Arteta guns for his 3rd FA Cup win with Arsenal

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It’s FA Cup time for us. We’ve watched Jose Mourinho and OGS lead their teams to magnificent replays after embarrassing stalemates, we have to avoid that sort of indignity at all costs.

Mikel Arteta might look to Jose Mourinho for a little inspiration. When the ‘Special One’ first landed at Chelsea, he went all guns blazing in the cups, making the league cup the first win of historic tenure.

We don’t have the luxury of a league cup run, but we do have a great opportunity to progress today against a Leeds side that has promotion on their mind.

I don’t know how the manager will line up for this one, but he’s making big noises about winning something.

“I think winning brings togetherness and when you have beautiful experiences together and you win trophies, those experiences stay within that group,” Arteta said.

“You like more the people you work with and you believe more in them and share some fantastic moments and that stays.

“That habit of winning, winning and winning. After you win, you don’t want to stop winning and you become addicted to that and that is what we have to try and implement at this club.”

There’s no lack of clarity there, he’s not a top 4 merchant, he wants to build a winning machine.

I suspect the pumped-up rhetoric is part for the fans, but more for the second string players he’s going to likely have to pick this evening. We’ve had problems the last few seasons raising our levels with players who sit on the bench. Rotation of the squad hasn’t always been fair and to be honest, the depth of our bench has been fairly poor. This season, the main difference is we have a lot of kids who intro’d last season who are year older, and all should be desperate to impress the new management team.

Matteo G and Dani Ceballos are probably the two closest to the first team with the most to prove. Matteo has been all over the place this season, far too much responsibility was put on his shoulders and he’s struggling for form… worse, his attitude has been less than spotless. He has the chance to show he can play with discipline and listen to a manager that will be good for him. I’d really love him to blow up under Arteta.

Dani is very different, there’s been no lack of enthusiasm, more a struggle to keep pace with the relentless physicality of the Premier League. I think his attitude is there, the talent is not in doubt, he just needs to be given a clear role and deliver against it. No way his energy isn’t going to be useful over the next 5 months.

Nicolas Pepe could start again, if he does, this is a huge test of attitude. It’s all well and good putting on a show against United, but can you motivate yourself against a Championship side? I hope so.

As for the kids, I’d love to see Saka have a chance further up the pitch. I think this could be a good game for ESR to show what he’s made of. I’d also love Willock to deliver to productivity in the final third, the club are clearly excited about him, hopefully he can show the fans why.

… could also be a bit tasty to see Eddie land some minutes.

No idea who else is going to play, but I do think it’d be wise to put some heavy rotation into the starting 11 so we don’t suffer any more injuries to key players.

It’s a home game, Arteta is clearly looking for a performance from the fans after seeing a lot of empty seats this weekend (shame on you, Stoke City fans).

“It is too powerful, with the fanbase we have, our history and the great players they have seen and the great teams they have seen, if we get that connected it is so powerful. Without that, I think it is impossible to do it.”

You heard the man, take your vuvuzelas and makes some noise.

Enjoy the evening, I’m very sad not to be there… also listen to my podcast with Matt.

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  1. Just Another Customer

    fuckig hell Guen should’ve release that to Marti sooner I guess no matter what we need someone better as backup or competition to Torreira

  2. DUIFG

    Jack used to do it as well, it’s the easy way out. You don’t do anything wrong but you give up potentially threatening scenarios. Different to buying fouls with your back to goal

  3. Jamie

    Wins feel so much better.

    Marko called it earlier – Mikel needed his best 2nd half performance so far and delivered.

    Nice. On the the next one.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Much improved second half.

    Guendouzi and Xhaka in particular really stepped it up and yet more evidence of how crucial the midfield is. When it’s shit the whole team is shit when it ups the tempo and quality the whole team improves.

    Holding was awful. He needs to get some time with the U23s or out on loan. Looks the worst of our CB options right now…including Mustafi.

    Pepe had a very tidy game. I’d say only him and Martinez had good games both halves.

    I do like Martinelli, real bright spark for Arsenal fans.

  5. RockyRoe

    Well done arsenal and well done Mikel, much improved 2nd half, we got away with that and on another day it would have been over in the 1st half. However, right now momentum is everything and Mikel did get a reaction in the 2nd. A second clean sheet can’t hurt either.

  6. Just Another Customer

    phew without a doubt of the sauciness of Arteta now

    just look at that satisfaction

    please win this FA Cup now it will be worth it just by that match alone

    what a masterstroke what a masterclass

    the young sauce outsaucing the older sauce

  7. Wenker-wanger

    Xhaka played well….his heart was totally in this game.
    Martinelli is different class. Fantastic player.

  8. Champagne charlie

    Good result for us, poor first half and a much improved second half.

    – Arteta showing he can change it up for the better after a poor start
    – Another clean sheet
    – Nelson getting a winning goal

    Up the lads, onto the weekend.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Two successive wins. Two successive clean sheets.

    I’ll happy take that.

    Ps. That last ten minutes is how we should’ve played against Chelsea… oh well, a win is a win.

    Credit to the boys.

    Xhaka the man of the match for me.

  10. Elmo

    Laca saying that Tets gave them the hairdryer at half time. GOOD!

    Laca also has a bad cold (constantly coughing and sniffing during interview), so solid effort for putting in the shift.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    We’ve got to stop this tale of two halves thing going on.

    Unfortunately our fixtures are tricky…to be honest I don’t really see a fixture you could say isn’t tricky for Arsenal.

    Honestly, in the league I’m looking to beginning of April before I look at a home fixture and thinking no worries there (Norwich), possibly Newcastle in February.

  12. Nelson

    They run out of energy in the 2nd half. They couldn’t hold on to the ball. Guen looked so much stronger when the opponents were tired.

  13. RockyRoe

    Well well well looks like Mikel has a bit of the fergie hair dryer in him as well (laca saying he shouted at half time), Mikel giving more and more reasons to like him

  14. Dream10

    So that’s Holding, Bellerin, Ceballos who are all off the pace. No game time for them until the 4th Rd of the cup followed by the Europa league knockouts in February

  15. LeMassiveCoq

    Serious question. Why do all players cover their mouths when talking to each other at the end of a game??? What can they be saying that is so bad?

  16. Champagne charlie

    We 100% showed up at home to Leeds, after playing well vs Chelsea and United, thinking we’d win at a canter.

    We got a reality check, Arteta gave them a rocket, and we were a different side. Arteta fuming our first duel was won on the 32nd minute knowing what Leeds were going to bring it. Absolutely love the standards and accountability he holds them to.

  17. Habesha Gooner

    Habesha Gooner
    January 6, 2020 21:05:13
    Arteta must have screamed at them the whole
    half time

    hahahaha was hoping he did it but didn’t think he would. Good signs. we just need better players.

  18. Northbanker

    We all need to accept this is still work in progress – this playing one half only is probably part of that process

    Still a great 1-0 to the Arsenal!

    I will take that and lol forward to another FA Cup although I’d prefer the Europa Cup if it’s a choice

  19. Marko

    We’ve got to stop this tale of two halves thing going on.

    It’s likely going to happen until the end of the season. I felt like the United game there was much more of a balanced performance whereas today was a reverse Chelsea performance. To me today showed yet again that he is absolutely taking a massive gamble on the season if he continues past this month with the squad as is. It needs a boost certain types aren’t dependable game to game.

  20. Wasi

    Lacazette, Guen, Xhaka and Pepe were massive in the 2nd half. Emi kept us in the game. Arteta got the reaction from the players. All in all one nil to thw Arsenal.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Mrs Murphy isn’t getting a small shag tonight by a bald man in a Leeds shirt.’

    I was screaming at my TV.

    He was basically cheering Leeds on, as if watching at home.

    ‘Pass it’, ‘he’s in’, ‘unlucky’ etc for the Leeds player.

    Him and Jenas, can’t stand them.

  22. DM

    Le massive coq

    I’d imagine they’re told to do it always so they get used to it, and don’t accidentally forget to do so when discussing tactics or similar

  23. MidwestGun

    Always good when the manager lets them have it both guns blazing… and they get the payoff.. second half. Shows them what the level of commitment needs to be. On to CP.

  24. LeMassiveCoq

    Man, I love what Arteta just said. “I see how they react against Chelsea when they lose, and I see how they react after they win ONE game”.

    This is our man.

  25. azed

    Arteta saying the team didn’t carry his game plan in first half. … and they need to explain

    Maybe his communication was poor or the instructions weren’t clear.

  26. vickingz

    Under no circumstance should nelson be playing ahead of martinelli. This decision by arteta will cost us very soon. How many chances must nelson miss? He even almost gave the goal away, saw another chance soon after but just kicked the ball with his feeble leg. Arteta shouldn’t demand for explanation from the players without asking himself whether he’s stupid or not playing nelson ahead of martinelli. Seems seniority is the basis for player selection at arsenal now

  27. Cesc Appeal

    I think you can let Arteta off not starting Martinelli for now because there was a slight injury issue.

    He looked sharp tonight, certainly in away games like our next fixture he has to start.

  28. Champagne charlie

    “Maybe his communication was poor or the instructions weren’t clear.“

    Has anything at all about his tenure suggested he struggles to communicate?

    This smacks of Emery bitterness.

  29. Un na naai

    Champagne charlieJanuary 6, 2020 21:08:12
    1-0Some on here probably gutted hahaha

    Your think so wouldn’t you? Missed the first half
    Tuned in just in time to catch the goal
    Always seem to every time we play a mo day night

    But yeah, how many of these tossers were baying for a loss? Pathetic. This one is shit, that one is shit. We are shit. This is our level. These lot are championship
    Waah waaaaah 😩 😭

    It’s a win
    A Clean sheet
    A decent second half performance after a series of highly competitive games
    Now they get a rest and Arteta gets to still his ideas in further

    One thing that did impress me was the second half work rate and pressing
    To a man.

    Glad I missed the first half though

  30. Un na naai

    azedJanuary 6, 2020 22:05:54
    Arteta saying the team didn’t carry his game plan in first half. … and they need to explainMaybe his communication was poor or the instructions weren’t clear.

    What the fuck? Are you for real?

  31. Barking Arsene

    I’m sure at the end of his interview Arteta said “I have to be on them”

    He is getting positive results within a couple of weeks of being here. With the same group of players that many of us had written off completely.

    I’m pretty happy at the minute – we are definitely going to be a muchuch better side come next season (even the end of this one).

  32. azed


    For the records, this was my comment on page 3

    That said, we should expect this under Arteta. There would be ups and downs with some brilliant games and some absolute sh*t showers such as this.There would be no consistency till next season.

  33. Sanmi

    Understandably holdings passing put us under pressure. Guendouzi dilly dallied on the ball as well. Torreira is so much quicker. Sokratis offered no outlet offensively and Nelson isn’t as clever as Auba. All these mean ozil doesnt get much of the ball on time. That was our 1st half challenge.
    2nd half, to compensate for them, arteta pushed them forward to recover the ball quickly in dangerous phases which afforded ozil some time on the ball. The goal came from pepe driving into ozil position at quick turn over.

  34. Champagne charlie


    Apologies in that case. Didn’t quite read like sarcasm, that nose saw some chocolate under Unai after all.. 😉

  35. G8

    Better 2nd half
    If we play like we did in the 1st half, Bournemouth will knock us out for sure.
    Danny Murphy is an asshole!

  36. Freddie Ljungberg

    Good to get a win after an abysmal first half.

    As soon as Torreira is out of the team or not in peak physical condition our midfield is wank, he covers the shortcomings of the rest of them by himself, a bit much to ask over a full season.

    Xhaka was lucky to not get 3-4 yellow cards because he just can’t keep up, with a championship side. Hope the decision to keep him isn’t going to cost us too much.

    We really do need someone to help Torreira out, the sooner the better.

  37. azed


    I’m an Arsenal fan. Arteta wasn’t my first choice but I’ll support him. I know it will take time for Arteta to get the consistency he needs.

    Emery’s communication skills were poor so when I saw the comment about the players not following his instruction in the first half, I made that comment.

  38. Barking Arsene

    Guen had a really good second half. There is a player in there but he needs to turn up consistently. To be fair Xhaka was very good second half also.

    I quite like Holding defensively but my word his distribution out from the back today was abysmal. Properly shite. Looked uncomfortable in possession all night. He will need to sort that out if he wants to get into the side on a regular basis.

    Also Danny Murphy is an absolute knobhead.

  39. Tee

    Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette on what Mikel Arteta said at half-time:

    “The manager shouted a lot. He was not happy because we knew they’d play like this and we didn’t respect what he had said.”

  40. Pedro

    Great reaction in the second half. Love that Arteta used the word ‘batter’ in his prezzer.

    Hopefully we have enough in the tank for Sheffield at the weekend.

  41. Bill

    vickingzJanuary 6, 2020    22:06:02

    Arteta shouldn’t demand for explanation from the players without asking himself whether he’s stupid or not playing nelson ahead of martinelli. Seems seniority is the basis for player selection at arsenal now

    Been on the ale?

  42. Champagne charlie


    That’s fair kop mate, you’ll have to forgive me because this place is littered with salty commentary a lot of the time so it’s easy to assume.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Hopefully we have enough in the tank for Sheffield at the weekend.’

    Palace away first then Sheffield.

    What I was referencing above. There is no easy time in the EPL.

  44. Barking Arsene


    “That’s fair kop mate, you’ll have to forgive me because this place is littered with salty commentary a lot of the time so it’s easy to assume”

    Not wrong there – it’s saltire than the Dead Sea in here at times

  45. Champagne charlie

    You’re not an Arsenal fan if you didn’t enjoy Danny Murphy absolutely losing his fanny over Xhaka getting away with 4 fouls without a booking.

    Oh nvm, some on here are actually mad he didn’t get booked either. What a bunch we have 😂

  46. Graham62


    You also!

    What did Danny Murphy say that riled you so much?

    He was correct on GX. Should have been booked 3/4 times.

    I thought his comments were spot on.

  47. Big Dave

    Post on Arseblog

    Yes, he posted as Bamford.
    Posted the same thing over and over and over again.

    Banned for spamming.


  48. Bill

    I can’t understand all the hate directed at little Danny Murphy.
    Everything he said about Xhaka was spot on. Lucky to be on pitch. Can’t argue with that or the view that we shouldn’t be fouling opposition players running away from the Arsenal goal.

  49. Barking Arsene

    Nothing to do with Xhaka to be honest (although that had me in stitches when he lost his mind over it!) .

    All he generally does is complain about players “rolling around” and bemoan the fact that football isn’t still in the 70s

    Then someone from the smaller club (not just in this match I might add) will absolutely clatter someone and it’s suddenly just an “honest challenge”.

    He wasn’t exactly impartial tonight.

  50. Champagne charlie


    Spot on, all you hear is disdain when a player puts himself between man and ball and draws a foul to gain possession.

    But hey, smash a guy in half and get ball first? “Proper tackle”. Just a guy that had his peak shat on by Arsenal most of the time and enjoys getting the pom poms out when we’re on.

  51. Barking Arsene

    Leeds are a very good side. Easily top half material in the PL, especially if they add a couple of decent signings for next season.

  52. GG

    Great turn around team performance from 1st to 2nd half but, seriously what the fuck has happened to Holding? He was looking like a decent defender for a while but tonight he was playing like he had a blindfold on!

  53. Marko

    Oh nvm, some on here are actually mad he didn’t get booked either. What a bunch we have

    More mad he doesn’t know how to properly tackle and he’s generally shit. But good attempt at humour though nothing will be quite as funny as you getting all bothered about a little bit of criticism towards Xhaka 20 mins in to the game. That was painfully funny.

  54. Un na naai

    HillWoodJanuary 6, 2020 22:44:18
    Maybe I’ve missed something with Holding
    I’ve never rated as highly as some on here

    He’s just regaining fitness. What did you want? Pinging beckenbauer’s across the pitch?

  55. Graham62

    He was correct in respect to everything and so what if he questions certain aspects of the game.

    By the way folks, Holding was rusty. How many games has he played lately?

    Jesus, the criticism on here just beggars belief.

  56. Barking Arsene


    Exactly – complained that Guen didn’t shoot instead of drawing the fold with about 4 minutes to go in the match.

    Fuck off. If a team mate of his had turned over possession with an unnecessary shot when he were playing he would have given them a right rollocking.

  57. Champagne charlie


    I’ve not been mad at all you whalloper, I actually enjoy supporting the club and I don’t see a game as an opportunity to pick apart players or aspects to give me something to moan about. Sound familiar?

    You have your faves, continue the raging hard on for a select few men in London you closet dwelling mong.

  58. Barking Arsene

    To be fair Holding was rusty but it doesn’t excuse some (most) of his passing tonight. Like I said earlier I like him a lot defensively but he needs to sort that side of his game out. Really hope he can as he would be a real asset.

  59. TT

    Not a single foul that Xhaka committed justified a yellow card in it self. Those who thinks have an agenda against a player that play’s for the club they profess to support.

    However he might or should have been booked once for consistent fouling.

    But this talk of 3 or 4 yellow cards is absolute rubbish.

  60. Barking Arsene


    Agreed. Laca puts in a shift. Love that about him. Even if he is struggling for goals he still turns up.

  61. Pierre

    Sometimes a manager needs a bit of luck and tonight was one such occasion for Arteta.

    We rode our luck in the first half , Leeds were very very good but their finishing let them down , whereas Arsenal managed to score a scrappy goal .

    It was a little concerning how easy it was for the Leeds manager to set his team up in a way that stopped us implementing our game plan.

    Leeds closed down our 2 effective avenues in our last 3 games, kolasinac down the left and Ozil through the middle .

    This made it very easy for leeds to control the first half and very difficult for Arsenal to get a standing in the game.

    Arteta earnt his wages in the 15 minutes at half time , he pushed the team further up the pitch to restrict the space and told the team to be more aggressive and they listened .

    A good learning experience for Arteta ,a difficult test in which he passed.

  62. Pierre

    Agreed Graham, Lacazette is a leader on the pitch and fans shouldn’t doubt him, defenders must hate playing against him .

    Ricky Gervais cracked me up at the globes award.
    Have a look at his 2 previous globes if you haven’t seen them..

  63. Pierre

    If xhaka had been carded earlier, he obviously wouldn’t have continued giving away free kicks in the fear of receiving a red.

    The ref was very lenient throughout the game , which is very unusual for Anthony Taylor.

  64. Freddie Ljungberg

    Arteta on transfers:

    “We don’t talk about any transfers but we are working on a few things,” Arteta declared

    Thank fuck for that.

    On the squad:

    “He (Aubameyang) was ill. He wanted to be involved, but he was ill.

    “We had a few of them in the last few days, so it hasn’t been easy the last few days to pick the team.

    “But it’s what we have. I’m happy with the team we’ve put out and I know how tough it’s going to be tonight.”

    With Martinelli, Holding and Ceballos making their way back from injury as well it was never going to be an ideal starting line up. It is what it is atm.

  65. Barking Arsene

    It’s got to be a good sign that we are picking up results even though we have had injuries, illness, a general level of fitness lower than required, new tactics and very little time between games.

    For the first time in long time you can see what the general tactical direction and philosophy of the manager is.

    We will have a few hiccups definitely but the future looks far brighter than it did a few weeks ago.

  66. CG


    1st FA Cup match won post Wenger.

    Already, at this early stage – our name is on it- if lady luck is anything to go by.

    Leeds United to be in the Top 4 contention next season.- if they find their own PEA.

    Arteta and Arsenal have a mountain to climb to get top six in the seasons ahead.

    Too many plodders in the team.

    Pepe,Genduzi and Luiz wont be Arteta players this time next year.

    (Too maverick……not disciplined enough for MA!)

  67. Leedsgunner

    That’s as close to playing Stoke without actually having to play them… guess what?!?! We won!

    Under Emery we would’ve rolled over after a first half like that. I was struck with the lack of boos at half time. Did anyone else notice this?

    It sounds like the team slipped into their bad habits in the first half and Arteta told them how this was…

    Furthermore did anyone else notice how Arteta did not respond at all when the reporter relayed to him that Reiss Nelson had revealed that he had shouted at half time… I wouldn’t want to be Reiss Nelson tomorrow… has no one told him that what is said in the dressing room stays in the dressing room?! You don’t share that with the media!

    He’s going to get an earful!

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal were dreadful in first half, but they turned around completely in the
    second half.

    There are two points that I will make notwithstanding the better performance
    in second half.

    The first is that Arsenal are a completely different team when Torreira plays in DMF role. That was blindingly obvious tonight.

    Second we need to maintain a stable team if at all possible. The first half reflected the fact that there were perhaps too many changes to personnel.

    One thing is for sure Martinelli is a star in the making. Next season he will expect a regular place in the starting lineup.

  69. Champagne charlie


    Totally agree. Speaks volumes about our progression on those fronts when we’re chewing over a 1-0 win.

    Where we want to go is clear, the inevitable growing pains are actually growing pains now and not messy info, or scrambled ideas masquerading as such.

    Defy any fan to not be excited at watching us develop the remainder of this season. Really keen to see us build up for the EL starting again in a month. Think it’s a big opportunity for us this season and hopefully it’ll put our summer into hyperdrive when all’s said and done.

  70. Barking Arsene


    Fingers crossed it falls into place for the EL as that would really help us going into the summer.

    Not going to bank on it at all but goodness how great would it be to be going into next season with CL football along with a clear footballing philosophy.

    The buy in from the players can be seen and Arteta is quite open about them having to be accountable. We haven’t had that in quite some time.

    Good times ahead – anyone who isn’t excited should probably find another hobby.

  71. RockyRoe

    In a couple of years martinelli could well be a 70milliom player. Seems to have everything to thrive at the top end, confidence, good touch and most importantly hunger.

    I hope he doesn’t let the praise go to his head.

  72. Champagne charlie


    No absolutely, it’s a hope vs expectation, but it could be transformative for the club given the last half dozen years. Not to mention the colossal good it would do Arteta as a manager for all his credentials are worth.

    It’s exciting which is the bottom line, that’s a nice feeling to have once again about the club.

  73. RockyRoe

    Anyone else thinks Nelson might not cut it? He runs well n all has a has decent turn of pace but in thr last 4 matches i dont remember him making a single decent contribution with the final ball (except the scruffed shot today).

    I’ll be happy if he does being a young academy player, but usually there are signs in the 1st 10 games of so.

  74. Barking Arsene

    I don’t think Nelson will cut it with us but we could still develop him enough to get a tidy fee. To be honest that’s what it is about.

    Not everyone can be a Martinelli.

  75. RodneyKing

    Winning was the most important thing tonight. We rode our luck in the first half but made our superiority count in the second half.

  76. G8

    Graham re Danny Murphy
    It’s not just about tonight’s match, he alway had biased opinion agsinst arsenal, always rooting for whoever playing against us, always says negative shit about arsenal even if we’re winning 5 nil.
    In fact all scouse so called pundits do it !
    I despise them all!
    Only arsenal supporters/ ex players are allowed to talk shit about arsenal as far as i am concerned!

  77. Freddie Ljungberg

    Arteta saying all the right things:

    “on whether he was surprised by the display in the first half…
    To be fair, it didn’t. I think it was a big release for them when they won against Manchester United and they took a little bit of that pressure off. And then your body and your mind tries to relax a little bit for one or two days. Now, we are not in a position to relax because we are not good enough to relax. If we don’t play at that level, we are not good enough.”

    Good to see that he recognizes that we’re not good enough and that we’re trying to fix that in the transfer market and not only on the training ground.

  78. RockyRoe

    The rest of the season could turn out to be so much better if we could get in a rb and a cm. Even 2 half decent guys on loan would help when the Europa league fixtures resume.

    Right now we are looking at a disaster at rb, amn being the only player who can play there and he isn’t even a rb. If he gets injured we are screwed. Boateng on loan would be welcome, anyone on loan would be welcome really.

  79. Marko

    Arteta: ”Now, we are not in a position to relax because we are not good enough to relax.”

    I feel like some fans need to remember this just as much. I like this

  80. RockyRoe

    Arteta did say a lot of right things especially when he says “it was good for the players to be suffer and learn in the 1st half”

  81. Champagne charlie

    We’ve had more wins in the 6 days of January than both November and December combined.

    Corner, turned.

  82. Champagne charlie

    Arteta: “just knew that twat Marko would blow smoke up my arse after spending a full 2 years claiming I was a nobody that put cones out for Pep. Predictable. Pep put out the cones for me”

  83. RodneyKing

    If Arteta didn’t know certain players weren’t good enough to play in his system before taking the job, I’m sure he does now.

    However, I don’t understand the constant “Arteta needs to train this or that player”. During the game, Holding’ s name was added to the growing list of players in need of training from Arteta.

    Stones may end up becoming a world-class defender but Pep hasn’t been able to “train” or improve him remarkably.

    Of course, not every player in a team needs to be world-class and with proper coaching, average players may be superb in specific systems. But generally speaking, if players don’t have “it”, no amount of coaching will make them have it.

  84. RodneyKing

    We could do with another 22-game unbeaten run! I don’t care if we’re outplayed for 45 or 75 minutes. All that matters right now is winning and keeping clean sheets!

  85. Marko

    You’re just sick because he talked about getting signings. Good man Mikel get in signings improve this squad dispell the notion that the squad is good enough. Mikel Arteta myth buster.

  86. Pedro

    He really is busting myths… putting those folk who said the squad was perfect and didn’t need signings right in their place.

    Good old Mikel.