How computer games have impacted the next generation of players

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I don’t want to toot my own horn over here, but I basically learned to mix sound like Jimmy Lovine yesterday.

Yes, I apologise, I made a hash of the volume in the podcast yesterday… but I have just learned how to fix it and combat white noise at the same time.

Go on, listen to the podcast right now and sue me for blowing your ears off because it’s so damn loud and pristine.

It’s nice to learn, but maybe not nice to have to listen to a podcast for the second time in a row… but please, do your job today and listen to it for a second time.

One of the sections of the podcast we talk about modern managers and why some of the older legends of the game are struggling to cut it in 2020. There was a great piece in The Times at the weekend that basically eviscerated the idea that young players care about the history of the club they are at, citing OGS constantly harking back to the 90s to spark something in his United players. It said he takes them to weekly quizzes… it’s so pathetically disconnected, it makes me a little sad.

‘Come on boys, I’ve got a terrific quiz for you today’

‘Don’t tut Pogba, I brought some of that rap music you like.


*OGS performs BIG dab*

‘I’ll see you at 5, bring the Wotsits’

The long and short is basically what I’ve been saying on here for a long time. The idea that a reputation for winning trophies in the past as marker for future success is fatally flawed. Players aren’t interested in reputation these days, that’s for fans and journos that think a bollocking fixes terminal decline in football teams.

The currency of modern football is ideas and vision. These young players coming through now want to know how to improve on the pitch and in the mind. You have to engage them with far softer kid gloves than you did in the past, and you have to be able to speak modern football.

The cultural reference is modern technology and what it has allowed these players to experience from their bedrooms.

Growing up was FIFA and Championship manager for me. It wasn’t to the level of complexity it is now, but I distinctly remember wasting disgusting amounts of my time waiting for the PC to load a season of Champ Man. I knew every player in the world, I knew the formations, I knew how transfer windows worked, I knew ballpark wages, I knew dates of birth by memory, I knew every player that was worth knowing in Europe because Champ Man has a legit scouting network. I was hooked, like a Champ Man smackhead. It literally fucked my education.

The thing that was missing through my era of gamification was the ability to watch the players. I knew Saviola, Bobby Pires, Henry and Bakircioglu (if you know, you know) were going to be big, but I had to wait for a World Cup to see them. Or be around for live tune-in on TransWorld Sport.

Fast forward to now, the kids can play FIFA and Champ Man, and actually watch the players they’re scouting in the games. These footballers are growing up experiencing tactical systems in games. They’re keeping abreast of the best footballers in the world because anyone they like has a highlights comp some nerd 14-year-old has made for them. Players have never been so educated.

The same is true of the kid fans. The obsessives can watch 2nd Division Brazilian football with 3 clicks of a mouse if they so choose. The entire world of football is available on Youtube.

So when Jose Mourinho comes into training and asks these players to play a cynical version of the game because he knows what’s going on, they don’t believe him. They don’t want to shithouse like they used to. They want to get better as players and Jose can’t offer that in 2020. The only way he can deliver a Premier League winning side is to buy it, but no one wants to invest in his methodology because it’s horrible.

Now, Arteta might turn out to be a duffer. But he’s getting more out of the Arsenal players than Carlo or Jose would have had out of them. He’s bringing them another level we straight up didn’t know existed. He knows each individual as a person, he knows their strengths and weaknesses, and he knows how to make them better in the context of the modern game. That’s what players buy into in 2020. Nerds.

The casual mocking of ‘this isn’t <insert game>” in 2020 starts to look increasingly ridiculous. Those games are driving up the knowledge of the players, sparking different sorts of conversations on the training ground, and requiring a different type of coach to manage the lust for improvement.

It’s very exciting and it makes me very happy to know we have a manager that probably dabbled in FIFA and Champ Man… because, you know, it basically means I could be a manager, right?

Ok, maybe not, but it’s interesting to see how gaming culture is impacting football in 2020.

Check out Drew. No fucking around. Cease and desist letter in the post from Adidas. Elite wedding attire stealthiness regardless!

Right, listen to the fucking podcast, leave me a 5* review praising the volume and get to work, there are bills to pay.





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  1. azed

    “Can still remember the night in Anfield when he was on the touchline knocked the ball ahead of himself, then ran up the other side of the touchline leaving two Liverpool players to eat his dust! Think that game ended 2-2…”

    I had/have a friend who wasn’t into football come to my house on this day and he witnesses this action and then goes “Why would they(Liverpool defenders) just let him go like that”…..

    PS: When I was playing in the streets, we had a saying: “If you miss the ball, don’t miss the man”

  2. Romford Pele

    Eagle – we need the right balance of athleticism and creativity.

    I’m a big fan of Boubakary Soumare at Lille. He is an amazing athlete but with fantastic technique too (similar to Ndombele at Spurs who Mourinho has fallen out with). 6ft2 but can dribble away from pressure effortlessly. Was very good at Stamford Bridge last month in the CL. He’s a B2B midfielder but can also play as a #6. So you have someone that could play with and without Torreira. It’e a necessity as Torreira is the only ball-winner we have.

    I said before that I like Grealish at Villa a lot. He’s dynamic, creative and versatile. Real Rolls-Royce of a player. I would use him in a midfield trio with Soumare and Torreira.

    Big fan of ESR who’s in our youth system but he’s been decimated by injuries. Hopefully this loan at Huddersfield will serve him well. I see him as a KDB regen. If wee’re looking elsehwere at technicians, I like Dani Olmo, Buendia (Norwich), Aouar, Maddison (too expensive).

    I’m thinking we should be in for another wide forward too but Arteta seems to have taken a real liking to Reiss Nelson. I remember chatting with Gambon back in 2015. He was seen as the golden child of youth football in England. His best is…. Jadon Sancho and even his coaches said he was better than jadon when they were younger but the latter has pushed way past him. There’s Saka too. So while i’d like a new signing there i’m just projecting. Maybe Arteta sees something there and after the work he did with Sterling, Sane etc maybe there is something there so let’s see.

  3. WengerEagle

    Only names I have had were Henry, Fabregas and Reyes. Reyes being the first one funnily enough, that lovely blue away jersey season after he signed.

    Had a Celtic jersey as a kid with Larsson. What a player.

    Loads of lads at my school had that old Barcelona home jersey with Saviola on the back haha, how times have changed for Barca. They were nearly hipsters back then with Los Galacticos in full force.

  4. WengerEagle


    Good shouts, I’ll have to check out Soumare he’s getting rave reviews on here. I love Aouar he’s an outstanding player.

    I’m still not completely on the Grealish train just yet but he’s come on leaps and bounds from when he was a teen. Villa will want mad money for him though.

    Nelson is a weird one because in pre-season against Lyon he looked a man possessed. Dribbled past his markers for fun, showed end product and looked to take on his marker at every opportunity.

    Anytime I’ve watched him this season he’s passive, he falls over himself dribbling, he looks short of breakaway speed as evidenced with that chance against Leeds last week where he was caught up on a one vs one opportunity and he scuffed it badly. Even the goal was a fortunate scuffed finish. Lacks belief in himself and he really does look ordinary most of the time.

    Clearly there is more than meets the eye from the cameos because Arteta’s played him quite a bit already. I find it hard to believe that he was ever better than Jadon haha, literally does nothing anywhere near as well.

  5. Guns of Brixton

    I knew ppl who knew of Reiss Nelsom and Sancho when they were younglings.

    They grew up on Aylesbury Estate ( N5 lived there lool) the consensus was Nelson was better than Sancho.

    But wasn’t Quresema rated better than CR7 back when they were youths?

    I won’t hold Nelson to hit them kinda levels tbh.

  6. Jim Lahey

    @RP –

    When I think of creative midfielders I think automatically to either Spain or France, but when I look through the national sides and no one stands out!

    Also when the FUCK did Isco become 27?????!!

  7. WengerEagle

    Isco has been around a while though, he was starring for Malaga in their CL QF season and they’ve been shite for many years.

    Remember Malaga were minted for those 5 mins? Sold us Santi for fifteen million, lol.

  8. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Good post Pedro.

    Ahhh Championship Manager, they were the days. Javier Saviola, Pablo Aimar, Denilson, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Joe Cole and Tonton Zola Moukokou were amazing players.

    My all time favourite though was Sensible Soccer on the Commodore Amiga and then the Sega Megadrive. When I was really young Goal on the 8 bit NES was awesome too.

  9. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    Isco is defiently a player I thought was still in his early 20s! Wow, he hasn’t exactly kicked on has he?!

    “Remember Malaga were minted for those 5 mins? Sold us Santi for fifteen million, lol.”

    Thats when they were gping bust wasn’t it and we fleeced them! ha!

  10. Dream10

    Romford & Wenger Eagle

    Think the high quality young creatives like Sancho and Aouar will join CL contenders.

    Leicester rate Maddison as a better player than Harry Maguire, so he’ll come with a high price tag.

    Grealish is within reach as he as a release clause.

    Buendia has played almost exclusively on the right, so that’s a no go with Pépé here.

    Said Benrahma and Eze have been excellent in the championship for Brentford and QPR. Think they will follow Maddison and Buendia and replicate their form in the PL next season.

    We need wide players that can shoot as well. Hwang who scored for Salzburg at Anfield and Rashica who is at Bremen can both do that. More explosive than Lacazette and can create their own shot.

  11. WengerEagle

    Best PL strikers at peak level? Take your pick.

    Van Persie
    Fernando Torres

    For full body of work Henry has to be top, followed by Aguero and Shearer imo.

  12. Romford Pele

    Eagle – yeah there’s clearly more than meets the eye. Must be a lot we haven’t seen because the season before he went out on loan Arsenal won the U23 league for the first time and Nelson won the POTS. He was only 18 at the time. He’s still only 20 now. Might not make it but shouldn’t dump on the scrap heap just yet.

  13. Romford Pele

    Jim – Spain still have a shed load. France have loads of talented players that Domenech never picks. It’s a really weird one. He picks loads of defensive players when he doesn’t need to but as World Champions nobody is gonna really complain.

  14. Romford Pele

    “Grealish is within reach as he as a release clause.”

    Yep £45m release clause which is fine. Also rate him higher than Maddison who will go for closer to £100m if the Maguire deal is anything to go by.

    “Said Benrahma and Eze have been excellent in the championship for Brentford and QPR. Think they will follow Maddison and Buendia and replicate their form in the PL next season.”

    They are both quality talents. Benrahma reminds me of Taarabt. Those North African ballers always have unrivalled technique. Too gracious on the ball as well.

  15. Romford Pele

    Can’t lie,Drogba is quite overrated man. His big game record masks the fact he was generally not a great goalscorer. There were 3 seasons at Chelsea where didn’t manage to score more than 10 league goals. he got 5, 5 and 8 in these seasons. In fact, he only broke the 20-league goal barrier twice in 8 seasons. Poor

    He always destroyed Arsenal though (supported us growing up) and had a personal vendetta against us for turning down the chance to sign him. Have to remember we had peak Henry at this point.

  16. WengerEagle


    Drog is only in there for his title winning season putting up 37 goals in all comps and 29 in the PL in just 32 apps, he was scary.

    Peak should probably be more than a season though to be fair.

  17. WengerEagle

    I’d love Julian Brandt still. Fantastic player and a real maverick.

    How Favre is fucking up having Sancho, Reus, Brandt, Thorgan Hazard and Alcacer at his disposal is anybody’s guess. They should be top of the league, on their day nobody can live with them in Germany outside of Bayern but they just always crumble at pressure points in a season.

    Same goes for Bayern, how can you not be winning near on every match with Lewandowski scoring over a goal a game, Gnabry, Coman, Coutinho, Muller, Perisic.

  18. Marko

    Headline would perhaps make more sense if you had a science or something to back it up otherwise it falls flat honestly. Computer games and pretending to know as much or more than the manager hasn’t impacted football more than money and it’s influences on young men has. It’s all about drive and desire imo.

    “Now, Arteta might turn out to be a duffer. But he’s getting more out of the Arsenal players than Carlo or Jose would have had out of them. He’s bringing them another level we straight up didn’t know existed. He knows each individual as a person, he knows their strengths and weaknesses, and he knows how to make them better in the context of the modern game. That’s what players buy into in 2020. Nerds.”

    That’s just an unnecessary fluffing that one expects these days.

  19. Dream10

    Taarabt is a Championship legend. Amazing 10-11 season for QPR. He was going to sign for us until Damien Comolli joined Spurs and took him there. Man is playing CM for Benfica this year doing nutmegs lol.

    Henry and Aguero #1 and #2 for me. Young Aguero had ridiculous acceleration. Almost Romario like. Shearer pre knee injury was top class as well. Lost his pace after. That couple of years up to Euro ’96, he was at his peak.

  20. WengerEagle

    Aguero was a sight to behold back in his dribbling days at Atletico Madrid too. Didn’t score quite as many [still put up a ridiculous 101 goals there by age 22/23] but he scored more solo goals and played between the lines more off of Forlan.

    Spectacular partnership that was. Can you imagine the damage they would have done as a team with Simeone’s backline and Oblak behind them?

  21. Dream10


    Shearer rejected Ferguson and Man United on three occasions! He would have had a 40 goal PL season if he played for that lot

  22. Romford Pele

    I think after Shearer won the title at Blackburn he had done his job in his eyes. He just went for his hometown club after. Newcastle were a fantastic team both under Keegan and then Sir Bobby Robson as well.

  23. Receding Hairline

    “He’s bringing them another level we straight up didn’t know existed. He knows each individual as a person, he knows their strengths and weaknesses, and he knows how to make them better in the context of the modern game. That’s what players buy into in 2020. Nerds.””

    Levels we did not know existed? Wow…just wow

  24. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    That would have been ridiculous. Atlético don’t have the finances to reject offers from the super clubs. Aguero was a teenage phenom. Basically 99% guaranteed to become a superstar.

  25. Receding Hairline

    Barcelona really letting themselves down with the Valverde drama.

    Sack him last summer or let him see out the season. It’s not like they were tanking or anything. They are joint top with Madrid and through to the next round in Europe

    Where is the fire?

    Setien is a Cruyff disciple i hear, fat lot of good that has done him.

  26. WengerEagle

    Van Persie would have smashed the PL scoring record in his last season here if we had Fabregas and Nasri still feeding him. He had already caught fire in the second half of the previous season too.

    Imagine that he put up 30 PL goals with Alex Song as our primary creative outlet, nuts.

  27. WengerEagle


    He was one of those few transfers as you say where he was almost one hundred percent guaranteed to be a bargain at 35 million even in 2011. He’s exceeded expectation with his longevity even given he hasn’t fallen off at all yet.

    He very nearly signed for Chelsea. Had he they would have won another title or two, no doubt.

  28. Dream10

    Barça getting rid of the pragmatic Valverde for a positional play merchant in Setien. He’ll win the PR battle, let’s see how in the CL. All I’m here is an Ousmane revival.

  29. Guns of SF

    Stones? Id say yes, we can may be resurrect him… and having an good ole English CB would make a lot happy on here.

  30. Marko

    Eagle – he scored 37 goals in all comps that season, absolute phenom!

    And yet we didn’t challenge for anything. Imagine having arguably the best goalscorer in the league and because the manager failed to put together a squad capable of matching said striker we never got close to winning anything major. Shame.

  31. Romford Pele

    “All I’m here is an Ousmane revival.”

    Aren’t we all.

    he’s not built for that club though. He’s a very ball-dominant player like Messi. Having that in a side heavily centred on Leo was never gonna work. He’s not really an off-the-ball runner so should focus his next club on where he can revitalise his BVB form. Maybe Setien can get it to work though.

    Main aim for Setien should be getting a functional midfield that works so Messi does at little work as possible. leave him up in the final third where he can do damage. Maybe false 9 Messi to make a return?

  32. WengerEagle


    Was a rite of passage over here mate, first gift you were given if you were a kid into football. Not sure if the following is quite as manic now given that was a much better Celtic team and Larsson was a genuine superstar.

    Also Rangers being dirty protestants.

  33. WengerEagle


    That’s why I’ll never understand why so many fans were so salty when he said fuck this and went to United. Absolutely vindicated as well winning the PL there and being the main reason.

    Same for Cesc, won titles at Barcelona and Chelsea.

    As you say, the club’s fault for not putting the pieces around him.

  34. Champagne charlie

    Henry, Van Persie, Suarez from that list.

    Aguero, Torres, and Shearer were monster goal scorers but the three above could do things very few could.

    Henry the best of the lot for how well rounded he was, Suarez had a relentless danger to him, and RvP was about as good as it got as a CF assassin because his technique made ballers look cumbersome.

    Drogba amazing bully, Rooney a sporadic force, Kane the epitome of clinical at full tilt.

  35. WengerEagle

    Weird to think that Barcelona only won 2 Champions League titles through an entire decade of Lionel Messi’s prime actually.

    Have to give a lot of credit to Ronaldo and Real Madrid. 5 CL titles is ridiculous for Ronaldo, top scorer in each tournament too.

    Took Maldini till he was virtually wheelchair bound to win that 5th CL title.

  36. Marko

    That’s why I’ll never understand why so many fans were so salty when he said fuck this and went to United.

    I was salty in the sense that we stood by him through all those injury hit seasons and just as he started to stay fit and perform consistently for us he decided to leave. We got like a really good season or two out of him before he left but I understood it honestly because of what Wenger was doing to the club dumbing down expectations and replacing ambition with caution. The slow rot that we’re still suffering from.

  37. WengerEagle

    Aguero’s record vs the top six is incredibly impressive too.

    9 in 11 vs Man United.
    11 in 15 vs Arsenal.
    15 in 20 vs Chelsea.
    12 in 17 vs Spurs.

    He’s only really struggled against Liverpool, scored 7 goals in 19 against them, not even that bad.

  38. Champagne charlie


    I think if you ask who had the better careers the names would change for me, but peaks are as I’ve said.

    Aguero, Thierry, Shearer for careers is hard to topple. Monstrous time and time again.

  39. WengerEagle


    Were we supposed to not stand with him though? It’s not like he contributed nothing before he caught fire either, he was well worth persisting with. Scored a lot of very important goals for us in those earlier seasons.

    If anything that would make you sympathise with him given how he probably knew he had a very short window of opportunity to win silverware given his body breaking down on him. Combine that with the club making it crystal clear that we wouldn’t be competing anytime at all in the near future.

  40. WengerEagle


    Yeah Suarez is in any conversation involving peak ability. Arguably tops it, certainly put together the best individual PL season I’ve ever seen from a player.

    Do you think that Aguero can touch Al’s record? I don’t see it because he would have to remain Citeh’s starting CF well into his 30s and Gabriel Jesus will take the mantle within the next year or two. His next move will be away from the PL, probably Spain or even Italy. Simeone would snap his cock off for Aguero.

    He should be sitting in outright third by the end of the season though and pass Rooney if he is still starting next season.

  41. Receding Hairline

    ” I don’t see it because he would have to remain Citeh’s starting CF well into his 30s and Gabriel Jesus will take the mantle within the next year or two”

    Talk about a downgrade in terms of ability. Good goal scorer Gabriel but not really in the same class

  42. Champagne charlie


    No I don’t think so because with the greatest of respect to Shearer, Aguero plays for a team that will not indulge a drop in quality. He’ll be moved on while warm to replenish, that’ll put a stop to it imo.

    Actually think he’s off this summer with Silva and Fernandinho. Big rebuild.

  43. Marko

    Were we supposed to not stand with him though?

    No we were. Again I don’t blame him for leaving at all I just can’t help but wonder why he didn’t try leaving during any of those injury hit seasons. It hurt but I understood it. He literally had one good season at United too before it was back to niggling injuries.

  44. WengerEagle


    Jesus isn’t Aguero but he’s quality in his own right. Father time will catch up with Sergio soon, it has to. He’s 32 in June and he’s been playing at the top level since he was 18 and he had already been banging them in one a couple of years in Argentina at that stage.

  45. WengerEagle


    I don’t see it happening this summer, more likely the one after when he’s 33.

    He’s still an elite CF. Who could you buy in Europe this summer that’s an upgrade?

    Citeh’s problems have been at the back, much more likely we see a huge re-shuffle there imo.

  46. WengerEagle

    Lautaro will be special but he’s not ready for Citeh just yet. Not as consistent or technically refined as Aguero is.

    He needs to crispen up the passing before Pep entertains a move for him. 57% pass success in Serie A, Pep would dry retch looking at that.

  47. Champagne charlie


    I think they’ll sell depending on the market, they cant finance themselves to the degree they have forever, and Silva/Fernandinho wont be bringing in heaps. Aguero wont have a superior on the market but they could buy the next thing for similar money that they’d get for him and freshen up the side as a whole.

    Depends on what happens with their squad in general, they’re at the end of a cycle imo and if Guardiola is staying he’ll likely want a refresh to invigorate the place that looks to have gotten a bit too comfortable.

    Aguero, Silva, Fernandinho, Otamendi, Stones, Mendy, Walker all players I can see them letting go given the right state.

  48. Dissenter

    Arsenal have appealed the 3-game ban for Auba’s red card suspension.
    Arsenal believe that replays made Aubameyang’s challenge look much worse than it was.

  49. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    There’s an extra game ban if it’s deemed a ludicrous appeal
    Arsenal wil pint out to the long delay for VAR to make a determination before even calling it a red car to argue that it’s not worthy of a 3 game ban
    That and all the other nasty challenges that didn’t go beyond a yellow card over the weekend. Henderson had a nasty challenge on that Spuds debutante [can’t recall his name] that was worse than Auba’s challenge.

  50. Dissenter

    *Arsenal will opint out to the long delay for VAR to make a determination before even calling it a red card to argue that it’s not worthy of a 3 game ban.

  51. Marko

    Arsenal believe that replays made Aubameyang’s challenge look much worse than it was.

    I mean they don’t want to lose someone who is responsible for 48% of our goals in the premier league they’re desperate. What’s your excuse

  52. Guns of SF

    we should NOT appeal this.
    Auba nearly broke the kids ankle
    on accident of course. but lets show some realism here.

  53. Dissenter

    Viewing it from an ultra-partisan lenses …a.k.a football fan.
    More so one that has seen similar challenged not get as much punishment.

  54. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    ..Like when Son’s tackle actually led to a REAL ankle fracture-dislocation and Spuds won the appeal to reduce his ban.
    Gooners are a precious breed

  55. Pierre

    Arteta needs to be careful in that he doesn’t turn into an Emery clone and puts too much emphasis on work , press and running stats.

    We have been down this road before when Emery first arrived when fans were over impressed with the tremendous work ethic of the players , and then it all blew up in his face as players couldn’t keep up the pace and they picked up muscle injuries.

    Being aggressive all over the pitch is all well and good, but it must be done with intelligence.

    The tackle by Aubameyang at the weekend was anything but intelligent , the continuous fouling by Lacazette was anything but intelligent. Maybe they are trying too hard to impress.

    What we have at the moment is our offensive players are being asked to increase their workload which is fair enough as long as they keep in reserve some energy for when we are on the ball.

    We do not want to get ourselves involved in physical battles like the palace game .
    These types of games are physically demanding and will take their toll eventually.

    City and Liverpool have the balance right, they are very rarely involved in physical battles and are very astute in their game management.
    This allows them to pace themselves throughout the season without suffering from fatigue.

  56. Marko

    Viewing it from an ultra-partisan lenses …a.k.a football fan.

    Oh so biased and stupid. Not quite a gotcha moment for you Dissenter. As has been said it was a red if it happened to an Arsenal player you’d likely throw your skirt up over your head in disgust. Notice that we’re appealing the length of the ban and not the red itself. Interesting. Something for you to mull over

  57. Big Dave

    Hey Pedders am I correct in thinking we’ve missed the chance to buy Upamecano (Barcelona?) and Soumare (Real?) Or do you think we are contenders for them?

  58. azed

    Finally some consistency from Pierre. Now to address your issue Pierre.
    The EPL has changed a who lot in the last two years and it’s flush with cash so lower level teams tend to have a mixture of technical and hardworking players.

    In the past especially in the early Wenger years, the lower level teams did not have the technical talent except they went the Sam Alladyce route at Bolton of getting technical players past their prime so it was easy for the top teams to get away without the hard work.

    Can you imagine a player like Grealish at Aston Villa 10 years ago or a player like Ndidi staying at Leicester for more than 2 seasons?

    Now, you can’t just rely on technique to get past the lower teams because they’ve caught up with the big teams in terms of scouting and fitness. The only advantage the big teams have is squad size.

  59. Un na naai

    Aubameyang’s tackle was late, was dangerous and could have been worse at the wrong angle/point of impact but it’s not intentional and not deserving a a four game ban
    He’s not a dirty player and it’s his first time being in this situation after a tackle that was clearly mistimed rather than malicious

    Not a 4 game ban.

  60. Pierre

    I’m not sure what you are waffling on about there but it had nothing to do with my comment .

    For you to say ” The only advantage the big teams have is squad size.” Is a very naive comment.
    Personally, I put it down to the quality of the players that give them the advantage.

    Grealish will be gone next season.

  61. Habesha Gooner

    Auba is not a dirty player but he recklessly endangered an opponent. That is a straight red card and I don’t think we are going to win any appeal. I understand why we are doing it considering he has been our only reliable goal scorer but Nobody is going to sympathize with us.

  62. Marko

    ..Like when Son’s tackle actually led to a REAL ankle fracture-dislocation and Spuds won the appeal to reduce his ban.

    You’re really fucking dense if you think that. Son was carded because of the injury hence it was overturned because the actual tackle caused Gomes to collide with Aurier and get injured.

    You’re really doing your utmost to replace Bamford as biggest contrarian and gobshite on here. What was it again Out-Xhaka-rist? Brilliant stuff

  63. azed

    “Personally, I put it down to the quality of the players that give them the advantage.”

    The gap in quality between the top teams and the bottom is reducing. Teams like Norwich are playing out from the back even though they are relegation candidates.

    UTD paid 80M for Maguire and he’s not someone you would class as a generational talent.

  64. Big Dave

    I don’t think Auba is a dirty player, he’s not even a physical player. I don’t think his red card tackle was deliberate, but it was a straight red all day long.
    Why it took so long to come to that decision in the VAR review is due to the clowns employed by PGMOL. Don’t even get me started on the lack of consistency within a match by the same referee, let alone between different officials.
    VAR is good, the standard of refereeing in England is shite.

    Where else would VAR pitchside monitors not be used and large screen VAR decisions not be put on big screens because one if the richest clubs in the world (Kiverpool) doesn’t have a big screen. To top it all, an official who never officiated a premier league match.

    PGMOL must be the worst organisation apart from FIFA. No explanations, no accountability, no transparency and no standards.

    Oh and we’ve got Mike effing Riley.

  65. azed

    Ruben Neves at Wolves would be a starter at Arsenal and to get him, we would have to use 90% of our transfer funds.

    A few years ago, it would be hard pressed to see anyone at Wolves let alone a midfield that would walk into Arsenal and be a starter.

    Same Ruben Neves would be a fantastic addition to the big 6 and this is he’s second season at Wolves.

  66. Dissenter

    We have zero chance of winning the appeal?
    You won’t know that unless you 100% make the appeal in the first place

    Stop yammering about like an utter lunatic
    I have the Wenger-brand of lenses. You come apart so easily.

  67. Pierre

    The elite clubs have always cherry picked the best talent from mid and lower table teams, and always will.

    The lower teams do have money , but if a player has a chance of playing for city or liverpool or whoever is the top side , he will leave .

    The only real time that Arsenal could have signed any player in the world was after the invincibles year, but we missed the opportunity to become the best club side in Europe due to lack of ambition from the ownership.

  68. Pierre

    “The gap in quality between the top teams and the bottom is reducing.”

    That being the case, why are teams winning the title recently with record points total.

  69. Marc

    Pierre’s right on this one – it was a straight red and a bad challenge. We need to take it on the chin.

    I just hope the FA don’t see the appeal as frivolous and add a match to the 3 match ban.

  70. Guns of SF

    we are not fighting the red itself but the duration of the ban
    So we will say 2 games instead of 3 plus the history of the player, intent, etc.
    was this intentional violent malicious play? nah

  71. Guns of SF

    Yea Marc- as I said we are to appeal it but lessen the ban.
    Most likely will not work – although if it does- Im not complanin!

  72. Chris

    Arsenal can try but it was a straight red challenge unfortunately.

    Was it just me or did anyone else wonder how Ayew wasn’t booked during the Palace game, at least 2 fouls on Torreira from behind and a couple of other fouls in the first half alone if I recall correctly.

    Lacazette was then booked on his second challenge I believe. Reffing is still shocking overall in the PL. It is the consistency(or lack of) that is one of the worst things.

  73. Guns of SF

    IF we are talking about the shitty incompetence of the reffing, might as well throw in the lack of diversity as well.
    Utterly shocking in this day and age….

    But then again, given the racial abuse being the way it is, I can understand why as well… there is a lack of persons of color reffing.

  74. Chris


    Do you remember Uriah Rennie, great ref but also a black belt in a martial art, not many messed around with him.

    Maybe lack of diversity would be a good thing if all refs were at least 6’6 and ex UFC cage fighters who could all give the state like Collina used to. I suspect we would see a reduction in the back chat.

  75. Marc

    Did anyone else notice during the Spud v Liverpool match that the Spud’s were advertising tickets for tonight at £20 for adults £10 for kids?

    They are not getting the demand for tickets they thought they would.

  76. Guns of SF

    I see female line refs but not anyone main ref as non white.
    its not like there are no people qualified… so other reasons for sure.
    Maybe its the old boys network after all…

  77. Chris

    Marc have they even had a sell out at their new ground yet?

    Also a little strange by today’s standards that they haven’t got a sponsor for the naming rights yet

    Come on the Boro

  78. Marc


    Not that I’ve seen in fact most attendances I have seen are at least 2000 – 3000 below or more. They also screwed their fans in the move by taking the 2 cup credits (we get 7) off of season tickets.

    The media keeps playing Levy’s game on the stadium rights – “I haven’t done a deal yet because I’m waiting for a special one” which actually means no one will pay what I want.

  79. terraloon

    There are two potential appeal routes

    The first is against the red card it’s very very unlikely that there is any chance that the red card would be rescinded. That said there is precedent this season.

    The second is when you admit the red card but appeal against the length of the ban on the basis that the offence doesn’t justify a 3 game ban .

    It’s an either or but you can’t use the second route unless you accept the reds card

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Few built new stadium to be elite.
    We ain’t in top 10 world earners.

    We should focus on football then the money will come.

  81. Tee


    What’s gross about?

    The fact remains We ain’t buying shit this window.

    So, your expect him to come out and start crying?

    What’s left of the season is to find a way of not regressing further.

    Oeinsten added that the main buying comes next summer and he expects arsenal will be very active.

    Besides, you once made jest of oeinsten that he knows next to nothing when it comes to transfer.

    Why has changed this time around or is there any direct quote from Arteta?

  82. Dissenter

    What exactly do you expect any manager to publicly say?
    Your M.O is to window shop and cry out loudly every transfer window.

  83. China1

    Auba’s red was a red card all day long.

    Let’s stop gaming the system with petty appeals and just accept what was a blatantly correct decision

    Arsenal not wanting auba to be banned in no way negates the fact that he committed a clearly dangerous tackle that (if the ref sees it clearly) is going to be a red card every day of the week

    Just accept it and move on arsenal. The appeal and moaning feels very petty to me

  84. China1

    And whether or not auba is a nice guy who would never do it on purpose doesn’t matter. He did it. And the only evidence you need to see of how dangerous it was was the guy couldn’t even play on from the pain. His ankle could’ve been broken.

    I don’t blame auba. It was an accident. But let’s call a spade a spade. Terrible, dangerous tackle, injuring opponent = straight red ban for a few games.

    Let’s stick to appealing the genuinely bs decisions rather than trying to game the system because we’re disappointed or because auba has a friendly smile

  85. Tony

    Aussie Gooner
    Thanks for the bush fires info.

    Many years ago I worked in Brisbane on a short 6 month consultancy contract, but didn’t have time to travel elsewhere although my Thai wife did her Masters in Melbourne.

    My daughter is on a 5-year double degree program with the remaining 18 months in Melbourne after 3.5 years at a top Bangkok International uni, which she’s really looking forward to.

    She’s no stranger to travelling after graduating from a West Lafayette high school in the US.

    Her intention is to end up working in the west in the aerospace engineering field with Germany and America being her initial countries of choice.

    Was interesting watching the latest Richard Attenborough series, which covered Australia and its evolution. The heat map changes are remarkable and continuing it would appear by the bush fires, ongoing droughts and your info.

    Back to football it seems we have appealed Auba’s red card to be for one game citing Andy Robertson’s red card and one match ban.

    Arteta is hopping for Auba to be available for Bournemouth and Chelsea games.

    To be honest I’d prefer Arteta to work with Laca, Martinelli, Saka, Ceballos and Pepe for the three games, as one game isn’t likely to give a new combination time to work.

  86. Brooklyn

    Like I mentioned previously, there is scope to appeal against 3 game ban. Marc said stupid suggestion, he couldn’t look at it objectively.

    Same tackle at same height, even more rash happens nearly every other game. Difference being it would be on front ankle and they get yellow card. Auba connected in side ankle so Meyer was worse off, so red card for that game was fair enough.

    FA may reject it but there is scope for Arsenal to appeal.

    Robertson slide in at full pace after losing control of the ball against that new RB of Spuds and made contact even higher than Auba did but on lower shin area. He got the ball first but according to rule of last few years should have been red every day, despite checking with VAR he didn’t get any card.

  87. Brooklyn

    And unrelated to Auba incident, VAR shouldn’t be allowed to check fouls on slow motion. Especially while checking for penalty, slow motion always exaggerate contact.

  88. Dark Hei

    I am glad that the vast majority of Grovers recognise that Auba’s tackle was a straight red; reffing inconsistency aside.

    Shows that we have not devolved into something Stoke-ish.

  89. Aussie Gooner

    Rumour has it Arsenal are interested in AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie. Anyone know anything about this? And Manchester United have reportedly completed a deal to sign Napoli centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly in a deal worth just over £60m but it won’t happen until the summer.

  90. Aussie Gooner

    Abu’s was a straight red card, it was not intentional but that doesn’t count. Here in Australia in the AFL if an appeal against suspension is rejected an extra game ban is added on – it’s the risk you take. However previous behaviour is also taken into account and something like that would work in Abu’s favour! If there are no negative consequenses for an appeal then go for it.


    Your daughter is certainly a global citizen! Best wishes for her future.

  91. Aussie Gooner

    And “Tottenham Hotspur are close to confirming Gedson Fernandes as Jose Mourinho’s first signing. Super agent Jorge Mendes, who is sorting the deal, was in attendance as Spurs beat Middlesbrough.”

  92. China1

    If Robertson did a worse tackle without a red that’s a bad decision in that game and not related to auba’s

    The problem frankly is that the officiating is gutter piss and those responsible can’t even be trusted to make basic decisions watching frame by frame slowmo replays for 3 mins at a time

    As long as we have human officiating and judgment, bs decisions will remain commonplace

  93. China1

    All this talk in the media now about spurs being the richest team in London what a crock of shit lol

    Revenue is one thing, what about stadium repayments eating into their profits?

    If they don’t come top 4 (very possible) and don’t win the CL (never gonna happen) they will fall into an immediate death spiral that can only be remedied by selling some of their valuable players. Unless they unearth more cheap gems, they’ll be weaker for it and end up finding it harder to get back into the top 4 next season.

    Don’t let a couple of numbers and one or two signings fool you

  94. China1

    Spurs being rich is the same as you buying a £5m house with a 95% mortgage on a relatively short repayment schedule and saying look I must be rich!!!

    Spurs will sell to buy and with that comes no guarantees of even maintaining existing levels let alone improving

  95. China1

    I really hope Eriksen gets a good free transfer offer for next summer soon so that he does a Ramsey and walks away for nothing

    That would be lovely

  96. Un na naai

    DissenterJanuary 15, 2020 01:11:54
    What exactly do you expect any manager to publicly say?
    Your M.O is to window shop and cry out loudly every transfer window.

    Spot on
    Like a fucking woman on a high street
    Look at those shoes
    Oooh look at that dress
    Freddie and receding the same
    Fucking pansies

  97. Un na naai

    United spend £140m in centre halves in 6 months because their current squad is so fantastic

    Marko and Bamford……
    Receding and Freddie

    We will still beat them next season and finish above them this season

  98. Tony

    Aussi Gooner

    I read this earlier and was wondering why we’d be in competition with West Ham?

    As for my daughter, most of my working life has been around the globe culminating with me leaving the UK to live in S E Asia 20 years ago.

    My own wife company (oil & gas and Bio fuels) mans she is often in Europe and America as well as Asian countries.

    Runs in the family I guess.

    Bit like you being a fellow Londoner – and you living/working in West Australia.

  99. Un na naai


    1) that’s old
    2) I’m not Irish 🤮 my dad is
    3) my daughter would never try and get to the pub because she doesn’t know what it is or that I go there
    4) my wife would never video her asking (if she ever did) and put it on the internet.

  100. Tony

    Would expect nothing less Don from your wife and your good self.

    However from previous posts it would seem that your moral compass doesn’t extend to being racist, hammered, booze, drugs and hookers. The needle goes wonky with those directions.

    Did I remember them all or miss any?

    Maybe Freddie and Marko could add some.