No sell > no buy. Arteta dims hopes of major signings.

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Say it quietly, but I quite miss the Europa League. I was like, totally over her, she’s kind of frumpy, not exactly a head-turner, the funny accent doesn’t suit my Brexit sentiments, but now she’s gone… I’m a bit, you know, alone?

Still, you can’t deny that an early kick-off on Saturday isn’t great. When I lived in London, it controlled my Friday night, the danger with the 1230 kick-off is you start drinking at 10am, go to the game, win, then carry on the festivities ready for a brutal 8pm crash… you basically ruin your weekend. Still, at least you get the football out of the way early.

Not sure the players will be treating Saturday that way, the pussies. They have a tough game on paper game against Palace, though scratch beneath the surface and Palace are not having a good time at the moment. They had to field 5 academy players at the weekend in the cup and they lost to Rooney’s Derby. Big Roy Hodgson is not happy with the state of his squad and I’d imagine the Zaha to Spurs/Chelsea/anyone that will save him can’t be helping.

Rumours are that he’s landing Kyle Walker on a 6-month loan from City (honestly wouldn’t say no myself (but it’s obvs the Spurs guy, which I knew lololol)) and Cenk Tosun. Hopefully, they won’t be in place by Saturday.

Good news is this: At least they are weak.

Won’t change the ferocity of the game, but I’ll take it.

Arsenal are sniffing around players themselves, there’s a lot of talk AGAIN about Yan Couto. The Brazilian 17-year-old right-back is going to move to Europe and a fee of £4.2m is being mooted, which is very much within the reach of Arsenal.

As a right-back, what I have deduced from 6 minutes of scouting is he has beautiful tight control of the ball, Hleb liked. Stunning acceleration, so he can move like a modern full-back. Solid delivery and an absolutely ferocious strike. He’d not be a now signing because he’s not 18, but he’d hopefully be very much in the mold of Martinelli.

God bless Edu (or Cagigao)

Talking of kids. Rules are now in effect that you can’t traffic children anymore.


FIFA’s rules say players aged 18 or under can only be transferred abroad if one of three criteria are met: if their parents emigrated for non-footballing reasons, both clubs are in the EU or European Economic Area and the player is aged between 16 and 18 or the player lives within 100km of the new club’

When you think about what went on, it’s quite mad. Football’s #MeToo was literally hiding Fran Merida in the mountains of Spain until he came of age so they could traffic him to London. You’d be disgusted if a bank was doing that, wouldn’t you? Unless you work in the City or Wall Street, where you’d applaud, you disgusting capitalist FIENDS.

Arteta seems to be less confident about bringing players in than he was a week ago.

‘I’m not expecting big things. I’m expecting big things from the players I have now to get through the season in a more balanced way. We always have to be looking because of some injuries’

I suspect that comment is related to this economic reality.

‘We’re not thinking to sell. There’s nothing concrete at the moment on the table, as I said, I’m focusing on the players we have now and this transfer window is a little bit tricky and things might come at the end. But I don’t know which way.’

Though I’d love us to move on £100m worth of talent this window, I think we need to be honest about the situation. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of top talent available, and if we’re in financial trouble, I’d rather us spend what money we do have on the best possible talent in the summer, without the January premium. That Boateng is still being heavily linked at £200k a week tells you all you need to know about the state of the window.

I also have mild ‘don’t say it out loud’ concerns with a massive ramp-up in talent. We’ll raise expectations, probably still not have enough to make top 4, then finish right back in the Europa League places again. It’s not a surprise that Leicester are doing far better this year without Europe to bother them. They have a full 7 days to train with Rodgers and it’s paying dividends. Older players look fresher, younger players are getting better. They won the league like that, exited the cups early, and kept everyone fit.

If we’re not making the Champions League next season, I’d rather a run at the league next year with no Europe. I think it’d be a strategic advantage.

With lower expectations this next 5 months, the manager can experiment more heavily with young players, can put more focus on winning one of the cups, and be free of pressure to chase a goal that looks very much like a stretch from where we are now. He can also spend more time with Edu, Per, and Cagigao planning the summer.

Again, I was totally wrong with how Arteta would approach the cups, so could end up with egg on my face here as well when we unveil Mbappe.

There’s some interesting news that Timo Werner has a €48m release clause in the summer (The Athletic). I’m not trying to tell the club what to do… but my word, wouldn’t he be a great signing if we moved on one of our two contract rebel strikers? He’s young, fast, can play in an aggressive press, and he scores LOTS of goals. Even better news for Arsenal, he turned down Liverpool because he wants to play (so he lacks ambition) and the same is thought to be true of his concerns about joining PSG, where Tuchel is a fan. Chelsea are interested, but again, why would you stifle Tammy Abrahams? According to reports, the English sharpshooter is waiting to see who Frank brings in before signing a new deal.

I think we should move on Werner (just typed Wenger by accident), makes total sense. Certainly a sexier name than Kevin Volland.

On exits, the club is unsure whether to let Eddie go out on loan, but it looks certain they’ll move ESR and John-Jules out. Great news, no point in keeping them if you’re going to bench them. I am very excited by ESR, I think he has immense potential… I also think it should be noted that PSG and Juve were sniffing around John-Jules. The future is bright if they can make that potential a reality.

Right, that’s all I have. See you in the comments.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    We have won a game a man down before, let’s do it again. Palace is a tougher opponent though. Also bad it had to be Aubameyang.

  2. Samesong

    The one player we did not want out is Auba, this is going to sting us badly.

    What were people saying about Zaha. Watch when he comes into his own.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    We really ought to get more shots on early in the game. I don’t know what the problem is, we just can’t get shots off.

  4. Globalgunner

    I shot on target all game. Thats all you need to know. Essentially nothing has changed with this team. Extremely shot shy and they somehow expect to win.

    Maybe Martinelli is not so mentally cursed

  5. Jamie

    The ‘ref conspiracy’ continues.

    Nothing to do with the fact that outside the first 30 mins or so, we’ve been utter shite all over the pitch.

    Huge pressure on Martinelli. Pierre’s boyfriend back on the bench where he belongs. Arteta placed his faith in him, giving him 400 minutes of game time since his arrival, and he’s been repaid with zero assists from Ozil with 6 Arsenal goals scored.

    Typical Ozil, and we’ve seen this film before. 1 decent performance, and “Ozil is back to his best!” Then the fucker disappears for the next 10 games, then the sick notes start flying. Completely ineffectual player of the course of a season for 3 years and counting.

    But yeah, Arteta has added £10m to his resale (and allegedly a bunch of other players) price. Amazing the idiotic shit that gets written in the comments section.

  6. TheLegendaryDB10

    This is one of the many reasons I have been frustrated at Ozil. So many times he has this run of games and then he disappears in the following games.

    And this why I want him gone. Not once has he sustained a great performance throughout an entire season after his first 2 seasons.

    He is inconsistency personified these days.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah a focus on the referee misses the point.

    We handed the initiative to Palace at about the 35th minute and never took it back.

    Regardless of the result, this squad is not good enough. Once again, the midfield today showed it is not fit for purpose. Neither Xhaka or Ozil are suited to the EPL and when they are 2/3 of your middle 3 only a total twat doesn’t expect problems.

  8. Samesong

    We as fans need to stop blaming everything else. We never did enough in the first half. And we have players that like to take their foot off the gas.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    The more coaches rely on Xhaka, the more I doubt their sense of winning mentality. He’s incapable of making solid forward passes which adds to the slow build up..::..oh how did not go in!!!!!!!! Pepe

  10. MidwestGun

    As far as fouling and injuries,game stoppages, players bitching and moaning and absolutely no game flow.. one of the ugliest games I have seen.

    Other then that we desperately need some midfield help in my opinion. Yeah our cb’s aren’t great but our midfield is ineffective.

    Unlucky off the post.

  11. Dissenter

    “Palace have practically a reserve team out. AMN looks worse than any of them.’

    It doesn’t feel that way tbh
    The goal they scored was a heavy deflection

  12. Dissenter

    Does anyone know of any Xhaka replacements available on January?

    You have to make do with him till the summer, until then keep bitching

  13. Marko

    Does anyone know of any Xhaka replacements available on January?

    Well apparently Weigl, Gedson, Sander Berge, Bruno Guimaraes, Soumare at the very least are/were available. But of course Arsenal are the only club in the world stuck with a poor performing player because apparently no one is available.

  14. Left Testicle

    Two points dropped against a bare bones Palace, a Torreira injury and Auba suspended. Not a great afternoon.

  15. Samesong

    Put this down to scrappy game made by palace. Place once they settled and bullied our midfield habit we lost our discipline and shape.

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Pepe was stupid taking the ball backwards….Luiz correcting our own mistake we almost gave them a huge advantage

  17. Cesc Appeal

    I’m honestly getting sick of saying it…midfield.

    But you’ve got Arteta who has expended energy in convincing Xhaka to stay and seemingly wants to build his midfield on two the of the least atheltic, least physical, leas mobile players in the EPL in Xhaka and Ozil.

    You have to question that.

    I sympathize no one in the world wants Ozil, but he had a chance to sell Xhaka and buy.

  18. Gazzap

    I thought we let palace into the game too much after half time. Too much ball keeping and not enough positive attacking play. We brought the equaliser on ourselves.

  19. azed

    Under Arteta, we control possession and are more compact but we are not creating chances.

    Maybe it’s time Pedro admits we need better players.

  20. Dissenter

    “Did anyone see anything wrong with our style? Asking for a friend.”
    Nothing wrong with the style
    The referee allowed the game to be broken up by repeated fouling. You seem to be missing that simple fact staring at you.

    Then we went one goal down, what were you expecting exactly?
    Looking for a friend?…you need to go rewatch the game.

  21. DaleDaGooner

    We lose Aubameyang for vital games! We owe Chelsea a beat down, and we won’t have our only chance at scoring

  22. MidwestGun

    I don’t care what our financial situation is.. we absolutely need some midfield help in this transfer window. . If Lt is out any amount of time.. we are fucked… well more fucked then we already are.

  23. Kay

    Sorry but this 2 points down the drain will come back to haunt us eond of season just like last season.
    This was a very good chance to close in on Chelsea. Was a six pointer and we managed a draw.


  24. raptora

    Honestly I can’t wait for the day Palace get relegated. It will never be soon enough.

    Considering the bullshit game that Palace gave us, and the red card for Auba, I’ll take the point. But dear me, what a sad game to watch entirely cause one team prefers to wrestle but play football.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Our midfield is absolute poverty.

    I think the defence has improved under Arteta and has shown it can be at least passable for most of a game.

    But as soon as the opposition switch into anything above second gear our midfield offers nothing.

    Arteta has to stand by his decision, Pedro lambasted Emery for keeping Xhaka and stating how important he was, making him captain etc…Xhaka had one foot out the door and Arteta made an effort to get him back.


  26. Dissenter

    Matt Clattenburg just said it wasn’t a clear and obvious error – the red card.
    That’s for Marko who doesn’t;t understand that somethings look worse on slowed replays.

  27. Zacharse

    incredibly unlucky game. ref gave what a single yellow to palace!!!! fuckin joke.

    throw ins were bad. pepe shoulda put more of a defensive effort in. midfield is gonna have the same problems until we get some more athletic reinforcements. defense was solid. palace should just fuck off back to the championship, really don’t understand why they were given such leniency from the ref, real undeserving team. wish laca had taken the fucking goalies head off with that off the post deflection

  28. Nelson

    This is a learning experience for the team. It is an away game against a scrappy opponent. I feel sorry for those Palace fans. They have to watch such shitty football every week.

  29. Champagne charlie

    A scrap away at Palace with us down to 10-men for 30 mins and the usual lot out in force to twirl their tampons.

    We lost Torreira at half time, Auba after an hour, and that’s us through a heavy schedule.

    Oh and we drew. But of course it’s Jan so a select few are here daily to whinge about transfers and our needs for 5 new starters. When it sinks it finally that we’re consolidating this season come join the rest of us.

  30. TheLegendaryDB10

    We’ve been saying practically from day one that Xhaka was not made for the EPL, yet he is still here. Baffling that no one in the club sees this.

    We need someone who can take the game by its scruff because Xhaka is not that guy. He never has been a leader in that sense.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Aubameyang’s was a red card. Nasty, nasty tackle.

    Behave yourselves.

    If that was an Arsenal player on the receiving end of that you’d all be raging if it was anything other than a red.

  32. Gazzap

    Xhaka really is a poor midfielder. Player like Ceballos cannot get on the bench. He is fully fit. Is arteta as good as he’s being made out to be? We should be far more ambitious. We deserve what we got today.

  33. Samesong

    Considering the bullshit game that Palace gave us, and the red card for Auba, I’ll take the point. But dear me, what a sad game to watch entirely cause one team prefers to wrestle but play football

    Every game tactics are different game to game. If you can frustrate our midfield, then they make mistakes. Simplest.

    Its how we be prepare ourselves? windy scrappy.

  34. Uwot?

    Dale da gooner .ask yourself why is it over the years & years the endless refrain of “ same old Arsenal always cheating” is constantly belted out at every slight indiscretion in particular by the lower clubs ? It’s to put pressure on the ref/Lino’s that we somehow cheat.its so obvious I laugh every time I hear it.which seems to be a lot.But why do our fans never they just accept it? See it as childish? Curious…….

  35. Zacharse

    xhakas problem is that hes a bit slow. otherwise he put a solid shift in. smart for him not to dive into every 50 50 like eh did under emery, hes just not quick enough

  36. DaleDaGooner

    Left Testicle,

    And does that still mean That Palace aren’t cheats themselves? I don’t get you? One team chanting we’re cheats but they’ve got a few cheats on their hands… you understand the hypocrisy??

  37. azed

    Last season, our attack was Iwobi to Kolasinac and a cut back and many on here claimed Emery was clueless.

    Something similar is happening now, Luiz to Kolasinac and a cross.

    Two coaches with different styles of play but same attacking approach and one constant.

  38. Pierre

    Shame really, was a decent game of football until palace recognised that they could kick anything that moved without being carded , plus all they had to do was collapse when touched and the ref duly obliged.

  39. Dissenter

    Of course, you’ll rather run your mouth than rewatch the game.

    Who expects “style” when you’re down one man in an away match.
    Palace scored from a wicked deflection
    Torriera was forced out at half time and we had Guen-Xhaka, which is the worst combo
    Then we lost Auba for the last 27 mins of the game

    …and yet you’re bitching about “style”

  40. raptora

    It’s an obvious red card. It’s terrible. If you manage to get the leg in that sweet spot and it makes a contact the way it did, it’s clear as day and night.

    If something like this happens vs an Arsenal player and they don’t get send off I’ll be fuming all the way to that ref’s house. 100% red imo.

  41. Marko

    Under Arteta, we control possession and are more compact but we are not creating chances.

    This is it in a nutshell. There is improvements sure but we’re still creating fuck all and giving up chances. We were on the up while Palace were missing 11 players and bar keeping possession and looking comfortable for 30 mins we did fuck all to look like scoring bar that Pepe effort. But what do you expect Mikel has come in and made Lacazette and Özil important cogs and planted his flag firmly alongside Xhaka and these are arguably our three worst performers all season. But sure anyway there’s some nice tangibles and you know whatever going on so that’s good.

    Fact is Arteta in the interview process should have come in and said look I don’t know how you do it but January get me in players worth a damn and accept that Xhaka bid and get rid of Ozil. Straight away they should have been working on improving the squad. But alas it’s Arsenal and nothing is ever that simple.

    Ozil back to his usual self. Surprising no one btw.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We’ve been saying practically from day one that Xhaka was not made for the EPL, yet he is still here. Baffling that no one in the club sees this.’


    I’m sure he’d be okay somewhere else where the game is played at a relative crawl. But he does not and never has suited the EPL. He’s so slow off the mark it’s unbelievable, that is not only leg speed but speed of thought as well.

    Add in the player in front of him is Ozil and you’ve got issues.

    That midfield needs serious money spent on it. By far our biggest problem, all the fans calling for a CB over anything really are missing the point.

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Uwot “But why do our fans never they just accept it? See it as childish? Curious…….”

    I often wonder why we always take that. It seems we’re the worst cheats in the history of the league. Wonder why they sing that

  44. Zacharse


    totally right about auba’s challenge, unintentional but def a red. my problem is fucking jordan ayew. didnt even get a yellow. shoulda had two yellows 30 min in. macarthur the same.

  45. Dissenter

    Our midfield isn’t good enough so Xhaka and Torr are the first name on the team sheet.
    It can’t be that easy to replace Xhaka in the winter window, how hard is that for some to grasp? It’s not a defense of the player, just a call to embrace reality.

  46. Zacharse

    we need mids and defenders but at the moment we have one left back, a make shift right back and two fit cbs. same amount of fit players as midfield but for double the positions