A lack of creativity and composure costs Arsenal again

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The Arteta revival of Arsenal is proving as spluttery as most expected. The Sheffield United game had positives, but the key thing we’re looking for is a victory and it once again alluded us.

The plan for the moment looks fairly clear. Arteta is trying to make us harder to beat, which in the main, seems to be working. We’re more in control of what’s happening on the pitch, the mistakes have reduced, and it’s in the main, a bit harder to create chances against us.

The main problem is that we aren’t creating enough in the final third to be a problem for most teams. Yesterday our best hope for goals was suspended, so we rolled with Lacazette, Martinelli and Pepe. It’s just not quite there. In the first half, the most interesting of our forward line was Pepe, who seems to be finding more confidence in the way he wants to play, but a lack of end product is still the common takeaway.

Our midfield is where the trouble comes from. There’s only one place a threat is coming from and that’s Mesut Ozil, his passing game was very off yesterday, though he was involved in our goal when he found Laca, who released Saka who found Gabriel for the tap with a deflected cross.

The overall lack of creativity in the side is a worry, not just that, we’re lack dynamism. Because there’s so little power, late runs into the box are a rarity, and if opposition planners know where the creativity is coming from, it makes you easy to play against. Part of the newfound ‘sort of’ solidity comes with a sacrifice in attack. The manager has yet to find the solution, but look, we bitched for 10 years about not having a coach who was interested in defending, now we have one.

I thought Saka showed a lot of promising signs down the left, he and Gabriel are players of the future, they work hard, they have power and pace, but at the moment, as teenagers, they are going to be raw and inconsistent. Arteta was effusive in his praise of the Brazilian after the game.

Absolutely. He’s an 18-year-old kid with all the enthusiasm but as well, he’s so brave to make decisions, to threaten the opponent every time. He’s all the time in the middle of the goal, waiting for an opportunity to come. The fact he hasn’t played 90 minutes for a while – since his injury – but is still in the way he went about every single action is impressive.

The real worry upfront is Alex Lacazette, he really stunk the place out yesterday, he looked slow, out of his depth and a little bit depressed. Not good and not helpful. I wonder if Eddie is going to land game time against Chelsea?

Our defence weren’t punished for their mistakes yesterday. Though in the main we looked solid, it has to be noted that Sheffield United weren’t at their best and we still nearly dropped clangers. I’m thinking about David Luiz not jumping for a corner and letting a man in behind him. I’m also thinking about Bernd Leno flapping at a cross, missing and having to rely on Granit Xhaka to save him on the goal line. I think Arteta made a good point about the general nerves when we’re 1-0 up being a problem he’s struggling to shake at the moment.

Yeah and there’s a history of [nerves in the stadium]. It makes it even more. In the Premier League we are 1-0 up and in the last 10 or 15 minutes you have to be careful, because anything can happen…

… Then when you’re 1-0 up, the last 10 minutes things change. They changed to a back four and they started to commit more bodies forward, and then they’d have six players in front of the ball. It’s more difficult to control when they play long balls or second balls like this. It’s not easy.

You also can’t ignore lady luck, who appears to have looked at Emery’s credit withdrawals last season and deemed us bankrupt. Sheffield United found space at the back post and Fleck hit the ball into the ground and it ended in the top corner, if that was on purpose, I salute you, but it felt like a mistimed shot paid off. The second bit of bad luck was having a ref in charge that always needs a bad decision to feed his ego. Pepe was clattered in the box, it was a clear penalty, but it wasn’t given. When you’re in a rut, these things go against you, and there have certainly been a lot of things go against us of late.

For me, the season was always a write-off. We’re 6 games into a rebirth, and it’ll take time to get the side playing the way the manager wants and the output is going to be inconsistent, but it will click eventually. It’s important to remember the scenario at the moment.

Onwards and upwards, a huge game at Chelsea next where we’ll be hoping to right the wrongs of the last game against them.

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  1. Joe

    Because Arteta is the only manager in the whole league who is dealing with injuries.

    Poor guy

    Yes then let’s right off the season for him.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    “Actually we were 8 points out of 4th and in 8th place when emery got sacked. We are now 10th and 10 points back“

    Hey Joe, that means in a 13 game sample Emery lost ground by 8 points after starting level with the rest.

    Arteta losing a further 2 points ground in 5 games isn’t quite the oh em gee you’re going for….

  3. Kay

    The squad defo needs rework.
    Sell ozil, xhaka, auba or laca, couple of defenders..

    Spend on a couple of quality defenders.. 1 quality cm.. 1 quality cam..

    We have a young cf and young lm.. Thet are absolutely ready to start at the high level..

    With a net spend of 150mil.. New defence and Midfield.. We get to top4.

    Man utd and Tiny totts along with Chelsea aren’t nailed on top4. We need to be aggressive and get to top4 next season else I think it will be a long road to redemption I am afraid.

  4. TR7


    Emery took over the reins of Arsenal at the start of a brand new season and signed 5 new players in transfer window. Arteta has taken over in the middle of a season a team clearly struggling for form and is yet to sign a player. Different scenarios.

  5. Marko

    It’s really shameful when you consider that given how United Chelsea and Spurs are dropping points this season top 4 shouldn’t have been given up on so easily. I mean had we beaten Chelsea we’d be in the mix had we won yesterday and beaten Bournemouth we’d be right in the mix too but we didn’t and because of that we’re now downplaying our chances of getting wins and writing off the season. Season being written off don’t even for a second think about winning the Europa League

  6. Dissenter

    That’s a foul on the goal keeper
    The goal keeper is booked for protesting that the idiot ref didn’t blow the obvious foul
    These referees are a mess.

  7. Dissenter

    The problem is that Arteta was sold as the special sauce pizzaz guy.
    No it turns out that even special sauce has it’s limits.

    Now his chances of succeeding depends on a clear out in the summer?

  8. Dissenter

    Don’t you worry
    Arteta will be back when Auba returns, no different from when Auba was supposedly saving Emery.

  9. Champagne Charlie


    You’re unrealistic expectations are your own affliction mate, I was under no illusions what the new manager was walking into.

    Seems to me a good few on here, you included, are desperately playing down how low we were as a side early on. Maybe go rewatch some of the belters.

    Quite something when you recall the apparent mire Wenger left for Emery to deal with ay? That tune seems to have changed quite quickly despite us being lower than any time in the last two decades.

  10. Lego Hair

    Crack appeal pipe down you jumped up gobshite.

    It’s all there in black and white why are you struggling so much with context.

    The squad finished a point off top 4 with a recognised points total good enough to reach top 4 most years after prioritising the EL and choking the final 6 games.

    You do know there is a major difference in output between a team that is full of confidence and a team that has fuck all confidence doubting everything they do?

    From premier league teams and players to your Wednesday 5 a side team players. Confidence is king and we had ours eroded away and destroyed by an inept coach who didn’t have a clue.

    You’re struggling cos you’re one of those pricks that was anyone but Wenger will be an improvement and you were DESPERATE for him to be a success.

    Most fans want the club to do well but you’re just an English bamford that wants to be proved right when he’s so blatantly wrong, again.

  11. Dissenter

    Pedro and his ilk over-flogged the previous Spaniard and oversold the current one.

    I remember when the old manager wasn’t afforded the excuse of poor players because he presented with power point .

  12. Marko

    So just because Jurgen Klopp was the go to reference for a time there on potential and being given time for a midseason appointment he had 7 wins in his first 11 games and one defeat for Liverpool. 23 in 40 odd games.

  13. Joe


    Emery got right sacked because he wasn’t get the performances from the players.

    We brought in special sauce to do just that

    I ain’t seeing any special sauce.

    Pedro says it’s a top 4 squad.

    Now he says write off the season.

    Same posters who want Arteta to be given time are the same ones who wouldn’t give emery a minute

  14. Champagne Charlie


    I was never his biggest fan, except giving him his due for the Spider-Man stuff. Always dodgy with his feet, always a non-event for crosses outside of a superman punch.

    Felt the shot stopping hugely overshadowed the rest of his game, so that’s dissipated and he’s just a decent GK…….on 400k a week 🙂

  15. Champagne Charlie


    Emery had a touch more than a minute given he was booted out 18 months after hiring.

    The top 4 squad shit has been done to death, I’m not arguing blue skies and the existence of wind. It’s there to be seen.

    Again, if you felt Arteta coming in was going to mean we suddenly shot up the table then that’s your own bizarre view. I never had that expectation on any potential manager and championed Benitez to come in and make us appreciate defending once again more than anything. This back in the international break a full 6/7 games before Arteta finally took over.

    You adjust expectations given the circumstances, or you don’t and you act precisely as you are.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool looked a little leggy in the second half against Spurs.

    This could be interesting.

    More so if Rashford was about.

    United should sniff an opportunity here. Just don’t need to shoot themselves in the foot early in the second half.

  17. Joe

    Come on CC

    You had better expectations that 3 points out of bmouth , CP and SFU and Chelsea at home??

    If you didn’t then why even bring Arteta in

  18. Batistuta

    Martial is one very over rates footballer isn’t he, he’s a definition of painfully inconsistent, such a joy to watch Liverpool, that’s what you call entertaining football by the way, backed up with results of course…. Feel for Fred in the united midfield, having their own equivalent of Xhaka in Matic means he does the job of two most games, he’s picked up a lot recently mind

  19. Dissenter

    It’s a bit ingenuous to assume that we are going to compete for top-4 places next season of we sputter to 45-48 points at the end of the season based on the current bounce-less Arteta results

    That will have to be the greatest preseason in modern football history to transfer a club that doesn’t know how to win games to one that wins enough to return back too the CL

    Please don’t cite Chelsea because the squad had won the league pithing two years of Conte taking over.

  20. Joe

    Emery has 18 months from the board.

    Not from a lot of posters on here including Pedro
    Who had his dagger out as soon as special sauce Arteta was as bypassed and like a scorned lover never let it go

  21. Batistuta


    In terms of the league, I’d be inclined to say that’s gone unless something miraculous happens and we find a way to go on a run.

    But to write off the season in January when we’ve still got the Europa league where we are favourites and the FA cup too is a bit disingenuous if you’re being honest, the season can’t be a wrote off because there are still competitions we can compete in and win, like you say, it’s not like we have a poor squad(i disagree) so we should be there and thereabouts in both competitions come May…… I’m sure City are just about turning their focus to the champions league,that’ll be their target now, can’t just wrote off the season in January for any reason whatsoever, doesn’t make sense to me

  22. Tom

    Pedro, this squad was never a top four quality ,let alone top three which is what you claimed at the seasons start.

    Citing points total at the end of 2019 as an indicator that it was ,while at the same time admitting the unbeaten run Emery had earlier was mostly lucky, are two things difficult to square away as much as you and others have tried.

    You are correct in saying Arteta needs time but he also needs to address the glaring weaknesses within the squad

    Watford sat at the bottom of the table for a long while and replaced coaches three times but their midfield never got “scarred” ,apparently ,by their managerial misfortunes that they stopped contributing the way ours have.

    If you think Arteta will deliver top four next season with this squad then you better start thinking up some clever excuses already because that ain’t happening.

  23. Joe

    Write the season off.?

    Beat Chelsea next week and we are only 7 points off top 4

    Not an impossible task for the special sauce. Especially when you look at the team between us and 4th

    But yes. Let’s write off the season.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    ‘Citing points total at the end of 2019 as an indicator that it was ,while at the same time admitting the unbeaten run Emery had earlier was mostly lucky, are two things difficult to square away as much as you and others have tried.’

    Nicely put.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    Obviously I was/am hopeful we get results that will galvanise the belief in Arteta and what’s being asked, but are you having a laugh that the bottom line is points total in 6 games to judge a managers impact?

    OGS won his first 6 games, what am I supposed to take from that? Please tell me…

    I’m not interested in an immediate lift, I want long term sustainable change. That doesn’t come about in a month, and despite wanting the best results along the way I’m far less concerned with the short term points return. In fact the only results I care about to any degree this season are our EL results.

    If you offered me 5th or 10th I genuinely would shrug my shoulders and say who cares. Naturally 5th is better than 10th, but you’re taking the piss if you’re now losing your fanny over league placements like that.

    It’s CL or bust, we’ve bust. So I want the “free” time in the league to be used by Arteta and co. to learn what they need to in order to deliver real change for next season (plus odd games in the EL this term).

  26. Marc

    As it stands Pedro looks like a salesman who got a sale by making all the promises in the world and is now telling the client that they can’t expect too much too soon.

  27. Upstate Gooner

    1-1 draws against Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, and Sheffield United. 2-1 loss against Chelsea. All should have been wins. That’s 9 more points for us, and 3 less for Chelsea. Top 4 was not a pipe dream when Arteta took over. It is now. I too hate it when I hear that this season is a write off. What are the expectations? 5th? 6th? Should we at least finish ahead of the likes of Sheffield United and Crystal Palace? I would say absolutely. We have a better squad and a competent manager should be getting the most out of his players. At the moment Arteta does not. So he should not be getting a free pass and held accountable. Yesterday’s loss was on him just like a few other bad recent results. There’s no other way and to sugar coat it is just ridiculous, IMHO.

  28. Marko

    Again this whole downplaying our chances of winning and writing off the season wouldn’t be happening had we won yesterday and won against Bournemouth games we should have won imo along with at least a draw against. But we didn’t through a combination of a wank squad and poor in game management. Because of that Mikel is afforded more than half a season and 20+ games of zero expectations.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    The write off wouldn’t have happened if Nuno was manager either.

    Don’t care what anyone says.

    That is really the end of the discussion.

  30. Pedro


    The manager prioritized EL over top 4. The idea everyone hoped would come fruition after the lucky run is that we’d be better coached by December and correct the xG.

    Didn’t happen. But that was a coaching issue more than a player one. Binned Ramsey, created a scene with Mesut, player LT as a 10, couldn’t organise a defence and put his eggs in the wrong basket.

    Better coach, different output. We’ll never prove that out, but our numbers are already pointing in a direction that says making us harder to beat as a first step is working. More to do, but we are in the right path.

    Also not saying we don’t need new players. That’s just a made up argument.

    This isn’t Mikel’s squad, it was built for Unai and he couldn’t make it work. There will be a dramatic turnover this summer and we’ll look very different next year.

  31. Dissenter

    People forget that form matters.
    Liverpool took their excellent from the second half of the 2017-2018 season when they beat City nome and away in the CL to last season. They have just maintained the same form.
    Leicester got a big bounce from Brendan Rodgers, Vardy started scoring again and Kasper Schmeichel had less to do. That’s the firm they took unto this season,

    Expecting that Arteta will “process” out this season to quiet sputter then we just take-off next season is naive and very comical.
    Is he going to put something in the water over the pre-season. What foundation will he be building upon?
    There wont be a city IP because we wont be spending £250 million like Pep gets.

  32. Marc

    “OGS won his first 6 games, what am I supposed to take from that”

    Well I say it’s new manager bounce, ManU are a poor imitation of the team they used to be so let’s not rush to conclusions.

  33. Marc


    “The write off wouldn’t have happened if Nuno was manager either.”

    No the usual suspects would’ve just doubled the amount of lashes they were dishing out.

  34. Pedro

    Arteta gets a new manager bounce, when the turn comes, it’s a new manager bounce

    He doesn’t get it, it’s a major problem because everything should be solved in 3 weeks.

    Some bizarre takes here.

  35. Wasi

    Thanks for the appreciation guys. Especially Un who cant stop the appreciation 😂. Keep it coming.

    Yes Maybe more would read then but that would be time consuming. I just like to put it all out at once 😂.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

    In which case, Arteta is getting special treatment because they think he’s more of a prospect than Nuno, fine, but then come down from your high horse and stop with the faux exasperation that you’re being called out on your totally absurd hypocrisy.

    You’d get whiplash given the sudden turn away from an 18 month narrative.

  37. TR7

    I thought our season was a write off even before Emery was sacked. We had this international break which I thought was an opportunity to sack Emery and start afresh as the season was over for us anyway.

  38. Marc


    Come on you’ve followed football long enough to know that teams usually see an improvement in results after a new manager is appointed. That doesn’t mean that all the problems have been solved but it gets some confidence in the camp and gives the supporters something to get behind.

  39. Dissenter

    It seems you’re arguing that Arteta will get a DELAYED new manager bounce when the conditions are perfect i.e “when the turn comes”?

    It wont be a new manager bounce then though, it will be city IP i.e bought with £250 million

  40. Dissenter

    No team should be allowed to be as good as this Liverpool team.
    It is anti-competition

    Break them up, to good to compete

    Just joking of course 😊😊😊

  41. Champagne Charlie


    It’s the stacked deck the PP squad offer up. Any improvement is par for the course under a bounce, but lack of results is vindicating their view. Shocker.

    When things pick up for Arteta it will rebranded as something else too, probably end the season with a nice run and get told everyone is on holiday like the Wenger days.

    Only time teams didn’t hit the beach in the last games of the season was last year oddly enough as we got mauled by Palace and co.

  42. Marko

    The write off wouldn’t have happened if Nuno was manager either.

    Marcelino would be getting absolutely rinsed as well. Rafa would get some leeway though. Rashford out for 3 months. Kane too. Shame Arsenal have written off their season.

  43. Marko

    This isn’t Mikel’s squad, it was built for Unai and he couldn’t make it work.

    14 of the current 25 are Arsene tainted/related/hold outs.

  44. Joe


    How did those end of the season bounces for wenger turn out the following beginning of the season.

    It always proved a false dawn.

    That Arteta didn’t even get a new manager bounce says it all.

    Ever ole got 6 games out of a shit united squad.

  45. Marko

    Surely its the Chiefs’ and Mahomes’ year.

    I’d like that after Philly and Baltimore got eliminated. But I think San Francisco will win it

  46. Pedro

    Marc, have a feeling a usual suspect is someone that ran counter to your opinions on the last manager. If that’s your club, and being part of that means championing Nuno as a regret, I’d be happy to be part of Team Usual Suspects.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    No mention of the fact that Tierney is the only Emery suggested signing either.

    Honestly, the ridiculousness on display.

    All dressing to call ‘massively needed squad changes’ something more covert.

  48. Champagne Charlie


    How did Pep and Klopp do in their opening 6 games mate, this new manager bounce has become the apparent hallmark of all the greats.

    Nigel Pearson getting the most mention, anymore bounce studs?

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I felt bad for the Ravens.

    They’d been electric most of the year and then had a total off day when it mattered.

  50. Wasi

    Expecting Arteta to turn it around for us in a month is really mind boggling.
    I posted a similar thing a few days ago ill just summarise it.

    Xavi rejected the Barca job because he didn’t feel good taking over the team mid season. Xavi is also very highly regarded in the football world for his knowledge of the game and many tip him to be a very good coach/manager.He rejected a team flogged with Elite players in all positions. Even though he is a Barca legend he maybe felt that if he doesn’t turn things around his legacy may get tarnished.
    On the other hand we have Arteta who’s bravely taken over a poorly managed team of individuals lacking in confidence, a culture with no sense of accountability and leadership, a club in complete and visible decline, a club that has become the source of banter for every other fan. And you guys want us get everything right in the first month.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    I have a friend who is a massive Packers fan and I’m always ribbing him that Packers get the rub of the decisions.

    Something about Rodgers I don’t like.

  52. Marc

    Just for reference if we’d got a bounce in results say turning 2 of the draws into wins and getting a draw against Chelsea we’d currently be tied on points with ManU and Wolves in 5th or 6th and 3 points off 4th with Chelsea on Tuesday.

    With some confidence running through the team imagine what could happen then.

    Those arguing against me, Cesc, Joe etc think we’re just having a pop at Arteta – we’re not we want him to do well and the fact is margins are so tight this season a surprise top 4 could’ve been on the cards. Of course that would mean Arteta’s got more money to spend in the summer and with CL football it’d be easier to attract new better players but NO let’s write off the season.

  53. Dissenter

    “This isn’t Mikel’s squad, it was built for Unai and he couldn’t make it work.”

    This is Arsenal’s squad building bu technocrats upstairs
    It wasn’t;t bill for Emery by any standard.
    He too didn’t get the players he wanted because we couldn’t clear out the crap players that he inherited.
    He wanted Eva Banega [not done] and wanted Ozil out [not done]
    He didn’t have wingers in the first season he was in charge.
    At the end he was deservedly sacked based on poor performance.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    I’m not having a pop at Arteta at all.

    In fact I’m making an excuse for him.

    The squad is shit.

    No way to know how good he is. Some positives to see. But no way of knowing.

  55. Upstate Gooner

    Yes, watching both games tonight. My Bills went out early so rooting for an NFC team now. Green Bay or 49ers for me. Chiefs are very strong though so should they beat Titans tonight, they have a very good chance of winning the Super Bowl.

  56. Champagne Charlie

    “Just for reference if we’d got a bounce in results say turning 2 of the draws into wins and getting a draw against Chelsea we’d currently be tied on points with ManU and Wolves in 5th or 6th and 3 points off 4th with Chelsea on Tuesday.“

    Is Arteta to blame for this lack of bounce or the squad?

  57. Marko

    I thought our season was a write off even before Emery was sacked.

    You see the sheer nonsensical idea of writing off a season in November after all the arguments that the squad was good enough and that the only issue was with the manager is what has my head spinning. Gone from the squad is top 4 quality and it’s the manager letting us down to this manager is good enough and it’s the squad letting us down it needs gutting.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I really like Mahomes.

    When the Chiefs’ are on form their offense is a sight.

    49ers are ranked up there as well so a Super Bowl of Chiefs vs 49ers would be a spectacle.

  59. Dissenter

    TR7 has to be concussed from doing these logical somersaults.
    I just hope he’s wearing a helmet as he keeps writing these weasel excuses.

  60. Marc


    No – I said I’d get behind Emery and judge him after a season – I did and he fucked it badly. I was calling for him to go during the Nov international break.

    I said I thought Arteta was a risk but again I’ve got behind him, my frustration is you along with others are giving him a complete free ride – no expectations this season at all is ridiculous. Theoretically we could find ourselves 1 point off 18th after Chelsea and Burnley.

    All I’ve repeatedly said is Arteta needs to start getting some wins under his belt – you don’t seem to think this is important.

  61. Champagne Charlie


    I’d blame the circumstances mate no matter the manager, already been there. You want to act like a new manager eradicates all else around the club and squad but it doesn’t I’m afraid.

    Confidence is hard to build, easy to break.

  62. Joe

    Well it’s up to the manager to get the squad motivated and working and fighting for him.

    Arteta’s got the squad to two wins out of 6

    He couldn’t even get the squad to get wins over CP and SFU at home or Bmouth away or even nick a draw with Chelsea when being up 1 nil late.

  63. Joe

    A new manger should rejuvenate the squad. Give it new life. New energy. Even if it’s for a few matches.

    Arteta didn’t.

    That’s on Arteta.

  64. Upstate Gooner

    Mahomes is a joy to watch but it’s a bit of a rivalry for us so can’t root for them. Not to mention that he could’ve been playing in a Bills uniform. That just makes me even angrier. Having said that, if they do win the whole thing, it’ll be very much deserved.

  65. Joe

    Maybe we should have given emery the summer to buy more players if it’s the squads fault

    He still has to deal with alot of wenger left overs

  66. Marko

    Is Arteta to blame for this lack of bounce or the squad?

    I would say squad always been the squad but between November and now someone like yourself might have two different answers.

    CA I wouldn’t count out the Titans. Tail end of the season they were the inform side and that D and David Henry are playing incredible stuff

  67. Joe

    Wonder if that’s what Arteta said in the interview

    Look, let’s write this season off. I won’t get results but you’ll see the process. My Xg will be all time good.

  68. CG

    You will all learn, and learn fast.

    Only one man can manage Arsenal competently when KSE are the owners and that’s Arsene Wenger.

    If Wenger cant do it.
    No one can.
    As we have witnessed.

    If folk think the talented Arteta can reverse our fortunes as it stands they are either plain stupid or just deluded.

    Change owners and direction and then we will get moving again until then, nothing will change.


  69. Marc

    Can I ask a serious question – if it’s suddenly the quality of the squad that is behind our problems why do I read comments on here about selling a long list of players?

    They’re all on good PL wages – how do we sell them if they are that bad and over paid by so much?

  70. Lego Hair

    Cesc appeal that’s it son stick to NFL with the other know nothing cunts Marko and joe.

    Are you as clueless on that front?!

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Really? Wow. That must be sore.

    I’ve only really just got into NFL in the last couple of years and still trying to get my head around the rules and the draft etc.

    Started watching a bit more college football as well, LSU and Burrows etc.

  72. Marc


    Bad news mate – Wenger died 3 weeks ago at his desk but no one at FIFA has noticed yet. Suppose they will when someone goes to dust him.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Fair point.

    Ravens had an off day but equally the Titans stifled them.


    I will out a 49ers cap on for you then tonight.

    I want to rip into my mate tomorrow anyway 😉

    I watched all the ‘Building the Browns’ stuff in the summer. Damp squib a bit there.

  74. Joe


    Football has never been a results orientated business.

    It’s all about the process and underlying stats.

    Arsenal supporters hated winning 1-0. That’s why they always chanted boring boring arsenal. They hated it. They wanted the process to change

  75. Wasi

    “Minamino happy to warm the bench at Liverpool.
    Liverpool will commercially milk his signing in Japan.”
    Smart move by the board. Have to say. Buy the best player from any of the Asian countries and majority there will start supporting your club.
    Great financial boost. And when its a club as big as Liverpool the upturn in their revenue through Japan will be enormous. Shirt sales, promotions , etc ,etc. + If he is not good enough to get good game time by the end of next season they’ll sell him for 30m+.
    I still cant fathom they managed to sell Solanke for 20m.

  76. Pedro


    Not sure football clubs ask managers if they are going to win their first 6 games. Would be a bit of a dim question.

  77. Joe


    Would they ask him if we should just write off the season?

    Hey Arteta

    Don’t worry about this year. Just write it off. Here’s your 5m pounds. Just deal with the process. Don’t worry if you take us down to 10-15th place.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    What are you thoughts on Goff?

    Rams put a lot into him, obviously American-Arteta and the Rams didn’t have a great year, but Goff in particular got some stick.

  79. Upstate Gooner

    I was an NFL fan long before I became an Arsenal fan. ’91 vs ’98. Both are good games but I have to say that I’m now more of a footy fan than I am of American football. The game became a bit too soft for my liking. Too many ridiculous rules, and it seems like every other play is a foul/penalty. It used to be played under 3 hours, now it’s easily 3 and a 1/2. All the stops and commercial breaks are getting a bit boring.

  80. Pedro


    They wouldn’t have said top four and they wouldn’t have said 15th.

    Stabilize the squad, perform in the cups, set the foundations for a strong 20-21 season.

    You set top 4 because you are burned by how people treated Emery, but setting faux expectations doesn’t change the reality most fans understand. Arteta took over a horrible situation and he’s not solving the problems in 6 games.

  81. MGooner

    @ CG

    “Change owners and direction and then we will get moving again until then, nothing will change.”

    Agree 100%. The Krankies and finishing this once great club.

  82. Dissenter

    “Xavi rejected the Barca job because he didn’t feel good taking over the team mid season. Xavi is also very highly regarded in the football world for his knowledge of the game and many tip him to be a very good coach/manager.He rejected a team flogged with Elite players in all positions. Even though he is a Barca legend he maybe felt that if he doesn’t turn things around his legacy may get tarnished.”

    You got that wrong mate.
    Xavi didn’t take the job because he’s on the right side of Barcelona’s internal club promise. There’s a likely presidential successor called victor Font whose main campaign promise is to bring Xavi in when elected.
    Koeman also refused the job as well because there’s a lot of uncertainty at Barca right now.

  83. CG


    If Arteta achieves next season what Wenger achieved in his last season and had us playing like Wengers team- he would be labelled a coaching genius.

    The irony.

  84. Cesc Appeal


    ‘All the stops and commercial breaks are getting a bit boring.’

    I really felt this.

    I end up watching the NFL YouTube Channels extended highlights mostly.

    Firstly, the games are usually on too late for us over here and when you watch them it’s weird for Brits to see commercials every 2 minutes. Literally you get a minute of action and then a commercial.

    There’s only so many times I can hear from American network providers and insurers for services I’m never going to buy!

  85. TR7

    ‘TR7 has to be concussed from doing these logical somersaults.
    I just hope he’s wearing a helmet as he keeps writing these weasel excuses.’

    It’s all logical. Mathematically you can’t write a season off in November but when a team has a wretched form as prolonged as ours was stretching back from last leg of previous season to midway through to the current season, it takes a lot of effort and time to get back on track.

  86. Joe

    Ha Pedro. You can’t be so catty sometimes. You really are a piece of work

    I have no loyalty to emery. Zero.

    Most of the shit I said was in jest but I got behind him because he was next in after wenger and that was never going to be easy and also because of the crap he was taking on here from a lot of the posters including the bum hurt Arteta squad like you.

    It was more being an anti-Christ in here defending emery

    You also seemed to miss when at the end of the season when I said it was down to emery when he bottled the end of the season. Said it was very wenger like and if he didn’t win Europa he’d have until November to sort it out or I’d be the first to say emery out

    But keep on going on because the guy you championed for 2 years is failing and your whole reputation is on Arteta being successful

    I guess id be defensive too if I were you.

  87. azed

    I think it’s too early to judge Arteta right now but he is laying a solid foundation. The problem is the team he has and there’s really nothing he can do about that.
    The players mailed it in when Emery was around and he took the fall.

    With Arteta, the whole world is witnessing just how past it some of our players are.

    Ozil — Past it
    Xhaka — Not an EPL player
    Lacazette —- More expensive Shane Long.

    Two new CM’s, one with attacking instinct and the order with defending instincts and we would look a better.
    Add a new RB and move Auba to the centre and we have a top 4 team.

  88. london gunner

    Scenes like they’ve won the league, hideous to see.

    hideous to think it could be us if we didn’t persist with your lord master wenger for so long.

  89. WengerEagle

    Since the Invincibles we’ve gone from being the best club in the country to now being arguably only the 3rd biggest club in London, fucking hell what a move the Emirates has been.

  90. Joe

    Wenger should have gone when we switched to the Emirates.

    Probably would have won 3 league titles and a CL and would be where Liverpool are now.

  91. Champagne Charlie

    “hideous to think it could be us if we didn’t persist with your lord master wenger for so long.“

    My lord? Someone’s on the bottle.

  92. Samesong

    Since the Invincibles we’ve gone from being the best club in the country to now being arguably only the 3rd biggest club in London, fucking hell what a move the Emirates has bee

    The kids want Liverpool tops these days lol

  93. Tom

    How many headers did VVD win today , I lost count.
    If only he wasn’t so “nonchalant “ Arsenal could’ve used him.

    CG, yea Arsenal really missed the trick not kicking Wenger upstairs to oversee the transition.

    VVD came personally recommended at 15m , went to Southampton because Wenger said no……hot. Mustafi the following season for 40m.
    Kante was recommended ,for peanuts, by our French connection, went to Leicester because Wenger said no.
    Gave Sanchez away for nothing and got Mhki back to save face on s huge contract.
    Gave even bigger one to Ozil even though no other club showed interest.
    Been unemployed since.