Mesut Ozil charm offensive

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Arteta blazing over… 

The Mikel Arteta fan club just keeps on growing, the latest fan to voice his bold opinions on the manager isssssssss… Mesut Ozil. The German, who metaphorically garroted Unai Emery with his IDGAF performances, had many nice things to say about his new boss.

“Fighting and having possession, being in control of the game, having the ball all the time.

“These are the things that he is working on with us and you can see it — everyone is smiling, laughing, enjoying their time — it has made us successful.

“It is basically getting us back to the old Arsenal virtues,”

“I think he is the right man at this club.”

“He can show us everything he has learnt in his long career. He knows exactly what we need.

“He knows what to say to us, how to give us a positive attitude and how to make us successful.

“I can see he is really hungry but at the same time he is also very down to earth.”

Some papers are saying this is a dig at Unai Emery, I didn’t really see it that way, more an honest reflection of what he’s enjoying with Arteta.

Some will guffaw at the temerity of these comments and I can definitely see why there would be outrage. Mesut mailed it in big-time under Unai, but ultimately, we’ve all had a job at TGI Fridays, being bossed around by some tosser that insists you’re an idiot because of your handling of the balloon animals, getting booed by some big shot from Grays because you sneezed on his steak. Fuck TGI Fridays and anyone that goes there for a birthday and pretends they don’t want the song.

‘You know why you’re here Darren, stand on the fucking chair, let me tie these balloons on your arms, and feign embarrassment as I sing a hateful song at you’

Anyway, point being… no one liked working for Emery. No one made it out the other side a better player. If those battered players have changed their attitude now, who cares, we are a fan base led by god, and god says he who casts the first stone usually gets a stadium ban. So don’t do that, but do forgive. Think of Mesut as a puppy that’s been left in a bin bag by the side of the river, Arteta has found him, the fans will give him 3 weeks to recover, if it doesn’t work out, dad will take him to the vet (Washington DC) and that’ll be that.

Arsenal are being linked to a whole host of players I’m pretty sure we’re not going to bring to the club.

We are short a center-back, John Stones has been linked on loan, but I can’t see it. I think he has an outrageous amount of talent that we could tap, but I’d be surprised to see Pep farm out players to Mikel so soon. I’d also be worried Stones would bring some of that horrible form over to us. Only thing working in our favour is that City might want to shop window him, and the player would die for some game time with the Euros coming this summer.

Bruno Guimaraes, one of 600 Bruno’s being linked to the Premier League, is also picking up a lot of Arsenal attention. The 22-year-old defensive midfielder is valued at £22m, he smells like an Edu sort of player (Drenched in Le Labo), and I’d basically be game for anyone that can run fast, tackle, and occasionally bite a rival.

Not quite sure about the video, doesn’t look very polished and lacks speed if these videos are anything to go by… 6 minutes of scouting though, so will happily be told otherwise.

… I do worry about the rumours, I’m not sure we’re rolling in cash, so any move would have to be funded by bringing more money forward from the summer, or maybe via a player sale (make it MUSTAFI PLEASE).

Short one today, pretty devastated that people said the new volume on the podcast was still too low. Back to sound engineering school for me.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Is art signing This left back or is it the lil fellas roo n Raul.

    He is a bag of shite

    Losing the will with the club.

  2. HillWood

    Regarding our left back situation
    If Arsenal carried out a Root Cause Annalisis of this problem it would reveal they should never have bought the injured ( and injury prone ) Jock Crock Tierney in the first place
    But they won’t and it will all be swept under the carpet and millions of pounds written off

  3. CG


    “””they should never have bought the injured ( and injury prone ) Jock Crock Tierney in the first place””””


    That’s why it was so foolhardy to spend £30 million on the injured Tierney in the first place.

    Because you end up having to buy another inferior replacement to compensate.

    (Which ultimately costs you more.)
    We will now have x3 Left Backs on the payroll.

    Arsenals last 2 signings , Luiz and this PSG reject show you the direction the club is now heading.
    (Permanent Midtable)

    Raul and Edu clearly have never heard of the old adage.

    Quality over Quantity.
    According to Einstein more dross is on it’s way too.

    Cant wait….

  4. Tee


    Yeah they shouldn’t have bought the jock crock Tierney but according to you they shouldn’t have sold Wilshire who is an absolute jock crock of a player.

    Can you see how stupid you sound sometimes?