench…It’s not about a system with this player, he’s just not good enough, we should be looking younger, or in the lower league or doing a bit of scouting for young LBs if we are binning Kolasinac

  48. Batistuta

    I’d be tearing my head out too if anyone suggested Ricardo Rodriguez, he’s been absolutely shit since he left Wolfsburg…We should be looking younger, scouting better and not jumping at the first free signing we can lay our hands on. Martinelli types, I’d sooner ask City for Angellino than touch Kurzawa

  49. Batistuta


    It’s not about mathematics or what anyone might earn, it’s about the fact that the player just doesn’t fit what we should be doing. How much did Pool get Robertson for? There’s good bargains in the lower leagues you know. Also of what use is our academy if we can’t find or produce a defender as back up from there?

  50. Majesticgooner

    What does grimaldi know about players? In all his time as chief scout, not one world class player was unearthed from france, just a whole lot of duds and a few average to good players, missed out on the likes of marez, kante, recommended sanogos gervinio, chamakh, so let him keep his opinions about players to himself, no surprise he hasn’t been offered a job like his friend and mentor Arsene wenger since the free lunch came to an end at arsenal.

  51. Marko

    We bought Torreira and Guendouzi that summer so obviously you did miss it you fucking spastic.

    Listen you absolutely dumb idiot you’re feebly attempting to justify signing Lichtsteiner because we signed Torreira and Guendouzi and here we are still shit in midfield with one RB in the whole squad. Brilliant I applaud you you win this round

  52. Champagne Charlie


    Stop ignoring the elephant in the room, we bought Tierney last year for 25 million ffs. He is who the club have invested in to be our first choice LB.

    The club isn’t looking for their Robertson, or another young player to groom. They want a seasoned pro adept at the highest level to offer LB cover, the same cover Kolasinac offers us.

  53. Marko

    Point being it contributes to solving a more pressing issue/position.

    Yup like the free signings of Kolasinac and Lichtsteiner really contributed to our midfield and defence being addressed.

  54. Pierre

    “Arsenal supporters hated winning 1-0. That’s why they always chanted boring boring arsenal. They hated it. They wanted the process to change”

    “Boring boring Arsenal “……Have you not heard of self deprecating humour Joe.

    You have a lot to learn about English football and the fans, as many on here do who spout nonsense daily.

  55. Marko

    He probably has had the best system anyone can playing for PSG and yet he’s been basically playing 2nd/3rd fiddle

    Bernat I understand he’s a very good LB and even Yuri okay was a worry but not being able to displace a geriatric Maxwell is a major red flag

  56. Champagne Charlie


    Marko knows all about Kurzawa suddenly, temperament and all. His scope in European football is really something.

    Still waiting for Keita to be a 58 mil footballer that we ‘stupidly missed out on’, or Pepe for that matter justifying the 72 mil outlay that had Marko ‘jizzing into a sock’ he claimed. He’s the stereotypical fifa fan that needs something shiny, fuck any strategy or consideration of a budget.

  57. Lego Hair


    ‘ Yup like the free signings of Kolasinac and Lichtsteiner really contributed to our midfield and defence being addressed.’

    It’s confirmed. You really are just thick as fuck.

  58. Marc

    Have I missed something? Have we actually either signed Kurzawa or done a deal to take him in the summer?

    If the answer to both of those is no then why the fuck is Marko spending so much time clogging up the comments section on something that might never happen.

    Just as a reminder – Kolas was a Wenger signing and Lich was a Sven signing – neither of those people are at the club anymore.

  59. Marko

    So we’d have been better to spend £50m on a wan bissaka type right back than the £36m we spent on two desperately needed cmf players

    It’s that what’s being discussed dumbo. Like I said stand in the corner let the adults talk. I’m talking about avoiding yet another poor defensive player being signed up for big wages I’ve suggested that a 23 year old from Olympiakos or Jay Dasilva from Bristol would be a better smarter signing. You know young cheap on less wages with potential. Not one person has suggested that we spent massively on a back up LB it’s more about avoiding yet another poor signing. Can you understand that? Probably not.

  60. Marko

    Marko knows all about Kurzawa suddenly, temperament and all. His scope in European football is really something.

    It’s easy to get info on the lad. Why not actually do some research on the player instead of just existing to argue with certain posters. Bit part player on huge wages very interested in making stupid tik tok videos. The kind of fighting spirit Arsenal needs.

    Anyway you lads have convinced me hopefully he gets signed. We’ll see people turn on him after an initial opening period I’d say 6 months

  61. Dissenter

    I get your point.
    We did just spend on Tierney so I’m not sure an upcoming hungry LB will be willing to come to Arsenal right now
    Then we have to fork out transfer fees for a back-up player.

  62. Champagne Charlie


    Sounds a lot like you’re basing your opinion on google, you’ve been there before haven’t you? Doesn’t end well to establish absolute views from such halfbaked “research”.

    Always chirping about arguing too, are you completely unaware of your own existence on here? You struggle with the concept of debate, I’m offering a POV with reasons why, I’m not dismissing views because I don’t like them….that’d be you.

    Auba was a disruptive individual if you read the papers before his move, heaven forbid Kurzawa just hasn’t taken to life in Paris after doing well at Monaco. Alas, you only understand things in black and white, there’s no surprises when you offer a view on here. Always such a juvenile take, no room at all to consider multiple views.

  63. Marc

    If we were going to spend money on a FB surely RB is a better option. Firstly the jury is still to be even picked on Bellerin since his injury. Secondly AMN can cover LB and Saka’s done OK there as well.

    We’ve got people going round and round about a player who chances are we won’t even sign. His agent is probably behind the rumours trying to stoke some interest.

  64. DigitalBob

    Kurzawa and Boateng this January is bad business, all has a very West Ham feel to it.

    I’d rather persevere with young Saka as understudy LB and the rotation of Holding/Luiz and Sokratis till the end of the season. Mustafi obviously has no suitors so he’ll be filling in from time to time as well.

    Thats’ it no has-beens on bloated contracts please Raul!

    Arteta strikes me as the type of manager that wants to see if he can transform any and all players that have been condemned by the footballing public, while ambitious its not gonna work. Some guys are done at the top flight and are detrimental to building a winning hungry mentality, Kurazawa and Boateng seem like the type i’m afraid.

  65. Marko

    Sounds a lot like you’re basing your opinion on google, you’ve been there before haven’t you?

    And you’re basing yours on?

    Anyway look at this stage I hope we sign him this month. At least him coming in this month would be a sight.

  66. Champagne Charlie

    “It’s easy to get info on the lad. Why not actually do some research on the player instead of just existing to argue with certain posters.“

    I’m not a mug is the short answer.

    I can only establish a rounded view by watching a player and knowing more about the club, league, environment they’re playing in. Basically, I’m not a football scout (that’s why there’s a job for such a thing).

    I don’t pretend to have all the answers….again, that’s you. I’ve talked about this particular deal in terms of strategy, I’ve said very little about the player. I haven’t binged YouTube to make it to your apparent expert level.

    Then again you’re the same guy that wanted to lecture me about a player in Scotland despite never seeing him play, so maybe I’d skip the “research” bollocks and call a spade a spade. You know fuck all.

  67. Marc


    I’m pretty sure Sanllehi will be acutely aware that as things stand we’re about to lose EL revenue let alone get CL money. We’re already committed to certain outlays from last summer so any money we have needs to be spent very wisely at the moment – not tying it up in over long over paid contracts for over the hill players.

  68. Samesong


    We were the home team the onest was on us to keep the pressure on and create more chances. Sheffield United smash and grab were patient and got a deflected goal. So to answer your question yes they did enough.

  69. DigitalBob

    Un – totally agree but we’re talking about a 4-5 month spell and not a permanent switch. I think he’s a great attacking LW prospect and that should be nurtured but for me its preferable if he’s out of position for the time being than we waste wages on Kurazawa who is no better than Kola and will surely affect the wage budget for the summer and beyond.

    Marc – I hope so, at times I think Raul is on the ball but then we see continuous reports about deals that stink of agent influence, not for the good of the team but the good of the individual(players and agents) and that worries me.

    I’d rather we do nothing at all than make a couple of mistakes this window.

  70. Marc


    “Continuous deals” yeah paper talk, click bait and agent fed bollocks.

    I’d look at the deals you can pin on him and he’s nowhere near as bad as some want him to be or make him out to be.

  71. azed

    1) There’s no point having a back player/defender earning 90k. It’s insane. Your back up should aspire to be number one aka competition for places.

    2) There’s a reason we can’t sell Mustafi, El neny and co, its their wages not how much we bought them(El neny was like 7m)

  72. Jamie

    Unpopular opinion – I’m with Marko.

    I find the Kurzawa signing rather uninspired. He hasn’t been great under Tuchel, but hopefully Arteta can improve his game with some elite coaching.

    Disappointing if he’s on more than 70k a week if/when he joins. We need good money for Kola if Kurzawa is his replacement, although not sure Kola is worth his current wages as well as a decent transfer fee to the buying club.

  73. DigitalBob

    Marc- Arteta’s press conference this afternoon supports the idea its all paper talk and click bait which gives us hope its not Raul’s lack of vision in the transfer market at work.

    As per Pedro’s post and Grimandi’s thoughts on the potential Kurazawa deal, its not the right move.

    Un- I get your point I really do but Kurazwa may just be that ineffective for us. I’ve seen him have good games and link-up extremely well with Neymar and Di Maria at PSG but I’ve also seen him have Aurier type performances at the full back position. I don’t think he’s worth the risk.

  74. The backpass

    Kurzawa is a bad player,absolute dross. Its like some people never watch football outside of england, he is so poor its alarming, yesterday’s game against lorient was another Kurzawa performance.

    For 90k and 5 years contract, we can do better. Watch how diallo? I think was screaming at him yesterday.

  75. Marc


    I’ve just got to the point of having heard so many players we’re going to sign that I ignore it all until it’s announced. There are times when we’re linked to an interesting player but when it’s a guy out of contract in the summer I just put it down to his agent trying to generate PL wages interest.

  76. azed


    I would prefer we get a left back from the championship or league one. There’s really no point selling Kolasinac and replacing with someone older and on similar wages to play second fiddle.

    See what happened to Bellerin? He’s not improved since he became number one because there was no one to challenge him.

  77. DigitalBob

    Un – Once you play shit for the arsenal it seems that its truly the kiss of death in terms of your value in the market as its been a while since we got a return on investment for a player. Imagine the 5 year 100K talk is true, its a heck of a lot to invest in a 3rd choice LB. Maybe second choice if he out performs Kola I guess but from what I’ve seen of the player I don’t think he will.

    If he comes in I’ll support him and hope he’s the most professional version of himself so he can buy into Arteta’s vision fully but lets see.

    Marc – Yes both deals seem off, I mean Boateng and Kurazawa, would be what a combined £250K per week?

    Add that to our chief under performers Mustafi and Ozil and that’s £700K on players delivering nothing……worrying, very worrying.

  78. Valentin

    Kurzawa reputation of bad attitude stems from a France U21 where he took the piss of one player after France scored and was made to look like a right plonker when France ended up losing the game.
    However what has never been questioned is his professionalism. Nearly all his managers agree on that.
    Regarding his quality, he a mediocre defender and a good attacking fullback. He was a France international so he is not that bad. However reading some of the comments you would believe he is an appalling defender. Most of the armchair specialist scouts arguing that position have never seen play at all or have just googled some YouTube video highlights.

    Regarding Gilles Grimandi’s opinion, he is right and he is wrong. Kurzawa never reached the high that was expected of him. However I believe that getting released by PSG has been the kick up the backside forcing him to re-evaluate his career. Getting a new agent based in the UK looks like the move of somebody who is still hungry rather than comfortable.

  79. Nelson

    “I don’t see him as a boy who has the hunger to attain the highest level.”

    Just reading that, I am against signing Kurzawa. We have already enough from Ozil’s attitude. Our scouting department is disappointing. How come other teams can uncover young germs while we want to sign a 27 yrs old PSG reject.

  80. DigitalBob

    Valentin – I hope your right, I’ve only seen him play for PSG a handful of times live, and those performances ranged from decent to poor.

  81. Ishola70

    Well Lacazette is misguided in his perception that Arsenal “won” that game against Sheffield United but just didn’t get it over the line.

    A draw was a fair reflection of the game as a whole.

    I hope these players are not in some denial bubble that sees them refusing to accept that they not only need to get games over the line but also be seen of deserving to do so. This was not the case against Sheffield United.

  82. Ishola70


    A realistic purveyor of matches.

    Arsenal didn’t impose themselves enough on the opposition against Sheffield overall to be talking about winning matches that were not actually won.

    You yourself said on here after the match that you were disappointed with Arsenal attacking wise in the game so now you are contradicting yourself.

    It was a very average performance against Sheffield culminating in a dissapointing result.

  83. Graham62

    I’ve only watched the highlights on Sky.

    Apart from the goal, Pepe’s obvious penalty and Martinelli’s other chance, what else happened.

    SU had more shots and more corners.

    Where’s the argument?

    Draw was a fair result.

  84. Ishola70

    Arteta alluded to that Arsenal could have done better in the match.

    The best Don could come up with regarding the match was that Arsenal continue to look better defensively.

    This doesn’t equate to “winning” the match I’m afraid.

    Needs more than that.

  85. Ishola70


    It’s not about that.

    It’s Lacazette’s take that Arsenal are actually “winning” these matches that they are drawing.

    May have been the case against some others but not really against Sheffield United .

    A draw was a fair result overall as some others on here have noted as well.

  86. Overmars

    Is Kurzawa really THAT bad?

    I haven’t seen a lot of him if I’m honest, but to play for Monaco and PSG he must be doing something right?

    I like Kolasinac but his future looks to be uncertain with Tierney coming in, and I reckon he would be wanted to play first team football now. So signing a French international on a bosman at 27, years old makes sense right?

  87. Pedro

    Ish, but he’s spot on. We shouldn’t have blown a lead at home against a side that weren’t offering much to the game.

    We should have killed them. Hopefully we start to show more aggression in situations like that. Our second half performances have been limp. Need more from the side.

  88. Batistuta


    You’re missing my point entirely, Arsenal football club can do better than Kurzawa in 2020, whether as back up or competition for Tierney, we can do better, we should do better.

  89. Ishola70


    All teams can talk about finishing off sides at home after being in the lead.

    It’s the perception that Lacazette gives out that Arsenal actually were “winners” of that match against Sheffield but failed to get it over the line.

    Sheffield were competing fairly well for the majority of the match and no Arsenal didn’t do enough themselves in that match being the home team to proclaim that they were really the moral victors in the game.

    Draw was a fair result overall.

  90. Champagne Charlie


    No, I’ve gathered that point. I’m countering it with selling a guy for 15 mil and replacing him with a guy on a bosman.

    I’m aware we could could purge more monies into getting ‘better’, I just don’t think it’s a smart allocation of funds. This is Arsenal, all the pennies matter and personally LB is way down the list of positions I’d concern myself with.

  91. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Laca needs to come off the bench to score, boost his confidence n score.

    His confidence shot.

    Ain’t feeling it for tomorrow…

  92. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Does this new injury prone French left back mean that the Scottish injury prone left back is off, or does it mean we will get a normal left back to cover the company crystal.

  93. Ishola70


    Despite your attempts to make this site a version of “Untold Arsenal” mk II thankfully there are enough posters still around here that have some honesty and don’t live in a partisan goldfish bowl.

    This site was always seen before as the opposite to Untold and their embarrassing musings and one-eyed extreme biases that people laughed at during the Wenger later years.

    It needs to keep that integrity and honesty and will do so as long as there are enough posters to keep a check on it and I’m sure they will.

  94. The backpass


    Lots of people here watch french football and kurzawa at best is decent.. I suggest you watch yesterday game against lorient again.

    Even the match at monaco, bar that penalty ( that wouldn’t be given here) he was gash. And at 28 years, i doubt he would have the drive to perform.

    I hope this are just rumours like Leonardo said.

  95. Ishola70

    “Don mocking posters over backing emery ”

    Don accuses virtually everyone of being an Emery fan boy apart from himself and a very few select others. Bless him.

  96. Freddie Ljungberg


    Didn’t know Kurzawa was “promiscuous” at Monaco, have s|me inside info you want to share?

    Regarding our players being mid table.

    Xhaka wouldn’t get into many, if any other PL team as a starter. He’s just too slow and dopey.

    Did you see the article I posted about Ozil and his 5 goals and 4 assists in the last 2 years and 43 PL games? 103rd in goal contributions in that time. This is our main creator, on the salary of 3-4 other players, and VVD contributes more offensively than him. He wouldn’t get a game in the championship based on the last 2 years. And no, it’s not Emerys fault, it started before him and it’s the same after him.

    The less said about our CBs the better.

    I guess mid table is too generous for some of them.

  97. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So what… I backed emery why not, I want the club to succeed.

    The cunt wenger drained the life out the place.

    Guess what .
    I’m backing art cos I want to see us win.

    Smoke that don.

  98. Ishola70

    Chelsea are erratic for sure but given Arsenal’s record there which is not good and that overall Arsenal still find it difficult to win on the road in any away EPL game then a draw would be seen as a good result really.

  99. Major_Jeneral

    Pedro-Thanks for the good post. You hit the nail on the right places again. I don’t know why Xavi rejected the Barca job now but I do know that new managers that come in mid-season must be given time. Unless it is evident that nothing is working we must persevere and trust the process. There are many examples that we can cite whereby a new manager could not work out his blue or even produce results.
    So guys as we critize for improvement and results, let us do so objectively.

    Arsenal can do better than Karzawa. Edu and Sanllehi should do the needful.

    Excuse me. Who is this Don you guys are referring to?
    I don’t think he is a real Don.

  100. Major_Jeneral


    That is right. Infact the last time Arsenal got a win at Stamford bridge in the EPL was 9 years ago. 2011(3-5) Van Persie scored an Hattrick. The two current managers were in the starting 11 of both teams.

    But it is still possible. (if Bournemouth, Southampton and westham can do it, we can too.
    Chelsea have won onl two out of their last 5 games at home(W 2 D 0 L3).
    Last win was against Burnley, they won 3-0

  101. Marko

    Jaime you see his debut? My god what an absolute baller. Shame we’re a club that procrastinates having such a striker like Lacazette while Dortmund continually signs up players like Haaland for really reasonable fees. Meanwhile at Arsenal we’re justifying signing up Kurzawa.

  102. Jamie

    Marko –

    Yeah, unbelievable debut. Can he drop a rallying cry like Laca though?

    £17m is peanuts. If they can hold on to Sancho for a couple more seasons, those two could be amazing together.

  103. Pedro

    Jamie, he had a very low release clause and Dortmund schmoozed him with the promise of a starting berth and good technical coaching.

  104. G8

    If we had the new manager bounce and won our games against Bournemouth, Crystal palace, Sheffield United and at least got a draw against Chelsea we would be sitting 2 points off Chelsea in 4th ..
    We didn’t, and we’re still a struggling mid table shambles
    There are usual suspects in this team, but the main culprit for Arteta is ozil.
    his negative effect on the midfield and the whole balance of the team is there for everyone to see..
    Arteta has to be brave enough , at least take him off after 60mins, when he is usually completely useless.
    He also has to be pro active with his subs and in-game management, at the moment he is doing his best impression of Wenger’s dithering , all he needs is a sleeping bag overcoat and a fiddly zipper!

  105. Freddie Ljungberg

    Sure, unlucky to have the 103rd most goal contributions over the last 2 years in the PL despite us having a golden boot winning striker.

    Those are some truly shocking stats, more suitable to a defender in a relegation team than a top 4 quality Cam. We simply can not move forward with him in the team.

    Good news is that Martinelli isn’t going to the u23 olympics with Brazil, he’ll be needed.

  106. Freddie Ljungberg

    Didn’t Dortmund have to pay something like 15m in agent fees for Haaland? Think that’s why Man U backed out, foolishly I might add, he’s still a snip at 32m. Still only a teen and producing those numbers already.

  107. Dissenter

    I think it was the agent fees and contractual clauses that the Harland people wanted. United didn’t want any iff that, or so I read.

    Dortmund believed he was worth all that hassle, United did not.

  108. Dissenter

    Ozil is gone, totally finished at thew top level.
    Honestly I think Arsenal should let him spend the last year of his contract away on loan…we pay the major balance of his salary.
    Relying on Ozil is like pursuing a mirage. Lets just put Pepe on one side and Saka on the other side for the attack.

  109. Jamie


    Shame we weren’t all over that. Still, we have Martinelli so I’m trying not to be too greedy. Kid could be really special in a few years.

  110. Freddie Ljungberg


    What’s worrying here is if Arteta actually believes the bollocks he’s been spewing about Ozil and Xhaka.

    I can maybe understand about Ozil since we probably can’t get rid of him this window and he needs to keep him on board, doing nothing, since we don’t have many other options.

    But to actually convince Xhaka to stay when we have a bid on the table that would have allowed us to replace him is mind blowing and is going to cost us.

    I don’t buy that this season is a write off, we still have the cups and we still have the chance to get some players in that are going to actually be useful in the future for us and get them adapting to the league so they’re ready for next season out the gate.

  111. Pedro

    Rapha H said the fees were way lower than reported… I think Raiola goes big in the next round when the big dogs come to play.

    Arsenal need to be in position to take on players at that stage of their career. No reason we can’t offer what Dortmund do.

  112. Pedro

    Jamie, certainly think Gabriel is the real deal, spectacular. Haven’t been this excited about a kid striker since Anelka.