No sell > no buy. Arteta dims hopes of major signings.

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Say it quietly, but I quite miss the Europa League. I was like, totally over her, she’s kind of frumpy, not exactly a head-turner, the funny accent doesn’t suit my Brexit sentiments, but now she’s gone… I’m a bit, you know, alone?

Still, you can’t deny that an early kick-off on Saturday isn’t great. When I lived in London, it controlled my Friday night, the danger with the 1230 kick-off is you start drinking at 10am, go to the game, win, then carry on the festivities ready for a brutal 8pm crash… you basically ruin your weekend. Still, at least you get the football out of the way early.

Not sure the players will be treating Saturday that way, the pussies. They have a tough game on paper game against Palace, though scratch beneath the surface and Palace are not having a good time at the moment. They had to field 5 academy players at the weekend in the cup and they lost to Rooney’s Derby. Big Roy Hodgson is not happy with the state of his squad and I’d imagine the Zaha to Spurs/Chelsea/anyone that will save him can’t be helping.

Rumours are that he’s landing Kyle Walker on a 6-month loan from City (honestly wouldn’t say no myself (but it’s obvs the Spurs guy, which I knew lololol)) and Cenk Tosun. Hopefully, they won’t be in place by Saturday.

Good news is this: At least they are weak.

Won’t change the ferocity of the game, but I’ll take it.

Arsenal are sniffing around players themselves, there’s a lot of talk AGAIN about Yan Couto. The Brazilian 17-year-old right-back is going to move to Europe and a fee of £4.2m is being mooted, which is very much within the reach of Arsenal.

As a right-back, what I have deduced from 6 minutes of scouting is he has beautiful tight control of the ball, Hleb liked. Stunning acceleration, so he can move like a modern full-back. Solid delivery and an absolutely ferocious strike. He’d not be a now signing because he’s not 18, but he’d hopefully be very much in the mold of Martinelli.

God bless Edu (or Cagigao)

Talking of kids. Rules are now in effect that you can’t traffic children anymore.


FIFA’s rules say players aged 18 or under can only be transferred abroad if one of three criteria are met: if their parents emigrated for non-footballing reasons, both clubs are in the EU or European Economic Area and the player is aged between 16 and 18 or the player lives within 100km of the new club’

When you think about what went on, it’s quite mad. Football’s #MeToo was literally hiding Fran Merida in the mountains of Spain until he came of age so they could traffic him to London. You’d be disgusted if a bank was doing that, wouldn’t you? Unless you work in the City or Wall Street, where you’d applaud, you disgusting capitalist FIENDS.

Arteta seems to be less confident about bringing players in than he was a week ago.

‘I’m not expecting big things. I’m expecting big things from the players I have now to get through the season in a more balanced way. We always have to be looking because of some injuries’

I suspect that comment is related to this economic reality.

‘We’re not thinking to sell. There’s nothing concrete at the moment on the table, as I said, I’m focusing on the players we have now and this transfer window is a little bit tricky and things might come at the end. But I don’t know which way.’

Though I’d love us to move on £100m worth of talent this window, I think we need to be honest about the situation. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of top talent available, and if we’re in financial trouble, I’d rather us spend what money we do have on the best possible talent in the summer, without the January premium. That Boateng is still being heavily linked at £200k a week tells you all you need to know about the state of the window.

I also have mild ‘don’t say it out loud’ concerns with a massive ramp-up in talent. We’ll raise expectations, probably still not have enough to make top 4, then finish right back in the Europa League places again. It’s not a surprise that Leicester are doing far better this year without Europe to bother them. They have a full 7 days to train with Rodgers and it’s paying dividends. Older players look fresher, younger players are getting better. They won the league like that, exited the cups early, and kept everyone fit.

If we’re not making the Champions League next season, I’d rather a run at the league next year with no Europe. I think it’d be a strategic advantage.

With lower expectations this next 5 months, the manager can experiment more heavily with young players, can put more focus on winning one of the cups, and be free of pressure to chase a goal that looks very much like a stretch from where we are now. He can also spend more time with Edu, Per, and Cagigao planning the summer.

Again, I was totally wrong with how Arteta would approach the cups, so could end up with egg on my face here as well when we unveil Mbappe.

There’s some interesting news that Timo Werner has a €48m release clause in the summer (The Athletic). I’m not trying to tell the club what to do… but my word, wouldn’t he be a great signing if we moved on one of our two contract rebel strikers? He’s young, fast, can play in an aggressive press, and he scores LOTS of goals. Even better news for Arsenal, he turned down Liverpool because he wants to play (so he lacks ambition) and the same is thought to be true of his concerns about joining PSG, where Tuchel is a fan. Chelsea are interested, but again, why would you stifle Tammy Abrahams? According to reports, the English sharpshooter is waiting to see who Frank brings in before signing a new deal.

I think we should move on Werner (just typed Wenger by accident), makes total sense. Certainly a sexier name than Kevin Volland.

On exits, the club is unsure whether to let Eddie go out on loan, but it looks certain they’ll move ESR and John-Jules out. Great news, no point in keeping them if you’re going to bench them. I am very excited by ESR, I think he has immense potential… I also think it should be noted that PSG and Juve were sniffing around John-Jules. The future is bright if they can make that potential a reality.

Right, that’s all I have. See you in the comments.

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  1. Jamie

    Samni –

    You said ‘before’ the red card and LT injury, things looked even, and that isn’t good enough. We should’ve been out of sight in the first half, niggly fouls and wind notwithstanding.

  2. Dissenter

    “Those who blame Arteta for convincing Granité to stay should beware of the ban…”

    …So you would have sold him without a replacement?
    That’s worthy of a guest post from Pedro for you too explain you rationale

  3. Uwot?

    A special honorary mention for the the great English premier refereeing pantheon he can join the hall of fame of the useless biased bunch of c** ts that they are…..yes it was a red for Aubameyang.about the 9nly thing he got right all day.but of course he would it was in palaces favour.i counted 5 fouls one after the other by that whinging b**** tard ayew in th3 first half with not one card come?

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Ayew should have been carded, absolutely, but Lacazette got away with a lot of fouls before his yellow as well.

    Lacazette’s fouling needs to be brought under control because it disrupts us and gives the opposition and chance to throw the ball at us.

  5. vickingz

    I will only blame arteta for this match. Whatever happened to the hair dry talk he gave at half-time against leeds. It’s obvious he didn’t do that against cp at halftime and we came back much worse than we were at the latter part of first half. When we went a goal up, we reverted to those back passes we were associated with under emery and arteta did nothing from the technical area, he was enjoying it despite allowing CP into the game and gradually they took the game from us, went to half, came back with CP on top of the game.

    Guardiola’s team wouldn’t be a goal up against CP and start playing useless back passes and exchange of passes between the back four

  6. Marc

    Arsenal’s record this season prior to Arteta

    17 games – 22 points = 1.29 points per game.

    Arsenal’s record this season since Arteta

    5 matches – 6 points = 1.2 points per game.

    No new manager bounce and certainly no special sauce bounce.

  7. Bob N16

    Agree CC, nothing to get too worked up about.

    Thought AMN had another very solid game, for the most part nullifying their best player. So many people have written off AMN, it appears that they now find it hard to acknowledge that we might just have a decent player.

    A little unlucky with the goal we conceded and their goalie made an outstanding save to tip Pepe’s shot onto the post. Not unlucky with PEA’s red card, he deserved what he got.

  8. Thorough

    With the way the team went south after Torreira left – it seems we need a Sangare /Partey type more than a Soumare.

  9. Dissenter

    Left testicle
    You don’t think Arteta factored in the ease of replacement in January before he persuaded Xhaka to stay?
    You don’t agree to let Xhaka go when you perfectly know you will struggle to replace him till the summer.
    It’s incomplete reasoning to keep talking about Arteta persuading Xhaka’s to stay where you don’t consider that he has to be replaced adequately.

  10. Jamie

    Samni –

    My mistake. I read your comment wrong. No mention of before. Sincere apologies.

    I guess I agree with you then – it looked even considering the LT injury and Auba red card. Still not good in my view, but there we are.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    ‘No new manager bounce and certainly no special sauce bounce’

    I think he’s done some things well and we’ve progressed in certain areas.

    But when are people (Pedro included) going to admit this squad is not good enough and regardless of who you get in what you can achieve is severely limited by the lack of quality and lack of balance in this squad.

    Pedro is slowly creeping over to that now but trying to hide his retreat behind ‘normal squad evolution’ hoping no one notices.

    We noticed.

  12. Micheal

    “xhakas problem is that hes a bit slow. otherwise he put a solid shift in. smart for him not to dive into every 50 50 like eh did under emery, hes just not quick enough”

    Xhaka’s problem is that he cannot tackle, lacks pace, does not understand marking, is an average passer and does not score goals. Otherwise he is s great player.

  13. Marko

    Dissenter I mean this truly but anyone who thinks that wasn’t a red is a dishonest cunt of the highest order. Had that happened to one of our players this place would be foaming at the mouth

  14. raptora

    AMN did have a top game. Won a lot of duels vs Zaha. A good display is a good display.

    Really disappointed with Laca and Pepe. Expect much more of both of them.

  15. G8

    I thought Kola and his best buddy ozil were very poor, Lacazette has been poor in front of the goal, but at least he put in a shift for the team.
    Midfield as always been the issue, we get the ball and we pass sideways, very slow too,
    we hardly play any intelligent forward passing or get one twos to get ourselves out of trouble .
    Very tedious Emery like performance today

  16. Dissenter

    “Lol Dissenteria is a real Granité fan.”

    That’s a blow below the belt, some would say it’s just good ‘ole lying.

    I’m just asking you to embrace the reality that the player cannot be easily replaced in January so you have to enjoy bitching about how bad he is until the summer.

  17. Edu me a favour

    Not our day today – we looked excellent up until the goal , then for some reason we went off the boil , gave them too much space and our pressing in packs was non existent

    Thought we defended well for the most part and palace set out to rough us up

    I’ll take a point away at selhurst park considering we lost a man and were under it more than we would have liked.

    I’m not so sure we should be expecting to go to palace and steam roller them at at this moment in time. We’re a work in progress and you have to say , emery’s Arsenal probably would have gotten soundly beaten today

    Blades at home next – need to win

  18. Freddie Ljungberg

    Our midfield overrun as usual by more athletic players, will happen time and time again with Xhaka and Ozil in the team.

    As soon as Palace stopped sitting back and giving us space we had nothing.

    What was it, 2 shots on goal all game?

    There’s at least a half dozen players available this window that would be huge improvements on Xhaka, keeping him because there’s no one out there is bullshit. See Markos list earlier, would add Sangare to that since Toulouse is rock bottom in Ligue 1 and could probably be convinced to sell.

    Our transition play suffers so much from having no power or pace in the team. It’s all well and good being more compact but with these players that will impact our ability to create anything going forward.

  19. Marc


    There’s been an improvement in basic setup and the players look more interested. What we haven’t seen is Arteta manage to change a league match during the 90.

    I want Arteta to do well but the squad is better than it’s performing – injuries aren’t helping but I do not believe that there isn’t a CM in World Football that we can’t pick up for £10 odd million that will run rings round Xhaka. There’s still also a question about playing Auba on the Wing when Laca isn’t getting goals.

  20. MidwestGun

    Referee never had control of the game.. devolved into a mess. But the players have to adjust.. we played down to their level and then tried to out foul them inexplicably. Got too involved in bitching and moaning instead of playing football. Ugly game. Only thing good about it… was we didn’t lose. If we want to play possession based football we have to change our midfield it’s that simple. Teams know if they get physical with us it won’t end well for us.

  21. Uwot?

    ARSETETA is having to work with the limited,depleted resources that he’s inherited.i don’t envy him.Unfortunately there will be days like this. One step forward & two steps was always going to be painful.hes giving all of them a chance to shine & show their thinks he’ll gradually know,if not already ,who will be here after the summer.we all know who we want shot tired of reeling out the usual half dozen names.i think ARSETETA now knows it to.

  22. Bob N16

    Cesc, I’m not sure anybody is suggesting our squad is not need of significant improvements. Our squad has been underperforming and our performances are improving, our results will too. We have plenty of decent players.

    Four well chosen additions should make a dramatic difference after a pre season with Arteta.

  23. Marc


    It’s a simple fact and most teams get a bounce in results when a new manager comes in.

    I will not judge Arteta in the second half on this season but I will comment on results etc.

  24. Zacharse

    should arteta be building our team around players that aren’t currently part of it?
    these are the players wenger and emery left us with, most of them are good, a few are great. artetas ben here less than a month. grow up. that was a match who’s flow and ugliness were the product of a very poor referee.
    yes xhaka is slow. yes pepe’s final ball isn’t great. yes guendozi is very immature, but with a different ref that is a different game entirely and i’m not talking about the red. palace were being protected from the off and there isn’t two ways about it

  25. Dissenter

    If it was obvious hen why did it take VAR over 1 minute to make that determination
    I’ve seen tackles like that get yellows without drama and red cards overturned easily on appeal.

    I repeat…it was a bad tackle which was immediately punished with a yellow card but was it a clear and obvious error?
    It happened in front of the Palace bench, did you see any mass outrage from them?

  26. Batistuta

    Least we didn’t lose…

    Guendozi had a good half, perfect for the rugby tactics palace set out to play

    Laca needs to get laid or something, find an outlet for his fits and get back to scoring and holding up play better…

    Ozil again anonymous all game, sure there’ll be someone on here to tell us it was because we didn’t pass between the lines to him that he was poor…

    We need to give Martinelli more game time, he’s very very good

    Better from Pepe, unlucky not to score

    Luiz did okay as did AMN but if we are being honest, we won’t go anywhere till we fix that back line with better players

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Bob N16

    ‘I’m not sure anybody is suggesting our squad is not need of significant improvements. ‘


    I think you’re wrong on that.

    They might not be now, but that is an agenda driven change of tune hidden behind labels they hope will obfuscate their sudden change in attitude toward the players.

  28. Marc


    That seems to be a worry we’re playing some decent possession football but not creating that many chances – we’ve definitely reduced shots against but that stat was just getting crazy.

  29. Marko

    No new manager bounce and certainly no special sauce bounce.

    You see I can’t even blame him for that no one could get any sort of sustainable bounce from this lot. My criticism comes from him foolishly thinking that he could change certain types or turn back the clock on others. He should have demanded that more turnover to the squad take place he’s taking too much of a risk rolling with the squad as is. He’s frankly stupid as well to place so much trust in certain players but that’s obvious to most

  30. Dissenter

    “Referee never had control of the game.. devolved into a mess. But the players have to adjust.. we played down to their level and then tried to out foul them inexplicably. ”

    That’s what some are missing especially, the resident blog stylist
    The game devolved into a street fight. We have to learn how to play that way too so I’m not complaining. There are different ways to win football games.

  31. James wood

    The only difference I see is the effort in certain players has risen.
    The trouble with extra effort is how to realise it on the pitch all I’m
    seeing is missed timed tackles 3 yellows and a red and people going down to easy.
    As Mid West said the constant arguing with ref is embarrasing.
    I will take the point because on this form against a very weakened
    Palace we are going to need it.

  32. Jeff

    Here is my tally of points for Arteta out of 10 for his first 4 games.

    Game 1.
    Arsenal 1 : 2 Chelsea (2 points)

    Game 2.
    Arsenal 2 : 0 Man U (8 points)

    Game 3.
    Arsenal 1 : 0 Leeds (5 points)

    Game 4.
    Arsenal 1 : 1 Palace (4 points)

    Total after 4 games 19 points

    If after 10 games the points tally is less than 50, he’s not good enough. What do you think?

  33. Kay

    Sorry Xhaka has got the turning radius of a tortoise. Should be sold pronto.

    Look at the way he took his shot in slo-mo and trying to recover a lost ball in slo-mo.
    Just look at the last 20mins.

  34. Batistuta

    Our midfield probably needs more work than our defence…. So many average options… Systems and formations are good soundbites but we need better there

  35. Marc


    It’s either got to be a lack of fitness or a seriously piss poor attitude.

    He’s so highly rated and you’d think with Arteta being Spanish he’d have a bit of an inside track on what he’s capable of.

    A quality CM being subbed in today could’ve made a huge difference.

  36. Aussie Gooner


    Did you not see him turn his back on the shot for their goal? Unacceptable at this level. I would get the piss pulled out of me if I did that kind of thing during our seven aside social football matches – and I am pushing 60!!!!

    It is indicative of a player who is not prepared to put it on the line for the club or his team mates – shameful. And it is not the first time he has done that. Can you see Adams or Viera doing that? No! If he shits out at the vital moments then he is a liability. And lets not get started on his pace (or lack of it), his limited passing range (short and shorter, backwards and side ways), his reluctance to shoot (even though he has a rocket left foot), his magetic red card tackles and his behaviour with the Captains arm band/response to the fans!

  37. TheLegendaryDB10

    Marko @ January 11, 2020    14:36:03

    You do have to keep in mind that Arteta is getting to know these players. He’s only been here 3 weeks.

    I know that you want to us to get top 4 this season, but remember, we are at the beginning of a process of change. If anything will happen, it’s not going to in this transfer window. And you know it.

    This summer transfer window will be huge, as it is then that Arteta will have a wider choice of players to choose from to start building the team that he wants.

  38. Gazzap

    Xhaka’s problem is that he cannot tackle, lacks pace, does not understand marking, is an average passer and does not score goals.“
    Spot on!
    It’s not that he has a bad game, for Xhaka, he’s just not a dynamic game changing player. Our expectations have fallen too much if we accept xhaka as being good enough. Im sad that Mikel didn’t sell and reinvest £30m in another player.

  39. Un na naai

    You see I can’t even blame him for that no one could get any sort of sustainable bounce from this lot. My criticism comes from him foolishly thinking that he could change certain types or turn back the clock on others. He should have demanded that more turnover to the squad take place he’s taking too much of a risk rolling with the squad as is. He’s frankly stupid as well to place so much trust in certain players but that’s obvious to most


    You’re such an insufferable toss pot man.
    Straight in there aren’t ya?
    Never mind the last 3 performances
    2 wins and a very very unfortunate loss.

    No no no. It’s straight back to we are shit and oh transfer market.
    Bet you’ve never kicked a ball have ya?

  40. Dissenter

    James wood

    I think you’re being very hypocritical and driven by ulterior motives when you keep citing this ‘weakened” Palace team.

    You don’t think we have key injuries too?
    Palace were playing with their best players today besides Milovojevic, their key starters were on the field. It doesn’t get any better than this from them.

  41. Paulinho

    Absolute zero progression in playing between the lines against resistance and there won’t be until most of the team is gutted and we sign genuine quality in every area. It will be continue to be ugly football unless we play teams that let us have it in their half, and maybe then our lightweight front four might do something palatable in the final third.

    It will take the usual lot another year or so to see it though.

  42. Un na naai

    If after 10 games the points tally is less than 50, he’s not good enough. What do you think?

    What bollocks is this? Well thought out system of judgement here Jeff
    How long did it take to come up with this?

    Pure science 😂

  43. Zacharse

    Sure enough we have to win streetfight games but it aint thensimplest thing when we get cards and the other side doesnt. That is whatbhappened today and i for one am glad to see that we fought it out until
    The end. Thats all u can ask of a team stretched thin and w questionable quality.

  44. MuddyGooner

    Bob N16

    Marc, statistical bollocks.
    Everybody should be aware of the obvious improvements on the pitch since Arteta’s arrival.

    Well said Bob.

  45. Un na naai

    “What do you think?”I think you to go and lie down in a dark room for a while.

    Looks like he’s done waaay too much of that
    I’d recommend getting off the internet and meeting some real people for a while

  46. Dissenter

    Football fans are all partisan. I agree that I will shout ‘red’ from the rooftops.

    It was a red card, took VAR 1 minute to review so I guess there were some nuances to it, hence my argument

  47. Marko

    I know that you want to us to get top 4 this season, but remember, we are at the beginning of a process of change. If anything will happen, it’s not going to in this transfer window. And you know it.

    I know it? Sure do. Excuses from the Arsene era. Signings are hard who’s available mid January what can be done. Alas for poor Arsenal the only club stuck with players because there’s simply no one available.

  48. Marc


    I’ve already said I won’t judge Arteta this season but there does need to be measurable signs of improvements.

    My stat of earlier was a comment on how pre Arteta our season had included the longest run without a win in 42 years but yet he hasn’t managed to even match the average points return.

  49. TheLegendaryDB10

    What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Auba was already on a yellow (for a challenge that did not really deserve a yellow) and that this foul was going to be a yellow all day long. Hence the red card.

  50. Freddie Ljungberg

    This excuse that Arteta has only been here for 3 weeks and can’t properly judge the players needs to stop. He had eyes before he came to the club right?

    It’s clear as day that some are not good enough and never will be. It can’t be anymore obvious, and he just persuaded the biggest liability, that we had a bid for and finally wanted to leave, to stay. Big mistake that will keep biting us in the ass if not rectified this window.

    Weird how other teams that are already better than us can improve their teams in January but there is no one out there that can improve this sorry lot.

    Wenger sure did a number on the expectations of our fans, you have to give him that.

  51. Marko

    DissenterJanuary 11, 2020 13:55:59
    It wasn’t a red card.


    It was a red card, took VAR 1 minute to review so I guess there were some nuances to it, hence my argument.

    Like I said dishonest and cunt

  52. Champagne charlie

    Bob n16

    You just knew the same names are sat gleefully waiting for the hiccups, poor performances, moments in matches to explain their usual diatribe as if folk haven’t heard their bollocks enough times already.

    Context completely absent seems to me. Must’ve just come off a preseason with the club in a bright spot ehh? Or are we digging ourselves out fo a hole mid season with 5 games in how many days over the Dec/Jan period?

    The agendas are rife, all rather boring to read such fuss from the same people.

  53. Dissenter

    If you all had sold off Xhaka at the first off from Hertha Berlin in the first hours of the winter window.
    Do you have any certainty that the replacement player you desire is available in January?
    If you were a new manager that needs squad cohesion to get results=, would you have taken that chance of letting go of the one-wing bird in hand when there’s no guarantee he can be replaced?

  54. Freddie Ljungberg

    “You have to remember that buying players is not like going to the supermarket.”

    “We will only buy if we find super qualidee because our players are the greatest and bestest evah”

    Ok, the second one is paraphrased.

  55. Freddie Ljungberg


    Plenty of players available to improve on Xhaka. You know it’s possible to line up a replacement at the same time as you sell someone right?

  56. Dissenter

    The honest and disgusting cunt is actually you
    Your mantra is to change every bad player like it’s Subbuteo or something.
    If it was so obvious then why did it take VAR one minute to make the determination? Aren’t I allowed to reflect further? What’s cuntish about that?
    I’ll enjoy you moaning here about Xhaka until he is rightly sold off in the summer.

  57. Dissenter

    Give me a few suggestions of players that are available in January
    I just think the prudent thing is to line up a replacement for the summer, not have to settle for the paltry offerings available in January.

  58. James wood

    Dissenter 15.01
    Hypocritical and driven by ulterior motives what are you on
    I gave you a list of 6 first teamers Palace where short of?
    I Want to see us win I crave for us to improve
    So perhaps you could tell me what my ulterior motives are.
    You really are something.

  59. Gonsterous

    Can someone please explain what a 90min sub is supposed to do?
    The player coming on can’t make an impact.
    The player coming off doesn’t need the rest, he can survive for another 2-3 mins.

    Either yank the player off at the 80th min or just stick with him for the remaining 10+mins.

  60. Bob N16

    Jeff, , assume you must be collecting match attax, I’ll give you Bong of Brighton for VVD? Deal?

    Agree with your reasoning Dissenter on Xhaka, people just like applying their Football Manager skills to a real life situation. Of course Arteta and Edu would okay a Xhaka sale if it meant financial sense and we were able to get a top target for the right money. January always smacks of desperation.

  61. Dissenter

    James Wood
    Ulterior motive it you persistently trying to pose a Palace team that started with their best player [Zaha], highest goal scorer, starting goalie and best defenders aa a “weakened” team.
    Miliojevic is the only dead certain starter that wasn’t available for them.

  62. Freddie Ljungberg


    Soumare, Sangare, Bruno Guimaraes, Sander Berge etc.

    At least 2 of those looks certain to leave this window and the other 2 plays for smaller clubs. Who is this amazing player that we need to wait until the summer to get?

  63. alex cutter

    “Can someone please explain what a 90min sub is supposed to do?
    The player coming on can’t make an impact.
    The player coming off doesn’t need the rest, he can survive for another 2-3 mins.”

    To use up the clock? Duh?

  64. Spanishdave

    Our midfield has no goal scorers in it.
    So if sides closely mark our three forwards we struggle to score.
    Guendouzi, Torreira and Ozil do not score or shoot.
    We have to address this it is a serious problem.

  65. Aussie Gooner

    Chelsea – Burnley VAR rules!

    Abu red card all day – not so much intention but missed the ball and studs up into the ankle. Reckless. And lets be honest Xhaka has never been anything more than bang average and should not be commanding a first team start every week in an EPL side hoping to finish in the top 6 (10?).

  66. Valentin

    Was the VAR referee who decided the red card the same than the one who refused to give a second yellow card to Jorginho in our game against Chelsea?
    Because it looks like when a referee makes a mistakes against us, instead of being banned from refereeing us for a while, Mike Riley just move him to referee VAR away from view.
    Paranoid MOI?
    Maybe, but that does not mean that they are not after Arsenal.