Kurzawa has poor injury record and attitude issues… but

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So the news is in, Eddie Nkeitiah has impressed the staff enough to earn a permanent move back to London. No Bristol City for him, it’s Holloway Road Nando’s every damn night… what an establishment by the way.

Competition will still be tough for the goal poaching Englishman, but I’d imagine he’ll have chances to play. We have a lot of games coming up, we’ll likely go big in the FA Cup and the Europa League. The Premier League will also be brutal. Part of me wonders if the superior fitness and Bielsa drilled work ethic he picked up at Leeds will have played a role in the decision.

I also wonder if this permanent move says anything about how Arteta sees Gabriel. Emery said the Brazilian was not a striker (said LT was a #10 as well), despite him looking like a beast through the middle. Arteta has used him out wide, so maybe that’s where he’ll continue to play. I mean, if he was seen as a striker, that’d put Eddie as 4th choice in that role.

His retention certainly bolsters the frontline. It might also add competition to Lacazette who is desperately out of form and continues to lack the required physicality and stamina for the league. We have Saka, Gabriel, Pepe, Auba, Lacazette, and Eddie to pick from. Very exciting if we can start to improve our chance creation from midfield.

The Bruno rumours continue to pick up pace, the Brazilian is a Kia player, who is the agent of Edu and Luiz. We’re also being heavily linked with Kurzawa. The PSG fullback is available on a free this summer, but word on the street is we might move for him now. His agent? Kia. I don’t like it. GFFN lambasted the move as being heavily influenced and a bit grim considering his injury record.

For me, it’s an Arsenal tradition to hire in players that are broken. Wenger made Overmars a star despite a dodgy knee and he made Kanu a hero despite the player having a heart attack. Things went downhill after that but we’ve continued to chase the dragon since then. My favorite will always be Kim Kallstrom, signed with a broken back, absolute peak Arsenal.

Broader concern here, I hate the notion of us being part of a super agent money trough. It’s grim and rarely leads anywhere positive. It also shows weakness of infrastructure. If the best full back we can find to cover for our injury-prone fullbacks is an injury-prone fullback, something is awry. If you can’t stay fit in Ligue 1, what hope do you have in a league where there are more than 4 tough games a year? I’m also a little bothered that he’s known for having a shitty attitude.

Still, he’s a quality player and am I really criticising Arteta? I’m an AKB, critical thinking out the door, I’d back the man if he brought Diaby in. That’s dedication. Also, I like how Kurzawa dresses. He also has a cool name.

Nice to see Spurs in a similar position. Signing a centre midfielder on a loan deal with a view to a £50m deal. An immense talent on paper, but one that couldn’t break into the Benfica starting 11 because of Abel Taarabt. Jorge Mendes special there. Inspired, or another example of Jose being brutally out of touch with modern football.

David Ornstein – who I now pay to listen for because The Athletic hit me for a year in one go after my trial ended -reckons we’re looking at 4 loan players. MAYBE I SHOULD POST HIS WHOLE TWEET BECAUSE I BASICALLY BOUGHT ALL HIS CONTENT. Anyway, broader message here seems to be that we’re skint, which we knew, and the only way we’re bringing in bodies is finding broken talent that needs games in their legs. He thinks we’re looking for central midfielders and defenders.

I’m fine with that. Why? Because I have to be you damn fool. What would me being unfine with it mean? Nothing.

On that note, listen to my pod and I’ll see you tomorrow. x

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg


    You’re right, sorry. Should have just raved about calf muscles and spivs to show my superior intellect, it’s what the real smart people do. You always learn something new on le grove.

  2. azed

    As we’ve seen with Mustafi, El neny and numerous overpaid players we bought in the past, the stumbling block to moving them, is wages.

    If Kurzawa is already on wages above a 100k, the deal makes no sense.

    Keep Kolasinac till the summer, scout a decent LB from league one that would gladly accept 15k.

  3. Nelson

    Inter is getting stronger and stronger. Sanchez is finally health. I hate to face Giroud again in the Europa cup. It is hope that Inter is putting priority on the Scudetto. I can’t see our defense can stop that team.

  4. Batistuta


    Kurzawa having a dozen caps for France doesn’t stop him from being a bit shit defensively and that’s the problem so when you say we’re swapping him for Kolasinac, we’re basically swapping a similar player for another of same issues with maybe even a bigger wage yea… My main concern is the fact that defensively he can be all over the place and coming into a team that has just the one tackler in midfield, that’s a problem….And that’s before you get into him being a bit of an injury concern himself…

  5. Words on a Blog

    I’ve got no particular axe to grind about Kurzawa coming in this transfer window, one way or another, just as I didn’t particularly care one way another when Denis Suarez came in last January.

    Dealing with “super-agents” is a fact of life for all clubs, as is the bit of wheeling and dealing implied by the “contacts approach”. Not every transfer decision can be a data-driven discovery of an undiscovered South American emerald. The money involved isn’t significant, and may contribute to a surplus if Kola is moved on for a reasonable sum. If Arteta is happy enough with “Seven Samurai” Kurzawa’s attacking and defensive abilities, then I know for a fact that I don’t have the technical knowledge to question him.

    The only thing that rankles is our inability to source a player with a decent injury record. Why oh why does everyone who joins Arsenal in January have to be a crock?

  6. Marko

    The way people talk about Kurzawa, you wouldn’t believe he had a dozen caps for France.

    A dozen? Well that’s me convinced.

    No but seriously as has been said before if this signing was made under Emery certain types would be frothing at the mouth but it happens under a popular manager and it’s leeway city. He’s 27 he’s suspect defensively he’s been a bit part player for a few seasons now and he’s on 115,000 a week. We’d basically be replacing a Kolasinac with another Kolasinac someone who should never have been signed in the first place big wages poor player that we’ll struggle to get rid of eventually. It’s just short sighted

  7. Nelson

    From French Football News (@GFFN) January 15, 2020

    “Layvin Kurzawa is exceptionally injury-prone, criminally unfit & has not been playing regular football for the best part of the last 4.5 years.”

    For me, his salary should be based on the number of games he actually plays.

  8. Gonsterous

    I still don’t understand why we don’t scout players from the championship?
    Is it because they are cheap?

    Don’t understand the logic of getting players from ligue 2 but not from the championship.

  9. Freddie Ljungberg


    Can’t believe that’s already more than 4 years ago. Time flies on le grove.

    I wonder what Bams take is on the word “moist”

    Someone monitoring his twitter can let us know later I guess.


  10. Romford Pele

    “Don’t understand the logic of getting players from ligue 2 but not from the championship.”

    Just like the PL the Championship is expensive to buy in. Not that i’d be against it but you have to be aware. Villa buying Tyrone Mings for almost £30m. Sheffield United signed Ollie McBurnie for £20m.

  11. TheBayingMob

    Page 1, 1st paragraph of The Football Management manual states:1a) Never purchase an injured player. It will get you the sack.
    1b) Never purchase a player ready for The Knackers Yard. It gets you the sack.
    1c) Never purchase players with bad attitudes (eg Luiz and Kurzawa).It gets you the sack.”

    1a Kim Kalstrom, didn’t get Arsene sacked
    1b Andre Santos, didn’t get Arsene sacked
    1c Alexis Sanchez, didn’t get Arsene sacked

  12. Leedsgunner

    Not as negative as some here on Kurzawa, it could be a clever buy if we could keep him injury free… a big if.

    Definitely worth a punt if we can pick him up on a free… more skillful than Kolasinac and I can’t believe Arteta would have sanctioned it if he thought it was a bad decision.

    Arteta comes across as a man with a mind of his own rather than a yes man like Emery.

    Funny enough Thomas Meunièr, Kurzawa’s teammate at PSG at right back also has a contract ending this summer. If we can pick him up on a free I would definitely do so with Bellerin being so injury laden. He would give AMN some proper competition.