Mesut Ozil charm offensive

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Arteta blazing over… 

The Mikel Arteta fan club just keeps on growing, the latest fan to voice his bold opinions on the manager isssssssss… Mesut Ozil. The German, who metaphorically garroted Unai Emery with his IDGAF performances, had many nice things to say about his new boss.

“Fighting and having possession, being in control of the game, having the ball all the time.

“These are the things that he is working on with us and you can see it — everyone is smiling, laughing, enjoying their time — it has made us successful.

“It is basically getting us back to the old Arsenal virtues,”

“I think he is the right man at this club.”

“He can show us everything he has learnt in his long career. He knows exactly what we need.

“He knows what to say to us, how to give us a positive attitude and how to make us successful.

“I can see he is really hungry but at the same time he is also very down to earth.”

Some papers are saying this is a dig at Unai Emery, I didn’t really see it that way, more an honest reflection of what he’s enjoying with Arteta.

Some will guffaw at the temerity of these comments and I can definitely see why there would be outrage. Mesut mailed it in big-time under Unai, but ultimately, we’ve all had a job at TGI Fridays, being bossed around by some tosser that insists you’re an idiot because of your handling of the balloon animals, getting booed by some big shot from Grays because you sneezed on his steak. Fuck TGI Fridays and anyone that goes there for a birthday and pretends they don’t want the song.

‘You know why you’re here Darren, stand on the fucking chair, let me tie these balloons on your arms, and feign embarrassment as I sing a hateful song at you’

Anyway, point being… no one liked working for Emery. No one made it out the other side a better player. If those battered players have changed their attitude now, who cares, we are a fan base led by god, and god says he who casts the first stone usually gets a stadium ban. So don’t do that, but do forgive. Think of Mesut as a puppy that’s been left in a bin bag by the side of the river, Arteta has found him, the fans will give him 3 weeks to recover, if it doesn’t work out, dad will take him to the vet (Washington DC) and that’ll be that.

Arsenal are being linked to a whole host of players I’m pretty sure we’re not going to bring to the club.

We are short a center-back, John Stones has been linked on loan, but I can’t see it. I think he has an outrageous amount of talent that we could tap, but I’d be surprised to see Pep farm out players to Mikel so soon. I’d also be worried Stones would bring some of that horrible form over to us. Only thing working in our favour is that City might want to shop window him, and the player would die for some game time with the Euros coming this summer.

Bruno Guimaraes, one of 600 Bruno’s being linked to the Premier League, is also picking up a lot of Arsenal attention. The 22-year-old defensive midfielder is valued at £22m, he smells like an Edu sort of player (Drenched in Le Labo), and I’d basically be game for anyone that can run fast, tackle, and occasionally bite a rival.

Not quite sure about the video, doesn’t look very polished and lacks speed if these videos are anything to go by… 6 minutes of scouting though, so will happily be told otherwise.

… I do worry about the rumours, I’m not sure we’re rolling in cash, so any move would have to be funded by bringing more money forward from the summer, or maybe via a player sale (make it MUSTAFI PLEASE).

Short one today, pretty devastated that people said the new volume on the podcast was still too low. Back to sound engineering school for me.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Kia Joorabchian, the agent with close links to Arsenal and in particular Edu Gaspar.

    Joorabchian is said to have played a large role in getting Arsenal’s deal for David Luiz done in the summer”

    Close links indeed, one last minute deal and he’s our new step daddy, well done the media.

    Bruno guimaraes is like Xhaka in some sense in that he can do everything Xhaka can in regards to his passing, but adds more creativity and a wider range of passes.
    He’s also faster, way more mobile, can dribble and is much better defensively. Also better at carrying the ball forward.

    Can play next to Torreira or in place of him, which is exactly what we need.

    Would go some way to addressing our midfield, but it won’t be an immediate fix and it won’t be enough, good start though.

  2. Aussie Gooner

    Djene Dakonam from Getafe has emerged as a contender. 28 year old considered as a bit of an unsung hero as he is a grafter CB. Available for 22m. He has appeared in the La Liga team of the year for the past two years! Spuds are interested in him as well. Can also play at RB.

  3. Gentlebris

    ‘We now have the man for the job is mild, Pedro said in a post he was showing us levels we did not know existed ,’


    The things Pedro said about and for Arteta are simply laughable, highly so.
    He declared Arteta one of the best coaches in the world before the man was ever handed a team to lead.

    Arteta looks promising, but we must realize that this is his honeymoon. Any other character would have been taken apart with the way we lost against Chelsea at home. A little smartness from the bench in the last 15 minutes would have sealed that deal. But that one rode on honeymoon factors. And fortunately for everyone, we beat those roughnecks the following game and we beat them good, better lose to Chelsea than those fools.

    We shall see though…….when the guy gets into the middle of the sea and a storm he didn’t inherit rises, we shall see his true sailing skills then. He looks promising though.

  4. Goobergooner

    Just thought this was worth re-mentioning from Azed the other day.

    “I made a post after the Palace game that said last season, Iwobi to Kolasinac and a cut back was our best/ go to attacking move.
    Under Arteta, its Luiz to Kolasinac.
    Two coaches with different philosophies employing similar tactics with one constant, the players.”

    It’s all about the coaching to some people and yes it is a requirement of any great team, the great teams also have the best players.
    No doubt about it.

    Our wing play is shocking due to the fact none of our wingers can cross properly, or any of our forwards being real aerial threats. On top of this, we have played very predictably as Azed summed up above.

    Pepe is definitely growing into the league, albeit slowly. I believe Arteta can extract more from him than Emery could.

    Martinelli and saka are both full of great promise and as much as it is annoying watching their inconsistencies as they grow, it’s part of the game and also very exciting getting to see the glimpses of brilliance at such young ages. Hopefully Arteta can continue their progress.

    What our team lacks most is a proper midfield. Been said to death on here. But it’s just so weak. And to be even weaker than our backline is quite the achievement.
    Younger Fernandinho and a player like Kante are the type of midfielder we desperately need. Along with a Santi Cazorla type and a 10 that can be effective on the ball but also put a shift in off the ball.

    Getting in the midfield base with pace and mobility, as well as technical control and abilities to win the ball back on opposition counters would also allow a 10 to be more free from off the ball duties.

    So even as much as I hate the idea of Ozil starting, if we upgraded the base I feel like he’d be better.

    I was so keen when Xhaka signed that he’d be an arsenal great.
    I can’t stand him now he is on show all season every season. For me he is worse than ozil, because at least Ozil justified his wages at some point. Xhaka is just average in a too fast league and the sooner he is replaced in the starting lineup the better I’ll feel. Somehow he’s been doing alright in defensive stats lately, so maybe I’ll give him the season to raise his transfer fee haha. Then Arteta has to bin him.

    Great chat though le Grove. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Sid

    Felipe melo incarnate bruno guimares,
    Ross barkely mak 2 maddison
    Jack wilshere reloaded Grealish

    Im telling you this for free!

  6. Goobergooner

    The funniest thing about le Grove for me is how the dynamic has changed since Wenger left. Where was the angst and criticism of the manager 4 or 5 seasons ago when we really could have changed our trajectory???

    Only now a great coach is the most crucial part of the club.
    Noone can make kola defend properly, or luiz/mustafi/papa sok/ Xhaka not have brain snaps (just typing that makes me laugh at our backline) or AMN not look unlively or Ozil want to actually give 100% in a tackle or header (or just overall game when things don’t go his way).

    Our team is not shit.
    It just isn’t the quality (apart from forwards) that we so desire. Arteta may be the way forward; just like I was also hoping Emery was the way forward, but we need a reshape of the squad and that is the only way we will truely improve. Even if Arteta is the next pep.

  7. Aussie Gooner


    “Arsenal this morning have been linked with a move for Paris Saint-Germain defender (LB) Layvin Kurzawa.”


    “Tottenham have signed Gedson Fernandes from Benfica”.

  8. Graham62


    “Where was the angst and criticism 4-5 seasons ago when we really could have changed our trajectory?”

    You could this by two and you’d still be shaking your head.

  9. Aussie Gooner


    I have never seen him play. He seems to fly under the radar yet has been picked for La Liga team of the year for two years running! So he can’t be all that bad!

  10. Habesha Gooner

    Aussie Gooner On form he is a really good player. he scores goals from fullback too. I do think he is better than Kolasinac. Kolasinac gets in to great positions but his delivery is more often bad. Kurzawa is better at that. Defensively Kurzawa plays for PSG so has less to worry about but I would grade them about the same. Selling Kolasinac gets us a little money and we upgrade our back up fullback in my opinion. Especially If he we get him for free in the summer.

  11. Tony

    As there is a presser today I would love Raul or another suit to explain to me/us how Spuds can be around £1billion+ in debt and will probably sell Erikson for around £10million losing maybe £50 million in the process and yet they can still buy players.

    Whilst it would seem we can’t with a fraction of the debt.

    Josh? Stan? Anybody? …………………..

    Or am I jumping the gun and we have a wondrous surprise being announced later today.

    Bated breath and all that.

  12. Romford Pele

    Tony – nothing in particular mate. Just team news for the weekend (Kola and Torreira doubts).

    They asked about transfer news and a expected he kept his cards close to his chest.

  13. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Ozil told beIN Sports when quizzed on his future: “I’m very pleased with my contract and I will continue here this season and next.

    “I can’t tell you what the future will bring, I’m excited about the future, but I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

    Great, he’s pleased with his contract. Can he try to play like he’s worth even half of that now too please. 30 minutes per game isn’t going to cut it much longer.

  14. Tony

    Thanks RP tbh I wasn’t expecting much from it.

    Good to have you back posting again. Many of your views echo my own and I appreciate your overall knowledge of the game, players etc that I find very informative and interesting.

    I just don’t have the time to immerse myself in the game as many do here.

  15. Romford Pele

    Tony – thanks man, very kind.

    Can often be tough balancing work and hobbies. I’m often abroad so it’s nice to be back in England for a bit. Did kind of tune out myself for a bit over the Emery regime which I found depressing. Bit more reinvigorated under Arteta. Hopefully the board back him.

  16. HighburyLegend

    What a festive ambience on Le Grove today!! lol

    Looking at this Highbury picture, back in the good old days, I must admit I feel…
    a bit depressed.

    Thanks again to Arsène and the board for having destroyed our beloved temple.

    Concerning the fact that we will probably have to beat Liverpool for save our record, 4 words : WE ARE SO FUCKED.

  17. Spanishdave

    I suppose we will end up with some has been or an injured crock this January it’s normal for us.
    We should do a BOGOF with Mustafi to get rid.
    Back up for Tierney.? Surely it’s the other way round he’s a crock. We always seem to have one on the books, and now our doctors run off!
    Meanwhile the biscuits pass around the board room.

  18. Gonsterous

    Kola is a very good squad player and he brings a bit of muscle to the squad.

    Arteta, great so far but don’t understand why he waves about so much on the touchline. Sometimes it’s best to just do a Wenger and let the players play their game without distracting them.

    Still needs to brush up on his substitutions.
    But as long as we win games (something that’s still not happening), I’m not too bothered with who the coach is.

  19. Dream10

    Boubakary Soumaré to choose btwn It’s and Chelsea in the coming weeks. Looks like we dropped out early when the bidding reached 50m Euros.

    Hope Bruno Guimarães signs for us. From the limited clips I have seen, he seems to be a CM who can pass short and long, can a decent level and has an engine.
    Somewhere btwn a Kovacic and Vidal perhaps. Bit pessimistic on this one,.as Benfica know an opportunity when they see one. They’ll be able to offer a European pathway for him and sell to a PSG/Barça for at least double the price in 12-18 months.

  20. Romford Pele

    Dream, Soumare would’ve been my dream. Has traits similar to both Ndombele and Vieira. 6ft2 plus an amazing ball carrier too. So young as well. Literally perfect profile. Not sure why Chelsea need him they have a million and one midfielders.

    Guimaraes looks good though, would be happy with him.

  21. Romford Pele

    “Soumare replacing Pogba.”

    Different profiles though United defo need someone like him. Pogba is an attacking CM, Soumare is a defensive CM. Both of them in the same team with a passing DM would be destructive.

  22. Dream10

    Romford and CC

    Soumaré seems a little raw. Got sent off on Sunday. But he looks to have the tools.

    Think he’ll end up at Chelsea. He’s the CM type that can play ahead of a back three as well. Can pair him with Kovacic, Kanté or even Mount. Makes sense to bed him in now and sell Jorginho back to Serie A in June. Remember Chelsea qualified for the CL and had a transfer ban. Also sold Hazard for 100m. Plus they always have a youth product or they can sell for 20m. They’re probably the best dealer makers in the PL. Always changing managers and always selling someone. They’re built for change. Utd are a richer version of Arsenal. Inefficient in the market.

  23. Romford Pele

    Jamie, think he’s likely to go for around £50m. Bit excessive atm but you’re paying for the potential rather than finished article.

    Dream, he has similar qualities to Kovacic in terms of his ball-carrying from deep in the first phase. Chelsea have loads of them though. They even played Barkley at the weekend who I forgot was still there.

    “Utd are a richer version of Arsenal. Inefficient in the market.”

    Ain’t this the truth.

  24. Dream10


    Spot on. He’s ball winner who can evade pressure and stays behind play. Complements their other CM options.

    What do you think of the possible Kurzawa signing? Really don’t like it

  25. Romford Pele

    Dream – I don’t see the point of it at all. Not even convinced he’s better than Kola tbh. Only way it makes sense is if we know we’re getting a nice fee for Kola in the summer but even then it’s the wages that will annoy me. I’m sure he already earns nicely at PSG. How much will we be paying him?

  26. Jamie

    Romford –

    That’s a huge fee, so I’m not too disappointed if we’re out of the race to sign him. I think it’s probably a case of ‘sell before you buy big’ which is fair enough given our disgusting wage bill.

    I also think we need to be much smarter with our approach to recruitment going forward.

    Missing out on Yan Couto (clickbait alleging he’s off to Barca) is far more annoying, imo. We should be brave and take more gambles on £5-10m ‘wonderkids’.

  27. Dream10


    Not sure what his wages are. But, if you play for a super club, even as a bench warmer, little chance you make less than a 100k a week. He’s a getting a 4 or 5yr deal too. Have to hope a Serie A side take him on loan the following year.

    We’re linked to Mertens, Kurzawa on free/nominal fees. Think club are planning for another Europa season at best.

  28. Romford Pele

    Jamie – it is a big fee for sure. I see world class potential in him for sure though so I would’ve paid it. At worst we’d make our money back if it didn’t work out. But at the same time there are other options and Guimares for half of that is a good shout.

    Yan Couto makes no sense as Barca already have a young Brazilian RB in Emerson but I guess it is what it is. We should defo tap into that South American resource a bit more though.

  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    “We should defo tap into that South American resource a bit more though.”

    Someone’s been on pornhub too much

  30. Romford Pele

    “South Americans kids are obsessed with playing for Barça/Real. It’s the pinnacle of football for them.”

    This is true. But you can all maximise loads of money for them and reinvest when we’re in a better position.

    Liverpool basically became an elite team off the back of selling Suarez and Coutinho. Selling isn’t always bad if you reinvest wisely!

  31. Jamie

    Romford –

    Yeah, Couto to Barca is a weird one. He’ll immediately go out on loan to a bottom-half La Liga side, or worse down to Barca B.

    He’d get minutes at Arsenal next season for sure. Agent chatting shit in his ear no doubt.

    As for Soumare, I suspect we’re waiting to see how Pepe turns out before spending big again in the short-term. Unless we sell Auba and Laca, who can’t be replaced (particularly in Auba’s case) for peanuts.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg

    Missing out on Soumare to another english team sucks but if we can manage to get Guimaraes for less than half of his fee and invest that in another midfielder then it’s a bit more bearable. We’re not really in a position were we can pick up too many of the really expensive players, if we’re looking at an expensive CB in the summer we have to choose.

    Add a Sangare in the summer for 25-30m if we want to go more the liverpool compact midfield route or someone like Buendia that adds assists and goals.

    Would prefer it if we make our midfield tough to break down first and foremost and let the wingers deal with the creativity.

    Guimaraes, Torreira, Guen and Sangare all have a decent pass in them as well so we wouldn’t be completely devoid of invention in the middle anyway.

  33. Romford Pele

    “He’d get minutes at Arsenal next season for sure. Agent chatting shit in his ear no doubt.”

    Jamie – yeah unfortunately a lot of these South American kids at poorly advised. When you see them rock up at these clubs who aren’t known for playing young players it’s a bit weird. I mean look at Malcom who was making his name at Bordeaux and instead of going to Roma which would’ve been good for his career went to Barca and now is now at Zenit. Still only 22 as well. Some of them see the money but nothing else.

    Soumare will be wanted by the top clubs and maybe we’re not high on the priority list atm.

  34. Dream10

    Portuguese newspaper account tweeting that Benfica have made progress in talks with Guimarães. Think we’ll miss out on him. If he progresses like ppl who follow him closely, he’ll be heading to a CL contender next. Shame for us.

  35. Romford Pele

    “Portuguese newspaper account tweeting that Benfica have made progress in talks with Guimarães. Think we’ll miss out on him. If he progresses like ppl who follow him closely, he’ll be heading to a CL contender next. Shame for us.”

    Makes you feel like our name was being used to speed up Benfica in getting the deal done.

    Apparently Athletico wanted to retain 20% of his rights whereas the report is that Arsenal wanted to buy him out completely.

  36. Dream10

    “Makes you feel like our name was being used to speed up Benfica in getting the deal done.

    That could be a possibility. However, it could also be that Raul & Edu had him down as a summer target, but tried to do a deal for January when Benfica were 80% of the way to completing a transfer.

  37. Doublethink

    I’m not gonna pretend I’ve seen Soumare play live but shouldn’t someone so highly rated be performing better in Ligue 1?

  38. Romford Pele

    “I’m not gonna pretend I’ve seen Soumare play live but shouldn’t someone so highly rated be performing better in Ligue 1?”

    Who says he’s not performing well? There’s a reason why the top clubs are chasing him.

    He’s young so of course he’ll be up and down in terms of consistency but the quality is evident. Would say go and watch his performance at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea last month – was class.

  39. Graham62

    Apart from Kolasinac’s initial failings, as far as his defensive capabilities were concerned, what exactly has he been doing these wrong these past 18 months to warrant this ongoing negativity towards him?

    I personally feel he’s an asset, not a hinderance.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Goodness me another Mustafi interview.

    Someone needs to stop him from doing these.

    This is now Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka in our side who have given one or more of these types of interviews blaming fans basically and making themselves victims.

    The lack of self awareness is unbelievable.

  41. Un na naai

    So depressing watching all our targets for the summer go to rivals
    Pogba is a Cunt
    United are better off without him.

    Xakha always was better value for money at £35m

  42. DigitalBob

    Kola isn’t that bad. He’s a serviceable backup LB option. Yes he can’t really cross but he is a threat from time to time with his link-up play on the left and that’s what you need.

  43. Champagne Charlie


    Soumare and Pogba different in some respects for sure but in terms of an athletic profile for CM, that can move vertically in possession, it’s like for like. Feel like they’ll supplement their creative midfield with a Maddison/Grealish sort – likely the former.

    Unless the “excellent” Jesse Lingard finally comes of age 😂

  44. CG


    “””Apart from Kolasinac’s initial failings, as far as his defensive capabilities were concerned, what exactly has he been doing these wrong these past 18 months to warrant this ongoing negativity towards him?””””

    Probably because Wenger purchased him? ( A cracking Bosman signing- more we should be pursuing – like Juventus and Inter Milan seem to be doing)

    I think he is an excellent full back too- certainly if you compare him with the wretched Tierney.

    Anyone that thinks the ‘babyfaced’ Glaswegian is a better player than the former Bundesliga player of the year- dont really understand the game

    Of all the many problems AFC face- replacing Sead K – aint one of them.

    He is a player that seems to be getting better by the month.

  45. Marko

    Still nothing concrete on Bruno Guimaraes and apparently we’ve pulled out of the race for Soumare. Just as well we convinced Xhaka to stay. Also Mustafi might be given another lifeline at the club. What a time to be an Arsenal supporter

  46. Marko

    This is now Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka in our side who have given one or more of these types of interviews blaming fans basically and making themselves victims.

    The whole club and it’s fanbase are victims too. How many years have we heard about referee this and conspiracy that. It’s constant. Don’t you know that Arsene Wenger would have won more titles if it wasn’t for the referees and Roman taking over Chelsea. True story

  47. Sid

    Pogba is not much better than alex song. He cant carry the man u midfield,( he should thank pirlo for his career), like cesc carried arsenal

    Im telling you this for free!

  48. Cesc Appeal


    It’s worrying when you think these attitudes are in the squad, on the training pitch every day.

    More importantly there is a total lack of accountability which is important not because you want them to be saying sorry every second but because if they don’t admit faults they are never going to progress.

    Managers have enabled this as well. Wenger certainly did. Emery did as the pressure built talking about the fans not helping etc.

    You’ve seen Xhaka ignores his repetitive failings and blame teammates, then the fans, Ozil has blamed the fans in Germany and at Arsenal and is continuing his campaign of Emery made me lazy…apparently and Mustafi really is only heard of these days in interviews drumming up sympathy.

    I don’t like those personalities in the squad.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Ornstein just confirming we’re in advanced talks for Kurzawa’

    Arteta approved.

    Get ready for the post: ‘Here’s 4 reasons you’re wrong to hate on Kurzawa’.

  50. Nelson

    It is depressing to hear the other big five teams working on big signing. Poor Arteta has to revitalize all the dead woods. There is no more top six teams in the EPL. We are one of the mid_table teams at best. You can’t help by envy those Pool fans.

    I wouldn’t count Leicester city as a big six team. They are a selling club. They are too small to stay on the top year after year.

  51. Marko


    Arsenal in advanced talks to sign PSG left-back Layvin Kurzawa. Negotiating today over deal for this window. Free agent in summer so trying to do it now without fee. #AFC working on 3-4 loan / free / low fee deals (doesn’t mean will do all).

    Love this club stockpiling players that aren’t good enough and that they’ll be looking at getting rid inside a couple years.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    What does that mean then? Kurzawa certainly. Mertens is likely. Who else? Maybe still trying for Stones despite what City said.

  53. Lego Hair

    Not like CA to repeat himself is?

    Get ready for the post: ‘Here’s 4 reasons you’re wrong to hate on Kurzawa’.

    Repeating the same things over and over doesnt make you right or funny.

    Just repetitive.

  54. Marko

    More importantly there is a total lack of accountability which is important not because you want them to be saying sorry every second but because if they don’t admit faults they are never going to progress.

    Absolutely. Anyone thinking that’s going to change under Arteta are mistaken too. You look at Lacazette completing 90 mins when he’s playing appalling stuff at the moment and not to mention he comes in and manages to convince a player who told fans to fuck off to stay and of his importance to the club. That’s what accountability at Arsenal looks like. Come to Arsenal play poorly con a living off the club for years and tell the fans to go fuck themselves but not to worry we’ll give you a game alright 😉

  55. Romford Pele

    Where’s the stuff on Mertens? Ornstein never mentioned that and it’s not in his Athletic article.

    After Arteta confirmed Eddie staying I don’t see this happening.

  56. Marko

    CA you have a fan now. Expect a constant nibble until it becomes painfully dull. Or he has to change his name again.

    Just pointing out that had we signed Kurzawa under Emery this place would be foaming at the mouth

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Was reported by few people yesterday, trying to bring him in on a free or under £10 Million. Just thought if its 3 or 4 deals and all are loans or cheap/free then he would likely among them.

    You might be right though. Although I suppose a manager would feel safer with Mertens than Nketiah. Might be part of a strategy to sell Aubameyang/Lacazette in the summer to raise funds.


    Worries me the way he’s treated Xhaka, Ozil and now Mustafi. If he can drastically turn them around then fair enough, but otherwise yet again Arsenal are wasting time. Has to be held to account for that the same way Wenger and Emery were.

    You bet on your players you pay the price.

  58. Marko

    If he can drastically turn them around then fair enough

    Major lols with big shiny brass balls on top. That’s not going to happen and we’re already seeing Ozil revert back to type after an initial good 45 mins in two games in a row.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think they’d be looking at him in terms of resale value or regular play time.

    More likely as a back up to whichever ST remained with Martinelli in the mix as well.

    We need a drastic squad rebuild and I doubt Kroenke is going to put his hand in his pocket so some tough selling choices need to be made.

  60. Romford Pele

    Marko – he’s 33??! Disastrous.

    CA – pointless signing for me mate, would rather just push Martinelli as back-up ST to whoever remains out of the two guys currently here. Auba has to go because his deal expires in 2021. Bit more flexibility with Laca whose deal runs a year extra.

  61. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I think Aubameyang and Martinelli is fine going forward. I’d prefer to sell Lacazette because I think he’s overrated and is an average goal scorer.

    I don’t think Mertens would be a disaster so to speak. He’d likely be free, be on a one year deal or something to provide a bit of a buffer for the worry Martinelli isn’t ready.

    I don’t think he would offer us a lot but he won’t be positioned in the side to be a disaster. One thing if we sell both Aubameyang and Lacazette and have Mertens and Martinelli…then fair enough.

  62. Romford Pele

    CA – yeah ideally Auba but unless we get CL he’s off and he’ll command a bigger fee. I’m not keen on Laca either but i’m not sure it’s a good idea to lose two senior strikers in one summer.

    Mertens has never played in the PL before. He’s even smaller than martinelli and isn’t as physical as him. I struggle to believe we can’t find any other options on the market better than that in the summer.

  63. Marko

    Gone from links to Szobozlai, Reinier and Upamecano to Kurzawa and Mertens. This club is playing checkers when it should be playing chess. Expect a link to Ross Barkley as well and possibly Trabelsi before the window closes

  64. Romford Pele

    Tierney isn’t average, I don’t know where this consensus is coming from. He’s a 22-year-old who’s played the best part of 200 games already in his career. If there’s one thing he isn’t, it’s injury-prone. His injuries are as a result of overplaying if anything. Just needs to be managed carefully.

    Imagine Kolasinac will go in the summer. And this move probably confirms that Saka doesn’t wanna develop as a LB (which I think would be good for him personally).

  65. Marko

    Kurzawa’s also a massive cunt all things considered. Very suspect attitude and ego I remember a few years back he infamously rubbed it in an opponents face giving it the biggin when playing for the under whatever of France scored and then they ended up losing the game and he looked like a right dickhead for it.

  66. Jim Lahey

    “Expect a link to Ross Barkley as well and possibly Trabelsi before the window closes”

    Is Yann M’vila available?

  67. Marko

    Is Yann M’vila available?

    As soon as we wrap up Filipe Melo on loan we’ll be on it. Maybe a last minute Mark Schwarzer signing to get the fans really going too. What’s Stephen Appiah doing these days?

  68. Left testicle

    Flamini for a third spell? Will just join in training to keep himself fit and then will find himself playing away to Sheffield United.

  69. azed

    If we are signing Kurzawa this window, then it most likely means Kolasinac is off.

    Do we still have space to bring in a non home grown player?

  70. CG

    Romford Pepe

    “””He’s a 22-year-old who’s played the best part of 200 games already in his career. If there’s one thing he isn’t, it’s injury-prone.””””

    No he is a robust , fine physical specimen.
    The Pubis bone problem, the hernia problem, the shoulder problem are all imaginary injuries.

    As for playing 200 games in Scotland- that is not a barometer of the players capabilities.

    (Playing as full back for Celtic- means you have never have to learn the art of defending- as all the other teams have no decent wingers/forwards)

    He was an appalling signing as left back. Unforgivable waste of resources

    And it looks like we are going to buy more injury problematic dross at left back with this Kurzawa chap.

    Crikey with these two injury prone players- no wonder why our overworked Doc has scarpered off to Anfield.

    can we have one window- where Edu don’t buy garbage?

    Only Arsenal would employ a Teck Deck who is completely abject.

  71. Receding Hairline

    “If he can drastically turn them around then fair enough”

    Turn them around to what exactly?

    These players have featured prominently as we consistently failed to finish in the top four, this will be the third season in a row.

    Kurzawa is a joke of a signing, will be an up and down performer like Aurier, a world beater one game a bum the next. Add that he will consider it a step down for him and you have all the condiments for a poor signing

    Forget that he is cheap, sign no one and keep the powder dry for something worthwhile

    If you know who had gone to PSG for Kurzawa i shudder to think of some of the posts on here

  72. CG


    “”””Forget that he is cheap, sign no one and keep the powder dry for something worthwhile”””””

    totally agree 100%

    (Look how long Klopp took to get VVD -he waited an eternity to get his man.)

    the problem with our new structure- is the idiots ( Raul and Edu) will always feel compelled to do something. This signing is totally needless. And more money down the drain.

    Just promote the clearly talented Arteta to the position of Manger and cut our the other two dopes completely.

    it really is that simple.

  73. johnno

    If Tierney had played uninjured for 4 seasons in a top league – with his ability – he would have been 50 mio and we wouldnt be able to afford him.

    We tooka chance on a young player that has had injury issues on account of being overplayed so young. He may grow out of them – he may not. We do not know. We got RVP for 2-3 mio for the same reason if I recall. But suggesting that 25mio in this market on a player that looks like a highly talented modern footballer and give up on him in 6 months is shortsighted at best. If he overcomes his injuries as he gets older he could be a top 3 LB in the EPL for 10 years.

    If we are a club on a budget then we will have to unearth gems and take gambles. We need a monster CB that we can build around – we had to go for a child with potential in Saliba, not VVD. We could have bought Tarkowski or Dunk for that money (maybe) – but they have a ceiling that we all know. If you want stick-on reliability on our budget – given the number of players this squad needs – then we will be buying Watford and west ham quality players. We bought consistency and reliability in Granit Xhaka. No injuries, no lack of consistency – but no upside, no growth and just a constant feeling of “not our level.”

    Id rather we took gambles all day – at least its brave and has a huge upside.

  74. Champagne Charlie

    Why is Kurzawa cause for more hysteria?

    Can’t remember how many times I’ve seen Kolasinac torn to shreds on here and now we’re swapping out a backup LB and it’s end of days because he ain’t Roberto Carlos?

    Makes sense. Wiggle your chins in the summer, it’s January and we have absolutely fuck all to play for outside the EL ffs.

  75. Receding Hairline

    “Makes sense. Wiggle your chins in the summer, it’s January and we have absolutely fuck all to play for outside the EL ffs.”

    Yea Kurzawa is signing on a six months deal. Nothing to worry about

  76. DigitalBob

    I actually don’t mind Kurzawa coming in, at the moment we have a need for another LB due to Tierney’s injury. Saka should be learning his trade as a winger not as a left back. Defensively he’s not worse than Kola and going forward he offers more. As long as it doesn’t impact the summer budget seems a decent move.

  77. Tee

    Arteta isn’t responsible for arsenal financial woes. So, it will be agenda driven to lump his name with the shite he met on ground.

    What do you actuallt expect him to do?

    The club don’t wanna spend this window (that is even if there is money to spend) because of the risk and over inflated prices because no manager would want to loose an important player at this stage of the season.

    Just as posters like Micheal, Alex etc had previously posted, this club won’t change for good except the kroenkes either leave the club or fully support the club with huge cash and for the BOD to spend wisely

  78. Champagne Charlie

    “Yea Kurzawa is signing on a six months deal. Nothing to worry about“

    Oh you’re going to try and equate this to Dennis Suarez?

    We were in the hunt for top 4 and brought in a guy that played 90 minutes total football to help us with that push for me extra 2 points. Go sit over there…

  79. TR7

    Arteta fully backing Xhaka and Mustafi just like his predecessors. Here’s hoping he is merely biding time and he will bin them in the summer otherwise he will have to bear the consequences.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Arteta fully backing Xhaka and Mustafi just like his predecessors. Here’s hoping he is merely biding time and he will bin them in the summer otherwise he will have to bear the consequences.’


    Could just be midseason pragmatism. If it’s actually him backing those players long term then he will go the same way as the others.

    We will find out in the summer.

  81. Receding Hairline

    “push for me extra 2 points. ”

    What are u on about and what has Suarez got to do with this?

    Kurzawa is not a short term loan sign, or indeed a backup like you portray, he is 27 and at the prime of his career. He is not signing a six month deal with us and he will make sure his salary is substantial.

    This is not a stop gap signing by any means.

    He can be quality on his day but PSG have decided he is not worth a new contract for a reason.

    My major concern with his is his defensive game not attacking. He is a strong attacking full back but that come with a it’s limitations.

    Simply put he is not a guy i would have recommended but attitude wise and defensive ability wise

    Inter are also in for him mind.

  82. Biggles


    I think part of the issue with Kola is that he’s our 4th or 5th highest earner after Ozil, Auba and Lacazette (and sort of Mkhitaryan). Great for him, rubbish for us because he’s not even a first choice in the team. If we could cash in on him and sign someone better… well that’s good business.

    But I do agree with the general consensus that he’s not the weakest link in the team and we should worry about others first.

  83. Dissenter

    Tierney has been largely crocked for most if his brief Arsenal career
    Kolasinac has been slated formost of his Arsenal career as not being good enough, we hav a chance to sell him and make some money of him

    How in God’s name does signing a 27 year year old French International LB lead to so much angst on legrove?
    It’s just another day with mass hysteria on legrove about nothing.

    Kola is probably on his way out; Tierney and Kurzawa will battle it out to start as LB. Saka will go back to his favored position.

  84. Ivan

    TR7 –

    Arteta is playing his game like a seasoned pro, allthough he is novice in menagerial waters.

    There is no point to publicly ostracize players you need to upgrade and devalue them further if there is no endless pile of cash to burn so they can be replaced at will.

    No sane person will think that Arteta values our players more than they worth.
    He had to learn thing or two while working with Pep and all those wc players @ Man City.

    This way, he keeps everyone on board, they play better (not to desired standard but better).
    This makes them worth more and Arsenal will sell them much easier and for bigger fee in the summer.

  85. Champagne Charlie


    We spent 25 mil on Tierney in the summer, Kurzawa is a backup LB….

    …and as such his signature is a complete non-event as transfers go.

  86. Receding Hairline

    “How in God’s name does signing a 27 year year old French International LB lead to so much angst on legrove?”

    Because they has been questions in the past about his attitude

    Because he can be defensively suspect

    Because once again the club has chosen to go the “cheaper path”

    Not everything you don’t understand or agree with is hysteria

    If you like him you can detail why you do, i have just detailed why i don’t

    I see him as a Serge Aurier kind of defender, capable of the sublime going forward and the ridiculous defensively

  87. Habesha Gooner

    Really think people haven’t seen kurzawa play. First of all he is a fullback. Kolasinac’s problem is he is a wing back who can’t cross effectively. He is incostintent and suspect defensively. I can’t tell you how many times I have screamed at the TV for Kolasinac to get back into position. And If we manage to sell him for a few around 10-15 mil we will have done well. This for me is a good strategic move. I think kurzawa is a little incostintent but I think he is more consistent than kola and he knows he is a left back.

  88. Champagne Charlie

    Serge Aurier cost spurs 20 mil Euro, Kurzawa is free in the summer or peanuts now. You can’t blab about his wages because Kolasinac is on 120k and is more than likely out the door in the summer for circa 15 mil as has been touted for a while.

    As stated above, we’re seemingly going for Tierney and Kurzawa as LB options next season for fuck all outlay. It’s such a nothing transfer, helps in the immediate future with Saka becoming a wide forward option again.

  89. Uwot?

    As we haven’t offloaded a single piece of the so called deadwood.i think we can safely assume that Pepsi will be the last of the “ Big buys” for a long time.This is where we’ve landed after wenger & Gazidis & the ongoing shit show from silent Stan.unless we land top 4 or euro cup.Thats it folks.Arseteta is having to juggle with fuck all resources.Would we not be better off simply raiding the lower leagues & be done with the pretence that we compete for Major stars when there is next to no chance of it happening.The club should be more honest.i know.extremely naive of me.silly boy.

  90. TR7


    ‘This way, he keeps everyone on board, they play better (not to desired standard but better).This makes them worth more and Arsenal will sell them much easier and for bigger fee in the summer.’

    Yeah, as I said I am hoping he is being pragmatic and circumspect with his backing of Xhaka and Mustafi. The duo must be gotten rid of in the summer.