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Well good morning to you, I wrote a post yesterday and it didn’t post, so you’re getting a double hit of the good stuff today. 💉

It’s Mikel press conference time, I’m still getting over the novelty of not spending 45 minutes trying to decipher the buried messaging of an Unai prezzer. I also like the fact that for the first time in 10 years, tuning into the pregame chat is actually interesting.

Let’s jump face-first into what hasn’t changed in forever… an Arsenal manager on transfers.

‘I’m happy we have the squad that I believe we can compete for what we want. I’m fine. I want to keep the players and get the maximum from the players that I want, but if this scenario changes and we need somebody, I’m expecting that we will go into the market and try to solve the issue.’

On whether he has a wishlist just in case.

‘I have, yes. You need to have one always, just in case!’

So the reality of our situation hasn’t changed, we blew our load last summer, and unless a very cheap deal or loan pops, we’ll be tasting the consequences of that until we can shift some of the deadwood in the summer… but at least Mikel has a list of players he likes, hopefully Ever Banega and Big Steve Nzonzi don’t feature. That’d be like finally landing a date with Sienna Miller and finding out she farts when she drinks, which to be honest is how I felt when he started Xhaka… I have grown to enjoy that fragrance though.

The most interesting theme that has run through the last week is that Arteta is very publicly calling Auba his most important player. I can’t deny that it’s true, but it seems to be a very purposeful narrative that he’s pushing.

‘Auba has been around, he was very sad after the game. He was disappointed that he left the team with 10 men. It’s an action that is completely accidental in my opinion. He’s been superb under me, he’s trained really well, he’s working so hard. He’s scoring goals and has probably been the most important player on the team. So to lose him, obviously, is really bad news for us.’

‘I don’t know. I haven’t experienced it. I hope not, I hope we can play better and even win the games and he will be pushing for that as well. Players have to step up. You know, when one of your big players is not there, they have to take responsibility. I’m sure when they’re not playing, they want a chance and they talk. It’s time to talk on the pitch, not outside. You come on there, you make the impact that he made and you sure me that you are as good as him or even better. You have the chance.’

Keeping your best sharpshooter motivated is obviously important, is the extra effort because he wants him to sign a new deal, or is it to keep him motivated despite playing him out of position? Or is Arteta just a really fucking massive fanboy of the man. He has a gold car, that is way cool imo.

My abiding memory of Sheffield United is from the Highbury days when we cheated and scored a goal and Steve Bruce threatened to take his players off the pitch like a giant pink snowflake, an incident that culminated in Arsenal offering a replay for the unfair result. I also remember the FA Cup semi-final when David Seaman made THAT save from Paul Peschisolido.

Things are different now. Chris Wilder, one of the sexy breed of new managers doing big things at small clubs, has made his team quite the spectacle this season. Mikel likes him.

‘The work he’s done is phenomenal and he’s done some special things as well with some movements and characteristics of how he moves his team around, and the demands that he puts on his players. What I like about a manager is when I see a team and they are a real team that fights for every single ball with their attitude and behaviour, as well as their intentions for what they want to do every time.  It’s very clear what he’s trying to do, so I have big admiration for him.’

The reality of our season is that this game is very important to our progress. Sheffield United are running away from us, we lose here, it’s a 7 point gap. Staggering considering their outlay compared to ours.

Things are still not looking positive on the injury and suspension front. Kola, Tierney and Bellerin likely won’t feature. LT ‘might’ be back in contention, but he has a hip problem. Our best striker sits out the first of three games. The only thing going for us tomorrow is that this has been the first full week the squad has had with the new training staff. We’ll be a little bit fitter, the plan should be a little more clear, and hopefully we come out all guns blazing for an expectant home crowd. Miracles don’t happen overnight, but a nice run of results against sides we should be beating would build belief in the squad and make us fighting fit for the big games in the cup and against the top 6 sides when they land.

One interesting thing to watch out for is the captaincy. Who does that go to in the new era? The way the team has been playing, I’d expect someone like David Luiz. I feel like he’s bought into the vision and his performances have been immense.

Finally, Head of Medical Services, Gary O’Driscoll, has left the building to take up a new role at Liverpool. I had the pleasure of being toured around the Arsenal facilities by him a few years ago, it basically qualified me to have PHD after my work signature, and it’s part of the reason I’m so revered in the Sports Science community. The article is here, think that was back in the day when Wenger was blaming injuries on hair pills and bad luck. What a time to be alive.

What I think is important about this move is, whilst sad, it shows you how good our backroom team is. The amateur injury specialist scene on Twitter is quite something, generally always wrong about their assessments of what goes on at the club, always wrong when they point the finger out the medical team. This is a vindication of that reality. Anyway, if you fancy the job, you can apply here.

Right, find me in the comments where I’ll be giving a seminar on the latest WADA regulations, have a great Friday night x

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  1. Un na naai

    Unai na
    That was big of you. I’ll hold you up to it.

    Don’t be facetious. It’s standard. Too many here would rather be right than honest with themselves and each other even to the detriment of the club they claim to support

  2. TR7

    ‘The constant reference to calling out Emery as wrong for the club hence everything you say is gold is just nonsense’

    Well we will see, won’t we ? My hunch is I will be right once again 🙂

  3. Dissenter

    “Asking for friend “?
    Did you mean to write a stylist friend? 😁

    Really it’s impossible to decouple results from performances .They are Pari passu
    We didn’t pay well and deserved the result we got.

  4. Receding Hairline

    TR7 you were the poster on here at Halftime praising the Europa league final tactics, we all know how that ended

    You are also on record saying you will rather keep Emery than bring in Allegri

    Not to Mention Pochettino being one of the top three coaches in the world, a man who has won nothing. You seem to have a love for not winning. Hearing Arteta is the right man from you actually worries me, you have no interest in winning

  5. bennydevito

    So, 2 games in a row where we’ve thrown away 2 points.

    If Emery was still here it would be all on him….

    Sooner or later the penny’s going to drop that the problem wasn’t just Emery, it was the players too, and no amount of turd polishing with Harrod’s finest 5 star Michelin sauce is going to make much of a difference.

  6. Dissenter

    Hope TR7 can explain how dropping points at home helps further Arteta’s goals
    The league position determines how much we make domestically. The more we wallow in the mid table the less money for summer transfers

    It’s laughable really. Some clown actually wrote that Nigel Pearson had an easier job than Arteta at the time they were hired.

  7. bennydevito

    To be fair I thought we were unlucky yesterday, no doubt our XG abcdefg was a lot better, but we still have a lit if dross that needs replacing.

  8. Jamie

    “We didn’t pay well and deserved the result we got.”

    Did we play with more style against Palace a week ago? Half as many shots taken from both sides, similar number of shots on target from both sides, both ended 1-1.

  9. CG


    “””””It’s laughable really. Some clown actually wrote that Nigel Pearson had an easier job than Arteta at the time they were hired.””””””

    Pearson has been absolutely sensational at Watford.

    Calm, composed, experience personified.
    A proper manager and a natural leader.
    A man with presence.

    Arteta can put on a scintillating training session and prattle on about Inverted fullbacks and body shapes until the cows come home – he will always unfortunately lack most of the above.

    And thats why you always need a manger and not a Head Coach

  10. Nelson

    For those who criticize Arteta of playing Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi, they should direct their anger towards the owner and Raul. Since there is no players coming in, Arteta is doing his best with what is available.

  11. TR7


    Yes, I detest managers who play dull, dour and defensive football. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Football is a game made for entertainment, it’s a beautiful game and should be played beautifully. No time for the likes of Allegri, Simeone etc.

    As for the Europa league final, we were doing well in the first half. In the 2nd half, Hazard and Co. stepped up and we fell apart. It happens all the time in football – top players making a mockery of opposition’s tactics by their brilliant play. I never gave Emery any stick for losing the EL final.

    As for Poch, he is indeed a top top manager. Right up there with the likes of Pep, Klopp and Conte.

  12. Paulinho

    Arteta will find himself in the same quick sand that Emery found himself in, alternating between playing experienced trash, and inexperienced youth, that will most likely turn out to be not good enough either.

  13. Dissenter

    Honestly when Nigel Pearson was appointed at Watford, I thought they were setting up for a quick promotion back from the championship next season
    I though Norwich and Watford going down were givens

  14. China1

    Ozil has been finished at this level for years. Even poor players will put in good performances here and there. Ozil is incapable of sustaining any kind of decent form or motivation. He just doesn’t care about football

    He will have a game here or there where he bothers to present his mercurial talents but at least 60% of his performances are going to be average, irrelevant, anonymous or some combination of all 3.

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Ozil is finished the same way Jose Mourinho is going to end up leaving spurs in an angry mess. Some things are just facts of life

  15. Un na naai


    Truth is the club should have been able to afford a midfielder in the summer
    We are told that we have the funds available to buy anyone. That was 3 years ago.
    So why aren’t we when we are bringing in more tv money than ever before and have increased sponsorship money by £60m per season
    We went for Ceballos who’s been useless.
    We let Ramsey and Cazorla leave for nothing without replacements

  16. Receding Hairline

    TR7 claiming you have been entertained against Palace and Sheffield really lowers the bar on what qualifies as entertaining football.

    Just leave the bar on the floor,it can’t go low enough.

    Allegri and Simeone have won league titles, I don’t think they care for your rating.
    Pochettino is not in the same league as Pep, Klopp and Conte, quit embarrassing yourself.

  17. Joe

    Said it when it happened. Arteta is the wrong hire at the wrong time.

    No better than emery.

    The excuses being thrown out are pathetic.

    Admit it. Terrible hire.

  18. RodneyKing

    I long for the day when one of our midfielders will run at the defence and score like Barnes just did moments ago.

    Unfortunately, we probably won’t be seeing movements and goals like that any time soon as our players are currently focused on learning keep-ball and two-touch.

  19. Joe

    TR7 claiming you have been entertained against Palace and Sheffield really lowers the bar on what qualifies as entertaining football.

    Wasn’t that what Pedro and the other Arteta lovers were saying during the 23 or whatever it was match Unbeaten streak. “Oh we’re playing shit” etc etc

    That doesn’t apply to Arteta I guess because he has special sauce

  20. TR7

    ‘TR7 claiming you have been entertained against Palace and Sheffield really lowers the bar on what qualifies as entertaining football.’

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you were a Liverpool fan, you would have been calling for Klopp’s head in his very first season. Arteta has clearly laid out his philosophy. The guy has not had a chance to bring his own players and here you are sniping at him for not playing entertaining football.

  21. Receding Hairline

    TR7 you mentioned entertaining football not me. I mentioned winning games which grows confidence in your methods especially if you are a new coach with no previous to draw from. If we keep dropping points from games we are winning what builds the players confidence he is like you say the right man for the job. Last I checked the job still remains winning football matches.

  22. CG


    “””””We let Ramsey and Cazorla leave for nothing without replacements

    Because we have Village Idiots running amok, perhaps

    And also we have an absentee owner and his Village Idiot son over in the US

    Put those two things together and throw in financial problems, falling revenues and inexperienced head coach.

    You can see why – we are going absolutely nowhere( for some time)

    That team put out – yesterday- was the worst Arsenal team for 40 years.

    Absolute Excrement!

  23. Marc


    You’re looking at the wrong side of the of the equation when you ask why we aren’t spending more. Yes we’re getting more domestic TV revenue and new sponsorship deals but we’re also losing money because we have a CL wage bill and EL money coming in – basically we’re £60 odd million down on what we should be.

  24. Sid

    TR7January 19, 2020 14:43:38
    RecedingYes, I detest managers who play dull, dour and defensive football.

    Xhakalson as a 3rd CB instead of being in midfield is the definitionof dull, dour.
    Why not play 3 CBs 3 midfielders Torr, willock, Dozi/ceballos with wingbacks and 2 attackers 352

    Im telling you this for free!

  25. Joe

    Arteta has shown nothing. There was no “new manager bounce”.

    We are the same.

    Arteta has brought no special sauce. Weird you’d think you’d get some special sauce from laying out cones for pep

  26. Joe

    Receding HairlineJanuary 19, 2020 15:02:36
    Klopp had league wins and champions league finals to back up his methods. Quit belittling great coaches with baseless comparison

    Spot on.

  27. Marc

    The argument on here seems mostly to be centring on expectations from Arteta.

    For those who think he’s doing all that can be expected how many wins should he achieve from his first ten PL matches in charge?

  28. Pedro

    Marc, it’s clear what’s going on here. People that spent 18 months telling us about how incredible Emery was and that nothing was his fault are trying to rescue their reps by hammering Arteta after 6 games.

    Very predictable. Liverpool had a #KloppOut crowd as well.

    New post.

  29. azed

    Can we just stop all this bickering?
    Arteta has made us more compact but that has come at a cost.
    We are more compact because we are more cautious in defense.

    Emery said he would rather win 5-4 than 1-0 hence deploying Torriera higher up front to try and win the ball back early.
    Emery made his choice and was rightly fired.

    Nobody should expect anything from Arteta this season as a large majority of the players are living on reputation rather than actual performance.

  30. RodneyKing

    Are fans looking at Liverpool/Man City and thinking we deserve a super-star manager of our own, hence the need to create one?

    The constant portrayal of Arteta as an extra special manager needs to be toned down, I feel. He needs time to show us what he’s really made of so I’m in no hurry to judge him.

    I equally don’t think people should scream “improvement” every time our players, who are supposed to be professionals, succeed in doing the basics.

    It’s a plus that he can communicate his ideas clearly but I don’t see that “nasty” edginess – think Klopp at Mainz or Pep at Barcelona or prime Mourinho at Porto/Chelsea – that gets players playing out of their skins week in, week out.

    Let’s see if that will come with experience.

  31. Joe

    If this was all they was expected of Arteta why not just keep Freddie until the end of the season. He couldn’t have done any worse

  32. Un na naai

    JoeJanuary 19, 2020 14:54:00
    Said it when it happened. Arteta is the wrong hire at the wrong time. No better than emery. The excuses being thrown out are pathetic. Admit it. Terrible hire.

    Back to your usual flip flopping bollocks
    Remember? Emery in. Emery out!!! Emery in
    I bet brushing your teeth is hard work eh?

  33. Joe


    At least I can admit I
    Was wrong about emery.

    Will you about Arteta??

    At least emery made people emery in in the early stages

    What’s Arteta done??

  34. RodneyKing

    What’s Arteta’s philosophy exactly? Is it his or something we’re hoping he brought with him from Man City?

    Klopp, one would reckon, seems to have a philosophy that’s his.

  35. Micheal

    If people want an insight into the mismanagement and irresponsible ownership of our club, take a quick look at Arsenal women’s team. They are very successful and yet a perfect example of how to damage success by refusing to offer decent investment and support from Kroenke.

    Arsenal Ladies are reigning champions of the WSL and currently top of the league, in the quarters of the UEFA European tournamount and still in the FA Cup.

    The first team squad is just 17 players who are totally knackered and carrying a string of injuries. They lost 4-1 at home to Chelski today – backed by that Russian who has built a squad of 23, which now includes one of the most expensive players on the planet.

    Guess who owns Arsenal Ladies team ? And see the parallel with our team.