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Well good morning to you, I wrote a post yesterday and it didn’t post, so you’re getting a double hit of the good stuff today. 💉

It’s Mikel press conference time, I’m still getting over the novelty of not spending 45 minutes trying to decipher the buried messaging of an Unai prezzer. I also like the fact that for the first time in 10 years, tuning into the pregame chat is actually interesting.

Let’s jump face-first into what hasn’t changed in forever… an Arsenal manager on transfers.

‘I’m happy we have the squad that I believe we can compete for what we want. I’m fine. I want to keep the players and get the maximum from the players that I want, but if this scenario changes and we need somebody, I’m expecting that we will go into the market and try to solve the issue.’

On whether he has a wishlist just in case.

‘I have, yes. You need to have one always, just in case!’

So the reality of our situation hasn’t changed, we blew our load last summer, and unless a very cheap deal or loan pops, we’ll be tasting the consequences of that until we can shift some of the deadwood in the summer… but at least Mikel has a list of players he likes, hopefully Ever Banega and Big Steve Nzonzi don’t feature. That’d be like finally landing a date with Sienna Miller and finding out she farts when she drinks, which to be honest is how I felt when he started Xhaka… I have grown to enjoy that fragrance though.

The most interesting theme that has run through the last week is that Arteta is very publicly calling Auba his most important player. I can’t deny that it’s true, but it seems to be a very purposeful narrative that he’s pushing.

‘Auba has been around, he was very sad after the game. He was disappointed that he left the team with 10 men. It’s an action that is completely accidental in my opinion. He’s been superb under me, he’s trained really well, he’s working so hard. He’s scoring goals and has probably been the most important player on the team. So to lose him, obviously, is really bad news for us.’

‘I don’t know. I haven’t experienced it. I hope not, I hope we can play better and even win the games and he will be pushing for that as well. Players have to step up. You know, when one of your big players is not there, they have to take responsibility. I’m sure when they’re not playing, they want a chance and they talk. It’s time to talk on the pitch, not outside. You come on there, you make the impact that he made and you sure me that you are as good as him or even better. You have the chance.’

Keeping your best sharpshooter motivated is obviously important, is the extra effort because he wants him to sign a new deal, or is it to keep him motivated despite playing him out of position? Or is Arteta just a really fucking massive fanboy of the man. He has a gold car, that is way cool imo.

My abiding memory of Sheffield United is from the Highbury days when we cheated and scored a goal and Steve Bruce threatened to take his players off the pitch like a giant pink snowflake, an incident that culminated in Arsenal offering a replay for the unfair result. I also remember the FA Cup semi-final when David Seaman made THAT save from Paul Peschisolido.

Things are different now. Chris Wilder, one of the sexy breed of new managers doing big things at small clubs, has made his team quite the spectacle this season. Mikel likes him.

‘The work he’s done is phenomenal and he’s done some special things as well with some movements and characteristics of how he moves his team around, and the demands that he puts on his players. What I like about a manager is when I see a team and they are a real team that fights for every single ball with their attitude and behaviour, as well as their intentions for what they want to do every time.  It’s very clear what he’s trying to do, so I have big admiration for him.’

The reality of our season is that this game is very important to our progress. Sheffield United are running away from us, we lose here, it’s a 7 point gap. Staggering considering their outlay compared to ours.

Things are still not looking positive on the injury and suspension front. Kola, Tierney and Bellerin likely won’t feature. LT ‘might’ be back in contention, but he has a hip problem. Our best striker sits out the first of three games. The only thing going for us tomorrow is that this has been the first full week the squad has had with the new training staff. We’ll be a little bit fitter, the plan should be a little more clear, and hopefully we come out all guns blazing for an expectant home crowd. Miracles don’t happen overnight, but a nice run of results against sides we should be beating would build belief in the squad and make us fighting fit for the big games in the cup and against the top 6 sides when they land.

One interesting thing to watch out for is the captaincy. Who does that go to in the new era? The way the team has been playing, I’d expect someone like David Luiz. I feel like he’s bought into the vision and his performances have been immense.

Finally, Head of Medical Services, Gary O’Driscoll, has left the building to take up a new role at Liverpool. I had the pleasure of being toured around the Arsenal facilities by him a few years ago, it basically qualified me to have PHD after my work signature, and it’s part of the reason I’m so revered in the Sports Science community. The article is here, think that was back in the day when Wenger was blaming injuries on hair pills and bad luck. What a time to be alive.

What I think is important about this move is, whilst sad, it shows you how good our backroom team is. The amateur injury specialist scene on Twitter is quite something, generally always wrong about their assessments of what goes on at the club, always wrong when they point the finger out the medical team. This is a vindication of that reality. Anyway, if you fancy the job, you can apply here.

Right, find me in the comments where I’ll be giving a seminar on the latest WADA regulations, have a great Friday night x

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  1. Un na naai

    NelsonJanuary 18, 2020 21:39:48
    I think we should play 4 3 3 against Chelsea instead of 4 2 3 1. In today’s 1st half, our midfield was under manned. They controlled the 1st half. In the 2nd half, they were a bit tired and we have spent more time in their half.

    I agree with this
    Should have subbed on Ceballos or Guendouzi for ozil and dropped them deeper to get a foot on the ball if xakha is going to keep dropping into left back

  2. Paulinho

    Charlie – It’s all really quite clear. You can deny what you want, it’s there in words.

    You can deny water is wet as well.

  3. Marko

    You two need to move on as well. Charles said something stupid and is trying to turn it into something less stupid and pivot and deny it’s existence. It’s nothing new just add it to the list. Move on or as I say big whoop.

  4. Pierre

    If you gave wenger these players , I can guarantee you that he would have them playing one and 2 touch football with good movement and a free flowing style.

    I think it’s rubbish to suggest a certain group of players are unable to play quality football.

    Arteta is doing it the right way by addressing our defensive frailties .

    The 2 goals we conceded in our last 4 games were deflected shots that could have gone anywhere.

    Sometimes luck plays a part plus the game would have been over if the ref and VAR had done their job.

  5. Ivan

    CA – i think Artera was a bit cornered in Xhaka situation.

    Herha prolly offered under 20 mil for Xhaka, and Arteta knew he wouldnt get better cm in winter tv if Xhaka was sold.

    Moreover simce we are financialy fked its wiser to play Xhaka till end of season, and make him look a bit better to boost his proce as much as possible, then flog him in summer and buy upgrade.

    I got sneaky feelong Nelson, AMN and Kola are on same page too.

    Play them, make them look a bit better than they are and get as much as you can in summer tv.

    Kurzawa transfer and Arteta beong pretty relaxed when questioned about players and transfers is why i suspect and hope this could be the case…

  6. Ishola70

    “If you gave wenger these players , I can guarantee you that he would have them playing one and 2 touch football with good movement and a free flowing style.”


    With all the eleven that were on the pitch today?

    You live in a dream world.

  7. Champagne charlie


    Or I can post the full comment, the one you’ve snipped the below extract from?

    Your version: “There isn’t one player on the books, except Martinelli, that’s worth clinging onto … Gut the place and start from scratch, with Arteta pulling the strings.”

    The full comment:

    “Champagne charlie December 31, 2019 17:55:24


    Who are the candidates for his signature?

    He’s 30/31, Arsenal need to wise up and back themselves to keep on trucking. The idea of signing Auba onto a 250k per week extension and calling it a win is madness.

    60 mil in, two 30 mil talents added. Nurture the lot. There isn’t one player on the books, except Martinelli, that’s worth clinging onto. Get rid, turnover, been asking for that since Wenger left.

    Gut the place and start from scratch with Arteta pulling the strings.”

    Reads a bit differently when you include the rest of the comment plus the context, that being it was posted under Pedro’s post about “Replacing Aubameyang” and I answered in part against those who were desperate to cling onto certain players.

    Some of your squad (Banford and Marko) chose to claim that hypocritical, because that’s the red herring you all wish desperately.

    I Replied to Banford claiming it hypocritical: “I said post-Wenger that the squad should be gutted because that’s how you shift culture and start fresh quick. I lamented the fact we didn’t go hard at the squad when Emery started the season, but that doesn’t for a second take away the fact we had the requisite talent to challenge for top 4 (we unequivocally did, and it was proven). Same for this season, which hasn’t come to pass because of the incompetent manager we had in place, now sacked. You’re simply choosing to make things black and white to once again pursue an agenda.”

    And then to Marko: “Saying let’s gut the squad and use this new era as a launchpad for a whole host of new faces unattached to previous Arsenal doesn’t mean they weren’t competent enough to challenge for top 4. That’s not a hard one to grasp. Same applies with Arteta, we’re overhauling a lot about what we do so clinging onto anyone in the squad is a waste of time. Particularly 30 year old players on quarter of a mil a week, the picture is bigger and sexier. I’m saying sell Auba, doesn’t that mean he’s not good enough to deliver us top 4? No, you see how that works?”

    Your bullshit attempts to twist what I said nearly 3 weeks ago aren’t lost on me. The final sentences of both replies above pretty much lay your afternoons nibbling to rest.

    Thanks for playing 🙂

  8. Paulinho

    Charlie – As I said, your moment of weakness. The talk of Aubameyang made you drop your guard and reveal your true feelings on the squad. It’s extremely easy to manipulate dense windbags like you who forget what you said yesterday.

    You’re extremely easy to play with as a result.

  9. Champagne Charlie


    You call a lot of folk dense for someone that can’t comprehend what’s been said numerous times.

    There’s no moment of weakness, I wanted investment in the summer before Emery started, I want the same for Arteta. The reasons for which are above. Get someone to read and explain them to you.

  10. Paulinho

    Charlie – Can fully comprehend; fully comprehended it first time. Still as daft and wish-washy three weeks later as it was then.

  11. Champagne Charlie


    You’re clearly struggling, have been all day. Comical that you’d have this stored for 3 weeks down the line in the first instance, screams comprehended 😂

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Arteta has suggested that both Maitland-Niles and Saka are not full backs.

    He is of course correct but there is a huge difference between the two players.
    Saka is in my view a talented footballer who has demonstrated that he can adapt to playing in left wing back position if required. In my view he played very well today and was one of the best players on the pitch.

    Maitland-Niles who has played regularly in wing back position over past three
    seasons is awful. He has demonstrated consistently that he is unsuited to position and makes consistently mistakes which have cost us results.

    Saka is without doubt a player for the future along with Martinelli. AMN by
    contrast is unlikely to make the grade. He is not a RWB and in my view will
    not make the grade at the club either in MF or on Wing.

  13. DUIFG

    Remember well paulinho digging out Sanchez in his prime for combination play. Looked past the fact that he was contributing mad numbers whilst feeding donkey giroud. If prime Sanchez isn’t good enough(who pep also bought) then I would love to know what caliber of player is good enough for paulinhos arsenal.

  14. DUIFG

    I’m so torn with amn, in a tucked in position I think hes good, hes also physically pretty perfect.

    On the negative I still think hes sloppy as hell and generally way off best in class (martinelli setting the standard in intangibles). He has brain farts, the goal today he could have closed, takes easy option of half in half out, didn’t do anything wrong but didn’t commit
    Overall it’s so hard to shift an off mentality, let’s pray bellerin can come back close to his old self

  15. Paulinho

    Charles – You always find you own stupidity amusing? You must be in fits all day.

    It’s not hard to comprehend your argument, you seem to have more trouble remembering your own and having a tissue on hand to make some sense of them.

    Never mind the squad has already seen a significant turnover of players anyway. since Wenger left. Let’s gut it again!

    Genius mate. Fully comprehended.

  16. Nelson

    “There isn’t one player on the books, except Martinelli, that’s worth clinging onto”

    Well, I would like to keep Saka, Torr and Guen also.

  17. CG

    Fact Checker

    Arsenal 1 Sheffield United 1

    Arsenal 10th and level with Newcastle.

    Unproven Coach ( albeit promising)
    Unproven Teck Deck
    Unproven Head of Football Operations
    Vinny ,Josh and Stan in the mix

    No money,
    More Garbage players to be recruited
    Club going nowhere and rudderless

    (Wenger left 60 games ago.)

    And our Wenger once again showing managing Arsenal ain’t as easy as you think.

    I wish we were Flat Track Bullies again.
    Now days -We could nt even bully Rochdale.

    Useless, clueless, hopeless and potless.

    And all that is The Truth.

  18. Champagne Charlie


    Floundering at this point so the usual quips against intellect come out. That, despite you being daft as a brush and mistakenly full of your own intellect.

    Bring out all the quotes you have back pocketed you mong, I’ll explain them all to you and save your screen the dribble.

  19. DUIFG

    So Sanchez at arsenal was not good enough for us? You would not buy 24 yr old sanchez now if he came up on the market ?
    Trying to assess at what level players get us out this mess.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Not agreeing with you amn

    He may well not be a rwb but he could play cm

    You have previously said chambers was not up to it, but prior to his injury he was our best defender.

    Please don’t easily dismiss.

  21. Paulinho

    DFUIG – You think our players are good enough now? I’m confused at the dig about what I deem good enough. Surely it’s obvious we are bit shit in most departments?

  22. DUIFG

    Amn is mad if he thinks he will make it at arsenal at RM or cm. This is part of the reason I’m not sold on him. He should be loving playing at rb, it may be his last game for arsenal. Don’t mope, you are not good enough for that.

    Case in point saka is a wide mid, hard to tell as he is grafting at lb because he knows this is his chance

  23. Champagne Charlie


    No, I explained one time when you first landed an accusation at my feet and since then it’s just been you claiming the same bollocks over and over until I’ve just provided the whole extract, context and all. All of which I suggested earlier btw.

    The emojis are because I’m laughing, laughing at just how smug you fancy yourself. It’s actually cringeworthy 😂😂

  24. Graham62

    Arteta knows that certain players are not good enough. He also knows our limitations in other areas. He is playing a very shrewd game to ensure the players remain focused and try and maximise their potential as best they can.

    Injuries aside, we are still clearly way short of what Arteta expects. I’m convinced that one complete performance can galvanise this team. When will this take place I wonder?

    Stamford Bridge on Tuesday evening?

    Fingers crossed.

  25. Paulinho

    Charlie – Yeah, the whole extract is bollocks. I knew that already.

    I posted what I quoted because the rest was your usual drivel of reacting to your own…….drivel.

  26. DUIFG

    Paulinho- Yes they can improve but its lazy and unhelpful to just claim we need better players. Yes if we had prime pele Maradona things would improve. Truth is its not available, we can tinker the edges, the core growth will come from this squad plus additions. We cant change 11 players in a window, even if we could afford it we wouldn’t.

    If you have an idea in mind of actual players that would improve us please post them. open endedly posting our players are garbage to allow yourself to say told you so when we drop points is fairly easy.

  27. Paulinho

    DFUIF – Apologies for being proved right that the squad isn’t good enough at the start of the season.

    So when Arteta goes onto sign a load of players it will be lazy then?,or it could be what’s needed. The latter rings true precisely because it’s what needed.

    I wanted Lobotka, but Napoli have just bought him.

  28. Champagne Charlie


    You’ve thrown up a comment from three weeks ago and tried to casually suggest it from last week you melt. Let’s start there for bollocks. The whole afternoon has been you doing cirque du solei from my testicles.

  29. Un na naai

    MarkoJanuary 18, 2020 21:43:12
    Lost? You couldn’t lose me in the Bermuda TriangleDon you’re struggling. Let the big boys talk go wait in the corner

    Mate I’ll put you back on the big with a coffee
    Don’t make me.

  30. Champagne Charlie


    I’m almost certain you said Emery didn’t have the excuse of player poverty to hide behind this season in the summer. I don’t have a notebook of quotes like yourself or I’d have a rummage.

  31. Paulinho

    Charlie – You’re so triggered it’s hilarious. Suggest it from last week? What?

    It’s irrelevant whether it was last week or not, but you’re obviously bit dizzy chasing your own tail. Again.

  32. Tee


    Please, let this paulinho guy be cos He isn’t worth your stress.

    He is of the believe that the whole team is shit. For him to post that it’s only martinelli that is worth keeping shouldn’t have bothered you cos of his mantra that is obvious to all.

  33. Paulinho

    Charlie – Nope, which If you used to use your loaf I would never say considering I’ve always stated what a huge loss Ramsey would be.

    When you’re desperate though you’ll ‘cling’ onto anything (although not players you’ve said all along were top four quality).

  34. DUIFG

    Paulinho – ita all quite easy for you. Love taking one way bets.

    Pre season = players are not good enough

    Option 1 = we flop , Paulinho correct players were shit.

    Option 2 = we are good, emery is a Spanish god .

    Clever what you’ve done there.

  35. Nelson

    Just watched the replay and saw how John Stone got undressed by Zaha for the tying goal. He is not better than a healthy Mustafi.

  36. Thomas

    Clear out the squad and start from the beginning.


    All out

  37. Champagne Charlie

    “You’ve already a week or so ago said you want the squad completely gutted apart from Martinelli“

    I’m triggered now? I’m off today for a change and sat with a bag of Haribo doing some homework and getting diabetes.

  38. Tee

    Those playing the player poverty card are the same set of posters who said, during the summer that Emery had no excuse not to perform owing to the summer we had.

    One can only wonder what has changed from then to the present player poverty mantra.

    Expecting wholesale changes is out of it due to our financial incapability (though I stiil don’t believe) and our slow pace of doing transfer

  39. DUIFG

    Thomas = at first glance that list looks mad but we need to get rid of a fair few. I worry about how much that lost would bring in/how many you can actually get rid of, who wants a 31 yr old sokrstis. Peanuts a clock

  40. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve reasoned what I’ve said, something you desperately tried to avoid to paint a picture of me reneging on my claims about us having a squad of top 4 quality……you said as much just above.

    That’s where dishonesty comes into it. I’ve been consistent in what I’ve said and the full quote backs that.

  41. Paulinho

    Charlie – No dishonesty. You dropped your guard (and agenda) and revealed your true thoughts on squad, and it’s the usual polyfilla job of explaining away the resultant cracks. A familiar tale.

    As I said before, drop the BS and we go on talking about Guimares and other signings.

  42. Champagne Charlie


    There’s no bs, really can’t be clearer than that. Do you not see the value in what I’ve said about aggressively backing a new manager in his first summer window?

    It’s changes culture quicker, makes the slate truly clean, and on we go with the various changes top to bottom. I wanted it for Emery, I want it for Arteta.

    That statement and desire doesn’t mean the squad is lacking quality, specifically enough to challenge for top 4, and this is what you’ve tried to weaponise. I’m literally advocating we sell Auba and start from scratch, he’s blatantly good enough. Just doesn’t wash, take the L.

  43. Champagne Charlie

    That Bruno cunt would be welcome that being said, and so would Kurzawa this window despite the tampons getting airborne as ever from a few.

    Would like to have Saka further forward.

    Given chat about us wanting/talking 3/4 loan and small fee players I wonder what else we’re targeting. Maybe that young RB?

  44. Marko

    Hard to believe that you’ve argued for the last few HOURS over something that you proved you did say Charles. My god that’s something.

    I’m off today for a change and sat with a bag of Haribo

    Hate to tell you but you wasted it arguing over nothing.

  45. Paulinho

    “That statement and desire doesn’t mean the squad is lacking quality, specifically enough to challenge for top 4, and this is what you’ve tried to weaponise”

    And the irony of accusing others of dishonesty. Honest Guv, I know I want to bin them all, and it’s never been done before unless elite youngsters are coming through, but it’s not their quality, seriously. We’ve already turned over between 10-20 players since Wenger left? I know that, I just think we need to wipe the slate really, really clean. You know culture and stuff.

    The L is more or less branded on your forehead at this point.

  46. Marko

    I’ve been consistent in what I’ve said and the full quote backs that.

    You’ve said top 4 quality and given people shit over suggesting an overhaul. Even today you made some barb towards someone about 6 players to make us a top 4 team and there you are quoting yourself about gutting the squad bar Martinelli. Fantastic stuff really

  47. Champagne Charlie

    Boring, when you’ve got to work so hard to tell someone their own POV you know you’re struggling. I’m leaving it there, everything I’ve said on the topic is more than enough.

    Oh good chat mate, thanks for your bland input as always. I have a mobile phone, so you’ll be thrilled to learn that I’ve functioned one here all whilst getting plenty done for that day ta.

    Ask your mum and maybe you’ll get a mobile next Christmas. They’re great mate, need any recommendations let me know x

  48. Ishola70

    How will Pedro paint it when Arsenal continue to sign underwhelming signings through Kia Joorabchian Kurzawa being the latest link when he was scaremongering about horrible football agents.

    Whisper it but it has been said that Joorabchian was behind the appointment of Edu as technical director and this all stems from Sanhelli.

    As was said before rather than scare monger about nasty football agents perhaps it’s better to wake up to the fact that Arsenal are deeply immersed in one of the most notorious Mr Joorabchian.

  49. Paulinho

    Charles – When you need someone to tell you your on POV it’s more worrying for you. Although yours changes depending on how it reflects on your overall agenda, so not really a surprise you need to be reminded.

    As I said, and you’ve now admitted, we will never play good football consistently until we make big changes, so player poverty is proved beyond doubt, and we can move on.

  50. Marko

    Charlie what a wonderful response to you being an argumentative prick to anyone who talked about a squad overhaul over the last few months. Really top stuff you have a mobile and yada yada insert mother comment. Great stuff you’re on the top of your game

  51. Paulinho

    Charlie – I haven’t watched many recently. I loved Once Upon a Time in Hollywood though, not sure if you’ve seen that yet. A knowledge of the Manson stuff makes a big difference I’ve found; it certainly led to me enjoying it much more than others who didn’t even realise the extent of the twist at the end.

    Mostly series on Netflix though. Recommend Don’t f*ck with Cats, Confessions of a Killer, and (bit dated now) but Haunting of Hill House that I watched recently as well.

  52. Champagne Charlie


    No haven’t seen that, some claimed it indulgent and it put me off. Bit of a drip like that sometimes, don’t really watch movies unless I properly fancy them. Netflix the usual haunt as yourself, might give a new series a go soon but usually spiral off into the depths of YouTube while procrastinating haha

  53. Marko

    Literally watching once upon a time again just thought why not.

    Charles that’s mother and father mentioned can’t wait to hear what witty response you have tomorrow to the next stupid thing you say and then try to backtrack from. Should be good. Pins and needles waiting for what it could be. Just remember to stock up on haribo we don’t want you going dry.

  54. Paulinho

    Charlie -Yep, that’s definitely a fair criticism. I found myself wanting the Leo/Brad Pitt scenes to hurry up to get back to the Manson stuff, so the movie can drag if even that plot doesn’t pique your interest. The cinematography is brilliant though and almost worth watching just for that.

    If you’re looking for an old left-field choice, I’ve always loved Duel (1971). Early Spielberg classic that doesn’t get much mention but I always loved it.

    Yeah, can definitely relate on the Youtube distraction. The recommendations are almost too on point now, don’t need to search anymore.

  55. Marko

    The recommendations are almost too on point now, don’t need to search anymore

    Bollox. I had a recommendation there a while back and it was a 10 hour long video of ambient sounds from the Vietnam war only it wasn’t the Vietnam war it was from one of them battlefield video games. It had like 16 million views. Hilarious comment section though

  56. Nelson

    I find out that AMN is a coward. For the tying goal, instead of facing the shooter head on, he turned his head and his body. A normal defender would watch the shooter and the ball and adjust every part of his body except the hands to block the shot.

    I don’t trust a coward.

  57. Joe

    Arteta bringing the special sauce.

    Good thing Pedro was bigging him up for the last 2 years.

    Stoked we signed him. What a coup. Most sought after manager in the Europe

  58. CazOnARola

    The new manager bounce is wearing off. Teams now know how we setup insert Arteta and obviously that means Arteta has to tweak it.

    He did tweak it a bit, ozil was primarily in the left pocket today instead of the right. Of course we didn’t really find anyone in the pocket effectively and SFU players were extremely well organized.

    A poor performance and we picked ideas on the final third and missed a lot of opportunities to make something from the counter attacks.

  59. Sid

    Whatever tactics, whether Ozil plays on the shirt pocket or arse pocket,
    Xhakalson as 3rd CB, only Torr in midfield the result will be the same(predictability).

    Im telling you this for free!

  60. Sid

    The solution to a weak team is 352, our attackers are always capable of knicking a goal, rid ozil xhaka ozil in midfield, play Torr, willock Dozi behind strikers.

  61. Gonsterous

    I’m of the agreement that if we get in proper midfielders, we will not only see our offensive side get better but our defensive side will improve as well.

    At the moment we are getting walked off the park by team’s like Watford, and Sheffield utd.

    Forget spending 25m+ for a LB, get the midfield sorted in the summer and maybe we may see an overall improvement on the pitch.

    Keep torr and guen, sell xhaka, ozil and mhiki. Get in a proper CM next to torr, and a better version of Ceballos. ESR and co can be back ups. Young with potential. and hopefully we can fight for top 4 next season.

  62. Gonsterous

    I don’t think any manager can turn it around with these bunch of players. Pep and klopp struggled in the first season as they did not have the players they needed. Unlike us, they spent money and turned it around. We may not have that luxury, so we need to bid our time.

  63. Emiratesstroller

    R.S.P.C Arsenal

    There is nothing to commend Maitland-Niles based on the games that he has
    played in last two seasons.

    He is an exceptionally poor defender as was demonstrated yesterday. He cost
    us the game and he has absolutely no positional sense..

    You suggest that he would be better in CM. Frankly I don’t think that he is a
    good enough footballer to play in the centre and more importantly he is lacking in a “football brain”.

    Personally I would offload AMN this summer as we did with Welbeck. He
    would fetch at least £15 million in current market and for that money we can
    recruit a proper RB to compete with Bellerin.

  64. Aussie Gooner

    “As long as Mustafi and Luiz are the men Arsenal rely on for solidity and order in defence, the Arteta revolution will offer little more than entertainment for the rest of us.” – ESPN

    Could not have put it better myself.

  65. Aussie Gooner


    AMN has been learning from the master – Xakha and his new book ‘1001 ways to avoid being hit by the ball in my pretty face or any other part of my anatomy come to think of it’. An instant best seller among the millennial defender divas cohort!

  66. MidwestGun

    So after watching the game yesterday and reflecting on it some. It still all boils down to the same thing. Our senior players are our worst ones and until they are replaced we will not progress. Also the ones hogging up the payroll.
    Ozil was God awful.. whatever bounce he got from Arteta is now gone. Missed simple pass after simple pass.
    Mustafi and Xhaka.. add nothing to the squad but errors. . You can find a million players all over the world who can recycle the ball. And they can tackle.

    I thought Saka, Pepe, LT and Martinelli all played well. David Luiz as well.. surprisingly he hasn’t sucked now for 2 or 3 games be he still hasn’t lost that one or two moments a game he loses focus. Not going to enter the AMN debate because to be honest he should just be a squad player but due to injuries is getting all the starts.
    Arteta though has to make decisions on those 3 or 4 senior players that have been bad under 4 different managers now. I understand it isn’t always easy to replace people on high salaries who nobody wants but if we persist with them it Won’t end well.. that has been proven time and time again.
    Arteta is in a tough situation because he basically has to play youth, imo and wait for them to develop.. very similar to Chelsea situation however we don’t have the table positioning to be able to be patient like them.

    People calling for Arteta’s head though is beyond dumb.We finally have a manager who understands and can grow with the team. He needs support though by the owners. Ancelotti, Mourinho,Poch, Allegri, you name it…or whatever other manager was bantered about. isn’t going to make Ozil and Xhaka work in the same side over the course of a season…. Not happening.

  67. Unai

    ““As long as Mustafi and Luiz are the men Arsenal rely on for solidity and order in defence, the Arteta revolution will offer little more than entertainment for the rest of us.” – ESPN

    Could not have put it better myself.”

    Woah, steady on!!

    This squad is top 4 quality….. All it needs is a proper coach 🤦‍♂️

  68. China1

    I think the criticism of MN yesterday is overboard

    He played well and for the goal he was simultaneously challenging one player for an aerial battle and expected to be closing down the scorer just half a second after landing and seeing where the ball had landed

    He actually did get across to cover to his credit but the naughty striker chose to bend his shot around him rather than shoot directly at AMN…

    All AMNs daily apparently

  69. China1

    AMN’s fault*

    If their player had blasted his shot over the bar and we’d gone on to win 1-0 everyone would’ve been praising another decent performance from AMN.

    Such is the OTT nature of football analysis…

  70. China1

    Defensively I’m pretty happy with the performance yesterday. They had exceptionally few chances over the 90 mins and basically were no threat for all but a few mins

    The problem was not defensive, it was offensive. Ozil has resorted to his usual shadow impersonation and was miles away from play for much of the game making it hard for the fullbacks and DMs to link defense with attack

    Pepe was also quite poor. He still looks short of confidence and is scared to shoot on his right when the chance is on. Laca was poor again and needs dropping as soon as Auba is back

  71. China1

    The other problem was the players forgot all the two touch advice they’ve been given and reverted to emery ball endless CB passing backwards and forwards

    Very negative

  72. Unai

    Midwest, I don’t think Arteta has a choice but to try get a tune out of the senior players, in fact I’m sure both Emery and Arteta will have been employed on the basis that they will improve our underperforming players and avoid squad turn over.

    The sunk cost fallacy….. we’ve invested therefore we play em no matter how poorly they perform.

    When Arteta said you earn your place I bet he genuinely believed the club would back him, not happening. Threats are worthless without consequences.

    We should take some of the senior players to one side and say, your done, find yourself a new club or rot in the reserves because your not wanted here.

    I suspect Emery did this with the likes of Ozil and Mustafi but when he turned to look for support the club was nowhere to be seen.

  73. MidwestGun

    I get that Arteta really has no choice if he isn’t given money and lets face it he has to correct things pretty quickly and needed the buy in of the Senior dudes. But also he needed to try and increase their value if they are to be moved. But honestly it seems like a bridge too fair. I do admire that he wants to try and take on that task… Though.. For me I wouldn’t have taken the job unless I had assurances that there was light at the end of the tunnel in regards to transfers .. I just hop e this summer isn’t too late and we don’t settle to trying to make it work with them. Have seen that movie and the ending sucks.

  74. Pierre

    Pity really…if the ref and VAR had done there job correctly, we would have been talking about a comfortable win.

  75. MidwestGun

    Well as they say if the Queen had a dick she wouldn’t be the Queen. I do hate VAR though. Hated it from the beginning. Good teams overcome stuff like that though. We aren’t a good team right now. Only pleasure I got out of yesterday was watching progress of Saka and Martinelli. Bags of potential.

    Chelsea losing at the last second to Newcastle didn’t make me feel too bad either.

  76. Unai

    Just getting chance to watch MOTD, Wolves are so much more potent in attack than us, sad considering our much fabled attacking firepower.

  77. Unai

    Pierre, under Arteta we have dropped points from winning positions in 3 games only taking 2 points.

    I’m no fan of VAR but I think our general quality level and lack of winning mentality are to blame for our current run than anything else.

  78. Batistuta

    Our poor group of players is why we are where we are… Some have cited an AMN mistake, some have cited Ozil disappearing again, he’s been brought back onto the fold under a much loving manager who’s cuddled him, loved him e.t.c. and yet input is still same, some have Cited Xhaka again, Mustafi e.t.c.

    The fact that it’s 18/19 yr old Saka and Martinelli alongside the goalkeeper that have been the consistent performers should tell you something about this top4 squad many seem to think we have… Only player who’s taken it up a gear under the new manager is David Luiz, he’s the one who’s gotten a new manager bounce,the rest have had the one good game they’re capable of and reverted to type….

    Tactics, formations, play the RB as inside left or whatever all sounds good in theory but the tools at the disposal of the manger are rank average it’s scary

  79. Ishola70

    VAR did it’s job yesterday.

    The Sheffield defender did intend to foul Pepe. You could see him stick his boot out but in fact he didn’t carry it out. He didn’t touch Pepe in the end even if he had thoughts to do just that. Pepe then collapsed.

    Of course we see plenty of penalties given where the player falls to the ground without real contact. They are called bought penalties. PSG had two bought penalties given to them in two successive games against Monaco. Player falls to the ground without significant contact from the opposing player.

    Because we see other similar incidents of this nature doesn’t mean all these decisions will go your way as well.

    As for Mr David Luiz he has improved and had a good match against Chelsea but overall it was a case of could he get any worse from his poor start he had at Arsenal. And he was weak for the goal conceded against Crystal Palace. Weak defending from him on that one. He will have good games and still bad moments defensively. A combination.

  80. Chris

    Pierre I think you are wise enough to know that VAR correctly stepping in and giving us a penalty yesterday would have been no guarantee of victory.

    When Deeney stepped up yesterday I was thinking “yes, another Spurs loss” but it wasn’t to be.

    However it was always going to be a difficult game yesterday. Sheff Utd are a horrible team to play against in regard to their set up and battling qualities.

    I feel we can go to Chelsea on Tuesday and get something from the game owing both to what we can do but also their glowing inconsistency. I am sure Arteta has taken note of how Southampton and others have won their recently.

  81. Thorough

    I know I may get stick for this but fuck it, but Kurzawa now. Why? Saka should be playing further up field. And I don’t care if that’s left wings or as a number 10 just fucking don’t kill this boy by playing him left back.

  82. Ishola70

    Why Kurzawa though?

    He’s a 27 year old reject from PSG.

    If you are going to buy rejects from the better teams at least buy them relatively young so they have potential upside.

    And Kurzawa would be a lazy signing from Sanhelli’s contacts book. On the page marked Kia Joorabchian.

    Arsenal really need to get more expansive in their signings. More thought to them. Martinelli and the young French CB coming in the summer is more like it.

  83. Freddie Ljungberg


    If the rumours are true it’s a precontract and he’s coming on a free in the summer. Makes kind of sense if we have a buyer lined up for Kolasinac already to free up some funds.

    Not too concerned with a back up LB when we have Tierney tbh.


    Probably bullshit and wouldn’t fix our abysmal play but would leave us with one less area to concentrate on in the summer and just go full tilt at fixing the midfield.

    Would also spare us having to integrate 2 young CBs into the first XI at the same time.

    Makes too much sense though so we’re probably not even thinking about it.

  84. Ishola70

    tbf Tierney still has to prove that he is a top left back at Arsenal.

    Yes he has looked good going forward but not always that impressive defending.

    We all hope of course that he turns out a real good one and he could be just that but it hasn’t been proven yet in his short interrupted time at Arsenal thus far.

  85. China1

    Ishola agreed on the var yesterday

    If arsenal had been on the end of that from someone like zaha they’d be crying to high heavens thatnit was a dive under absolutely minimal contact

    It would’ve been the softest of penalties and slow motion replays confirmed that

    Just because we’re arsenal fans doesn’t mean we have to lose our objectivity for all arsenal penalty appeals. Pepe should have already shot with his right as it was very much on. It showed a disappointing lack of confidence to insist on cutting inside from that position and then go down softly.

  86. Pierre

    “The Sheffield defender did intend to foul Pepe. You could see him stick his boot out but in fact he didn’t carry it out. He didn’t touch Pepe in the end even if he had thoughts to do just that. Pepe then collapsed.”

    Ishola doing his best stevie wonder impression.

  87. Un na naai


    Torreira hasn’t taken it up a year no? Aubameyang and Lacazette haven’t looked better? Pepe?

    Even ozil has been far better. Hungry off the ball. Yes he was quiet yesterday but nearly every player has looked sharper and hungrier under Arteta
    The results will come
    He’s losing players every time we step on to the field

  88. Freddie Ljungberg


    True, but we spent 25m on him so we better hope it works out, shouldn’t have to think about position anymore now.

    If we can free up say 10-15m by selling Kola and replace with a similar output/profile it’s not a terrible move. Put that on a CB or CM.

  89. Ishola70


    It is no surprise that you are the main cheerleader of the woe betide us.

    You are silly and immature enough to convince yourself that the football world has a conspiracy against Arsenal.

    We all know VAR replays of incidents have been greedy to give decisions for the team that has thought to have been penalised against.

    That VAR did not give that decision in favour of Pepe tells it’s own story.

    As China indicates not all Arsenal fans have a screw loose and take their stance from the infamous Arsenal “Untold” website.

    You are always ready to scream injustice against Arsenal Pierre.


  90. China1

    Laca hasn’t improved under arteta. You can count on one hand how many quality contributions he has made since arteta came in

    Ozil played well for about 3 games and has since lost interest again. Back to same old ozil

    The defense and CMs, and auba have all looked better tho

  91. China1

    Artetas biggest progress has been on our off the ball work. We are far more solid and tougher to breakdown than before and teams no longer get a free run of 50 shots a game at Leno as they did under emery this season

    @pierre if that pepe incident happened against arsenal and was given your call it a red conspiracy that it was given for a very soft incident

  92. TR7


    I do not need to make any excuse for Arteta. Under him we have lost only one game, the game we should not have lost. Even yesterday, I thought we created good chances in the first half. I think we all need to be a bit patient and calm about our current situation. Things are improving and I expect us to be a strong outfit next season fighting for top 4. We drop points and people go overboard with player poverty thing. We need 3 new players but except City and Liverpool you could say that for any team in the league.

  93. Freddie Ljungberg


    Torreira is back to last seasons early form, let’s hope he can keep it up covering for Xhaka and Ozil.

    Pepe is still adapting, it’s natural for him to get better with more playing time, too bad he didn’t get more in Artetas first couple of games, is consistently our most dangerous player.

    Auba’s been about the same, Laca hasn’t been very good, 7 games without a goal now.

    Kola and Sok has a bit more protection which is good, it impacts our offensive play though.

    Ozil has had 2 30 minutes period where he’s looked like a premier league level player, that’s it. We’ve seen that before from him, it’s nothing new and he always resorts to form.

    We’re looking better but we’re not going to see much more improvement from these players.

  94. China1

    Un nai laca is hardly the first striker to drop deep and play a pass before running forward

    This is bare minimum football we’re talking about here.

    Laca isn’t getting goals or assists with any regularity. His passing is usually poor. He isn’t good at running at defenses. He isn’t elite at holding the ball up or linking play

    His standout quality is when he receives the ball without space in or around the box he has a fabulous ability to buy himself a yard and get off a shot. That’s an amazing attribute, really, but when the shot he gets off is poor it counts for very little these days

    As well he is clearly constantly getting frustrated at himself for fucking up. He throws his arms up in the air after making a mistake and imo this is a kind of toxic thing for the feeling of the team. It doesn’t inspire any kind of positivity or confidence when you keep passing to someone who fucks it up then gets pissed off

  95. China1

    Giroud was laughed at for his mixed goal record but at least his link up play was excellent and he offered a useful aerial threat

    Laca is offering close to nothing apart from frustration on the pitch this season and it’s miles off being good enough

  96. Ishola70


    There was contact on the knee but it was Pepe running into the defender.

    It’s called initiating contact from the attacker.

    We see many times now the attacker getting penalties for initiating contact and far too many for my liking.

    Penalties should be given when the defender definitely initiates contact himself not just because contact has occurred.

  97. Un na naai


    Anyone who can’t see the massive strides Arteta has made with our shape, frame work, attitude and intensity is either stevie wonder or serving their agenda
    Arteta has taken stock and realised the most vital issues were the ones above and went to work on them. Half the team is on the injury table or suspended

    He’s without Nelson, Aubameyang, chambers, holding, Sokratis bellerin, kolasinac, Tierney

    That’s a serious list of first team players out and we are still much better than under emery.

  98. Un na naai


    No it was Pepe running into space he used his knee to block the space
    You can’t tackle with your knee mate and if his foot doesn’t make contact with the ball at all then it’s a foul

  99. China1

    For everyone’s reference, giroud who we all agree was not first 11 quality had an almost identical goals to games ratio to laca at arsenal.

    The difference was girouds team play, link up and hold up we’re a country mile better

    Laca needs selling

  100. Un na naai

    China1January 19, 2020 08:54:48
    Giroud was laughed at for his mixed goal record but at least his link up play was excellent and he offered a useful aerial threatLaca is offering close to nothing apart from frustration on the pitch this season and it’s miles off being good enough

    Did you not watch yesterday? Laca spring two counter attacks releasing Pepe down the right
    One ended up with an open goal that martinelli missed and the other ended with Pepe roasting his man beifre being brought down in the box

    He also set up the goal with a beautiful little pass wide to Saka

    That’s what he gives
    But yeah Giroud’s link up was under rated

  101. Ishola70


    Pepe ran into the defender.

    The defender did not run into Pepe.

    The Sheffield boy was thinking of fouling Pepe but not by the knee by by his boot but he pulled up from going through with it.

    As said VAR has been very greedy to give the benefit of the doubt to the team that has been thought to have been penalised against.

    But not yesterday.

    I wonder why.

    Apart from Pierre’s world wide conspiracy against Arsenal vibe.

  102. Un na naai


    I disagree. I think his passing is to a very high standard. And his link up play. Aubameyang’s goal against palace was from Lacazette’s first time pass.

    He’s rusty and unconfident at the minute but as soon as he gets his next goal it will be different. It’s his worst run under arsenal and no surprise seeing as how disjointed our attack is, how often he was left out sunned or injured under emery.

    The bloke needs a lift
    I wouldn’t be agaisnt selling both him and Aubameyang but we would need a top top class replacement and who would come to us that could provide what they do? Mbappe?

  103. Freddie Ljungberg

    Laca only has to drop deep and create because we have Houdini at Cam. He’s the focal point of our attack, would be nice if he scored once and a while since we don’t have any midfielders that can score and usually play kids or an adapting Pepe on the wings.

  104. China1

    Un I think those kinds of Link ups are just bare minimum expectations are this level and don’t need celebrating. I’d expect most strikers in the league to be able to do that

    He got a nice assist for auba last week, but again that was his only genuinely good moment in 90 minutes.

    He’s way off what we need right now

  105. Graham62

    Thank god for Torriera.

    Covering for the defiences in certain other players (we know who they are) he’s proving that if you put him where he was born to play, you’ll reep the benefits.

  106. Thorough

    If they can get someone else then fine. Even if it’s the academy/u23 left back. But sadly everything points at Kurzawa now. They might as well just get it done. I just want Saka developed as an attacker as he’s shown he can be Mustard. No wrong pegs in wrong holes.

  107. Freddie Ljungberg


    I would sell both of them and bring in either someone like Cavani on the cheap as a short term fix to give Martinelli, Balogun etc a chance to develop or someone like Marcus Thuram that would give us the same physical traits but with more long term benefits.

    Spend the money we make on improving the rest of the team, bring in a goal scoring Cam/LW to make up for any shortfalls in goals.

    Far too dependent on Auba now and have to start spreading goals around more, we just don’t have the players capable of doing that.

  108. China1

    Even tho long term it might not be our best direction, in the short term I’m quite glad to see saka lb with martinelli lw

    If they both can build some chemistry, they could be brutal offensively in light of their pace. They also can recover defensively in no time and martinelli is willing to put a shift in defensively too

    Saka long term should be a winger but that combination really is interesting

    I wonder if a year from now we might have Tierney, saka left. Bellerin pepe right and martinelli central. Pace for daaaaaaaays

  109. China1

    Freddie I don’t disagree. In light of our supposedly limited resources, I think we might need to make a few tough, ruthless decisions to be smart about the greater good

    If we sold auba and laca this summer we’d probably take in the region if 100m. If you do get Cavani with martinelli as backup, we could invest 50m in a quality CM and 50m in a quality CB and we’d be a solid chunk better as a team for next season imo. That’s at zero net cost.

    If you assume we can still invest another 30-40m of our cash with or without sales then we can focus that towards the peripheral positions and we really might look 20% better come august

  110. Ishola70

    Freddie Ljungberg

    “Marcus Thuram”

    Saw him against Schalke the other day.

    He looks like he could be the real deal but a lot of the time flatters to deceive.

    And I still don’t know why there is so much fuss about Zakaria. Sure he has a physical presence but his all round game lacks a few too many times.

    The best player on the pitch in that Schalke v Moechengladbach game the other night was the Schalke captain and DM Mascarell. Always there tidying up in the Schalke midfield and springing out as well winning challenges on occasions.

    But Mascarell is an unfashionable player you see. His player profile is not sexy.

  111. China1

    Laca auba kolasinac ozil mustafi xhaka mikki could all be sold this summer (if we’re lucky) for a combined total in the region of 150-160m

    That’s enough for 2 major signings, and 2-3 smart bargains, not including any free transfers

  112. Un na naai

    Pepe ran with the ball through two defenders
    One sticks his leg out blocking path and knee makes contact
    He misses the ball entirely

    How is that not a foul?

  113. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s not the finished article yet but has all the attibutes. Tall, 1.90+, pace for days, good dribbler, good header of the ball etc.
    Has also played a lot on the left wing and is far more capable of that than Auba or Laca.

    Could see some nice interchanges between him and Martinelli on that side.

    Would have been better if we’d sold Laca last summer and bought him when he went to Schalke for a pittance but that would have been too forward thinking, it is what it is.

  114. Majesticgooner

    Until clubs , arsenal in particular start calling out the refs and pgmol openly after matches, calling them as they are , cheats , take whatever consequences that will come at the beginning but continue turning the spotlight on them ,incidents like the blatant cheating in not awarding of the penalty will continue to happen. What are the chances of Mike dean officiating two Sheffield United matches so far this season and in both matches turning down stonewall penalties. Whoever assigned him knew why they were giving him the job. If it could happen in Italy it could happen in the premier league

  115. Gentlebris

    So the Arteta dynasty has delivered:


    One win in five games.

    And we were leading in all of those games we couldn’t win.

    Not what Pedro expected I assume.

    What’s important now: Can Arteta identify players that can help him? No doubt we are playing better with him as coach but results are still as flat as Emery’s.
    If Arteta would succeed, he would have to develop a good transfer vision, cos he doesn’t seem like a guy who can transmit winning energy into a group of average players and make them a great team.

  116. Un na naai

    China and Freddie

    Not against selling either or both but I feel you’re being too harsh on Lacazette. Good link up is not the bare minimum expected of a premier league striker. Look at Aubameyang. Awful link up. Michael Owen too. There are plenty of strikers down the years that dont offer the work rate, self less ness and all round game that Lacazette gives us

    It was no coincidence that when he goes off we concede. He needs to be playing full 90 but he puts so much on the pitch he burns out
    Same with Torreira

    Those two for me are key. Alone with Pepe on the right who is still finding his feet but I expect him to explode soon.

  117. Un na naai


    Somebody watch that penalty appeal and tell me the defender did not make contact with his knee, initiated by him
    Pepe has to drive at that space or turn back. He’s a positive forward though how loves to run with the ball so he’s going to hit that space and look for the shot on his left

    It’s a pen all day long man

  118. Receding Hairline

    I still don’t see the playing better bit.

    Sure we get behind the ball a lot and restrict shots which is good but it has come at a cost. We don’t keep possession higher up the field long enough, the bulk of our passing happens between the defenders and Torriera, and I still maintain we are not creating anywhere near enough chances on goal to expect easy wins.

    We had more possession but created the same number of big chances as they did. Overall shots on goal according to sofa score was 10 to 11 in their favour. We are the home team and are supposedly strong in attack.

  119. Pierre

    Half of em here have never kicked a ball on their life …there understanding of the game is of a very low level.

  120. Freddie Ljungberg


    Comes with the territory of having so many weak players to compensate for.

    Xhaka tucking in on the left because he’s crap under press and to cover for our rookie LB or our WB that’s not great at defending.

    Laca dropping deep because we don’t have anyone that creates chances.

    AMN tucking in to give our slow CBs more protection.

    All of these moves makes us more compact but hinders us in attack. Probably the right way to go though with the players we have.

    Take out the faulty pieces and it’s a different story I think. Encouraging signs that Arteta knows what he’s doing, just needs to work on his subs and we need new players.