No sell > no buy. Arteta dims hopes of major signings.

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Say it quietly, but I quite miss the Europa League. I was like, totally over her, she’s kind of frumpy, not exactly a head-turner, the funny accent doesn’t suit my Brexit sentiments, but now she’s gone… I’m a bit, you know, alone?

Still, you can’t deny that an early kick-off on Saturday isn’t great. When I lived in London, it controlled my Friday night, the danger with the 1230 kick-off is you start drinking at 10am, go to the game, win, then carry on the festivities ready for a brutal 8pm crash… you basically ruin your weekend. Still, at least you get the football out of the way early.

Not sure the players will be treating Saturday that way, the pussies. They have a tough game on paper game against Palace, though scratch beneath the surface and Palace are not having a good time at the moment. They had to field 5 academy players at the weekend in the cup and they lost to Rooney’s Derby. Big Roy Hodgson is not happy with the state of his squad and I’d imagine the Zaha to Spurs/Chelsea/anyone that will save him can’t be helping.

Rumours are that he’s landing Kyle Walker on a 6-month loan from City (honestly wouldn’t say no myself (but it’s obvs the Spurs guy, which I knew lololol)) and Cenk Tosun. Hopefully, they won’t be in place by Saturday.

Good news is this: At least they are weak.

Won’t change the ferocity of the game, but I’ll take it.

Arsenal are sniffing around players themselves, there’s a lot of talk AGAIN about Yan Couto. The Brazilian 17-year-old right-back is going to move to Europe and a fee of £4.2m is being mooted, which is very much within the reach of Arsenal.

As a right-back, what I have deduced from 6 minutes of scouting is he has beautiful tight control of the ball, Hleb liked. Stunning acceleration, so he can move like a modern full-back. Solid delivery and an absolutely ferocious strike. He’d not be a now signing because he’s not 18, but he’d hopefully be very much in the mold of Martinelli.

God bless Edu (or Cagigao)

Talking of kids. Rules are now in effect that you can’t traffic children anymore.


FIFA’s rules say players aged 18 or under can only be transferred abroad if one of three criteria are met: if their parents emigrated for non-footballing reasons, both clubs are in the EU or European Economic Area and the player is aged between 16 and 18 or the player lives within 100km of the new club’

When you think about what went on, it’s quite mad. Football’s #MeToo was literally hiding Fran Merida in the mountains of Spain until he came of age so they could traffic him to London. You’d be disgusted if a bank was doing that, wouldn’t you? Unless you work in the City or Wall Street, where you’d applaud, you disgusting capitalist FIENDS.

Arteta seems to be less confident about bringing players in than he was a week ago.

‘I’m not expecting big things. I’m expecting big things from the players I have now to get through the season in a more balanced way. We always have to be looking because of some injuries’

I suspect that comment is related to this economic reality.

‘We’re not thinking to sell. There’s nothing concrete at the moment on the table, as I said, I’m focusing on the players we have now and this transfer window is a little bit tricky and things might come at the end. But I don’t know which way.’

Though I’d love us to move on £100m worth of talent this window, I think we need to be honest about the situation. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of top talent available, and if we’re in financial trouble, I’d rather us spend what money we do have on the best possible talent in the summer, without the January premium. That Boateng is still being heavily linked at £200k a week tells you all you need to know about the state of the window.

I also have mild ‘don’t say it out loud’ concerns with a massive ramp-up in talent. We’ll raise expectations, probably still not have enough to make top 4, then finish right back in the Europa League places again. It’s not a surprise that Leicester are doing far better this year without Europe to bother them. They have a full 7 days to train with Rodgers and it’s paying dividends. Older players look fresher, younger players are getting better. They won the league like that, exited the cups early, and kept everyone fit.

If we’re not making the Champions League next season, I’d rather a run at the league next year with no Europe. I think it’d be a strategic advantage.

With lower expectations this next 5 months, the manager can experiment more heavily with young players, can put more focus on winning one of the cups, and be free of pressure to chase a goal that looks very much like a stretch from where we are now. He can also spend more time with Edu, Per, and Cagigao planning the summer.

Again, I was totally wrong with how Arteta would approach the cups, so could end up with egg on my face here as well when we unveil Mbappe.

There’s some interesting news that Timo Werner has a €48m release clause in the summer (The Athletic). I’m not trying to tell the club what to do… but my word, wouldn’t he be a great signing if we moved on one of our two contract rebel strikers? He’s young, fast, can play in an aggressive press, and he scores LOTS of goals. Even better news for Arsenal, he turned down Liverpool because he wants to play (so he lacks ambition) and the same is thought to be true of his concerns about joining PSG, where Tuchel is a fan. Chelsea are interested, but again, why would you stifle Tammy Abrahams? According to reports, the English sharpshooter is waiting to see who Frank brings in before signing a new deal.

I think we should move on Werner (just typed Wenger by accident), makes total sense. Certainly a sexier name than Kevin Volland.

On exits, the club is unsure whether to let Eddie go out on loan, but it looks certain they’ll move ESR and John-Jules out. Great news, no point in keeping them if you’re going to bench them. I am very excited by ESR, I think he has immense potential… I also think it should be noted that PSG and Juve were sniffing around John-Jules. The future is bright if they can make that potential a reality.

Right, that’s all I have. See you in the comments.

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  1. vickingz

    Got a goal lead yet couldn’t impose and go for more goals but we instead play useless back passes allowing crystal palace into the game. Typical arsenal

  2. Dissenter

    “naive” decision making physical contact in football
    Players use their hands for separation all the time…they also dive too

  3. Zacharse

    Its ‘clever’ when palace do it, cheating when arsenal does it. More than happy w what im seeing. We’re playing football theyre playing rugby. Still
    Not a single yellow. Judging by the looks of the officials, you seemingly must be the product of incest to work professionally as a ref in the pl.

  4. vickingz

    James wood, open your eyes bro, if zaha ain’t doing a thing of note against this crops of arsenal players, that tells you your almighty zaha is shit

  5. Dissenter

    We dominated the first 35 minutes of the half and defended quite well for the rest
    That’s good enough for me.

  6. Jamie

    One goal up, no goals conceded in the first half away from home.

    I’ll take it all day long. We score another goal, Palace get more desperate, and the ref will have to start getting the cards out.

    Results far more important than style at this point imo.

  7. Dissenter

    The referee set the tone for those silly fouls that broke up the game
    We responded back in kind when we realized what was permissible. Xhaka, especially has been very good at it.

  8. Zacharse

    you can count on one hand the number of times zaha has touched the ball. Oh but palace look good?? They should be sucking the refs dick at the half, hes allowed them to at least look relevant

  9. raptora

    Wonder why Palace even let us play in the first 20-ish minutes. Luiz was in the center of the pitch when he started the goal move. They were sitting back for some weird reason.

    Since they moved their press up close to our penalty box, things stopped happening for us and Palace looked much better than in the beginning.

    Still a solid half. Need to keep fighting. These mugs will fight till the last second.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Great start to the game but as soon as the crowd started to get riled and some fouls went in we started to let Palace grow into the game.

    Again, what is apparent today is how weak our midfield is. Torreira has done well but there is such a lack of athleticism in there. Absolutely has to be addressed by the club, don’t care how good Arteta is (if Pedro’s pole stroking fantasies are accurate) that midfield isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    Toward the end it looked like Emery problems again in that Lacazette was the only person showing from the ball in advanced midfield which meant Palace were able to push up on us and we started to yield to a press.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Just back from shopping trip.

    Commentator said torr and kola been best players..

    Have wee been compact and organised then.

  12. TheLegendaryDB10

    Our style of game dissapeared in the 2nd part of the first half. But you could see what Arteta is trying to do with getting our players to release the ball early.

    For now, Arteta needs to remind them what they have to do and re-instill confidence in the players as we did play with a lot of confidence in the first 20 mins.

  13. vickingz

    Having the possession, keeping the ball via needless and endless back passes is gonna harm us. Each player should sound out an alarm to whoever’s receiving the ball of opponent’s presence around him. We haven’t been leather at all, pepe and kola ain’t up to scratch for me in the first 45 minutes. We can’t be contented scoring a goal and become lackadaisical

  14. DaleDaGooner

    We’ve only managed 1 shot all game to their 2, even with all the possession. More work needed to make our possessions count.

  15. Zacharse


    Commentator said at the beginning that this ref (cant remember the exact #) has only given out 1 red in 100 games.
    He’s turned the game into a shitshow and people in here blaming it on our side. There should be min. 3 yellows on palace at this point. You can only play to the team and ref, games dont happen in a vacuum

  16. vickingz

    Kola freed himself well, opened for passes but obviously we ain’t playing to instructions. Did anyone catch laca telling our cbs to play over the top ball to kola who’s free on the flank nside opponent’s half? Not once, not twice did kola free himself up anticipating a pass but very few passes went his way

  17. Pierre

    The ref and the wind was a factor in the first half once palace started pushing on .

    I dont think palace will find it as easy to pen us in after the break , we will have the wind at our backs, Arteta must tell the team not to drop too deep and not give away needless fouls…

  18. Dissenter

    ” We’ve only managed 1 shot all game to their 2, even with all the possession. More work needed to make our possessions count.”

    Pepe and Kola’s final balls haven’t been good enough.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    This is where good management comes in..
    We know they will pressure us so we need to counter…
    Or if we know teams are going press switch luiz to more of a sweeper role ..

  20. DaleDaGooner

    R.S.P.C. I’d say Luiz, Torreira and Aubameyang have been the best players on our side. Quiet shout for Maitland-Niles who has kept Zaha quiet. Xhaka has been decent so far.

  21. vickingz

    Dale gooner, we ain’t releasing the balls forward but keeping possession by back passing the ball. It’s an eyesore which hopefully will be addressed as the season goes on. I expect kola to be used more in the second half

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Good I,d like to like niles .. think he can benefit with arts coaching.

    I guessing that var will have its way later tho.

  23. MidwestGun

    Yep a good old fashioned 1 nil to the Arsenal is fine with me. Defending isn’t really our thing though.. Plus another goal would make me feel better. And really its all about me. 😀

    Anyhow announcer said Matty G is warming up to come in.. wonder if somebody got an injury?

  24. Zacharse

    Moving the ball around is what draws their players out of the trenches if anyone is wondering why we’re keeping possession. Anyone catch the goal we scored??? Lol

  25. Jamie

    Damn. Hope it’s just precautionary taking LT off. We don’t have anyone in midfield with his tenacity and energy, even if he can’t sustain it for 90 minutes.

  26. Marko

    It’s a shame that we have a midfield that let’s be honest isn’t particularly good enough with it’s best players starting but is also a single player away from Guendouzi starting. Goes to show the options aren’t good enough

  27. Dissenter

    Bellerin is not a very tough player to surpass
    If AMN accepts that he’s a right back and works hard , he could easily become the number one of two average choices.

  28. Aussie Gooner

    Xhaka getting out of the way of the shot quick smart. This has been on the cards for a while.

    Matinelli time!

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah get Martnelli on.

    But this midfield is the problem. Not sure what we can do about that in this game except demand they all start putting some effort in.

  30. vickingz

    Guen is blind, what’s it with these players and back passes when there’s an outlet making runs for you in front?

  31. Dissenter

    “Palace have practically a reserve team out. AMN looks worse than any of them.”

    What reserve team are you referring to
    Do tell

  32. Samesong

    The midfield is the issue. 1st half 35th mark we played a few weak balls and then lost possession. Causing Palace to push up causing us to drop deeper. At that point we need a leader to calm shit down.

    I said earlier we need to calm down Torreira cannot stay on his feet most of time. Foul bullhim persistently seems to be palace game plan This panics me.

    We have lowered to there sloppiness.

  33. Spanishdave

    Palace have got what they wanted, our ankles have taken a battering so ref must be fair to both sides.
    Step up Martinelli next game

  34. Marko

    No sympathy for Mikel he’s come in and mommy coddled and glorified certain individuals the same individuals who have let us down continuously over the last few years and it costs us in some way or another every game. Frustration from Auba but he shouldn’t be playing on the LW being asked to do these sorts of things meanwhile the midget saunters around CF doing fuck all.